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I. ntEKCs — BNauiBH. n. ehglisu — fremlh, 


/n l^e HHt ef Si^doU ittli for Vtittral ^tfcinirr. 




tPiioe Fire ShilUngs.^ 

I Recently published, In large 12nio, lOs. 6U. bound, 
the Eighth Edition of 


This Work includes Definitions of Terms connected with Science an 1 
the Fine Arts, of 11,000 Terms of Modem Introduction to the Language, 
and of 4000 Historical and 4000 Geographical Names. 

In fcap 8vo, 3s. 6d. bound, corrected to 1851, Remodelled and Enlarged, 

the Ninth Edition of 


Embracing all the Topics of E very-day Life, a Guide to Paris, and a 
Description of the Principal Continental Tours ; the whole forming a 
complete Series of Dialogues in French and English. With an Intro- 
duction to French Pronunciation, and Models of Epistolary Correspond- 
ence. The Pronunciation is marked throughout, and the Work contains 
Three Maps. 

On the same Plan, containing 144 pages, 2s. bound, 

with a copious vocabulary. 




TuE eaccesa of Mr Surenno's "Standard Pronouneuig Llic 
tionary of ibo Freach and Engliah Ij-ngnoges" has eiicoiir- 
aged the belief that the patlic woald receive f/ivsiuraliiy a 
•niallBr Dictionary by the soma Aathor, at a olieappr price. 
Tbo present work hafl aceordingly boen preparod^ — in twi> 
parta—Fretic/i a'ld English — Engliih and French, each con- 
ing an ample dictionary and Copious definitions, with a 
Vocabolary of Proper Names Bt the end of the Tolonic, 

In Qompiling this ahrldgniGnt of tlie larger work, nil the 
wordfl ha»e been retained except thoHo which have b.coiiio 
obsolete, or whoao teelmioalily precluded their insortinii in :( 
popnJar Dictionary. At the same time, due regard Ims li^'i^ii 
pud to the introduction of siich new words and deliuilimis 
aa the ptogressivo changes in the language have teijdiiv.d 
necessary; and for tiiia pui'pose the heat and most ri'ei jit 
anthoritiofl have heen anxiouely consxUted. It is thyiv I'lire 
confidently anticipated that the volume will prove nut ""Ij- a 
usefid auxiliary t« the student, but also a convenient I'neiiet 
Companion to the traveller wherever the French lanffiiiige 




A, n.Uord1r,fcior*.ft«.' 

AbU-Jour, im. »*l^'j^^ 


! m. li?if>ii,*ini«wa»ni r- 

AlHtoBml, Im. fig*nj|;/W' 








/«r tl)c 1l» tf St\juU poll far (Pcntral tttfci-inrc. 


"' ^-^^^C*^""' ' 



IPrice K™ Shi/Jing-J 

Addc, nn. on adll, Marniili, (nmm Aiimn\on, it. ivUtmitliin, tlitint 
Adiie, tdj- adtfj jaup» dhorp Adjndini, loi' HUvrnir 

Aildidi, iT. orMlfir, Kumu , Adjudloulre, unT. MrtHf Wddir 

AdduM, tdj. HMHwIHI Bclif, •MlruA Adludkailf, In, 141. flua aironb 

quiur, m. fȣuitf, aJ'iuv 


~''ViV ^S' "ri!^ o/l 

1^—, vr, to trtti, be aatutrtd AdmlntsErer, va. 10 admtni 

AxqaMlion, tl. itraatjition,'i'uteJtau rattOH 

AiniAutriVH-tvetearinr^uittatKlififm Admlnr, ._.„»..»„.». 

ActCiJIdJ.ffJharpiCArirHur AdoiiiiilO^'-' -J— .j»aI 

AcnUFi It tharpiHHi tarlrmt I AdoleKtn 

Ail«(e, iiii.'sila>>, mt Inlf loMd 
Adiiiiui, t, t^feumliu, mOn 
Adnni^, t, ulj. «t tAa HfU Hand 

Adlrfmit, *, VIJ. o»trml,flUnilr 

Adutc, im. BflMsnAMP 

(Mofa (v Am5l&vrMi 
iUjHni, >, ^ ailgHiS, daw 

-. BO. shaping r^.bimlerin a gtt^ 
w, VI. (0 put Hwl (a biok 

idj. SrecO^g, u 


. iJJflrmalltKtff, jv- 

*■ ""'■'SS^^Illlll Ml. 

l4, 41lufy, appmpnate 

Aini«euil. t, odj. naSlfn/r, grtinxt 
AfflliB-, n. a itfUd, »<•«, iTtnrtlt 

V— . ?r. to>M df rldH^arrlf, get fng 

f. oActoMDn » prvdMrnat 
itltraetir^lic notice 

.HmAtfiwr, ntSn« nii 

As4, r, ^a^ptil, ib, Efdarlv 


- 1 od i;/-a(BlummuJj"# 

iFAtiiom6ittt vr- fmHwred up 


■Atricalteur, tfn<^rnKr 
AiriniUan, If. njtTicuieunfi Aubnufrv 
iTAnllfer, n-. n £|i taM I/, al», eNiv 
■Ajiqipnr, v*. to j^w, tf&, ntfcA at 

^-..r.iogr .. 

Alifu. D, AiIi. aeua. thtirpf jWm, uiii 

AlKiiiiM, >l. naM .. 

Alfilllfif , >r. niuiUq^ „ ... 

Algu Uer.nL to «ugA fJhdOVJIircda' 
AiguUiae, !<> looKilM fajBiJuidut 
AigaUldtcr, n.atHa with yoltm 

Aitutement, hh. M( K (u-jtaiysite' 
Ail, Vll. luiX, ^^™ 


ner, vm. Bi l«», /hBor, »lAlli< c/ 

Alibi, iin. pita of a patan ■ 


jutrir. KD. pipe /ff *''*'«'^ Allaniie, BOj.jVwdo/runn^ffafcoxt 

«1". dttcrfuiai. mBnilg 

, B/fcHyun, n pimt gmyi Jto 

Altlagtf» But. Gllp^. mi^tufi 
Jiiltlrais/, leaffue, oitmK 

All4 gt if AJfi/TJ" ^ 
prolotigatton rf In 

— 1 TT Jo M I ffi 'VIckfirBt breni 

nchEragi- ^plmnt 

I u f»AfVi;»up fC^Aer Jki 

AMucdl , i 

H Aknit t, tl brfe 


wr 4e if Jin fioially ftafeS pulMe 
m deuie In anWMAaBnf im- 

amen mpruH man irri 9l)flii 

Aamiur, v«. (B ft™ i%> iiUo a »«*, 
>— , oi. la ousmMii litomit [Mriw 
AnU, F, jinf. JUaal, ao/uainlaiice, JM- 
tour, mni/, amaiitlop.tiallanl, iHwr 

AlillB,nti:i im. amiant^uB» adieiM« 

1. U hHhVIA'. Btf"". fffinil' 
^ (*« riosr OlntojT 

>. If. tnv&'jUItt, animgeabli^ 

(ta, AamphHilliigt. anblgii- 

AUH qfuHag teft memahtg 


naHfi«r t/Amtienm J 

Andata. Bn.jiL onrtsU, «l«wirt* f 


■ mwiMi.Wimiyli 

incbn, or, liilj.McfiIIt,«U [Mau 


AiSlxl', '. adT A imf. £nf(M f Eng- 

ADflli^, I, tS^AngUcm, ef England 
A^lldnm, ini. A^llrUia 
Ansfonurw, »u oiaadfliltw ofSngttMh 
An^tMBMnlt, tt. o Om i r ai la n of EnglM 

Aninliii, if. Sfirulik, rml nln 
Altgoa, m- tori of itart OJteientt^ bHd 

AnS"")". •'■ ™ "I 

Angaitkn, bd^ attfnilar, comerfd 

a"*"IS« ' "iJi, m'™?^""' 

AnUTKlWf tf- i^ur,^jffkulty 

Anll.^'inu! i>3!«« p£nl 

tutOt, It rM i™ erm [rinvmd 

Aiita4 mk arinsf, cmtm, iruie. 

-, Adj. aaiuatfVtatlr 

j«K(aU,' jlnAoiff, fmrlafiii, ^Ma' 
kJUHDckltlbn, If. aimmriafkn [Ur 

Anlatr, vh fo ^H DHT H-UIh onffftfaC 

.nibnipc«h«ie, ' 

AiitUiu.>r.rlnl>ifale,/>lKrlaM fdUi 
Antldiits.vL ti>an(«AU(, put ■ >Uh 

AatlpKlilS'lM.'Sj. i^mji.nnf, a»^ 

HMTdf {ft n ftfuf Dppufri'f rafAflfrpro- 

AnTlpnld> hm- pi- IM'fpndu, nppof^ 
Anllqual^le, kf. on (mfl™*, piteoofaTt- 
AntlqniUit, nn-dnrffu^ry [Ha>(V 
Anllqur, mdj. mligat. onrlnU. oU 
Anllquht, >(. unliiluUv. imiUM tlm» 





-ENQLISB. n. EMGLIsn— FR£^(.H. 


/n t^t Vlst nf ScdMb (tnH firr (BtHctol HtftKit 





^' So 




■'Arrfiter, vr. to be at a ttand, tarry, 

stop, ataj/, forbear, amuse oneself 
Arrhe, sf. earnest, pledge, portion of a 

sum or a fare patd in advance 
Arrhcment, sm. the act of giving eamest- 
Arrhw, sf. pi. earnest-money [money 
Arri^re, intcij. away, begone, avaunt t 

en — , adv. backward, in arrear 
Ani^re, sm. stern, poop, abaft 
Arriere-ban, sm. people summoned in 
former times to attend thekingin war 
Anridre boutique, sf. back-shop 
Arri^re-cour, sf. backyard 
Ani6re-faite, sm. offer birth 
Arridrc-fief, sm. a fief held under another 
Arri^re-garant, sm. security for a surety 
Arri^re-garde, at. rear of an army 
Arri^re-gotlt, sm. after-taste 
Arri^re-main, sm. back of the hand 
Arridre-neveu, sm. son (\fa nephew 
Ani^re-pens^, sf. afterthought 
Arri6re-petit-fils, sm. great-grandson 
Arri^re-petite-fille, rt". arreat - grand- 
Ani^re-pcnnt, sm. back-stitch [daughter 
Arri^re-saison, sf. latter end qf autumn 
Arridre-vassal, sm. under-tenant 
Arri^re-voussure, sf. back-arch 
Arri^rer, va. to throw behindhand 
s'— , vr. to be in arrears, stay behind 
Arrlmage, sm. stowage 
Arrimer, va. to stow 
Arrimeur, sm. stower 
Arri.'«er, va- to lower, bringdown 
Arrivage, sm. arrival of /pods 
ArT\v6e, sf. arrival, comtng, entrance 
Arriver, vn. to arrive, come, succeed, 

reach, happen, befall, fall out 
Arrogammenr, adv. arrogantly, pre- 
sumptuously, proudly, haughtily 
Arrogance, sf. arrogance, pride 
Arrogant, e, adj. arrogant, proud 
s'Arroger, vr. to arrogate, claim 
Arrondir, va. to round, make round, re- 
lieve,^ give relief, enlarge 
Arrondissement, sm. the act of majcing 

round, circuit, canton, district 
Arrosage, sm. watering trenches 
Arrosement, sm. the act of watering, 

sprinkling, soakihg 
Arroser, va. to water, sprinkle 
Arrosoir, sm. watering-pot [arms 

Arsenal, sm. arsenal, storehouse for 
Arsenic, sm. arsenic, mineral poison 
Arsenical, e, adj. arsenical 
Art, sm. science, skill, ability, address 
Arte re, sf. artery 
Art^riel, le, adj. arterial 
Artichaut, sm. artichoke [matter 

Article, sm. article, joint, clause, head, 
Articulaire, adj. articular, jointed 
Articulation, sf. articulation, joining of 

bones, pronunciation, utterance 
Articulcr, va. to articulate, utter 
s'— , vr. to be joined, get joined 
Artifice, sm. art, skill, cunning, craft 
Artiflciel, le, adj. artificiai, artfUl, ficti- 
tious, counterfeit, not natural 
ArtWeieUanaat, adv. artifidaUif 

Artificier, sm. maker offtreworhe 
Artificieusement, adv. craftily, artft^ 
Artifideux, euse, adi. cunning, subtle 
Artill^, e, aA}. fUmtshed, provided 
Artillerie, sf. artillery, ordnance 
Artilleur, sm. matross, artUlery-man 
Artimon, sm. mizzen, mizsen-matt 
Artisan, sm. artisan, tradesman 
Artiste, sm. artist, artificer, contrioer 
— , adj. skilful, contrivable, dextetvus 
Artistement, adv. ingeniously, sciemffi' 

calljf, artfully, mechanically 
Aruspice, sm. soothsayer, diviner 
As, sou 000 at dice or cards 
Asbeste, sm. asbestos 
Ascendant, sm. ascendency, tnfluenee 
— , adj. ascendant, predominant, prevO" 
Ascension, sf. ascension [lent 

Ascentionnel, le, adj. ascensional 
Asc^te, sm. ascetic, anchorite 
Asc^tique, ad^. ascetic, retired 
Ascite, sf. ascites, dropsy 
Asiatique, adj. Asiatic, eastern 
Asile, sm. asylum, sancttuny, place of 
Asine, smf. he or she-ass [t^teltet 

— , adj. asinine, pertaining to an ass 
Aspect, sm. aspect, sight, looks, eoun- 
tenance, vision, view, vista, prospect 
Asperge, sf. asparagus 
Asperger, va. to xprtnkle, besprinkle 
Asperg^s ou Aspersoir, sm. brush for 

sprinkling hnly water 
Asp^rit^, sm. eisperity, harshness 
Aspeniion, sf. the act of spi inkling 
Asphalte, sm. asphaltos,oitumen 
Asphod^le, sm. rtaffbdil, day-lily 
Asphyxie, sf. asphyxy, sudden deprkfO' 
twn of vital actwn , swooning, fatnUng 
Asphyxia, e, adj. in a state of asphyxy 
s'Asphyxier, vr. to suffocate oneself 
Aspic, sm. asp, slanderer, backbiter 
Aspirant, e, adj. aspiring, pretending 
— , sm. aspirant, candidate, suitor 
— de marine, sm. midshipman 
Aspiration, sf. aspiration, ardent desire 
Aspirer, va. to aspirate, draw breath, 

aspire at, pant after, aim at, covet 
Assaillant, sm. assailant, agfnressor 
Assaillir, va, to assault, assatl, attack 
Assainir, va. to make or render whole- 
some, make sound, purify 
Assaisonnement, sm. seasoning, relish, 

the art of cooking 
Assaisonner, va. to season, spice, cook 
Assassin, sm. assassin, murderer 
Assassinat, sm. murder, assassineUion 
Assassiner, va. to assassineUe, murder 
Assaut, sm. assault, storm, hostile on- 
set, attack, insult [union, heap 
Assemblage, sm. tusemblage, collection, 
Assembl6e, s£ assembly, congregation, 

convention, society, ball, meeting 
Assembler, va. to assenUUe, gather, col- 
lect, meet, join, bring together 
s'— , vr. to €uueml/le, meet, gather 
Assener, va. to hit or strike hard 
Assentiment, sm. voluntary consent 
Assentir, vn. to consent vofuntarUy 


Bi«.i«tcl[Wa,lq'<lMiI>g •BtlaUn/r.t'Mitiii, 
Mr, pib*^imm,Jii I AwjccUi' *■ AuujAIr, n. Utvblui 

idv, MDUirofZ^, tlUli^ttttltt 
b inirHihit litge to, n- 

WM^iar, nuirtgofie AtLhinitJi,.., _-,- -,- -,-, 

■Jstffui AKbiiif,tia.atthma,tAomut*o/breaa 

""""*''' A«»,'rIi.tMr,JiIiin«rS5inim«((rtt 

Jk nnHlquo adj. JOiiide 

Main. ulj. Uni&Illaiia, isleiillic 
Alrgrit^ "f. tlracaii, HHuameM 

t'-j ^T. to (rtc AoVd, tliH^, &«¥ don, 
rvad. bi bmlgSltrl, rKfil m laM 

n iTleui, b Hd or a^Utii 1 

in, ■r.aflriiioi>,HrrHD/«'ibi ■ 

Altlniitlr. v». /rj'.0/lf,7, rFrou-.''!St^ Aub^De, it-HE^fani lotaliAB 

I'-.vr. I,. ,,;.„'. ^ ;.,....(; ; Aube, III! dnim. ikwirca*, aS 

An'niLn' ' ..r.^ Auli*|lo,iia.wAuWjliu>,iI.»Biettoni, 

I, Anlufuln'.'^in.lliairieduSt-telUk 

111 fsa^ifUltiw, n^jwef 


AUw, Hi). ^Mc. inliiJamlanwaK 
Artnot, t, Uj. iiB™«i«? ™H(*rr'"' 

Anlndt, i£ AUluAi, paKirt 

AtuvMt. In, •S^nUnre^, i^ar4<vr 
AKncUoB, U. EftraeNan, aJhavMtnt 



1^^ 'Ifiifi impadenHv, t i it tuHUu 
— iklb,D'>ilM<i(llv<Wi 

Auiililr, iV^ idj. nlaaigUiiS^ 
AuiUiWi, •?. kKirAu, aadUkir 
Audiult, iio. onvf T hna ^^aAoHS 

Anjminl'liBl, uli. RkIi 


Aibque, Adj. aulic 
-k >£ a deputation Jiir a de/rree 
Anmai'.]eSf *f. pL horned cattle 
Anmdnc, tf. atnu, charity 
Anindner, va. to bestow alma 
AnmAnene, sf. almoner's dwnity 
AnmOfiler, ^re, ailj. charitnole 
Aumdfiier, sm. almoner, cfiaplain 
Auna^, sm. measurement by the ell 
Aunaie, >f. trmve of alders, alder-plot 
Aane, *f. ah ell, yard 
— , nn. alder-tref. 
Aaner, \-a. to meoMtre by the ell 
Auicur, Btn. measurer 


A V I : 

' Autrem»nt, adv. nth^ru-ht', ./. ■, . Tii>i.t 
' Autre-part, a<ii'. el»''U het''. in tinith'rr 
j jUare, tuimcwhere elJi" i <1' -, f..-'iii..s, 
I moreover, on the other hand 

Autruche, >1". (>Mtrirh 
' Autrui, fcin. oth>;-ii, uther M'iji'^- 
' Auveiit, sin. penthortif, nfnti 
j Auvertiat, sin. a ai>rt »tred u-itif 

Auxiliairc, tuV). uuiilinry, fn-'pi/,:: 
j — > sm. au-iilinri/, hflju'r, n.tifiui.-nitr 

s'Avai'hir, vr. to^afs, irrnu- faint 
• Aval, sin. ffU'uritjt J\n- iminneut 
I — t *dv. duwnwiinig, down t>,f: rii'-'r 

Avulaison, si. Jivntl, torrent 

Aapinivant, adr. before, first, firmerly i Avalang:eo» Avalanchi-, >././., ,/■ 

Aa^te^, pre. near, about, by, at 

— , «dr. hard by, close by 

Aur^dc, sf. rays of fiiory represented 

around the heads of saints 
Auriculaire, adj. auricular, ear-witness 
Auione, sf. Aumra, nwrning, dawn 

— boraltr, aurora borealis 

Auspice, sm. omen, presage, guidance 
Aaai, adv. alMt, so, too, out, truly, as 

— \AeD,fi>r^ as well, more so 

— peii, a» little 

Auuitdt, tAv. forthwith, presently 

— que, 0)1. j. €u soon as 

Avaler, va. to swallow, uulpili.-titt 

—, vn. to f(o down the river 

»' — , vr. tofiap, hanfcdtnvn, fi.-f' >./ 

Avaluur, sm. fduttvn, pri:at >:■■ t'-r 

Avaloire, sf. xridi' throat 

Avancc, sf. advance, ntnrt, pr<r'- i-t,,.:i 

Aranccmcnt, s.m. adminrfvu'i.t , j,r'Ji- 

ciemy, proyress, fnrwnrdm-s 
Avanctr, vtu to adrance, put f<>ith. .-it 

fvrward, jnromote, hnMtoi, {..p i- /; 
_ — , vn. to nutve fonvard, prcrfru 
i s' — , vr. to advance, ten forward ' m^'" 
I Avanie, st^ injury, wronfc, irifu't, nut- 

Au>Jtre, adj. austere, severe, rigorous, I Avant, jjrc. b^ore 

rigid, Itarsfi, rough, sour, sfmrp 
A-.iMcrement, adv. austerely, severely, 

rifrnrouitly, strictly, rigidly 
Au>t^r:tt', sf. nu*te> ity,~niort>Jicatinn, ' Awint-Cfiur, sf. outer n,"rt 

'tu^t'.'njfif.s.i, nei'frity, rigour 
Austral, o, h :j. south*'rn, au-trnl 
.^utaiit, a'J\'. fi.* much, if> much, as 

ThQuy ; i\' — ii-.fiiii<> que, the l^'-ssas; 

«!'— pliKijUP, ^'#»' morons; d' — qui-, 

mfdr nst. fvraitniuch as 
.Ai.tant (if, *o mntiy 
— 'i'-e, n* much ns, as far as 
Au'el, sui. altar, rtligion 
A'iteur, Nrn. author, writer, composi'r 
Authuitidtc, «f. nutheutirity 
Authentiquf, adj. authentic 

freituiw, true, having authority 
Auilientiqut-mcnt, a>\\:'nuthentii-aUy 

— , adv. beforehand, previously 
— , sm. prow, bow, head ofn "/I'p 
• Avant-l)ras, 

Avarit-courcur, sm./- nrunnrr, in 
I g''r sent htfyri', hdrfdutrfr, j,r> •'■ 
Avant-n.urrierf, «t. harfdnger, i-,- 
■ Avunt-dernicr, i^rc, adj. lal<-t hut ■■ 
Avaiit-J^rde, sf. van, V'inf.ntard 
I Avai)t-nier, adv. doi/ befnn- ;irt. 
Avaut-jour, sn\. b'ftve x'lnr'f^i-, .■ 
Avant-midi, sin. tinif htf,,ri' it< ■ • 
Avant-propr>s, sni. j>refurf, jn'm 
Avant-qiiart, -m. trurning str<' • 
A vant-.'.ceuf, .•>f. pnncnium, /,■,■, > 
Av:iiit-toit, sm. hnusii-ffn'e 
Avant-train, sm./ow^-A/W,? 
Avant-vi-illt', sf. '/".'/ hefurt' n r/-;.' 


Authentiquer, v\. to jifwe by authority ; AvaiUage, sm. adruntagi', pr,,j'r . ' . . ,- 
.^yiVKrhiie, -ii. unlimited power i fit, interest, nhare, gift, om'i'" ■•,-\t 

Auto-da-f^, sm. act of faith, execution Avantafftr, va. to gratify, f(n;u.\' - 1- >i- 
AuMprajibe, »m. autogrtiph, one's own \ Ava.ntfiij;e\ist:iut:ni,ii.(iv.ftdr'ift'fj .,//••, 

handwritintr, original writing ^ \ favottrahly, profifahh/, ronn-,.: ..t.';/ 
Autiim.ite, sml automaton, /i*'lf-ntovin!> \Aviiuti'm-\i\, euse, aiii. adronf'- .■■•■!/•;, 

fitachine, hlitckhead [to autumn profitable, benffiriai, ustful 

Automnul, c, idj. autu/nnaf, belonging' Avare, sm. miser, one covetona t<> nee-.-' 
Auuimiie, smf. autumn, full of the leaf' — , adj. aviricious, cotictuus, m riiid 


Aiitonome, adj. autonomous, free 

Avarice, sf. avaric, cocctousn' s' 

Autonomic, si. autonomy, liberty [tion ; Avaricicux, eusc, adj. ax'uririofi i 
AuDj^ie, »t. autopsy, orular dcmonatra- i Avarie, sf. average, damage at sf-n 
A\xuin%sx\im,f.i'.authorizntion,authority \ Avarie, e, adj. spoiled, dnrnms'-t 
AuUjriscr, \-a. tu authorize, empower \ Aver, pre. with, for, againnt, '//, in 
«'— , vr. to Bet credit or authority I Aveindre, va. to take, f;trh out 

Autontd, sf. authority, legal poiver, in- \ Avdine, sf. filhprt, hazelnut 

Jiuence, rule, support, testimony i Avelinitr, sm. filbert-tree 
Aurour, \,tv. afmut, round, concernini^ Avenant, e, adj. becoming, grnrrful 
—I »m. goiihu'fk 1 Av^iieincnt, sm. coming, ncrt'f<.s:i<n 

Autre, adj. other, not the same, not tfiis '• Avenir, vn. to happen, dune f(> j.n-;,' 
Autrefwiv, sdv.jbrMtfffyt in time past I —, sm. future, ti'ne to com»j 

Mnt, Suionli fii((J*™i^ft3r5rl>" ' Aiulilntr, v». «p' 

"t" "Ji^' "'""■" —-^^ 

n>, lilS',a^ni^7'l, malici 



Bikil, an. lAU, nf>^ fsHnNMiW 

tkiMiiuii, <, ml}. MibdM. mMw. 
Btblllud, nnr. imlrln-, trgUBgliOrtr 
IteUltff, ni. (II foOr, pruM*. <A> 
BabUis, if. nU n» orttmm rniun^ 
^iole, IT. iaui;^, tat, (rM>, MiM 

Uftboatn, B1I1-iqDnj^tbffti(Kiti,JVnlH>4 
Bv, lin-JtrrvAoiUl piacrle— , Maui 

tuhvtv, iight river ^Hf 

uluiderw» ii-fi/olgryl Ming obOH/ 

IdifiRinLT, m^ m fiutrr ODSr wW 
^^ .ilj.™i.W(?miis^f^l( 



9 BAN 

BUiudK,, ua. bL riin (i«Bili, dr 


BUiin., eu.r, iiul MWpa-.nnHws. 



asi'sfir- "•■-'■ ff 

f., naiHsMW 


BiUji.iuiTi HO. aou^, incrUv m 




BiUB,.r.£nam.biiiV . 





Ih > un-MIM idDPmJilua 




En ™ = ™, ^ *= m«*>r 



-iSmu.iui.heail-'faml.bitnilage.fia':'- — d|un piriiMBpJiBW'aA'i 

irtu, jlMftli kjiud sn/wlng in O^ i 
;>fft, le, Bmf. ujatarfpanial, tdr-t/llf 

Jhn^taa ua^eauf peribratafehetl/br E 

Builder Bn.BdKk 

S ir 

bilie, nn. fifuiSi.'arme Af aperullar 
■WVt IB b bojni DTjtwidsir on 
»iil». at. ((jMiW, ajKuii-ifirfT*!"**" 
3uF,ir.^«t, vl0/fmc#'^, ba**^Uigtr 
W, ™. (wrtSli^"o low ^ 

1>, lltintH^ BuhlKUr, ir, qian^mtn 

BtuiBm, m. tanXn, KlririmV^ 

drolvr, vn. n rvmo, alin bkt eh 
Hoient, an. tnMi^r./MHc, « 

"^itl.i^V'TfSS'JK^ «■;""'■'■''■ 

f^^yHfUA i^if^^,, - wi?S? 

Mcbci, n. I« il<( irtU a (poll 

WSnj^~ IBWWnl, ^S*i^ 

fir Ag tarHwt o/»odi 
Bfanl, e, *d>. Unriii^ 

Bdll-dHllllE, ■££%>, Mri ■liMfet* 

B^Hlfnot, e, «(i. MHnnM, owlnt 

RiniDr, In. jfat (In muife) 
O^nidlaui, un. rmir btflirc nHte 

imxnitv, priiMqfB, pnuil, iTOo/uiMnf 
iJn tvlji, a^lj. 6r>jVt<"l!>nl. ftin'd./Himftv 
BiSnlv, i-i. lu 6l.-iJ. In., j, sHoi, pr^ 




b Asirwrffy-wrM 

?, n. to rwir, IMI 

VK to>MCV or ImII ffiMMrfr 

if. tkaktrdtm, muMarm<ihair 
aL mi$or made ufwine and 



sn«9te, MtfdfeMmnii Beufiemeot, am. beUowing, iou i. 
u OM* wte waUuwiih « Beu^, vn. to b^iow, mart Iou 
at, cntfeft [cntich ; Beum, na. buffer 

va. to tooilr triA « cruto*» 1 Baur& «n. burrel, butter-pear 

Ueurrw* tiL j/iev of bread and butter 
Benmr, va. to butter 
Bearrier, vbtt, unf. butter e^er 
B^vue* sf. overey(ht iNiaiciAre, ent;r 
Bejr, bm. 6«iy, /rovemor 
Booftrd ow UenNur, im. betoar-ntone 
Bfaus, nn. &ja«, j/ope> fteoel, obtufteanid^ 
de —, adv. aUmtinf^, alopinglp, aci'i's^ 
Kaisemcnt, nn. jA^** enaaion, dfc&tt 
Kaiaer, vn. to go in a alatithifc tiinction, 

leant uaeak{/ta, eoaaion, nhujUUnK 
BUMfon. no. toper, tippler, lip t,j uuy 

drinkinjr veniel 
BMe, at. Bible, Kolif lorit, acrijture 
BiUi(Mrn|>{ie> am, one 

akiUed in the knowledge o/tvcks 
nblii^nrapble, if. btbtifgraph]/, know- 
ledge vifboeka 
BlUiomanle, af. btbUomaniOt mfr*' fur 

poaaeaaingrare and curioua hooka 
BtUkmiane, tm. bUbliomaniuvt oitt: who 

haa a rage Jin- booka 
Biblk>ph{le« sin. lover o/ book a 
Blblioth^nire, sm. libntrian 
Iffiblioeh^ae, if. library, atudp 
Bicbe, if. hindt doe, lavdog 
Bicbet, im. two Paris oushela 
Bichnn, ne, »mf. lap-ilog 
Bicoque, sf. amall town or housp 
Bictimu, c, a<lj. bicorne, bivur/iu"-, hair- 
ing ttvo points or hortts ; tci-th 
Bident^, e, a<lj. hidental^ h<ivii,L' /{/•<. 
Bidet, sm. bidet, little horse, junm, utii^ 
Bidon, sm. can, jug, reaselfor ii<jiii:r 
Bien, i^m.good, advatittifte, i>iti',r-t, jifi- 
sure, happiness, bletisitifr, faron,-, i-..<,'i 
tumor office,e>>tate,proi,r it 1/ , III ii,,t>^ , 
wealth; — funds, lontted ]in,i,rrty ; 
dire du — de, to speak ivell of i,/. r ; ',.<> 
gens de — , good peo/ile; sciitir .•■o.i --, 
to look like a gentleman ; un ii<»iiiiM.- 
de — f a go(.d or honest inau ; V()ui(,;r 
du — k, to wish well 
—, miv. well, verp, much, u-i/.'itnf//, 
quite, certainly, indeed; ;is-tz , 
pretty well; fort — ,exre.ediriL in ii-> J : 
il paile — Kranfais, he s}:i:iik.s U'-ud 
French ; trfes — . very well 
Bicn-aiiii^, e, adj. well belovrd 
Bien-dire, sua. affected display of i !■>■ 

^ .^ quence 

tut, brute, silly Jbllow, block- Bien-dihant, e, adj. well-spoken , i!<qiuut 
kertd; une m^hante — , « cunning : Bien-£tre, sm. welfare, wellb^hn^ 
fdlow : une bonne — , a gnod-^taturbd '. Bienfai*ance, sf. benevolence, he,.>iirn,ie 
ptrmm; faire la — > to forego one's ! Bienfaisant, c, adj. beneficent, < idiuu-.;- 

r. «& Vtmt deeeteee to be toaaed 

iicftfattJwt tat taugh eia^ 
hnefe* tf. tarnoeto, Mrd iOre a gooM, 

dtdHtihtftarrier'e inetrument 
tamnn^twf.aortofpear laManka 
Bona, A ou BcrnemeDt, sm. tossing in 
Bemtrr, va. to toss in a blanket 
Bfeneur, sm. one that tosses anotht-r in 
Htmous, sm. /tooded cloak [a blanket 
fionique, adv. not at all 
Beniiquet, sm. beggary, indigence 
fitryl, sm. beryl, precious stone 
Besace, tL wallet, bag 
Beuder, un. beggar, mendicant [sight 
Bedcles, sf. spectacles, glasses to aui the 
Besogne, s£. work, business, labour 
BetoKDcr, vn. to work, labour 
Besnin, sm. need, want, lack, poverty 
Beboo, ne, adj. twin [with wild beasts 
flteiuK, sm. fdadiator, one who fiifhts 
Besdal, e, adj. Oefrio/, beastly, brutish 
Bestiakment, adv. ttestially, brutishly 
fisdalit^, sf. bestiality, bi-uttxlity 
Besiiause, st bloekhetul, ninny 
Bestiaux. &« BdtaiL 
Bestaole, s£ amall anitnal, insect, dunce 
B6ta,sm.ybo/, simpleton, ninny 
B^l, sm., Bestiaux, pi. drove of cattle, 

Jloe* of sheep or goate 

hdereat; cest sa — noire, lie can't 
bear her 

— fauve, deer 

— noire, wild boar 

Btement, adv. tike a beast, stupidly 
BMse, at. folly, fiKdishnesa, stupidity 
Bdton, sm. kind of mortar / 

Stne, af. 6gt^ I 

Blenfait, ^m. benefit, fnvour, knutniss 
Bienfatteur, trice, ^nlf benefactur, h-nr- 
Bienheureux, euse, adj. happy \_,t(i t.-e.^s 
Bien loin, adv. a great way off 

— de, conj. very fir from, instead <f 

— que, though, although 
BienDtd, e, adj. bienmaX, lastlxir ttvo 
Biens&ince, aL decent:!/, decorujii \j/curs 


0. «,,wli- u- 

li. baar, r^lNrii bier 

re, tt.fnftjiiytifeotimrti meOteif 
SoBiiifi .f. iuTljiintumt, iro. bllfoh* 

Uuii, «n. ii/Hoiili', yManl-abU 

HllMii,'>'°- tflW DO'" 

HiDlwlQr, im. toy, plar/tftilttr 

Blnip, im. MinnJ *Wi!jJ orp'ii"jfti"g 

Bi/imr, i(. KoUif uiik luw bnuAaiif I 

JlltnrhSoc'. It. small^,, ■nmifffg 


BuwtiyHce. Kru it-ftM/iin^, v^iteaing, BwomTj Vr,i4J. m£?M irwofr, rb 

inygfat on t^fttnt 

n — « hcrlc. iJ untMii 


■iWr, rr. Is iguiK. />e ofoH rg Ul B 

Bnwi H OoUli, im- »!•"•<-> ><•'>' ' Inryn. fenr.M ■www"' 

'iiii^'iSi " ;— ,«dr. mrf/, ri^ 




Bonoe, sf. governess, lady's maid lnes9 
Bonace* sf. calmness, stillness, smooth- 
Bonasse, adj. good natured, credtdotis 
BoDbon, sm. sugar-plum, sweetmeat 
Bonbon nidre, st. sugar-plum box 
Bon-cbrdcien, sm. species of pear 
Bond, sm. bound, caper, gambol, leap : 

faire un — , to rebounds alkr par — , 

to skip about 
Bonde, sf. dam, sluice, floodgate, wear 
Bonder, va. to stop up, dam up 
Bondir, vn. to bound, rebound, skip 
Bondissant, e, adj. skipping, frisking 
Bondissemcnt, sm. the act of skipping 
Bondon, sm. bu7)g, stopple, buvg-h(Ae 
Bondonner, va. to stop tvith a bung 
Bondonui^re, sf. auger, tool for boring 

holes ' [sperity, success, felicity 

Bonheur^ sm. gui>d-luck, fortune, pro- 
Bonhomie, sf. good-nature 
Bonification, st. impi-ovement 
Bonifier, va. to make better, improve 
Bonite, sf. bonito, seajish 
Bon-jour, sm. good-morning, good-day 
Bonneau, sm. buoy, sea-mark, beacon 
Bonncment, adv. plainly, honestly 
Bonnet, sm. cap, bonnet 

— de nult, night cap [ing 
Bonnetade, si. the act of capping, salut- 
Bonneter, va. to salute with the hat or 
Bunneterie, sf. hosier's businets [cap 
Bonneteur, sm. sharper, sunndler 
Bonnctier, sm. cap-maker, hosier 
Bonnette, sf. stwtding-sail, piece of for- 
tification : mecire les — s, to set the 

— de grande voile, main studdin/^-sail 

— de hune, topmast attiddingsatl 
Bon-soir, sni. good-nigtit 

Buntd, sf. gmidtiess, q-iality, kindness, 

favour, indulgi:nce, good-nature 
Boquillon, sm. seller of wood 
Borax, sm. borax, artificial salt 
Bonl, sm. edge, brink, brim, side, coast, 

shore, ribbon, lace 
Bordage, sm. side planks of a ship 
Bordayer, v«u to tack, ply to windward, 
Bordc, sm. Item, edge, lace beat about 
lioTd6e, sf. tack, broadside 
Border, va. to edite, bind, border, lace 

— un lit, to tuck in the bed clothes 

— la cdte, to line the coa^t 

— un vais cau, to plank a ship 

— les ^utes d'uue voile, to haul the 
sheets of a sail 

Bordereau, sm. account, note, abstract 
Bordigue, sf. stake-net for taking fish 
Bordure, sf. edge, border, frame 
Boreal, e, ailj. northern, northerly 
Bor^', sm. Boreas, north-wind 
Borgiie, adj. blind of an eye 
—, sm. one eyed man 
—me, sf. one-eyed woman 
Borin, sm. collier, coal-miner 
Bomage, sm. settling of boundaries 
Borne, sf. boundary, limit, landmark 
Bornd, c, adj. bounded, limited, shallow, 
eff/0fie£t, ignorant, narrow-minded 

• Bomer, va. to confine, boimdt limit, emit 

put an end to, stint, moderate 
M — , vr. to keep within bounds 
Bomoyer, va. to look over with one eyt 
Bnsan, sm. ^^nk made with mUlet 
Bocphoie, am. Bosphorus 
Bosquet, sm. grove, thicket 
BoBsage, sm. oossage, en^>osament, astk 
Bosse, sf. bunch, hump, bump, ewetUng, 
roughness, unevenness, ruggedn^ 

— ik un pot on plat, bruise, dwt, mark 
—t, pL stoppers of cables, ring-rMtee 
—a h fouet, stoppers Jbr the nggtttg 

— s k bouton, deck stoppers 
Bosselage, sm. embosstng, raised woHc 
Bosseler, va. to emboss, work in baet" 
Bosseman, sm. boatswain's mate [rHttf 
Bossette, sf. boss, knob, stud in a Bridle 
Bossu, e, adj. crooked, hump-baideed 
Bossuer, va. to bruise, dint, mark, batter 
Bot, sm. Dutch boat; pied —, eM>Jbot 
Botanique, if. botany, knowledge ef 

— , adj. botanical, relating to pianta 
Botaniser, vo. to search for plante 
Botaniseur, sm. one whoseeks for pkmte 
Botaniste, sm. botanist, person, w^l" 

skilled in plants or herbs 
Botte, sf. boot, bunch, bundle t k-pttrpoe 

de — , adv. now I think of it 

— de foin, truss of hay 

— de soie, hank of silk 

— d'un carrosse, step of a carriage 
— s, ()L clods of dirt 

Bottelage, sm. bottling of hay 

Uotteler, va. to bottle hay [boitlee 

Botteleur, sm. one who makes hay into 

Better, \-a. to make boots 

se — , vr. to put on one's boots 

Ik)ttier, sm. bootmaker 

Bottine, sf. buskin, small boot, half boot 

Boiic, sm. he goat, leathern-bottle 

— ^missaire, scapegoat 

Boucan, sm. utensil for broiling meat, 

place to smoke-dry meat in 
Boucaner. va. to broil fish or flesh, hunt 

wild cattle for their hides, smoke-dry 
Boucanier, sm. hunter of wild cattle 
ItoucasMi), sm. kind of fustian 
Boucaiit, sm. hogshead [opening 

Bouche, sf. mouth, muzzle, entrance, 
Boucbee, sf. mouthful, morsel, bit 
Boucher, sm. butcher 
— , va. to cork, bung, dam up 

— une voie d'eau, to stop a leak 
Boucherie, sf. shambles, meat market, 

butchery, daughter, carnage 
Boucbcture, sf. endosure, fence 
Boucboir, sm. lid or cover of an oven 
Bouchon, sm. stopple, cork, bush 
Bouchonner, va. to rub witfi a wisp 
Boucle, sf. buckle, ring 

— d'oreilles, ear-ring 

— de porte, doorknocker 

— de cheveux, ringlet, curl 

— d'un corda^ ou d'unc poulie, ring^eye 
— B, pL irons for jeltms at sea 

I Boucler, va. to (itiGMe, eur( hair 


oL'k^^ ^^Znl„^^p^ 

Bnil m ninti /p. tA anrf rnr 

*=« ;St"'A™m'^j '<r '"^ '" 

t-ilr,U M»g« f" 'ii* 


lUemH.tmipa «r 


iim ImrttfaarTtiwetrmt 



- Si,-ii •'" 

-J Jlf, Hulon, »ii.» i^o w 


-dulMiinTiV[aoiai!dl pi ,/ 

d Bo rff n ^^WftlW 

■?!?n'^i;C*"^'?^""' " 


"" " 

fcul^lf, ,«^.JI,.u,hm fim 

*tert,iofft.,-™n|BKrjB ™ «™ 





t, sm. pointing a piece of Br^dl, sm. Brazil^ BrazilAcood " 

f . . , . I Bf^'ier* ya. to cut or break in emaU 

u to point, level, turn, bend I pieces, dye with BrazU-urood 
rm, power, trtrength, valour, Br^tailler, vn. to tilt, be, 
\ivrede ses — , toHve by on^s ■ Br^tailleur, sm. one, 
tendre les — , to oMUt, re- ; Bretelle. sf. strap, 
1^ ; k force de — ,by strength —a, pL braces 

Brette, if. rapier, long sword 

wn jorazu-wooa 
tut, be fond offijfhting 
onefitnd of fighting 
i, fillet, beaidage, net 

te, dauf 

t^ex, sconce 

use, cUmw 


es, yard-brace or tie 


, Ife-braee 

dtsatma, arm in arm 
to braze, solder with brass 
. brisk coal fire, coal-pan 
r. armlet, bracelet 
)ithom, measure of six feet 

to brew, mis, devise, plot, 
hatch, imagine 
t. brewhouse 
ue, smf. brewer 
f. pL night-dress far children; 
; to be under restraint 
m. bully, swaggerer 

bravado, boast 
braveman, hero 
ve, stout, powerful, valiant, 
rageous, fearless 

adv. utoutlf/, bravely, skil- 
t/icallp, clev^-rly 
to brave, defy, dare 
.finery, fine doth en 
n. bravo/ well! huzza! 
t heroism, valour, enrage 
evements, Jeatu, exploits 

truss, bandai^e 
:le, ropes 

tch the seams of a ship 
heep, eu'e,fiecce 
breach, gap, opetiinp, notch 
;, smf. person who has lost 
he front teeth 
'Mess, wanting teeth 
I. brisket, breast, bosom 
lent, sin. the act of stammer- 
?ring, stuttering 
, vn. to stammer, falter 
r, euse, smf. stammerer 
irief, letter from the y-ope, 
-ntholic church kalendar 
brief, short, concise 
short, shortly, in few tvords 

game at cards 
vn. to gamble, be a gamester 

6re, smf. gamester 

r, bre, smf. hawker, huckster 

aft, float of wood 

f. gewgaw, toy, trinket 

9, trinkets, seals, watch-keys 

sm. trinkets tied tof^ether 

tf. thread and worsted stuff , 


C cvncA, sea-a/ie// 

Bretteler, va. to hew, scrape 

I Bretteur, sm. bully, JLehter 
BreiivB^e, sm. drink, potion 
Br^i'e, sf. short sylUXle 
Brevet, sm. brevet, commission, warrant 
Brevetaire, sm. bearer of a warrant fur 

a church preferment 
Breveter, va. to give a warrant [book 
Bi^viaire, sm. oreviary, priest's office- 
Bribe, sf. bribe, lump df bread 

; — «» pL scraps of meat 
Bricole, sf. the side-strap of a draught 
horse!s traces, rebound of a bolt at 
tennis, back-stroke at billiards : de ou 

\ par — , unjbirly, indirectly 

I BncDier, vn. to toss sideways 
Bride, sf. bridle, curb, chedc, restraint; 
Brider, va. to bridle, put on a bridle, curb 

, Bridon. sm. snaffle, bit, brake 

I Brief, kve, adj. brief, short, contracted 
Brifevemcnt, adv. briefly, in a few words 
Bri^vet^, sf. bretnty, shortness 
Brigade, sf. brigade, troop, company 
Brigadier, sm. brigadier 
Brigand, sm. highu-ayman, rubber 
Brifrandajje, sm. plunder, rob'/t ry 

I Brigan(ie<iu, sm. rogue, rascal 

; Brigander, vn. to rob on the hightcay 

1 Brigaiidinc, sf. brigamiine, coat of mail 

; Bri{;antin, sm. brigantine, brig 

; Brignolf, sf. Drignole plum, prune 

I — s, j)l. dried plums, prunes 

■ Brigue, sf. strife, quarrel, intrigue, ca- 

I bal, solicitation, canvass 
Briguor, va. to court, canvas<>, solicit 
Hrigiieiir. '>m. candidate, applicant 
Biillamnient, ariv. brilliantly 

1 Brillant, sm. brilliancy, bi-ightness, dia- 

I mond, brilliant 

— , e, adj. brilliant, glittering, bright, 
shining; esprit — , sparkling wit 

; Brillanter, va. to cut a dian\ond into 

' angles or facets 

• nriller, vn. to shine, sparkle, glitter 
Brimbale, sf. brake, handle of a pump 
Brimbaler, va- to swing, ring bells im- 

I moflei'ately, make a great noise 

! — les floclies, to set the bells a-ringing 

: Brimborioii, sm. toy, bauble, gewgaw 
Brin, sm. hit, piece, sample, sprig, slip, 

I shoot, blade / bois de — , solid timber 
— a — , bit by hit, piecemeal 
BrindJUe, sf. thin short branch 
Brioche, sf. sort of cake, bun 
Brique, sf. brick 
Briquet, sm. steel, small sword 

. Briquetagc, sm. brick-work 

, Briqueter, va. to imitate brivk8 

I liriqucterie, sf. brick-kiln 
I Briquetier, sm. brickmaker 




Briif tm.tvreck, theaetn/breakingopent 

droit de — , right of the admi-eUtp 
Briians, sm. pL hretucers, rocks, shelve* 
Briae, «f. breeze, fresh gale, soft wmd 
1M»6, e, adj. bntken, bntisffd 
Bris^ sf. pL boughs left by huntsmen 

in places where game has passed 
Briseinent, sm. dashing, rending 
Briser, va. to break, bruise, burst, crush 
—, vn. to dash, strike against, mingle 
M — , vr. to break, wreck, fvli up 
Brise-cou, sat. break-neck place 
Brise-glace, sm. support of a bridge 
Brise-raison, sm. nonsenswal /hllouf 
Brise-scellde, sm. thief, seal breaker 
Brixe-vent, sm. shelter, cover, prtttection 
Brisoir, tm. brake Jur dresxinirflax 
Brisque, sf. brisque, game at cards 
Brisurp, sf. broken or detached piece 
Broc, vox. jug, spit; de — en bouche, hot 

from the spit 
Bmcanter, vn. to deal in goods 
Brocanteur, sm. broker, fiictor 
Brocard, sm. taunt, jest 
Brocarder, va. to jeer, taunt, scoff, flout 
Brocardeur, euse, smf. taunter, setter 
Brocart, sm. brocadii, flowered silk 
Brocatelle, sf. stuff made in imitntion of 
brocade, linsey wooLey, variegated 
Brochant, adv. over all [rnarble 

— sur le tout, ruling the company 
Broche, sf. spit, knitting needle, plug, 
tap, peg, pin; niectre iine tutulle en 
— , to open or broach a barrel 
— •, pL tusks of a wild boar 
Brocn^, sf. spitful 
Brocber, va. to work with gold or silver 

stuff, etitch, fasten, compose hastily 
Brochet, sm. pike, inck-fish 
Brocheton, sm. picker^, small pike 
Brochette, sf. skewer 
Brocheur, euse. smf. binder, knitter 
Brochoir, sm. farrier's shoeinghammer 
Brochure* sf. pamphlet, stitched book 
Brocoli, sm. brocoli, species ofrabbage 
BroJequin, sm. buskin, kind of half boot , 
— «, pi. small boots, women's boots I 

Broder. va. to embroider, embellish I 
Broderie, sf. embroidery, embelli^ment i 
Brodeur, euse, smf. embroiderer ' 

Broiement ou Brotment, sm. the act of 
grinding, pounding, making powder 
Broncbale, sf. the act iff stumbling 
Broncher, vn. to stumble, trip, slip, err 
Bronches, sf. pL bronchice, the ramifica- 
tions of the windpipe 
Bronchial, e, adj. bronchial, relating to 

the throat 
Bronte, sm. bronze, brass 
— «, pL brazen figures 
Bronxer, va. to bronze, to paint in bronze 
Broquart, sm. brocket, a red deer two \ 
Broquette, sf. tack, snuaUnail [years old i 
BniMaiUes ou BrousiUIles, sm. pL briars, ' 
brambles, thorns, furze, finn I 

Un m t , Mt brush, pencil, paintet «b» tt«h I 
Bnmer, n. to brush 

Biossier, sm. brushmaker 

Brou, sm. green shell of the VHdnui 

Brnu^, it. small rain, mist,Jbg, rtmt 

Brouet, tm. gruel, caudle, mUk-porrUg» 

Brouette, sL wheel-barrouf 

Brouetter, va. to trundle a wheel-barram 

Brouetteur, sm. one who trundles or rette 

a wheel-harrow 
Brouett:er, sm. wheel barrow man 
Brouhaha, sm. noisy avf^ause, tumult 
Brouillamini, sni. confusion 
Biouillard, sm./o4r> mist, moist tft^jour r 

papier — , blotting-vaper 

— de marcliand, day-book, waste-book 
Brouille, sf. broil, disagreement 
Bnmillement, sn:. cunfusUm, mixture 
Brouiller, va. to jumble, mi*, bUtnd 'o> 

gether, stir, cor^une, perplex, puyzie, 

embroil, disorganize, set at earianet 
—, vn. to sht^ffle, shift, dodge 
se — , vr. to conftund or perplex eneself 
Brouillerie, sf. broil, disturbance, qnmr* 

rel, misunderstanding 
Brouilloii, ne, smf. shuffier, buitfbb^, 

— , sm. rough sketch, sei-oll 
—, adj. turbulent, prying, intermeddUt^ 
Brouir, va. to bUght, bkut, bum up 
Brouissure, »t blight, blast 
Brout, sm. browse, underwood, sprouts 
Broutant, e, adj. browsing 
Brouter, va. to browse 
Broutillei, sf. p). sprigs, brushwood 
Broyer, va. to grind, pound, bray 

— I'encre, to bray the ink 

— le chanvre, to dress hemp [pesUe 
Broyeur, s i>. one who pounds with a 
Bru, sf. son*s wife, dauf^terHn-law 
Bruant, sm. yellow-hammer 
Brugnon, sm. nectarine 

Bruine, sf. drizzling rain 

Bruiiier, vn. to drizzle 

Kruire, va. to roar, rattle, rustle [noUe 

Bruissement, sm. roarit.g or rustling 

Bruit, sm. noise, fiime, sound, murnawf 

report, rumour, clamour, uproar 
BrQlant, e, adj. burning, hot 
Brfllement, sm. fire, the act of burning 
BrQler, va. to bum, scorch, blast 
— , vn. to bum, be on fire 
se —, vr. to bum oneself 
BrAleur, sm. burner, incendiary 
Brfilot, tm. fire-ship, firebrand 
Bifilure, sf. bum, scald 
Brumal, e, adi. brumal, wintiy, cold 
Brume, sf. thick fog at sea 
Brumeux, ti^yf'ggy weather 
Brun, sm. brown oalour 
— » e, smf. person of dark complexion / 

sur la — e, in the dusk of the evening 
— , adj. brown, dusky, dun, black-haired 
Brunet, te, smf. person ^f a browniehot 

dark complexion 
— 9, pL love songs or btUlads 
Bruni, e, adj. burnished, polished 
Brunir, va. to burnish, polish, fitriMk 
— , vn. to make dark or brown' 
te — I vr. to turn dark w brown 

Mr. i>g2^- £^1!'*^' 




OlbllliuJ, .m. Hutjlrt 

/Ohrlsfei.'iiTi.' nMnM, 

>. fa puf d AM**'* fbOV 


. Gtbuttc, 4f- httt, aSiagt 

I CaiUt, im. rarJM hM* 

FfwHiVf Jtnp ■««* I rtrtnel 

r.(BIkHM,XMsa»IIf/,atj»nd CillliiDniciin.nBacIqrcunDilw 
, «. J«l, iiillrt I U«UIO, ™. (0 tunllc, magrilan 

rr, n. hunt KB, offl a HSl CtULiuu, im. idkiii oiiaU 

■Miprivn C>inM,u1.eMct/V«id 

L (BUgMv, tart hhHii 
CihiBlinnb •»■, ■dL almiiUna, 

— ""'n^dB. 

Cige, rf. COS". «"( nw, ja«, prtM, 
CuDiid. ,, adj. ii<lr,laiv 


Cdaln ndj-gstoiniH, niv 



CiMchc. If. coliM, open BBTlBt, 

HB. I>t9afl "fraOiKsiaAtp 

n. u ISaJanUfaiiJrini tav 




sU ofhonouf \fiartain 
0. jfr« <iJlHr at n> 

CAupuidlt fftf dunpuwUt, if. hlua-&«f 


1^ iL JKt^ wiicA. Bftwe 

CaruliHlLbrf, un. fn-nSfd MndrrMtick, 



Zm^, •^'oU'OaHim, 

___^_ l»^ 

Biftlc»iin!pfa*lei/br«l«»w ...,) 

Capfiiir, VI. [i.o™/(hb. oufnng, Mar 
K — , vr, (0 ;ri^ n i-^ff mJiLt upon mtetf 

(.■ipdvlt*, >l. M|l(iui(i/, hoTiilirB, OuilB 

C4rlijF<LEHc, *r. ttie ciigtitin llfprfltClmt 
CanufKuf, i-iJ »■. !ui r. great Mker, gsBlf 


.KiMa,'it pi. trltriit CHlucHlv We 

1MIV Aw Me JBsK IfH 
■rd til >i~»<°«l. Matt 


r At loMtpnm^if, Mtrul 

a kind 1/ lorloini ft 

de louijt oil Bun, hacftnevcrxrc/i 
1 i iooer, ii/ajffwMr* ^^ 

Ifr wupf^f^ SfvniM leog/ : C^iton^ 

'.pai»e«inf, pu a booh in beanU 




Caitonnler, sin. pagtebotird-nuiker 
Cartouche, «m. cvtouch, cartridge 
Cm, sm. ccuetfitct, business, esteem 

— fortviit, mere chance 

— pendable, hattgintf m'ltter 

— de conscience, reserved case 

— se, adj. broken, sounding as if broken 
Casankr, sm. one fond of home 

— , i^re, adj. idle, retir&i 
Caaaque, si. greatcoat 
Casaquin, sm. sliort gown 
Cascade, si cascade, waterfhll. cataract 
Case, sf. square in a draught-b'tard, hut 
Casemate, sf. casemate, kind of vault 
Casematd, e, adj. defended by a casenvtte 
Caiemattr, va. to fortify 
Caserne, sf. barrack 

Casserner, vn. to lodge in barracks i 

Casaeux, euse, adj. caseous, resembling \ 
Cassilleux, euse, adj. brittle {chensv 

Casque, sm. helmet, headpiece 
Casi{uette, sf. yuth's cap 
Casade, sf. sham, illusory pretext, flam 
Cassant, e, adj. brittle, apt to break 
Cassation, sf. cassation, act of annulling 
Casse, sf. cassia, printer's case, pen-case 
Casse-cou, sm. breakneck, dangerom- 
Casse-nnisette, sm. nutcracker iplace 
Cas9e-t£te, sm. tomahawk, pu zzling pro- 
blem, d{fficult study, heady wine 
Casser, va. to break, bruise, discharge, 

cashier, dLtmiss, suppress, annul 
— , vn. to grow old, weak, infirm 
se — , vr. to grow faint, crazy, decrepit 
Casserole, .8^. stew-pan, sauce-pan 
Cassette, sf. small strong bor, casket 
Casseur, sm. stout man, lull!/ 
Cassie, sf. cassia, fragrant spice 
Cassier, sm. castia tree 
Cassine, sf. cottage, small country house 
Cassolette, sf. perfuming pan 
Cassonade, sf. moist sugar, brown sugar 
Cassure, sfl broken place, crack 
Cnstagnettes, sf. pi. castanets 
Caste, sf. caste, race, tribe 
Castille, sf. altercation, contention 
Castor, sm. beaver, beaver liat 
Castram^tation, sf. castrametation,the 

practice cf encamping 
Castrat, sm. eunuch 
Castration, sf. castration, emasculation 
Casualit^, sf. casualty, accident 
Casuel, sm. prqfits, perquisites 
— , le, adj. casual, accidental, fortuitous 
Casuellement, adv.casually, accidentally 
Casuiste. sm. casuist 
Catachrese, sf. catachresis 
Catacombes, sf. pi. catacombs 
Catafalque, sm. the erection on which 

the body lies in state 
Catalepsie, sf. catalepsy, sort ofapoplejcy 
Cataleptique, adj. cataleptic 
Catalogue, sm. catalogite, list, roll 
Cataplasme, sm. catailasm, poultice 
Catapulte, sf. catapult, military engine 

far throtving stones 
Cataractef s£ cataract, ujoterfall 
£k6urbc sm. eatarrh, a aM 

Catarrheux, euse, adj. catarrhmu 
Catastrophe, sf. catastrojate,Jinal event 
Cat^hlser, va. to catechise, instnui 
Cat^hisme, sm. catechism 
Cati'chiste. sm. aitechist 
Cat^'humene, sm. catechumen, one uHm 

is vet in the rudiments ofChristieudlf 
Cat^orie, sf. category, class, order 
Cat^riquc, adj. categorical, absolutt 
Cat^oriquemeiit, adv. categorieaUy 
Cathartique, adj. cathartic, purgmee 
Cath^drale, sf. a cathedral IteUlg 

Catholicisme, sm. Catholicism, univet- 
Catholicity, sf. Roman-catholic ehurdk 
Catholicon, sf. universal remedy 
Catholique, adj. catholic, un^ersat 
Cathuliouement, adv. genentUy, \ 


Cati, km. gloss or stiffening in etoM 
Catln, sf. Jbmale of tjod Jhme 
— , sm. foundry basin or reMs/ 
Catir, \'a. to press or put a gloss on oMk 
Catoptrique, sf. catoptrics, thtUpormf 

optics which treats of vision byrfflee' 
Cauchemar, sm. nightmare (_noH 

C^usalit^, 8^ causality, af^ncyeffacmust 
Causatif, ive, adj. causattoe 
Cause, sf. cause, principle, mt^ive, M^ 

ject, ground, interest, suit at law 
k — df, prep. /or the sake of 
k — que, coiij. because 
Causer, va. to cause, occasion, produce 
—, speak, converse, dieoourse 
Causerie, sf. conversation, gossip, dtat 
Causeur, euse, smf. talkative peiion 
Causticity, sf. malignity, censoHouaneie 
Caustique, adj. caustic, pungent, hot 
Cauteleusement, adv. cunning^, slily 
Cauteleux, euse, adj. sly, wily, wary 
Caut^re, sm. cauter//^ buming^iroti 
Cauterisation, sf. cauterization 
Caut(iriser, va. to cauterize, bum 
Caut^rui^, e, a<Ii. cauterized, seared 
Caution, sf. bail, secttrity, pledge 
Cautionnement, sm. the act of Sailing 
Cautionner, va. to bail, be bound fbr 
Cavalcade, sf. cavalcade, proeaiion M 
Clavale, sf. mare [hnraebadk 

Cavaleric, sf. cavalry, horse troope 
Cavalier, sm. cavalier, horseman, partis 

san, knight, gay military man 
Cavalier, iere, adj. gay, brave, haughig 
Cavali^rement, adv. cavalierly, galtatU- 

ly, haughtily, arrogantly [bottkt 
Cave, sf. cellar, vault, case Jbr holding 
— , adj. hollow, excavated, deep, low 
Caveau, sm. small cellar, church vauH 
Cav(>9on, sm. cavesson, noseband, amnffle 
Cax&e, sf. hollow way 
Caver, va. to make hollow 
se — , vr. to put the stake dotvn at play 
Ca\'eme, sf. cavern, den, hollow plaee 
Caverneux, euse, a^j. cavernous 
Cavet, sf. cavetto, round concave motile^ 

ing in architecture 
Caviar, sm. caviare, preparation of the 

roes of certain fish [mente 

CaviUatiou» sf. ca^MaJtion^ fidae argu- 

V, taverh, ^bOvOi pba 

m. an. tlHH, II 



■is*, wluti 


Cffliupiw, vt(oc»n.^i(™t» 

Ul», at hamt 

Cnnirii. If. rcrilarir, a Inin-lrri ^rart 





^hwb.^«( :««! 



«.rtw,;ftm., rem™™ 

HCBtf. (lids 


CuUlc. r, tAi-rsHatH, turr. nitillM 

'«nsJ, /u~»»fv 

CrnuinmHit, ^v. nwift.;^ 

"""Sj^h^' '"* 

CnBOf r. v«. lo M«01^»[f»(. uinin 


UniH, if. cfrnH, uAflaltad 


lUH [orOoUl 

CsTHU. im. frmlii, HUH 

^W, hd. MTBtt*, purl r^tt* 1«« 

>iT.lta, .L tmHuJvilgmau, inullKl 

s,s;S"'™J™*"' """ 



u™, (luii icirAoM nute; 


Cm,,^;^M.,^r^.-"^ *■ 

^OMupA, tmp* B™6 


Cna>.™ita, [Btl^.M.rAM. 

Cbimoiic, iT. Flmcutiii, SjBnM itanci 

Clincun. c, pin. mov «*< «"* 


-,;;»* tlwjtri-nl. «™'. *Wi«( 

ch4iiS.t. ft««- ™««»", ffUwK. 

LUMrtner, .'•. (- wi. Jri™, mHIH 

"»«' _ . . /''^'ft*'/ 

-''E'£i^^^o^ f'"' """"^^ 

ii^ i,JI^!a^^gZ^ ™'''Sim^ "■'' 





c^ „™- 

"S-o^-ssi^*,- ■■ 

" ■" 

i fruit, (*ip uTAvU 



(»S™ ^iiMt SSiiu'''^cto»- m 

» """^B*, If;. 

CtxtliuTciiT lucvli JailJlriM ilinl 



CbUm^IH: 1«>" l™' <(«}>.«Mlv 

toUid u 


Chi n- 

"' „-^1 

.•='V„,-rK ■""" 


"i™ BvlHrt 



«>HT<°J »i>J wrtlmrbc. 

IMT ' 

C uihcU Di chiioVr In 



» ./•»* 

M nHfHa 

OffiaK,^'^ ■ 

'^i-'" ^ tm"""/^ *"*" 

»lcr " ri 

Jutpr f» rlu 

C 1- rt> 

run ra '^id «Mt 




mS" "^l/^"'" 


I call! 

t»Meiit^ BB-jltrahcoiiifaa. 




, expense, loctd, tax, 
matodjt, fijffice, unset: 
, tn attack aarnin, te- 
u & d^ — • toitness for 
len, iofided 
"fUl vfladinp-, car/ro 
txrffe, load., attack, fill 
ter, inbaurer, loader 
tot, u:airt, tvatr^n 
laritable, m*nrctfui 
idv. cha-ritabti/ 
tji, alms, betteficence 
itry must*', tumult 
tttck, mountebank 
ro cheat, arull, cajole 
quackery, tvheedling 
m. system of deception 
. rharminff, dellfrhtful 
I'm, allurement t maffic, 
mimt, hornbeam-tree 
chnrm, enchant, allay 
-ifce of yoke-elm tree* 
carnal, sensual 
adv. carnally, sensually 
, aA'j.fl'fsfiy. corneous 
ham el house, larder 
infrtt, riret 

mrnet}U9, fleshy, jUump 
'.H.oh, skin 
arrion, rarcnfn* 
tiiiiber-tt'orU, tim-'Pr 
^ to work tint' er. Jinrk 
f. cnrpeyitry, timher-work 
ni. cuviifntar 
it, linifn'f/it, rags 
rart luad 

c, Mnf. cor man or tvotnan 
rart, troirfnm 
, vfirrinfct'% cotivt/ance 
ti> rnrri/, hnncr i" (' 'urt 
u b^hncfJ fn'f-icl/u rll 
pr-c. tffcurrj/hiu', cirtas^e 
cart or tvhifl ffri:::'it 
, Mn. carta- r'icJit's uork 
I. to cnrru t'» a cart 
dnufih: tirer li — , to tail 
rire la — dfv tnt ie-< tceuJs, 
rart before the horse 
Jh.irte, sf, charter, prison, 
uti or great chart i^ 
use, viif. Carthusian friar 
nnniterj/, charter house 
i\. ki-epcr ofcharti-ra 
I'.ofa nft'dlc, tveavrfr'fmtnrch 
hrin", from" nf.^i/tctaclea 
Kti'p in dancitiir 
unt, act ofcoor^i'^e, tannic 
ux, foulnir, *h"otin£r 
n. jkjrt of whit I! trrafen 
le, %in. fish cnt , fish-boat 
to hunt, pursue, drive for- 
rn out '. 

i»e, smf. httvtrr, hr/ntre.9.t I 
Verrr^f/ffr-Jf*. /rum orf^e {-ye / 
tse, miij. if/ear-eyeU / 

Ch&ssu, %To. frame, enclosure, sash 
Cha5t«, adj. Ouiste, pure, nmdrst, exact 
Cha-ttetnenc, adv. chattel^, correct^ 
Cha»tet^, sf. chastit//, purity 
Chasuble, sf. c/iasuble, a kind of cope 
Cbasubiier, tin. maker of ecclesiastieai 

Chat, te, smf. cat: ac> eter — en porhe. 
to buy a pig in n jjoke ; \\ ii'y a pu de 
quo! louetter un — , it is a mere ttijie 

— ccbaud^ crainc I'eau fioide, a burnt 
ch ild dreads the fire 

— fouri^, jtettijluifrer, jpaltrff lawyer 

— s, pi. catkins, sort of powers 

ChAtaigne, sf. chestnut [trees 

Chdtaigneraie, sf. c'uster nf chestHUt- 

VhkuSfoieT, sni. chestnut-tree 

Ch&tain, adj. chestnut colour 

Cb&teau, stn. castle, palace, manor- 
house, seat ; I iX\t ou taire dcx — x en 
Espagne, to build castles in the air 

— d'eau, water-house or reservoir 
CbflteUdn, sm. lord of a manor, fmrer- 

nor of a castle [vers frame 

Ch&telet, sm. small castle, ribbon-ueO' 
—8, pi. heaps of turf 
Ch&tellenif, sf. extent of a manor, lord- 
ship of a castle 
Chat-huant, sm. owl, screech-owl 
Ch&tier, va. to chastise, correct 
Chfitiment, sm. chastisement^ 
Chat on, sni. kitten, bezel ofafincrer-ring 
(harouillement, sm. art nj tickling 
CharouillcT, va. to tick'c, tlcnHp,jiatter 
Chatouilleux, cusf, adj. tirkiifh, tnurhy 
Chatoyant, i-, a^'j. Jtj,nrkling, miitttr.e 
('hjitovcr, vn, to radiate, eintrkle \_rui,* 
CI a,Tc, sm. eunuch 
Cl;dtrer, va. to coat rate, emafcu'atf 

— Ifs nnht*, to take i>art of the honey 
from the hire 

— un arlir«", to lap or prune a tree 
ChHtfc'e, sf. t)ie tintod of a cat 
Chatter, vn. to kifttm 

Chaud, sm. hfiat, warmth, jnasion 
— , e, atij. warm, hot, engi-r,fii'rrr, },r.i,ty 
Chaudtinint, adv. warmbi, h'lxtilu 
Chand:6re, sf. cfildron. larre krttle 
Chaudron, sni. snmll kettle, b<,i/fr 

— de pornpe, fjottom-covpr of a jiuoip 
Chaudron n^, sf. kfttlrfol . 
Chaudronncrie, sf. brazifr'f trarc 
Chaudronnier, idrc, smf. brazier, thker 
(';iauifa»;c, ^m. fuel, firewood 
Chauffer, va. to heat, warm 

— , vn. to grow fcarm 

se — , vr. to warm one-elf 

CliRiifferctte, sf. footidore 

Chauffoir, sm. uarming ylace, xranm 

cloth for a nick person, hrutcr 
Chaufour, sn. lime kiln 
Chaufournicr, sm. lime-burner 
Chaumag*'. sm. art ofatfintf sttuhhle 
Chaume, sm. stub'.le, fttubhlefield 
Chaumer, va. to cut stubble, to thatch 
Chaiimidre, sf. thatched house, cottnse. 
Chauss&tit, e, adj. easy to put on, cof»v- 
pii/ing-, easy 


I Chilivemcnl. tiU: ptt'fl^^fOQ'^ 

— &*afllTnit bp-roild 

ChBvalci, am. uW'^n Aftrtff, bri^ ofm 
Cliiw»ll«r, II n. ill ij* ! , (Mfffl- JtKoflrtto 

Chmu-Wpit, m. H[« *««■• » 
cnnvlu, r, iM. iairi/, rmSiib^ 

Chevilure, 4f, hofr, Aflad ^htOr g 

CHrilre, Bn. :Ssttn- 31 

it -X, plait o/hair, ifc— i.irtjl 
— » Mua, froaiv fcfffrf, jTto ho^ - ^ 
Chjrtllf . .E pi», KIT, i&i. MM. »nH| 

— dli piBl, Bflftfe IWM ^V 

Ch.riUw, >a. Id piB, Jl«(m toB* aW 
CBim, >c >Aa^r»u, fin or m3#I 

dune^ire, il. AonRAiiid 

Chtflmlilc, i^ i:\aUSnai, ItiMlr 


"^''-'.Id, us. arpinc, IKc ]<«£t «I sbH 

hbiurd, uAtoi, UTflJbHC 



CliniQjjiiniTj HI. wri&ri^ehfmikltt 


ludc, irf.^rafcMdd™^^ 

^.^l. tai^afa/wUtiatllhalu —tt, fvt-ctcaMtllig,hr<4Jtnr 

rat CKWiW.n.UC(cafrJ».Anila>i,r> 

^m. !«(/««■ imirft.rMJ*. < •• -, vr. » aUn Mr, Iw AoU iifi 

fSaU Rnrt MfiilM . CM, '•^htB<n, fmrtMK, firmmi". 

a TB. la i^ rf^*^ II, fill «bi, c li — re i iitiiwy*«F».- mmi— . 

u, Ay M polnrbrr 


C I M 42 C L A 

Clmentcr, va. to cement, bind, knit, join ', Citarlln, e, vmt. citizen, burgeee 
CMmcterrc, urn. »cimitat, sabre, falchion . Ciution, sf. atation, tummon* 
(Mmetldre, sm. catnetery, churtMyard j Citd« sf. city, town 
Ciiniir, »in. rrt*t, rump of beef ■ Cicer, \'a. to cite, tummon, enjoin, miota 

— lie (x-rff haunch ofventHon Cic^eur, e» Adj. hither, hithemtom 

Cinaltre, bin. cinnabar, vermiiion ! Citerne, sf. cistern, retervokr 

Cindraire, ailj. vinfr^ou*, cineritious < Citeriieau, >ni. email cistern 
V\nK\:ige, sin. nhip'ii citur«efor 24 fiours Cito^en, ne, smf. citizen, freeman 
Cin((lrr, va. to lash, irhip,Jtofr Citnn, t, a :j. citrine, of a lemon cohwt 

—, vn. to M't with a fair u-i'nd : Citrim» sm. citron, lemon 

Cinnamoinr, sui. cinnamon Citroim^,«, adj. hacinfrthe taste qne me n 

Cinq, hdj.jiee Citrunelle, ^t citnm-water, Sm BI^iIm 

Cinq uan tamo, sf. /{ftjf; il a la — , ^ if Cltronnier, sm. lemon-tree 

turn-dji/ti/ . Citrouille, sf. pumpkin, fpourd 

Cimiuanrc, iitj. fiftj/ ' Cive, sf. chives, kind of onions 

C.inquanti6 \\v, nt\j. fiftieth ■ Ci\Tt, sm. stewed hare or rabMt 

Cinquid:nf, aAj. firth ' Civtrrce, smt. civet, civet-cat, perfiuM 

Cmqul^mcmmt, adv.y^A/^ farch Cn'\bn, »f. hand bari-oc 

Cintre, bni. c'ntrf, arch, mould fjr an Citnl, e, adj. civil, well bred, polttieai 
(■intrrrt va. tn build an arch Civilement, adv. civilly, cvurteowlif 

Ciragc, sm. the waxinfr vf any thing, CivWisicion, sf. civilisation 

btackinfffor boots and /ihites , ( iviliser, xtu to civ'lize, polish, aqften 

Circ(>ni|Mt;aiiT, aili. vircump<4ar Cinlit^, sf. civility, courtesy; manquer 

Circonciioi va to circumcLff de — , to have iw manners s falre— tt 

(MrconciK, >ux. nne who is circumcised to receive or entertain one 

Cirv-im.-i^ioi), kt'. t-ircamvision ! Chique, adj. civic, concerning eUU/SHe 

{^\tLhSi\xohgt:, mi. barkinif of cRtga 

Ciri-onfdri'n..v, >f. circumfercnct', circle 

Ciromflcxi', mIj. cirfun(Jl 'x, be'>t 

Cii\*finlocut on, sf. circuniUtcution 

Circ«>nsLTii>t:on, «f. vircunvteription 

Ciivi)n»4.-rirf, va. to circumscribe, limit < C<aie, sf. hurdle, sledge, lattice 

Cuvnnspi>ct, r, adj. circumspect, wary, . Cliur, e, adj. clear, evident, luminous 

diserei't, wi-'^e, cautious, prudent \ — adv. clearly, plainly, manijhetly 
ClrcDiis^tet-tior, uf. Hrcumspection Claire, sf. calcinated ashes 

Clabauder. vn. to bark, bawl 
Clabaudcrif, sf. clamuur, bawling 
Clabaudeur, euse, smf. clamourer 

(Mm)iiscaii(.v, &;. circumstance, event 
ClicunstancU-r, va. to circumntantiate 
CircoDvaliatlon, sf. circumvallntion 
Clrconvcnir, v:i. to circumvent, deceive 
Circonventton, sf. ciicumventinu 

Claireincnt, adv. clearly, distinctly 
Clairet, sni. pale precious stone 
Clairet, te, adj. (vin) claret wine 

Claire-voie, st. Uf^ht rails in a park 
Clairi^re, sf. glade in a wood 
Circonviii»in, o, adj. neiirhlnturinp, adja- ' Clairon, sm. clarion, shrill trumpet 
Circoiivolution, hf.rircumvtdutii/n Icent Clair-seini', e, adj. thinly sown, scarce 
Circuit, sm. riiruit, district, ci/mitoss ' CUirvuyanct', sf. sagacity, acuteness 
Circulairc, uij. rircular, round ! Clair\'oyunt, e, adj. dear- sighted, quidt 

Circulnire.neiir, adv. circularly '. Ciamcur, t-f. clamour, outcry 

CIrculant, c. a Ij. rimdnting '■ C:an, sm. dan, Scttttish or Iri^ tribe 

Circulation, st. chvulntion, currency | Clandestin, e, aclj. clandnstine, secret 
Ciroulir, v.i. fi; clrcnlatt', move round ' Clandtstintmcnr, adv. clandt'stinely 
Circ, sf. was ; clid.-idcUe de — , wax- '■ Clandvstinite, sf. j/rivacy, se c r e cy 
candle Clapt-t, &:n. valve, sucker of a pump 

— k cachctcr ou d'Rsp^trnc, sealing-wax Clapitr, suu amey burmw, warren 

— dcs oreilivs, wax of the ears , Cla)ir, vn. to squeak like a rabbit 
Cirer, \'a. to wax threod or furniture ' se — , vr. to hine oneself in a burrow 
Cirivr, sin. wfix-chnndler Ibruise Claque, sf. slap, blfttv, a woman's dog 
Ciio^iif, sin. cerecloth, plaster for a C\atiuement,sm.claptnngofhands,notse 
Ciron, sm. hand wvrm, small Uister , Claqucinurvr, va. to imprison, immure 
Cirnne, Hin. circus, area fitr sports 
Cirunr, bf. pre/tamtinn of wax for 

; Claqucr, vn. tu snap, chatter, applawi 
boots Claquct ou Ciiquet, stn. clapper i^a mill 
I C arificati«)n, sf. clarification 

or shoes, [niste blacking I C arificati«)n, sf. rlarifio 

Ciiailler, va. to dip, shear, cut short Clar.fier, \a. to clarify, purify, brigtiten 
Cisalllcs, sf. shears, clippings , se — , vr. tu grow dear 

dialpin, c, adj. on this side of the Alps \ Clarinctte, sf. clarionet or clarion 
Ciseau, sin. chisel, graver; — x, scissors Clartd, sf. deamees, light, splendour 
Ciselcr, va. t) cha^e, eiu*>oss, cnrve \ Classe, sf. doM, rank, crder, species, sort 

Clielet, sm. sm ill graver i Clas it, va. to class, set in its place 

Ciaeleur, sm. chaser \ Cla«si(|iie, adj. dnsiir, dassicm 

Ciaelure, »f. chasnd or carved work, act ■ Claudication, st. lamenfts, act of limping 

ofchtuing, carving, or sculpturing , Clause, sf. clause, condition, term, head 
Citadellc^ st. citadel, fartreea \ Claustral, e, adj. dawAral, monastieai 




i 0fm elimt 

n^ sC. MAr MM «mI; 
to wMk^ Mtak, itpMfcfe 

dimate, dime, region 
le, adj. climacteric 
^lenche. sf. the latch of a door 
tm. twinkling of an eye 
f. hardware 
Ij. clinic, clinical 
sm. fin<e/> faUe glitter 
mty, faction, ctUMi, league 
n. to elackt dank, dang 
Tu the clattering of arms 
nail hurdle, bandage, splint 
j. covered with wicker-work 
sink, common sewer 
•jfpermm or place 
teU, blister, stew-pan 
\, mu act of halting, limping 
, adv. on one foot 
u steeple, bdfry 
rer with a glass beU 
mp, hobble 

t hand bell, beH/lowrr 
partition, division Iworh 
i ouCUAatmnge, am. partition- 
doitier, convent, monastery 
, to immure in a convent 
uit, adv. hobbling along 
1. to halt, hobble along 
%. wood-louse 

me, va. to done, shut, sur- 
teompftss, finish, conclude 
tee, shut 
9se, small field 
Utsed, dose, shut 
, ago. ducking of hens 
toefMclr ^ 

Iff, eonettSMon 

— drSBttCMd^toLltai 

Gl0«Mr, VS. to fiMll, 

Chmticr, xs^ to ' 



OoMtif, if«b mU> 
Ooadjntnnr* am. 
Ooadjutrieev af« r 

CSoaUdosa A 


GoMt Ml OdMc, an. «Mf^ • totoiTif 
Oocagnc^ ft, tmmM wmi mt^t payada 

jBDte of iUra, wMfe 

CooMp, aiilj. «Mhf, cMrfMi; rflwrnliMr 

— d'can, in 

—, tf. notdt,oMsew, fkt i 
Cochenill«, tf. cochineal 
Cochpr, sm. coachman 
Cochl^aria, sm. tcurvy-grass 

Ci choD, sm. hog. pip, basefidlow 
Cochonti^, tf. litter of pigs 
Cochonner, vn. tofiarow 
Cochonnerie, tf.ftithiness, nastiness 
Coco, sm. cocoa-nut 
Cocon, sm. cod </ a silk-worm 
Cocotier, sm. cocoa-tree 
Coction, sf. eoction, digestion 
Corle, sm. rodr, cdlection of laws 
Codicillc, sm. codicil, additum to a will 
Coemption, sf. coemption, monopoly 
Coerdhle, adj. corrcible, that may be re- 
Coercicif, ivv, adj. coercive [strained 
CoercitioD, sf. coercion, cheek, restraint 
Co^ernel, \e, adj. coetemal 
Cfleur, sm. heart, courage, spirit, ejec- 
tion, generosity, mind, soul, centre : 
soulevemcTit de — , ritingofthe stom- 
adi ; mnn — , dear heart ; aA)ir au 
— , to be sick ; dire par — , fo say with- 
out a book / parler k — cuvcrt, to un- 
bosom onesdfi il a le — au meUer, 
he loves his f/ustness s de cralt^ de --, 
UHintonly; de bon — , readily, heartily 

— decbemin^, back plate of a chimney 

— aux cartes, hettrts in cards 

— de I'hiver, the depth of winter 

— tf^nixeux, noble person 

— bn», mean person 
Coexistence, «f. cuesistence 
Coexister, vn. to coexist 

Coffre, son. eqff'er, dtest, trwtkt ca^ei 

— fort, strong boM, inn tiuiti 

— du it4, Moleffiier or trtOMry 

"y*™, Id. mlU^btm 
CfitHidi^ uu fiwH* ai 

CoflDBc, iL AflfcH0f t An 
OvDEi. n. hi ilHi* In, Ihniil In 

to Aiirt Biiff«e(^aff4(uf a i 

i^kniahtr, Oog-eolfar, bow off 'P*tr 
— de mlrtiT, pal'ifrtl laak or mvafrriHtm 

QlUaqut, mu ctiilnfiun, diaiofittf 

Coljte, mdj. dif JU, quM 
CoIOf mt CdeiK', iC hood, i 

Cttn'ddnan, it. ^iiHlitoBci 
Ccic, in. 'enidrHi, ooputollM 

CoUiec'iIii. (UUauw, nmsAJCHHlra 

(iiiil«i«nl, I, lai. roiioUrai, not iiitta 

aula, S BoWt, gJm. »(!! .- iham, fib, 

— X 4' INAwin. dJpjriuf 

CdM, *, ndj. jft^iHalHl, llMif 

CtOJEiR, iK man', unMnteir i/Aif 
CnIlMJr, (>T, ULj. mlhcfln, nmiiiu'x- 
lent, adv. oiltettoetj/ 

— , d'un lit, Mjiiiit < 

Oalovbtfw,aC«Mnph«iy,nufi(t«Aiifc -i 
ITDlniiiliiti, >r. DiInnmMa, ta»rB|dM 
Cnlmnl, r, ndj- rsLurhv [^ 

ft™ AnV, llmifar to u&al d 


Iiicnm. aJlengui;, poFlnerin iffise , I 


<N»ipk3iuD^ tt, vat onm^tiniml 
SiiiUn, VD. Id dEaH, iumiv 

OonglidBBnBii. ■dv, auij^ainni^ 

Cam |>i£rnvDC. tm-isompitnwMl./ua nun- 

■.miiliMlii. tnlirs!) 

ComiitrnlDn) il.ratiijireBtion,prtt*vr 
t:am^, e, pur, iHcfnrfmir, tac^nite 

U» aTlm, «■ itf-nnkHillV^H 

K -, vr. Ic ii ilu»i«w»^««aiKtabrf ■ 

de -. »d.. cmjalMIt, hr nrw.wr 4ld 

K:ff,':n-r;K:,n u, 



ConctvOr, va. In rwieaiM, tiTcomi jm/c 

Conchj-m ij; rt. pclr^pfoi MeJH 

CondifR., .mi: H-f/^r «f o paines 




«i a Mill « (*g(ig|a*iw 

buub to 6» o (wod .MBomtn 
It Mhm.Jfnd on»» «"<» 

Hhi, It Binflilaraci/,1* 

>dA«-, n, 00 fscrutf, ^3*^1 Wfirifii 
Htflpifiiibti. if- Bt/^fmSo^Jbtm 

■ ^, vr- fo BH^/nifl wtmetji 

raw, .^1» HwJl™, nriA. *«(» 
n, rf; act iv'pKWK^fcl^Wr* 

!, n, idj. mni^nill/^, Kan 


Omtn, n t^- cimimuiu.Jli, initio^ 

CODhiilc. tdj-'nuili;, conical Xfif^" 
Coulmiutfi B» nd^ DBif/aimn'f dwGt/W 
OonlBcEanlnnAI, ulv- aaU'^BliinJty 

^Suln^ n. la i^v^mu bwKhr 

ConJDac^, ifl cgn^iuinDn, unlin 
Cdniu«iib]«p uLi. (ha( nqjf bff AHi/i^aM 

— «■ pL ffl/rvodcfi prowfi JfiffeUanDfii 
Coqlor^, Bik nm^plrdrar, ptolier 


tL muHjIfv, It 



il,^ill-«« n i(il ii i l » i . jOniibiteaiiillM^K AwMaiiHaMi!, 




'«r^" "*^ 

dn BLfiUaii, la tvmnui »■■ « 

S.vili«>.iSuMto, *30. 

— hIW.MkWV 

— MU nUdr, M^nM r»«1 
Oimtraalitiiin Mb, «A mMwM>r 
CngBinpliBMi. it nilirni^hnM [WM 

~, r, tili, cmltmUil' (WtMiNiv 





rontrxturp, sf. eontexturtt structure 
C'Hitlgu. (i, adj. ctmtiguoua, tuljoining 
Coiitigmt^, sf. contifn*itp, actual contact 
Cuntinence, sf. continencjft vhastitti^ ab- 

stemiotunesit, temperance 
Continent, sm. continent^ mainland 
— , e, adj. continent, chaatu, tempfrnte 
CondnKence, sf. contingency, cnnuntty 
Contingent, sm.coti tin f^nt, chance, pro- 
portion, qttota, share, part 
— , e, ailj. contingent, acridtnital, casual 
Conlinti, sm. uninterrupted matter 

— e, ailj. continual, incessant, close 
ContinuAteiir, sm. continuator 
Continuatiiin, sf. continuation 
Continue, sf. amtinuanre ; kla, — , adv. 

in timf, in process of time 
Continue], )e, adj. amtinunl, constant 
Contlnuellement, adv. continual!}/ 
ContinOinent, adv. without intermission 
Continuer, va. to continue, pri'CKcd, go 

on, prolong, lengthen, vurmte 
— , vn. to last, persevere, noM out 
Continuite, sf. continuance, duration 
Contondant, e, adj. bruising, thumjdng 
Ci>ntor>ion, sf. contortion, twist, strain 
C<)ntm:r, sm. contour, outline 
I'ontourner, va. to <1raw an outline 
C'.intrai'tant, sm. contractor 
— , e, adj. contracting, bargaining 
Coiitracter, va. to contract, treat with, 

stipulate, bargain, shorten, condense 

— une alliance, tojbrm an alliance 

— dcs dettt's, to run into debt 

le — • vr. to shrink up, becimte strait 
Cnntrartif, ive, adj. contracting, bind- 
Contractile, adj. contractile [ing 

ContThction, 9f.contractio't,abhreciation 
Conrractuel, le, adj. stipulated 
Contradictvur, sm. of/jector, opposer 
Contradiction, af. contradiction, opposi- 
Contradictoire, adj. amtradictory \tion 
Contradictnirement, adv. contradictorily 
ContraiKnable, acij. constrainable 
Contraindrp, va. to constrain, compel, 

fbrcit, prejts, squeeze, pinch, tiglhten 
le — , vr. to refrain, restrain oneself 
Contraint, e, adj. constrained, /ured 
ContrHitite, sf. constraint, force, vtolence 

— de corps, writ to arrest a person 
Central re, sm. contrary 

— , adj. contrary, opposite, repugnant 
au — , adv. on the contrary 
Contraircment, adv. contrarily, against 
Contrariant, e, aifj. vexatious, tiresome 
Contrarler, va. to cross, thwart 
Contrariete, sf. cttntrariety, opposition 
— 8, pi. difficulties, crosses, obstacles 
Contraste, sm. contrast, opposition 
Contrastcr, \'a. to make a contrast 
— ,■ vn. to contrast 
Contrat, Mn. contract, convention, deed 

— de donation, deed »fftift 

— de marlaff»t marriage settlement 
Contravention, st contravention 
Centre, sm. opposite side 

— > flnep. t^foinst, near, bff, in spite of 
—f (tout, J adv. Aard b^, cio»e by 

Centre all^ sf. counter-aUeyg M§ - w m ' k 
Contre-amiral, tm. rear-admiral 
Contre-balanccr, va. to counterbtUmet 
Contrebande, n. eontn^band goode 
Centrebandier, l^re, smf. smrnggltT 
Contre-bai, adv. dotanward$ 
Contre-basse, sf. eounter^Mue 
Contrecarrer, va. to thwart, nnt eotmttr 
Ceutre-coeur, sm. back of a chimney 
k — • adv. unwillingly, reluetantly 
Centre-coup, sm. rmoundt eounteridem 
Contre-d&nsc, sf. country dance 
Contredire, va. to contradict, deny 
se — , \T. to shift, contradict onesiftf 
Contredisant, e, adj. contradicting 
Contrcdit, sm. answer, con tt o versy 
Contr^, sf. country, region, climate 
Contre-enquftte, sf. counter-nmuest 
Contre-<^preuve, sf. counterprottf 
Contre-epreuver, va. to eounterprwc 
Centre-^-hange, sm. counterchanm 
Contrefapon, sf. counterfsit, JbUlJIcatim 
Contrefacteur, sm. counterfiiter 
Contrefaction, sf. making spurimu booftt 
Contrefalre, v%. to counterfeit, indtate 
— i'in8en!>4^, to play thejbol 
se — , vr. to fsign, dissemble 
Contrefaiseur, sm. counterfeiter^ udmk 
Contrefait,e, HA].counterfated,d^fbrmci 
Cnntre-fort, sm. prop, arch, buttress 
Contre-»(anie, af. cunterguard 
Contre-jiiur, sm. counter or false light 
— , ik) adv. in a false light 
Contre-lettre, sf. counter-deed 
Contre-maltre, sm. boatswain, mate 
Contre-mandement, sm. eountermat d 
Contremander, va. to countermand 
Contre-marche, sf. countermart^ 
Contre-marde, %L springtide, neajhtHe 
Contre-marqae, sf. countermark, cheek 
Contre-marquer, va. to check, counter- 
Contrc-mine, bf. countermine [mark 
Contre-miner, va. to countermine 
Contre-mineur, sm. counterminer 
Contre-mont, adv. up the river, up-hill 
Contre-mur, sm. countermure, prOghfcaU 
Coiitre-ordre, sm. counter-order 
Contre-partie, sf. counterpart in mu^ 
Contre-peser, vtu to counterpoise 
Contre-pied, sm. contrary sense, reverse 
Contre-poida, tm. counterpoise 
Contre-poil,sm. what is against the grain 
— , (k,) adv. in a wrong sense or way 
Contre-point, bm. counterpoint in music 
Centre-pointer, va, to run counter, con- 
tradict, thwart, guilt on both sides 
Centre -poison, sm. counterpoison 
Centre-inrte, sf. double-door 
Centre r^nlutien, sf. counter-revolution 
Ci)ntrc-r^V(ilutionnhire, sm. one opposed 

to revolution, counter-revolutionist 
Centre-rdvolutionner, va. to oppose revo- 
lution or favour a counter revolution 
Contre-sangfon, sm. girth-leather 
Contrescar|)e, sf. counterscarp 
Contre-scel. sm. counterseal 
Centre-aoeller, va. to counterseal 
Contre-fldng, «m. countersign, frank 

■•Antv Mh or ooiAinw 



idv. HTmnffA/U/^ 


- — '■jMj'.JWiMrTiEilg 
Coniuldi, Id). aHMfc £5«N> 

Cmhuru t, c mt «;sr» 

rl, iHKi»M'> ■•»<)>« C<^, v«. « j 



wi, luihirn^^iMji 



CUHdudiaii, •mrMaXaHlar ■ MmJIi 
^^fi" " ■■ ' - ^ - - ■ 

— lie G4mui«j ooBeAniBn^ .Awf -bu'^ 
CaqoUUD, lis. ehOkHihi i/nkWll 
Coquln, c, our. FMH.knaH, pmaHUa 

Cor, nn. rranrtlSn?sMi dh Uijtiil 
Ctiril], nn, ami, •MUtafBarlm palnH 

cWbevi, fin. erom, ffltvn, permm wA 

Corde, it (HRl, nf>i Oh, «r«v" hi 

maAi pilnf oTfJW owilni 

" — ias,mtoii[,jW(fflr - ■ 


Conlerlei if. nowivptfj rttvrw 

- di muninc, plfnM of a nnMrf 


— f iHMi fnuh ortaa 

mw DHgrrlK, im. «rBfaiirlJ|r*»JI|iil] 

— d'Biwnduuf^ ham efptmag 
CunaUle, i* im*. Smo* 

I", IwMHm. 

Cf^ur, im. «iff urA« Ud 


1, qitali^, ttr^ntri^ vlfnTr j 
( mnicol fiOiMi i tliDIv ii 

,- CemBc, J.ima, ilBap of mar, aaier 
pL RluAn oinibx 

CcnmigUlt, im. a dlluH i^lM »»^d 
— d* bdi, (u/fj app Ufa t— 




Cotonnine, b'. coarse calico 

CAtoyer, va. to go side by side, go along, 

coast along, keep cfose to the shore 
Cotret, sm. smaU sticks Jbr firewood 
Cotte, sf. petticoat 

— d'armcs, coat of arms 

— de mailles* coat of mail 
Co-tuteur, sm. joint- gtiardtan 
Cou, sin. neckf narrow pass, crag 
Couard, stn. coward, daktard, poltroon 
Couanlise, sf. cowardice, dastard 
Couchant, sm. the west ; soleil — , the 

settinff sun ; un chien — , setter 
— ,e, adj. squatting, lying down, setting 
Couc'he, bf. bed, bedstead, marriage, 

child bed, hot-bed in gardens.stratum 
Couch di', St: traveller's inn^ lodging 
— , sm. bed-time, bai, bedding 
Coucher, va. to put to bed, stake money, 

lay the com, insert a clause in a writ- 

— par ^'rit, to mark down [ing 

— en joue, to aim at, keep an eye on one 
— , VII. to lie down, rest, lean, stoop 

— au cabaret, to sleep at an inn 

— k la belle ecoile, to sleep in the fields 

— en ville, to sleep abroad 

se — , vr. to go to bed, to lie down, to set 
Couchette, sr. couch, smalt bed 
Coucneur, euse, smf. bed-felUno; mau- 

vais — , a troublesome bedfiilluw 
Couchis, sni. Itiyer, stratum 
Couci-couci, adv. so so, indifferently 
Coucou, sm. cuckoo 
Coude, sm. elbow, angle, winding 
Coudde, sf. cubit; avoir ses — s Tranches, 
to have elbow-room, have free liberty 
Coude-pied, sm. instep 
Couder, va. to bend in form of an elbow 
Coudoyer, va. to elbow, push 
Coudraie, sf. grove ofhazel-trcs, copse 
Coudre, va. to sew, stitch 
Coudrette, sf. hazel wood [filbert tree 
Coudiier ou Coudre, sm. nut, hazel, or 
Couenne, sf. sward or rind of bacon 
Couenneux, euse, adj. sward-like 
Coulage, sm. leakage, loss, diminution 
Coulaiumenr, tmW. fluently, freely 
Coulant, sm. diamond necklace, ulider 
— , e,aA}. fluent, fee, ready, smooth 
Cou 16, sm. slur in music, slide in dancing 
Coul^, sf. running-hand writing 
Coulement, sm. flow, flux, sliding 
Couler, va. to strain, purify, melt, pass 
— , ^Ti. to flow, rttn, go away, escape 
»e — , vr. to steal away, ruin oneself 
Couleur, sf. colour, tint, hue, paint, dye, 

complexion, ct'louring, suit at cards 
Couleuvre, sf. snake or aMer 
Couleuvr^ ou Urioine, sf. bryony, jalap 
Coulevrine, sf. culver in, drake 
Couiis, sm. cuUis, gravy, jelly; vent — , 

wind coming through a chink 
Coulitse, sf. groove, scene, side-wing 
Couloir, e, smf. colander, strainer, pos- 
tage, lobby, receiver put under a press 
Coulpe> sf. sin, fault, trespass 

f^t* "^ '**'*' **'^ ** phyaie \mau\d 
VOttiure, sf, running qf metat fnm a 

Coup, sm. blow, accident f act, time,t 
stripe, event, tridc, aim / ua — » « 
deux —I, twice; trois — «, thHee; doa- 

ner un — de pied, to kick; idkr 9MX 
— >, to fight : Doire un grand ou petlt—> 
to drink a large or smatl dbrenufktg 
tout k —» all on a sudden; aptm— ^ 
too late; a tons — s, at evwy turn 

— de feu ou de fusil, shot, gunahot 

— de dent, biting, nip 

— d'ongle, scratch 

— de plume, dash of a pen 

— de sifflet, whistle, whistling 

— de filet, haul, casting of the net 

— d'oril, glance 

— d'^ut, stroke of policy in state qffiHn 

— de vent, squall, f^ust of wind 

— fourrd, setTCt injury 

— de grft 'e,finishing-hlow 

— de bee ou de langue, eibe, Zander 

— de sang, apoplectic fit 

— d'^tounli, rash attempt 

— d'ami, friendly turn 

— de bonneur, lucky hit or chance 

— de malheur, misfortune 
Coupable, adj. culpable, fliuUy 
Coupanc, e, adj. cutting, carmnfr 
Coupe, sf. ait, cup, cupola, doth-iheat- 

ing. prqfile or section in areMteeture 
Coupe, sm. step in dancing, front eum- 

partment of a French diligence 
— , c, adj. short, concise, brtef, deee 
Coupelle, sf. an instrument used in pth 

rifyitig gold or silver, a test 
Couper, v^. to cut, cut (ff or out, pare, 

prune, chop, cut up, mutilate 

— un bois, to/bll or cut down wood 

— la bourse, to rob 

— un bias, to amputate an arm 

— un habit, to cut out a coat 

— les cartes, to cut at cards 

— la viande, to carve the meat 

— les bleds, to reap the com 

— les vivres d'une arm^, to starve an 

— chemin, to stop the way C'tTnyf 

— court, to be short, cut short 

— du vin, to brew or mix wine 

— la racine, to root out 

— la lame, to divide the waves 

— I'ennemi, to thwart an enemy's course 

— la parole, to interrupt one \j>elf 
se — , \T. to cut oneself, contradict one^ 
Couperet, sm. chopping-knife, (leaver 
Couperose, sf. copperas J[pimples 
Couperosd, e, adj. red, ruddy, full qfred 
Coupc-tfite, sm. leapfrog 

Cou]«ur, i^e, smf. one who gathers grapes 

— de bourse, cut-purse, ptck-pock^ 
Ciiupis, sm. Indian calico 
Couple, sf. cituple, pair, brace, yoke 

— smf. husband and wife 

— bien assort!, two persons tvell matched 
Coupler, va. to couple [satire 
Couplet, sm. couplet, stanza, lampoon, 

I Coupleter, va. to lampoon in verse 
I Coupoir, sm. toolfyr cutting metals 
Coupo\e» kf. cupola, donte 
\ Coupon I tm. dividend » remnant* «KT«4k 

MM, fBllU, iDalMrHd nqMOy 

1 niTTflr, tfcf ^criFtgbig Caucus, t, 

aaptnItiiai/lirprttrrritKa a!aru^~i!,'e«!iri^~cjriiiiy 
_ rTdafKr> racv, TuniMer , C'abiln, f<, unT. atutin,Jflnit 

idl, £ caenJM < CouidDil, im. tBf, ^Slcd Jomachc 

, to ridrfuit gallop ' C'ciOi, iin. w*. pricr, cJrargp, eajierfte 


'.oaxiKt aa, coulter, fitOvrhtSerg 

iw, wnrow, po«6"tf ICuoHin 
tlb IxemtrS, tan \ l^miuil 

™ri(on,ioumw, kjiiw* 

CVhuot, vb. ro ffr»tr, RuratTraM, — „ , — , 

^■juarte, if. Hai, iMrltf, bun CnuiH. m. nvgiNi, UHlUlWfgt 

Gnfuiiir, Rut, naC tiBiiir.iMrpMrir ! Cmi, m. iMtw, ki4i, eHib 


Miii>a>ittrii>t,'Ml!^, iiiivWHn.ifi 

GnwoiHr, ^ TLyri fcap> tn ek,^ tf9, 9 

' Cnnt?n.'ilTD. tg tunf, htK^W 
I jH— ,1T.(aM^■Bawtf(w«n•■lIl•itf■ 
[ iNfr, drtnMnjr. uwibiv, erjWMw 

Crimllltt, VL Id hiiul. i«M, atlilf, 'fu^ 


L, «hD tarn knii^i^nM 

if. crriittiHittiium 

'imilliui Bim I 





Crudfiement, tm. crucifixion ' 

Crucifierf va. to crucify, tuiil to the cross 
Crucifix, sm. crucifix [/'"-*' 

Crudit^, sf. crudity, rawness, ittmgns- 
Crue, st growth, increase, product \ 
Cruel, le, a<li. cruvl, barbarous, inhu- 
man, hardhearted, merciless, bloody 
Cruelletnent, adv. cruelly, barbarously i 
Crument, adv. bluntlv, coarsely \ 

Crunl, e, adj. crural, belonging to the 
Cnutsici, e, adj. crustat'eoiu [leg . 

—t, sm. pL Crustacea, shell fijth 
Crypt?, u. crypt, cave, burying-trault 
CrystaL S^e Cristal 
Cuhage, sm. act of measuring Sitlids 
Cube, sm. cube, square, solid body 
Cuber, va. to measure solids 
Cubique, adj. cubicil, cubic [ti cubit ' 
Cubital, e, a<lj. containing the length qf< 
Cueillette, sf. c<tlleirtion, gatfiering \ 

Cueillir, va. to gather, crop, collect, pull 

— une manoeuvre, to coil a rope 
Cueilloir, ixw. frwt-basket 

CuUler ou CuiUere, st°. spoon \ 

— k ragoQt, gravy-spoon i 

— a th6, tea-spoon [vider , 

— k soupe, table-spoon, soup-iacUe, di- 
Cuiller^, sf. spoonful, ladleful 

Cuir, sm. leather, hide, skin 
Cuirjisse, sf. cuirass, coat of mail 
Cuirasse, e, adj. armed with a cuirass 
Cuirasser, va. to arm with a cuirass 
Cuirassier, sm. cuiras^iicr 
Cuire, va. to cook, druss, roast, bi^il, 
stew, fry, Itoil, digest, ripen 

— au four, to bake 

— des brisques, to bum brick 

— de la chaux, to bum lime 

— , vn. to smart, bum [ing 

Cuisant, e, adj. sharp, painful, anUct- 
Cuisine, sf. kitchen, cookery : chet do — , 

head-cook; fille de — , kitchen maid; 

falre la — , to cook ; batterie de — , tlie 

whole utensils of a kitchen 
Cuisiner, va. to cook, dress victuals 
Cuisinier, e, smf. cook 
Cuisiiii^re, sf. tin oven for roasting meat 
Cuissard, sm. armour fur the thighs 
Cuisse, sf. leg, thigh 

— de volaiUe, leg of a Jbwt 

— de boeuf ou trumeau, leg of beef 
Cuisson, sf. act of cooking victuals 
Cuisaot, sm. haunch ofvinison 
Cuistre, sm. servant in a college, ill bred 

collegian; — fieS^, downright pedant 
Cuit,e, adi. baked, roasted, ooUtxl; trop 

— , overdone ; pas assez — , underdotie 
Cuite. sf. the baking or burning of brick 
Cuivre, sm. coppur 

— jaune ou laiton, brass 
Cuivr^, e, adj. copper-coloured 

Cul, tm. breech, outtock, hinder part qf 
any thing; 6tre k — , to be at a loss ; 

. arrdter qutlqu'un sur — , U> interrupt 
one; mettre un toniieau sur — , to set 
a eask on end ; mettre un charrecte 
k -^ to raise the thafte of a cart 

Cul blanc, white-tail or fiiBowfinth 

— jaune, Caysnne woodpecker 

— de lampe, tail-piece, typograjMad 

— de jaite, a cripple [(i^mameai 

— de plomb, a settentary man 

— de sac, street tlMt has no thorougl^fkrt 

— de basse-fosse, dungenn 
Culasse, s£ the breech of a gun 
Culbute, sf. somtrset, overthrow, fbB, 

tumble, dishonour, disgrace 
Culbuter, va. to throw down, deatrof, 

overthrow, tumble, undo, ruin 
Cul^, sf^ butment, support o/an ardk 
Culminant, e, aij. culminating 
('ulminer, vn. to cross the meridian 
Culot, sm. pin-ba-^et, novice, ne^Htyrt 

cup or caiixofaflower, yowtgutdtati 
Culotte, sf. breeches, small dfMiea 

— de pigeon, back part of a pigeon 

— de boFUf, rump of beef 

Culocter, va. to breech, put in breedtm 
Cullotier, sm. fireeches-m/iker 
Culpability, sf. culpafHlity, criminalitjf 
i.'uhe,in:L worship, die itie service [htrt 
Cultivable, adj. cultivable, capable ofciA- 
Cultivateur, sm. hu^tundman, titter 
Cultiver, va. to cultivtite, improve, tiU 
Culture, sf. culture, tillage, husbandry 
C-umulatif, ive, KiXycum'ulatiee 
Cumulativenicnt, adv. cumulatively 
Cumuler va. to accumulate, heap up 
Cun^iforme, aij. cuneiform, cuneated 
Cupide, a !j. covetous, greedy, insatiable 
Cupidity, st.cupidity, avarice, greedHneet 
Curable, adj. curabl-;, remediable 
Cuia9oa, sm. lu/uor made from oranges 
Cura/je, sm. cleansing 
Curat^le, sf. guardianship, trusteeship 
Curattfur, trice, adj. curator, gtiardian 
Curatif, ive, adj. curative, sanative 
Curation, sf. cure, act of healing 
Cure, sf. cure, remedy, restorative, net 
of curing, benefice, parsonage, living 
Curd, sm. curate, pastor 

— de campagne, country curate or viear 
Cure-dent, sm. tooth-pick 

CuT^e, sf. hound's fee, h'lwT^s reward 
CureK)reille, sm. ear-picker 
Curer, va. to cleanse, purify, pick 
se — , vr. to pick one s teeth or ears 
Curial, e, adj. relating to a parson 
Curie, sL ward, diciswn 
Curieusement, adv. curiously 
Curieux, sm. virtuoso, connoisseur 
—, se, adj. curious, rare, exquisite 
(^iriositd, sf. curiosity, inquisitiveness 
Cursive, adj. current, running 

— toiture, current or running hand 
Curule, adj. curule, itelonging to a chOr 

riot, senatorial, mag:sterim 
Curures, si pi. cleansings of a well or 
Curvilicne, adj. curvilineal [sink 

Curvit6, sf. curvity, crookedness \case 
Custode, sf. curtain, pix cover, pistol- 
Custodi-nos, sm. one who holds a living 
Cutan^, adj. cutaneous fin truit 

Cuticule, sf. cuticle, thin skin 
I CuXtcr, tm. cutter, <man vessel 




igi^ti/fTV Kith the firtfttra 


ytM'IruIr! ctKiKt—Otmii^,,!, 

■ d«i>dt. kUvM uvnuitEt 

___ SVS 

DudB-jBO. **^*f »iia>4 (itimcA i 

Ilam.>iKlle, ft. dbniid J 

Ihudln. nil. »dtt, Binw, (WAMI 

DiiidtoBHnr, (D. MI V nwaiFA* 

tmpj 'Afp, Mp, n«rt,Jte/f-aiii 

fM* — prafondtur, arffa or kj J*rt 

~ ttir^neli/ hat ,- ■nDiub' — «[/; b ba 
faSj^fVi vidr — Wn, an« <ubr 

D4l4cii^, UBMartufeteartpgatiatign 



MtamuHT vL wefHbflFTsj^ or 

DtaXKt. tt.ictmiy.fe.'btaBa 
Dttlt, nn. Mle. (nuTk, •icUrrrji. u: 

Diblii, im. ilMaiisf, act tifclearbir ' 

/t peraou, vii-c tent ta tplcpn 
WbU»)uer, v^ to raise u */.**a* 

Oflnrdri, v>. to Ukc ad'tluilurm 




.AS^ BBi, ^ 0^ W I 




: ^ten rqiw' vfiffv 

inlaltoa, pouring "^ 
:/tnt, pour qfffentli, 

D&xnni, •, tij. ttBM/ii, era/it, JUh 


!* (flf rtejfcift, n> 

B. ArcHfldfiflAfra'i 

■, adj. dteennii^ Ttiviti 

Wmcni, adv. deeulsdiir, ]»ai|iiit^ 





Didder, va. to decide, resolve, determine 
^-,yn. to order, dispose of, be positive 
se — , vr. to come to a resolution 
D^ddeur» sm. one wfio decides or settles 

matters in a jteremptory manner 
D^.'iyrauime, sin. the tenth part of a 

gramme, a French measure ofweipht 
Deciller ou D(.itviller,va. toopen oue'seues 
Dd'cilitre, am. the tenth part of a litre, a 

French measure ofcnpacitu ^tithes 
Ddcimable, adj. tithable, liable to pay 
D^mal, e, adj. decimal, numbered by 
D^hnateur, ^in. collector of tithes [tens 
Dikiinatinii, sf. decimation 
D(knme, sf. tithe, the tenth part 
— , sm. the tenth part of a franc 
Ddcimer, va. to decimate, take tiie tenth 
D^mes, sf. pi. the tenths 
D^in^ire, sm. the tenth part of a metre, 

a French linetd measure 
D^ntrer, va. to remove the wooden 

framework upon which an arch is 
D^rer, va. to free fjnmx tvax \built 
Dddsif, \\Q, aflj. d'TiHoc, clear, positive 
Decision, sf. decitdon, determination 
I^thHsivement, ad\'. decisively, positively 
Decisoire, adj. decisive, terminating 
Decistdre, sm. the tenth part of a stere, 

the French measure of solidity 
D^lamateur, sm. declaimer, orator 
D^Iamation, sf. declamation, harangue 
D^lamatoire, adj. declamatory 
Ddclamcr, va. to declaim, rhctoricate 
D^laratif, ive, adj. declarative 
Declaration, sf. declaration, ordinance 
D^laratoire, adj. declaratory, expressire 
D^larer, va. to declare, fhow, proclaim 
le — , vr. to declare oneself 
D^lasscr, va. to take away from a doss 
D^lin, sm. decline, decay 
D^linablc, a/ij. declinable 
D^linaison, sf. declension, declination 
D^linant, e, adj. declining, decaying; 

cadran — , dial not facing a cardinal 
D^liner, va. to decline a verb [point 
— , vn. to decline, decay, ebb, shun 
D^li\itd, sf. declivity, slope 
D^clouer, va. to draw out nails 
D^tiochemcnt, sm. shoftting an arrow 
Ddcocher, vb. to shoot an arrow 
Decoction, sf. decoction, act of boiling 
D^iffer, va. to put the hair in disorder 

— une iKiuteille, to uncork a bottle 
Decollation, sf. act of beheading 
DecoUer, vvl. to behead, separate, unglue 

— une bille, to disengage a ball at bil- 
K — , vr. to be unglaed [Hards 
Ddcullete, 0, part, having the breast bare 
Decolletrr, va. to uncover the breast 
Decolor^, e, adj. tarnished, discoloured 
D^colorcr, va. to discolour, tarnish, fade 
Decombrer, va. to clear from rubbish 
Deoombrer, sm. rubbish, ruins, refuse 
Ddoommaiider, va. to stop, contradict, or 

repeal an order, countermand 
IMcompoMr, va. to dissolve, analyze, de- 
fampouMl, separate, disunite, unmi* 
iMeotaposltkm, «£ decompotUion 

D^compte, sm. discount, abatement 
Decompter, viu to discount, deduct, ab . 
DecoDcerier, va. to disconcert, eunfi^mi 
se — , vr. to be abashed, dismayed 
D^confire, va. to discomfit, vanquish 
Deconfiture, sf. discfintftture, dqfeat 
Ddconseiller, va. to dissuade 
Deconsiderer, va. to account UforMeet, 

have no regard^ one 
DecoDStruire, va. to dismember 
D(kx>ntenai)cer, va. to put tnit of tma^ 

tenanee, confound, aboA 
se — , vr. to be confounded 
Ddcunvenue, sf. misfortune, disaster 
D^cor, oj enibellishing, adumimg 
Deooruteur, sm. decf /rater, scene-painter 
Decoration, sr. decoration, arnanumt 
— 8, pL scenes of a theatre 
Ddcorder, va. to untwist, ur.twitie 
Uei-orer, va. todtcorate, adorn, beautifif 
Decortication, sf. decortication, ad v 

stripping ojfthe bark of trees 
Decorum, stn. decorum, deeenat 
Decoucher, va. to put one out qjfhed 
— , vn. to sleep from home 
Decoudre, va. to unsew, unstiMi, rip 

up, wound with a sharp instrumeui 
— , vn. to chatter, prattle 
se — , vr. to decline, take a bad turn 
D^coulant, c, wilj.Jiotvintr 
Ddcoulement, sm. trickling, droppings 

or running of water 
Ddcouler, vn. to run down, flow, dm^ 
Decouper, va. to cut, pink, carve meet 
D^coupeur, euse, smf. pinker of cMh, 

figure cutter, carver of meat 
Decouple, e, adj. well-set^ well-^iaped 
Decoupler, va. to uncouple, let loose 
oecoupoir, sm. a small punch, scissors 
Deooupure, sf. uctof pinking ox cutting 

figures and flowers in cloth or paper 
Decouragement, sm. discouragement 
Decourager, va. to discourage, dispirit 
se — , vr. to despond, be disheartened 
Deoours, sm. den-ease, di dine, wane 
Decousu, e, adj. uneewed, unconnected, 

loose, disjointetl, unmeaning 
Dei'uusure, &f. rent seam, place unsewed 
Decouvcrt, e, atlj. discovered, revealed 
k — , adv. opeidy, jAainly 
Ddcouvei te, sf. dutcovery, irtvetition 

— (i'un ciinu, detection 

DeeouiTir, va. to discover, perceive, re* 
veal, uncover, unveil, divulge, detect 

— Tennenii. to descry the ettemy 

— la fronciere, to ejpose the frontier 

— le iKiis, to chisel (Jfwooti 

— le pot aux n)ses, to discoverthe mystery 
se — , vr. to make oneself known 
Decrasser, va. to scour, rub tjf the dirt 

or rust, dean, wash clean, polish 
se — , vr. to grow polite 
Decreditement, sou discredit, disrepute 
Dccrediter, va. to discredit, disgrace 
se — , vr. to lose one's credit nr reputation 
Decrepit, e, adj. decrepit, worn by age 
Decrepitaiion, sf. decrepitation 
D4cr^piter, decrepitate tcciloneaalt 

MfKUr, EutilJ. iMHIi^ AW« 


__miiteir, hh*, is;t d«f!9iKtaw 

r iirH, iMlIifalnTriniMili. Mndrr 

4^i*< pmlrctbm, pntl. 

DneriHur, rm, tllrfimiter, protgEtur 
DMflnlf, In, alt. d«»i>li« 

1, », iiij. iitfJ.Wnf. MMrtulfvl 

ltM% Jftal, >>°'^- " 
LMMirf, sol'. Assord 

iMbhr, vit f D ildbtMTpAnt tfltt, settle 

1, ■ft^^raronDn, mptf 

I lXftii|Be,'.C dhthUv niui inimiji n^ 
r. to rifUOUKce a mniSf a tr^tr 


IVr4. iv- ilmf^ 

D^A^mcn I, nn. iiFtit/'uln'4(l*>r>l4| 

D* H * M gm, Ai. rffcoMTW AvMIMM 
MgHidlM, r, uy. MTMrs^ilB 
MjiilKiimli BO. ifjiinilK ^nMT' 

D^PIMW. m. I" taitt, 9KfflBil 

Em n. b, m-wtHHI, drM I Dffint, rd. HraHdiw. aABWrM 



Munjcr, VI. ^IfrimBfla^n 

iJra.nffii jt.n,1^T!3Rrir, jtm t Art™ 

■U b j^ l . — lyi Aw> R«J. JImY 
M^^iS^S^Ukr.aaat ^ mall \ md anMI U(<a , 

Ddindrkw, ain- itemtirll, ili-^entrl, J^ull 

|in 1,1/ haJ^a 

Uldo, roAff topitEM, pUBBfB, CtfUMHaC . 


JMniln. ulj. denari, rtlatbi H Mi 
WhmhW, vj. (0 hijrs mmattt mdfc 

WnlilKt, iin-'ln (tad ici(, Mf*mii 
TMnkcbrr, vi. lo unnttlla, di^irdsB 




n» taoCffuT, mricA, jag 

■t Jfr»f cUlinf nflartk 
■dj. ifeyJiM, Brlfif, IwftHf 

1. 1 #M|i Wiriufr df4%brff 

— line Hirst, U/nV Mr (»H ^ajirnt 


Hgii urfft u 



Ml daplDTa^ 

"'J ' 

Oi iprmd "l™"'' *• « 1>^J" . ■■ 




Depopulation, sf. depopulation 
Deport, sin. delay,Jiritfruitaofa living 
Deportation, sf. defjortationt exile 
Deport^, sin. coNoirf, criminal 
— , e, adj. tratiaported, bnuiahed 
Depurtement, sin. depurtme/tt, demean- 
our, behaviour, manuer, carriage 
Deporier, va. to transjfn-t, banish, exile 
M — , vr. to withdraw one's claims 
D^posant, c, adj. dtrpttnent, witnei>s on 
D^poser, va. to dejjone, depose [txith 
— , vn. depose, resign, deponit, settle 
Depositaire, sinf. depositarjf, trustee 

— aun monast^re, treasurer 
D^podtion, sin. deposition, evidence 
Deposs^der, va. to dispossess, deprive 
Ddpussessioii, sf. act of dispossessing 
I>epojCiT, vo. to drive from a f/o/tt 

— 1 ennemi, to dislndge the enemy 
D^pOt, sin. depot, storehouse, ware- 
house, deposit, cf large, trust, sediment 

D6pouille, sf. effects of a deceased per- 
son, spoil, plunder, "booty, crop 

— d'un lion, lions skin 

— inortcUe, dead carcass 
Depouilleinent, sin. renunciation, self- 
denial, privation, summaru, obstruct 

Deiwuiller, va. to strip, unclothe, reap 
the crop, bereave, deprive, divest 

— un lapln, to skin a rabbit [account 

— un coinptc, to give an abstract of an 
se — , vr. to pull off one's clot/ies, divest 

onejielf of prejudices, cast the skin 
Dvipoiirvoir, va. to unfurnish, leave des- 

titut-^, strip, deprive, bf.reat'e 
se — , vr. to leave oneself wit/iout means 
Depuur\-a, c, ailj. unprovided, destitute; 
un houinie — de bun sens, a man void 
of good sense ; une place — -j, a place 
unfortified, wanting ammunition ; 
au — , adv. unawares, taken by sur- 
prise, unprepared; prL'iidreciuelqu'un 
au — , to find one napping 
DcpravAtion, sf. depravity, corruption 
Deprave, c, adj. depraved, corrupt, base 
Depraver, va. tu deprave, pei'vert, vitiate 
Deprdcatjf, ive, adi. deprecative, tend- 
ing to avert evil by prayer 
Deprecation, bf. deprecation [luation 
Depreciation, sf. depreciation, underva- 
Depreciateur, sm. one who wuicrvaJuet 
Deprecier, va. to depreciate, undervalue 
Depredateur, sm. depredator, robber 
Depredation, sf. depredation, plunder 
Deprendre, va. to part, disengage, de- 
tach, loosen, free, separate 
■e — , vr. to disengage or extricate oneself 
Depression, sf. depression, abasement 

— de i'horison, dip of the horizon 
Deprevenir, va. to remove prejudice, free 

fh>m partiality or prepossession 
■e — ,vr. todo away withone's prejudices 
Deprier, va. to recall an invitation 
Deprlraer, va. to depress, debase, humble 
DiiMiier, va. to undervalue, underrate 
ll^£ >—> w i Iff underrate onewif 
■■■Mriav ra. to dtsfiouTt ravish 
^^^^aduk Mm. fimtferjbrihe dead 

Depuis, adv. since, from the time thai 
—, prtp. after, from some time past 

— que, conj. «jftc0 

— quand ? how longf 

— deux ans, these two years 

— peu, lately, not long since 

— long-temps, this great while 

— ce temps-u, ever since, ever after 

— la creation du monde, from the crea- 
tion of the world [to west 

— le le\'anc jusqu'au oouchant, fi-om east 
Depuratif, ive, adi. depurate, purified 
Depuration, sf. depuration, the act of 

making pure or clear, cUirififiiig 
Depuratuire, adj. depuratory 
Depurer, va. to depurate, purify, pwj^ 
Deputation, sf. deputation, delegatkm 
Depute, sm. deputy, delegate 
Deputer, va. to depute, delegate 
Deracinement, sm. act cf rooting up or 

out, extirpation, eradication ' [eaie 
Deraciner, va. to root up or out, erad^ 
Derader, vn. to be driven out to sea 
Deraison, sf. nonsense, want of reason 
Deruisonnable, adj. unreasotmble 
Deraisonnablement, adv. unreasonably 
Deraisonner, vn. to rave, speaJc nonsense 
Derange, e, adj. d-rangea, out of order, 

confused, unsteady, disorderly, mad 
Derangement, sm. derangement, dieer- 

der, confusion, troultle, perplexity 
Deranger, va. to put out of order, disturb 
Sf — , vr. to lice a disorderly Ufa 
Deraper, va. to raise the anchor 
Derate, e, adj. cunning, sharp, jt/viat 
Deratcr, va. to take the milt out 
Dereclief, adv. again, anew, once more 
Deregie, e, adj. disorderly, unruly 
Dercglement, sm. irregularity, excess, 

ritft, disorder, confusion, debauchery 
Deregie men t, adv. disorderly, loosaly 
Deie^iler, va. to put out of order, unsettle 
se — , vr. to follow evil courses 
Derider, va. to smooth, clear up the 

countenance, laugh, look chverfal 
se — , vr. to grow jovial, merry 
Derision,sf. derision, mitckery, contempt 
Derisoire, adj. derisive 
Derivutif, ive, adj. derivative, diverting 
Derivation, sf. derivation, origin 
Detive, sf. drift, a ship's leeway s belle 

— , a g<»od effing or sea-room 
Derive, sm. di-rivative 
Derivor, va. to unclench, nnrivetanaUt 

put qffor get clear from the shore 
— , vn. to deviate from the course, fall 

to leeward, derive, proceed f rum 
Dernier, ^re, adj. last, latter, utmost 

— des hommcs, worst of men 
Dernidrement, adv. lately, not long ago 
Derohe, e, adj. private, secret, con^atid 
— tf, {k la) adv. privately, by stealth 
Derober. va. to rob, steal, thieve, pilfer, 

purloin, deprive, divest, hike, conceal 
se — , vr. to steal away, vat^sh 
Derocher, va. to throw downfnm a rode 
\ — le m^ai« to «c<mr tlie tMCal 
1 D^rogalAoni »f. derogation , do^Mwalitni 




D^Kn'a ement, tm. act ofdiaentangiing 
D^iilitcer, \'a. to dvteutangle, unraa^ 
at — , vr. to duentanfie onege'f 
1)^110 ujrer, vh. to divert, amuse 
te — , vr. to divert or amune onenelf 
D^senrayer, \'a. to unlock a wheel 
D6;eni burner, va. to eiire a cUd 
Bt> — , vr. to get rid of a col i 
D^-'enr6Liiient, sm. military discharge 
IX^tnrdler, vn. to discharge a soldier 
Ddsenrouer, va. to cure hoarAenens 
% ' — , *'r. to get rid of h«>arKfess 
D^senseigner, va. to untearh, lose or ff/T' 
get what has been ttught \ter 

D6-«n«cvelir, va. to strip the dead, disin- 
D&sensorci-ler, va, U* free frt>m enchant- 

meutt dlsenchtft, uubi'witch 
D^sen»)r»]le!iient, jm. act of disen- 
chanting, hreakintra charm 
D^ntdter, va. to bring one to reosin, 

to free fi'om nmreAt, undeceive 
I)^nt(>rinler, v<i. to untwist, untwine 
IMsentraver, va- to unshackle, unfetter 
D<^senvenitner, va. to remove venom 
D^nverguer, va. to take the sails f-om 

the j/'trd armi 
"D^adqu'iper, va. to unrig a ship 
Desert, stn. desert, wilderness 
— , e, aHj. wil/i, sulitary, unfreqvented 
Deserter, va. to dejtopulnte, lay waste 
— , VII. ti> denert, abandon, leave, forsake 
D^rstTleur, sni. deserter, fitgitive 
D^.tertion, sf. desertion, ajMistasi/ 
— (f appcl, withdrawing an appeal 
D63€S|-erade (a la), adv. desperately 
D^sp^rant, e, adj. causinsr despair 
D^icsp^r^, sm. desperado, furious man 
— , e, adj. desf>erate, furious, rash, /;/-. 
lornf despaired of, having no hope : 
en — . adv. desperately, furiously 
Ddsesperee, sf. desperate or furious wo- 
man, prostitute, strumpet 
Desesp^remeiit, taW. furiously, madly 
Dieses pt^rer, va. to drive to despair, pro- 
voke: vous aves tort dc taut — votre 
ami, vou are wrong to afflict your 
friend so deeply 
— , vn. to despair, despond, fte past hope 
te — , vr. to be frantic, outrageous, mad 
I>te>poir, sm. desinir, grief, hopeless- 
ness, despondence, vexation, anguish, 
trouble f de — , adv. through despair 
]>6shahille« sm. dishabille, undress 
IMthablller, va. to disrobe, undress, strip 
•e — s vr. (D vndr^s or disrobe oneself 
IMihtblt^, e, adj. uninhabited, deserted 
ImdiBbkuer, va. to disaccustom 
■■•>» vr. to oreo/r tiffany habit 
"" ■ ' rf. wa it of lawful heirs 

i( va. fo disinherit 
r* va. to derange or unsettle the 
> pf occupation 
I vr, to become unpunctuai 
MUiAte, adj. dishonest, dishonour- 
. -*M9* indecent, obscene, disgraceful 
J Plth onngtement, adv. dishonestly 
Ophtmn^tet^, sf, di*hortesty, lewdness 
JMsAoaneai, jol tUshonour, disgrace 

Ddabouorable, adj. dishonourable 
D^hoDorattlement, adv. dishonourably 
D^honorant. e, adj. shameful 
D6ihonorer, va. to dishonour, disgrace 
8« — , vr. to bring disgrace upon onese^ 
D^hum:iniser, va. to render inhuman 
D^jignatif, h'e, adj. specifying 
IM-ignation, tt designation, description 
Ddsitoivr, va. to desipn, describe, nomi- 
nate, express, appoint, assign 
Dcl-incorporcr, va. to separate, disunite 
Dcfinence, sf. desinence, termination 
D^iinfatuer, va. to disabuse, undtsceioe 
%*f — , vr. to rid oneself of a whim 
D6slnfecter, va. to remove infection 
D^'inf.-ction, sf. disinfsctUm, ptuifieoF- 

t ion from infection 
D^>int6resh^, e, adj. disinterested 
DOsint^ressement, sm. ditinterestedness 
Di^siiit^ies.'r, va. to indemnify 
»e — , vr. to indemnify oneself 
Desir, sm. desire, wish, ardent longing 
DtSsirable, adj. desirable, pleasing 
Ddsirer, va. to desire, wish or long for 

— ardemment, to pant after 

— pass'.onnement, to lust after 
Desireux, euse, a \\. desirous, anxious 

— d'honneurs, ambitious of honours 
DiSistemtrnt, sm. desijitance, cessation 
6t: D^-tc-r, vr. to desist, abandon, leave 

*'fft ^'"c t,ver, cease, stop 
D^s-lors, adv. frtim or since that time 
Desob^ir, vn. to disobey, he undutiful 
I)^8ob(!'issance, sf. disobedience 
D(.^l>^isfant, e, adj. disob&iient 
D^Jotili|;eammei.t, adv. disobligingly 
D(!'sobligeaiice, sf. diso^-liging dispositian 
Desobliireant, e, adj. diitobliging,UHkind 
D^sohli^^er, va. tn disoblige, displease 
Ddsobvtructif OK D^bstruant,im. deo^ 

struent, any aperient medicine 
I)es tbstruer, va. to remove obstruction 
DtSiOccupation, sf. inaction, leisure 
IMsoccup^, e, adj. unemployed 
se D^soccuper, vr. to retire from business 
D«oeuvr6, e, adj. idle, unoccupied 
I)(^s(£uvrement, «m. idleness ftnaetUm 
Di^olant, e, adj. grievous, qfflicting 
D^solateur, trice, smf. destroyer, ravager 
— , adj. destructive, ruinous, wasteful 
Desolation, sf. desiilation, destruction 
D6sol6, e, adj. desolate, solitary, afflicted 
D^ler, va. to desolate, lay waste, de- 

stnty, grieve, afflict, make gloomy 
Ddsordonnt^', e, adj. disordinate, vicious 
D^)rlonn^ment, adv. immoderately 
I)<^sordre, sm. disorder, tumult, riot 
D^urganisateur, sm. dinturber of order 
D^iicrganisation, sf. disorganization 
Dd-^rganSser, va- t-i destroy order 
X — , vr. to becume distnderly 
I Ddaorienter, va. to turn from the east, 
I f/ttt out of countenance, disconcert 
Ddsormais, adv. henceforth, hereafter 
IX^sossement, %m. act of takin gout bones 
Tt^Msser, va. to take out bones 
, Detpole, «m. ({«8pot, absolute sovereign 
\ Dea^iique, ad^ despotic, eorbitroanf 

man i>wi>i aAarii perm 


Bdl lift Ola toUc 

9eTfQTtti ftafi'l^lol dHfg 
.'^ricoUlDn, acl'afirg^ 


DoEiii, in. ilcBitvijM: * 

jtvftME. tOj^ Hal mttif M ^tfiottd. 

Dniniitif, Ltc, XIJ. dsrinynw, woBnW 

■ lie TQUi iBitrM. Innrti 

E clGle, n tntiT <#(Ac r 






Detenu, e, tmt pritoner, captive 

— ,e, adj. detained, imprieoned, confined 

D^teiiger, va. to deterge, eleante, purge 

— une plaie, to deatue a wound 
Deterioration, sf. deterioration 
Detdriorer, va. to impair, make woree 
•e — * vr. to become impaired 
Detaminant, e, adj. ^cieive, conchteive 
Determinatif, ive, adj. determinative 
Determination, sf. determination 
Determine, sm. desperado, resoiute man 
— , e, adj. determinate, resolute, boid, 

undaunted, intrepid, desperate 
Determinement, adv. resolutely, boldly 
Determiner, va. to determine, resolve, 

decide, fix, conclude, ascertain 
se — , vr. to make up one's mind 
Deterrer. va. to exhume, disinter 

— un tresor, to find out a treasure 
Detersif, ive, adj. detersive, cleansing 
Detesuble, a<ij. detestable, cUHtminable 
Detestablemeiu, adv. detestably, hate- 
Detesution, sf. detestation [fully 
Detester, vvl. to detest, hate, abhor 
Detirer, va. to draw out linen, 4^ 

— les cuirs, to stretch hides [ing 
Detonation, sf. detonation, aetofexplod- 
Detoner, va. to detonate, explode 
Detonner, vn. to Jar, sing out of tune 
Detordre, va. to untwist, untwine; se 

—' le poignet, le bras, le pied, to sprain 

one^s wrist, arm, or foot 
Detorqucr, va. to distort, misrepresent 
Detors, e, adj. unwrung, untwined 
Detorse, sf. sprain 
Detortiller, va. to untwist, unlink 
Detour, sm. winding, turning, by-way; 

aimer sans — , to love sincerely 

— d'une roue, the comer of a street 
Detoumer, va. to turn aside, divert, dis- 

euade, direct wrong, embezzle 

— les humeurs, to repel the humours 

— quelqu'un de son chemin, to put one 
out of his road Icourse 

— le cours de I'eau, to turn water qffits 
— , vn. to turn, go back 

— quelqu'un de son devoir, to make one 
swerve from his duty 

M — , vr. to deviate, go out of one's way 
Detoume, e, adi. diverted or turned 
Detracter, vn. to detract, slander [away 
Detracteur, sm. detracter, traducer 
Detraction, sf. detraction, calumny 
Detraquer, va. to detract, corrupt, lead 

astray, put out of order, derogate 
«e — , vr. to get out of order 
Detrempe, »f. water-colours, distemper 
Detremper, va. to temper, dilute, mix 

— de I'acier, to soften steel 
Detresse, sf. distress, anguish, sorrow 
Detriment, sm. detriment, loss, wrong 
Detroit, sm. strait, frith, sound, d^le 
Detromper, va. to undeceive, dis(dmse 
•e — -, vr. to be undeceived 
DetrOnement, sm. act of dethroning 
Detrdner, va. to dethrone, depose 
jMOvusser, va. to unpin, loose a gown 

— aa ro/ageur, tor^a travetter 

' Detrousseur, sm. robber, highwaymoH 
Detruire, va. to destroy, denu^ish, eram 

— an temoignage, to inoaiidateevideaet 
se — , vr. to decay, fall to ruin 

Dette, st debt, obligation, duty ; hin 
des — s, to run into debt 

— active, debt due to us 

— passive, debt due to othere 

— vereuse, bad d^t 

—8 crianles, pL small debts 

Deuil, sm. mouminfr^ grieft lamentm- 
tion, sorrow ; habit de — , moumktf 
clothes; grand — , deep mourtdatgt 
petit — , half mourning; prendre le— , 
to go into mourning; porter le — , !• 
be in mourning; auree du — , <A« 
time of mourning 

Deuteronome, sm. Deuteronomy 

Deux, adj. two; tous — , both; entn 
nous — , between us; eiitre — , so, se, 

— fois, twice [kiuiifferentty 

— fois autant, twice a* mw^ 

— k — , two by two 

— de carreau, deuce of diamonds 
Deuxieme, adj. second 
Deuxiemement, adv. secondly 
Devaliser, va. to rob, plunder, piUage 
Devancer, va. to precede, go befire, out- 
strip, outrun, outwalk, surpass 

Devancier, ^re, smf. predecessor 

— s, pi. ancestors 

Devant, sni. fore-part ; aller au — ,togo 

to meet, prevent, obviate, anticipate; 

avoir le — , to have the precedency 
—, adv. before, overti gainst ; d — , fos^ 

merly, lute, heretofore 
—, prep, before, against; aller — qnd* 

qu'un, to precede one 
Devantier, sm. coarjte apron 
Devanture, sf. fi-ont of a shop, fitr&wcrk 
~ de boutique, winauw-shutters 
Devastateur, trice, smf. destroyer 
— , sA].destructive, ru inous,misehie90ius 
Devastation, sf. devastation, desolation 
Devaster, va. to lay waste, destroy 
Developpemcnt, $m. development, duei- 

dation, exposition, act of unfiilding 
Developper, va. to develop, unfold 
Devenir. vn. to become, grow, be made 

— grand, to grow toll 

— gros et gras, to become plump andfai 

— a rien, to come to nothing 

Dd venter, va. to shun the wind at sea 

— les voiles, to shiver or brace the saiis 
Devergonde, e, smf. lewd person 

—, e, a4j> shameless, impudent, unchaste 
D(.-vers, prep, toumrds, about 
Deverser, vn. to bend towards, indine 
Dev-etir, va. to undress, unclothe 
se — , vr. to undress oneself 
Devetissement, sm. renunciation, resig- 
nation or surrender of an t(ffiee 
Deviable, adj. devious, erring 
Deviation, si. deviation, qffence 
Devider, va. to wind into a ^kein, reel 

I thread or litie 

\ Devideur, euse, smf. winder 

\ Dev\dD\T, im. re«l, «pvndl« 

— - '!£;;,'. 


—■■■ ■ ■ Mat. Iff jqwamtor PBgJ At- DUnLrc, 

nSS*^ da JEUI^ «u« upon mu Ompti, r 


*dv. moat Jetvut^ 


■>a Di^i 'la. tharpitiPin'^ 

lenuJ/ Ik via — , Qirput < _ _ _ 

•atii iYlfUltk-,eiiiwlillmci k— DtUDni, e, ulj. dilwaiu. pe* •— ' 

IMAnuit, «, Ml- ^^"""'F- "'"'' 
DUTUnukn, i<l ^finmHon, ralum 

IXMiwiman.ilt4(4^wflhiH<«naIk' DtraiL it Hita n«M s^ 7 - 

D Wi'm^ti, n, to mate ■ eggnnBi I DIiiHr, n, la neumtu, veaSai 

DltKnii, I, hU. ^girmt, atlOa, «• pair, ivMfeM, riimHb aimir 

Hdiu, MIAuir, «hbbim7, BwjuUf ■— , vr. CD AoraaaMvHU 

lUBdnwIii, h, ^ dSkriiSM IMmfaud^ tn, m. dinlHUin, iIm>/ 

Iliaii>r,n.(«itailrr,?alinntin( — , 14. ittiUnHiw, jikU, itiraDU 

-.•<l(tfw7<l«HiMr.l«djMi>«it I Slnlnuliiu. if. Miriiwlioii, <Ih»m 

UWiilii l-IJ. lW™r- Ji«tPn> dcv^ Dladiln, Ml. mAqi «cft 
aia,j>i«iliiii;ri»wiviu^^— ■K'n' lUnkonaii.jin.iiiiiUfi'w^ 

_>jrJfB|i|g— or to Ha l iM gJ Dlneiir, im. ^uftoit, rDf-jnand 

[H!«cllnaml,iilT.wttlic(Mw%IWTriaF Dk>c«Hiii, ■». d'««ii« 
DiBciU't, tfTiIiAclinir, &|W, litlrllr ' — , >, (lU- iJluHHn, HTAilflilv M sdl- 
~ laoi), Hlr. iMAiiftMA, kU »h ' mii^.c, Bn. ilmxn: Com 

DimnillaHU, eBH, uii. Mat nWni dW- IH(>i«il4<ie, tt. itioplria 

fioMa, whliiuitil, ujirfclMH Ulonunii, ain. ifliwuiw, eiUti(i«niir;B> 

DiacHhuBiBiHBt, ulr. icfM dUlNKv . IfHcfiM siRci, »iufnK<ri H •» » 
IHKamt.idj.ri.'/n^Hl.i^.iliiSgiind mmiMMriiiiiiriidaii/'ltelU 
IKOIniitr, n. to rfF^ibra, jfoil Dlplubiiniui, id ilMkamg 

noiniliv, It. dtArnllVi iwifilUHiww ppluBUb BO. ifl/JoainHrt, «•■» 

1, kC dyrHtaOMmt mbenma \ 

D«eiu,iiii.dteMf,oUK«»«nii» Dliiliim^Ba.tfiiliuMidtaMv.a^Bit 

DJgnCr adj. UDitJ^/ 6Xn — Van mcil- — dv lAmulni, tffjiur»[pn tfwitiitmt 
pigniiiDiut, iilv. HHirMilV, Oatrviau 'port, auvT, rt/OIe, nraut, AnMi 

IWaUIOv | — duUizi wdumi 

IMuUi, 141. eimbit v/t 
Djkuilwi, If. CUT a/imaf 

. JitatitrtaurgiaUiintru-l-'iatiiii^t 



^fej aa^ 

m lalfhirr p»ia k — . 

tieulpiiCttm, Jmtf/itix 
on, dviHngfi^'f^ btairtr 

r, i»jifMi«S% dtt^«<to 

iHsn,' ir' ulfonSijii, ht. 

KUH, nta-^nHiHidaHM 

DLipuuble, i^lj. dtiiputnbi't douhtfiil 

DMmlLltudi, iC diatlnillnrirt 
mirimiilulon, •(. itlobnuJalldn 

filicliiciUDaiirid*. iCMlwf^, dvtrlii 
DlnlnBir, ini>Q- ii(Mbiajii<vj'«<MMu 

mIt am — , li id Uallprmibi 
IHKIniiil, t, •ii.miilli^tuUliBl, •minanl 
mVAnplKT, viL to diM^ffniAt dtxent 

Qbtnctiim, wC dtitriKf'ait, nn^vion. 
WfSflatitlff nMflAoi i/mJn^ iprodiuif 

, sSSSmil, In, ad/. iUtrlbHt!' 




Dotadon, id endowment, portion i 

Doter« va. to endow, portion, found \ 
D'oii, adv. whence, from whence 
Douaire. %txi. jointure, dower, settlement 
Douairiere> it dowager \ 

Douane, b£ customhonge, duty, custom 
Douaner, va. to stamp with customhouse 
Douanier, vox. cuiitoinhouse-4i0var [seal 
Doublage, »:n. sheathing of a ship 
D'>uule, sin. thednuftle, duplicate 
— , sf. paunch of ruminating animals 
— , adj. twofold, dec- itful, treacherous 
D()uble-crociie, at'. S'^miquaver 
D jublementf adv. doubly, twofold, twice 
Doubler, va. to douhle, increase, multi- 
ply » put lining iti a garment 
Dour>leC, sm. doublet, waistcoat, pair, 

counterjyit stone made of crystals 
— ', pi. doublets, twice two cU backgam- 
Doublurr, st. lining \_mon 

Douct&'.re, adj. sweetish, luscious 
DouceoieDt, adv. siftly, gently, quv-tly 
Douctreux, t-use, adj. sweetish, ajfect d 
Douuet, te, adj. dulcet, precise, finical 
Doucette, vf. corn-sulad 
Douceur, nt sweetness, mildness, meek 
ness, advantage, pri^fit, bribe 

— de la pe<iu, smottthncss of the skin 

— du tem[)s, serenity of the weather 
— S pi. blandv<hnu;nts,si>ftspeeches,flat- 

tering expressions, favours 

— s de la society, delights qf society 

— s de la liberty, sweets of liberty 

Douche, sf. shower-bath 

Duuolier, va. to give a sliower-bath 

Djucin, sin. briwkvih wat-^ 

Douelle, sf. inside of a vault 

Dou(^, e, part, et adj. endtnved, enriched 

Douer, va. to endow, bestow a portion 

Djuille, i^i. socket, hollow which receives 
eomething inserted 

Douillut, te, adj. delicate, soft, tender; 
c'est un — , he loves to indulge himself 

Douilletcement, adv. tenderly, softly 

Douleur, sf. dolour, anguish, Affliction, 
grief, pain, sorrow, lamentatUm 

Doulouieusement, adv. dolorously, wo- 
fully, sorrowfully, mournfully 

Douloureux, euse, adj. doleful, painful 

Doute, sm. doubt, ,fear, suspense, per- 
plexity, scrupl-i, diffi''Ulty, suspicion ; 
sans —, adv. doubtless, undoubtedly i 
sans — que, conj. no douht that 

Doutcr, vn. to doubt, hesitate, scruple, 
(ptestion, be uncertain, pause 

se — , vr. to suspect, distrust 

Douteusemeut, adv. doubtfully, in an 
uncertain manner, dubiously 

Douteux, euse, adj. doubtful, dubious 

Douve, sf. stave of a cask 

Doux, Douce, adj. sweet, fragrant, me- 
lodious, agreeable, soft, mUd, charm- 
ing, calm, gentle, smooth, easy; vin 
— , unfermented wine ; un billet — , 
love letter; uyle—, flowing style; un 
tempi — , mild weather; tulle — ce, 
^opper-piette engraving; tout — , a'.U*. 

Dousaine, sf. dosen ,* it la — , of trf^ib^ 

value ; po^ie k la — , paltry poet/ 
Douse, adj. twelve 
Douzieme, sm. twelfth part 
— , adj. tweifth 

Douzi^meuient, adv. twelftMy 
D»yen, sm. detui, senior, elder 
Doyeuud, sm. deanery, deandkip 
Drachme, sf. dram, drachm, eii^thpart 

of an ounce 
Dragance, st; thorny plant yielding gum 
Drd|;^, sf. sugar plum, smaU ehot 
Drageoir, sm. cttmjit box 
Drageon, sm. sucker, shoot 
Drdj^nner, vn. to sendfftrth twkere 
Dratfon, sm. dragon, winged serpent! 
dragoon, horse aoltier ; termemMt 

— de vent, violent squall of wind 
Dra^onnaiie, sf. dragoonade, a ravaging 

by soldiers, plundering, piUaging 
Dra8:onne, st^ swordknc* 
Draicue, si. drqff, refuse, husks of matt 

after brewing; drag, a net or hook 
Dramatique, adj. dranuUic, dramaticei 
Dnimatiquemvnt, adv. drfimatieaUy 
Dramatiate, sm. dramatist 
Dramaturge, sm. insipid dramatist 
Drame, sm. drama, a play 
Drap, sm. woollen doth, bed-ekeets gni 

— , coarse or second cloth 

— mortuiUre, pall, cover for the dead 
Drapeau, sm. set of colours, startiord, 

flag, ensign, banner, rag 
Drapuaux, sm. pL clouts, pat^es 
Draper, va. to cover with bladk etefft, 

banter, jeer, scf\ff 

— dus b<is, to mill stcckincs fdMlk 

— uncarros >e,(ocooe/'a coach withbladk 

— une figure, to make the drapery of a 
Draperie, sf. drapery, cloth trade Uigare 
Drapier, sm. woollen-draper, cMhier 
Dr^he, sf. malt, tnaltmill 

Dresser, va. to raise, set up, erect, make 
straight, train up, instruct, draw up 

— la tfite, to set the head xtprfght 

— un dcrit, to draw up a wriHng 

— un cheval, to break a horse 

— du linge, to smooth or iron out linen 

— des embfiches, to lay snares 

— une pierre, to square a stone 

— un camp, to pitch a camp {tpbud 

— les vergues, to brace the yards to the 
— , \'n. to stand on end, become erect 

se — , vr. to rise or stand up 

Dressoir, sm. sitieboard, kitchen dresser 

Drille, sm. brisk young fellow, hard oak 

— , sf. old rag 

Driller, vn. to scour away, runfbst 

Dri8si*s, sf. pi. halliards, ropes or tackle 

for hoistingoT lowering a sail; gmndei 

— , main gear, in rigging 

— des basses verfnics, gear 
Drogman, sm. dragoman, interpreter 
Drogue, sf. drug, thing without value 
Drogner, va. to physic too much, give 

spurious remedies, adulterate any- 
. M — , vr. to physic oneeelf (thirg 

\ Droguexk, id. drug«> Imgredleinu 


•l™Ml_«-«HpifJ«tF, Wlm fcrrBrhtr v«.Il v r-ft ' [|MA 

■HlbTrikr— .(■•fnic'uianriLtBFi i — unrilriil.ti I bifok Pui titilf t 
amlaT—ilatilliaitgtnailhtirarim riiiiiliii II ri ill ii'i.ii jiiiiiiiiilM imJ 

wmnwin-l/nHillj nicriuca— , EkniUniin, W >hif^^ a^^ — — 

lll0iuui.fvk-ilVjr'f"BMenl//j vim EorbcmcDl, im, of 1 o<frn 
■ " ~ lllftrttmto.rtsH — 

pt.JfdJtdVj pfv/ing 






Eclbccr,va. to bind uporaecurehysplintt 
Eclopp^, e, adj. lame, limping 
Eclore« \*n. to oe hatched, come to light 
Kcluse, kL sluice, dam,Jloodgate 
Eclusier, >m. sluice keeper 
EcolAcre, sm. profisnor of divinity 
liloole, mL school, seminar]/ ; nialtre d' — , 
echoolmaster ; temps de 1'—, school- 
time ; grande — , high school ; petite 
— , day-school; cainarade d'— , schitol- 
ffUow , dire les nouvelles de 1' — , to tell 
tales, dischse scfiool affairs ; faire 1 — 
buisKunni^re, to play the truant i fairu 
une — f to blunder 

— de droit, inns of court 

— d'enseisrneiiient tnutuel, school upon 
Dr BelCs system 

— de jeunes gens, young gentlemen's 
boarding academy or school 

— de jeunes demoiselles, scltool or semi- 
rtary,fbr young ladies 

— de m&lecine, medical school 

— normale, school Jbr teachers 

— primaire, injhnt school 

— v(3t^naire, veterinary school 
Ecollet^, e, adj. cut out, rounded qj^ 
Ecolleter. va. to cut out, round ojffr 
Ecolier, ere, smf. schc^ar, pupil; faute 

d'— , blutider, solecism; en — , scliolar- 
like; title d'—, scholarship ; foirede 
bons — s, to make good scholars 

— en droit, en tIi(k)logii', &c. a student in 
lata, divinity, Ac. 

— qui fait ses etucies, probationer 
Ecouduirc, va. to shift or put qff, refuse 
Economat, sm. stewardship 
Econome, smf. steward, housekeeper 
— , adj. economical, saving, frugal 
Economie, sf. economy, frugality 

— rurale, husbandry [management 
EcoDomique, sf. economics, hmtsfJtold 
— , adj. economical, careful, frugal 
Kconomiquement, adv. economically 
I<kronouiiser, va. to economize, be frugal 
Eoonomiste, smf. economist, thrifty per- 
son, writer on political economy 

Ecorce, sf. bark, rind, shell, peel 
Ecorcemcnt, !:in. decortication, act of 

stripping (ffthe bark 
Ecorcer, va. to pare off the rind, strip qff' 

the bark, take iff the peel 
Ecorch^, sm. skinned carcass 
— , e, adj. skinned, flayed, torn 
E^corcber, va. to skin, flay, peel off, an- 
noy, gall, fleece, extort, wrest from 

— une anguiile par la queue, to begin 
tvhere one should end [rectly 

— le Fran9ais, to speak French incor- 
s'— , vr. to tear off one's skin, be galled 
Eoorcheric, sf. slaughter-house 
P^corcheur, sm. flayer, extortioner 
Ecorchure, sf. excoriation, l(vs of skin 
Ecore, sf. steep shore or coast 
Eoomer, va. to break the horns of ani- 
mals, chip (ffthe corners of a thing, 
din^fiish, curtail, pare tff 
^nniittK va. to sponge, Hoe hy mean 
m^BmUkHe, tt act qf^pengittg {arU 

Ecomifleur, euse, unf. sponger, mm nAt 

lives by mean arts, parasito 
Eoornure, tf. Winter of a stone, bnkm 

edges of earthenware 
Ecossais, e, adj. Scottish, Seotdt 
Ecosser, va. to ^ell pease or beans 
Ecosseur, euse, smf. one whotMkfUem 
Ecot, un. reckoning, bill rprMMi 
Ecouer, va. to shorten or cut qfftiletaB 
Ecoufle, sm. buzzard, hawk,paaerMt 
Ecoulement, sm.^ot^tn^, runtnng 

— de la lumidre, emanation ofHgld 
Ecouler, va. to let qff 

— I'eau, to draw off water 

— , vn. to run or flow out ; labwr— k 

foule, to let the crowd disperse 
s'— -, vr. to fUtw from one pkue t» «» 

other, slide or steat away, pass, eU 
Ecoupe ou Eooupee, &f. ^ipswabatt 
Ecourgeon, sm. winter barley 
VAMurter, va. to crop, cut short 
Ecoutant, e, adj. likening, hearltenbtit 
Ecoute, sf. place for lisieiitng, ikaeteefe 

— de bonnette, tack of a stui^tingeaU 

— du vent, weathiir-s/teet [Mm 
^ de la grande voile, main-^keet 
Ecouter, va. to listen, hearken, hearftr 

tiently, attend or pay regard te 

— la raison, to yield to reason 

s'— , vr. to like to hear otu^s own wiM 
Ecouteur, euse, smf. listener ^ 

I<]coutille, sf. hatchway 
Ecouvillon, sm. drag, mop, gu nsp imga 
Ecuuvillunner, va. to sweep, epvnge a 
E^raigne, sf. village wake (jrM 

Ecran, sm. screen, hand-screen 
l<>ra8ant, e, adj. exorbitant, ejitraMgaHl 
Eorasement, sm. act oferushhtg 
Ecraser, va. to crush, brttise, break, de- 
stroy, undo, ruin, overwMm,grb^ 

— une araigii^e, to kill a spider 
Ecr§mer, \'a. to cream or «^tfii mUk 

— un autt-ur, to take the beet paseegei 
Ecrevisse, sf. craw-flsh [of an ammr 

— de mer, lobster 

8* Eerier, vr. to cry out, exclaim 
Ecrin, sm. casket. Jewel-case 
Ecrire, va. to write, compose, spM 

— mal, to scrawl, spell badly 

^ k uii ami, to send word to a friend 

— de bonne encre, to write stron/^ 
Ecrit, sm. writing, contract, certimtii, 

testimonial, discharge, pamphmt 
— s, pi. literary pn-ductions 
Eoriteau, sm. biU, label 

— de boutique, xipn board 

Ecritoire, sf. ink stand [ing meettr 

Ecriture, sf. writing; maiire d'^, writ- 
— s, pi. writings of a law pleat )m 

saintes —s, the Bible, Holy Seriptmree 
Ecrivaillf r, va. to write or compose mtMft 

without success 
Ecrivailleur, sm. scribbler, bad writer 
Ecrivain, sm. writer, author, earibe 

— de vaisseau, purser of a ship 
Ecrivassier* sm. scribbler Iter 
Ecroui im. nut o/ a scretOt ^rison-regis' 
Eaouclks> sf. scro/ulai Icin^a ««ll 




Etfh>nt^, e, tmf. sliameless peraon 
'—.adj. impudent tin»olentt brazen-faced 
Effront^nieuc, adv. impudently 
Effronteiie, sf. t^jfrynteryt impudence 
Ellroyable, aA']. frightful, hideotu 
Effroyableincnt^ tulv. frightfully 
Effusion, >f. qffiiaion, overjtuwing 
Egal, e, imf. equal, filluw, match; c'est 
mon — ou luon — e, ?ie or the it equal 
tome; k V — de, prep, in comp<in»on 
of; d'— h — , between equaU 
— , e, adj. equal, alike, even, un{ft)rm : 
style — , smooth or munutunous gtyle ; 
humeur — e, ewn temper; sans — , 
incomparable, matchleta; cela m'esc 
— , that is indifferent to me 
Egalement, adv. eqnalli/, uniformly 
E^cr, va. tu equal, tnatcft, make even 
■'— , vr. to compare oneself 
Egalisation, sf. equalizatinn, equality 
Egaliser, va. to equalize, make even 
Egalitairc, adj. equal, uniform, free 
Egalit^, sf. equality, uniformity 
Egard, sin. regard, respect, reverence: 
a\'oir — k qiielque chuse, to consider a 
thing; avoir des — s pour quelqu'un, 
; to rci'pectone; h. mon —, for my sake: 
homine sans — , a man who rega)d.t 
nobody: cu— , prep, considering: k 
Y— de, in comparison of, as for, as 
to t k cet — , ativ. in this respect 
Egard, c, adj. wandering, misled, wild 
E^reuient, sm. going out of the way, 

a departure from virtue, error 
Egarer, va. to mislead, lead astray, mis- 
lay or lose a thing 
■' — , vr. to wander, lose one^s way 
Egayer, va. to rejoice, make cheerful or 

merry, odiven, gladden, animate 
s* — , \T. to amuse or make oneself merry 
E^^ide, sf. protection, shield, defenre 
Eglantier, sm. eglantine, swett-brier 
Eglantinf, sf. wild rttse 
Eglise, sf. church, chapel, religion 
Eiplo^e, sf. eclogue, pastoral poem 
Egoisme, sm. egotism, self-praise 
Egoiste, smf. egotist, conceited person 
-^ a«lj. egotistical, self-conceited 
Egorger, vh. to cut the throat, slaughter 
Efforgeur, sm. murderer, assassin 
s'EigosiUer, vr. to make one's throat sore 

with loud talking 
Egout, sm. common sewer, ?iouse-eavcs, 

sink, drain, water-pijte 
Egoutter, vn. to drain, make dry 
■' — , vr. to drain <^ 
Eicouttoir, sm. drainer 
Egouttures, sf. pi. dregs, drippings 
Egrapper, va. to take qffthe grapes from 

a bunch 
Egratigner, va. to scratch, claw 
Egratignure, sf. scratch 
X«Tener, vn. to shake out grain 


',vtu to grind diamtmdt or glass 
~'Kf »m. mortar for pounding mM 

Egruger, va. to gratCt pound, scrape 
Egueuler, va. to break the neck ttfajt^t 

bottle, pot, 4>c> 
Egyptien, ne, smf. et adj. Egyptian 
Eh f interj. ah I alas! 

— bien ! well! what! 
Ehanch^, adj. hipshot 

Ehont^, e, adj. shameless, impudent 
Ehouper, va. to lop a tree 
EjaculaaoD, sf. ejaculation, ihortpnttr 
Elaborer, va. to produce with laointr 
s'— , vr. to get prepared, be improved 
Elabor^, e, udj. elaborate, studied 
Klaguer, va. to lop, prune, cut vff 
Elagueur, sm. one who prunes trees 
Elan, sm. elk, kind of stag; sudden «•• 

tion,jerk, spring, leap, fit, bunt 
— s, pL tratuportSj sallies 
— s de devotion, ptous ejocuUxtiona 
— s de douleur, sudden fits qf grief 
Elanc^, e, adj. shrunk m the JUmki 

personne — e, lank thin person 
Elancement; sm. pungency, shoetingei 

a pain, ejaculation, pious rapturt 
Elancer, \n. to feel a shooting pain ; k 

doigt m'elance, my finger shoots; u 

che\'al ^lani^, a hollow-flanked 

worn-out horse 
s' — , \x. to spring fonvard, fall upon 

— sur quelqu'un, to ru^ upon one 
Elargiasemcnc, sm. enlargement, re. 

— de prison, discharge from prison 
Klarg)ssure, sf. uidening-pieee 
Elasticity, sf. elasticity, the property ^ 

springing back to its original firm 
Elastique, adj. elastic, ela^cai 
Electeur, sm. elector 
Electif, ive, adj. elective 
Election, sf. election, power of choosing 
Electoral, e, adj. electoral 
Electoral, sm. electorate, territory <^an 
Electiicitd, sf. electricity [eleetar 

Electrique, adj. electric, electrical 
Electrisable, adj. electrifiable 
Electrisation, sf. electrization, Oeetrift- 
Electriser, va. to electrify [eatlin 

Elcctrom^tre, sm. electrometer 
Electuaire, sm. electuary, s(jftmedidn8 
Kl^Kamment, adv. elegantly 
El^ance, sf. elegance, grace, beautff 
Ei^ant, e, adi. elegant, pleasing^ neat 
El^aque, adj. eletoac, mournful 
El^ie, sf. aegy, mournful poem, dirge 
Element, sn». element, principle 
— «, pi. elements, first principles, mmB- 
Elementaire, adj. elementary \ments 
Elephant, sm. elep/iant 
Elevation, sf. elevation, height, rising 

ground, preferment, exaltation 

— de coeur, griatness of mind 

— de style, nobleness oferpression 

— du pOle, the heif^U of the pole 

— du pouls, the rising of the pulse 
El^e, sm. pupil, dinciple, apprentiee 
Elev6, e, aqj. bred, c iucated, eleeaied 
Elever, va. to raise, exalt, educate, pre- 

/w. lift up, erect, build up, extol 
»'— , vr. to grow proud, r'xtnvx b(UC«rt 




Embourb^, e. adj. bemired . 

Embouriter, va. to put in the mire ! 

%'—t vr. to get entUNf^ed in a difficulty i 
Emlmurrer, va. to attiff', strcll out ■ 

Eiiibouneinent, sin. act of pocket in/^ I 
Enibouracr, va. to pocket up, put nnoney 

in a purge [ 

Einbrancheinent, am. act of framing, 

eoMeringf crossing of a high way, 

railway junction 
Emiiraquer, va. to haul or hoist up 
Embrasenient, sin. conflagration, burn- 

ing, comtnittion, distirder, coufuxion 
Einbnurr, vii. to »et on fire, inflame 
»'— , vr. to ratchfirr, burn 
Kinbrasiatic, »f. embrace, hug, cln»p 
Einbrauenient, sin. rmbracement, caress 
EuibnuM^r, va. to entbracr, hold fondly 

in the arms, ctmtprise, comprehend 
«'— , vr. to cm'/race each other 
Koibrasure* sf. embrasure, battlement 
Emiirocation, tU fomentation, l.tion 
Embrocher, va. to put upon a si/it 
EmbrouUieinent, sm. nmfusinn, intri- 
cacy, peri4t:xity, entanglement 
Einbn>uiller, va. to emhroV, perplex 
*>'—, vr. to perplex oneself 
Einl)n)uillcur, cum; sinf. one who con- 

fuses the qjfiiirs of another 
Enibruiiid, e, aij. blasted, said of com 
Embrumd, e, tu\yfogny, misty 
Einbrunir, va. to make brown, darken 
Embryoii, sni. emf>ryo, foetus 
Emtiu, c, aili. imbibed, soaked 
EmbQchc, si. amltush, snare 
Enibuu>adf, sf. ambuscade 
t*Embus<jucr, vr. to Ha in ambush 
£men<Ier, \"a. to amend, reform 
»'— 1 vr. to improve, become better 
Emeraude, sf. emerald ^den 

EiDeri^nt, c, adj. emergent, casual, sud- 
Eineii, sin. emery 
Eni(^*rinoii, sm. merlin, mpemarker's 

whirl, small cannon, fishing-hook 
Enidrillunn^, e, adi. sprightly, bri^k 
Ein<^ritei a/lj. sain tif a prnfeM.<mr trhn 

has retired from theduties ofojffirc [nf 
Emersion, »f.' emersion, art of rising out 
Emerveiller, va. to surprise, astonish, 

cause admiration or wondt;r 
8*—, vr. to marcel, be astonishid at 
Em^Cique, sm. emetic, vomit 
— , ai ! j. emetic, emetiad, causing to vomit 
Em^tiser, va. to give or mix an emetic 
Emectre, va. to pr»tuce, publish, emit, 

put in circulation, send forth 
Euieute, sf. unroar, commotion, riot, 

tumult, amfusinn, mutiny, scMtion 
Emeu tier, sm. ruttcr 
Emiecter, vfi. to crumble, break small 
»'—, vr. to fall into small pieces 
Emiettemetit, sm. act oj picking up 
Emigrant, sm. emigrant 
£mi4(raUon, sf. emigration 
Emlirr^, e, smf. emigrant 
Raujgnr, vn. to emigrate 
Jjbmucer, va. to mince, cut very tmaU 
"^ ' It, Mdv. eminentlif 

Eminence, sf. eminence, summit 

Eminent, e, a^j. eminent, dignified, 9M- 

cellent, lofty, conspicuous, iltustriatu 
Eminentisslme, adj. mo^ eminetd, fifii 

of honour given to cardinals 
Emir, sm. enUr, title of dignity among 
EmLssaire, sm. emissary [tM IWIkf 
Emission, sf. emission, ejection 
Emmagasina^e, sm. act ijfwanhomtimg 
Emma^asiiier, va. to store or k^ up, fw 

in a magazine, warehouse, or gramrf 
Emmaignr, va. to make lean 
s'— , vr. to grow thin, fall away 
Emmailloitenieni, sni. act of stoaMttng 
Emmaillotter, va. to swathe Ian tf^/hw 
Emmanch^, e, a ij. ill-devised 
Emmanchement, sin. joint 
Emmancher, va. to heloe, set in a hnuBt 
s'— ,vr. to enter the Channel; celanei^eiih 

manohe pas cnmine \-out pensii, Mf 

matter is not sit easy as you itnagitu 
Einmanchure, sf. haivile, helve, h/tft 
Emmanciieur, sm. hafter, one who jmti 

a handle on anything 
Einmannequiiier, Vd. to put in htonpert 
Ktnmanttle, e, adj. mantled 
Emmaiitclde, »f. water-crow 
Emmariiid, e, adj. inured to aea-mrvk» 
Kminarincr, va. to man a ship 
Emm^naKement, sm. the fUmiMngef 

a house, «ett ing furniture in order 
— 8, pL conveniences on ship4>ottrd 
VEmmenagcn vr. to pntvide onee^fwUh 

household furniture or foodt 
Eminener, va. to carry or lead away 

— (ill l»^ll, to drive away cattle 
Emmenotter, va. to handcttff, mofiocfo 
Emineuhler, va. to hire furniture 
Enimielle, e, tuVj. flattering, sweetening 
Eniniieller, va. to su eeten uHth honey t 

paroles tmti\\v\\(x*,fl4ittering word* 

— un dtai, to worm a stay, in rigging 
Emmirllure, sf. ointment for horses 
Emmitouflcr, \-a. to muffle up 
s'— , vr. to muffle up oneself 
Emmortaiscr, va. to mtirtise 
Emmuseler, va. to muzzle 
Enioi, sm. care, trouble, anxiety 
Emollient, e, adj. emollient, softening 
Emolument, sm. emolument, Mn^ 
— s, pi. emoluments, gains, salary 
lilnioluiutntaire, adj. proceeding from 

emoluments or salary 
Emolumenter, vn. to gain, to profit 
Emonctoire, sm. emunctory, setont iewe 
Emunde, sf. dung of birds 
Etnomi^, e, atij. j/rutwd, cleaned 
Emonder, va. to prune, lop, cut off 
Emondes, sf. pi. slip-<, lopped branches 
Emotion, sf. emotion, passion, agitation 
Emotter, \'a. to break clots 
Einouchcr, va. to drive nway flies 
Emouchet, sm. tarsel, mu*ket-haw1e 
Emouchtttc, St', network to keep qff Hies 
Kmouchoir, wn. fly flap \_fromhorses 
Emoudre, va. to grind, sharpen, whet 

\ Emouleur, sm. grinder 

\ Emou\u, e» aA^. ahaTp«n«d» V}lv«lt«d 

* B/rhffiirg I Empllln 

7' ;S5?^"S^L 

r. w. ro ftrtBjf (As «Ui -f 

■ „i =.;G^_ 

vtalAahamf koipiiisuiilia' li 

Emplo^v vb 4 ffApfoy HH Tof OKf 

futcBT, Help, r^'-ain 

t, ndj. ielini^nir '" ' CI ^^it" 

Doluloiii it mdaumcHi, portim i 

Oeia/at, idipJvteAfra.dbVff, aetUtmant 

Dnniiib xn. NWdivWa, iapHuUe 

— , *dfM«M(, 4/K> ItfU, IraocAnuu 
I>Dabf»«nKhe» tC ANUgwipp 
Djurdnnnit jidv. tioubfy, twt^ti, itatet 

dJ^Bk^ "^SSwrt" S3^ 

— ', pU dVKMUf niricf tioo at Sackaam 

DnuEHiintrluin ■iftli', 'gti-Ur, qui'lls 

DOBtt «, pArt. 0f ftdj- vdKUtfrf, en 
D jUiC^ h-^. iS^lw JliSi n 

ki>inui,aiK, uV. M«Mi M>>/U 

DoWe, hh. dHiU, .Aw MUiwiUf, Hr- 
fWM^p JRnf|tf9» dMriOflt tHtgiaion i 
HH — , uIt. dguWMH, undniMadlli; 

Dnitttii, uiib 04. dnit V«lT^>^w 

DniL Dnin, •dj! nMM./nurcinf. n 

Mbw, sinasMi, *iiA, nlM. tliari 

lugitidm, finltt, imnlk, Har; v 

bHt^; irrt(-,jli»iln,r«i(J<; i 
tBppei-p^tt gibrTVanai (out — . M^l 

1 (wsUTUll 

1 dniatiil ^S^f* 

•IrolrAI, (ni n ■;!, b >tnic< 
-la tLFitote »fl JwirfHfrfl 


K — , VI. Ill phtilt oiirttlf ru 

, Dmguirti. il. drugl.WKTMMlta 




EnfoDcer, va. to drive or thrust in, sink, 

plunfre, bmalc open or throuifh 
— , vn. to dive, sitik 
•'— , vr. to pluru^e into debauchery 
Enfonceur, »tn.''one that breaks open 
— de portei ouvertes, vain boaster 
Enfonfure, sf. bottom of a caJik, boarded 

bottom of a bedstead, back of drawers 
Enforcirt va. to strengthen 
—, vn. to gather strength 
s* — , \T. to grotv stronger 
Enfouir, va. to hide in the ground 
Enfourcher, va. to bestri'le, stride 
Etifourner, \'b. to put in the oven 
Enfreindre, \'a. to infritige, trespass 
Enfroquer, \'a. to make one turn monk 
»' — , vr. to turn monk 
a'Eufuir, vr. to run away, etcape, evade 
Enfumer, va. to besmoke anything, fill 

with smoke, dung a piece of ground 
Enga^eant, e, adj. engaging, alluring 
Engag^, e, adj. engage'', pledged 
Engagement, >tn. engagement, contract, 

promise, mortgage, enlistment 
Engager, va. to engage, induce, prevail 

upon, pawn, mortgage, enlist 
»' — , vr. to engage or hire oneself, run 

in debt, be surety, entangle oneself 
Engagiste, am. mortgagee 
Engainer, va. to sheath 
Engeance, sf. breed, qffsprlng, progeny ; 

mauvaise — , bad set, cursed race 
Engeancer, va. to plague, embarrass 
Engelure, sf. chilblairi 
Engendrcr, va. to engender, generate, 

produce, propaucUe, beget 
■*— , vr. to be bred, engendered 
Enger, va. to encumber, pester 
Engerber, va. to sheaf, make sheaves, 

bring together, collect, bind or pile up 
Engin, sm. engine, tttol, instrument 
Eoglober, unite, mix, join 
Engloutir, va. to swallow up, squander 

away, absorb 
Engluer, va. to daub with birdlime 
Engnncer, va. to cramp, confine 
Engori(ement, sm. obstruction, a cliok- 

ing or stopping up 
Engorger, va. to choke up, obstruct 
Engouement, sm. obstacle, obstruction 

in the throat, infatuation, fondness 
Engouer, va. to obstruct the throat 
i'— , vr. to choke oneself, be infatuated 
Engouffrer, vn. to engulf, swallow up 
s'—, vr. to be engulfed, swallowed up 
Engouler, va. to swallow hastily, gobble 
Engounii, e, adj. benumbed, torpid [up 
Engourdir, va. to benumb, make st\ff 

or dull, stupifv, blunt 
«* — , vr. to grow stupid or torpid 
Engourdissement, sin. numbness, stiff- 
ness, dulness, torpor, inactivity 
Engrais, sm. pasture, food for poultry, 

manun, dung [manuring 

Engraiaaement, sm. act of fattening or 
Eograisaer, va. tofttten, manure, dung 
—V vn. to grotv fat or fleshy 
»*— » vr. to become fat t enrich oneself 

Engranger, va. to house corn 
Engravement, sm. oef cfetrandin/ff i 

ning (ground 
Engraver, va. to run aground 
»'—, vr. to get aground 
Bngrdl^, e, adj. engrailed, mid tff te» 

dented or curved tines in heraiiry 
Engrdlure, sf. purl, edging oflaee 
Engrenage, sm. cogs or teeth of a whetit 
the catchingofthe teeth of turn wheel* 
into one another 
Engrener, va. to put com in the mi^ 

hopper, to feed with com 
— , vn. to catch with the cogofa wheel 
Engrenure, sf. the act of whmds oiKtdt 

ing each other 
s'Engrumeler, vr. to clot, coagulate 
Enhardir, va. to embolden, enantragB 
s' — , vr. to grow bold, take courage 
Enharnachement, sm. act ofharneaekig 
a horse, strapping [imm 

Enhamacher, va. to put a horse ^ /ksr> 
Enigmatique, adj. enigmatic^, obscure 
Enigmaciquement, adv. enignuxtieaUy 
Enigme, sf. enigma, ttbscure question 
Enivrant, e, adj. intoxicating, inebriat' 
Knivrement, sm. intoxication [ing 

Enivrer, va. to inebriate, intoxicate, in- 

fatuate, make the head giddy 
8*—, vr. to get inebriated, glut onestif 
Enjamb^, sf. stride, wide step 
En^ambrment, sm. running of a vent 

tnto the next to complete the sense 
Enjamber, va. to stride over 
—, vn. to stride or step unde, prveet, 

jut or stand out, encroach upon 
Eiijaveler, va. to bind into shctn^ 
Enjeu, sm. stake at play 
Enjoindre, va. to enioin, direct, order, 

command, prescrioel give charge 
Enjdler, va. to wheedle, cajole, coax 
Enjdleur, euse, smf. wheedler, cajokr 
Kn^olivement, sm. embellishmjcnt 
Rn^oliver, va. to embellish, beautify 
Erijoliveur, sm. embellisher, licautifier 
En^olivure, sf. trifling embellishment 
Enjou^, e, adj. cheerful, gay, jocund, 
mirthful, sprightly; conversation — e^ 
lively conversation ; air — , agreeable 
countenance ; humcur —e, merry die- 
position; esprit — , fiwetious mhtd 
Eniouement, sm. cheerfulness, ROyety 
Enlacement, sm. act of entangitng 
Enlacer, va. to entangle, twist, perplex 

— des papiers, to file papers 
Enlaidir, va. to make ugly, disfigure 
—, vn. to grow ugly, become plain 
Enlevement, sm. abduction, act of car- 

rytng rff forcibly 

— avec violence, ravishment, defloration 

— des Sabines, rape of the Sabine women 
Enlever, va. to lift or raise up, carry 

away forcibly, charm, elope with 

— la peau, to take iff the skm 

— des taches, to take out spots 
8* — , vr. to rise in blisters 
Enlevure, sf. pustule, blister, pimple 

\ —9, pV 8hi-ed«t /ragmentt 

"* 't ""'^ "■'"''W' IMPI I „ "« V '"M-ir or I 

Mvii trtif^K^nl Arm 

n.-U. i.'idj. ftxiinf, ntn-tiirj'''- 

jnUclur, VI. to lainl, in*vt, WuM 
JlllUIn, V*. bi IMrk! JWhd, >ir 
aumcT, n. bMiln Uc Jfr<< n( 

"i'tBMin', KaUlpllcUK '•/affair. 
(■•Jfc**. pteMi"""/"™!/' I Kii«. "t («ft, ttw*. (rtojl 

t, MMB. art '•/tRritMng,'~-a,\Uair,tolakeiir*!lclnilii 

tJoiinUciliedliiiuiliimfJ Ihiti 
^■irnrl tun U nrvfint 




Enter, va. to graft, inpraft 

— etiecuison, to itwcuinte planta 
Ent^rinement, sm. grant, ratification 

of an act, juridiecu approval 
Ent^riner, va. to grant, confirm in law 
Enterrement, sm. burial, funerai 
Elnteirer, va. to inter, bury, entomb 

— son secret, to keep one^a secret 

— ses talents, to conceal one's talents 
s* — , vr. to see no company 

Ent6t^, sm. obstinate or conceited man 
— f e,adj. infatuated, fond, prepftssesaed, 

coneeitea, positivf, self willed 
Entdtement, sm. obstinacy, infatuation 
Ent^ter, va. to tiffed the head, cause 

headache, prepossess, infatuate 
»' — , vr. to be conceited, be prepossessed 

or prejudiced in favour of a person 
Enthousiasme, sm. enthusiasm, trans- 
port, rapture, ecstasy 
Enthousiasmer, va. to enrapture, trans- 
s' — , vr. to be enraptured {jtort 

Enthousiaste, sm. enthusiast 
Enticher, va. to taint, imbue, corrupt 
Entier, sm. unit, integer, whole number 
— , e, adi. entire, whole, complete, full ; 

cheval — , stallion ; en — , adv. out- 

Hght, totally 
Entferement, adv. entirely, wholly 
Entity, sf. entity, being, substance 
Entoilage, sm. act of joining lace with 

linen or cambric 
Entoiler, va. to Join lace to linen 
Entoir, sm. gatdaner's grafting-knife 
Entomolo^e, sf. entomolotiy 
Entomolnf^iste, sm. entoniolopist 
Entoner, va. to begin a tvne or to sing 
Entonnement, sin. act of barrelling iip, 

or putting liquor into a cask 
Entonner, va. to barrel up, drink hard 
s — , vr. to rush or blow into 
Entonnoir, sm. funnel, pipe 
Entorse, sf. sprain, wrench ; donner une 

— a un passage, to misauote a passage 
Entortill^, e, adj. twined, wound about 
Entortillement, sm. act of twisting 
Entortiller, va. to wind, wrap, perplex 
a*—, vr. to twine, enttvine, wreath 
Entour (k V), adv. round, round about 
Entourage, sm. frame, acquaintances 

— de diamants, frame of diamonds 
Entourer, va. to surround, rnatmpass 
Entours, sm. pi. compass, adjacent parts 
s'Entr'accorder, v. rccip. to agree with 

one another 
s'Entr'accuser, v. recipe to accuse one 

Entr'acte, sm. interlude 
i^Entr'admirer, v. recip. to admire one 

a^Entr'aider, v. recip. to help one another 
Entrailles, sf. pi. entrails, Iwirels, heart 
t'Entr'aimer, v. recip. to love one another 
Entratnant, e, aiij. attractive, seducing 
Entralnement, sm. act of dragging along 
Entralner, va. to carry away, animate t 

eareite, permade, carry qff' humours 
Eatnnt, e, adj./bru;ard, insinuating 

s'Entr'appelier, v. recipe to call one t 


Entraver, va. to^a^le,embarr«u»,sti^ 
s'Entr'avertir, v. redp. to give ofM tof 

other notice 
Entraves, sf. pL chains, obstades 
Entre, prep^ between, among, in, inte 
Entre>b&iUd, e, adj. half-open 
Kntre-bAil'er, va. to open haff-way 
tf Entre-hsA9eT,y. red f. to kits one anoOter 
Entrechat, sm. caper, cros»<ap». In 

dancing: faire det — ■, to cut osipere 
Entre-coui)er, va. to traverse, internt/tg 

d'une voix entre-coup^ in broken ae* 
s'— , vr. to inter/ere {centt 

Entre-deux, sm. middle space, panitian 
Entr^, sf. entry, way, door, passage, 

first course of dishes t avoir l'^-*t* 

have theprivilege of admission t a— » 

adv. at first, at once 
Entrefaites (sur ces), adv. meanwMie, te 

the interim; dans — , thereupon 
s'Kntr'^rger, v. recip. to cut one «•■ 

others throats 
Entrelacement, sm. interlacing, twist 
Entrelacer, va. to interlace, intermix 
Entrelars, sm. pi. knot, twine in orcM- 

tecture, love-knot, threads, cipher 
Entrelarde, e, adj. fiit euid lean meat 

mixed, interlarded, inserted 
Entrelarder, va. to interlard, intermix 
Entre-lii^ne, sf. interlineation 
Entre-luire, vn. to glimmer 
Entre-m^ler, va. to intermingle, mix 
s' — , vr. to interfere, mix ontae^fwith 
Entremets, sm. pi. side dishes, damtiee, 

second course, kickshaws, by-di^ies 
Entremettant, e, adj. intermedbiling 
Entremetteur, euse, smf. a go4)etweeJi, 

intermeddler, medintor, mediatrix 
s'Entremettre, v. recip. to interpose 
Entremise, sf. meddling, help, agenqt 
— s, sm. pi. cartings in shipbuilding 
s'Entre-percer, v. recip. to run thrwgh 

one another 
Entrepont, sm. between decks 
Entreposer, va. to store wares, leaf trp 
Entreposeur, sm. storehauae cterk 
Eiitrep6t, sm. staple, miirt,faetorjf 
Entreprenant, e, adj. bold, assuming 
Entreprendre, va. to undertake, eMeefh 

our, attempt, embarrass, encroach 
Entrepreneur, euse, smf. undertaker, 

contractor, architect, builder 
Entrepris, e, adj. cripple, impotent, dis- 
concerted, embarrassed, itwkuHird 
Entreprise, st enterprise, undertaking 
a^Entre-quereller, v. redp. to quarrel to- 

Entrer, vn. to enter, go in, come in, get 

in, step in, meet, share, embrace, fitU 

— bien avant, to pettetrate 

— en colore, to fall into a passion 

— en Age, to be of age 

— en defiance, to mistruat 

— en composition, to come to terms 

— en condition , to get into service 

— en g6ut» to begin to r«l\«K 

b (s MaU (MtfKir, itilip, Epaascal, e, int. ip m M 

, ^^ „ Krvur OH/rrr Epviiit, Epervin, ua, «pdRn, 

•nfl . EniulH, ■>; art n' JtF^n 
«d, I i5tti>«*»^abn ,i*i 

f Mfliiii-. wtog iBiih MHJiAq; ■ BfiicilnqiAtoJiinHrf.snipiifi 
ih, ri. o^. kn^iiv ■'«•<"■ .AIUVI EpmI«h»i ^ l y J a, ■tmiJatr-fiifc- 
nk-—, (a HMir*«"', •'x'™ Km*Ur. if. amiev-Jbr IIk Jhm/ilrr 

.. ." ., '-g ntlgMxtiri, EpMtan, urn. •™*. n5aH/(rt 

I*, ^ niamg. rMnntM ft 

.r.i^.JBirttliB'ilftsjrf- E 
—, tai. r,A-rpilr. rnnrilKd (/(pv Ep»>ni 

Epiler, ink In grplhl', Iflm inT Anfi- i a de^, 
EpUo^p tin. eiiHiftUB, nnc^v»wt EpoanB 

Bi^mSriin. I*, jyiiwi™ ' Epouvu 
EplM,ir.f»iini,tirit*liT,lHlti,il(MnilW Epmviu 

— ilBmi,fm*»n»-t'« jEpoum 

— adn, biicJRAm i Eiuuvu 

— dfl doi, bscArfcofWi sp^fl ' Ehhik. i 
E|««W7<I. •?<«<« |?E|iml 
EMcKDX. Ruc, Klj- rnorMft iHTTiifUg , Epreavf 

^llDlUn. n Irili mai^ a tllrr I iniur 

KiDflv, n. loptn, JUrfoH UU4 pirw I ';i0to 

Enbtoliln, iflj. nlffaliHV [>it<)iMi« Epuno' 

IQdlliAlBiBW, MD. Hintial .HH^ EpUH, I 

VpKcmFi MIL njnme. abi-lfffritflBf EpuT 

E>Uilowr, n. A *jiirnrni3T, nbrUn ■'—, 

St^ur, t!. eeUtb^ Irttsr [taiile Eqm 

n» tf. pL etpBtnalt, nnrriayflf 

. Jop qJT'Aff lop oft t 
>.Brtri.pwitfa'EaitTi,7,tij. iSmal.itlc 

lIlDci^nl, r, sjt. nartrillir, i 
IHiia^f. >. til. KititVlaa, q 

n impnaum \ ^OiM, i, tiil- «""*■ J*"*'", 'i^r. lank 



!™Bft — dr nt™, on fni^BOT 6.> 

EuUa.'ir. iMr, I^, ailerlJi, flat. I<x . , 

AifuM, ilnHnv, crw* ,- «udM t ' Ecrfriiiun:, if. ttr-iltr 
~' "', E, ■dj. IMrrViOteSXAnirHiU EcnJnK, 'if. rziT u/ i 

Buh, ti lltilt. Img iai, TttSmbt 

jSria(ji, •utimUiOirlll, art , 

Bmninl, t, Blj. vmilsj/iil, iMFTrtifc>(C 



dm nS'm £ ^Si'o'mA&S 


Emuuf, mlj. ,1.1: ,«jprie»lly B-jBc, ™ 

-, I, idl. aaaglillm, giiOl. ha'c- 1'—, ^r. nomiu'^',! 
wi/drr, ruB, ^ttanimge, fietunith „j^^..^, .^ ^-, ,„^ „,«™^, 

Tom. riM^ii 

Etr^LD^Inippkc, inL ^rand^^aflDM, eoo- 

— £iS5i''m'°'°'*''°"'" 

I^ojUn fif Etmil* 

EwiT, ifi AaM^HH, if«», It tau i JM— 
Etuvemoil. icn. b<M, JiMmMHSa, n( 

£uplKiDHiw , iA^. tupliD 

Erldml. i, •dl. HIdcal, ^^ 

BrtSt. 'k. n^ nT a dip mxnd ter 
ime/Hr at Oh tength ofhtr aibta 
|-4 u'lBuS, VB. la (lEni'ng 1^ 

in^, iiM7mi.wlii«ii/(nHiii,^^ 

dj. jfoT, fiif^. rtuh, fMhth 

t, tuftflp In -^"^ '"'^J 

vni dipvua -^n, j/mfut 

EidpfT, va, tc aUegt an eteeptioa, in 
ExsHUir, l\t, tii. tmUalinI, mttftgr 

£»tttr, n. 'iD mUb tedli 

Exc]ui]Rrniiiit,jidv< on'iu'H'k' 

, mil . iimt^teii, aianvlng «* iMfa* 
letnplilnniriit.idi.fircnplivICr [rlw 
\ t-,'in tmaaaU: pu -", atjtf 

Exonpt, un. fiAor ofailia 

— la uMidu, M incIlK mUiN 

, jc« ttfroMiirUlk 

tfacMon «'■■'■■■>' •■'i*^~~ ' »^rf.i j~m~ " ^ 

FtirahMnM, it mawa 

Cxcu^dii, It ocm^Hi, PS 

ISuiiabte,Zdl.cn1iaU(.I^ . ,... 

Ktaim,t.eK.iiK,aiii*i»,fliu | i>w, art i/irtftltliy nrfn^Sj 

EUDKn. UaiXKH.|iiBi)^,nnim->Bxl»milin,if.eiAgr«ii()«i,£«SWHi!l 

r— ,vr- <Dd«MtoAtfH«tf^,dEi^fn«, EihcwHr, i-l ro uftnrft fir up, liifUtf 
«ic<IM vSMtUfy vnwtf Exbmi]atlon» af. Artirauf Jon-otf «^at^ 

Eiiit. ma. a van loga oat ^ EihuinBr, vi. In dWnfa-, iiS»M>y 

gfc^^^. fiHsnUI, dilntaU* K^eut, <, *«. efuHiw Mo mw*, lit- 

SJMt^. ■» laiitWniWi. Jlwtta fmifftilfll ftmnriiriillrir 
EaMwttr. TiL M awflyte, lagVi ii, cpry wnflur-ILiiB ■■ftiniiin. iflmftiiitfu 
tufti <ff»t, BMiMini*. fi (Biiw fmauT iTjii. iiriinHiiitii nwrnim 

_nrj wMiionnUioiKrorkaiviiun Ei&Unb c ■dj. HbUM. uiaiiv 
bin^,ln,>dJ.<i«MH KidKaa.iCuIiOiio.KsMiI'Mv 

- I1.JJ agvliile.oirll'm.finc 




Ezsudcr, vn. to exude, noeat, perspire 
Extant, e, adj. extant, now in being 
Eztase, sf. eatcuy, rapture, enthusiasm 
fixtasicr, va. to enrapture, charm 
tf—, vr. to fall into an ecstasy or rapture 
Extatiqiie, adj. ecstatic, enrapturing 
Extenseur, sm. extensttr, a muscle that 
Exteiiaibilii^, sf. extensihility {^extends 
Extensible, adj. extensible 
Extension, sf. extension, act of extending 
Extenuation, sf. extenuation 
Ext^nuer, va to extenuate, palliate 
Elxt^rieur, sm. exterior, outside, out- 
ward surface or appearance ; a l'— » 
adv. outtcurdly 
— , adj. exterior, external, outward 
Ext^rieurement, adv. outwardly 
Extermiuatcur, sm. exterminator 
— , trice, acij. exterminntinff, destructive 
Extermmation, sf. extermination 
Exterinini-r, va. to exterminate, put au 

end to, destroy, extirpate, root out 
External, sf. day-school 
Externe, smf. dUiy scholar 
— , adj. external, exterior, outward 
Extinction, sf. extinction, act of putting 
out or quenching 

— de voix, suppression of the voice 

— d'une famine, etid of a dynasty 

— d'un pays, entire ruin of a country 

— d'une rente, redemption of an annuity 
Extirpateur, sm. extirpator, destroyer 
Extirpation, sf. extirpation, excision 
Extirper, va. to extirpate, root out 
Extorqiier, va. to extort, wrest 
Extorsion, sf. extortion, oppression 
Extractif, ive, adj. extractive 
Extraction, sf. extraction, origin 
Extradition, sf. the delivering up of n 

criminal to the country to which he 
is naturally a subject [ of a bridt^e. 
Extrados, sf. external side of the ceiling 
Extraire, va. to extract, abstract 

— un livre, to abridge a book 
Elxtrait^ sm. extract, abstract, summary 

— baptistaire, certificate of baptism 
Extrajudici&ire, adj. extrajudicial 
ExXTa}\xA\(A9\nimenX,diA\'. extrajudicially 
Extraordinaire, sm. extraordinary per- 
son or thing 

— , adj. extraordinary, uncommon, un- 
usual, sin ffular, strange, eminent \ly 
Extraordinairement, adv. extraordinari 
Extravagamment, adv. extravagantly 
Extravagance, sf. extravagance 
Extravagant, e, adj. extravagant 
Extravaguer, va. to talk wildly, rave 
Extravasation, sf. extravasation, the act 

of forcing out of the proper vessels 
a'Extravaser, vr. to be extravasated 
Extravasion, sf. See Extravasation 
Extreme, am. extremity, contrary 
— , adj. extreme, utmost, excessive 
Extr6mement, adv. extremely 
Eztr6me-onctioii, sf. extreme unction 
Extr^mit^s^ extremity, remotest jtart, 
^nae utity, rigour, emergency, misery 
XMMoMdque^ adj. eMirinsic, external 

Exuberance, $L exuheranet, cmergr omO k 
Exuberant, e, adj. exuberant, eupetjkh 

out, overcAundant, iusurutue 
Exulceration, i-f. exulceration, begkf 

ninff of an ulcer 
Exulcerer, va. to exulcerate, make sent 

irritate with virulence, corrode 
Exultation, sf. exultation, joyJnm^ert 
Elxulter, vd. to exult, to leap far joif 
Ex-voto, sm. qffering promuKd by m eel" 

emn vow 


F, sm. sixth letter qfthe alpMbet 
Fa, sm. fa or F, fourth «ound ^f Ob 

scale of music 
Fable, af. /a6/e, an instructive jklttem 
Fabliau, sm. an ancient tale in \ 
Fablier, sm. See FabuUste 
Fabricant, sm. manujactttrer 
Fabricateur, sm. fabricator, eoUter ef 

base money, forger, inventor, mc' 

— de nouvelles, /T/fw ofnewe 

— de calomnies, slanderer 
Fabrication, sm.fabrication,€Utoft 

ing, framing, constructing, fbrging 
Fabncien, sm. church warden 
Fabrique, sf. fabric, building, etraeiure, 

manufacture, property o/a ehurdt 

— de la monnaie, coinage 

— s, pi. fabrics, manufacturee, ruifMor 

edifices in the background of a picture 

Fartriquer, va. to fabricate, manttfae' 

ture, coin, forge, invent, construct 
Fabuleusemeut, fulv. fabulou^ 
*-'Hbuleux, eusc. Adj. fi^ulous,falee 
Fabuliste, ixn. fabulist, composer offablee 
Fa9ade, %i. face, frunt, frontispiece 
Face, sf. face, visage, surfiice, supetfi- 
cies, appearance, bearing; fain — , 
to fulfil one's engagement s «n — , 
adv. to one's face, opposite; dt prime 
— , prep, at first, at first sight 

— rejouie, jolly countenance 

— des affaires, posture of affaire 
Fac^, e, adj. faced; un hoinme Men — » 

jolly or full faced man 
Facer, va. to ftce or turn up a card eiml^ 

lar to that on which a stake is put 
Fac^cie, sf. facetiousness, drollery 
Fac^iieusement, ailv.facetiously,wittSy 
Facdtieux, euse, adj. ficetious, cheerful 
Facettc, t>f. facet, small irregular surfiue 
Facetter, va. to cut facet-waya 
Fftch^, e, adj. angry, sorry, qffended 
F&cber, va. to vex, grieve, tease, anger 
se — , vr. to be angry, quarrel 
Fftcberie, sf. vexation, grutf, thagrin 
F&cheux, euse, adj. gi\evous, disagree- 
able, sorrowful, cross, hard, difficult 
Facial, e, adj. belonging to the face 
Facile, adj. facile, easy, condescending, 

indulgent, sociable, docile, weak 
Facilement, adv. easily, with ease 
Fafi^t4, sL /aci(iti/» eoatneM* readineee 






- idftie, to MMob^aT 

- imfilBiii, Id mtBtA jMfn 

-(Mill Ml, MJhtl, IfftlWyiVni 

!Cr liienivr» tit naJta ont bmth, fiv 

m^HapatKt^Ul it— tuhi 

«*( , II tut iSIb, ft ii ftyioi"' 

F(ii»xpr«i, no. Kt jmrpott 

Ml, uo. »uii», (W^tH^tM 


■ferfaf.w»t«ila-<»iwl llg ^ ' 

"iflata, mi./Urtfto 

^ib pt Jlitu^ qnoitjr the Pamtuti 
Piliaiu'i tuw, Hnt nnAvr, 4faer 

Lei ■£ f«T"J1ljri»r If MfVd' 

MqufB', vn. Ii> furprf, ban, pi 
pSSllcmttur, im-Jiil-iS-r 
FiliiaaiMoii, If. ael nffiilrlfl/l 

h'uilllul^ iC/isiinarUiF, Mlwa' 

Mir, n. Cu*lHr, .^Bjt. HUiiqi 
i^t.HiiiJSi.'^M. tajnpliu pim« )fJS.f 
i W li; Sw i'X-Vnfl>. i-tArt" 


FAili, un. jijITmnit, ert ^jraiMiw 


, «m. medirinH tn aUa^fiBtr 

Fj«S, 4 ul],/iciiHif,/Ml/U, pnliitic 

F£AdIli«, If ad offirtiHzliHI 
Wcoodrt, n. njinindiiM, iMjEirnJi-, . 

nc«ldlU72 AenMW, JMOUe. a6w>- 1 — donT, 
_jl«i»,J>iiitfn(>M«,im|i(Icii(« ■ — rtoT, 





'"t?^ - 

ig=, 1*. ft./*, ™i" "0» or mi? _ r&lfe « 

PtutriET, bh. nonubcfufw . 

d EdpBoi] Ai!qrifff Awt ' ¥\tvTatte tt d ffK fetier 

A h«fei Frm hirar, net ua-Af Ifrr 

F*™ro It nn rf iorf Aajh >l£vr va CO gr 7 i 

|W m. o. vr»A ,li|W » fix re 

F^ ™«!i'^rtL' ?3m Si " d" 

UiclJtert mau'taSr^ffin ,-, „ „. . 

Fiairr n. ta (I( or NmI »UA pwA Plfunli IE file' n> 
FliriW ApacktS tad mid M Aut ri^an nnni id ;ba 
FladhUT euiF flffl paekff Fiiart ftgyr fii -m 

Flchnt, iifitfarflBf « a> Ii tin m malt 

VHTonnajJ r apU^ Fig r« 41I nn Annf 

m ttf Si'w* co^jS '%.?^ °"^'" 

•■icl" m nnkmiiirf dm ilir«d(» •! 

ncU tn.U ;t J) fm u ItnHl dc ci ^mni /icar 

H elfrnffi wn ga^orjF (Tor d rgc ftflMoi 

^^J^ "^ 7(S 

FlUd«» AMoA, nwdsr-Awn 1 1 

— 73]. JW">/««ViJ^t. ltr^fV^<A ' 

— ImUfa, K HcMi Oc Rir 

— 'dH dfaulJi*. to a p jMiMt J Wmi i>w 

Fluunr. MHt. imtjS B iSv^nSwr 
r? HUE, (HJ.jlaaniBr. it-wai rf wa 
r&BHMmnt, iilv./iunrdifiir 
FktunAt tDfh uU. jtBfti£nir» wliri>r 

Hflfl —fjlowgtil (ffjtf ; 


«c«ur?f> V^agHf, Jbmlh, 



— di W jlltdt t/i~~" 

FUcUr. n. lotmA *>nn>. atw, noK, 

niicUKMc, arl^ jbr'fUs, jili^nr, >>Itl^' 
^U> fjbof maf 09 bfnit Iraelvbie 

TllSfDt1laue,imf' <AvfiH4 or tflfff pn-iDn 
FlcfOWj im. plitegm^ graeity, jtatitncti 
FlrgBian, tou fAb^^HtMi, an f^jfenud 

Flnr, iLjImr, NUKm. OnHnrhiln, 

— 41 OfllK, JtlH jtoHr 

riHiititt, ■mf. jtoriu, /W illi II nM — 

Am^ |hi> bu - di •■ a^Hh 
M H M* trMCHt gn te UimmT 

'lolna, if.Ailin.acra^taliMw 

TomnMU^™ «*). nwiKidwMw 
.'iondaiii, iT. bmUiniHImt 
Plml.c, ■IJ.jIiiml rataiiiwIgjiMiM 
Fli>i«ii, im.llK riiHOt ■£■(• In JU 

K.rtn, «ii.;tDn~, DnM or ?Knmmimtl 
knii, vn. to JMirtj*, majiw J j| «i» 


blf, tdj. jfoafiw. ■ 



il.'e. MoTntadnr (b rfm* 
■mOiii^AwI, (nil, atttf^J M lm 

oitow ontentvUft — d'urlottjnaftfftfj 






■■ P<miiHiu.>iD.JbriHlM " '"^ 

HimIim'.SSwm, maiamlml^'i mt' raOat^lS/SSSSSilii 

— ■ jmUy> pflfffiv^i line milHil FDzidqur, viklpcvJivaittlHSitf 

At— tJhoHnafnnvcfMI; k— dclvUt nxia BRa> juh dlDMC, AIM 

ly main untnth,- k tniu — , mdv. . Fiw. m. jtrt. JfcWriM. iffm^* M, ■!» 

IvkoidSiiiMHg'.- lie -.«'<>>"''«'' ">'>V in H«hA »H awbiJkiipMi 

— dnlnh'Hiitf"™'' "dW<»* ^Vu»mp»i.?n™li«*«j«»(^fi 
— fvS«Bt,— d'lii[al^mhcAniDnfy,rhaiir rtwBij i^en un |mu— , MaitltCJM 
^4, pL JhasrfcJ^rciH. 'HflM one, JJurarAeriifr^riiilrf ji^ifi'-i 

niabiml/iiih'.jbrcati', I»iD«/<>'4 — A'uni •flllrc, maliif»iiuq/a tariMH 

_ ^ . -ji . *._^.... — lit I'liA DirfiH* port i/WH HKlllMr 

FufnniinC - da I'hjTn, lalMiiiifiXa mli^tr 

irdBilon»i£ tut ^ dAarrUttri t 

FMi, fr./mi, anHxt Urat 

FarfauttVUtttjiTfiiliirttpiuit, 6imi- 

OH], ulul.iil, c«ni7R«i>, (Uck, oft 

tiilCav riSUErie -<, MJu-jHIj u 
eiFRiikn — e, on »vlMHe nijiw 
fl«].' qui peut-on lUn il* pku ^1 

in-y, tnltalcanlXKMmanutlafmrtid 

r„^^,m.erimi. InaarrHilim.fiiliU — .mlv. «™. gavniiulk.Itrsnni>fMi 
Foi<Uniniii:;bi3lli>ntr«,jl>rftji.aj(B> ufrtri naapir— ,aiiM»>*an< 
FiH&Btai mi. giMcft, rtcr&iUH. cA»t I FlmmeiH, liv. iMiKg(|» iMWIr 
Forfknttrlt, ttBuaAini, bmiHu i Fonfc kIt. fawl, rinw (Iniwifli) 
Fivmr.jtnmninv BjbrJMmv IMitf l^uo, m. Iilsu-JMl 
FgnHUMidO. Mai mmrfg AraiBl As Femma. n.jliitmd eftaiW [MM 
F«ta.n-tBJbniiei'M>A<iniiiHP,b«f FonUut. •, iidj.' .A>r(ift<>Vi <nW* 

t]S<i*s|i>,<anMrAll.Jhb(A 1 FDRUca^ liuwflkariti* 

->n. tooemiKlt, naAuriHib i — ii>Bi(tn,,fl(M/iriii<eiH«> 

— — , n. » 6« wWimloi/, intcarfm ' F(nU(Ur,vi.(..j5i.(!ftr,i«reir-~- 

gShr, aaa, mtOailcal. tiuraal FDrtuiwiDinE, >dc. /brOllmuar. ■■< 
IVvmiBt^ Afarmaatlf, order, ngthod SttiluUl/, catiiallif, fiycAann 
FlHUt,(m.liui/aCMA: Hr"-. t'niliiiie, iT.ybrliiuc. AouiAMta 

Fonw^u' rf. jSn««^1 n^MIm'^ I mi<bl''^ai"^t!% lula ySlSS', 

rame, if. jbm, Arxn, iitiifii. bwWv, ' itcmanttTtltti—rivitanuiittM 

ardor, n«fA«L Hmnvntf, ^r^ nal i \ oaf* cowlitiim f U Kt J'AitiHB 4a ■ 

null oiAr — lie [UVT^tp Hnced'fnHiif-, --» he W M« Bn^ir«r c/ Aif cton Jlr 


•^-^ ■^.fiSKHl.fiva.MUtl.v-'- I -< '- 

■y fiah litrrimr I 

langwigii eompoMd of WrtIKh, IP», aaf^n M, tlMd in " Tj.'.Fl].^ 

"itpnanl, t. td). If Hklnf , iarMllv,«ir- 


FiuBtioUer. im. tmj^Hnv^uA 
FiwK, ■ni.jtaiK, Nm, pho ofFitiKli 
MDMV mrfA oboiM nJiuitfna haif- 

M^/iwJ bimiri-,*i«fl>^ 

mmlr put — i^ to gtt than nf ami- 


>nr, jmHdHiT [(boKM 





»=K.S-'— '= 




T. vt « m. (« (ria, f«««> 



...mir, »ii.lo'«iU(*i«r,t«mKirS£*« 
— d< sAtn, u AdR (Dtth »gar 




It, ana. mgUaiimh mti ^f 

m, tt met t^r^mrtin^ to 
nrt/WigiMRCi^ lo • ftoof 

I, eooinaw. 


MM, iUr« or lfff{iw></a aMp 


, mAl.f^akinfr, fluttering 
, sm. acf of frisking 
. to frisk, flutter, leap, skip 
fry, young fish, trash 
rnUe, cramp, iron-hoop 
Irt'/id of crow, rook 
L friability, the quality oj 
ly reduced to powder 
friabte, easily crumbled 
Ij. dainty, nice, delicate 
es, greetiy of praise 
i^fimd of news 
ton fond of dainties, epicure 
. dainty, delicacy 
ties, titbitx, sweetmeats 
sm. stewed veal 

. Co imake a fricassee 
a, to stew chickens 
t, to squander one'a money 
ntilled land, heath 
ortofstew, ready nuidedish 
to eat abundantly 
fiietion, effect of rubbing 
va. tOTUO 

frigidity, coldness, dulness 
Ij. frigorifie, causing citld 
s, adj. chilly, sensible of cold 
L the third autumnal month 
•nch republican year 
rime, hoar-frost 
\ow, mere pretence 
Biii. gamesome, airy, brisk 
L tofirisk, ekip, 
to wash and rinse a glass 
9 fumble, *poii, rumpie 

FripooDor, rtL to dkaaf. jM<^,4 
— , vn. toc9he«l«f«amf 
FiipoMMrle, tf. Jr—wii* Mdh* 
Kriie, va. to fry ^ sgfsemdm 
Kriw, af. frieae, a tmrm In 
ardtUecture, eeeeree wem 
Friier, va. to ^o-i, crism, fiimh, 
— du dnq», to nap dbm 
— , vn. te emri, tmm 
njaeiir,eiuek mf. 

Frincter, va. iofHute, erkm, emi 

Fiivole, sO^fAeeSue, ' ' ' 
Fne, am* msnVe mm 

jcterte — aiixortlaa,<»«j 
Frald, e, adi). caU,>Hfitf, 

de imm% — , adv. fn 
— , am. enU, e o Un ee e t kattra 

ceiee or treat 


Fn^emeat, adv. eeUly,fr^Ulg 
Froideur, tf. coldness, indifirenee 

Froidir, vn. to grote cold 
se — , vr. to become cold 
Kroidure, sf. cidd wrather, winter 
Froidureux, euse, adj. chilly, void 
Froissement, son. collision, act of dash- 
ing against, bruising, rumpling 
Froisser. va. to bruise, break, crush 

— une etoffe, to rumple a piece of doth 
Fmissure, sf. a bruise, act of bruising 
Kr6lement, sm. act of grating, touching 

Frdler, va. to graze, touch slightly 
Frojaage, sm. chefse 
Fromagerj ^re, ivat cheetemongn' 
Froma^ne, sf. place where cheese is 

made, cheese-market 
FromcDt, sm. wheat 
Fromentac^, e, adj. relating to wheat 
Froncemen^ sm. act offrouming 
Frononr, va. to gather folds, plait or 

pucker clothes, knit one's brow 

— lesourcU, tofritwn 

Froncis, sm. pucker, fold, plait, art of 

puckering, gathering folds together 
Frtnde, sf. riing, sort ^bandage 
Fronder, va. to east wUh a sling. Jeer, 

Name, censure, turn into ridicule 
Frundeur, sm. slinger, critic, censurer 
Front, sm. front, face, forehead, coun- 
tenance, boldness, impudence; de—, 
adv. cdfreast, in the front 

— d'airain, brazen-ftue 
Frontal, *m. frontal, frontlet 

—, e, adj. bdonging to thefirehead 
Tronteau, nm. frontlet 
Vronil^, et. frontier, 6order 

^»lMr> troiiej o/a c/otfiet I —, adj. fromtier, teiTderin^ 

naatl,tr.Ul)iriiun«ai.artrao\ruwir FtinKrDn. un. Aa(rilin« cMm 


Jf^Mn, Ml' JVlic<IAnHU, bearing 
f nKtUcadni, •l.fliKiarallim Ifruil 

FnielUocDir.wlJ. lit 

FiufdruR^ J>wtn nm'.'fliruw.lVllrr 
FniE, ■m./ATi, ivniKi, titmiOagt 

Ynmame, nn^/rulriiati rariMufrtiiti 
rniit!t, ulj- toHfRTu'lrA/rHlr 

m./«iH«* ■' " ' *iff!t^; 

FinMcr, iiR, >mC frvUtnr, (rcm- 
IVufulu, in. olinuf Hic A<u 

Fiustnr, va> tatMUtrvre, dlmidh^irf 
IMtlf, hi, ailf. fagUItt, miiuiA. •>!« rn 

Fivue, tt.fugiUtn^tUtuH^fartain 
— mit uiUic, MkwI tr^rr fiha irlrKl 

\tUmtt(iAl,tliKrjUamatiii UpA 
full, fkipif bsttor rwK mr 
Fun*, Afii^,itiipr,mriim,ia:ltf 

eoa,irIfiilmlmiM {Injr 

-< pt-Ztfitt, rknUU 4f jtmiB 


'.ffWnt, •Oj^ ^^S:'?!'"- 

Cmlaat im. gailvm i gncer'ii round iit 
Gjino, no. liailitpi aani —t /uii eult< 
Id, >■. nrawltaVi B»ft'' IkV 

GviUlkr, VD. tamt,aitllm,SSSt GuOHOnblh iOI. HwSrtt, f l H III 
GuBElI>,i£irw<ni»SH{| inBii/iii- (ludE-nuW, im. onwl ctMn 

Omw. vn. jd jsf a ant PHH 'u pfiof hf 

OuTnw iin- nim d 


GinttrtM£ {/« I 


vpon, n» nuKfU, to tomg tiff gtm/dt 

— uov iwln paurlk irir, ItUlMiH 

MiNgilhr a rmrtp ih;i 
(Tonlriolr', i=n. 'A« natter tftku i«i 

Rudni.'iir! ruii^ ajM 
Gire, tl.Mmiilld.xll, ma ixk 



top', ro furnish a Aoiuf 

'Jbrvl-Aeeper leu 

GniMvK, iin- Suniper-rrte, gbl 

, (a AdU a tAIAf In Mi^ loa 
nlHciu, hair fHtttdl tf labt 

Jama, «. to Aail, t'uL viWIW 

FVoHcJh repubtttvt tMlendat, fti j fc ■ 

m^ «tfu^ nlllOk JmMcHMta 

•into. loMin^wwi, HwjtwB/ le ' Ootmltr, vik (0 vnUnMa 
tnlida— ,Aiteii7i/iiaH»»( nu Ctdni, it odinMWraftoii 
ivHmiHnallM— , Jw tote M*r.OLMiiM.iQ.i.tjJ.|ti»iim. j fi n itiiMt 
IdfotoJ MVKHupdd — noj^rpHpto , Olblnlt^ jr. ffto^'fr* oundt 

~ Ac moiB, nm s^MMn I OllHltn, it fcuch, iramtbag, nV 

One If. naHsB, (r»>, fwrtt OiHIn, m. ifimin 

CtDUUH. IC nnf ion. M(Hnn>n U>Bllptniri/(MriwiIlt><4is<iy(Ik< 

OnitU,baDU^jt1AH/f^hfarAm,M«H Ivf 

— , le, (ilf- fmltel, pntry. agreeiiSIt \ (MlwloHt, if. jVimttw n^ '"J^t*" 

! GilHuld^t^Xl'r^c^ol^fl owl Ml 

"' , ¥11. tDABf.iliMMIM 

Z, (IW, u(j. An 4f KBM 

■4IK, lii- Klt^tUt,- ml« mm 
Oioirephlqut, mdj. (ftopTrt'M' "!P*'' ™- " m™ " jfcJ"'"J>«»"l 

ji]^//- a/" j GiD^EUrc/tF, iirlj. pfori torfVr fjwdl 

I vf- /mal, bHohi Chile, tm- down r Jar 

Ghi^iiilIbii/ jTina n jifT«Mi> 

Obnuttd tf lEwMarmt, (vih 





it/ «palruneaMnrile 
oMNorAard ft iwrf / 



• comii9^ or ftint teto iet 


tgjinaem, tikSU§i ^ 

wCw A9M09 ul W0vP 

meu, tiope imJU^tifieatkm 

aug Ukttator,pH ufigM«r 

tbr, t ame , tUmifmmtter 
9 gkdr or j w m t with th§ 

e^ iS[f. «llfl«r. ronr, mnetd 
p, piUm'9 9mrth 


ytmt mtuit www 
amdtkemelt mumpt 
\. that ha* the gbmtten 
nast or maatitge ofafinreet 
glandule, amtUl gland 
eu«e, adj. glandulotts 
idful of corn frleancd 
I glean, lease, pick up 
'., snif. gleaner, leaser 
yelp, bark, howl, squeak 
. vij. squeaking, yelping 
, wn. act of yelping 
sm. knell 

'>e, land, property, ore 
ne, socket, said of bones 
lip, act of sliding 
ij. slippery, glib, lubricous 
t of sliding, step in dancing 
m. act of slipping 
I slip, conv*v secretly 
, glide, glance upon 
ip, crawl, creep into 

)be, ephere, orb 
.giobularia, French daisy 
^obule, spherule 
ae, adj. globulous, ginbular 
ry, honour, reputation 
t, adv. gloriously 
i, sinf. proud person 
glorious, illtMtrious 
•f. giori/icatinn 
to glorify, praise, honour 
ory in, brag, boast 
t, comment, parody 
iloss, comment, explain 
■mf. censurer. carper 
gioeaary, dictionary 
\.glo9serl commentator 

uMt, act tifcaeXe/mf 

Gluant, e, adl. ji 

Oliiaa, nn. Hme^MAM 
Giner, va. <• make ttemmif at 
Olateo, nn. f^aten,i^tme 
OlDttaeaz, coae* adQ. gfimi 
Onome. m. gnome , brief r^ 
matim, antmagumnbeia^ 
Ghiomkine, a^i. gnemiiml. 

OaonioOf am. 

oaiuerer, § 


OoaUksir, eaw, ■m& , 

Gobckt, m. fvftM, hetaa, *riitklmii-€ap 
Oobdotter, m. (a/ttssltf f^pplt 

— le mofcean, «• he dftmed 

— dci mondMS, <• te tiw 
Oobe-moBdM* muT. idler, nmve^mater 
Gober, va. fo ir«4»orno«aM» dMvii. flr> 

M Goboinr, rr. foamter, make mweh 

ofoniuelf, loMi^ aiei here ^ 
Gobcfiy tau gobbet, dalaty bit, meeit^ftii 
G<AAb, em. hunehbaek 
Godaiile, sf. act tfguasilfif or tippUmg 
Godailler, vn. to guzzle or tipple 
Godailleur, sm. one who ia fond of guzz- 
ling or tippling 
Coder, vn. to pucker, fit HI 
GodeC, am. smaU cup, mug, calls 
— s, pi. buckets 

Godiche, adj. simple, easily duped 
Godichon, sm. sim^eton 
Godiveau, sm. vecupie, forcemeat 
GodroDf sm. sort of plait, rvffie, frill 
Godronner, va. to make plaits with the 

hand round a ruffle 
Go£lette, sf. schooner 
Gogiulle, bf. merry-making 
Gogo, sf. plentifitl living; vivre k — , 
to live in clover; k —, adv. luxuriously 
G(wuenard, e, imf. one who jeers or 

—, e, adj.JbeoM, cheerful 
Goguenaider. vn. to Joke, banter, jeer 
G<^enardene, sf. foke, jeer, banter; 

act of jeering or joking 
Goguettes, sf. pL merry stories 
Goinfre, am. guttler, guzzler, glutton 
Goinfrer, vn. to guttle, guzzle 
Golnfrerie, sf. act ofgutUing, guzzling 
Goitre, sm. wen, swelling on the neck 
Goltreux, euse, adj. subject to sweUings 

on the neck, liable to have wens 
Oolfe, am. gulf, bay 
Gomme, si. gum 

— ^lastique, Indian rubber 

— gutte, gamboge 

— r^lne, resinous gum 
(Sommer, va. to gum over 
Gommeux, euae, adij. gummy, full of 
Gommiar, em. gum4re9 \ { 


—MliMBtfiiQrtJilKlmfaililp ^Si 

Oiiitiri in. <o •ufll, MSJiJi 

OimliiTiDiliR), ■n.HiwilivA'. ' '" 
UDIlAnllM, iCHHBn-Aflo 


Mf«5, vJm, Tl«:t, 

— tfoilpfc mow* Mii Htdiofai 


■ — ■•!. re^« onuw/, -. - ■• 

OonllMVe, .mtrttfwii [6 

Ooiilgnuiil, aJr.irlB'IWHiiuU.innddli Grvllbic, nil. nMisHMe. 
Oi«[Jne.iKB'aliA-pfl..j-»,/b>iAic*i/ GnKtou-a-t- — ■ -'-'' 
a M, M ■tl^^UAnir Gndesiir, n 

OmnlF, ir. iieiinl. «M't>csU, maun/ 1 ^ndi, ae, 'WW^j'^J^^ I""- 

Bwkuiantiiiti : uni — , || l « l , llMff 


Douifitii'lloe, Mt tri 

Br«j 101. »rt! -If ImiTK JVmlDiu 
I OlMhr, ™. U MrlpS: mrinkU 

I--* * rnnwi, iiwBr/ii- (ftl tan 
Mr* iTliiipDU, •!<]. HsuUt mkI 


Grincci.m loiTJnriiirgiHrtltai 
Grim, If. luUVq, finite i ' 

k"^! ft iJtnt^^S^m^^S 
Gtlppewu, im. penv agaU, »HA«r 

— . t, BiO- imuTtW.- Pwt= -I*™* ■ 

OrlnferT, Adj. m^jA. jT< >tJ|f__ 
Grim; Slvoimg-gt^Sl^i' 
Ortaiie, rt. (nvni«i. "«i or bH(«M 

1- aiiA,m.Md,t»ff»imitf»n 

Ij. btdB tfllia armu 

Infill (fnwniioM Ibmh 
I'bl^^^ulkltirB, nicit- 

e^nlA— hLfdl.touiihrh Jbrmntf 

m, •!». (t™***™*. ■«* t 

—.n.toIutana.MiilD/ADiinaiHlilni' HiblllM, ■LaM'ili, AnlM 
Ma'rprqr [sJriiv HnUllinr, n. la AciUIMts inAnB 

Cal. m. ■llMMOl ,- lUlltiMinl 

-Oahnt, ir. tAiftMUi 

-OnEnw, m. K Jwr. iwp, p«n- 

OoUIMllW, n. fufHtUottlM I 

IE—, vr. fa vtf flBMrift jB Crt i iB tt 

■ a^Stcr, vr. br urnffit, grapplt 

fturmr, t^lt ftnrioiir, *|J^ 
^ha<F» vt fa tlvj^flti duU, bffnf 




H^ler, va. to hail a ship 
Htiiocrope, tm. heiiotrooe, tun-flower 
— , tf. oriental jaaper, bloodstone \ 

Hellenes, tnii pi. the Greekpeople \ 

Hdltoique, adj. Hellenic, Grecian \ 

Hdl^nisme, sin. Hellenism , Greek idiom 
Hdl^niste, sm. Hellenist vc billed in 
thK Greek language , 

Helv^iique, adj. Helvetic, of or reiatiug 

to the Swiu people 
Hem ! interj. fCem I 
H^inatoide, adj. of a fjlood-colottr 
H^mlcycle, sm. hemicycle, half-circle 
Hemisphere, sm. hemisphere, half-globe 

or sphere 
H^mis(jiteri')ue, adj. hemispherical 
H^mi>ph^roide, sm. hemispheroid 
H^inlstiche, sm. hemiitich, haif-verse 
H6morraj^ie» sC hemorrhage 
H^morroidal, adj. hemorrhoidal 
H^morruides, sf. pi. hemorrhoids, piles 
H^mostasie, st. stagnation of blood 
Hennir, vn. to neigh 
Hennisaement, sm. act of neighing 
Heptarchie, st^ heptarchy, a severe/old 

Heptarchiquc, adj. relating to heptarchy 
H^raldique, adj. heraldic 
H^raut, sm. herald, prodaimer, fore- 
Herbac^, e, adj. herbaceous \runner 
Herbage, sin. herbfige, grass, pasture 
Herbe, sr. herb, grastt; mauvaises — s, 
pi. weeds : manner soa bled en — , to 
oe a spirndthrift ; couper 1*— sous le 
pied k quel ,u*un, to supplant one 
Herber, va. to spread cloth on the grass 
— de la toile, to bleach linen 
Uerberie, sf. bleachfield, grass or greeti 

Herbette, sf. grass, tender grass 
Herbeux, euse, ailj. herbaceous, grassy 
Herbier, sm. herbal, treatise on herbs 
Herbivore, adj. herbivorous, feeding on 

herbs, graminivorous 
Herboriser, vn. toherbarize, gather herbs 
Herboriseur, sm. one who gathers herbs 
Herboriste, sm. herbalist, one skilled in 

herbs, seller of medicinal plants 
Herbu, <-, adj. grassy, herbaceous 
Hercule, sm. Hercules, powerful man 
Hhn, sm. poor wretch, game at cards 
Hdr^itaire, adj. hereditary 
H^r^taircment, adv. hereditarily 
H^r^t^, sf. heirship, heritage, succes- 
sion, inheritance, estate 
H^r^e, sf. heresy, fundamental error 

in religion, unsound opinion 
H6r^ologue, sm. writer on heresies 
H^cicice, sf. heretical meaning 
H^r^tique, sm. heretic, one who enter- 
tains erroneous opinions in religion 
— , adj. heretical, containing heresy 
H^iis^, e, adj. bristly, rough, angry 
Hdxlner, va. to plaster with mortar 
— . vn. et vr. to bridle up, stand erect 

rHaiaion» sm. hedgehog 
re» im. inheritance, estate 
•, iHfwrit 

Hotter, i^re, mi. heir, htinm T 

— prtemptif, ive, hair^^fparemi 
Hennaphrodice, tm. h 
Hermeune, aL sable, 

Hermtoque, adj. hermetic, 

perfectly dose, air-tight 
Heriii^tiquemtrnt, adv. hermeliea99»tr 

actly, chemically, dosely ^ 

Hermine, sf. ermine, spaeUt of smImiL 

fur of the etmine Jmrnim 

Hermin^, e, adj. ermitted, domed wM 
Herminette, sf. adze, earpenUr't tmt .\ 
Hermitage, sm. hermitage 
Hemie, u. hernia, rupture 
H^ndne, sf. heroine, female hef 
Hdnilque, adj. heroic, nmgrmHHmmu - 
Hdroiquement, alv. heroieaUy 
H^nnsm , sm. heroism, queUitiet </• M* 
H^ros, sm. hero, great toearrior 
Herae, sf. harrow, portcullis 
Hersemeni, sm. act ofharrowHigl 
Herser, va. to harrow 
Herseur, sm. harrower 
Herkillon, sm. small harrotw 
Hesitation, sf. hesitation, doubt, 

tainty, stammering 
H&iter, vn. to hesitate, be doubtfkit 
H^t^roclite, adj. irregfdar, 
H^rodoxe, adj. heterodox, < 
Hdc^rodnxie, st. heterodoxy, < 
H^t^rog^ne, adj. heterogeneoue,' 

milar, of a different nature 
H^t^'og^n^t^, sf. heterogen^ty, < 

ence denature, dissimilit%ide 
HStre, sm. beedi-tree 
Heu, sm. hoy, small coasting \ 
—, interj. Aeu / good lack t alati 
Heur, sm. luck, good fortune 
Heure, sf. hour, time; de bonne — ^aditl 

betimes, early ; tout k V — , primus 

ly : & la bonne, adv. well and good, m 

much the better, fortunately i ktaati 

—,at every turn, constantly; 4 IT— 

m^me, at the very instant 
Heureusement, adv. happily, IrndtUp, 

Heureux, euse, adj. happy, lucky 
Heurt, sm. hit, mishap, knock 
Fleurter, va. to hit, knock, affbndt ■ 

—4 k toutes les portes, he has kjt fW 

stone unturned 
Heurtoir, sm. knocker of a door 
Hexagone, tm. hexagon 
—, e, adj. hexagoneu, hexangular 
Hexamitre, sm. hexameter, a veraesi 

six metrical feet 
— , adj. hexametric, hexameiHeed, etet- 

sisting of hexameters 
Hiatus, sm. hiatus, gap, duum 
Hibou, sm. owl, peenjA man 
Hie, sm. knot, prindpal dMcuUy 
Hideusement, adv. hideout, honrUdy 
Hideux, euse, adj. hideout, ^uu^ 
Hkr, »Av. yesterday f d'—, since i 

— loir, latt night [i 
~f va. to ram in, beat in with a I 
Hi^nuchle, tt hierardiy 

, hirrofiMcuBll ^ able nr uprirfir mvt ' 


ig, Bf^^ntofliin uft\ 


bun' nan ^tMt 

lacnlwiiini, idr. JiuviUr, Mwu^, 

lloiurillquF, iilj, hmarwry, tttntir 
aaiAt, If. lAontf, ditgraa, tejtannr, »- 





Horrible, mdj. horribie, hideous .■ il fait 

un frold — titU intenaely cold 
Honribleinent, adj. horribl)i,fiiehtfuHv 
Hon* prep* out, except, save ; cere — de 
page, to he one's own master 

— cela, except this 

— de blAme, free from blame 
•— de dnute, without question 

— de la ville, out of town 

— de priXt extremely dear 

— de raiaon, unreasonabljf 

— de ulson, unseasonable 

— d'oBuvre, outwork, digression 

— d'oeuvres, pi. side-dishes, kickshaws 

— de cour, nonsuited 
Horticultear, sm. eardener 

Hoepioe, Btn. small convent or hospital 
ybr entertaining stranf^s 

— pour let maladea, hospital for the sick 

— pour let pauvm, almshouse, asylum 
jbr the poor, charity workhouse 

Hotpitalkxt i^re, adj. hospitalUe 
— B, im. pL knights of a religious order 
Hotpitalitd, tf. hospitality 
Hostie, tf. hos', consecrated wafer 
HottUe, adj. hostile, adverse, opposite 
HotUlemeiit, adv. in a hostile manner 
Hostility, if. hostility, state of war 
HOte, sm. host, landlord, innkeeper 
Hdlel , tm. h ntel, extensive innor lodging- 
twuse, notAeman's town mansion i un 
mallre d' — , a house-steward 

— de la compagnie des Index Orientales 
ou Occidenralet, East or West India 

— det monnalea, the mint 

— de ville, guildhall, town-hall 
H6tel-Dieu. tm. hospital fttr the sick 
HOtell!er» i6re, %vaf. host, hostess, inn- 

HOtellcrie, nf. inn for travellers 

HOtesse, tf. hostess, landlady 

Hotte, sf. dorsel, dorser, scuttle* pannier 

— de cheminde, chimneyfUnnel 
Hoit^, sf. dorsrr or scuttleful 
Hotteur, euae, Kint one who carries a 

dorser or scuttle 
Houblon, sm. hops 
Houblonner, va. to put hops into beer 
Houblonnidre, sf. hopjifld or garden 
Houe, tf. hoe, weed instrument 
Houer, va. to hoe, cut weeds with a hoe 
Houille, tf. coal from the pit 
HouiU^re, sf. coal mine or pit 
HouiUeur, sm. collier 
Houle, sf. swell of the sea 
HouWtte, sf. shephei d*« crook 
Hoiilcux, euse, adj. turgid, swelling, 

billowy, rough, rolling 
Houp, interj. fuiUa, hollo, holloa, word 

used in calliner, huntsman's call 
Houpcr, va. to shout, cry out 
iioup{«, sf. tt{ft, knot, elttster, hundi 

— k poudrer, vowder-tn^ff' 
Houpp^, e, adj. tufted, crested 
Hottiqielande« tf. riding-coat 

Houpper, va. toadom with a tuft 

Houra, interj. hurraht shout ^Mmmmk 
Hourdage, tm. rmt/^ mamm-work {fjf 
Hourder, va. to nmghrwaUt buUd e— w 
Houri. tf. Mohammedan nymph ^f m- 
Hous6. e, adj. dirty, wet [rmSm 

Housplller, va. to tugor putt <m€jbtHt^ 
te — , vr. to beat or treat oneanothtrUh 

inveigh against each other 
Houssa«e, sm. act qf dusting down, #» 

closure of a windmill 
Houssaie, tf. hoUy grove, place i 

with hoUies 
Houase, tf. horse-doth 
Houtser, va. to sweep, dust tbwn 
Housseur, euse, tmf. sweeper 
Houttl^re, tf. plantation of or 

fur voung trees or shrubs 
Housstne, sf. switch, smaU twig 
Housslner, va. to beat with a swUdi 
Houttoir, tm. hair-broom, tcAiak 
Houxt sm. holly, a tree 

— panach^, ydluw blotched hoUlf 
UoysM, tm. mattock, pickaxe 
Huard, tm. ospray, seo-eagle 
Huche, tf. hutch, kneadinar-troughp I 

— de moulin, meal-tub, nuU-hopper 
Hucher, va. to halloo, cry v^emuiH^ 
Hutchet, tm. postboy, huntsnum*eC 
Hue, Hue-ho, interj. gee, gee-ho 
Hu^e, st act of shouting, hooting, i 

ing, hallooing 
Huer, va. to shout, whoop, hoot, htaeti 
HuKuenot, e, smt. Huguenot, JWadI 

— , adj. relating to the Protestant ekiuek 
Hui, adv. to-day, to mark the dtty, km 

term : ce iuunl'hui, this day 
Iluile, sf. oil; jeter dc 1'— dana 

stir up a quarrel ; c'est une taclied>-> 

it is an indelible stain 

— vierge, pure oil 

— ranee, rancid oil 

— d'olive, salad oil 

Huiler, \'h. to oil, grease, anoint withetl 
Hulleux, euse, adj. oily, greasy 
Huilerie, sf. oil-shop or wareho%tee 
Huilier, sm. oU-bottle or flask 
Huis, sm. the door of a room j ]l — do^ 

privately, with closed doore 
Hulssier, sm. doorkeeper 

— i)ri8eur, auctioneer 

Huit, sm. the eighth day of the month 
— , ailj. eight; d'aujourd'hui en — i Me 
day s^ennight 

— de cbiffre, sort of compass 
Huitain, tm. stanza ofeightvereee 
Huitaine, tf. eigfa days the eighth part of a thing 
—, adi. eighth 

HMitiemement, adj. eighthly 

Hultre, sf. oyster; c'est une — k YAcaSHk, 

he is a mere booby 
Humain, tm. man ; le Renre —, mofiMiMl 
— , e, adj. human, humane, kind 
Humainement, adv. humanly, humane- 
ly, getttly, kindly 
Humaniser, va. to humanize, eivUim 
■e —, VT. to grow gentle* trocMMa 

c *di. AKivbiittfr, war 

I top '■fa mtutttheiop 
Ytatt luft, lapurinf 

Urn^riquc, ulj. Sftliriail, n 


ta tilnU lelltp nf l«i nlpAotut ,- 

■m- nvdrogen 

,■ tf- U, WUtker; ium^ _, 


1, mnu part(ete«w7i^ttnj« Vifmxmt 
Ill{H>r». to Mmtift or m">prf»t"J 

IdB, i£ pi. Ilia, atfi/rtimli a/NoHh, 

{'"tof; IS K™)!' 

Iv. l)f«pWj., yeanlf 



aiinmid, uiiin 

an. If. B/uiiim, Jailor^'. dlliuMr 'l 


F, adj. f •uwiitjf, nam • 

' ImpnmpUblMirni, tir, Inutmntltlr 

ion, it, iiHinrtitcmtSl 
I, adj. HFiiiHirfiV 

6od^ HT CJ 

aid, ■I'. iiMBM^rM 


It bmartinett, thabitti 

It, f D ntf H« oara to pasi 

"--ir, n. (0 ™ft, ei * 

(Irirnow, vt re 

Qntt ua. aafiofomiinji-ttttone 
ImA, iu. riM, *ssr-jAM< 
OiMliniKn^ tm. «f ifAHviUipg 
Oi^lB, n. UlM rS, nirinUl 
Qitnt ujmffd, H»tf^ jApt?, brDcA 

— IIH Asie, » nnmiaeiS 
aiUtltr, If. lUar tfpork, Kal.arflml 
OrtlioalUM^, joL Jrmu'/, daub 

iSSU- . 

IBUOD, 101' rrtirtp pieoe t^i 
linolcr, VI. K nfbfii, nl i 


gu^inm— , Ujlml AiA wiM dug ,- 
^st ■• — , O li All AoMf 
K OrlppFlir, n. fo lArinJi:, loU qf doA 

HIM. ■£ urwinw", iMan or buajrirf 
ne, lujj. ffrwANiferf, jkeary 
»nncr, VD. UfFfifp MV^AMTtif 



rtA, bl/fiir.oftfyti pi«ner' 
^. fcri«, Ihitlt, eoaiie.fl 

tf.^Dn-w4, «' 

tery ^u, utaraiv oni/i *t 

le, ndi. dt 


nn«Vi*iae,buthtVP^tant bonne— , Adtr, ib^, 6^ Ailrrmofu,- 
H,mdj. norJV, fAJcJfr. rfffA>J, furrlK— & I'unt, /f^ u^cA Jlv on op- 
Ept,' BdT. eoarBBty, URffldn- ffl^jf taitonaelfta the tima 

TSSi'fc^if^'^- ^"~ ■ 

EPlbaCfHi>iirhn>'''AufaDrJfrih»r n 
■t liin en — , At Ji u ultelioe^/inDf 

^'*^.^,™'" 61I«I«M J™ [^. '„1--. 5^ nnHAKbfJhir 

Ui rt c h aU i , am. imkm 

Hal hiB!i.*a/ juf 

•wifci. iminiBf, dilir^i. ncUr, KifirniihT irnimnm 

"•"' -■- ikUtvllg, rlemii/ H«ll«iiinlt. ■'.*««•"(, i 

ill, ikUfui 

HttOtli, jC dM/^, 

HAL 137 HEL 

iBMakr, n. to nvWdK teo«( una pa 

Ibttrinirvumi, jidir- jAAf fw^ 

Infbnil, n Ml], li^rwil, lliitliitaeal 
InfCmii, Idi. l>|i»rM«. m/railfiU 

InhnUMTS'. liut^tiinv, bui^nwi 

InUiK .'i^in^Utl, luMiMT 
IntlMiiiuiit, atv. •■•ubicVW& 
Infliiail^ iC (WtMiV, Mn«eli>/ 
•■|i.i?Kr, n>.i?^/l''»»ti 

B1' iuftnUUt vMtH numbw i ju lU. od^ ua^ittUiJuii inv 

. Iin. b^amtt Kiml lohuU t, if tnes;iai-lf» lain 

— , dlj. dtrirn, MMuilimrian Inhabhuib A uiasl of luMI 

iBMliuailbUllfTlf. <i'l£"Ji»«iUIMv 

InluuniWdlre, M]. Iiutnnirnitni} '»> liv" 

lD«nibU[c& if liiMuiAiI'V. if {if^'u inUi 

liilleinHEiieii[.aV.Jr'j>cv>il~b I liuW nadj loW^teod M Iflte 

■ntn, HT^iM a^ KWII uint ttrU ' ItSSim iL IHUHHM 

InflUllnD. if. lluffrrJMI, ii»M(Aii»i' nil amiln t— la Aem or toM AM 


IllI<]nBR,n.tg1lui'lll,Mf.«11»lt<< IqllWlKl.lIiAthUKflMl.cMHWHl 

\ lTlOU^0ILb^» V^ UHMt^ 

139 INS 

. . _' ■'— . "■' « MUt'bw'i hiiis, ■ui^.tUM 

ft pun, Wnipbi jrw^ ' InvTuUbJe, A'lf- HwarehoUt 

rnuh/b^ inntorfMU I Ini^p im, 1^ men) iBJMMf nv ftsaiDH 

wu Rulsmi ,IrHdn un. ICmn.inlrl 0/ a (u«na| 

jiDtMreiuian I — , •, 4HJ. iml, imiclra, JtaliSl 

Mw^jd^ Inmiibllll*, .^HMM^^aj. lO^i ^ 

j'in SHcA •««' lucnrililMlili. ffWDutMl, MVltAitryeik 

— ft U vne, tmpirvtfillbJt lu Ike ttn 

JCWlJ' ^,^#ii:w<«. unktiid Ii 

Ffi^'v I lAilffne, i^ n 

I. 4(0, KM ij/'kiD*i lliia Invlnunni, f, u^ enitnnanl. ha 
MlJi ^^JSnd ' I uialnii^uiiaiiaii 'an llie lU^dloiri 


T«, fepfltfr, aoJn Ml fAr *^ 
lln In-iplJe, a3t. Iniliidj, (lit 

^^"*r^«,i'^l .. „ ,.... 

tilf, intwntlance inlMritettl- IntBgrlly. ^^miatVt hi 
InleltBnIf, In, tij. inuOtcl^t 

HMrMMdUlMi, n- iMtinitminni. adv. knawliu*! 

TI^ idT.'fiHWMIV, Imm^iatilt ' I ma i Is -^ie^S^&i *«••■« 
- -^ "Tjimf, pribdw, «■"»!< (jiMtt; baniw ^. iiMwi. *ii ii mM i 


IralerTapdon, »f. iatfrruption, i 


tf ivHarfDU,frjr a tinte 

-, B, ildjp Inward, to 

la bttrrpantiim 

^K-flT^fpn -= -, -- , - xr 

a, bT tnlerpreiattoji, expo- —, t,wiii. intrig^b-g, liirmir^plotf 

tajt0 irtavo'1 pari 

ISS 143 JAR 


Jilooi. DUB, .inrj«jg».pc^,- c-ai 

un vlcui -, At 1. a>al„u °(.l>aw 

Om an BrtWf 

n,a/«,i>Dn»Hr/ reBI.]'-, 


^'i:^/ JH/'™''''*^-^^ 

tS*"?!^^ I""* A' i™- 

JiiuMj.. ^Jam'j. Krokl 

idn.<r, tend, tore 

»vr, hlDtcll -^,ai^ H^hgt^i 

ivurfr o. .Jlc i uulc -TX, 4iii u 

r. /urtoB.. rwj* o. fimMH 

mn, " l^*^^i™i^, "-'*"" 





I Hndnlh^ ir. AjvcMM 
i.OiiainteBniiru'hinAli . 

t, fan. ja«Dini«m> pri' 

Juiutiu, tU c/iliarJnKkBI ft mat 

trd\ntMie,%'\i. Mpotltr, /iUl of apwAn 

ttTtVn.tojalifvr, t^kpl^sritA 
Ti of mftl'iflMm^irt 
Jv^^ jllrV^^ ^%„rf ftmt Hfiii- 




Jan, im. gander, male of the goose 
Ju, am. stock, anchor-stock 
Jaaer, vn. to prate, prattle, chatter 
Jaaerie, if. act of prating or prattling 
Jaseur, eawt, mr. prater, prattler 
Jasmin, iin. jamntne, jengamine 
Jaspe, sin. Jasper, variegated mitieral 
Jasp^, e, adj. marbled, veined, streaked, 

Jasper, va. to marble, variegate, paint 

or sprinkle with various colours 
Jatte, sf. bowl, porringer, wooden dish ; 

cul de — , sm. cripple without thighs 
JaX€e, sf. bowlful 
Jauge, sf. gauge, standard 
JauKeage, sm. act of gauging 
Jaugcr, va. to gauge, measure capacity 

or power 
Jaugeur, sm. gauger 
Jaun&tre, adj. yellowish 
Jaune» sm. et adj. yellow, saffron colour 

— d'oeuf, yolk of an egg 

— comme un coin, as yellow as a guinea 
Jaunet, sm. buttercup, a flower 
Jaunir, va. & vn. to aye or grow yellow 
Jsxin\Kaaii,e,BA]. turning yellow, ripen- 
Jaunisse, if. jaundice [i»^ 
Javeau, sm. small island in a river 
Javeler, va. to gather com in bundles, 

bind into shettves 
Javeleur, sm. sheave-binder, reaper 
Javeline, sf. javelin, spear 
Javelle, st sheaf of corn, fitgat of vines 
Javelot, sm. short spear, dart 

Jeter son blen par les fenfitm, to be er 

— son feu, to vent on^s passion 

— sa gourme, to sow ones wild oats 

— un cri, to cry out 

— un grand ^lat, to shed a great latin 
— , vn. to shoot, suppurate, spout 

— au sort, to cast lots 

se — , vr. to fall or rush upon, throw em- 
self in the way of, run, get into 

Jeton, sm. a counter 

Jeu, sm. game, sport, play, method, ^estp 
performance of an actor or musiaanr 
de bon — , adv. by fair play: mettm 
au — , to stake: '^\itx de franc — ^ to 
play the game / jouer gros — , to ; 
high • iouer k — sur, to go upont 
grounds; 6tre k deux de — , to be •. 
even terms; tirer son jingle du — > 
to slip one's neck out of the eotlars 
mettrequelqu'un en — , todrawewte 
without his knowledge : donner bean 
— a quelqu'un, to give one a fairt^ 
portunity ; jouer bien son — , to aa 
one's part skilfully ; cacher ou counir 
son — , to conceal one's designs 

— de billard, a billiard table 

— de boule, bowling-green 

— de cartes, a pack ^ cards 

— d'^hecs, chess-board, game oftlhett 

— d'esprit, witty trifle, witticism 

— de main, rough play 

— de mots, quiwle, pun 

— d'orgues, row of pipes in em organ 

— de paume, tennis-court 

Je, pers. pron. / 

Jdhovah, sm. Jehovah, Hebrew name of — de quilles,' set of nine-pins 

the Supreme Being • — x, pi. games, sports 

Je ne s^s quoi, sm. an idea or thing that Jeudi, sm. Thursday 
, cannot be defined I — saint, Maundy-Thursday, Thursday 

Jdiuite, sm. Jesuit, crafty person ! before Good Friday 

J^suitique, adj. belonffinff to a Jesuit, Jeuti, {k) &dv. fasting, befare breakfa^ 

crafiy, artful, d^'.cettful Jeune, adj. young, younger, junior 

J6suitisme, sm. principles of the Jesuits JcClne, %u\.fast, act offSstin, 

J^us, sm. Jesus. See Chri»c 

Jet, sm. jet, cast, throw, sprig, shoot 

— d'eau, waterspout 

— de lumi^re, ray of light 

— de filet, casting of a net 

— d'abdlles, swarm of young bees 
Jet^, sm. step in dancing 
Jeii6e, sf. jetty, bank, mole, pier 
Jeter, va. to throw, cast, fling, swarm, 


— & la voirie, to throw to the dogs 

— des Mncelles, to sparkle 

Jeunement, adv. maturely, ripdy,conu 

to full growth 
Jefiner,vn. to fast, abstain fromfood,mor- 

tify the body by religious abstinence 
Jeunesse, sf. youth, youthfuidays, UMOti 

of experience, folly ofyotith 
Jefineur, euse, smf. faster, one who^ 

stains from food 
Joaillerie, sf. jeweller's trade, jewels 
Joaillier, i^re, smf. jeweller 
Jockey, sm. postUion, racer, horee-deokr 
Jocnsse, sm. simpleton 

— dela poudre aux veux de quelqu'un, ' Joie, sf. joy, gladness, delight, esaUm- 

to dazzle one by false appearances 

— des larmes, to shed tears 

— de proibndes racines, to take deep root 

— des irierres dans le jardin de quelqu'un, 
to give hints, attack one indirectly 

— des soupirs, to fetch sighs 

— feu et flamme, U>fret and fume 

— la pierre k quelqu'un, to accuse one 

— lei 

tion, gaiety, merriment, happiness 
Joignant, e, aiij. adjoining, next to 
Joindre, va. to join, couple, unite, com- 
bine, connect, close, overtake 
— , vn. to join, close, adhere 
se — , vr. to join close, unite with 
Joint, sm. joint, ajobiing, articulatUm 
of limbs, hinge 

yeux sur quelqu'un, to design or : — , e, ad^. joined, united, combined 

— que, 001^. besides that 

make choice of one far a place , ., __^ 

— ratuare. to east anchor [one I Jointde, st^what 6oM hands can hoU 

-> §aeiqa*aa dana i'embarnu, to dittress J<^l\f . Wt, w^. ibined. doeed 

irj UL lilmr. Mucin 

w<A^. by.- erra U. __ 

ay mSitlfig, in potUHioi 

lunl, lOnf'lBbihday 


vjwk, Beiu^—,^\.labmnttf pulpit 

Jojeui. CUK. »ilj. Jm/ul, w«t», gUd 
Jube, fill- ItpbBi ambo.pvtpil, trailerv 

gaari in a tttttalitm 
Jiibll«»iiii.JuAUH,ffnurBf indu'jflm* 
■e— ,n, lorlacemtKlfarUrlactlhitli 
JurXi^r, im. a WM At Wnli 
JmUIqui, adj . jKBiAiJiialaili kit—, 

Jildu, BUI, Jwilu, a traitor [the Jewi 
Jndlcl£lre. »f. /tfdRnyml, rxTmLi-fv 
Jiidl^LiiiEineiit. ulr. jui(li:£illf^ 

Juge, inn. /ui((r», ariUrr. mas 

Jujube, It cwjwrpffrfAwif 




Jument, sf. a mare 

Junte ou Jonte, af. junta, cabai, council 

Jupe, sf. petticoat ; corps de — , stayt 

— piqu^, quilted petticoat 
Jupon, im. under-petticoat 
Jut6, Bin. juryman 

— , e, adj. nvom ; ennemi — , irrecon- 
citable enemy 

Jurexnent, sm. act of swearing, oath, 
solemn declaration, blasphemy 

Jurer, va. to swear, titter an oath, bind 
byorput to an oath, promiseupon oath 

—, vn. to curse, blaspheme, resolve 

Jureur, eusc« smt. swearer, person who 
uses impious asseverations 

Juri ou Jury, sm. jury 

Juridktion, sf. jurisdiction, legal au- 
thority, district, extent of power 

Juridictionnel, let adj. pertaining to ju- 
risdiction, according to law 

Juridi<iue, adj. juridical, legal, lawful 

Juridiquemeut, adv. juridically, with 
legal authority 

Jtuisconsulte, sm. jurisconsult, counsel- 
lor at law, lawyer 

Jurisprudence, sf. jurisprudence 

Juriste, sm. jurist, one versed in civil 
law, civilian 

Juron, sm. ajfecteti method of swearing 
or administering an oath 

Jus, sm. juice, fluid in animals, sap in 

— de r^lisse, Spanish liquorice 
Jusanc, sm. ebb, reflux of the sea, decay 
Jusqueou Jusques, prep, to, as far as, un- 
til, till ; jusqu'ou? how far f jusqu'^ 
demain, till to-morrow ; jusqu'au mois 

{>rochain, till next month ; nre — aux 
armes, to laugh till one cries 

— \k, adv. so far, thither, to that place 
— s h quand ? adv. how long? 
Justaucorps, sm. coat, close coat 
Juste, sm. righteous man, the blessed 
— » adj» just, equitable, upright, true, 

honest, exact, accurate, virtuous, pro- 
per, right, legal; habic trop — , co<U 
rather tightly made; chapeau trop — , 
hat rather narrow ; tout — , it is the 
very thing; au — , adv. exactly 

— , adv. justly, rightly, as it should be; 
parler — , to speak to the point ; dites 
moi au — ce que vous voulez, tell me 
exactly what you wish; chanter—, 
to sing in tune 

Justement, adv. justly, uprightly, fair- 
ly, exactly, honestly, properly 

— • jem'en rappelle k present, quite right, 
1 remember it now 

Justesse, sf. justness, exactness; parler 
arec —, to speak with propriety 

— de la voix, regularity c^the voice 

— de roreille, accuracy of the ear 

— de Xes^jM, fitness of the mind 
jM9t\ce, St. justice, equity, right; rendre 

la — , to administer justice ; demander 
— , toeuk redress; rendre — k quel- 
quun, to give one his due; appeler 
gadqu'utt ea '-, to suton« at law 

Justiciable, adj. ammMMe, mpomeible 
Justicier, sm. justiciary, Jwige, admksb- 

trator of justice 
—, va. to execute, issflict the 

of death 
Justifiable, adj. juMifiabie, 

to justice 
Justifiant. e, wij. justifying 
Jusciflcatif, ive, aAj. justificative, t 

power to justify 
Justification, sL justification, 

tion, absolution, remission i^«te 
Justifier, va. to justify, dear from gulB 
se — , vr. to clear oneself 
Juteux, euse, oA]. juicy, abotmUngwItk 

juice, succulent, moist 
Juxta-position, sf. juxta-poritkm^am^ 

sition, a placing by or near each wmit 


K, sm. eleventh letter of the t^pkab0t 
Kabak, sm. public-house in Muteotif 
Kabin, sm. Turkish marriage 
Kalcato^s, sm. cockatoo, kind ofpmt^ 
Kaleidoscope, sm. an opticcU insbwmeid 

which produces an endless variety tf 

beautiful figures from dbjettt pmti 

in it 
Kali, sm. kali, seorweed 
Kan, sm. khan, chief, governor 
Kermis, sm. kermes, granules prsAsBti 

by an insect, used tn dyeing crlmmi 
Kilo, prefixed to the name qfthe FremA 

measures, and denoting a thousand 

times the value 
Kilogramme, sm. a thotisand grammei 
Kilolitre, sm. a thousand litres 
Kilom^uvy sm. a thousand metres 
Kilost^re, sm. a thousand stores 
Kiosque, sm. Turkish pleasure-house 
Kirscn-vrasser, sm. brandy distiUsdfrom 

wild cherries 
Kbte, sm. bladder full of humour 
Knout, sm. a Russian punishment 
Kufique, Cufique, sm. ancient ArMe 

—, adj. relating to Arabic writings 
Kurtchis, sm. pi. Persian horiemtn 

chosen from among the nobles 
Kussir, sm. Turkish musical instru- 
ment consisting of five strings 
Kynancie, sf. quinsy, a tumid jr^fam* 

mation in the throat 
Kyrielle, sf. lor^ and tedious series sf 

things in a story, litany, legend 
Kyst^tomie, Kysuotomie, sm. operatkm 

on the Madder 


L, smf. the txoelfth letter qfthe a^phiAel 
lAt >m. la, the sixth note in thesealeaf 
Lsl, les, art. the Zmuek 

i - 


— Sam Drctta imitt, FKlI-ung' 
Lalner, Laner, vn. to nop, nid arirt^ 
Llliuilc iC KwoHn iradf 
Lniomt, ebv, ^Tu^Dl^, ^fAV 

dattariti/ action i ^^"^ '" 

Ul£ °", Idj. AatMlVn mill, n^O^fiihli 
LuK, if brAbffA /ffelafTl it stuff 

tiU /aciittatod, aaia 

tadffoaofpianti L 





Lambeaa, im. rag, «toied» tatter 
Lunbdi am. tabS, mark on a coat of 

aruu aitntifying in/trioritjf 
LMoMn, ine, Hnl. tkio fwrson, hunger 
Lambiuer, vm, to be dow and tedimu in 

doing anjfthing ^ 

LamlxHirdr, s£. joitt, m^ft ttone /bund 

near Btris 
Lambris, sm. eeilingt uraineeot 
Lambrisu(t«, sm. act of ceiling, oeeHaj^ \ 

ing, or covering the inner^roof, wain- 

ecoting or boarding a room \ 

Lambrisaer, va. to eeti, oeertoff, or eoeer 

the inner-roof, uraineeot a rontn 
Lambruche ou ijunbrusque* »L tcild vine - 
Lame, sf. blade, thin plate of metal 
— s de la mer, the wat/ee qfthe aea 
Lam^, e, adj. plated, overlaid with plate 
Lameouble, id^. lamentable, mournful, 

deplorable, pttiful, to be lamented 
Lameotablement, adv. lamenttsblv 
Lamentation, sf. lamentation, lament, 

ArprMfion of sorrow 
Lamenter, vn. to lament, mourn, betcail 

— la mort, to mourn the lose of a friend 
K — , \x. to be lamenting, bewailing 
Lamiiia^, sm. act ofjtattening or Jibrm- 

in^ metala into thOi plate* 
Larainer, va. to laminate, Jlatten, fhrm 

metait into thin platea 
Laminoir, sta.jtattener 
Lampe, sf. lamp, anp kind of light, a 

vetielfbr containing a light 
Lampion, sm. small lamp 
Lampruie, sf. lamprey, a fish like the eel 
Lamproyon t u Lamprilloo, sm. young 

Lance, sf. lance, long spear, lancet 
Lancer, \-a. to dart, throw with farce 

— an cerf , to turn a stag out of Suiter 

— un vauseau, to launch a ^ip 
se — , \T. to rush upon, shoot at 
Lancetier, sm. lancet-case 
Lancecte, sf. lancet 

Lancier, sm. lancer, horseman 

Lancj^re, sf. sluice, floodgate, vent fbr 

Lanooir, sm. milt-dam 

Landau, sm. landau, a dose carriage 
which opens at the top 

Lande, sf. heath, moor, barren waste 

— s, pL dry writing 

Lanagra\-e, sm. tawi^nme, German title 
cifdominutn, prince or count 

LandgTa\-iac, sm. landgraviate, territory 
to or <i^lo0 of a lartagrate 

Lmd^nvine, si wife q^a landgrave 

Landier, sm. large hitdwn gnUe, ra 

Langage, sm. language, human 
styte» manner ofeMpreetion .* 
dt—, to sing anoOtertune, 
dears tiennent le mArne — , these gen- 
tlemen harp upon the same string 

Lmscs, sm. pL swad^Binfelothes 

Langooreiisenient, adv. languiAingly, 
weak^, stJtly,fM)h(, droopingfy 

bmouicnx* eoae. mS^ languid, Ian- 
^triMi^,Ibi^ftrii^,dr99pimg,fUMt [ 

Langmiste, sf. lai^ Meter, 
shell-fiA, kind «fgras*hapfer 

LangousUn, ni. ptawn^ smatt antki 

Langue. A tongue, speeeh, Jhtenegef 
language, an^yUdng that hoe the n- 
semblance of a tongue i coaf de — » 
backbiting,- mau\'uie — » shmderm^ 
backbiter: jirendre —^ to get MM» 

Snce : avoir la — IWe, tongue4mkti 
terre, an isthmus, neek efkmA 
Lanxaette, if. languet, etnythleig Ml 

like a tongue 
—e, pL wed^, used in ship4m%ldltm ■ 
Lanffueur, sf. languor, weaknees,fSki^ 

ness, feebleness, aoftneee 
Lan^ulr, vn. to languish, grew JbtUn 

pane away, grow dull, wither, fleit 
Languissamment* adv. langu iMn ritf 
Langiussaot, e, a^j* lang%nshimg,fSki 
Lanice (bonrre), adj. flocks c^weei 
Lani^, sf. narrow strap ^feedher, JM 
Lanteme, sf. lantern, traneparentemt 
fbr a candle, g tassdom e of a llghOiemt 

— h gargoosses, cartridge-caee,^rg9Ki$ 

— k mitraiUe, canister, caseehet 

— de DKNilin, trundle-head efm mitt 

— magique, magie-lantem 

— sourde, dark^antem 

— s, pL fooleries, acts of fbOy, neeta&mt 
Lantemer, va. to talk nonsensSp tiiemm 

with idle stories, deceive, cheat 
— , vn. to trifle, dally, amuse, dektf 
Lantcmerie, sf. nonsense, eUiy itM^ 
Lantrmier, i^, smf. lantMvnmakmt te> 

coAeren^ or tedious talker, tr^^ler 
lanngineux, euae, adj. tanugimme, et^ 

ered with soft hair, downy 
Laper, vn. to lap, Kck up, wrap i 
Lapereau, sm. young rtutbit, conof 
Lapidure, sm. lapidary, one soms 

precious stones, dealer in , 
Lapidation, s£ lapidatUm, aa qft 

to death 
Lapider, va. to «fOfM to death 
Laj^dificatkm, sf. lapidifieatiasi, met ef 

farming stones 
Lapidifier, \-a. to lapidiflf, turn M» «r 

Lapidifiqoe, mA'ulapldific,ftirming, 
Lainn, sm. nwMf , coney 
LsLfine, sf. doe-rabbit 
Liq^lazuU, sm. asure stone, topper mt 
Lant, sm. uipee, tract, smooth eourMt 

flow,Jaa, error, mistake 

— de temps, length of time 

— , e, a4j. lapsed, fallen, let eKp, leet 
Laqtuils, sm. lackey, Jbotman 
Laque, sm. lacker, kind t^fvarmUk 
Laquelle, LesqueUes, pi. pna.whe,m 
Larao. sm. larcer^, theftp robbery 
Lard, sm. lard, b«uon,ftU q^awtec 
Larder, va. to lard, etiig^with ' 
fbtten, run throt^ 

— qndqu\an de coups d'^pdew ^ f^tn esse 
woughwith a sword 

— >vn. to go through the9omp,mdd^ 


UKhcfriic, at iripptng-pan 
! UOia.iCin lS:k, Up: hlkiiedDlE 

peiTumiTiK '" lit -,pJm(, rtoiHni, pCT«(ir, Kproi/ 

I^Hdt... uw Loth. lAoil, e. i»i). I;**, U^fiU 

UgUiau^a. i^SSSa'^tui anil 

X&^ ™. 10 SiflwM*. Iiaie lit ~ 
lie F' l iw> nk uvfWiH, ruutp phm, 

iMtimliii*, itSrfaSitailH^&h a Ini 
loRllli, iirUS^ MM qrr-b* or pta 

fdrrn^n Dublin. ^obhdHHf^lH 

'up, rtnotw, eollia, (ailtViiH^ 

)< jdouH, mi« /™ a mUUamj^ 


DTinKTaf, ^oiBig hart 

IHbation, i^hing 

T»— ^ ihff teame r^jfticft took ptacr al 




_ IS.AS. jr. Aiij*. ii*i 

I.nT.fc".,K. <. .-5-.-W*. .tf-^^f^iC 

l.'TAna?. r." m; ■-.,■< «Tr;tr-. jr "Trrj^rt 

l,:=>e. •«£=. ;.fii-. •itrtir'. 3* Mr-„»^Jny 

L.=M. ir. Ti - -•■iii'ff. ".-lie. :r rxrtm 

L»:r.a.' ■.•-?.«■.. Trrory. -«e"-.-«tr* 

I.ur:''.fl. ^■. ?.. « r*. >*»»iif, N/iTMrf 

L.:S"*»-. «=. 71 JT. «-.1lr'. ifflV/l, <iW^ 

I.:^^■l; lis. K". -r^-. ■■';■•* 

L.r:-cii:Br. «i:v. *c-. .■.■"»^'nlRfi^J»^t*■r• 

IsiLVt^x. «-■«. »r. ■wv.-ri. fti-fj 

L-" . K.T- " V. .1* : .- i-». -< i* — . ."wjifii^: .- 

t.-;Itf jv — , .. »«:.T-u: .'I .■ rjftc -^ — , !-. 

— .crT:. ■■-s.-,*vr 

— jr*'.M.-v. - -—i^-*: .•* 'J I 

L.Tit'Tg . » ■ r ■> a: .< •- J", s r»" at 

L:r^i . j. *.:,- .■.■»*:;. 11 .: •-1«-^f .'i-:* 
Lir e*:r« :■ :. ♦".:. .": ■%*•.; "« 'vf . ^-nsrsry 

I."a«r f. *f. .'•■fcr^ f~.:.:V cr i.M-rrti'««* 
LiTif.'t. *r:. »■ vf ■.•/■<"»vi or «."r*r 
Lice.- : . e r? . *f. t.'^^. " r - •* ■ u.i 

LiniiTder.:. sas. .'iniw«"if. ointment 

L'non. sm. .'.iti, ram^^ic, or/uir .'inen 

L! no: . s:r . cv is w net 

L:no:tv'. **. hft-^inrut 

Lintui-.:. sm. •'tnfe/ j 

Lins, sm. lyns ! 

Lion, Lionne, nnf. linnt lionestt LeOt 

tme (if the tisn* of the zodiac 
Lionccau. stn. >oun/^ lion, cub 
Lipp^. *f. mouthful 
Liquation, sf. eliqtiationt in mHnnurfry ! 
LtqutfactioDt sf. liquejiiiction,fimon ' 
Uqu^fier, va. to liquefi/t mettg disau/ee 
se — , va. fi> arrvto fiqtiid 
Uqueur, sf. liquor, l^uid, drink, juice 
— s, pi. cordiaU, dramg, wines, spirits 
Uquidateur, sm. regulator of accounts 
Liquidation, sf. act of settling tucounts 
Uquide. sm. a liquid or fluid 
—, adj. liquid, dear, fluid 
I^uidement, adv. dearly, plainlf/ 
Uquider, va. to liquidate or settle in law 
— jcv dettes, vr. to dear one's debts 
JUgukUt^, sf, liquidity, liquidness 

Li-^crcQX, cue, sdy luscious * 

L:-{QoriMei ■&. we tcAo prepares amt 

seilM Hquors, dtstiUer, spirU-deahr 
List, r^ 19 rami, studjf, penetrate, lee^ 

ncnr .- oootinuer de — , to read on 

— Tccx ji tour, to read b^ tiims 

L:«, fCB. li^r; fleur de — , A Jlosoer4f^. 
.'«nf m heraldrtf / bnmd on eonekte ' 

— i^ nlleis, lilv of the vaUef 
Ll^«cr, ease, sax a reader, one nf Af 

mmtties pfthe eye 
LBairie, k^j. legible, readable 
LwHeoMct. lidr. legiblp 
Laaere. sL list, leading-etrittff, border 
Lassafe, sm. act of glossing or glasibiie . 
Laae, sL cords or padt-threads umldk 

are tied to Me warp, rail in Mae 
— , Kij. »eek, smatah, gtossif / p^per —« 

giaied paper 
LfaKao, sao. bundle of pack-thread 
L:»er, va. to slcfk, smooth, glass 
Late, sf. Hst, roll, catalogue, sehedah 
Liste-crile, sf. sum of monep allowed is 

a •uomreh for his household 
Listel. sm. list, cincture, band 
Lis:,'n, sm. list or smaU band on wMdb 
the r<%cttos on coats of arms are wrU- 
ten inheraUby 
Lit. sm. bed, channel of a river, mar* 
riajre, stratum i \)6isde—,beibteaii 
en&nt du pnunier — , child bjf theibrtt 
sri <V ,- ae mectre aa — , to go to Bed t 
mourlr au — d*hnnneur, to dSe M 
battie ; tenir le — du vent, to go dw 
by the wind, in navigation 

— a U duchesse, fltur-post bed 

— 4 roulettes, truckle4)ed 

— d'aniT, angel bed 

— de cxmp,jSeld-bed 

— de boonv, Hock-bed 

— de duvet, down-bed 

— de justice, bed of Justice 

— lie parade, state-bed 

— de plume, /wMerbMi 

— de repos, couch 

— de voile, bedfnr a nurse, or paHet^fei 

— nuptial, bridal-bed 

Utanie, sf. litany, a, form of prater 
— s, pL litanies, prajters often repeated 
Liteau, sm. small wooden lath 
— X. pL blue streaks in napkins 
Lithuxe, sC litharge, lead eUrified 
Lithofpraphe, sm. lithographer, one who 

writes or draws upon stone, or prints 

from it 
Ijchoffraphie, tt lithography, the art ef 

printing from stone, treatise on stomre 
lithographter, va. to write or dreao on 

sUme, to print from stone ^ 
UthoKrapbique, adj. lUhographie, litho- 

graphical, belonging to lithography 
Uthotome, sm. lithotome, surgical in- 
strument used far the ejitraetion nf 

the stone from the bladder 
Uthotomie, sf. Hthotomy, extraetkm tf 

the stone fhim the bkUdder 
lithotomiste, sm. person who eatratte 

the itone from thA btaddor 

t, Ivc, ad]. JwaSscS^^Mi 

m . ;oo.Si^ff n«m*af tuiei^a liUr, 

dj. Ilttmrt, liarTwi 

, pv^ (/ B countrj/ ntvalf 
tomf , bftitnpiig in Che Km 
uij. Eturgic, tunrgicnl 

a*. noliimiT ruUBT 
Duven, to troJiMlhtg rea 

npt«, brtfci 


Id puH, poi af^da 

Lodge, kf. ^«^, a/Jp Auf 

LosEiblc, uy. letunUMs, IxhatUaeto 

L«p »t torf J daara, wdimu 

hbcratel^, tBifUrfli', ^uwi^; d'lm- 

6ro*«r'!r pJ^Tdemi/, a kind ajpajvr 
-, e, adj. ipJon^flp '^ ifl'hiiafd^ 

„.„„, „.™.„. .,, ,™.™2;2k 




Longitndhnkmcpt, adv. bmgUudintUlif : 
Looff-cempt, adv. lon/f, a long while: U j 

7 a — 9 a kmg time ago 
LoDCuement, adv. longt a great while 
hongoittt te« a4j* longvA, pretty long, of 

moderate length ! 

Lonsueur, if. length of time, Man; la 

cucrre tire en — , the war will Uut a 

Lopin, sm. Irit, moreel, piece 
Loquadt^. if. loqvaeitjf, taikativenese 
Loque, af. rag, tatter, ragged doth 
Loquet, sm. latch, fastening 
—*, j^Jlakeeofwool 
Loqueteau, im. email latdt 
Loqoeter, va. to lift the latch of a door 
LotKner, va. to leer, ogle, glance at 

— UDe charge, tohatfe on^a eye upon a 
eituation or i^ice 

Lorgnette, •£. emaU epy-giae$ 
Lorgneur, euae, smfl i^ler, *ly gazer 
Loi1(noD. sm. epy-gUus, short telescope 
Lon de* prep^ at thetimeof: dds— , adv. 
from that time, from that moment, 
ever since; pour — , at that time, then 
Lonque* oonj. when, at the tinte when 
Loiangc, if. lozenge, rhomb 
Lot, im. lot, portion, share, prize 
Loterie, tt lottery 

Lotier, sm. lotus, sweet trefoil, a pltt$U 
Lotion, sL MioH, a medicintU wash 
Lotir, va. to divide into luts 
Loto, sm. game of numbers 
Lotte, sf. eel-pout, a fish 
Lotus, sm. aquatic plant, It^us-tree 
Louabk, adj. laudable, praiseworthy 
Louablement, adv. lauditbly 
Louagv, sm. hire, reward, wages [ric 
Louange, if. praise, encomium, panegy- 
Louanger, va. to praise, trumpet forth 
Louangeur, euse, %mf. flatterer 
Louche, adj. squint-eyed, ambiguous 
Loucher, vu. to squint, look awry 
Louer, va. to hire, let, praise, applaud 

— Dieu, to praise Ood 

se — , vr. to be full or vain of oneself 
Loueur, eusr, smf. hirer, flatterer 
Lottgre ou Loughor, sm. smuggling ves- 

ea, lugger 
Louis d'or, sm. louis dor, French gold 
coin, value about twenty shilUngs 
Loup, sm. wo{f, ulcer in the legs, black 
velvet mask ; entre chien et — , in the 
duA of the evening; la fiiim chasse le 
— du b(Aa, famine will pierce through 
a stone wall ; enfermer le — dans la 
bereeiie, to patdt up or close a wound '. 
before the disease is refnoved; il a vu 
\e—,he has seen the uwrtd 

— oervier, sm. sort of lynx 

Loupe, sf. wen, ndcroscope, magnifying 

glass, knob on the ouMde qfa tree 
Loup^arou, sm. werewolf, hobgoblin, 
wuoeiableman I 

Loup-marin, sm. searwolf ! 

laaid, e, »d^ heavy, dull, slow, stupid '< 
LoaidM ud, e^ tmi, awkwardperton 

Lourdement, adv. awkwardly, 

heavily, gros^ 
Louiderie, Agrossflmlt, blunder 
Louitleur, sf. heavineM, dulness 
Lourdise, sf. awkwardness 
Loure, sf. dutt or unsprightly donee 
Lourer, va. to unite or slur the netm tl^ 

Loutre, if. otter, amphibious tmimel 
— , sm. hat or mtfj^Tmiade with otter's telt 
Louvat, sm. young wolf 
Louve, sf. she-wolf, termagant, irttt' 

pincers, slings of a crane 
Louvet, te, aaj. toolf4ike; ebeni -^ 

deep yellow dun horse 
Louveteau, sm. cub of a wo^f, iron teeip 
Louveter, vn. to whelp, bring forth cMI 
Loa\-oyer, vn. to ply to the wtndwmi 
Louvre, sm. ancient palace at Purte 
Lover, va. to coU, roll up, wind renmd 

— un c&ble, to coil up a cable 

Loyal, e, adj. loyal, faithftU to • ess^ 

reign or prince, true to plighted JJMt 

trustworthy, just, honeet; chcwal-s 

horse that obeys his rider .^ 

Loytdetnent,wiv. lt^f€tlly,faitltf^dly 
Loyaut^, sf. loyalty, fidehty, h on est y 
Loyer, sm. rent, salary, reward, hte \ 
Lubricity sf. lubricity, smoothness, eh^ ■ ^ 

periness, wantonness t' 

Lubrifier, va. to lubricate, make «NMtdb \ 

or slippery 
Lubrique, tu^. lubricoits, slippery, wir 

steady, wanton, leuni, laseutious 
Lubriquement, adv. lasciviously, cdmi* 

toniy, lewdly, loosely 
Lucarne, sf. dormar-window, riley-ligkt 
Lucide, adj. lucid, fining, bright, < 
Lucidement, adv. lucidly, dewy 
Luddit^ at lucidity, splendour, 

ness, brightness 
Lucifer, srb. Lucifer, devil, prince ef 

darkness, momtng-star 
Lucratif, ive, adj. lucrative, prt^teUe 
Lucre, sm. lucre, gain, pn^ 
Luette, st uvula, red spongy flesh em»' 

pendedfrom the palate 
Lueur, A glimmer, glimpse, week oc 

feel^e light, faint or iraneiJlory\ ' 

— (resp4niux,fuble ray of hope 
Lugubre, a4j. lugubrious, mourrifM 
Lucubrement, adv. dolefully, 

fuUy, sorrow fuUy 
Lui, proD. he, him, to him, to her 
Luire, vn. to fitter, shine, give light 
Luisant, sou ([loss, artificial lu^rvMiUh 
—, e, adj. bri^t, frittering, OiinVng 
Lumi&re, sm. light, flame, tmy mlng 

that gives light, day, open view, urte* 

dow, instrudion, mental knowledge! 

c'est la — de son sidcle, he is the et^ 

lightener or luminary of his age 
Lumignon, snu snt/fffofa candle 
Lumitudre, sm. luminary, one who «»■ 

lif^itens, any body which givee ligM 
Lumineuaement, adv. luminously, ma 

bright manner 
LumuMTOX, CUR, adj. luminout, dear 

■i, ^elinjlob'fr, a , L 

«Bi^ijr6 umS^^SSt, 


r, M^MvMHf jpfan- 

lirAwi ■AiBbw lift e<M& 
Mv ■<•■< ^ «»«<•'• 
mBih, m»tW o/Minml. 

KKf. AUnuien itrLuMn- 




r, va. to buiU | 

— une poite Mf une fcattn, to toaU up 
m door or witidoto 

MapopDcrie, at fiMuonry, mamm-untrk 
liiffqnr, tf. instrument to break hemp 
llaeqocr, \-a. to break hemp 
llacuUture, »L maeulationt apot, atain, 
blur, taint, prOUer'a uixute-eheet 

— griK, coaree brown paper 
llacole, tf. macule, macula, spot, atain 
Macnlff, vtu to maculate, spot, atain 
"Mailamc, tf. madam, miatreaa, my lady 
lladgmotidle, ft Miaa 

lladire, im. Madeira urine 
M>dni», sno. In/tian ailk hattdkerchief 
lltdoaei sL Maiktna, picture of the Vir- 
gin Mary 
If adr^, e, adj. apeekled, aiy, cunninfr 
liladrroore, cm. atAmariw. aubatfutce re- 

aemoling coral, soophyte worm 
Ifadiier, tm. thitJc board or plank 
Madrigal, sm. paatoral air or aong 
Hadnire, tL apeckle, apot, vein in wood 

If afiitnl, nn. north-weat wind -. 

MafBsumliterf vn. to turn woatward \ 
Maffl^, e, a4)< chubfaeed, havingaplump 

Ifagasin, sm. magazine, warehouae, , 

atorehouae, periodical pamphlet 
l^laga^inage, un. loarehouae rent or hire 
iiagwdaer, va. toatoreUpina w€U^houae j 
MaxasinieTf im. warehouse-keeper ; 

Mages, un. magi, eastern prteata and j 
astrologers I 

Magiden, un. magician, conjurer, en- 
chanter, sorcerer 
Magidenne, sf. endiantreaa, sorceress 
Maipe, sf. maffic, enchantment, sorcery 

— blanche, tiatural magic 
Magique, adj. nuigic, magical 
Magister, sm. country schwdmtuter 
Magist^re, sm. magistery,Jine powder 
Magistral, e, adj. magi^erial, imperi- 
ous, arrogant, pedantic, proud 

MagiMFalement, adj. magisterially 
Magistrat, sm. magistrate, civic judge 
Magistrature, si, magistracy 
Magnanime, adj. magnanimous, brave 
Magnauimement, adv. magnanimuusly 
Magnanimity, sf. magnanimity, great- 
ness of mind, bravery 
Magnat, sm. magnate, person of rank, 

opulence, Jtishion, and influence 
MagD^ie, sf. magnesia, alkaline earth 
Magn^cique, adj. magnetic, attixKtive 
Magn^iiser, va. to communicate magne- 
tic properties to, become magnetic 
Magn^tisme, sm. magnetism, power of 

Magnificence, sf. magnificence, grandeur I 
Magnifier, va. to magnify, exalt, extol 
Magnifique, adj. magnytcent, splendid 
Magnifiquement, adv. magnificently 
Magot, sm. baboon, ugly felww, hidden 

treasure, grotesaue <Mna figure 
Mahometan, e, nnf, Mohammedan [med 
Ma h mn4t i §me, am. religion of Moham- 

Mai, am. May, May-pole 
Malgre, sm. fiod of any kind 
— . adj. meagre, lean, thtng 
banyan 01 fish day ; homme-ni 
qf muttons tart— , barren aau 

— cfa^re, bad cheer, aeoM^fiare 
Maigrelet, te, a4j> having a ' 

leanness, aomewhat tean 
Maigrement, adv. meagrtiy, flhMbr 
Maigret, te, a4j- lean, thin, 
Maigreur, sf. emaciation, h 
Maigrir, vn. to grow lean,fidl 
Mail, sm. mall, wooden hammer 
Maille, sf. meah or apace ' 
threads of a net, atitch, coat qf 
apeck on the winga qfpartriigm, 
in the human eye, link, anekMti 
coin in France, in value abavi^^ 
eighth part 0/ a fitrthing; xokfllfi 
— , an avarictoua or niggardly Jmimt 
il n'a ni sou ni—, he ff not fsortl %- 
penny, he ia very poor 
— s, fi. intervale or apaeea l^ MmMM 

the timbera of a ahip 
Mailler, va. to weave a net, orMioMV ' 
coat of mail 

— un cuir, to beat a hide urith a nwW . 

— les chiens, to send the doga to Jhwrt 
— , vn. to bud, aaid qfptanta 
te—,vr. to be apeekled, grow apedthi 
.Maillec, sm. mallet, wooden hammer 
Mallloche, sf. wooden mallet 
Maillon, sm. atitch in knitting, rtHg^ 

a chain 
Maillot, sm. awaddling clothea 
Main, sf. heuid, paw, trick at 
handwriting, handle of a drawer t 
uo tour de — , ad%'. in a trice t ' 
de — , active man: donner la— » te 
favour one : alter bride en — ttemd 
with consideration ; gagner quelqn^ 
de la — , to get the start of one s ftfa* 
un coup de — , to strike a bold etnkef 
sous — , underhand; de longtte —t 
long since : de — en — , from nand te 
hand ; j'en mettrais la — au feu, 1 eo«itf 
give my oath on it / 11 a la — croditt^ 
he is nimble-fingered; cela est tent 
votre — , that is-under your nose 

— de justice, hand of justice, the mae»t 
ensign or badf^ of authority 

— de papier, outre of paper 

— s, pi. hattds, tendrils of a plant; k 

})1^nes — s, adv. liberally, plentifuUyi 
argely: les — s lui demangeat^ lua 

fingers itch to beat it 
Main-chaude, sf. game of JiotcodtiMt 

child's play 
Main-d'oeuvre, sf. workmanship 
Main-forte, sf. assistance given to jNf6> 

lie officers in keeping order 
Main-lev^, sf. replevy, act of setting at 

liberty on security or bail 
Mi^n-mue, sf. seizure, anything aeiztd 
Mainmonable, adj. in mortmain 
Midnmorte, sf. mortmain, posseaaien 

which cannot be alienated 
MaAnXt e, aiA^. manyt several 



i«,'0^</>">lv> » 

D» rtouav iffcorrtriinn 


M wiu, t. ddl- MKvr. <^IV>> Mito- 

Mit-anii, am. *'(•—' 'i 

jilu^, 1^, tii\. r 

HiliSix, ■ni.Iomiv, HiuMr^ 






Ifal^ntendu* sm. mistake, misunder- 
standing, misconception, quarrel 
llalepertel inteij. zounds t plague t 
Mal-ecre« im. uneasiness 
Mal^vole, adj. malevolent, ill-disposed 
Malfacon, sf. d^ect, fvul plaj/ 
Malfkue, ^ii. to do mischief, harm, ill 
Malfidsancc, »t malevolence 
llalfaitant, e* adj. mischievous, malici' 

oust huineur — e, wicked temper 
Malfait. e, adj. ill-made, ill-shaped 
If alfdteur, •m. malejhctor, criminal 
Malfiun^, e, adj. ill-famed, defamed 
Ma%racieuieinent, adv. uncivilly 
Mal|(racicux, euse, arlj. uncivil, rude 

If algr^, prep, in spite of, notwithstand- 

'Ifif; • 
whether fie wiU or not 

ing, (^latnst the unll qf; bon gre — , 

Malbabile, adj. unskiUed, unskUful 
Malhabilement, adv. unsUUfuWy 
Malhabilei^, sf. unskilfulness 
Maltaerbe> if. spurge flax, a plant 
Malheur, sm. mtsfitrtune, disgrace, dis- 
aster, ill or bad luck ; 6tre en — , to 
be unlucky i par — , adv. unfortu- 
— , interj. wo to / 
Malheumisement, adv. unluckily 
Malbeureux, euse, smf. an ut\fiirtunate 

person, an outcast 
—, euse, adj. unhappy, unfortunate, un- 
lucky, disagreeable, fatal, pitiful 
Malhonn6te, adj. indecent, rude, dishon- 
est t homme — , uncivil man 
Malhonn6cetnent, adv. dishonestly 
MaIhonn6tet^, sf. rudeness, incivility, 

dishonesty, indecency 
Malice, sf. malice, maliciousness, wick- 
edness; petite — , roguish trick 
Malideusement, adv. maliciously 
Malicieux, euse, adj. malicious, wicked 
Malignement, adv. malignantly 
Malin, sm. devil 

— , igne, adj. malign, malicious, evil 
Maline, sf. sitring-tide, a kind of lace 
Malingre, adj. lingering, sickly, puny 
Malintentionn^, e, smf. a maleamtent 
—, e, adj. ill-affected, discontented 
Malle, St. trunk, portmanteau, pack 
— poste, mail 

Mall^abilitd, sf. malleability 
Malleable, adj. malleable, ductile 
Malletier, sin. trunk-maker 
Mallette, sf. little trunk or box, scrip 
Mallier, sm. pack-horse, sumpter-horse 
Malmencr, va. to tise ill, abuse 
Malorrionn^, e, adj. ill-disposed, in her- 
Malotru, e, smf. a mean pitiful person 
— , e, adj. wretched, ill-shaped, low-bred 
Malplaisant, e, adj. unpleasant 
Malpropre, adj. slovenly, sluttish, hasty 
Malproprement, adv. slovenly, uncleanly 
Malpropretd, sf. slovenliness, dirtiness 
Malsain, e, adj. unhealthy, sickly 
Mals^ant, e, adj. unbecoming 
Malsonnant, e, adj. Ulsounding 
UJUt, sou matt 

Maltrafter, va. to use ill, insuU, <^9iiii 
MalveiUance, sf. malevolence, nuuignUg 
MalveUlant, e, smf. malevolent pmm 
Malversation, sfl malversation 
Malverser, va. to miiibehaveinaMtt- 

tkm, embetale 
Malvoisie, sf. Malmsey, a kind nfu^M 
Maman, sf. mama, mother 
Mamelle, sf. breast, bosom 
Mamelon, sm. nipple 
—a, pL knobs, small tuberdes in Mtof 
Mamelu, e, iJi). full-breasted 
M'amie I intei]. dear I love I my dear J 
Mammifdre* a^j. mamnt^ferous, hairing 

M'amour I interj. love / dear/ my tow' 
Manant, sm. clown, countrymen 
Manche, smf. handle, sleeve, cAoiwwff 

il branle dans le — , he bt^ns to titter t 

avoir quelqu'un dans sa — t to hoM a 

person at one's disposal 

— k eau, hose, sea term 

— d'Angleterre, British C^amtel 

— de la charrue, tail of a plough 

— d'un oouteau, ha^ qfa kmj^ 
Klanchette, sf. rtfjffie 
Mancbon, sm. mt^ 
Manchonnier, sm. a person toho seBt at 

makes muffs 
Mancbot, e, smf. one-handed person 
— , e, adj. maimed, lame; il n est pas"^ 

he is no fool 
Mancie, Mance, sf. divination 
Mandarin, sm. mandarin, Oiineeekei 
Mandat, sm. mandamus or mandate 
Mandatalre, sm. mandatory, proxy 
Mandement, sm. mandate, bill ornate 
Mander, va. to acquaint one by wrWiit 

— quelau'un, to send for smnwedy 
Mandoline, sf. mandoline, a guitar 
Mandore, sf. maudore, a lute 
Mandragore, sf. matidrak^, a plant 
Mandrin, sm. a vunch, manarel, part 

of a lathe, probe, mould, robber 
Manducation, sf. manducation, act <J 

Man^age, sm. work which sailor* are 

bound to perform without fMy 
Mandge, sm. ridinp^-house, horseman- 
ship, intrigue ; faire bien le — , to rida 

Mftnes, sm. pi. manes, ghost, shade 
Manganese, sf. manganese, iron ore 
Mangeable, adj. eatable 
Mangeaille, sf.fitod, victuals 
Maageant, e, adj. eating, who can eat 
Mangeoire, sf. manger, crib 
Manger, sm. meat, food, victuals; satte 

k — , dining-room ; garde — , a safe 
—, va. to eat, chew, gnaw, consume, 

destroy, eat a meal 

— k I'auberge, to ant at the ordinary 

— a petits morceaux, to pick 

— son bien, to spend one's estate 

— son bl^ en herbc, to eat the calf in the 
cow's belly 

— du sable, to cheat the glass, sea term 
, Mangerie» 8£ act of eating, extortion 

X^X 14» MAR 

Ta uuf ins Ifaeer. t^ U ■■! if , umitein tcedhet 
sHOur. 'z^Jbe, JGkv&t, >«■£• BiiL — frftnuiirti, jwm^ > 
s. Mti' .T. OT ••- nia~nui<f V<--»? Bb. nartaer, jemacn, joiCip 

— 1. «. -raa_e. ik'n-nur-Kpr as t^ar%, teMe or dmeii ^dit am 

~ai tai:. *tr~Manfc-« ^wwet rwc'fls ?» imjr dete mnm at j— / 

Kfi=3i!r. -rm. tt fmeiie, marimmie * 

'— A ailin» Ti 'r n. TIf OB-C Lh^TtCHS 

nsh ivooar litif lui="ri.:i-.i^p». ac t[ffteUd «<yl9, nmb- 

— -wr .iiisoie f&aiit D r-fir un"' #iiiif- _ 

'^unamu- ^uk. air. mn.'*.-" ~ 'ii'.iir li^'iuj.zc.c tKr^vrBMi/Viafrairtait 

AiBsnir&. «. d^-" MbMC erir Vi^-.i ni;^ la. otuy: a i , >by> eo n e tit eijbd 

R. <a. mir-irf. nni.iia. mur^n Mirs;::*. aL p,wTiife-pce, gtAbt, pmt 

luKvacsu^ «n. nurwA. nmr-mrvrui. ~ — >. nae, k^. fix\*u:, wetfiil, be gg m i ig 

— - II: sutiii «n. «i7r4S(iu*ii>ntf>'^a ltgs-:^;c. i^ tcuLkm, kitihtH tb tkfgt 

-^ Of i^fc. <n. ouor'ze^-niuarr 1iL*r=a:c.air, t^ t:- niitftr, jpnraiNf 

iavK'hk--M-njr. «n. *tr—iir l£kr23.-c.K=.:z-T«Hu=lr<y,pi99Mf,/r«* 

Ito-anaui-.uw.. «. ii>i-«rjiic-^i.' a- J*«iel l£Arsi.-cax£. s=m ccf ^fmumbltmg, md- 

u.^-virr- i*Mi — ^ "ir 1 cr-"- Vltzct:"', te. (»niiiiVer,;nfaiWc 

^\:gru — . %fle7 ri« ae terr* r.-i= j» Xfc ra >. T: f=j, cuae, taaJ. gntmbltr ^^ _ 

— f!T a.'^sK. nicf .-vnHflr (■■ r.^iw 1ka;=ja::jmc, ax. mai mtutt, tmtatt Mti 

inr at ~— ^. tAwirt^ifr ~ ILferscr. la. u ^tamtire kund uritk mart 

If Ejpejc. cl h-rtA. jnc-^^f. rv-Sirrar UvDe=i=, bb. Mcrcceo leather 

It&iTcr.-rk rr.^ 2te -nkcnmu » yrx'vn^r — ^ Lmcx, Ttn-kefr leather 

^ljksips,k,. c. ai;.. nar^vti., juiss: ac yi»Ty^:iix*,e,m!s.dnt»»ed!ikaarimimt' 

vviavn 4m rW i ^ - jiu a ftsricR <if Jf^rveco ieather 

iiasipoe. *. a±;. 4«r!v a !i«-dr- Uuoqsiao', r&. lo imitata Iferoceper 

fmbcLe. ctrn, jimti II ira;-.uscrie, sL orf cfdreMtina Jforeea* 
iTc. BL marr-atrv . Ge-iun m:> laaxhtr, flaee wchere dretaaa 

_ cr iM^'uy Mazo^uicirr,Kn. JforoccolMMflrdrflMir 

]|Mfmiax,~K&. ^MH'aiMifti, tWftrri- Slwoc^jne, adi. dogger^, Imdieroaa cr 

Xaimrise. il ■t'^ <^'a mm-peKa llftrc<cte. il JboUy 'korar, >b(Xir cn« iM- 

_ jAdak9,paar1 bUm or tj^mbol (ffJoUjf, whim, 

IfaipaCLaie, ^ tAwi ikw a i J rw > i p llamxile, hd. teoumdrel, boobg, nim9 

MainilUB', mi. dtaurhwardan ■ — > i<l Arinrf qfpaata 

Man, an. JhMteMd, jpotua , Maninant, e, adj. remarktMa, mtaHlla, 

MaaUbke, adj. awrri^aaUff ■ amtii^eHt, raepeetable 

IfariUB, an. aMi 1 iag», aMfriaMWiv Marrae, i& mark, token, stamfi, pra^ 

Mari^ €, and. imk^t aiaji ierf, bride- frmt, evidence, eigni anjfthing 1 

tfTMahbrMf/ QKBlsintqoela— «cst arAidk a fiMMtle tocapMi if diracmi 

Aiat pnjddi* — |Dur 7 


and Ji^ci^, m ln<lin»UI%^!m' 




ILiiu— fi-nanc mi", mmnmig, %nvzcuif 

HiwiLWirri'. it Nuvtfmimrai. -dunufrum 

ii-aWk ^n. Mil , ^in ie — . tb }« j< 

— . «. lu'. 7>{ii. mi. wtcncv^ tantponma, 

-ac*. -)i -On'..' a 

— fmniui, rtumMtin 

— . wr. i^iii i -aic — , T ■* iangitnmji 

73uv«r — . a'.'Kfifi ."hiibr vtrh 
iLuayum cMx, «r. vuMoaiuMu/ -in — , 

— AI[li:'Utl!, ■NUKTfMimct 

— in, -^iia'4MfH<y 

— "au.Tiettr. THwinaAMfw. 'SlrCfmper 
SLiuvc. tf. iii/fcitMii: or iwrm.iuuuar 
Si.fc-Avvcae. dcjhfiii n' NO Jfirc 
SLtU'T-jt. im. iwrw.«4A 

ViT-m :-n.«m- I|||LX*.1UI?II. htie^Utt iuOU 

l£affne. ir. ii/r^ Vrw. lueiaf 'tf pidQp 

Sic. TTcn. •IV. :w ite 

Sleudre. ss. iw«.^fer. •h'I^. ■ri.i46nir 

— ic^- •n«r4tcjiic. •i*fc*^*/-i-.'u.". '•■■*c 

Kecacisx:«r nn. .iKoVi.i>#rm 
KeccaxsMsc. aiv. u,- !<.■.« Ai.jr 

— ecrivmii! . pait/y urriter 
Jitctt, it uruk 'J fa o/itL-ft itt^th 

— (Tun cix«->cuch».m, Kr^nc 

— d*us Tilcbrr^uln, cfntnf-t-it 
'iltcom^t, sza. murevkoninf^, ermr 
at Meccmpcer, vr. tv murtt/Mi 
yeccnnauMble, adj. not etuiii^ to dtf 

knotcn ojrain 
Meooanaiiaancc, sf. unthatkfkilness 
MfeonniTump;, e, adj. unthanf^fui 
MtomudDv, va. nii/ fo Ar>i<>u', to/orgrt, 

to be UHjrrat^fuI, to diaou-n 
« — , vr. ft/ fvricet oneaelft to Jbrgvt ont'a 

former condition 
Uecobtent, im. malectmtent 
—, t, adj. diseontentedf ditaatij^'ied 
Mdoontentemenc, • i>. discontent 
Mdoontencer, va. to ditpleate 
Mecrdantf im. miicreatitt injidel 
M^croirr, ra. to dUMiete 
M^daille, >f. mednl, medallion; fij^ure 

d'une —t type : suite de — i, aeriee 
M^dJuUier, sm. cahinet of medals 
M^dailUite> sm. me*lallitt, tuttiquary 
Medallion, tm. medallion, large meilal 
Mddecin, sm. phpsician, doctor of phytic 
M^ediie, sf. medicinct physic, purge 
— s qui rel^bent, cathartics 
M^eciner, va. to physic, give medicine 
Medial, e, adj. medial, in the middle 
If ^diat, e, adj. mediate, intervening 
If MiatemcDt, adv. mediately 
MSdbUeur, trice, imf. mediator t media- 
tttr, artUwr, a game at cards 

MddSuiaa, A mediaiioH, interceatitm 
Malicai, *, a4;. wttdieal, medicinal 
Medicamfin, ao. medieament 
XedSuaxBcnturr, m^ concerning i 

can^nts or Mcrik-aite* 
Ueiikauneaur* va. to phyaict drug 
« — . rr. n> take medicament* 
Uediiamccceux, ciise, adj. medicinal 
UediL-uial, c, adj. medicinal, healing 
MiitMxxt, adj. middlittg, moderate 
V<*i:JM3cm«nt, adr. moderately 
MediiKrice, sf. m»edioerity, mediwm 

— lie Avtuoc ow d'eqirix, afamter 
ofjiirtiune or tci/ 

M«!iiir:, va. to detract, »lander, retrile 
MritLaancc, s^. evil-speaking, slander 
Meiiiaan:, e, sm£. slanderer, backbiter 
— . c, adj. detraetiee, slanderotu 
Uftitarf, ire. smf. iit«dtM<Dr 
— . ad;, m/editatiee, thumghtful 
Meditaaoo, i£ flwdira/>on, prayer 
Medicer* va. cii> meditate, think, rrMeei 
Ucdiocrracee, sf. Mediterranean Sea 
— . kij. Jf«rii/«miH<fan, midtaasd 
Miidliiai, >m. medium, middle, mean 
Mtf&Ire, vn. to mwib, htirt in law 
Mer^t» sou misdeed, crime, bod eefiHl 
MetSance, ȣ. mistrust, suspicion 
M«£ant, e, adj. m'strust/kl, su^neteme 
se Me£er, yt. to mijitrust, suspect 
U«tfir:e, sf. negi^ct, inadrertenee i pw 

— » a iv. ina^uertentiy 
3kI«>Kere» >L threw, bitter scold 
Meicimerie, sr. act of tawing shine ~ 
Mej^issser, sm. dretser qf white IntfJMr 
yeulear, e, »1j. kccmp. of bon) better! 

le — , rA(* ftir^/ le — du oontc^ the 

cream of the j<-ke 
llelancoli<;, sf. melancholy , gloomy atatt 

of mind, sadness, pensirenees 
MeiancoUqwe, ad*, melancholic, gteeeiy, 

disma:, hypochondriacal, dejected, o» 

lamiA'Us, sad 
'■ ^(e.ajocoliqucment, adv. melancholOy 

Melange, sm. mixf ure, medley 
_ Melar.ger, va. to mingle, mix, blend 
'• Melasse, sf. molastes, treacle 
M£!tie, it fray, .right, confiict, debatet 

scuffle ; ae jeter nans la — « to ruthiata 

the thickest qf the fight 
M61er, va. to mix, blend, mingle 

— le vin, to adulterate trine 

— du fil, to entangle thread 

— les cartes, to shuffle the cards 

— une serrure, tii spoil a lock 

ae — de, vr. to meddle with, be concerned 

or have a hand in, interfere wWi 
M^l^ze ou Larix, sm. larch-tree 
. Melissa ou C'iironelle, sf. balm mint 
M^lodie, sf. melody, air of a tune 
M^lodieusement, adv. mrtodioutiy 
M^lodieux, euse, adj. melodious, mudeoi 
M^lodrame. sm. mflodmma 
M^lomane, smf. musical enthusiast 
M^lomanie, sf. music-madness 
Melon, sm. melon 
! Melonni^re, sf. melon-bed 
\ Vkxaistxxiitt «!. membrana* VfA i 




lunrilrla, tew|ny 

MmolKifc, * Mno'itaar*. na — -^■ 
U^riilliqiu, lilf. fiHfilHHcri, 

nrifff OftSt irupw 

' '^prliB, n. lU duplH, mm, MgM 

t!^7tg or h^Ji aea ; biu (k — , fi^or 
gulf: bomm? de ^, frrutFHff man / 

—I H, i4i. mttidloR, rtkU 
Mfrmonal, I, id), mtridiiii 

Mtriao thetp, kiHit '^dotK 
lUrtunl, t, uU- martMilt, uMrOt. M- 

MUtalniient, tAi. nirUarbnii')' 
Uiiiui. Im. idMMlw, kini i^MatA 


sgiMM, taKtei'f Aoninin' 
Mnion. im. pan </ IA« (wmpei t/ a 
Iferiufbc, if.jnx^jWl 

' /prd, a tUie tifhangwr 
k—, btUBIa and Halt; aaOt—.iiit' 

Uiullurgk, ■£ n 

itarimpnaimiidltlltBamar io ,^ 

llH|lllB,l,ldtalaBn!C.j(<IVV IHlin UKW^in'" m 


m WnJAnionWit/OHFrtm*. »«^°^ 

IhtrttitkM >ncl« btiilM 

ittbmi filre fioidi — , iDiiHliaDnt Ifin •, Mf. «l> tut, . 

MtaBr,in.amliHr^nwi^ili«tjlir MJitn, if- ■■iwy?«'a>lw, « 

■MWtiwnafeHltfHIaiyaillur rmrVi inrdn Ic niUbb * 

minor ke^ in mtiiric' ' —*tp^ trifia, thtaigt of no Imp fr tm iKt 

lDaknin.0B«4r«i(rdtrct/nun»i Hla&korilnui, nuc utj.nurcUW 

" KM rSl liMSi » ii MH ll Ml^AMiildl*, uiLBiJMfwar]!' 

, __. JnsMnHi M M« Miulnc, iT. iiUIfan, a iwirM jim 

HUu^rttliiiatiil, lit. minltUrUni 1IW«u1ti, tdj. jU m wil(|ii(( 




If dre, t£ moAatr, the hair of a goat 
Moir^, e, a4}. douded or watered 
McHnr, va. to water silk or woi^len ttuffi 
Mols, im. month, apace offtntr week* 
Moise, sf. binding^piece in carpentry 
MoiMr, vh. to bind piecet of wood together 
Moisi. am. mould, hoarineu 
— , e, adj. moulc^, motUded, hoary 
Moitir» va. to mould, make movUdy 
se — , vr. to grow mouldy 
Moinnure, if. mouldineas, hoarineee 
Moisaoii, s£ harvest, harvest-time, crop 
M(dsaonner, va. to reap, mow, gather 
MoiMonneur, euse, smf. reaper 
Moite> adj. moist, damp 
Moiteur, if. moistness, moisture 
Moid^, sf. moiety, half, wife 
—, adv. haif; k —, by half, by halves ; 

la — du temps, most commonly 
MoiUr, va. to wet 

— le papier, to wet the paper 
Moka, sm. Mocha cqjffee 

Molaire, adj. molar ; les dents — , pi the 

molar teeth, jaw-teeth, grinders 
Mdle, sm. mole, pier, mound, dike 
Molteule, it particle of matter or air 
Molester, va. to molest, vex, persantte 
Molette, sf. rowel <{fa spur, windgall, a 

disease in horses, painter's muller 
Mollasse, tu^. flabby, flimsy 
MoUement, adv. sojtly, fiiintly 
Mollesse, s£. softness, ^eminacy 
MoUet, sm. calf of the leg, short fringe 
— t, pi. nippers used by goldsmiths 
— , te, adij. a little sqft, downy 
Molleton, sm. swanskin, a woollen stt{ff 
Mollification, sf. act of mollifying 
MoUifier, va. to mollify or render soft 
Mollir, vn. to grow soft, slacken, Jtag 

— lea haubans, to ease the shrouds 
Moment, sm. moment, minute, instant, 

momentum in mechanics; dans le — , 
presently ; d'un — k I'autre, from 
time to time; k tout — , at every 
turn, ever and anon ; avoir de bons 
— 8, to have lucid intervals 
Momentand, e, adj. momentary 
Momeutandment, adv..^a moment 
Momerie, sf. mummery, hypocrisy 
Momie, sf. mummy 
Momon, am, money which maskers qffer 

to pay when playing at dice 
Mon, pron. my 

Monacal, e, adj. monachal, monastic 
Monacalement, adv. like a monk 
Monarchic, sf. monarchy 
Monarchique, adj. monarchical 
Monarchiquement, adv. monarchically 
Monarchiste, sm. a partisan of monarchy 
Monarque, sm. monarch 
Monast^re, sm. monastery, convent 
Monastique, adj. monastic, conventual 
Monaul, sm. bird ofthe gallinaceous sort 
Monaut^ adj. having only one ear 
Monceau, sm. heap, mass, pile 
Mondain, e, s. worldling, sensualist 
— , e, adj. worldly, proud, luxurious 
Maadaiaement, adv, in a worldly way 

Mondanit^, tf. wofldtiness, vanHjf 
Monde, sm. world, univerae, mawekid, 
people,earth, terrestrial i^tibet Vvaxn. 
—, the future life ; le nouveau — , imq 
continent of America i le beau — , 
people of fathion; tout le — , cMiy 
body ! &udier le — , to study men 
Mond^, e, adj. cleansed, peeled 
Monder, \'a. to cleanse, peel 
Mon^taire, sm. meuter of a mint 
Mon^tiser, va. to convert an otifeet int9 

a coin or legal tender 
Moniteur, sm. monitor, em admoni^str 
Monition, sf. monition, ir^fimnation 
Monitoire, sm. a monitory, admoHitUM 
Monitorial, e, adj. admonitory 
Monnaie, sf. money, coin,i^umges fluuK 

— , base or counterfeit coin 
Monnayage, sm. act of coining nuney 
Monnayer, va. to mint, coin 
Monnaveur, sm. minter, mint-matter 
Monoceros, sm. unicorn in astronomy 
Monodie, Kf. monody, music or poetry in 

honour ofthe dead 
Monogamie, sf. numogamy 
Monoeramme, sm. monogram 
Monologue, sm. monologue ot soliloquy 
Monomanie, sf. monometnia 
Monop^tale, adj. monopetaloua 
Monopole, sm. monopoly, tax, duty 
Monopoler, va. to monopolize 
Monopoleur, sm. monopolist 
Monosyllabe, sm. monosyllable 
— , adj. relating to a monosyllable 
Monosyllabique, adj. morutsylliUHcal 
Monotone, am. monotonous 
Monotonie, at. monotony 
Monseigneur, sm. title of lord, my lord 
Monseigneuriser, va. to name one my lord 
Monsieur, sm. sir, master, title frfrmerjy 
given to the French king's elder bro- 
ther; devenir gros — , to become tt 
great man ; comment appelex>vous oe 
~-\ki how do you caff that gentle- 
man f voici un — qui vous demandCf 
here is a gentleman who desire* to 
speak with you 
Monstre, sm. monster, prodigy 
Monstrueusement, ad%'. prodigious 
Monstrueux, euse, adj. monstrous 
Monstruosite, sf. monstrosity 
Mont, sm. mount, mountain, hill 

— de piet6, pawn qffice 

— pagnote, safe place from which a bat- 
tle may be seen 

Montage, sm. CKt qfcominf^ up 
Montagnard, e, s. mountaineer 
— , adj. relating to a highktnder 
Montagne, sf. tnountain, high hill 
Montagneux, euse, adj. mountaiiwus 
Montant, sm. any thing that stands up- 
right in a building, amount, total, 
upright in heraldiy; prendre le —, to 
soar high, infiilconry 
Montde, sf. staircase, step, acclivity 

— d'une colonne, height of a pillar 
Montd, e, adj. ascended, wound up; Ic 

, bled tst—tthe com is sprung up 

to tpvalt fuiUghlHy 



rfirml, «■ adj. wrWctfir, . 


Un'v, iin. Ahror, ^fS nun, rugnt ; dc 

Morfll ou MurfiL, im, wire^^e nrnagh 

MoTBDC, al »f tff . AdH^finf V, rfi^fatn- 
M^vw, vk. <0 buifr. bmiv, ifi^, dart 


MOR 170 


lfonie> im. hiU, cape, promontory 

— , adj. auUeti, moroae, tad, dtUl, dark 

Momifle, Bf. 6ar on the ear 

Morow, adj. mvrote, peevish, eutten 

Morosic^, sf. moroeeneu 

Blorpbine, sf. morphia, alkali extracted 

from opium 
Morpion, sm. crab'Ioiue 
Man, tin. horeeAtit, curb ; Ici chevaux 
prirent le — aux denti, the horaee ran 
Mone, sm. aeacow or »ea-elephant 
Monure, sf. bite, act of biting 
Mort, sf. denth, decease, demise ; mou> 
rir de sa belle — , to die a naturai 
death ; 6tre k raiticle de \sk—,tobe 
at the point of death ; il a la — sur les 
l^iTea, he looks heJfdeadt blester it 
— , to wound mortal 
— ^temelle, perditum, eternal death 
— ( sm. corpse, dead person, dead body 
— f e, adj. dead, deceased, d^nct ; un 

enfant — n^, a stiU-bom (JiiU 
Mortadelle, sf. Italian sausage 
Mortaise, at mortise, cut or hoUow to 

receive a tenon 
Mortality, sf. mortality, subjection to 

death, human nature 
Mort-aux-rats, sf. arsenic, rat^Hine 
Mort-biiis, sm. underwood, shrubs 
Morte-eau, sf. neap-tide, loio-weUer 
Mortel, le, adj. mortal, dead^, human ; 
coup — , fatal blow ; froid — , bitter 
cold; c'est un beureux —,heisa Jbr- 
Mortellement, adv. mortally, to death 
Morte-paye, sf. allowance given to a re' 

tired servant or soldier, pension 
Morte-saisoii, sf. dead or dull season of 

the year 
Mort-gage, sm. mortgage, pledge 
Mortier, sm. mortar 
Mortif^re, adj. deadly, fatal 
Mortlfiant, e, adj. mortifying, vexing 
Mortification, sf. mortification 
Mortifier, va. to mortify, vex, subdue 
Mort-nd, adj. stillborn 
Mort-ivre, lulj. dead drunk 
Mortuaire, aiij. fUnereal, relating to a 
funeral, mournful; drap — , paU, 
mortclothi registre — , burial-book; 
extrait — , burial-certificate 
Morue, sf. codfish, dried cod, stocJtfish 
Morve, sf. mucous or slimy fluid, the 

glanders, a disease among horses 
Mor\'eau, sm. mucilage, slimy or viscotts 
mass or body, mucus of the nose, snot 
Morveux, euse, adi. mucous, slimy, vis- 
cotu, snotty, fUll of the nasal muciu t 
petit —, sm. youn^ brat; petite — euse, 
sf. young slut; qui se sent — se mouche, 
let him wear the cap whom it fits 
Mosaique, sf. mosaic or inlaid work 
— » adj. mosaic, relating to variegated in- 
laid work ; Mosaic, Mosaical, per- 
tttining to Moses 
Motrateline, sf. musk-weed 
Motooiude, sf. rata sugar 

Mosqo^. A mosque, Mokammtdame^ 
Turkish temple 

Mot, sm. motto, word, eatftstgr, mttt 
bon—. Jest, wtttyeeifhig/ tnwa-^ 
in short; avoir le — . to be te At 
secret; prendre qudqu'un m — » Hii. 
take one at his word / qui ne dk .— 
consent, silence gives consent t Osm) 
sont donn£ le — , theyu9ulerstaisien$ 
another; compter ses — «, to^^eaksHaia 

— k—, adv. literal^, wordjbr toonf 

— k double entente, pun, fuiUb 

— du guet, waichuford 

— pour rire, joke, jest 

Motet, sm. sacred music, •nAem 
Moteur, trice, smf. mover, author, ff- 

poser, contriver 
—, trice, adj. moving, impdUmg, nOtig 
Motif, sm. motive, the reason qf m 

aef ton, that whidi moves the wm 
Motion, sf. motion, action, agitatiem 
Modver, va. to move, aiMse, 
relate the motive, justify an t 
Motte, sf. clod, turf, peat, lun^t 
se Motter, vr. to lurk behind huf m 

clod, said of partridges 
Motus, inteij. hush I not a w^edl 
Mou, sm. ca(fs or Iambus light* 
—, Molle, a4i. mellow, soft, ^ ffb rn tnt i t tk 

loose, weak, riuggish, indolent 

Mouchard, sm. ir^fSrmer, spy 

Moucharder, va. to search or efg emU 

explore, examine, give it^/bnnatkmif. 

Mouche, sf. fiy, patch upon the Jbee, a 

game at cards, spy ; des pieds de — ■ 

scrawl, bad penman^ipi floe— ,«% 

or cunnif^ fbltow t prendre la — » M 

take the jtet ; quelle — voos a pv^ ' 

what whim has got into yourneid9 

— k miel, bee 

Moucher, va. to blow the nose 

— une chandelle, to sntfj^a canUe 
se — , vr. to blow or wipe one's nose 
Moucheron, sm./^TuK, sn^ffofa c 
Mouchet^, e, adj. spotted, piiueei 
Moucheter, va. pink, spot 

— de I'hermine, to black-spot ermine 
Mouchette, sf. weUer-taole, ki 

ture; joiner's plane 
— s, pi. snuffers 

Moucheur, sm. snvif^ ofrandke 
Mouchoir, sm. tumakerdusf 
Moudre, va. to grind, bruise 
Moue, sf. un-y fhce, grimace / ftire la 

— , to look displeased or ntUcy 
Mouette, sf. sea-gull 
Mouflard, e, amr. pereon having a find 

or bloated face 
Moufle, sf. mitten 
— , sm. tackle of pulleys 
Mouillage, sm. anchorage . 
Mouiller, va. to wet, soak 
se — , vr. to get wet 
-~ la lettre L, to pronounce the letter L 

with a liquid sound 

— en mer, to oast anchor 
Mouillette, i& slice or finger qf bread to 

dip in an egg boHeaeojt 

■»g. aciymtttlnf I MouH^, ™. In 



M(qr«i nu. «bcfr OfH HhkUft a jAmi 
Miuble, >4|. mutmilt, BHIwSi 

MiidUglpeuli. nBjTlB). MrilMlllli 
Uu>. If. nnk, iMiE.oio, atii(*.*Mi 
Hat, e, Id). «M14<Wit agj*. m»»l Mf 

M u^ S^KIJ. hhm', dMSTvMlUM 
Muctii, tf. a ptaH Jtr AmNWilVl' 

SatBlH iclim am/ laim U . fcimliufJa* 
U lUlCt nn. nHitei tt« mBmhiAani ri m i t 

Vagatl, nn, tOr (^Ma inlfii', M 
U^, mi. JMf(k»4 a 0(idd mwIM 

MbhiIi, iC HWmct 
ICnmdvt, iBk avKOdbH DT niifi 

SniEAdlll, lin> a mrntM preparation fiff 
(■BMCBiitw NUtemcC, a »»u dtAp 
pkW nn. matlt taanatomy^ ahel( 

am <£ BUM, rvftteA^finv ^gtan 
BMIa, iLtmipii jaia d. ii - 

Houii, e, HIJ. imnftifnl, 
Hntlni c. IBir. inUEiHtr. : 

KjMiSti, It oifif 

sKsa ■ 

N. nn. (Aa JturtwuA lilterifflhi ^ 

— , t. w^- ptartft, ttiCa Hiather^fytml 
Stall, im. nadir, tAi |»4« In uaSi^ 

— . *'/'^." ""*' •" MjNlJ *y 
4 U — , kdr. te i>r By AvfimHjiv 
ife-i (o iKPini ttriWi, felmm- 

NAlittiit, *, jkdj. ihm4f dcy?i>_ j fiwp l ii^ 
'h^orlgtnaUyflom Kanlthi 

fa brl^JiMi imtatitui » 

Faumwhtr, mI. nock ipa-fighl 

'. in^ ■]]. norraftini, noting 

VjiTigUle, mdj. nsiviii/i 

Sab idT. wMb muaJHund 

Jin, vp. /» render national 

rclrSquf . »Jj. iiKroi)^™! 



'^^j^^*i i/^'m 

srt, .^^Mwbl or mmiminr 
■T. Bwilar, o iTvciit oflniU 

f StfUA, lit, lid), ne^llM . 

jtylt i En — , Adir. In dlrhnbtlit 

N^Tleemmeni, aJv. nefrilgmtlt/, Ifltili/ 

;ni™. If. ntfilylBirrj n«/«3, in- 




N^Ugenc, nnf. haedlen pen 
— , e, a4J. nagligmt, neffleetful, Ian 
N^liger, va. to nerieet, pott overt efi/iht 
■e —, vr. not to take care o/oneeelf 
N^goce, itn. trade* commerce, trt^ffle 
N^ffocUble, Adj. nefpotiiMe 
NeKociant, am. merchantt dealer 
Ntgodatcur, trice, smf. n^potiator, am- 

baeaadoTt ambauadrestt mediator 
N^godAtion, >f. vefrotiation, mediation 
N^ffoder, vti. to neffotiate, trade 

— une intrigue, to carry on an intriffue 
fihgn, Ndgrene, ttaf. negro, negreae 
N^grillon, ne, Bmf. negro child 
N^>> am. negue, a mixture of wine, 

water, and sugar 
NeiRc, »f. enow, whitenese; pelotede— , 
enowbaU ; bcl homme de — I a fine 
fetkiw indeed I 

— (il), V. impen. it enowe 
Nciger, vn. to enow 
Neigeux, eiue, adj. enowy 
Nenni, adv. no indeed, not at all 
N^logie, sf. neiAogy, a eyetem of new 

worda or doctrines 
N^logique, a4i' neolt^cal 
NMngue, im. neologtet, one who intro- 
duces new words or doctrines 
N^phyte, amf. neophyte, a new convert 
N^potUme, sm. nepotism, fitndness for 

nephews, Jitvouritism to relations 
Nerf> am. nerve, sinew, strength, ener- 
gy, firmness, band of a book 
Nerveux, euae, adj. nervous, brawny 
Net, adv. clean, cleverly, at once 
— , te, adj. neat, clean, clear, spotless, 
pure, plain, downright, perspicuous ; 
faire maiaon — te, to send away all 
onifs servants 
Nettement, adv. neatly, plainly, fairly 
Nettet^, af. deanness, plainness 
Nettoiement, am. act cf cleaning 
Nettoyer, va. to clean, scour, sweep 

— La tranche, to drive off the bestegera 
Neuf, am. nine 

—, euve, adj. nine, new, fi'esh, young, 

inexperienced ; k — , adv. anew 
Neutralement, adv. neutrally 
Neutraliaation, af. neutralization 
Neutraliaer, va. to neutralize, modify 
Neatralit^, af. neutrality 
Ncutre, adj. neuter, neutral 
Neuvaine, af. a devotion of nine days 
Neuvi^me, sm. the ninth, ninth part 
—, adj. ninth 

Neuviemement, adv. ninthly 
Nevea, am. nephew 
N^vroae, af. diaeaae of the nervea 
Net, sm. nose, beak or head of a ahip 

— aquUin, Roman noae 
Nl, oonj. neither, nor 
NIable, aOj. deniable 

NIaia, e, amf. eimj^eton, bird of prey; 

c'ett nn — de Sologne* he is a pre- 

~-* •, b4j. ailly, aimple, eredulome 
Vmaauteat, adv. aiBUy, fboliaM^ 
JVUeer, vti, to stand trifUng 

Ni^aeiie, tfl tUKiMft, Jbolerp, nam 
Niche, sf. niche, tridk, baekat, bad 
fikiMe, eL whole neat i^Mrde 
Nidier, va. tofimee, put 
— , vn. to neatle, rooet 
se — , vr. to hide onoaelf 
Nichet, am. neat-em 
Nichoir, am. br e eam g-caga 
mkeetsL nieces peote— ,, 

Nielle, s£. mildeio, bHght, i 
NieUer, va. to blast. ritiUew, M^M 
Nier, va. to deny, dieown, diaamme 
Nigaud, e, amf. aimpleton,/bol, i 
— , e, adj. ailly, aimple, fitohah 
Nigauder. vn. to play the /hoi 
Nigauderie, af. ailly or jhoHah t 
Nipper, va. to r^ out, fit up, 

with dothea 
Nippea, a£ pL gooda, dothea, 
Nique, af. contempt ; fldre la'-^ k f«d- 

qu'un, to acorn or makejoat efmm 
Nitre, am. nitre, aaltpetre, mt wsw rf saK 
Nitreux, euae, adj. nitroua, nttrie, mUrp 
Niveau, am. a level, ptummet 

— d'eau douce, inaect which rum l^M 
the aurface of the water I de— »adn 
on a level, even, straight 

Niveler, va. to level, make even 
Niveleur, am. leveller, trifter 
Nivdlement, sm. act ofleveWug 
Nivoae, sm. fourth month of the Fnmk 
republican calendar, firom f laf 0^ 
cember to Ust January 
Noble, amf. a noble, nobleman, f&rd^ 

lady i les —a, the nobility 
—, adj. ntMe, generous, iltuatrloua 
Noblement, adv. nobly, honomrMlf \ 
Noblease, af. nobility, nobleneaa 
Noce, af. marriage, nuptiala, eomwmiff 
• ataufeddinrf'\e*—e,theufadmng 
Nocher,.am. ptiot, steersman 
Noctambule, amf. aomnambuliat 
Noctambulisme, am. Heep^^oalMng 
Nocturne, am. noctum, an efface af de- 
votion by. night, aong or anthem 
— , a4j. nocturnal, nightly 
Nocturnement, adv. noetumtdly 
NoM, am. Oiriatmaa, Chriatmaa aoiw 
Noeud, am. knot, atreaa, tie, knu^He, 
Amo6, love-knot, intrigue, djffieaMy 

— coulant, MOOM, elip-knot 

— d'une comMie, plot of a j^ojf 

— d'une plan^te, node 

— en mer, marine mile or knot 
Noir. am. black, a negro, a fttedk 

— d'ivoire, ivory-biack 

— de fumee, lampblack 

—, e, a4j. black, dark, baae,Jhul, ^Ka- 
malt temps — , cloudy weaken bCcea 
— cs, large wild beaatat rendre — , te 
blacken, defitme ; vendredu — , toguU 
Nolritre, adj. blackiah, duaky 
Noirand, e, amf. dark pereon 
' — , e, adj. <if a black complexion 
I Noiroeur, af. bladeneaa, atrocity 
N<drdr» va. to blacken, aeperae 
se — , yr.togrow black 
\ NtAKtanuct itLbVudc cifQ*«blaclM«lNC 

175 NOT 


IV. rarinelii, nuli- 


NguUlemeni, mdi. mmNv, lumniM 

«mli. pJn^KM 

imHetM fitnn» nAttd 
NuMUc, *i> *KruliI, frtfmi 
NuU, tf. n^, nlfiiHbmt, 

Xavcmbtc, HB. Stvrmber XamSu, mk munbcr, napAr 

— ■ MJ. iMir, iMHgfflilBj. "'*"'*' Mwftirt^ or pirtlliy "■ '*« inTiJ 

Ki^idt, >'■ ■<(*^j™™<^_^ NuiBliniHt, BTL mlfTiiiirr, or aiwiitt'.nfa/a^uJI.niHiU.on Xumlaoutlqut, ad]. nmiiliiiHlib <■>■ 

^ ^fj4n«# Nuptiiil, F, a4j' fiwitlait bHt 

Jr'intn, It mancrtr Sadandrai^ NDLm^, it ■tfrarfoa, seK 

— 1H omtcun, fa mlt Ih9 ftlourt l .-4, pj. ivmiAc, in anatHiv 

Nu, an. ntilwd un In icWiihn, ir- (x 

-, t, (dl. >i2>^ fifaMi ^ -. -Inv™ ' D, im. Ike /tOtviM IMIn- 0/ M> ■»» 
mpordr k—.tdt-OBenai.bart J bft,- cIMg.BcJfcgrMfaf fan i m>W H / 

IT>fkd>, idj. iai«U*f c-EMun-ciid>l«n,h>i>an<r«Mr 

Nii-I«a,al^»wJ>nM loi InM. t>' 1* 1 Hiptnf tki • Mltu 

SuMi^ t^f^HiI, mW. AtntfUH I COM, tit jTnrxmir 

MuHUh nil. IdJ. Ita>*i IKUU*. ili^ <Mi. "oi- ''■■^> >»''<<'' JIMin a itHM 

Num.Vitailt, rn^iMM d/ culm: 
NvukA •> MJ. ahaduit, wlAiubd 
JVouwr, n. OM.IIW, tM caiiwn 

crt-git". S"" hi «'■ 


»ii&. " 

1). aM af omiiiiKg ti 
^^i,, funeral tU 

UtaUoacicn, It, utHtHai, nMHWiai 




Oivkput.vQ, ttccipueihlmterpartf^ths 

--, vr, A) bww onta^, pay uUtntitn 
■Kiicinit, I. kdj. iMcurriTir, Ineliinilal 
Jcti, am. cc*n, ArrBftuw urlh 

—^ ad}- oetjtvtt aawxini^ ^ght 




OcUvine* sf. small spinet 

Octavo, Bm. octavOt said of books ?uiving 

eight leaves in each sheet 
Octidi, am. eighth day of a decade in the 

French republican calendar 
Octobre, sm. October {age 

Octog^naire, smf. person eighty years of 
— , adj. octogendry, eighty years of age 
Octogone, tin. octagon, a figure cf eight 

angles and sides 
— t acn> octagonal, octangular 
Octroi, SOL grant, city-toll, excise 
Octroyer, va. to grant, bestow 
Octuple, adj. octuple, eight/bid 
Octupler, va. to repeat eight times 
Oculaire, adj. ocular; temoin — , eye- 
witness ; verre — , eye glass 
OcuUirement, adv. ocularly, by the eye 
Oculiste, Bm. oculist, one skilled in dis- 
eases of the eye 
Ode, sf. ode, lyric poem, song 
Odeur, Bf. odour, scent, perfume 
Odieusement, adv. odious^, hatefully 
Odieux, euse, adj. odious, hateful 
Odom^tre ou Compte-pas, sm. mariner's 

Odoutalgie, sf. odontalgia, toothache 
Odontalgiaue, sf. odontalgic, a remedy 
Jbr toothache \ache 

— . adj. odontalgic, pertaining to tooth- 
Odoricologie, sf. odontology, this breeding 

of the teeth 
Odorant, e, adj. odorous, fragant 
Odorat, sm. smell, act of smelling 
Odour, va. to smell 

Odoriferant, e, adj. odoriferous, sweet- 
smelling, fragra7it 
OAjas^, sf. the Odyssey, a poem 
QCcumdnique, adj. oecumenical, general 
(Eil, sm. eye, eyesight, bud, gloss; vin 
— de perdrix, pale wine; coupd'— , 
glance, prospect, view, outward ap- 
pearance ; beau coup d' — , fine pros- 
pect; k vue d'— , adv. by the sight, 
visibly; d'un premier coup d' — , at 
first sight; avoir V— sur quclqu'un, 
to watch one; ax'oir bon pied, bon — , 
to be vigorous, healthy, strong; ccla 
se voit a 1' — , it is obvious to every- 
body; 11 lui a pocli^ V—, he gave him 
a black eye 

— de verre, artificial or glass-eye 

— braille, bloodshot eye 

— (yeux, pi., eyes) ; fermer les yeux a 
quelqu'un, to attend one's deathbed ; 

■ yeux d'aigle, piercing eyes ; couver les 
yeux, to cast tender and passionate 
looks ; d^v'orer une chose dcs yeux, to 
look upon a thing with greedy eyes ; 
ddvorer quelqu'un dcs yeux, to look 
one through and through ; pour vos 
beaux yeux, for your sake 
(Eillade, sf. look, ogle, leer, glance 

— furtive, sly look or glance 
(Eillader, va. to glance at, look with a 

rapid or oblique cast of the eye, ogle 
(ElUe, e, adj. honing circles like eyes, 
Mtid qfvariatu kindi u^fs^mt 

GEUUire, %t eye flap ofu harm, va*e Jkt 
bathing the eyes; dents — », PLmU' 
(Eillet, sm. carnation, pink, eifeUi-kola 
\ — po^te, sweet-william, gardenflawmr 
I CEsophage, sm. oesophagus, gullet 
(£uf, tm. egg, spawn, roe ; jaane ^— » 
yolk of an e^g; il tondrait lur an — > 
he would sktn a flint 

— k la coque, soft-boiled egg or eg^im tkB ' 

— cou\i, rotten ox addle egg [jriuK 

— dur, hard-boiled egg 

— frais, new-laid egg 
(Eufs (des), sm. pi. eggs 

— au miroir, firued ekgs 

— brouUl^, buttered eg^s 

— d'estuigeon sal^, caviare 

— de poissHiti, spawn offish, tsard roe 

— pocnds, poached eggs 
(Eav6, e, adj. said cf fishes ?taviiig m 

hard roe 
(Euvre, sf. work, action, deed, pi vdmo* 
tion, workmanship ; chef a*—, 
tn/'piece ; mettre tout ea — >, to i 
no stone unturned 
— , sm. a collection of work* of art, 
lead containing silver ; travaUkr aia 
grand — , to search for the pkihe^ 
pher's stone 
Offiensant, e, adj. offensive, injurUmt 
Offense, sf. qffence, abuse, outrage, «ta 
Offcns^, sm. the offended party 
Offenser, va. to qj^end, hurt, injure 
s'— , vr. to be angry, take qjffence 
Offenseur, sm. (Render, trans^greetor 
Uffensif, ive, adj. q(fensive, dtspleatiKg, 

disaffreeable, injuriotcs, assailant 
Offensive, sf. (fffehsiveness, assault 
Offensivemcnt, adv. qffensively, is^ftui' 

ously, displeasingly 
Offerte, sf. qfferifijf, sacrifice, (Matien 
Offertoire, sm. qfferto)-y, act oftjff^is^, 
part of the church service chanted or 
read while the alms are coUected 
Office, sm. office, public charge or eeh 
ployment, business, duty, act of good 
or ill, ibrmulary of devotion, tiet of 
worship, place of business; lei^flt 
— , tfie i7iquisition 
— , sf. vantry, larder, butler's room 
Official, sm. official, one who hotds an 

office, ecclesiastical Judge 
OmcialiK^, sf. qfficialty, the charge or 
I jnpst of an qfficial 
: Omciant, sm. jierson ivho officiates 
— , adj. ojficiatingt perjvrming 
. Officiel, le, adj. official, pertaining to oH 

fffice, done by authority, cvnduciee 
Officiellenient, adv. (fficially 
Officier, sm. officer, person authorised 
or commissioned to perform unypeh- 
lie duty, butler, upper servant 
Officier, vn. to officiate, perform or dis- 
charge the duties of an qffice 
Officieusement. adv. (fficious^, kindlft 

obligingly, busi'y,ji>rwardly 
OfficieuXf euse, adj. officious, kind, o6- 
l lit(fnt[t ibruard, meddUng 

tfftr-, tefi^tf, Mf, prq^H ^ o 

aaatlttl^il. Jit 

'•«f^^° Bh 

Iptlimt ant tpOi^ht tHami^t^* 
wed I& ^If^gpenBtv I 

OnduijiiuiR, jb^ (fmfu^o'Affv, toning 

ftvofr bR A -^ fa itnDV HH te d^ 
fifltdarVHtfr U ■del'onric iunu'tn 

Uj/1, iffl. Mfi, elnrofidHtwiliIigtn 

■■ W illi n •firm.ii.fam^ua 

aab-9. — .•*. ■»«& if*Hi. iHBt i Ki nr 

OlSfar Fe. It iTJ i'i«riie«ji». «(«i- i>r- — 

— , c, Uj. ■projlto.'.^i'nir. antnoV ' OniigM^t. ^unairnlmtll 
Opsmi, VL III l-pi^-H, Aindrr. mill, Orliwiu. Ha. canlM IHI%|* 

d—t tt. tolit agoi^Mtb* eontranila J Or 
OjpiJl fc loit »B iMi(J, antoinwtif fir 

ail, iripSbvfntrwa 

' order-/ prtlcrifH, nrtjiMt 
tn Mt/SnttllitatiiiH Pb Afl 

,™V oft 


d iobVW o/inid 

ORG 183 OUR 

Orqat* ^ o^p 9eo-/i*h, JspecsM tjwhaia Oirfocoic, »t oKiweolh, kUtdofnar umA 

Oneutt* id. vchiit mom | ^ bringing on a eaUuM in JrtutunA 

Oncil, im. dec Otc^ooope, an. pain in tht bones [bomtt 

Qnbodoxe, ixtf. perum aound m re<v*- Ost^oiogie« sC otteoiogjf 

ous opinion att doctrine Oftrace, e, a4)- offmcMNa 

— , a4j« orTAodfO', «buitd in doctrine, 4<^. Ostracisiiie. sm. (Mtracum* mM»dng»tm> 
Onhodone, sf. orthndaxy, mntndneuof teneebjf ballot or coteenmrKed on Aeih 

doctrine or m'i(r"'iw opinion Ottncite. sL ortroctCetf CA« offtter in Ut 

Orthodrooue, if. orthvdromp, art i^eail- fineil state 

ing in a •traitrht cvuree OscniKOCh, sm. Oetrogotht barbarifU^ 

ORliMpie, ȣ ortkoept, earreet pronun- ignorant person, fiioliah feliow 

eiation ^vcordt ^^'■f'^ '"^ hostage, one given inpledmt 

Ortboifieu, un. orthoepitt 'Jng OuigK, U. otalgta, earache Qhw 

OiihognptetSf.orlhographp,arto/ef^U- Ocalgique, ■4j. otalgic, relating to mr^ 

Onbognpbie, sf. orihugrapky, the eteta- Oti, prepi except, save, but 

tion of a buiiding ddineated Ocer, va. to take awajf, remove, deprimt 

Orthflgimphier, i-a. ro speU eeerectlp cut or puU qj^ 

Ortbognpbi^ae, adL orthngraphieal ' — la peuj, to strip or peti off the Mn^ 

OrtbocFsphikte* smi. urthugraphist pare i^the rind 

Orthop^e, tL orthopedia, art ii(f curing — de torcc, to extort, take I^Jbree 

naturai dejormities s'— , rr. to remove, g^ awaj/ 

Onic, tf. nettle, a plant: rotrel, issue; Ottoman, e. ailj. Ottoman, belonging is 

jeccr le fioc aux — s, to renounce one's the Turks or the Creuid Seignaot 

profesnan, thnno qffune's gown Ottomaiic, s£. soju, cou€h, hauotk 

OitiTe, adj. ortite, rising of a star Ou, oonj. or, either 

Ortolan, sm. ortolan, delioate smaB bird Od, adv. else, where, whither, wherein, 

Orri^tan , sm. orvietan , antidote against in which, to what 

poison ; marchand d* — , sm. quack, Ouaicbe, sm. track of a ship 

vender of spurious drugs Oiuullcs, tL pL Christian congregaUemt 

Os, sm. 6ofie .*. laisser un — a rcHU(tT k parishioners, pastoi's charge, fiodtt 

auelqu'an, to let one have a good Job .* chores — , dearly beloved brethren 

U DC fera pas de vieuz — , he urili not Otiias l intnj. heyday! lacka-dayl 

die in an old skin Ouate, s£ wadding 

— de la cuinr, huckle or hip bone Ouater, va. to line with weulding 

— de la jambc, shin,fbre part qfthe leg Oubier, sm. sort offaiean 

— de r^pau^e, ^humlderAtlade Oubli, vau forge^lness, tMieion 
OscUlatioD, sf. oscillation, vibration . Oabliance, s£ amnesty, remissiom ^ 
Osdllattnre, adj. oscillatory, swinging, punishment, fur getfulneee 

vibratory, moving to and fro Oublie, s£. wafer, thin cake 

Osdller, vn. to oscillate, viorate Oubli^, c, adj. neglected, forgotten 

Osduntc, a4j. oscitant, yawning, slug- , Oublicr, va. to forget, leime out, omii, 

gish, deepy [tween given curves pass by, neguet 

Osculatcur, sm. osculation, contact be- . »*—, vr. to fidget oneself, neglect on^e 
Oaif e, adj. daring, bold, rash own concerns, fiU in ontfs duty 

Oscalle, sf. sorrel, a olant Oubliettes, sf. pL dungeons <^ death 

Over, vn. to dare, defy, challenge, have OubUeur, sm. w^fier-maker or seller 

courage fbr any purpose OubUeux* euse, adj. farge^fttt, heedlete 

Oseraie, sf. plantatwn of osiers i Ouest, sm. west 

Oder, uxL osier, water willow lOufl inteij. 0/ phol humphi 

Osselet, sm. osselet, small bone, callue, ' Oui, adv. yes, ay 

inside of a horse's knee , Oui-dk, adv. yes indeed, yes, yee 

C^ Mme ns, sm. pL bones of the dead OuxHic, wax. hearsay, rumour, refoei 

Osseux, euse, adj. osseous, bony [bone Ouie, sf. the sense nf hearing 
OwificatioD, sf. ossification, change into — «, pL the gills, organs of reepiratUm 
Oiufier, VD. to oseifif, become bone • Ouir, va. to hear, listen to, overhear 

Osiifique, adj. ossifie, having power to 0\ingtn,un. hurricane, tempest, Sturm 

change into or become bone • Ourdir, va. to u-arp, contrive, plot 

OtAfxagat, sf. ossifrage, kind of eagle ; Ourdissage, sm. act qf warping yam 
OniUon, sm. ossicle, small bone • Ourdissoir, sm. weaver's beam 

OtAvon,adi.ossivorous,devouringbones . Uurdissure, sf. warp, act qftoarping 
Ost, sm. ho^, army, multitude Ourler, va. to hem 

Ostensible, adj* ostensible, amarent \ Ouiiet, sm. hem, border of a garment 
OneaKib\etaent,aidv.ostenswly, plausibly Ours, sm. bear, rudefeUow 
Ostensdr ou Ostensoire, sm. the remon- , Oune, sf. die-bear ; la fcnnde — , fk« 

strance, silver utensil in Roman Co- great bear, ursa major, a ctauteOatian 

thoUc churdiee Oursin, sm. sea-hedgehog 

Ostentation, sf. ostentation, ambitioue I Ounin^, e, a4|. prickly, thorny 
' Vt vainpitru^, outward thaw \ Oun&i^n», «&. pL a efeeiee t^beart 

hv^ 4«owr f / i Wpia --^, idv 

iu?i, adj . KwSHi it'll 
WBtUiori, urrirtuB 
mAj. KnmBftt, taomed 



hTjle, iBL piH i/m nary in tMans 
llklabnit^ie AoMI^ n> Li viliuiS 
UldALlaari'' del v/widiEitir 


Picte, iDi, pflfi, eotaiiarl, treaty 


■f. toWriPgfiir p(PT[ d/j 

nn nanfprliUniw (lip* 

■ — da itn. It jpM <>■■•'( (W wMt 
Pimdm, d naain, AMlivjII 

Fuipb n. J<4^n/ D>]t«t at totiv 
PArnptUfOn, am. MfnpJUfttfpr 

11/ boa- ^QcumbrLr, ieik i 

n. pant/nn-ic, ■uVoOT 

Irduu, pRT}. tt ulv, vitMrn. bt tfn , Pun^rvft vft to ■niwiJH, 4ettl 
ttrpari! timmr^ ^suwr i|f Hflon, ikodm 

khon, prep, ff tdr. unfApwf » nti ' Vvtiyi^, If- pdrA^viv, palltr 
tharbi/i out iifdoora, tJUtna^ hnJrUqiHi wii'' pwH^'He, fw 

cm. n. M^llnMi eiUjUI^Mil 

t . Piniwr, n. lo ahavat ~ ' 

4. Anuxini, ftrfidioui inni |i), mdf. uMi, lOliliU' tWiMI' an 

■hUUVi >bf»rtm 

t^iUal, I, adj. pBrlist, nffinling vtt 

one Borlt not trOMrvl, wxjua 
PuIUtimnl, iiTv. fortiaUi. imparl 
PtriMllt. ir' pjrlMm^. iiFmiiaf Juitf- 




PvtIeuDer, i^re, and private permm 
—( i^rs, adj. partiexdar, aim(ular, odd 
PtfticttU^remeDt, adv. partieularlif 
Fartie, it part, portion, division, Outre 
— •» pL aceompliahmenUtforfbituree 
Partiel, le, adj. partial, inclined to Savour 

one party more than another 
PartieUement, adv. partially, in part, 

Ufith unjust favour 
Partir, vn. to set out, go away, depart, 

set qlf, proceed, flow or issue from 
— , va. divide, part asunder 
Partitan, sm. partisan, an adherent to 

party, kind ofhalbert, pike 
Partitlf, ive» adj. partitive, distributive 
Partition, sf. partition, division 
Paitout, adv. everywhere : de — , from 
every auarter ; en tout et — » etitirely 
•— oil, wherever 

Parure, sf. dress, attire, trimmin/r, or- 
nament, decoration, finery, paring 

— de diamantSy set of diamonds 
Parvenir, vn. to arrive at, reach, attain, 

succeed, come to preferment 
Parvenu, e, imf. upstart, one suddenly 

raised to power, honour, or wealth 
— , e, adj. fortunate, arrived at distinc- 
ParviSf sm. court, square [tion 

Pas, sm. step, patx, footstep, defile, nar- 
row pass, strait, step in dancing; 
de ce — , adv. straightway, immedi- 
ately, directly, presently; k grands 
— , with great strides; avoir le — , to 
have the precedency; franchir le— , 
to resolve ; aller k — mesur^, to pro- 
ceed with circumspection; faire un 
faux —, to commit a blunder ; doubler 
le — , to ^o faster ; retoumer sur ses 
— , to go back ; se tirer dun mauvais 
— , to get out of a scrape 

— de Calais, Straits of Dover 

— de clerc, blunder, gross error 

— de fus^, spiral turn ofthefUsee of a 

— d'une vis, worm of a screw [watch 
— , adv. no, not, wme; non — que je 

sache, not that 1 know 

— k — , step by step 

Pascal, e, adj. paschal, relating to the 

passover ur Easter \_plant 

Pas-U'&ne, sm. colfs-foot, a flowering 

Pasquin, sm. pasquin, satire; satirist, 

Pasquinade, sf. pasquinade, lampoon 
Pasquiniser, va. to lampoon, abuse with 

personal satire 
Passable, adj. passable, tolerable 
Passablement, adv. passably, tolerably, 

moderately well 
Passade, sf. passing or going through 
Passage, sm. passage, road, act of pass- 
ing, incident, part of a writing 
Passager, kte, smf. passenger, traveller 
— , 6re, adj. passing, transient, moment- 
ary, supreme, eminent, exceeding 
Pasant, sm. passenger, wayftirer 
~-, e, Mj. frequented ; unchemin — , a 

Aminnt, bol pass, permit 


Passe, tt pass w thrust in fmeing ,§it 

money, overplus, stake ut pkiif i 
—, sm. past time 
—, e, a4j. past, over, gone bif, fltitii 

spent, tost, out (^fiumon i 

— , prep, beyond, above, e^fter \ 

Pas8e<ln4t, sm. flivour, if^jusHee 4mn 

to a person by giving what b e to »g s M 

him of right to another, gremt wn 
Pass^, st passage or flight t^birit 
Passement, sm. lace, trimming 
Passementer, va. to trim coitik loee 
Passementerie, sfL lacemaking 
Passementier, i^re, smfL laee- 
Passe-partou^ sm. lat^key. 
Passe-passe, sm. legerdemeAn, Ju gg l m w 
Passe-poU, sm. cham-laee, edging i 

Passeport, sm. passport, paes 
Passer, va. to pass, go or cross over, e^ 

ceed, go beyond, surpass, e mp le^f 

— au fil de ripde, to put to the 

— Chez, to call on one 

— de la farine, to sift meal 

— en revue^ to review, inspect, 

— des raaoirs sur la pierre, to 
or whet razors 

— en compte, to make aKowanee in • 
j calculation or reckoning 

I — la riviere, to cross the water 
' — par le tamis, to strain (AroHgA • 
I — le pas, to make on^s exit 

— Idg^rement sur une cboK, to 
j upon a thing 

; — son envie, to gratify on^s desire 
I — son cliemin, to go ont^s way 
I — sous silence, to refrain from or < 
i mentioning 

— un contrat, to draw a deed 

— une obligation, to make o*^ a boni 
—, vn. to go on, proceed, hempen, dlti 

elapse, be admitted, vanim 

— au dela, to go beyond 

— outre, to go forward 

— pour, to be looked upon, paesfbr 
se— , vr. to run away,oeeonteiuei, dit- 

I pense with, fade awety, deeag 
I Passereau, sm. sparrow 
, Passe-temps, sm. pastime, sport 
Passibilite, sf. possibility, paseiblenstt 
Passible, aJdj. passible, wtle to sv^ffsr 
, Passif, ive, adj. passive, suffering 
' Passion, sf. passion, qffection,fimdnees, 
warmth; fleurdela— , passionflower 

— de I'amour, love 

Passionnaire, sm. bock of the passioits 
Passionn^, e, adj. pa.'sionate, qffsetlM^ 

ate, fond, pathetic, eager, ardent 
Passionn^ment, adv. pasHskmately 
Passion ner, va. to humour or gbse anh 

motion to whatever is sungor sp e ken 
se — , vr. to have a strong desire, fbM 

into a passion 
Passivement, adv. passively 
Passivity, sf. passivity 
Passoire, Passette, sf. cullender, strmtner 
Pastel, sm. pastil, an herb, wood 
Past^que, sf. watersn^on 
Paiteax.vau pactor« sheikerd, minister 


^M drorurin^ fir HbaMi'jtlMng 

> fiidaMir 

J, »o*oei*^ 


illwJogieaJ P 

pHLilHIrj kt foJ paid fy qfflarf ^J 

Jtofilttni ftmncr If — » r« tfriJH fhd' Pfctirt, am, fMufh^TH 
Jlui )U< tateH — . ID mrrntnuo. P&lwriE, if. MUrv 

■mt rt Wiliiir wM <ir« J*l|i [riSioni 

E ' Prcqut, It j4»niA on 

j^nt P«culA1, im. pectitaHon, tiufi 

. if. lHr< tatnrTfi bopnc — ^ P^a^o^f, it pedapt^, p§ 
imtHI; OlMfajaitm—.badpoy- diKipJtie, atUFotini t^ M 

thtiK kflraf ftlfmtnt r&UaoguF, im. echoolnuitter, 

Pajrnnait, im. patfment, rewardt aet '^f Pi^^, tl. ptdalt onsof thti 
_ iiillWllgpatmml _ I rifanorgan^aitdMiUKIK 

PVni. DC, imf. SfiFUrn Wdint, im. pgdoni, DnaurJtn 

pav qK «ntt*t«» ' ' I — , », Mj. peOanlic, fwtantici 

— ngm cMi mi tt ro pay doom I PMuter, vt« f- *^ — — /.„ 

— dl DlBt, to DtoAw a/Tfi' a/iohf 

Pmii It jMHt JMfi jwff, Hntf, fwW f 11 dncnbt, pourtratifiidofn^- 

^dtftHhm dflMumgt, rtodq^JHitf .w-^ vr. to ttprHent entatif 
a (DwH I Peine, tf. fain, trauMa, fwa 

■-^MaSia,'nMIHkl» k-,tiy'. hanUg.'tant^'i 

ganidir, BB. tMmur, daaltr Hi hUa \ lo'labimrj tm i^Ltti, —, 


^.pMaudlUo.iMlv/Uilt \»mk.>, 

Imp- t^fiHirgcriHtal 


Jam, Srie, outcJt, JSinaEic 

Vtniuar, to. to pBrdhi nwtf 

PMn, n. lahM^imArH'il'. Ill •"?; 


JteOcdMllll, ir-nr/crlibilifi 
AifcRiMi, id]. |£rjic(jU« 

wbctloDnBrj n, b yrtrfi^, acbittv 


p^ci In th0 tut 


I, nue. Mi<;«^<nu. ' 

P^ripb^rlE. If, pe l;>A»v. elm 
P^ilphrucr, vn. la mail* long 

l4flr, ra.toiKri9h,dKi^tdlt, 
PMhIiIc, ^. rvrut% 

'til^ tt pMrt, a gnu. lo^u « 

' far w^'^ ^"^ P 



If- tvJ^.pn-(iJ(:«,»Tivi^ 

D. /rlndBftl-inimui Bq 




thMpOBnl. hIv pliyaUallf 
pirfilii, »<1. placalar, mSmnrt 


pi lj l . Si. aa ffpliatdtritir , _ , 
Ite H.%£^^^«w> xwoA fur 




Piston, ne, tmf. a walker, foot-toUUer 
Pihut, tAj. paUry, ahabby 
PiicremeDt, adv. pitifully ^ thabbily 
Piitrerie, tf. tragh, inferior gooda 
Pieu, sm. a stake, pale, poet 
Pieuaement, adv. piously, religiously 
Pieux, euae, adj. pious, godly, religious 
Piffre, etse, smf. person who is too fat 

from high living 
M Piffrer, vr. to glut oneself 
Pigeon, sm. pigeon, bubble or deception 

— bizetf stock-auve or wood-pigeon 

— rainier, ring-dove 

— wuvagCf pigeon-carrier 
Pigeonueau, sm. young pigeon 
Pigeonnier, sm. pigeonfiouse 
Pi^sme, sm. pigmy, slmmp, dwarf 
Pignon, sm. gabh-end, kernel, pinion 
Pignoratif, ive, adj. having power to 

buy again, in law 

Pilastre, sm. pilaster, arch 

Pilau, SOL stewed rice 

Pile, st a pUe or hean, pier of an arch, 
grindstone, one side of a coin ; jouer 
k croix ou — , to play at pitehfdrthing 

— de volca, voltaic pile in galvanic bat- 
Piler, va. to pound, bruise [teries 
Pil^t sf. quantity bruised at once 
Pilier, sm. pillar, post, column, pilaster 

— de cabaret, afi-equenter of taverns 
Pillage, sm. pillage, plunder, booty i tout 

est au — dans celte maison, every thing 
is at sixes and sevens in that house 
Pillard, e, smf. plunderer, freebooter 
— , e, adj. thievish, filching, pilfering 
Pilier, va. to jauntier, steal, sack 
Pillerie, sf. pillage, extortion, r<Mery 
Pilleur, sm. plunderer, pirate 
Pilon, sm. pestle, drumstick 
Pilori, sm. the pillory 
Pllorier, va. to set on the pillory 
Piloris, sm. musk-rat 
Pilotage, sm. pilotage, pile-work 
Pilote, sm. pilot, steersman, guide 

— cdtier, coasting pilot 
Pilorer, va. to drtve iti piles 
Pilotis, sm. pile or stake 

Pilule, sf. piU, bolus i dorer la — , to 
coax, gild the pill / faire avaler la — , 
to farce one to a disap-eeable action 
Pimb^che, sf. (effected silly woman 
Piment, uva. pimento, allspice, pepper 
Pimpant, e, h^. flaunting, gaudy 
Pimprenelle, sf. pimpernel, an herb 
Pin, sm. pine-tree 
Pinacle, sm. fnnnacle 
Pinasse, sf. pinnace, sloop 
Pince, if. pincers, crow, lever 
— •» v\. foreteeth of a horse, sugar-tongs 
—* d'^revlsse, claws of a crawfish 
Phaci, e, adj. qjffected, stiff, fbrmal 
Pinceau, sm. pencil, brush 

— hardi, bold style qf painting 
Plnc^, sf. a pin^, squeeze, difficulty 
^ncelier, sm. painttrs W€i^t-oox 
Plnoe-maille, sm. pinch-penny 

Jnaaement, am. act qf pinchmg qff the 
tmaUbttdi qfa tr99, a jiincntng 

Pincer, sm. act ofpbuAing 
—, va. to pinch, jeer, ridicule 

— des deux, to spur hard 
Plnceter, va. to nip off one's hesri m 

fiair with tweezers 
Pincette, sf. a surgical instrument 
—, pL tongs, tweezers, pincers 
Pinceur, euse, smf. one who pjnekea 
Pinchina, sm. coarse woollen doth 
Piu^n, sm. mark cfa pindi 
Pinpure, sf. crease, wrinkle 
Pindarique, adj. pindaric 
Pindariser, vn. to ajffectfine languagt ■ 
Pindariseur, sm. one who has an ^ffStd 

manner of speaking 
Pinde, sm. Pindtis, a mountaiH eoMt 

crated to Apollo and the Muses 
Pingoiu, Pingouiu, sui. penguin 
Pinne-marine, if. sea-slieU 
Pinque, sf. transport or merehantuaul 
Pinsbeck, sm. pinchbeck, gtM-adouni 
Pin&on, st chaffinch [NMtti 

Pintade, sf. speckled hen 
Pinte, sf. pint, a measure , 

Pinter, va. to tipple, guzzle 
Piochage, sm. act of diguing 
Pioche, sf. pickaxe, mattock 
Piocher, va. to dig with a mattock 
Piocbon, sm. smcUl pickcue [drai^tMl 
Pion, sm. a pawn at chess, a man *l 
Pionner, vn. to take several pawns MW 
Pionnier, sm. pioneer [cesaivelyattktti 
Piot, Piotte, St; kind of gondola 
Pipe, sf. pipe, butt, tooaccopipe 
Pipeau, sm. a bird call, musieialj^ 
—8, pL gluey sticks far catOiing bwia 
Pip&, bf. act of catching birds loitt 
Piper, va. to catch birds [bMMm 

Piperie, sf. act of cheating at play, trtdt 
Pipeur, euse, smf. sharper, meat 
Piquant, sm. a jyrickle 
—, e, a^j. pricking, tart, keen, jw^eM^ 

poignant, sharp, cutting, aatirieti 
Pique, sm. apade, at carda 
— , sf. pike, apear, pique, animosity 
Piqud, e, adj. larded 
Pique«hasse, sm. awl uaed by artifieen 
Pique-nique, sm. pic-nic, clubbing 
Piquer, va. to prick, ating, exaapemltt 

anger, goad, encourage, animate 

— la curiosity, to excite curiosity 

— les tables, to be a parasite 

— un matelas, to quilt a mattreaa 
— , vn. to be rather tainted ' 

86 — , vr. to take pet, value oneself uptm 
Piquet, sm. peg, stake, piquet, a gnu 

at cards, puMet in the army 
Plquette, sf. inferior toine 
Piqueur, sm. huntsman, overseer, tmt- 

rider, jockey, one who lards meat 
Hquier, sm. pikeman 
Piqdre, sf. puncture, ating, wotmi 
Hrate, sm. pirate, coraair, buccaneer 
Pirater. va. to pirate, in/kat the aea 
Piraterie, sf. piracy, literary th^ 
Pire, a4j. woraet le — , the worst 
Pirlforme, acy. pyramidal, in botany 
\ P\iogat, tf» oonoe^ wiv Indian bout 


nsoMfoni mffrrvi im- v — i vr. fa £««, d«Mf in, f4rtp# 
-, >ilv>. pilialSn re-;PlI1iamiHnt,>ilv.,jS><mf«.»»I« 
. fD if^iiiM PliiiBDrv, tf. pJHnrt ; diUdii di 





»1 tipJiM-xu 


«tn oghs, jp«. i»rf. 



Pl^the, .(. ptanit, ift-W i«"^. P'"'". 


PlucDiiir. If. to dank, lugojha- 



r, h»^.™a<i 

puwi, ™j^(o '^;^j,'' (S^" 







Plinisph^re, nm. planisphere 

Planoir, am. emati diisel used by ehaeers 

Plant, am. pkmt. set, twigt slip, nursery 

PUntase, sm. plantation 

Plantain, am. plantain, an herbt a tree 

Plantation, af. plantation, colony 

I'Unte, af. jdant, sole of the Jbot, vine- 

yard newly set 
Planter, va. to plant, set. Ax, drive in 

— (lea erainea, to sow seeds 

— queique chose au nes de quelqu'un, 
to be blunt and tuicivil 

ae —, vr. to place or put oneself 
Planteur, am. planter, setter 
Plantoir, am. dibble or setting-stick 
Plantureuument, adv. plenttjiilly 
Plantureux, euse, a«lj. plentifiU 
Planure, af. chip, shavings 
Plaque, af. plate of metal, a back for a 
Plaqu^ (du), am. platedfioods [chimney 
— , e, adj. plated, overlaid, wrought 
Plaquer, va. to clap or lay on, inlay 
Plaquette, tf, farthing, small coin 
Plaqueur, am. one who lays on metal or 
Plaame, af. plasm, a utould [mortar 
Plasti^ue, af. art (^modelling 
— , adj. plastic, giving form 
Plastron, am. plastron, breastplate 
Plaatronner, va. to wear a plastron 
ao — , vr. to put on a plastron 
Plat, am. plate, platter, dish, mess 
— , e, tuij.Jlttt, insipid, low, common 
-- (a), sAy. flat, flatly, plainly 
Platane, am. planetree, rail of a bridge 
Plate, af. long flat boat, copperplate 
Plateau, am. wooden scale of a balance* 

teaboard, platform, smaU table 
Plate-bande, af. flat si/uare moulding, 

in architecture ; fiower4>order 
Plate-forme, sf. pla1Jbrm,flat roof 
Plat^, af. dishful 

Platement, udv. flatly; tout — , sincerely 
Plateure, af. horizotital vein in a mine 
Piatine, af. round copperplate, gunlock 

plate, scutcheon of a lock, platten 
— , Or blanc, am. platina, a metal 
Platitude, t(. flatness, insipidity 
Platole. sf. mtlk-pan 
Platonfden, ne, adi. platonic 
Platonique, adj. relating to Plato 
Platoniame, am. platonism, Pluto's sys- 
Pldtrage, am. plasterwork [tern 

PlAtraa, am. rubbish, bit of plaster 
PUitre, am. plaster, paint, parget ; elle 

ae — , she uses rouge 
PlAtrer, va. to plaster, daub over 
PlAtreux, euae. adj. limy 
HlAtrier, am. plasterer 
PlAtridre, af. lime or chalk pit 
PlAtronoir, am. trowel, a mason's tool 
Plauaibilite, uS. platmbihty 
Plausible, ailj. plausible, seeming right 
Plausiblement, adv. p^usibly 
PIdbe, af. pMteiance, common people 
Pl^b^ien, ne. adj. pl^eian, of infi rior 

rank, belonging to the common people 
Pl^tMdes, sf, Pleiades, a eonsteUiUion 
Pkige, am. pMge, bailt ptwon 

Pleifcr, va. to bait 

Plein, am. thefitU, said i^tke ; 

— de la plume, scope efme pen 
>-, e, sd).fUll, filled, whole, replete swn 

homme — de lui-m6mc, a 
person; on trouve tout — de 
we find many people t en- 
open sea; en — e rue, in the 
of the street ; £tre — d'une cfaoik U 
be entirely taken up aciifft one timg 

— ik), adv. fully, entirely 
Pleinement, sAv. fully, entirely, ( 

Pl^nier, ifere, adj. plmary,freet t 

Pl^ni^re, at plenary court, esM tf m* 

lemn assemblies infbrmer timee 
Pl^nipotentiaire, am. plenipotentimp 
Plenitude, af. plenitude, fulness 
Pleonasme, am. pleonasm, redvndtatqf 
Plet, am. coil of a rope 
Pl^teux, am. pinmaker'e tool 
Pl^thore, af. plethora, JUlnesstfkeUt 
Pldthorique, adj. plethoric 
Pleurant, e, adj. weeping, miMfoUf 
Pleurard, e, amf. bluoberer 
Pleurer, vn. to weep, cry, bewaS 
Pleures, af. pi. wool taken off dead Amf 
Pleuriaie, af. pleurisy, itmammatien^f 

the membrane which Itnes the sidei 
Pleur^tique, adj. rotating to plewitg 
Pleureur, euae, am£ weeper, mourtur 
Pleureuses, af. pL weepers 
Pleureux, euse, am. act of crying 
—, euse, adj. crying, weeping 
Pleurnicher, vn. to shed /signed teon 
Pleura, am. pL tears/ verser det — » ll 

— de 1 Aurore, dew [x/kdd fMM 
Pleut (il), V. imp. it rains; H — dcslud' 

lebardes, it rains cats and dogs 
Pleutre, sm. person nfno capadty 
Pleuvoir, v. impers. to rain 
Pidvre, sf. pleura, inner membremetf 
Pleyon, am. twig, osier [the Mm 

Pii, sm. plait, fold, wrinkle, crease, J^ 
row, custom, habU, cover, envmpet 
il a pris son — , he never will cAoiV* 

— du bras, bending of the arm 
Pliable, adj. pliable, flexible 
Piiage, am. act of folding up 
Pliant, am. folding chaw 

—, e, adj. pliant, flexible, bending 
Plie, af. plaice, a kind offish 
Plieinent, am. act qffiilaing 
Plier, va. to plait, fitfd, bend, yield, Jkri 

— k la bande, to heel a vessel 

— un cheval, to break a horse 

ae — , vr. to bend, conform oneetSf 

Plieur, am. a folder 

Plinthe, sf. plinth, the flat etjvare flMiM- 

ber under the base of a eolttmn, sMrt' 
Pliotr, am. a /Ming-knife \ing 

Plique, af. phca, a disease in the hear 
Plissement, am. act qfjUaiting 
Plisser, va. to plait, Joul, crimvte 
Plissure, *L act qf waiting, jMding 
PIoc, sm. hair and tar put between fki 

bottom boards t^a vessel 
Plocace, sm. wool entangled andvmfit 






Point, sm. point, degree, mark, condi' ' 
tion, case, pitch, needle-stitch, ai*b- 
S«ct, matter, ahoemaker'e size-mie : \ 
venir ji — nomm^, to come at pud- 
ding-time; ces lunettes sont k mon — , 
these spectacles fit my eyes t de — en 
— , adv. puncttiaUy, cumjAetely ; de 
tout — , ad\'. totally, utterly t k —, adv. 
in time; k — nommi,t^v. seasonably, 
in the nick of time 

— d'appui, /u/crum» support, basis 

— de vue, aim, prospect 

— du jour, dawn, break of day Iside 

— de cdt^, griping pain or stitch in one^s 
— , adv. no, not, none s n'avoir — d'ar- 

gent, to be penniless 
PoTnte, sf. point, full stop, sharp end, 
promontory, headland, graving tool, 
peak, printer's bodkin, pun, quibble; 

— d'herbe, first shoot of a plant 

— d'espntffiash of wit 

— de vlnaitfre, tartness, sharpness 

— d'une plume, pen-nib 
Points, e, adj. pointed, striking 
Pointcau, sm. hard steel point 
Pointement, sm. act of pointing a gun 
Pointer, va. to thrust in a pointed in- 
strument, stitch, dot or prick with a 
sharp steel point 

— , vn. to soar, fly high, said of bird* 

— un canon, to level a cannon, take aim 
Pointeur, im. one who levels a cannon 
Pointilla^e, sm. act of making dots, dot- 
ting, pricking, puncturing 

Pointill6, e, adj. punctulatea 
Pointiller, va. to dot, prick, puncture 
— , vn. to cavil, dispute about a trifle 
Pointillerie, sf. frivolous dispute, trifling 

objection, cavillation,faise argument 
Pointilleux, euse, adj. putictUious, very 

nice in behaviour, ceremonious 
Pointu, e, adj. pointed, sharp [_ing 

Pointure, sf. iron point, used in print- 
Volte, sf. pear, powder-horn 
Poir^, sm. perry, drink made of pears 
Poircau ou Porrcau, sm. leek, wen, wart 
Poir^*, sf. beet, garden vegetable 
Poirier, sm. pear-tree 
Pols, sm. pea, a plant, also its fruit 

— carr^s, marrowfats, large pease 

— cbicbes, gray pease 

— de scntcur, sweet pease 

— h&tits, hustings, early pease 

— ram^, tail pease 
Poison, sm. poison, venom 
Poissard, e, adj. vulgar, low 
Poissarde, sf. fishwuman, low or vulgar 

woman ; chanson — , Billingsgate ' 
Poisser, va. to pitch l»ong j 

Poisson,, liquid measure; il est 
oomme le — dans I'eau, he lives in I 
clover ; les gros — s mangent les petits, I 
great people devour poor folks 
— tf Avrfi, April fool 
— ■, pL P^ees, a sirn of the zodiac 
PoteonnAille, sS,Yry, swarm of small 
/MwMJiitrie, aLflshmarket [fishes 
Jhilmoaaeuxt wk, a4j. jMiVtJuU offish 

Poissonnier, iire, smf. fishmonger 
Poitrail, sm. breast of a horse 
Puitrinainr, smf. asthmatic pereen 
— , adj. asthmatic, consumptive 
Poitrine, %t breast, chest t Iwt^s 

orateur n'a point de —, that < 

has a weak voice 
Poivrade, sf. pepper and vinegar i 
Poivre, sm. pepper, aromatic spice 

— en tier, round or whole pepper 

— pil6, ground pepper 
Poivrer, va. to season with epiee 
Poivrier, sm. pepper-plant 
Poivri^re, sf. spice-box, pepper-bog 
Poix, sf. pitch ; de la — resine, roein 
Polacre ou Polaque, sf. Ijevantine < 
Polaire, adj. polar, near the p^ 
Polarisation, sf. polarization 
Polariser, va. to communiatte pciaH^ 
Polarity, sf. polarity, tendency to M* 
Pdle, sm. pole fjpe^ 
Poldmique, adj. polemic, polemiea^Hs- 

putative, controversial 
Poll, sm. polish, gloss, brightness 
—, adj. polite, civil, mannerly, tk^ead 
I'olice, sf. police, polity, policy 

— de chargement, bill of lading 

— d'assurance, insurance-policy 
Policer, va. to polish, govern, civiHae 
Pulichinel, sm. punchineUo, ot{jffbon 
Poliment, sm. act of polishing 

—, adv. politely, civilly, genteelly 
Polir, va. to polish, bumisht brighten, 

civilize, improve, correct 
Polissage, sm. act of polishing 
Polisseur, sm. polisher 
Polissoir, sm. polishing-iron or brwh 
Polissoire, sf. soft shoe-brush 
Polisson, sm. blackguard, wag 
— , ne, adj. indecent, lascivious, lewd 
Polisson ner, vn. to play wanton tridu, 

crack foolish jukes, be waaiish 
Polissonnerie, sf. blackguard tride 
Polissure, sf. act of polishing 
Politesse, sf. politeness, courteey 
Politique, sm. politician 
—, sf. politics, science of govern m e n t 
— , adj. politieisU, politic, artfUl 
Politiquement, adv. politieal^ 
Politiquer, vn. to talk polities 
Pollen, sm. pollen, fine powder 
Polluer, va. to pollute, defile, eerrupi 
Pollution, sf. poUutUm, undeanness 
Poltron, ne, smf. coward 
— , ne, adj. cowardly, chicken-hearted 
Poltronnerie, sf. poltroonery , aowardiee 
Polygame, smf. polygamist 
Polygamie, tf. polygamy 
Polygarchie, sf. polygarchy, when fh$ 

authority is in the hands ofmamf 
Polyglotte, sf. polyglot, in severtU lan- 
guages ftietk 
Polygene, sm. mock battery or > brn< l e» 

— a(lj. polygon, having several anfiei 
Polype, sou polypus, a sea animtu 
Polysyllabe, sm. polysyllable 

■ '! 





que, sdj. poA'Mdnli 

Mile. tV. pAite i/ Irad wilh iSit 
d n tA( Am* iifa plpt 


itbin/ie Organ 

rf oftappiig. 


I, in. frrlilli, dSSofa Mp.Jlap 

li, t, uuTibnin^HM if' lliip 
ttTCi BL tnnf {^ Xljlit-priHl 
HAcu, hd. yaiujcatt, poiMdan 

Jrphyrt. on. B»-iill;ii>. in 
jrrigt..' '^^^Sj? *nM 

PDitEfXlllCE, ui. cWMr, ifUTu'Cr 
l*wtfrcimvonf tin, pmcjfcmg 

Juic, no. iwrV^lii, )«:fte 

ybr d^ertiv, atterWr mai k u/ c 

to, ta five i/ta AttUitn/f P«tp«er, vl m pta« wtfr 
,1. ___! — rkL_ PonicHpi, i(. pimtcrl^ 

PofntniR, iC tntmUnn, pUf on l'..[i^u, 1UI. p'li', ir'iA>;'.pfr;iu-' 

PdK, 2. ■cl<|/'A»iiq _ ^ 

Pg^, *, uU- IliiiA (niH. wtv. mAM CViusix. if. jiufioHU, (IMiC, 

PnteHfil, adv. *^>l'!'*|jj^ ^iff '"" '^/T"! iTu glUB. 


hmHM, It srnnriWtM iHiMfllir rockm, if. porio'., dr.ji.c'i' 

FDaiidS,im.>»fW>u^t|r(JU<In<l FI>dnHi,iiii.Fiumf>»in,ii;Vlill 

fmUtr, n. m bimiii. *n^. Aom Pdu. uu. 'hwc, nrrnn 

g^lT. f* ctnrrvJ «v t nni^r — tguilkquc, gad/If 

Pniiinir, fij^WJ-PM™'" —.^j^on'.iitcit^t °™*'' 

P lMtmlont <t jM W irtwi, jB^yiwnf i*oiuli] laierj, Jfr Hnmlf / 

P tt M ai jii, anb PIMII ri aw. fnlaw Faua, im. tAiii'^, Tndh 

HHlMM,lC|>H>INIi»,AjMU«d fVnidli>E.>iii.|iMilII>i 

piall4i,iiB.>aMM>j litHiluuiiqaii PnudlDiuF, m. PuWWrtim* 

SSSTm y»l<. italiHi. •ni;ihrn<nl.' ' Pnudnui, mit^^iU. dwtir 

W(C!v' (nnik -J gBiJmllwt; P»qf,tin.'*li;i^r»«iMi™«>rto 

RU— .ib^Mf; 1^ IDUt en -., —MT.rlump.llarv.wUkiMdii 
dAM/y ffkbv ^ <i A<''^> ^—i l^nifferi]«i1fv,tD.'Afrtf'-ii4iifu4ais 

balefl al Vit pitatuffWa tia eaftsdJbF I 4 quelqu'uD, f^ t4iJ oj ^inffip^ 
FWB', M.f>)pw[,;ila«.iutlan, run F<niiri«. im. rwlilfi' n/ IttMgt 
f ~, rr. In iOh a futl \ llHlr rnmuu 

MMi-i ^irij f 

■ ~ 'ar^MS^ySBl' S S ! '* ' '**'' 

li, 6rtn>r>rt» a fit! 


Ifl, tC mttatntUB ipanABIIft 

la nlUirta (n>p ]i^, H i^rrr (M ^ 




Pouai^re, ill dtutt poUen, male dtu*, in 
hokuQf; fkire niordre la — , to make 
an enemy bite the duet 
Pouaif, ire« adj. hroken-toinded t dtat 
on crot — t hi is a bite unwieldif man 
PoiUMn, nn. young cAtcAr, chickUng 
PWiMoirt sm. driver 
Poatre, tCi beam^ girder 
PoutreUe, %i. amaU beam 
Pouvolr, tm. power, interest, credit 
— , vn. to be able 

Pnirial, tm. ninth month ofthe French 
republican era firomMcaT*^ to JuneSl 
— , e, adj. growing in meadows 
Prairie, tt. m'adow, savannah 
Pnline, kf. burnt or crtJtp almond 
Prame* tf. prame, aflat-bottomed boat 
PraticaMe, adj. practicable, feasible, pos- 
sible ; let chemins ne aont pas —a, the 
roads are impassable [physic 

Pratlden, tm. practitioner in uiw or 
Pratique, af. practice, custom, skill, cus- 
tomer, eourre qf pleading 
—if pL devises, ctU>als; terme de — , law 
— , Mj. practical, skilful \term 

Piatiqaement, adv. practically 
Pratiquer, vn. to practise, exercise, keep 
eompofiy with, tamper with, plot, 
contrive, have a free tntercourse with 
the inhabitattts of a country 
■e — , vr. to be in use or practice 
Pr^, tm. meadow, green field, pasture 
Prdalable (le), %m. the previous thing ; 

au — , adv. previously, beforehand 
-~, adj. previous, going bejbre 
Preambule, tm. preamble, pre/ace 
Prteu, tm. a green, yard, close 
Pr^bende, tf. prebend, canonry 
Pr^bende, tm. act of enjoying a prebend- 
Pr^bendier, am. prebendary [ary 

Pr^ire, adj. precarious, uncertain 
Pr^cairement, adv. precariously 
Precaution, tf. prectution, foresight 
Pr^caudonner, va. to warn, advise 
te — , vr. to be cautious, provide 
Pr^c^emment, tdv.Jbrmerly, before 
Pr^c^ent, e, adj. precedent, former 
Prdc^der, va. to precede, go first 
Pr^ccinte, tf. wale, part of a vessel 
Pr^centeur, tm. precentor 
Prdcepte, tm. precept, rule, maxim 
Pr^pteur, tm. preceptor, tutor 
Prtfoeptoral, e, ailj. relating to a tutor 
Prdcrptorat, am. tutorship, tutorage 
Pr^ceptorialf e, adj. belonging to a tutor 
Pr^cetiion, tf. precession, in astronomy 
Pr6:haDtre, tm. Si^ Pr^centeur 
Pr^hantrerie, af. tiffice of precentor 
Prficbe, tm. protestant church, sermon 
Prtcher, va. to preach, instruct, extol 

— mii^re, to complain that times are bad 

— tur le vendange. to preach over ont^s 
Prdcheur, tm. sorry preacher [liquor 
Pr^cieute, tf. conceited Jinical woman 
Pr^deuiement, adv. choicely, carefully 
Pr^deux, euae, adj. precious, costly 
Prvdploe, tm. precipice, abyss, ruin 
I'ndpltunBaeat, adv. precipitately 

PrMpitant, tm. precipitant 

PrMpitatimi, tf. precipiteUia. 

t Prddpit^, tm. precipitate, in 

■ — , e, adj. precipitated, over-) 
Precipiter, va. to precipitate, 

ry, throw or hurl headlonp 
te — , vr. to throw oneself, rt 
Pr^put, tm. Jointure, tn la 
Pr^cit, tm. a summary, subt 
— , e, adj. precise, fixed, posit 
Pi^ciiraietit, adv. precisely, 
PtMser, va. to fix, determin 
Pr^iaion, tf. precision, exaa 
— , adv. precisely, exactly 
Pr^citd, e, adj. quoted before 
Pr^coce, aidj. precocious, fori 

t — a, af. p!. the earliest cherri 
Pr^oocit^, sf. precocity 
Pr^compter, va. to deduct, d 
Pr^coniaation, af. precogniti 
Pr^conixer, va. to precogniti 

. Pr^curaeur, tm. precursor, j 

\ Pr^^ceaaeur, am. predecesso 
Pr^dettination, af. predestin 
Prddeatin^, e, amf. one who 
— , e, adj. pred-stined, elect* 
Prddeatiner, va. to predestin 
Pr^^termination, bf. predet 
Pr616terminer, va. to predet 
Pr(idii*alile, adj. predicable 
Predicament, am. predicanu 
Preil.cant, am. preacher 
Prddicateur, am. preacher, t 
Pi6'«ication, af. act ofpread 
Prediction, af. predictwn, pi 
Predilection, af. predilection 
Pre«lire, va. to foretell, prop 
Predominant, e, adj. predon 
Predominer, va. to predomin 

'■ Preeminence, af. pre eminer, 
Preeminent, e, adj. pre-emit 
Preetablir, va. to pre-estabti 
Preexistant, e, adj. pre-exist 
Preexiatcnco, sf pre-existen< 
Preexiater, vn. to pre-exist 
Preface, sf. preface, preaml 
Prefecture, af. prefecture, o 
dence of a govemtrr, juru 
Preferable, adj. preferable, i 
Preferablement, adv. prefer 
Preference, af. preference, s< 
Preferer, va. to prefer, choc 
Prefet, am. prefect, govert 
partment, inspector uf ti 
ligious and literary instil 
Pretinir, va. to set down, af 
Prefix, e, adj. prefixed, setti 
Prefixion, af. settled time, it 
Prehension, ^f. act of seizin, 
Prejudice, sm. prejudice, de 

■ Prejudiciable, adj. prejudici 
Pre^odiciel, le, a«lj. pre^udic 
Pre^udJcier, vn. to prejudice 
Pr^uge, am. prejudice, pre 
Preiuger, va. to prejudge, © 
Prelart. am. tarpaulin, tart 
ae Preiasser, vr. to strut, w 

ficted dignity, to swell 

^SSsS'* -crS|Sr~ jr.-. 

l>ni^iM«>,pe,iiii.<fiidJ.;ni((*grtaii PnHoH, tf. hImMmiw, OfM* 

FrtiK Urm, AiBrtieitmee,frrtJauaft^ge Pitmo. adv. wlekli 

Pim^iim^ xll. prHrifMli, In JnD PmoIr, •en. iiffMiDiMwtalMv 

H— .Tr.AfeH&IHKritiUin PltnlinMbn, ■> 

Mfina, * r»«MihllM, rw* Pr«nri, ■<. pwm. 

r rfaii M , It ■ i mn w.MljWiiw Pt«(.iiii, Ann, nuwr'™' 

— •l^prlt.|iHMWs^ilIliH(,iw4'uIr —,;m4t.rtl^,atlumd,IIIM,IBlm 

FriMBt, vn. pmutf, jc^, CAi-Mjiu«- neccnulnc, PHtentfav fniHik h), i 

— >eiflLU.pivniifr tec— t biCanrf^ Pmcndtnc, g, lul pnU n iar, mittr 

RMtumiTt ijlcv, amf- vjtf xrJht 
PrtHiluldD, if^pratfnfANfrh 
Prtuni MMBt, •dr. »nwiUh<MK 

f ma-yreterilt f HUf, Ikn* 

Mime •m.V't"'. u«iH. dnt 

iiiipnnunitiiCHlT.knwAHIir F 

)aipliKiiJt,BiM,kintf.aifv«rMptr- F 

MH/ j«aii* — , aim or eucHab PitLn, bo. witHt mintttrr t*m 

— , ilP jHninMniiiM, »«to, aifuruM Pitimn •£ pHhImi ^ 

niWH, adr. MillM, unv iHar, ■HBrb' FrClriK, d spfeakinrf .,1 

ftlBTH HywrtMi. . Pi«iin,>[a.vdinHr4fp4M 

nH?<,ldi.t>ltal(t,«illiftlinv/«lR n«nricallDn,' ^PmuHoMw '' 
— fMl« t«llill.l»»»p»ornrfamaiil Pt4TMli|iia, Ba. » fr r warla u m 

wM^fiiH^IH^M P^»..ut, ., .dj. ■nitnu OiiSE^ 

— qoilq^I.lBHiiilm PrAHSiiii° rf'^iKKi, ftfoi^l** 

r i MU, W. WfrM.ftlfcg, llrj., *»■*■» Prtvnlr, VL tD.^»Hr./iratoS» 

ftwwp* HB. ptwt, wfav^iraif Pr^VOTvitr «, ad}, privtdeni 

tiafivm' Proi^,tm.pnidigi/, piviarfi— ------ 

I Praisiit, imC liraligai.rpmitlwifi 

Fwd|aut,MU. pndigal. 

n. pnMary.rrt^tfm, 

JWlHBIMV^Jftllll, OOM^Of ifimi PrQ]lxF<, adj. prOHjr, 

n««llC»in. to BvWlfHi kUM, cdHrt, J'rDliELI^, i[. ni-OjiriJ 

trIiwJ*rM,tBr,uft»e,i>uA< Pmhgui!, -'^-''- 

— dnaSl^laitoHHUfl Preiluii(.l 

— Otl UBMBI, I* Mhm VttHVta PrDlDhge, 
if — > VT» *■ mU onmr tf finfftBd Paiongev 

^tfyAJnjT MOertd k — en curoar» fp rultf (n ■ esoOl 

^Vbkalat,l*r9adiictiiretvthitt9r* PnnHnoJui. un. promtntMlij wsM^ * 

Pr»l Wllir.« a. pniAwir, l«tuHr, puA- PiooiniE, if. pnunlir, Mtt.JMd (^ai . 

^ Jwi^ftworjftON <fflw ^n prqfMwr —« UJilr taut dcuit.'o hv it 4111 BUv i 

, ,., — ,nie-jaeethaifjiwe ProniiMiipe.if.pmflifn* 

nolller» ■«* to Ufto or rimtfr a pri09 Protnimnl, *, ii3l. prom 
Pndt, Ubjjntf&.nfniPnLlft.'^MCV HramlqeJ'p vn. f^ Ov —"■ 

PnHUMs, uU-pnliffaUs, wiru' 

fi5!!!^ vo. fc pn*, lr«™M, Klin 5™°«fff' ""■ »™ 
ytalonaJkaKBU^V'VTiifintnmiit^teplii FfoiBwavAr, v«. ro pvfMdk flinHdh 
nitfbnilnu. If. ifoHfA< mttftrndUi/ Jbrward, txait, fvM, prWBr 

FntnilU, i, t^tSi^a oktp ahiA \ Pnmiit, e. adi- giifek, nJiln, mMA 
nvftll«IDI^^^£f%|fb«», prtMfBl^ - amUBt un ^dS^VSJli Wll Wf 
niifiuloa,(e|inillS«,iirMi^lfr i Pi m np c mM, mtr. pMwtfc, TirMtf 
na|fcUuniir.pi»ni|F,4tfMriiv Pnnaplhudi. if. prmHlMt, nsAlM 

Fn^amiiH, n. ^nwrnmm Hff ^« PmnulfUlHi. i/pniiwtiB<Mt 

Pliuii, im. pmpw, •Aono, pr^ frOot, im. wrmwi, l lT tmmi Mim ing 
•Bwf, iBiraiM, jtlrfUnm, Im- MllotWIioii a rf»i», jet^lllWy 

nvgriidnaifiil, ibiv. Df 
^ohUltr. H- to pnbl6U 
ftnllUlldt, in, id], pr^ 

Piuicni, t, iij. rrutrrUfOmiiia 




Pronel^t im. common tweetmeat 
Prunclet, un. tort of cider 
Pranelle, at pruneUo, a tiik ttufft «2b« 
PrancUier» sm. doe-tree 
Prunier, sm. plum-tree 
Prarigineux, euse, adj. causiiyc itching 
Prarit, sm. itcht a teaeinr desire 
Prussique, sm. prtunc acid 
Ptalmiste, sm. ptalmiet 
Psalmodie, if. pealmadif 
PsAlmodier» va. to ting ptdtmt 
PaaltMon, sm. ptaltery 
Psaume, sm. ptabn 
Psautier, sm. ptalter 
Pseudo, aAj./alte, eounterjbit, pretended 
Pseudoiiyme, adj. fietUiout 
Psychologic, tL ptpcholom, treatise on 
Psychologiatet tm. ptifchoiogitt [thetoul 
Poamment, adv. ttinkingly, with an 
qffisntive tmeU [fentioe tmell 

Puant, e, adj. ttinking, emitting an of- 
Puanteur, %{. ttinkt disagreeable tmeu 
Pub^re, axlj. puhetcentt marriageable 
Puberte, sL puberty » ripenett of age 
Pubescence, s£ pubetcencei ttate of pu- 
Pubescent, e, adj. pubetcent [berty 

Public, sm. body of a nation, the people, 

open view s en — , adv. public^ 
—, que, adj. public, common, open, no- 

toriout, general, manifett 
Publicaio, sm. publican, collector qf tri- 
bute, toll-gatherer, victualler 
Publication, sf. publication [civil Uuo 
Publidste, sm. civilian, one skilled in 
Publicity, sf. publicity, notoriety 
Publier, va. to ptMish, put forth, make 
known, proclaim, divulge, announce 
Publiquement, adv. publicly, openly 
Puce, %(.flea,fleawort, a plant 
Pucelage, sm. virginity, maidenhood 
Pucelle, sf. virgin, maid 
Puceron, sm. grub, vine-fretter, intect 
Pudeur, sf. modetty, chastity 
Pudibond, e, adj. miidett, chaste, pure 
Pudidt^, sf pudicity, chastity 
Pudique, adj. chaste, modest, maidenly 
Pudiquemenc, adv. chastely, modestly 
Puer, vn. to ttink, smell strongly 
Pu^ril, e, adj. puerile, childish, boyish 
Puerile men t, adv. childishly 
Pudrilit^, sf. pueriHty, chUdishness 
Puffilat, sm. pugilism, practice of boxing 
Puln^, sm. younger son or brother 
— , c, ndj.younger, not to old 
Puin^, tf, younger daughter or titter 
Puis, adv. then, afterwdrdt, after that 
Puisage, sm. act ofdrawintt up water 
Puisard, sm. cettpool, draining-well 
Puiser, va. to dreuv or fetch up, imbU)e 
—•klh source, to go to the fountain-head 

or primary tource 
— * vn. to leak, let water in or out 
Puisque, coig. tince, teeing that 
Puissamment, adv. mig^tlif, powerfitlly 
Puissance, sf. power, force, might, au- 
thority, tway, tovertngntyf influence j 
toute —, omnipotence, almighty power 
— d€ I'MaacJueUtty qftht §oul 

Puissant, e, mil powerful, fitrtUihi hI 
— , mighty kings tout — , oimiifih 
tent ; tout — , sm. Almiffity 
Puits, sm. a wwt c'est un — itadamtk 
he is a very learned man ; la vMi 
est au fond du — , the truth it kariit 
come attce qu'on lui dit tombe itm 
un — , he it at tecret at the gram 
PuUulation, s£ act ofmulUptying 
PuUuler, vn. to multiply, ineremte 
Pulmonaire, sf. pulmonic, medi eim jkr 
diteateofthe lungs, lungwort, m piSmt 
—, adj. pulmonary, pulnumieai, fu bm 

neout, pertaining to the lunge 
Pulmonic, sf. contumption, lieaJiM 
Putm<mique, smfl contumptUte penm 
—, adj. contumptive, watting 
Pulpe, s. pulp, tqfi part f^f fruit 
Pulpeux, cusc, adj. ptUpout, pu^, tffi 
Pulsatif, ivc, adj. pultative, throSUi^ 
Pulsation, sf. pulsation, beating sfMie 

pulte, act oftftrobbing 
Pulv^rin, sm. priming-powder 
Pulverisation, sf. pulverization 
Hulv^riscr, va. to pulveriae, redstet tt 
Pumidn, sm. palm-oil [powdtr 

Punais, e, adj. taid of one wAt kae • 

disagreeable smell in hit noM 
Punaise, &f. bug, intect 
Punaisie, sf. stinking note 
Punch, sm. punch. See l\>ncbe 
Punique, ac^. punic, treacherous, fUtt, 

faithlett, perfidiout 
Punir, va. to punith, cha^ite, eorred 

— exemplaircmcnt, to make on < 
Punissable, a4j> punishable 
Punition, sf. punition, jmniaftffMN* 
Pupillaire, adj. pupilary 
Pupillarit^, sf. puftilanty, nonage 
Pupille, smf. pupil, scholar, ward 
—, sf. eyeball, pupil or apple qftike t 
Pupitre, sm. desk 
Pur, e, adj. pure, unmixed, cZeor* i 

cent, holy, immaculate, ehaete 
Pur^, sf. pease soup 
Purement, adv. purely, upright^ 

— et simplement, without any rest 
Puret^, sf. purenett, purity [pm „ 
Purgatif, sm. purgative medicine, met < 
— , ive, adj. purgative, cathartic 
Purgation, sf. purge, laxative meikin* 
Purgatoire, sm. purgatory 

Purger, va. to purge, dear out, cfa—W 

— un m^tal, to rt^ne metal 
se — , \T. to take phytic 
Purification, %t. purification 
Purifier, va. to purify, cleanse, purge 
Purisme, sm. puritm, immaculate eei^ 

duct, effected nicety of speech 
Puriste, sm. puritt, one over-niee in Mt 

Puriuin, sm. puritan, one /wh/MH 

eminent purity in religion 
Puritanisme, sm. tni*^tanitm 
Pureau, sm. clarified uht^ 
Purpurin, at reddish purple 
—, e. a4j* purplish 
Ptttuknce, mL purulenee, mppura U m 


*dlB— rtjiAjU^poniporttltUeiDHil Quill 

I>, If. dlHafr. Aid nut 
|par^|Bi at. E/taiUTtJ, dUpuU^ eoattti 


(^■tl&Aa4iR, am. tfirfurfl- 

QuAtc, tLsctvf tfefei"ii. gout, nanfi 

□ ■Kill, HL IS 



liD tu>«Mmc,' If. $£ii»SiuidqF 
(lj>iii™([;(M Heart, tutfinKlmfimH 1* 

fiiinie, iriL Ifif Jt«»anlft 
u;nilcmEniflir. aAv.filuina^ 

Oull3I?^S"™irtj« in ytilf 

&DI, una. U«M. »li>it 

— qu^l n nil. ta uZi'SZag 

, QoBlllit<,. •m. virk, run, mrrnlttt 


I OqDCta^ flu. gmflenf EU4xn>c (oqp dc^ un. a JucAy hit 

TJ HathmludB', «- to ^rfn^ boc* civ^m- 

, aa il f«m y,,ni. tifttome rgwrtffaftJ i KurEieter, vl fohuy »q'i, rfftf«^n 

f InclpU, trigin, raf£ 




Radoire, sf. atriekle, article to metuure 
Radotage, tm. dotage [gait or corn 

Radoter. vo. tit dote, rave 
Radotene» tf. dotage 
Radoteur, cuse, amf. dotard 
Radoubt im. act of ratting a thip 
Radoubement, sm. ratting qf a ship 
Radouber, va. to refit or repair a ship 
RadoubeuTf tm. one who refits ships 
Radoucir. va. to sweeten, soften 

— quelqu UDi to pacific one 
■e — > vr. to grow mild, relent 
Radouciawment, sin. mitigation 
Radreue, if. eross-vath or road 
Raf, sm. strong tide 

Rafale, sf. squall or gust of wind 
Raffle, Rafle, tf. Halk by which berries 

hang, grape-stalk, net, rqjffle 
Raffermir, va. to strengthen, harden 

— les dents, to fasten the teeth 

■e — , vr. to be confirmed, become stronger 

Raffermissement, sm. act of hardening 

Raffies, tf. pi. cuttings of leather 

Raifiuage, tm. act of refining 

Raffing, e, adj. refined, skiQkUp clever, 
acute, sharp, subtile, keen 

Raffinement, sm. refinement, subtilty, 
polish of manners, artificial jtractice 

Raffiner, va. to refine, purify, improve, 
become polishea, qffvct nicety 

M — , vr. to become sharp, nice, critical 

Rafflnerie, sf. sugar-house 

Raffineur, sm. sugar-refiner 

Raffoler, vn. to be passionately fi»nd cf, 
dote upon, love extremely 

Raffolir, vn. to grow mad 

Kaffutage, sm. act vf dressing a hat 

Rafler, va. to raffle, cast dice for a prize, 
carry away fi)rc>bly, sweep (ff stakes 

Raflouer, va. to refloat a ship 

Rafratchir, va. to refresh, revive, invi- 
gorate, cool, recruit, r^ieve, renew 

«e — , vr. to refresh or recruit oneself, 
grow cool, take refreshment 

Rafralcbissant, e, adj. r^eshing 

Rafralchissemenc, sm. refreshment, act 
ofrefireshing, cooling 

•— s, pi. refreshments, Jbod, provisions 

Rafralchisaoir, sm. cooler 

Racaillardir, va. to cheer up, give Joy, 
enliven, make happy 

Rage, tf. rage, fury, vehemence, mad- 
ness, enthusiasm, extreme eagerness 

Ragot, tm. hook, boar two years old 

— , e, adj. thickset, thick and short 

Ragoter, vn. to grumble, be dissatisfied 

Ragouminier, sm. kind of cherry-tree 

Ragotlt, tm. ragout, well seasoned dish 

Ragoiitant, e, adj. savoury, pleasant to 
the taste or smell 

Ragoiiter, va. to quicken or sharpen 
one's appetite, revive one's stomach 

Ragrafer, va. to hook or clasp anew 

Ragrandir, va. to re-enlarge 

Ragr^r, va. to give a house a new front 

« — » vr. to refU a ship 

Ragnment, tm. act of giving a house a 

Raie, tf. line, streak, sstripe, fkkrrswt 

thorhback, species of the sktO&fUk 
Raifort, tm. horse-radi^ 
RaiUe, tf. poker, fire-iron 
Ridller, va. et vn. to rally, banter, jeer 
Raillerie, sf. raillery , banter, satire, jest 
— k part, seriously, in good earnest 
Railleur, euse, smt. railer, banterer 
—, eute, adj. railing, bantering. Jeering 
Railure, sf. eye of a needle 
Raim, sm. skirt or edge of a wood 
Ralne, sf. Jrog 
Raineau, »m. wooden frame 
Ralnette, sf. rennet, queen apple 
Rainoire, sf. kind of J ick plane Ttttl 
Rainure, t£ groove, hollow cut torn • 
Raiponce, s£ rampton, name given H 

several plants, kind ofsaiad 
Rait, sm. spoke of a wheel 
Kaisin, sm. raisin, grape 
Raiiion, t£ reason, fiicuityqfdistinguSth* 
inggood fi^m evil, sense. Jud gm e nt , 
argument, right. Justice, ModwaHen, 
motive, proof; a plua fone— ~ ' 
more, still more so ; avec — , < 
grounds i comme de — , as a 
of course ; k— de, adv. at the rate 
of; pour — de quoi, ybr which comes 
parler — , to sj^ak with reasom cr gjtsd 
sense, in a rational manner ,* amir 
— , to 6« in the right t tirer — , to sl- 
tain satisfaction ; entendre — , t»giM 
in or yield to what is Just and rig^ 
hearken to reason 
Raisonnable, adj. reasonable, roMoM? 
Raisonnablement, auv. reasowMy 
Raisonn^, e, adi. rational, arguments 

tive, agreeable to retuoti, accurate 
Raisonnement, tm. power <^freeusnbu^ 

ratiocination. Judgment, argumem 
Raisonner, vn. to reason, argue 
Kaisonneur, euse, %mt reasoner, dAettt 
Rajeunir, vn. to grow young again 
te—,vr. to assume youthjiil curs [sfgtdn 
Rajeunitsement, tm. growing j 
Rajustement, sm. readjustment, 

cUiation, putting in order again 
Rajuster, va. to readjust, reconcile 
Rale, tm. rail, sort qf wild bird, i 

in the throat 
RAlement, tm. rattling in the throat 
Ralentir. va. to slacken, abate, ' 

diminish, make slower . 
te — , vr. to relent, become more ntiU 
Ralentissement, tm. act qf daekening, 

relenting, fieling compassion 
R&Ier, vn. to have a rattling in the threat 
Kalinguer, va. to let a sail fly loose to the 
Ralingues, tf. pi. sail bolt-ropes [wind 

— de chute, leech-ropes 

— de fond,fbot-ropes 

— de t^Ci^re, head-ropes 
Ralliement, tm. rallying, b<mdqfutikm 
Rallier, va. to rally, put into order 

— un vaisseau, to bring a ship to the 

— au vent, to haul to the wind \ufini 

— la terre, to stand to the land 

~ xoi \A!^^nMat| Co ttantf totoanit a ift<F 

■dj, branjA^ 

RaiMtri^r, RAlwna 

Tijjut t/SjtUti iMm m itiiw*i# 

IIM4>. •4 nvto. <-<]IJi I-'cli ^ 
RipUaiwm ail. unMlki lulM' 
Rapidity A rBBtatt. nffVlMB 
RiMw, n. M ywa. nM, ihM 

Rii^in. >^ ra/i'ir. a ' . 

RmplOfl, ^ m^ru, rcAdn*, fbA 
tUplnfr, To-tff^jajirff. nviphn 

FUpUieur^ oat, loir. lAifaref 
RilwilLIti, Fi. Ill nl umltr toil 




RapC» im. rape, reofishment 
RApure, sf. raspings, gratingtffiUngt 
Raqueder, sm. racktimaker 
Raqueton, sm. large racket 
RjMuette, sf. racket, battledore, enow- 

moe used in Cartada 
Rare* adj* rare, uncommon, scarce, thin 
Rar^actif, ive, adj. rare/active 
Rarefaction, sf. rarefiictUm, extension 
Rar^fiant, e, atij. rarefying, rarefiable 
Rar^r, va. to rarefy, make thin 
m — , vr. to rarefy, grow thin 
Rarementt adv. rarely, seldom 
Raret^f sf. rarity, rareness, scarcity 
— s, pL rarities, rare and curioiu things 
Rarissime, adj. vtiry rare 
Ras, e, adj. shaved close, smooth, plain 
Rasade, sf. brimmer, bumper 
Rasant, e, adj. rasant, on a level 
Rasement, sm. act of rasing 
Raser, va. to rase, Move, ti-im, graze 
— , vn. to keep close, to near, at sea 
se — , vr. to move oneself 
Rasibus, prep, close to 
Raaoir, sm. razor; cuir k — , razor strop 
Raspation, sf. act of rasping or grating 
Rassasiant, e, adj. cloying, fUlinf^ 
Rassasiement, sm. satiety, surfeit 
Rassasier, va. to fill, satiate, surfeit 
se ^, vr. to be satisfied, be cloyed 
Raase, sf. coal basket or pan 
Rasaemblement, sm. assemblage, crowd 
Rassembler, va. to gather, collect 
se ^, vr. to meet again, reassemble 
Rasseoir, vn. to settle, compose, fix 
•e — ( vr. to sit down again, recover one- 
Rassdr^ner, va. to make serene [self 
se — , vr. to clear up 
Rassi^ger, va. to besiege again 
Rassis, sm. act (freshoeing a horse 
—, e, adj. settled, calm, sedate, stale 
Rassortir, va. to match again 
Rassoter, va. to infatuate 
Rassurer, va. to secure, encourage 
se — , vr. to cheer up again, settle 
Rasure, sf. shavinfCt a thin slice 
Rat, sm. rat, whim, flash in the pan ; 
un — de cave, an exciseman ; gueux 
comme un — d'dglise, as poor as a 
church mouse ; k bon chat bon — , tit 
far tat, they are well matched 
— de Pharaon, ichneumon 
Ratafla, sm. ratafia, cherry-brandy 
Rataplan, sm. sound of a drum 
Ratatin^, e, adj. short, tihrivelled 
■e Ratatiner, vr. to shrink, shrivel 
Rate, sf. the spleen, milt 
RAteau, sm. rake, ward of a lock 
R&tel^, sf. rakeful, act of raking 
RAteler, va. to rake, heap togi-thnr 
R&teleur, sm. raker, one that uses a 
Rateleux, euse, adj. splenetic \rake 
RAtelier, sm. rack, pegs, set of teeth 
Rater, vn. to snap, flash in the pan 
Ratier, e, smf. whimsical person 
Ratiire, sf. rat or mouse trap 
RatfflcaUon, sf. ratification 
RMtUer, VM. to ratijy, confirm, approve 

Ratine, sfl rateen, a tvooUen th^ 
Ration, sf. ration, share efprovMemg 
Rational, sm. the breastpUite or \ 

of the JeuHA highpneat 
Rationalisms, sm. rotiono/ifm 
Rationality, ii. rationality 
Rationnel, le, adj. rational 
Ratissage, sm. act of raking, . 
Ratissette, sf. small scraper 
Ratitser, va. to scrape, rake off 
Ratissoire, sf. iron rake, scraper 
Ratissure, sf. scrapings, ftlinge 
Raton, sm. small rat, cneeaecakt 
Rattacher, va. to tie again, t 
se — , vr. to connect oneself, appbn 
Ratteindre, va. to overtake, eaitn t 
Rattendrir, va. to sqften again 
Rattraper, va. to overtake, oo/db ( 

regain, retake, recover, retriemi 
Rature, sf. erasure, scratch in UfrH^Kg 
— B, pL scrapings 

Raturer, va. to erase, scratch, hlet mt 
Raucit^, sf. raucity, hoarsenest 
Rauque, adj. harsh, hoarse, rov^ 
Ravage^ sm. ravage, waste, nftmier 
Ravagcr, va. to ravage, spoil, waxU 
Ravageur, euse, smf. ravagcr, coMCsr 
Ravale, sf. roller to smooth the gnm$ti 
Ravalement, sm. act qf rougheatUHg* 

wall, disgrace, contempt 
Ravaler, va. to swallow again, vU^ 
Ravaudage, sm. act of bottMng, mmt' 

ing clothes, darning stockings 
Ravauder, vn. to botch, mend, patek 
Ravauderie, sf. trifle, nonsense 
Ravaudeur, euse, smf. botcher, nreMkr 
Rave, sf. radUh (V^enNM 

Ravelin, sm. ravelin, halfinoon, in Jtr- 
Ravi, e, adj. ravished, charmed f jewA 

— de vous voir, I am exceeding ^Imi 

to see you ; £tre — de joie, tooeo90^ 
Ravigote, sf. raoigot, a sauce Ijegti 
Ra\'if(oter, va. to revive, warm agnn 
Ravilir, va. to vilify, disgrace, debate 
Ravin, sm. ravine, hollow road, geMtr 

caused by a flood 
Ravine, sf. great flood, hollow in a mad 
Ravir, va. to ravi*h, charm, rob, wreat 

from, steal, delight, enraijtureg duui- 

ter k —, to sing extremely well; 4— » 

adv. charminglf/, wonderjully weU 
se Raviser, vr. to alter one's mind 
Ravitsant, e, adj. ravishing, charming, 

rapacious, ravenous; air ^, admw^ 
able tune ; beautd — c, beautifUl vBt- 
Ravissement, sm. %'aviiihmenit [iM 

— de joie, transport of joy 
Ravisseur, sm. ravisher 
Ravitaillement, sm. actofrevietuaXng, 

furnishing again with provisions 
Ravitailler, va^ to revictual, fttrnith 

a/rain with provisions 
Ranver, va. to revive, quicken, bring t9 

life again, recover new life or vigavr 
Ravoir, va. to get back, recover agam 
se — , vr. to recover one's strength 
Rayc, e, adj. striped, fit II ofstripee 
Rayeri va. to blot out, eraee, ttreak 

TOO/, StratiUh oain 

n rtiMiuvaic rima 

RcbnUnt. e, ndJ. vrMd. AarMloui, iHA 


KWuK, tl. Jtw'ilmrp 


Hilmw, I., fn retia. reprf, rfpH'.B 

le -, vT'l^ftJita iK^^a^la 















ReoenMr, va. to verify goodMagt^n^ take 

the ceruust euteu ttgain , examine wit- 

Rdcent, e, adj. recenttfireah [neteee 

Recepage> sm. the act of lopping nff the 

branches of a tree 
Recep^» sf. the part of a wood where 

the trees are topped 
Rec^r, va. to lop the branches i^a tree 
R^wpiiw, sni. receipt 
R^ptacle, sm. receptacle, nest, sewer 
Reception, sf. reception, welcome 
Kecette, sf. receipt, recipe, tax-qffiee 
Recevable, adj. receivable, lawful 
Receveur, euse, smf. reciver, recipient 

— d'une ville, chamberlain of a town 
Reoevoir, va. to receive, admit, accept, 

welcome, take, entertain, Jeet, allow 

— quelqu'un chez soi, to lodge one 

— une excuse, to accept of an apdogv 
R^hafauder, va. to make a new scaffoUl 
R^champir, va. to set qjlf, in painting 
Rechange, sm. rechatige, re-exchange 
Rech&nger, va. to change again 
Rechanter, va. to sing again, teU again 
R^happer, vn. to escape, recover; c^est 

un i^bapp^ de la potence* he is a fA- 

low who escaped the gallows 

Recharge, sf. recharge, second charge of 

firearms, additional tax, new request 

RecharKer, va. to load again, VMuce a 

secotui charge, to enioin aaain 
Rechasser, va. to drive back, hunt again 
Rechasseur, sm. a driver bdck of game 
R^haud, sm. chafing-dish 
Rdchauff^, sm. meat warmed again, 

sodden or secondhand work 
^t e* &dj. recaoked, heated again 
R^hauffler, va. to tvarm again, stir up 
again, rekindle, renew [again 

R^auffbir, sm. a stove to warm dishes 
Rechausser, va. to put on again, set new 

cogs to a wheel, mould or ettrth up 
Rcchaussoir, sm. a squeezer for metal 
R6che, adj. tart, mortise, rough, hard 
Recherche, sf. research, search, inquiry, 

examination, scrutiny, courtship 
Rechercb^, e, adj. far-fetched, sought 
after, scarce, choice, qfficted, nice, 
exquisite, curious, courted, elegant 
Recherchcr, va. to seek again, make in- 
quiry, court, finish, desire earnestly 

— un cheval, to animate a horse 
Rechercheur, euse, smf. a searcher 
Rechign^, e, adj. pouting, sulky looking 
Rechignement, sm. act of pouting or 

frowning, sullenness, sourness 
Rechigner, vn. to pout, look gruff 
Recholr, vn. toSall again, relapse 
Rechute, sf. second fall, relapse 
R^idive, sf. recidivation, a relapse 
R^cidiver, vn. to recidivate, relapse 
R^f, Recif, Ressif , sm. reef ridge 
R^ille, sf. net for the hair 
R^cip^, sm. recipe, prescription 
R^ipiangle, sm. renpiangle, an instru- 
ment to measure angles 
Rtojdenilaire, sm. a candidate 
Riclpiettt, sm. recipient, vom 

R^procatloa, i£ r e e fp rBtt tf ten 
R^invdt^, A reeipsieitif 
R^proqu^ a4j. reeiproeal, mmimit 

rendre le — » am. fo make a return 
RMproquement, adv. ree ip reeml^ 
R^proquer, vn. to reeivrveaie 
Recirer, va. to wax or Modlrafs m 
R^sion, sf. recision, act <tf * 

ling, in law 
R^c, im. recital, redtmtioe im 

account, relation, report, nmsr 
R^eant, e, adj. reeitant, eaid ^tk$ 

part executed by a single voice erim- 
Recitateur, sm. reciter [ebnameKt 

Ridutif, sm. recitative or re atujl ei 
Rotation, sf. recitation, aeH^rtOkl^ 
R^ter, ^'a. to recite, rehearee, ML f^ 

peat, relate, declaims U rRtoHn^ 

he has a good delivery 
R^lamateur, sm. reelaimerp u 
R^lamation, sf. reclamation, 

claim, act of claiming, prvt€,. 
Reclame, sf. catch-word put mt \ 

tom tif pages by p* inters, 

paid far in a newspaper 
—, sm. act ofreclaimtng, r«_ ._ 
Rtelamer, va. to claim, 6er, <M 
— un oiseau, to recUnm a mmwIc 
—, vn. to object or protest again 
se — de, vr. to make use qfon^s i. 
R^Iamper, va. to mend a broken i 
R^lare. nm. fisherman's net 
R&:linaison, sf. redination, in 
R^linant, e, adj. reclining £«. ., 

R^lin^, e, adj. reclined, bent^gbmic 
R^-liner, vn. to recline, in a stnmm§ 
Reclouer, va. to nail again 
Reel are, va. to cloister up, sedtuie 
Reclus, e, smf. a recluse 
—, e, aidj. recluse, retired, eibeemre 
Reclusion, sf. seclusion, reduseneee 
Recocher, va. to make new cute on aim 
Recogner, va. to beat back, knock * 

again, put tofliuht 
R^cognitif, ive, a<)j. acknowledging 
Recognition, sf. recognition, revima 
Recoiifer, va. to dress on^a head ag i rin 
Recoin, sm. nook, hy-place, earner 
— s du coeur, recesses of the heart 
R^colement, sm. re-examinatitM, r 
R^Ier, va. to re-examine, reviee 
R^llection, sf. recollection 
Recoller, va. to paste or glue Offote 
Reco)let,te, smf. FraneiscanflriaraTnim 
se R^Uiger, vr. to recollect onee^ 
R^lte, sf. crop, harvest, gathering in 
R^lter, va. to reap the harvest, gamer 

in the crop 
Recommandable, adj. cosnmenikMe 
Recommandaresse, sf. female who keepe 

a register fin- servants 
Recommandation, sf. recommendatten 
Recommandatoire, adj. recommendatorg 
Recommander. va. to recommend, cem» 

mend or praise to another 
se — , vr. to commend omeetAf 
Recomromcemcntf im. beginning OMW 
Reooaunenoer, va. to b^^in again 

EC 91B R B C 

ij-gralllflil Untni 

«*1/-/o™ X 


Raonlirdr, vl b Bf Ur oiAlIt 
lUcnhiHi. It >nrillMM>«HlrfH «t- 
fUoiiUt.lrt, Mj. nvMMH, r«hH*- 
Iw, oHiuliif TilWiliw. mmtMMh 
Htotolaii. d. wmaiy. lU MH — ir 

Lkiuib i. fu imiu rurpit riftl' 

I Hmi, 1111. *«jliM tBJi 1/ " ''J'-^ 
Ricicrier -a. pa cc fUM 




Recueilllr, va. to gather, reap, lay to- 
gether, collect, infer, receive kindly 

— Ki etpriu, to come to oneae{f again 

— une succession, to inherit an estate 
w — , vr. to recollect oneself 
Recueilloir, sm. top, shoemaker's tool • 
Recuire, va. to roast or boil again 

— dea m^taux, to tteal or temper metals 
Recuit, e, smf. {tct of nealing or anneal- 
ing , tempering by heat 

— , e« adj. overdone, boiled to rags 
Recul, sm. recoil, a falling back 
Reculade, sf. act of drawing back 
Recul^, fin. watchmaker's file 
— f e» adj. distant, remote ; un feu de — e, 

great fire that makes one draw back 
R«rulement, sm. delay, act of putting 

qff', drawing back 
Reculer, va. to put bark, delay, retard, 

remove, extend, shift 
— , vn. to recede, fall back, flinch 
ae'—, recoil, draw back 
ReculoDS {k), adv. backwards 
R^cupdrer, va. to recover, get back 
se ^, vr. to retrieve ont^s loss 
R^urer, va. to clean, cleanse, till land 

a third time 
Recurrent, e, adj. recurrent, returning 

Awn time to time 
Recusable, adj. exceptionable 
R^usation, sf. recusation, -act by which 

a judge is hindered from trying a case 
R^user, va. to recuse, refuse, reject 
R^dacteur, sm. digestn; compiler, editor 
Reaction, sf. act of compiling or editing 
Redanser, va. et vii. to dance again 
R^dar^uer, va. to rebuke, reprove 
Reddition, sf. redditiou, restitution 
Red^battre, va. to debate again 
Red^larer, va. to declare again 
RedMier, va. to dedicate anew 
Reddfaire, va. to undo again 
Red^eQner, vn. to bteakfnst again 
Redelib^rer, vn. to redeliberate, take 

wain into consideration 
Reoelivrer, va. to deliver back or again 
Redetnander, va. to demand again 
Redemeurer, vn. to stay again 
Red^molir, va to pull down again 
RMempteur, sm. Redeemer, Saviour 
R^emption, sf. redemption, ransom 
Redens, sm. pi. indented work, notches 
Red^p^cher, va. to despatch again 
Redescendre, va. et vn. to come, go, or 

take down again 
Redessiner, va. to draw again 
Redevable, adj. indebted, beholden 
Redevance, sf. quit-rent, tenure, service 

due to one 
Redevancier, e, smf. tenant, vassal 
Iledevenir, vn. to become or grow again 
Red^vider, va. to wind up again 
Redevoir, va. to remain in one's debt, to 

be owing still 
Redhibition, sf. act of rendering a sale 

void, in law 
R6lbibitolre, adi. redhibitory 
R^dlger, va, to digest, put in few tvorda 

K RMimer, vr. to redeem or free 
Redingote, sf. riding coat, top-cemi 
Redire, va. to repeat or eap oofroMki, 

blab, tell, blame, criticise, find jmM 
Rediseur, euse, smf. tell-tale, ropmlertf 

what has been said, blabber 
Redistribuer, va. to distribute eigabt 
Redistribution, sf. new distribuUom 
Redite, sf. repetition, recitai, ftnHsjpny 
Redomter, Redompter, va. lOMiMMor 

conquer again 
Redondance, sf. redundance, i 
Redondaot, e, adj. redundant, ^ 

ous, exuberant, unnecesearp 
Redonder, vn. to redound, be ee 

by reaction, conduce, reeuUf refiiddt 
Redonner, va. to g^ve again, ru/nm 
—, vn. to charge or fall on again 
se — , vr. to give oneself up again 
Redorer, va. to regild, gild over agaim 
Rfdomiir, va. to sleep again 
Rcdoublement, sm. increase, paregptm 
— s, pi. paroxyms, violent fits oxpaiSn 
Redoubler, va. et vn. to redoubu, i ia iH 

rate, increase, become twice a» tmSKkt 

put in a new lining 

— d'attention, to be more attentive 

— de jambes, to mend ont^s pace 
Redoucable, adj. formidable, dteuJffUt 

terrible, tremendous, awfiil 
Redoute, sf. redoubt, outwork, fin ftiw^ 

public entertainmertt ofdanchtg 
Redouter, va. to dread, be in great finf 
Redoux,sm. return ofeongeniaiwmtkm 
R^dre, sf. large fishing-net 
Redressd, e, adj. to become strtd^^^fltlt 

having been bent or crooked 
Rt^resse, sf. ropes used in rightingasklp 
Kedressement, sm. redress, amendmentt 

reformation, remedy, makingsinigkt 
Redresser, va. to redress, setri^t,mSmt 

straight, amend, remedy, rectify 

— un Vdisseau, to right a ship 

— les peaux, to stretch the hiaee 

— les torts, to redress grievaneee 

se — , vr. to become straight, stand efWV 
Redresseur, sm. avenger, sharper, tkeei 
Redressoir, sm. smoothing or pehe M ng 
R^uctible, adj. reducible fCM 

RMuctif, ive, adj. reductive 
RMuction, sf. reduction, €Kt of redm^Hg 
R^duire, va. to reduce, subdue, eompm, 

reform, digest, anfbrm, confine 
se — , vr. to amount, to be reduced 

— au n^cessidre, to curtail one's e a pe M BB 
RMuit, 6m. smaU habitation, bypku^i 

nook, intrenchment 
RMu|ilicatif, ive, adj. reduplicative 
R^uplication, sf. reduplication 
R^^fflcation, sf. re-edification 
R^ifier, va. to re-edify, rebuild 
KM, le, adj. real, true, substarOitd 
R^lection, sf. re-election 
R^ligible, adj. re-eligible 
R^lire, va. to re-elect 
R^llement, adv. realfy, indeed, in^f 
R^xaminer, va. to re-cMtmine 
VJbGL\Kst<jeti viu to r«-«xfwt 

i}. refiaetorj. Ht/b 

"—.•"■ tnK-aaaiptvpumpbtr 
HSlTMiiilhillli, if. rtAi^gaiUa 
HetriDKlbli!. id). njf^aH^ 

m-uin li-nlHT 




i'^fa-, ™j»«!l[Kr*j 




R.^u; iro. iS'-J-o^fhl^in 'will.* 

R.f.nliJ.r, vt lorn.,), n^«rt, gu(U 


«-.... in l.n™»o«l,rdn.l 




Rctulk, .£ >c( qfiKUIlnr 

Itrfu, im. n/uaU, ibnW.' c<d> bM 


1»< d, - , ^'cA a lAIng i. »< to M rt- 


-■wl.jlalr^™; [/Mali 







-«>n'?n™i..%''™(*™° r*™- 

R^m. .m. flJ^«^mflrft,j™jd^nW 










Rcgarder, va. to view, look at, beholdt , 

«00, obierve, examine, consider 
— quelqu'un du haut en btu, to look upon ' 

one with contempt 
Rq^arnir, va. tofUmish or trim again 
Ktgeler, va. to freeze again 
lUgence, sf. regency, qffice of teacher 
R^gto^rateur, triw, smt. regenerator 
R^^n^ration, sf. regeneration 
R^dn^rer, va. to regenerate 
»e — , vr. to grow again 
R^nt, e, smf. regent, protector 
R^genter, va. to domineer, govern 
Regermer, va. to bud again 
Regicide, smf. regicide 
R^^, sf. admihUtration, management 
Refimbement, sm. cu:t of kicking 
Rcgimber, va. to kick 
ae — contre, vr. to resist 
Rigime, sm. regimen, dirt, government 
R^ment, sm. regiment, crowd 
Reginglette, sf. birdtrap 
R^on, sf. region, climate, coitntry 
R^r, va. to govern, rule, manage 
Rdgisieur, sm. manager, steward 
R^strateur, sm. registrator, register 
Re^tre, Regltre, sm. register, record 
R^strer, Regltrer, va. to register 
R^^le, sf. rule, pattern, model, prin- 
ctvle, law, ruler, regulation, disci- 
pline ; la — de trois, the rule of threes 
fitre en — , to be in order,' se mettre en 
— , to be regular,' selon les — s, regu- 
R^l6>, sf. nile of pasteboards , larly 
R^l^, e, adj. regular, set, orderly, ex- 
act, pouls — , good pulse 
R^glement, sm. regulation, statute 
R^l^ment, adv. regularly, constantly 
R^gl^mentaire, adj. regulating 
R^ler, va. to regulate, rule, order, as- 
sign, discipline, determine, set 
— ses affaires, to settle one's affairs 
w — sur quelqu'un, to imitate one 
R^let, sm. a rule or ruler fitr lines 
Rolette, sf. reglet, in printing 
R^leur, euse, smf. ruler nf books 
R^lisse, sf. liquorice 
R^loir, sm. ruler * 
R^lure« sf. act of ruling lines 
R^nant, e, adj. reigning, predominant 
R^gne, sm. retgn, government 
Rdgner, va. to reign, rule, reach along, 

be in vogue or fashion, prevail 
Regnicole, smf. denizen, citizen 
— , adj. relating to a denizen 
R^nflement, sm. an accumulation qf 

water caused by an obstruction 
Regonfler, vn. to swell, overflow 
Regorgement, sm. act of overflowing 
R^rger> vn. to overflow, abound 
R^uler, va. to snub, give a short ani- 
R^ftter, va. to taste again [swer 

Rnp«t, sm. act ofregrating, huckster- 
ing, or/brestalling 
Regratter, va. to scratch again, scrape 

or point the outside of a housa 
«-« vn. to stand upon tr\fies 
R^gnttak, A huduiers goni* 

R^grattler, i^re, wad. huekaler, < 
Re§ntlar, va. to graft asuw 
Reigr^age* ob. act e^frMeathingx 
Regr^ler, va. to rsWMreh tr«ur 
Regr^, am. r^fress, right ^rea 

an ineunAency, passage otuk, reham 
Regression, sf. r^iression, a thongs tf 

phrase in rhetoric, act ^f goUnglmiek 
Regret, sm. regret, gru4g9, e o misin 
—», pL lamentations 
— (a), adv. with reluctance 
Regrettable, adj. to be regretted 
Regretter, va. to regret, lament 
Regrossir, va. to become large MVte 
Reguinder, va. to hoist up ogam 
R^ularisation, sf. act qfreguloHng 
R^ulariser, va. to regulate 
R^larit^, sf. reguiarity, etrietmete 
R^ulateur, sm. regultUvr, pendulum 
Rdgule, sm. regulus, a semhnetii 
R^ulier, sm. r^c^tar, a monk 
— , i^re. adj. reguUtr, punctual, tirkt 
R^fuli^remenl^ adv. reowtor^r 
Rehabilitation, sf. rehabUitatkm 
R^habiliter, va. to reinstate [«X>fM 
se R^iabituer, vr. to accustom 
Rehacher, va. to mince again 
Rehanter, va. to keep cempang 

with one 

Rehasarder, va. to venture agatn fitt 
Rehaussd, e, adj. enriched wttb gem mst 
Rehaussement, am. act ofraismg 
Rehausser, va. to raise, helgMen, stt^^ 
Rehauts, sm. brightest parts i^upkham 
Reheurter, va. to hurt again 
R^imposer, va. to reassess a tag 
Rdim position, sf. reassessment 
R^mpression, sf. act of reprinting 
Rdimprimer, va. to reprint 
Rein, sm. rein, kidney, loin 
— s, pL loins, the back i doaletur da — lb 

lumbago; avoir les —a forta, to fit 

rich, be able to stttnd against mig 

loss, be strong backed or made 
Reinaire, adj. kidney shaped, in bolosig 
Reine, sf. <fueen, sovereign, sort ^Jbm 

tulip, ktnd of ancient coin 
Reine claude, sf. greengage, a ; 
Rdinfecter, va. to infect anew 
li^inscrire, va. to inscrUte attew 
R^installer, va. to reinstall 
Reint^, e, adj. strongbacked 
R^int^grande, sf. reintegration,rr^ 
Reintegration, sf. act qf restoring 
Reintegrer, va. to reintegtvte, restart 
Reinterroger, va. to reinte rr ojfate 
Reinviter, va. to invite again 
Reiteratif, ive, adj. repeated 
Reiteration, sf. reiteration, repetOsm 
Reiterer, va. to reiterate, repeat 
Rejaillir, vn. to spurt up, gush, r^flmt 
Rejailliasemeot, sm. resilience 
Rejet, sm. act of easting <\ff, in lew, 

new assesument, sucker, young spr^ 
Rejeuble, a4j. rejecttMe 
Rejeter, va. to tlurow again, throw bade, 

shoot again, cast out, refuse, r^oet m 

oueaa a t<w a second time 


abandon oat^t/ 
iaj/, Ji^th M( of torfffft is 

•abitive, hatiutr rt^Un, 


Hno, pramlnoM* afiijinirm bi aeu^ 
Mr>, aw iPliirt wMagnMrj IwIS 

— , auc. ailL rtJIjriHU. frisu, sfTkt 
ItdbiViii, ■£ n^iisn, iulu to thd; jiMir 

Hdlqamt. ■aw nmoifirfar q^on orcDKiU 
on ruwrntl or Aiitf Lahtad in tiUlmg 
Ete]lqac, if. rVic 

Reloffs. n. L TIL fu nlod^r, Ho^ agBin 
Rslnucr, n. lo nid jc<Tm ognin 

BntnoiTaBCDt. >■»■ "cl '/#f i^^liif 

— "m. oc* of trying back 

«□. rtfAfld rA^iJe, g^BT, 

HEm^SulI, Ivc, /iTiniiUiFiiI, •, UmA- 

Hmanler, VI. nviupiviita, ndHW 
— tchival. Id jTJciaAurnbidtaiilJB 

iDO/cAciV tJ<.cft', watch DC citc/lim 



erapnTHMDl, Hn. rtTTjM.JtlMr^ 

Rempvt, HD. itvpartijirtet J 

ninipli(iiit. im. OH tDJU rOiKHflK 

BmSiK.m. la r4M?«ek toU U> Hexpll, •a.^Uf Is libH^eMI ^ 
lbliiliK,uU.Hnk,«iiltBriMlli>>rlKri RanpHir, n. U fofa In. nm lib MMM 

A£SHiu^tf.>mUdD>>,Kird(» Rimpllr. n.nj«f igsjn, lUf H^nlia 

JUnMiiDajiln, mi. oin it»o *m ofc- — da L« liromit, to nimrf *" ■ 
1t^.,hi_f . ..II. riacJe^itig at iRter-' — ¥ia^ftt\i,HtIaoHB^Mdnl^ 

, carrt bacll Uiinpnntf. im. ort Of filling WhMk. 

rnai^ Minn uM/>r^nn>up, uf i/%Ulv 

uljidr. Hf. AfiMt^^fAffrp thtgnMndofpoint-iaca [iOf*< 

ircBrtnj/iiifK^Jlui i~iMiiiodiiue,niiIiU»part»»r« •umr. 

act 0/ mmring, ilirri»g. 

Jt/rrcr, iKitofar, iBdlV 

£ foa, curmirv ontam 
L. cub ttfajbx 

Rcniliif^rvi. u &!i%r>in f* •'ov 

-t^ma^rna^, tottt^Vtbtarwitnan 

Rtnaulri, VI. 1(1 pliftar i 

Hen^pr, v^ Imp. ^ Hwup o^jR 
Raiaiuiiiilir, VI. In re^ils 

rr. to jafAflT ttrtngth 

Hnj in . iq.>»i)>. 




fltonl, VOL rmouhHin£nl 

cnnllHt, HD. an ItTgl 

—'dull Ic dcvirir, h n«m '•ffnSV 

itnjmvr Tit--td1HUf ■ 4 

iiH, pui •#; «lBni,_r«»r, dav 








lUpUa. ». n. J^ or taw <y^ 


k FBiiJarH. rap agatn 

Rrallimir, bu. rlamtrtr, nmUnr *r 


KilulLi, n. IS )wNl£ll<lU>l 
"iimnpir. mi. 10 iM-*ii aftls 
apand4nL, Bin.Arit/.fhi^,bHid«i]ii 

RennH, va. u nana. In lav to or ta d 
HepOiOlr, up. b«ii'. nUiHf plaii 



Rnwriint, e^ a4j- repulsive, foHMding 
Rcpouikcatent, tm. act of rep- i/ui^, re- 

CMfijur* drivittfot drawuif back 
RcpooMitr, ra. e< m. to rr|«r/, rejMdm, 

tveaiit tpnnf, spr*>tit, bud agnin 
Repoaaiccacc tm. ocf i/ redueukg smatt 

dads or iumpt tnto dust 
RcpRiMiuibfe, adj. reprehensible 
Reprvbcuion, »f. reprtheHsiam, blame 
Rcprvodre, v^ et vtx. to retake, rrcoeer, 

reneu-, resume, ehtdf, Uamtetcritictse, 

/b»d fjult u ttht repnmattd 
— hainnr, to fetch arree err on^t breath 

— le deauf, tv vui/i the superiuntp 

— ndBc, fw take rout mftain 

K — . rr. te rt€ulktt otieseif, close tvain 
KcpRDCur, cu<«, smt. aiviLert carper, 

Juuk-^btder, eaptiuutduputant, critic 
Rcpr^aLle, st. reprisal, retaliation 
Rcprtaenunt, •m. representative, prory 
RnrewDU:ir, ive, aiidj. representative, 

bearing the character nf another 
ReprtKDtauon, sf. representiitii'ii, like- , 

nw*. image, description, eshibttiim 
Rcodhcfiier, vs. to rejTesent, eshibit, 

aeseribe, persottate, act fir another 
me — , rr. tofancp, call to one's mind 
Ripremon, ai. reprcstion, act nf crush- 
fUprenif, ive, adj. repressive iing 

Reprtter, vm. to lend again 
Reprirr, xn. to pnip again 
Keprimable, aiij. that majf be repressed 
Reprimand e, st. ref-rimand, reprehen- \ 

sion, rep-roof, censure, reOuke \ 

R^vimander, ra. to reprimand, chide, ' 

reprove, censure, reprehend, cheek 
Ri^primer, ml to repress, crush, curb, , 

restrain, qu II, put ditwn, subdue 

— let abus, to correct i^uses 
Rcpriie, >f. reprisf, act ofrttaking, tak- 
ing 1^ way of rettiliation 

— d'une chanson, burden of a song 

— d'lm proc^, thf retieu-ahf a iawauit 

— de maladie, relapse, return of illness 
— , sm. the plant orpine 

Repriaer, \-a. to appraise anew 
Reprobation, «f. reprobation 
Rnnx:bable,adj. reproachable,reproaA- 

ptl, vile, thameful, scurriliius 
Reprodie, tm. reproa^, injumy, ihame 
Reprocher, ra. to reproof, Uftbraid 

— des t^moins, to of^t^ to witnesses 
RnrsductibUite, tf. act qf being repro- 

mueed, produced anew 
Rqanodiictible, adj. that can be tepro- 
Re|Mrt)dactk>n, tf. reproduction [duced 
Repioduire, va. to reproduce, produce 

again or anew 
Rmomectre, va. to promise again 
Refxenyi, sm. reprobate 
Rmouver, va. to prove again 
R^ROuvo', va. to reprobate, reject, dis- 
allow, otofitfon to w i cked n ess and de- 
Kept, tm. eotton st^ff [ffrwctton 
R^iUle^ on. reptile, creeping animal 

B^ntiiaun, e, smua republiean 

R^Mifniamc, sm. republicanism 
Rteubiique, tL republic, eammomoe&Bh 
— des Vevaet, tUerarjf at learned UMsM 
R^pace, st birdrsnare 
RefNidiation, s£ repudiation, divorot 
R^pudier, va. to repudiate, d&eoret 
Kepumumce. sf. repsi^ance, unw i OH Hg 

nets, reluctance, incondsteneg 
Repugnant, e, a4j. repugnant, eomtrarm 
ReiM«ner, vn. to repugn, <qtpose,rmi§L 

withstand, be contrary to, ekuk wUh 
R^puliuler, vn. to bud again 
Repulst* ire, a^j. repulsive, fMMSktg 
Repulsion, tX. repulsion, drifting badt 
Repurger. va. to purge again 
R^INiuaon, sf. reputation, Oiaraeter 
Keputer, va. to repute, think, reckon 
Kequ^ntble, adj. requirable 
Requ^rant, e, smf. suitor, petitkmer 
— , e, adj. demanding, requiring 
Rm^a^rir, va. to require, demand, claim 
Kequdte, sf. request, petition, « 
Requ£ter, va. to quest again, 

or search again 
R&|uiem, sm. requiem, hymn or; 

Jbr the dead, rest, peace 
Requin, sm. shark, voracious seafiA 
9t Aequinquer, vr. to smugfdeek or i 

om-seif, make spruce 
Requiper, va. to equip at fit out l . 
Rirqim, e, adj. requisite, necessary 
Requise. sf. request, entreaty, dema 
K^uisitioD, St. requisition, apptteaHem 
R^uisitionnaire, bm. name given ta a 

French sotdier in the beginning of I3u 

revolution at the end qflast c e Mt ary 
Rdquisitoire, sm. suit, petitiOH, prwemi 
Roacrer, va. to anoint afresh 
Resaluer, va. to salute again 
ResceUer, va. to seal again 
Rescif, sm. reef, ridge qfrodts < 

Rescindant, sm. means employed la ra- 

fcind CM obnoxious act 
Resdnder, va. to rescind, make void 
Resiision, sf. rescission, act tfcatta^ 

qff'or abrogating 
Reacriptioa, sf. atsignment, money-ardtr 
Rescrit, sm. rescript, edict ofanemperer 
Roseau, sm. bag-net, small net,aetttf 

netting, ujorking network 
R6>eda, sm. mignonette, a plant 
R^n-ation, st. reset vatUm, act €\fkmp- 

ing back, concealment, custody 
Reserve, tf. reserve, circumspeetuat» a^ 

caption, prohibition , modesty, e a m em 
Riaervi, e, adj. reserved, coy, oMfffOMb 

modest, circumspect, prudent 
R6aerrer, va. to reserve, retain, keep ia 
R^rv«^, sm. reservoir, dstem {/dart 
RMdant, e, adj. resident, fixed, roM 

ing, dwelling in a place 
R^idence, sf. residence, place qfdbait 
Resident, sm. resident, agent, enmg 
Raider, vn. to reside, abide, dwoB 
R^sklu, sm. residue, that which i» kfi 
R^signant. e, tmi. one who reeigme 
" ' ' itaiie, sm. reeignaet a ; 



OiHiI, adv. rsiimmi^ 
, Bam, adj. rowtrw 
ntpifatliut, hivalh 
to ratptre, braat/v, loMj 

. in laluie twain rtfatihi 

, WMifllew^n 

lauH — , rn ki (^ >i nu pw tfibi tin 

EaitBd^ [inaer, in ODfiinstif 





Rettltuteur, im. restorer [ing , 

Restitution, sf. reMtitution,actofreator- . 
Restrdndre, va. to restraint hold back, 
represit, hinder, ctmfine, limit, curb , 

— une proposition, to modify a propoai- , 
Rettiictif, ive, adj. restrictive [tion i 
Restriction, sf. restriction, limiteUion 
RestrinRent, sm. astrina^fnt, a medicine 

which contracts or btnds [bind , 

— , e, adj. astringent, having power to ' 
Resultant, e, adj. resuHinr, proceeding 
R^ultat, sm. result, effect [from 

R^ulter, vn. to result, fiy back, arise, 

proceed, spring, or follow from 
Resum^, soi. summary, recapitulation 
R^umer, va. to resume, begin again, I 

take back again, recapitulate 
ae — , vr. to sum up the leading points of 
R^umpte, sf. resumption la case 

R^umption, sf. act of resuming I 

R&turrection, sf. resurrection 
ReUble, sm. altar piece [t estore anew 
Rdtablir, va. to re-establish, confirm or 
ae ^, vr. to be reestablished, reinstated 
R^tablissement, sm. re-establishment 
Retaille, sf. shred, patch, remnant 
Retaillement, sm. act of cutting again 
Rerailler, va. to cut again 
Retaper, va. to cock up the brim of a hat 
Retard, Retardement, sm. stay, delay, 

hinderance, stoppage 
Retardataire, sm. soldier late in Joining 

his regiment, person in arrears 
—t adj. said of those who are long in pay- 
ing accounts or settling any matter 
Retardation, sf. retardation, hinderance 
Retarder, va. to retard, delay, hinder 
—, vn. to come later, go slow, stop 
RetAter, va. to feel, touch, or taste again 
Retaxer, va. to reassess, tax again 
Reteindre, va. to dye again 
R^teindre, va. to extinguish again 
Retendeur, sm. tenter-hook, stretcher 
Retendre, va. to stretch again 
Retenir, va. to retain, keep back, sup- 
press, hold again, hinder, reserve 

— par coeur, to commit to menutry 

— une place, to secure a place or seat 

— un domestique, to engage a servant 
se — , vr. to forbear, refrain from 
Retenter, va. to try or attempt again 
R^tentif, ive, adj. retentive 
Retention, sf. retention, reservation 
R^entionnaire, smf. retainer, one who 

keeps back or detains, law term 
Retenter, vn. resound, re-echo, celebrate 
Retentissant, e, adj. resounding, echoing 
Retentissement, sm. act qf resounding 
Retentum* sm. proviso, reserved clause 
Retenu, e, adj. reserved, circumspect, 

discreet, mod^t, prttdetit 
Retenue, af. reservedness, caution, pru- 
dence, modesty, discretion 
Reticence, sf. reticence, concealment by 
RMculaire, adj. reticular [silence 

RMcultf , e, adj. reticulated, made of net' 
Ritlf, Ive, ad\. reetive, stubborn [work 
RStiteaoe, $0^, having thnfirmnj a net \ 

Ratine, tf. retina, wkeefthe eoaUeftHit 
Retirade, sf. intrenehmeHt {^e 

Ketird, e, adj. retired, private, eoHtary 
Retirement, sm. eontuMtionefthe m e r ve e 
Retirer, va. to draw again, draw, get, 

or tcJee ottt, harbour, take r^/Uge 
— , vn. to retire, withdraw 
ae — , vr. to shrink from, recede, retreat, 

go away, go home, quit, fixriake 
Retoiser, va. to meaeure over agmim 
Retomb^, sf. butment, support of an 
Retomlwr, vn. to fall again [ordk 

Retondre, va. to shear again 
Retordage, sm. act of twisting again 
Retoniement, sm. state cfbemg ttoielei 

or wrung again 
Retordeur, sm. twister 
Retordoir, sm. twisting-machine 
Hetordre, va. to twist or wring again, 
entangle, involve, compiieate, attneg 
R^torquer, va. to retort, throw bade, TO' 

turn an argument, repfy eeeeretg 
Retors, e, adj. twisted, cunnina,sluvwd 
Rdtor^n, sf. retortion, act ^fntfertiag 
Retorsoir, sm. cord-wheel 
Retorte, sf. retort, glass vessel 
Retortiller, va. to twist again 
Retouch^, e, adj. retouched, repainted 
Retoucher, va. to ttmch or reviee agakt, 

correct or mend a painting 
Retouper, va. to c nient earthenware 
Retour, sm. return, act of coming badu 
repayment, remittance, jmfif, rutC- 
tution, relapse, report, repentaneti 
Atre sur le — , to be turning oM; U 
n'y a point de — avec lul, he ia 
revengefiil; k beau jeu beau— ^« 
good turn deserves another s sur fc • 
to be decaying, wasting aunty, on the 
wane or decline ; de — , to boiat, ever 
and above, advantage i sana — , adr. 
fur ever, without httpe, unrelentbtg 

— de chasse, luncheon after hunting 

— de courant, eddy qf'a stream 
— s d'une ri\i^re, windings of a riaer 
Retoume, sf. trump, at cards 
Retoumer, vn. to return, turn hadt 
— , va. to turn again, turn up, mert 
se — , vr. to turn oneself, face about 
sen — , to go or come back 
Retracer, va. to retrace, trace bad^ or 
R^tracution, »t retractation iagabt 
R^racter, va. to retract, recatt, recant 
se — , vr. to draw back one^s words 
Retractile, a^j. retractile, retraetSbk, 

that may be drawn back 
Retraction, st. retraction, recantatioa 
Retraindre, va. See Retreindre 
Retraire, va. to redeem an estate 
Retrait, sm. redemption, ranaom 
— , e, adj. lean, said of com 
Retraite, sf. retreat, retirement, r^fiigti 

sanctuary, shelter 

— de voleun, den of thieves 
Retraiter, va. to treat again 
Retraite, e, adj. said ofone on hajfipay 
Retranchement, sm. retrendtment,eii^ 

ting w lopipins ^x roiMctUm 

i-J! •? K=&.."i- 



l^ian, 'tpt^, appan 


'SSatJr^MUmi " 

Revn, on. Iisct gTCU kaivf. rmtrw ^ 

lUliin, urn), mfliiK, e 



It fMckgammnn 
Ramnancnc, an. att <ir tark^nx aduut 
Bcvmr, va. to tmek •Mbntu te Mm 
Bcvner, ca. fin rspuK, r«v*«u*, compar* 
RsvuRur. «in. mmrrt nrTuncar 
SLtrmoa, •4. rcvwum, nn-mu, rnkae 

— de pmcea, « nemr prtjertm 

Rrrmfliacaa* fll mmn/foif tuit 
Rtfvivider. ts. nt nnruMf ntturv 3ji 
Rcvmv, vu. ff tftiiMf A Ji/v 4i4fWM 
Rtivoeabie. *i.>. r>mca/it«. rwitmbla 
BevocBCoin, iL, rvBucaruiA, npeai 
RcToeaoiiEe. lUj. rmM-irairy 
Rcmir, ts. ru 4m «jru»i. rwue 

— ijwi. ouicm. nJ K-tf Mcwc «raA 
Revoiturer, tx e» ettny tt^am 
RtfVQier, va. Cu «rinu o^mx 

— . ra. cojUf (C^QtA 
Reroiin. im. *fmail •t/wifid mt Ma 
Rem I tan c, e, aij. rvvtiitinte, ^fitiekutr 
RiirqitK, tf. mnwf, r?4«uiwii. a ruuig 
RcToiter. v^ fr> ra/«f a nbtfiiiaH 
m — fTr.tu r^wuU, nbtti, «artm|r 
Revoict9» SOL pi. rvrm't'TY, rtb^ 
R(H-oiu, e. iilj. nnmt'e^i. aec»«p(ijA«ri 
RavQiusuQ, lit mrwiitriun, tfAo-iav 
RevMuriunnurc, ami r«?«M«tfiunwt 

— ad^. r^WHUtvHory Jw tuu y mnH»«r 
ReroiucivinainHiicnc, ^t. m a nrvbAi- 
Rifevciuciucaer, v^ tu r«v*tifUioiuz€ 

m — , rr. so ^ijc uiA> a ^fo/if ^^frtvtJiutiun 
Rjtvomir, vx. fv wraiif anaii* 
Rtfvoiiucr. va. ru nvuka, repeal^ r*eaJ 

— UB cunim:^, tu cum acrajr a eicff'jr 
R«Ttm:oir. vk t't wii 'Utain 
Rercyi^r, vn. ru tntwl mfiain 
Rrrue, »r. nrv-jetc, dilifcmt tenrch 

— dm Wuiacs nitwter <(/Mtdwr« 

— , e. aiii. n?neu «f/, rn'Mti, et/mpurtd 
R^vu'.dir, ive, a -j. rtvujtee 
Knvyxiium, if. r«cH'.*uini in meJieine 
Ra, prvpi <fr»fa utrA, ^iev«/ 
Rhabi...^(c. «n. 'icc o/mgndtttg- 
RhabLler, vx. to dfthe anew 
se — * rr. ft> -ir^w a/tnin 
Rhabilleur. eu-e, Mnf. niAidicr 
Jlhaxadcs, si". pL mmU uicfrtUfd cuts 
Rh^«ur, sm. rAcrru.'tciVin, dedaim^r 
RhetoricwD, snu rA^>riciaji, onUur 
Rtaetorv{ue, ^f. rhrtttrU:, oratttrp 


Riant ^), arlr. ia ieaf, wiA « c 
RiaoiC, sL tea< «aM Ay adnart 
Rihambrik, U. a jwiy retfaw at^ 
Rmand, c» sail a libertuM 
— , c, adj. /kwtfuNM, l aae i aipM i 
Ribamlcrie, rf. fa<c and iaiawral j 
Ribc, «f. aHdUM to /rHad linf ( 
Riricccc, sf. brotied Ueak 
Ribknr, cojc, tmf. night-uf^Bber 
Riaofd, sm. awrbi.mrd, aaid ofakift 
Ritecda^, ni. tomp€maMkm dm klf mm 

thtp to ttnothfrjhr mn ii^fmrp 
Ri:Mcec af. att of eating omddrhM^ 

to exeem : fairt — , toftast, rm ' 
RiSic^r, vo. ro gnt and drink to ( 
R boceur, ctuv, szr.t timler, 
Ricuwmccc, sna. act ofeneeeing 
Rjemcer, vn. fo titter , 'eneer, gyigf» 
R:ca=«ar, cuse, unL gigfUr or ^ 
Rx-a-fic. aiiv. exaet^, «eurA«r i 
Richard, sil aumcdi 
Rjchct sn. a n'cA maa ; le maavali ' 

tKe ricA m^n ^fthe goepel 
— » ai^ riK-h, ureoithit, opulent, ( 

eoettf, valuaUe, l-/tr, mMe,^ 

— en anccnt, monied 

— pani, grtat n ateh 

— uLUe, tail, proper nxe,fiHa dmp» 
Rkfaemenc, adr. rwA/jr. epIendUlg 
RichoK. s£ ureaith, riekneattftrtlUtg 

— d uoc iangur, eopiouaneat ef « Jm> 

— *, pi. nehee, opulence : gonfle ds em 
— , purie^proud ; des — mal < 
ili-i(\tttett urenlth ; nager dans i 
to irvlt m ureaith ; contentement 
— , eimtetttm^nt is better than i 
Ricochec, son. duck and drak*, a cMIA 
piat/, a tmail bird that altoajft r^mtt 
the same nuA^*, a rebnund 
Ride, %L trrir,kle, laniard, a sea tarM 
Ridcau. sm. rideau, in fiirtifieatiomt m 
j curtain / tirar 1« — sur una duae, to 
I speak nv more about a subject 
. R:d;rlle. tL side rack <^fa u?aggon 
Rider, \-a. to wrinkle, crimpie, »krink 

— une conie, to <f rrfcA out a ropt 
se — , VT. to rrvwn, be shriveltm 
Ridicule, stn. ri-iicule, impertinene«, re- 

ticuie,asmaUha^s de\'eiur— » tote 
esposed t» laughter 

Rciogravc, sm. rhinegrave, the title of — , adj. ridiculous, impertinent. 

OH earl un the Rhine 
Rhinoceros, sm. rhtnocfros 
Rhisafre, sm. instrument to pull teeth 
Rhombe, sm. rhomb, a tuzeiuie, in gfo- 

metrp ' [ geometry 

Rhomboide, sm. rhnmboid, a Jigure m 
Rhubarbe, ȣ. rhub/trb 

— des moincs, monk's rhubarb 
Rhumatismal, e, adj. rheumeUismal 
Rhumatisme, sm. rheumatism 
Rbume, sm. ri^eum, a eo/d 

— de cen-eau, ot/d in the head 
Rhjrthme, sm. rhjfthm, harmonjf 
Rhjrthmique, adj. rhythmical 

Riant, e, adh. cheerful, pleasant, pretty, 
tmUbig, delightful, agreaaUc 

Ridiculement, adv. ridiculuusly 

Ridiculiser, \-a. to ridicule {e%de 

se — , vr. to turn une another into ridi- 

Rien, sm. nothinp, anp thing, a trijie, 

nonentity; hoinme de — , manftfeb- 

seure origin ; il ne fait plus — • he 

htu left tftr business, he does nothkut 

now i pour — , gratis .• en moias de 

— , in a trice ; y a-t-il — de nourcaa ? 

it th^re atiy thing new f 

— moins, nothing less, not in the temt 

— moins que cela, quite another tikinf 

, Riens (des), trifles, nought .• un discnr 
> de — , an idle talker 

Rieur, ease, smf. immoderate laughter, 
V g<£g<0r( dantorcr, jeearer, mocker 

la tauKh but film 


Hln, ■!. taftflu:lj #1:1^10, oUiraa 
imto.»t.rto jlJ3_ 

■u di — , (gnfJnHa ^ (kl ton 



EtoriivE, Am. r«IUf. nr/jfic 

Rcfpithni. If. pi. ntf^L* wi 




Ragnemeiit, stn. aet of ctippittf^, cutting 
RoMDcrt va. to elipt cut, pare, shrtd 

— UL vigne. to prune the vine 

— leB oagics k quelqu'uDt to dip emie 
tcinga, curtail oti^t power 

Rogneur, eusc, smf. clipper, cutter 
Rogneux, euse, adj. tcabbtf, maf^cjf 
Rogn<^, tm. temper 
Rognon, tm. kidney 
Rognoner, va to fcrowl, /(rumble 
Rognuretf if. pL threda, parings, dip- 
Rogomme, tm. brandy [pif*g» ' 

Rogue, ad), haughty, arrogant, proud I 
Rot, sm. king, aovereign, monarch / de 

par le — , in the kings name / vive le 

— -, long live the king 
Roide, aaj. stiff, steep, rapid, swift, ob- 
stinate, stubborn, hardy 
— , adv. swiftly, rapidly, quickly 
Roideur, sf. stiffness, steepness, rapidity, 

swiftness, stubbornness, obstinacy 
RoidiUon, tm. little hill, hillock 
Roidir, v^etvn. to stiffen, stretch out, 

grow or become stiff- 
te — , vr. to withstand, resist, bear up 

against, be obstinate 
Rnitelet, tm. petty king, wren 
ROle, tm. roll, scroll, list; jouer bien 

ton — , to play ontfs part well 

— d'^uipage, muster-book of a ship 
ROler, va. to write rolls or law papers 
ROlet, sm. part, short roll 

Rdleur, sm. tobacco-spinner 
Romain, e, smf. et adj. Roman ; carao 
tfere — , Rjaman type t gros — , great 
primer type; petit — , long primer 
Romaine, sf. steelyard [fvpe 

Roman, sm. romance, novel t vous pre> 
neE le — par la queue, you begin where 
you should etui 
Rmnance, if. romance, sort of ballad 
Romancier, tm. writer of romances 
Romanesque, adi. romantic, fanc^fitlt 

wild, improbable, fabulous 
RomanesQuement. adv. romantically, ro- 

mmnticly, wildfy, extravagantly 
Romantique, adj. romatttic, improbable 
Romantisme, sm. romatiticness, quality 

of being romantic 
Romarin, tm. rosemary, a plant 
Rompement, sm. troublesome noise 
Rompre, va. to break, break through, 
tear in pieces, rend, destroy, disband, 
defeat, overthrow, pull down ; il vaut 
mieux plier que — , better to bend than 
break ; k tout — , adv. to the utmost 

— la glace, to take the initiative or first 
step in an affair 

— la paille avec quelqu'un, to full out or 
quarrel with one 

— la t6te il quelqu'un, to be troublesome 
to one, break one's head 

— la volont^ d'un enfant, to break the 
temper of a child 

— le d^, to bar the dice 

— let couleurt, to blend the colours, said 
in painting 

— lei ebemine, to tear up the roads 

Rompre let ehieiUf to turm th» i 
tion upon ane^ker eubjeet 

— un bras, une jambe, f drgrt «m^« 
armor leg 

se — » vr. tobredk, hr^ak t^ 

se — aux affaires, to hrmk in cnrnt^m 

get used to busineee 
Rompu, e, adj. broken, broke 
Ronce, tf. briar, bramble 
Ronceroi, sm. place fUll of thome 
Rond, tm. round, orb, bail, ring, i 
— , e, adj. round, eireuktr, epkinemi 
Rondacbe, tt round ^ield, htickier 
Ronde, sf. patrol, circuit of m t 

garrison, semibreve, kind ef 

writing; faire la — , to go the reumdes 

k la — , adv. round td»ut 
Rondeau, sm. rondeau, kind tf p e el s ^, 

lively tune or fig, baker^s omenmtel 
Rondelet, te, adj. plumpifh, ehuUthMi 
Rondelle, sfl target, rundle, laddar^i^ 
Rondement, adv. roundly, pkUnlif 
Rondeur, tf. roundness, rotunditg 
Rondin, tm. billet for fUel, cudgel 
Rondintrr, va. to cudgel, beat withaeHdt 
Rondon, sm. impetuosity, vehemtemee 
Ronflant, e, adj. snoring, sonareme 
Ronflement, sm. act ofenering 
Ronfler, vn. to snore 
Ronfleur, euse, smf. anorar 
Ronge, sm. rumination 
Ronger, va. to ruminate, dtew the emi, 

gnaw, nibble, champ the bit, etU u^ 

consume, destroy, fret, vee, diegukd 

— son frein, tojret inwardly 
Rongement, sm. act of ruminating, muh 

ditating, gnawing, nibbling, fi'ettkig 
Rongeur, sm. remorse ; ver — , gneaeietg 

conscience, never-dying worm 
Roquet, sm. cur, dog, snappiA^km 
Roquette, sf. rocket, a plant 
Roquille, sf. gill (^liquor 
— s, pL marnuiiaae, orange dtiae 
Rosacd, e, adj. rosaceous, having petidt 

disposed afler the manner t^fa reee 
Rosace, sf. architectural ornament 
Rosac^, sf. pi. cktss of plants fbrmei 

Hke roses, rosaceous plants 
Rosagine, sf. rosebay, rhododendrom 
Rosaire, sm. rosary, bed of roses, ehep- 

let, garland, string tff beads on uMm 

Roman Catholics count their pragtrt 
Rosat, adj. roseate, bktoming 
Kos&tre, adj. r<tsed, crimsoned, fhukei 
Rosbif, sm. roast-be^ 
Rose, sf. rose, flower; II n'cst ptdatdt 

— sans Opines, no joy without alkg 

— d'Inde, French marigold 

— trdroi^re, holly-hock 

— d'outremer, rose mallow 
Ros^, e, adj. rosy, red, bhoming 
Roseau, sm. reei, a plant 
Rose-croix, sf. Rosierucian, onetffaseet 

who souf^ the philosopher's stone 
Ros^, sf. dew, small rain [or eoAiMr 
RotiCl^, e, adj. roseal, like a rose in smM 
Roseraie, sf. ground planted with rose- 

bushu% bed of roses 

Rmiinir, nn. hUoi, j^gi,ihHk 


Rmllf, im. Mi rSHKHtT'l*^ 




Roavre ou Robre, tm. the hardest oak 
Rouvrir, va. to open again 
SLoax, rousse, adj. red, ntddy ; du beurre 
— , brown butter ; il est d'un — ardent, 
hie hair ie of a burning red 
Rofal, e, ad^. roi/al, kingly, regal, noble 
Royalement, adv. royally, princely 
RoyaUame, tm. royalism, attachment to 

royoMy, king's party 
RoyalLste, tm. an adherent to a king 
— » a4j> royalist J attached to monarchy 
Royaume, tm. kingdom, realm, crown, 

monarchy, empire 
Royaut^, tf. nnyalty, kingly office 
Ruade, tf. kicking or wincing of a horgp, 
unespeeted incivility [ruby 

Rubace, Rubacelle, tm. light-coloured 
RubaD, tm. ribbon, riband 
Rubaner, va. to divide into roll* 
Rubanerie, tf. ribbon-trade 
Rubanier, i^re, tmf. ribbon weaver 
Rubantd, e, adj. trimmed with ribbon 
Rubble, tf. epefies of lily of the valley 
Rubican, ne> adj. rubican, darkly co- 
loured with a grayish tinge, applied 
to horses 
Rubicond, e, adj. rubicund, ruddy, blood- 
red, inclining to redness 
Rubis, tm. ruby, red pimple 
Rubricaire, sm. persfin thoroughlyversed 
in the church rubric or books of law 
Rubrique, tf. rubric, directions printfd 
in prayer-books and bttoks of law ; il 
entend la — , he is skilled in business 
Ruche, tf. bee-hive 
Ruch^, tf. hivefUl 
Rucher, sm. bee-hive bench or stool 
Rudanier, i^re, adj. surly, rttde 
Rude, adj. harsh, routth, sharp, severe 

— utaut, fierce assault 

— chemin, uneveti road 
Rudement, adv. roughly, harshly 
Rudentd, e, ailj. rudented, said of fluted 

columns having something in their 

hollows resembling a roj/e 
Rudenture, sf. rudenture, the figure of 

a rope in theflutings of a column 
Rudesse, tf. rudeness, harshness 
Rudiment, tm. rudiment, first principle 
Rudover, va. to use harshly, treat with 

rudeness or severity 
Baic, if. street, lane, rue, a plant; enfiler 

une — , to go through a street; avoir 

pignon sur — , to have a house of one's 

— de traverse, a cross-street [own 

— passagfere, a great thoroughfare 
Ruelle, sf. narrow street or lane, alley, 

side tf a bed next the wall ; il brille 
dans let — t, he is a favourite among 
the ladies 
Rueller, va. to put mould round the vine 
Ruer, va. to fling, kick, wince 
— » vn. jerk, kick with impatience 
ae — tur, vr. to rush or fall upon 
Ruginer, va. to scrape or scarify a tooth 
Rogir, vn. to roar like a lion 
RuglssMnt, e, ad}, roaring, growling 
Rugbmanent, tax. roar, act qf roaring 

Rugodt^fSf.row/rlknMiff, , 

rugation, corUrai^ion into wrimMm 
Ruine, tf. ruin, decay, fait, downfUlt 

subversion, destruction, overthrow 
Ruin^, e, adj. ruined, desMroyeii on 

temperament — , a broken eonetttsMam 
Ruiner, va. to ruin, destroy, puU ( ~ 

demolUfh, subvert, lay waste, t 

— la tani^, to impair the healdi 

— un deasein, to baffle a design 

— un cheval, to spoil a /torse 

te — , vr. to decay, fall in rulms, mill 

oneself, go to ruin 
Ruineux, euie, adj. rwnous, hur^sl, 

fallen to ruins, destructive 
Ruitteau, tm. brot.k, rivulet; venerte 

—X de larmes, to shed a flood (\ft§ar* 

— de rue, street-kennel or water-eomm, 
Ruisselant, e, adj. gushing, flosving 
Ruisseler, va. to gush, run, orjkeo met 
Rum, sm. rum, a spirituous tS^ttor 
Rutneur, tf. rumour, flying r^ort 
Ruminant, e, adj. ruminant, dtesettig 

the cud 
Rumination,.tf. rtim t nation, art i^dbmv> 

inp the cud, meditation, r^eetian 
Ruminer, va. to ruminate, dtew^emd 
—, vn. to muse on, meditate, ponder 
Rupture, tf. rupture, act cfbrvaleing, 

breach of the peace, hernia 
Rural, e, adj. rural, rustic 
Ruse, sf. ruse, stratagem, trick, wHv 
Ruse, e, adj. cunning, sly,- crafty, siiierp 
Ruser, vn. to dodge, practise sly tricks, 

use stratagem or artifice 
Rustaud, e, smf. boor, clown, simpleten 
—, e, adj. clownish, boorish, unmmmner- 
Rusticity, sf. rusticity, rudeness Uy 
Kustique, a'lj. rustic, rough, dounUsh 
Rustiquement, adv. rustical^, rougmy, 

clownishly, rudely 
Rustiquer, va. to make a thing rustie- 
Rustre, smf. rustic, clown, boor [like 
—, adj. rustical, rural, rude, ehtenisk 
Rut, sm. rut, tract <^f a wheel, eopvkh 

tion of deer and other wild animale 
Rye, sm. seashore 


S, sm. nineteenth letter t^fthe oifMbet 

Sa, pr. f. his, her, its 

Sabbat, tm. Sabbtah t noetumdl orgies 

or supposed meetings ofuHtdies, greOi 

noise, racket, squaUing of cats 
Sabbatine, &f. phiUtsophiecU thesis 
Sabhatique, adj. sabbatic, sabbatieel, he- 

longing to or resembling the sabbath 
Sabbatiser, vn. to observe the sabbath 

strict^, follow the Jewish rites 
Sab^isme, sm. idohitroits admatiati or 

worship of fire 
Sabine, tf. scMne, Mtriit, an i 

species of Juniper 
Sable, tm. sand, gravel, h<mr-giaH 
— mouNvat, qyMtsana 

taker Of loevreTBfu/ooitg; 

ml la ia'an ajw 

nr or *aiUIi Hf » 1(^1 

[; ci>l-ile«s, HUuttlUr 

tlnji tM guolUiu iifiagar 


' m limpii, i^M^<i oUHH'f Mm* 

S^, un. i«nr K Bl^.o JliMtMli 

SiiFnmL. adir, ■^J*4'i tDfastVi nb«rj^ 

Stfle^. If- ajtidomt mBdutif, pnnIVKa 
Sueue. <f , taifUta aawtttm, a pleit 
SKfltain, •a. BHlInrilH, ant qTMl 

ijifiu a/Che Bidiae 
Sn^^' ■ 

Um atonaUVM ilirh/, wifidv 
■ - --" ""lilBir.^'M* 

I^K, n. (g blmt,btblKi 

Silfnenr, un. ilttitr 

,li. •mm.jjtllnm ili— , adv. —aa fiti', palaa-lmll ij 

8iliiU,i,i4.fiiN,iailrfii« 3^^.if.>h>t.lil*»»m -^ 

Silulcr, n. to Tcmanl, (as, rfw uvni — , idl. jAifffili. dun, Mfalnt — 

fakUd, e, til-fili, MrtV, <f£^ StiDpemcnl, Mr. ifBHM^, Mdlli 

Sdb ^jm^ itaini £iLoi>trti, If, thauMmar, ■frr 

B«l£ bai. ArK i4rlr AT sffi' Bulorn, Mik. Aub oftatt 

-(OmBWDS.HHlluMM SMpAR. Im. ■■&?«», Blmt (• M 

Siili|kiD.ail(p,a»iiftoiHnH< SilpeukT,Bii.isnfMr»iiS»Er^^^ ■ 

Bita', n to am, fW*r, com, hum SUrtultn, <f. Httpr(»4HNt*M>! 

— *l nriiilon.M NMjUl bn ftrftmiilei of Airll -'* ■ 

-I, Meeou (nMi, imniscr Jon- S>liloiiiuqum(ikiiii__^ 

noggfiHrtdB— iiHattAKmitr SiIukIc, i£ mwrmca, cawtMaMri 

SlllBiqiK N CbolicK, iT. vrsiMi — da nuAieiia, «-yit>;»«ii«»i gflM' ' 

»arim,m.a^aa, Iht aAa tifwhliA SaliiCT, ra. (o mMW, Ion., niajf ■)■• 

ll.llfc»H~., j./j—yfto. ..f . , 




. tf. acoop, hollow Aoveli ladle 
SasKnage, sm. cheese made in the aotUh 

Suier, va. to eift, examine 
Satan, sm. Saltan, the devil 
Satanique, adj. eatanic, devilish 
Satellite, sin. etttediie, armed attendantt 
email planet revolving round a larger 
Sati^td, sf. satiety, JulnesSt surfeit 
Satia, tin. «a^tii, kind cf glossy silk 
Satinade, tf. satinet [ing 

Satinage, im. act of hot-pressing, ^oss- 
SatinC, e, adj. sattn-likft, glos«y, soft 
Satiner, va- to make like satin 
Satire, tf. satire, lampoon, libel, sarcasm 
Saciri()ue, im. satirist, lamjtooner, critic 
— , adj. satiric, satirical, censorious 
Satiriquement, adv. satiricaUy 
Satiriser, va. to satirize, lampoon, criti- 

cise, censure with severity 
SatictactioD, sf. satijtfaction, state of be- 
ing leased or satisfied, atonement 
Satitfactoire, adj. satisfactory, atoning 
Satisfaire, va. to sati^, please, gratify, 
contetit, Jreefrom doubt, convince 

— Tattente de quelqu'uii, to answer or 
come up to one's expectation 

—, va. to make satisfaction, execute, dis- 
c/iarge, perform, appease by st{ffering 

— ji sa parole, to fulfil one's promiee 

— k ton devoir, to do one's duty [tion 

— k une objection, to answer an objec- 

— sa passion, to indulge one's passion 

— sa vanity, togratijy one's vanity 
we —, vr. to satisfy or please oneself 
ae — sol-mSmc, to revenge oneself 
Satisfaisant, e, adj.satisfactory, pleasing 
Satisfait, e, adj. satisfitd, atntented 
Satrape, sm. satrap, P. rsian governor 
Satrapie, sf. government of a satrap 
Satron, sm. small fish tuedfor bait 
Saturation, sf. saturation, complete im- 
Saturer, va. to saturate [pregnation 
Saturnal, »« adj. soturnalian, like the 

fha^s ofSatutn, loose, licentious 
Satumales, sf. tA. festivals of Saturn 
Saturne, sm. Sit urn, ancient heathen 

deity, name of a planet 

— (in chemistry), sm. saturn, lead 
Satumien, ne, adj. saturnine, gloomy, 

melancholy, grave, severe 

Satyre, sm. satyr, silvan god 

Sauce, sf. sauce, ai tificial relish to food j 
il n'est — que d'appetit, a good appe- 
tite is the best sauce/ on ne sait k 
quelle — le mettre, one does not know 
what to make of him ; la — vaut 
mieux que le poisson, the sauce has a 
greater relish than the fish i faire la 
— k quelqu'un, to reprove one 

— aux c&pres, caper-sauce 

— aux buitres, oyster sauce 

— blanche, white-sauce, melted butter 

— Hie, thick satice 

— pointue, sauce for tart* 

— robert, onion-sauce 

Saucer, v». to dip in sauce, to reprove 
tkucHn, gf, saucer, piatter for Muct 

Saodtte, af. msmm^w 
Saucisson, sm. thOk ^ort . 
Sauf, sauvc, ad}, sufs, seeui^ 
— , prep, save, but, except, am 

— correction, under correction 
Sauf-conduit, sm. aufbeondtmt, 

passport, permit, warrant <»j 
Sauge, s£ acige, a plant 
Saugrende* tf. aeasoning with 

salt, and small herbs 
Saugrenu, e, adj. impertinent, 

fixdish, ridiculotts 
Saule, sm. willow-tree 

— pleureur, weeping wiBow 
Saum&tre, adj. brackish, somewhUt auM 
Saumon, tm. salmon, p^g <^l»ad 

— de fer, ballast 

Saumoneau, tin. samlet, Nttleaobmm 

Saumon^, e, adj. salmon-tike 

Saumure, sf. brine, saltpidcle 

Saunage, sm. salt trade 

Sauner, va. to make salt [«flrii 

Saunerie, sf. saltern, place where salt le 

Saunier, sm. salt-maker, aalter 

Sauni^re, sf. salt box 

Saupiquet, sm. highly seasoned amuea 

Saupoudrer, va. to powder over 

— avecde la farine, to sprinkle wUhfttm 

— avec du sucre, to strew witheuget 
Saure ou Saur, adj. light brown eStuert 

cheval saure, sorrel coloured ketiit 
hareng saur, red herring 
Saurer, va. to smokedry, dry in nuke 
Saut, sm. leap, jump, skip, wated^l 
au — du lit, at one's rising firem t h at 
ber : faire un — , to leap, take a kaft 
d'un — de plein^ all at once; par —it 
par bonds, by fits atul starts t 11 • bit 
le — , he has run the risk qfit 

— p^illeux ou de la carpc» A««fl OMT 
head, top ov r tail, somerset 

Sautelle, sf. quickset oj a vine brenA 
Sauter, va. et vn. to leap. Jump, tueMt, 
skip, hop, shift, veer 

— it bas du lit, to spring out cfbed 

— k Tabordage, to board an enenn^tAlb 

— k plcds joints, to vault with cmssfm 

— au cou de quelqu'un, to embraei am 

— aux nues, to fly into a passion 

— au collet, to collar or assautt OfM 

— de branche en branche, to digreti or 
wander from a subject 

— de joie, to dance fi>r joy 
Sautereau, sm. jack in a harpridiorit 

little jumper or tumbler 
Sauterelle, sf. grasshopper, hcuat 
Saute-ruisseau, sno. errand-boy 
Sauteur, euse, tmf. tumbler, vaultar 
Sautillement, tm. act <if skipping, JHm- 

ing, tripping, or bounding atam^ 
Sautiller, vn. to skip, bound lightf^ 
Sauvage, tm. savage, barbiwian 
—, adj. wild, b<iHMtroua, fteree, eniek 

uncivilized, unsocial, uncuttivatei 
Sauvageon, tm. wUd atode, in totemr 
Sauvagin, A food of a disagreeMe iaal* 
—, e, mH. rammish, strong-soent9dt,p»ti9 
SauvagGuie, iL ufUdfitwU ttelM 

mt,rr*mnl i .K.-iMri^n. adj. «rie, MhMm/ 

n. JtWiW, iteu mp mmM Sctptldiint, Bii.MsBcU«i,li.j»iW((|r 

*J*«*( ^ Scepcre, "ai. KBjttrtt tntifn tifrefttif 

L_ ..J- '__i_,lJ|^ ScbjUihg 'jun. a «Ulta(f 

■ft. nuq j/* u*l" niHj Si^BH, ho. a^,..,,. 




Sec, sm. dryneu, barrenneu 
— , a^be, adj. drp, biunt, lean, rough 
— , adv. hard, bluntly j k —, dried up 
SecablCt adj. divisibltt 
Stance, «f. a secant, in geomttry 
S^he, sf. cuttlefish, shoal, shallow 
S^hement, adv. dryly, coldly, roughly 
Sdcher, va. to dry, air, draiyt, wither 
S^heresse, sf. dryness, aridity, sterility 
S^boir, sm. horse Jbr drying linen 
Second, e, smf. a second, assistant 
—, e, adj. second, secondary, inferior 
Secondaire, adj. secondary, accessory 
Seconde, sf. second 
Secondement, ad\'. secondly 
Seconder, va. to second, assist, back 
Seoouement, SecoOinent, sin. act of shale- 
Secouer, va. to shake, toss, jolt ling 
te — , vr. to shake oneself 
Secourable, adj. helpJUl, ready to assist 
Secourir, va. to succour, assist, relieve 
Secours, sm. succour, help, relief 
Secousse, sf. shake, toss, violent fit 
Secret, sm. secret, mystery, means 
S^cr^ta^, sm. act of preparing felt 
Secretaire, sm. secretary, scrvtoire 
Secr^tairerie, sf. secretary's office 
Secretariat, sm. secretaryship 
Secr^le, sf. secret prayer 
— , adj. secret i en — , adv. secretly 
Secr^tement, adv. secretly, privately 
SAr^tion, sf. secretion of the humours 
S^'r^toire, adj. secretory, said of the hu- 
Sectaire, sm. sectary ^mours of the body 
Sectateur, sm. sectarian, follower 
Secte, sf. sect, clan, community, party 
Secteur, sm. sector, part of a circle 
Section, sf. section, part, division, head 
Sdculaire, adj. secular, tvorldly 
S^ularisation, sf. secularization 
S^ulariser, va. to secularize 
S^ularit^, sf. secularity, worldliness 
Soulier, sm. a secular, layman 
— , i^re, adj. not bound by monastic rules 
S^uli^rement, adv. secularly 
S^urit^, sf. security, assurance 
Sddatif, ive, adj. sedative, calming 
S^entaire, adj. sedentary, inactive 
S^iment, sm. sediment, dregs, feces 
SMitieusement, adv. seditiously 
S^itieux, euse, adj. seditious, rebellious 
S^itioo, sf. sedition, uproar, revolt 
S^ucteur, trice, smf. seducer, corrupter 
— , trice, adj. seducing, bewitching 
S&iuction, sf. seduction, deceit 
Squire, va. to seduce, bribe, debauch 
SMuisant, e, adj. seducing, engaginte 
S^ment. sm. segment, a part of a circle 
S^r^gation, sf. segregation, separation 
Seigle, sm. rye : fMiin de — , rye bread 
Seigneur, sm. lord, nobleman, prince 
SeigneuriaM, sm. seUptioraffe, a right 
Seigneurial, e,aA\.aetgneurutl,manorial 
Seigneurie, sf. setgniiory, lordship 
Sein, sm. bosom, breast, heart, womb 
Seine, Senne, Sdncbe, sf. seine, a net 

Selag, am. ttgn, signotwe, name, hand 

Seite, am, « sixteenth 

Seise, a4j. sixteen 
Seizi&me, adj. sixteenth 
S^jour, sm. scijoumf abode, nutnekm 
S^iuurner, va. to st^joum, abide, siatf 
Sel, sm. salt, poignancy, wit, mrit 
Sei^nite, sL selentte,foUattdsulpti^e/ 
S^l^niteux, euse, adi. eelenitie r/fnw 
Selle, sf. saddle, pilHon, etool, eeorta 
Seller, va. to saddle, put on a eaiUBe 
Sellerie, st saddlery, hameu reem 
Sellette, sf. stud, seat of a cuijaitom trial 
Sellier, sou saddler 
Selon, prep, according or agrtmUg to 
.Semaille, sf. seed-time, eeea eemm 
Semaine, sf. week, wed^a warkaewagea 
Semainier, i^re, smf. on dutyfbrawedt 
Semblable, smf. a .feUow-creature 
— , adj. like, equal, such, reaembOag 
Semblablement, adv. likewiae, too, ati§ 
Semblant, sm. semblance, pretence 
Sembler, vn. to seem, look, appears 
me semble, v. imp. it seenu to ma' Hag 
Semel le, sf. sole of a shoe, fbot efa atoeiS- 
Semence, sf. seed, cause, origin, aaanrea 
Semer, va. to sow, spread, aet, aimiiae 
Semestre, sm. six months, faurkmgh ei 
Semestriel, le, adj. half-yearly \BtfsmKka 
Semestrier, sm. soldier on leave fbr aU 
Semeur, sm. a sower Imsmtu 

Semi, adj. half 

Semillant, e, adj. brisk, lindy, f^ridty 
S^minaire, sm. semineary, nursery 
Seminal, e, adj. srmincu, radieai 
S^minariste, sm. a aeminariet 
Semis, sm. seed-bed, aeed-pM [in w tw ifc 
Semi-tonique, adj. compoeedofhalf'mtes 
Semoir, sm. aeea-bag, drill-^ough 
Semonce, sf. summon*, wamiag 
Semoncer, va. to invite, warn, acM 
Semondre, va. to invite, summon 
Semonneur, sm. summoner, wamer 
Semoulia, sf. vermicelli oftheftnmtjiear 
Sempervirens, sm. evergreen 
Sempitemel, le, adj. sempiternal, t tai aal 
S^nat, sm. senate, sermte-homae 
S^nateur, sm. senator 
Senatorial, e, adj. senatorial 
Sdnatus-coDsulte, sm. decree of the Bo* 
S^nau, sm. smack [man senat § 

S^ne, sm. senna, a tree, a medicine 
Sen^chal, sm. seneschal, a ateward 
S^ndcbale, sf. aeneachafs lathf 
Senechaun^e, sf. aeneachafa jetrieBc 
Senefon, sm. groundael [tita 

S^nev^, tm. muatard-aeed 
S^nieur, smf. aenior, an agedpenaa 
Sens, sm. aenae, opinion, tu$i a ti uul ka , 
side, way, meaning. Judgment, imieh 
ligence, understanding, reaaom 
-~ dessus desaous, adv. topay-turag 
— devant derri&re, adv. wrong usag 
Sensation, sf. sensation, impneaiem 
Sense, e, a^j. aenaible, ratiansU 
Sens^ment, adv. sensibly, ratkmaMg 
SensibiUte, if. aenaibility, tendemeee 
Sensible, a^. aenaible, fieling, teaiar, 
percep(i6?0 by the aenaea, graiefm, 
painfull n\ce«grQQlt«i^las(iik»< ' 

tftanf, tflAmfcn, parting; mur de 
^^liTa, wU- Kparots, dirtinri 
MnRT. n. fa vrjnrute, divUs, Hvorea, 

fit, «tS<^, iiiiBiia 

SM ED. WW) iir'JIiiint L"<> 


'^•SjMmlnlill (™ 

Snd&nHixnt. tit. munUilt 
itlfat^i^.tm. vpiuagrmnrlat, a 

Scpcn pic, ad]. HpAvk. jatfllAU 

S^DlirnL <. Bd}. •MMkrol 

II. iuii. Id), HVU ftUH, »a«n]> 

Serpnur, M. IB 11 1 IIM jtra*), to iTa 
SBJmtiifc, _^ ya tff m rtm' 

So^Vkt," IBL agrin/p>rJlow9tiniir ehmli 
Siriniub It. (trlv* 

Sanaa, im. HT^flflf, tfWjbr- >IJV^, riM- 

Sfjprt** , if, ftoofcfrf ftrJ/* 
Strplllon. inu *m^» iriips-tiiiife 

*. CTnAliijt, or i^irti^ 




Serr^, e. adj. laid up, locked up, dote, 

compact, niggard, tecret, concise 
—, adv. hard. $oundly 
Sen^ment, adv. clo$efv, niggardljf 
Serrement, sm. act of squeezing 
Serrer, va. to lav ojf, lock up, tie, tie 
tight or hard, bind hard or Jast, 
squeeze, wring, strain, fitllow or pur- 
sue close, draw or Join close, Morten 
M — , vr. to sit, stand, or lie close 
S«rre-t6te, sm. nightcap 
Scrron, sm. box containtngjbreign drugs 
Serrurr, sf. a lock 

Serrurerie, sf. locksmith work or trade 
Semirier, sm. a locksmith 
Sertir, va. to set a stone in a ring 
Sertissure, sf. act of setting a stone 
S^rum, sm. serum, thin part of blood 
Servage, sm. servitude, bondage 
Servant, e, adj. serving, waiting 
Servante, s£ maid, servant-maid 
Serviable, a4j. serviceable, officious 
Senice, sm. service, office, duty, use, 
assistance, worship, course at table, 
set of dishes and plates, table-linen 
Serviette* sf. napkin, towel 
Scr\ile, adj. servile, viUf, mean, base 
Servilement, adv. servUelj/, meanly 
Sen-ilitd, sf. servility, meanness tfsoul 
Ser%-ir, ra. to serve, help, protect, cover 

a table, be in service, worship 
■e — , vr. to employ, make use of 
Serviteur, sm. servant, valet, attendant 
Servitude, sf. servitude, slavery 
S^me, sm. sesame, an oily grain 
S^^li, sm. hartwort plant 
Sesquialt&re, adj. sesquinlter, in mathe- 
Session, sf. session, sitting [matics 

Sesterce, sm. sesterce, a Roman coin 
Setier, sm. a measure of twelve bwhels 

— de terre, three acres 

— de liqueurs, two Rnglish gallons 
S^ton, sm. seton, cord to keep a wound 
Seuil, sm. siU, window-sill [open 
Seul, e, adj. alone, lonely, sole, solely 
Seulement, adv. only, merely, but 
Seulet, te, adj. alone, lonely 

Skvc, sf. sap, juice of trees 
S^v^re, adj. severe, rigid, strict, harsh 
Sdv^rement, adv. severely, rigidly 
S^v^iitd» sfc severity, rigidity, rigour 
S^vices, sm. pi. ill usage, in law 
S^vir, \n. to misuse, use hardly 
Sevrage, sm. act cf weaning 
Sevrer, va. to wean, deprive 
Sevreuse, sf. dry-nurse 
Sexag^naire, smf. a sexagenatian 
Sezag^me, sf. Sexagesima Sunday 
Sexe, im. sest le beau — , the fair sex 
Sexdl, adj. se^rtile, said of planets 
Sextule, sm. sextula,four scruplts 
Sextuple, a4j. sextuple, siJ^fiM 
Scxtupler, va. fo repeat six times 
Sexuel, le, adj. sexual, pertaining to sex 
Sb^t, snL sheriff 

Si* am. seventh from the key in music 
— > con}, if, whether, yet, unless, so, as 
-> Mlr.^m, to, totkoidtgrte 



Siamoise, sf. coarse cotton cMk 
Sibylle, sf. sibyl, an andeni pni 
Sibyllin, e, bOj. sibylline, jiwfthtetN 
Sicaire, sm. an asmistin [Mlp 

Siccit^, s£ sfccity, dryness 
Side, sm. shekel, Hdrrew wslgii mi 
Sid^ral, e, siSi. nderal, starry [frti 
Si^le, sm. centttry, age, time,fmwt 
S\6ge, sm. siege, bishojffs see, ' 

of a coach, chair, court tfi 
Si^r, vn. to hold, keep oturs 
Sien, ne, pron. his, hers, Ms (K\ 
Siens, sm. pL relations, nun,? ' 
Sieste, sf. siesta, afternoon's r 
Sieur, sm. sir, lord of the fwii 
Sifflant, e, adj. hissing, whiMMg 
Sifflement, sm. act of hissing 
Siffler, va. to whistle, hiss, 
— , vn. to whiz 
Sifflet, sm. whistle, cat-call, wi» if ^ § 
Siffleur, euse, smf. whistler (aMrf 
Sigill^. e, adj. «atd of clay msarkm wM 
Sigi8b6e, sm. attendant on a laiy 
Signal, sm. signal, sign 
Signal^, e, adj. signal, fianeus,( 
Signalement, sm. description ^fm i 
Signaler, va. to signalize, ma' 
ae — , vr. to signcMze oneself 
Signataire, smf. person who signs 
—, adj. said of those who haoe sigt 
Signature, sf. signature, stgn-mmuml 
Signe, sm. sign, token, ossem, wessim, 

symbol, emblem, wink, am s t e Uatis m 
Signer, va. to sign, subscribe, rmtiflf 
se — , vr. to blest oneself 
Signet, sm. tassel for boeks 
Signifiant, e, adj. signifitmnt, i pr xi te 
Significatif, ive, a<lj. significutiee 
Signification, sf. signmoaiion, smm 
Signitier, va. to signify, meean, donate 
S'Kiiflcativement, adv. signyieatimly 
Siguette, sf. an opening, in ftMrrienf 
Si I, sm. a kind of mineral earA 
Silence, sm. silence, stillrust, quiei 
Silencieux, euse, adj. silent, tadMm 
Silex, sm. silex, flint 
Silique, sf. seed-vessel, husk, pod, alWI 
Sillage, sm. track or course efm ship 
Sill^, sm. Grecian satirical poem 
Siller, vn. to steer, govern, guide, or di- 
rect a ship in its course {sUe 
— , va. to seel or make a ship leentoem 
Sillet, sm. top cf violin fhuger-board 
Siilon, sm. furrow, wrinkle, notdt 
Silonner, va. to furrow, cut in fturmoe^ 

notch, make small hollows, ivrinMi 
Silve, sf. a miscellany, an impresnflu 
Simagr^, sf. grimace, affected air 
Similaire, arij. similar, homogemeotu 
Similitude, sf. HmUUude, UJfonatt 
Similor, sm. pinchbeck 
Simoniaque, sm. simoniac, onewhobnge 

or sells church preferment 
— , s,Aj. simoniaeal, guilty cf simony 
Smonie, sf. simony, crime cf buying or 

selling ecdesiameal preferment 
Simple, im. simple, single ingrodimdf 

ummingled driig« medicifial hmrb 






SiitwnTtt, ■£. ftifmwitw, ptfmp 

Setter, vm. f» ^racTue rA« munemitemlt 
SocuUizc, m:> bMia^.ibr r\e tekm0 
Scu^-mnect. adv. artn^Brtoi 
S:&iAr;te, li. ocT •f'MMiuvr, in low 

—» k<^. M<:^ ifrcMV, r0a2, laatimfr, sure 
S.%iarsc£t, adr. miiiiitr.jL mif, dentrip 
Scuil::r, sJ. Mti^y. Jii'WMM, strength 
Sic-lyy^t, aoL aferutf^ior, aHAMfo^tie 
Sckhhirr. cz^ KvicarM*. reniur, hermut, 

ancWnrff. wvfe cnMaKn/, « ^anr 
— . &v. A.irary. retifwd, hnfr^, itntlff 
&iL:U:re3Mat, adr. aniMri^, «ioJtr 
SoLito^, id. tohntde, ttnthmtm, m duert 
SoLirrb Ay»iti, rnf^t gwdtr 
Stxirmat Mn. amtmJjaUt 
S».Ijc.t&Ui>n, i£. JoAnfaruM, tntremtv 
SoLkiter, va. roa^inr. rrjuatf, impiore, 

tmrrtmt, tuk eomestlp, »mf<crtutie 
SctlLi -:trur, cuk. nnl Jixvifcr, on« urAo 

Mwicfff cr tmak** a rrqutM 
— > rn. A»'icir<ir, a/rtntty, Istryer 
&>, st. mohettude, ansiety 
Solv>. »nv w.'i', toijfornate prrjormed b> 

4 <i->^'.V r.'-iev or iiurriifiimf 
Scl;^: :.-«,' SOL ^jistiee, tropittU point 

Si>lu>L:ie. if. Puk'ubuitp [«»/r«d 

Soluble, hdj. ao.'uAiV, captMtofbetnvdit- 
Solution. »r. jUi'HftoR, matter diMtvirt.d, 

espiiiTtation, seyarmtioit, relenti 
Sol\-aMIice. tl tolrenq/, abUitjf tu pay 
Sc'.vthlt, adj. jo/raUe, (hif nui^ bemJved 
or iModtf r/ear bjr reoaon or it.quirj/; 
tvlvfiit, able to pay deUs, kucing the 
power u/diMwriJir 
So:nbre. a^lj. tombre, dark, ghomy 
Soaii-rvT, rn. to be uptet 
Somnuirr, rm. a «Mmm<jfy, abridffment 
— « ad.i. mmntafy, c'kirr, &ri<^, concise, 

succinct, compendious 
SomaaairenMrQi.adv. summarily, briffly 
Soniination, •£. summons, act of sum- 
ming up, an interpolation 
Somine, »fL sum, amount, completion, 

compendium, load, burden 
— , un. sleep, slumber, short sleep 
Sommeil, tm. s^p, rest, slumber, re- 
pose, Aeepittess, drownness 
Sommdller, vn. to sleep, siunUter, repose 
Soinmrlier, un. butler 
Sommellerie, s. butlership, pantry 
Sommer, va. to summon, cite, sum up 
Sommet, sf. summit, top, hif^est point 
Sommier, sin. sumpter, horse which car- 
ries dtith^s or furniture, hair-mattress 
Sommit^. ti. apex, tip or point of any- 
thing, flowers, renuurkable person 
Sotnnambuliame, am.somnambulism,act 

or practice ofuHilking in sleep 
Somnlfi^re, adj. somnifsrous [expense 
Somptuidre, aqj. sumptuary, relatutg to 
Somptueutement, adv. sumptuously 
Somptueax, ease, uij. sumptumts 

bODf huia swianaf •■■••■if \ 

— , pron. Jh j«, her, its 

^oaacc, aL seetata, tune 

Sonde, sf. sounding-Une, probe, phmmml 

Sonder, ra. to sMtnd or try thedepthofp 

eMotuine, Msre*» proba a UHnmd, t(fk 
Sondnu, bib. sou$uier, one who mm 
Songc, un. dream, vision, dkimmm 
Songe-ereux, tm. visionary, MM 
Soo^, vn. to dream, imagine, 

consider, mind 

— k soi. to take care ofoneae^ 
Soageui, east, smfl dreamer 
Soanant. e, adj. sounding, eamoi 
Sonner, va. et vn. to sound, ring 

— da oor, to blow the Fmteh hem 
S^nrrie, sf. ringing or ^imii^^fbell^ 

sound tif dock-work 
Sonnet, un. sonnet, short poem 
• Soncette, sL little bell, ruttle, nuJIot 
Sonneur, un. ringer, bell-ringer 
SonoK, adj. aoNoroiM, kmd^sMUiiimg 
Sooohte, si sonorousness 
Sopeor, t£. stupor, insenstbUity 
Sophttine, un. sophism, false as, 
Sopfaiste, un. sophist, captteuet 
Sophistique, adj. sophistical, fltl 
Sophistiquer, v^ to sophisticate, ^ 

corrupt, adulterate, ddmse, emvU 
S>phisciquerie, if. sophistry, fmllaeiem 

reasoning, adulteration 
SophUtiqaeur, sm. sophistieator 
Soporatif, sm. opiate, narcotic m, 
— , ive, adj. soporific, soporU^reus 
Soporeux, euse, a4j. eoporifiarous 
Soporif^ ou Soporifiqoe, sm. seipsr\fkt 

medicine which causes sleep 
—, adj. soporific, soporiferous 
Soprano, sm. aoprono, treble voice sf • 

singer, hifA part in music 
Sorbet, sm. ^terbet, kind of punch 
Sorbonne, sf. Sorbonne, famous sdieel ei 

dieini^ in Paris 
SorceUerie, sf. sorcery, witdter^ft 
Sorcier, sm. sorcerer, magician, %eiaari 
Sorci^re, if. sorceress, enchantress 
Surdide, adj. sordid, foul, filthy, mieem, 

vile, base, niegturdly, covetous 
Sordidement, adv. sordidly, covetotuly 
Sordid ii^, sf. siirdidness, meannees, ee- 

vetousness,Althiness, bawnees 
Somette, sf. idle story 
— e, pL nonsensioMl cr frivolous talk 
Sororial, e, adj. sisterly, like a sister 
Sort, sm.^ff, lot, destiny , fortune 
Sortable, adj. suitable, fitting, , 
Sorte, sf. sort, kind, species, 

way, class, degree 
—%, pL stock-books of a publisher 
Sortie, sf. a going out, eally, exenrsieit, 

export, outlet, issue, passage, tkmrp 

attack, inveighing against 
Sortll^, sm. sorcery, witdtcraft 
Sortir, va. et vn. to go, come, get, slept 

jut, shoot, bring, or brecJcout; issue, 

spring, bring or come <tff, go abreai 
" u^P^fiit^'u^St to bene se rv ed eists 


SiI^Sh^ Whh or (Sf* 

■* Sin^nr.Tii.CsiU^iiruilikliir.Hani 
ie S«iiiU,HU.>iu^|>fl>nt,jli(^ 

_junlHEr, Un. aJj. rtlaliiw (!>*«<«*- 
SoukUIc^ MB. nuHcfi B/Mf «vl>r«r 

1% SODRl, t, ■Hi »WHrMii 

" s^ ™' -V nub g^ miatr^- " 


iv^dfa Arphtrnid, Wb tike in 
.„,.. , „ — latijiop, im. h iiJi Hb Swii BM f\ 

J>r D A^ crnn HI, HdiWJMJ 

mun, U4(|« ^mmlmal 





Sane, sf. acoop, hollow shovelt ladle 
Sassenage, sm. cheese made in the eouth 

Saaier, va. to aift, examine 
Satan, am. Satan, the devil 
Satanique, adj. satanic, devilish 
Satellite, sin. aateilite, armed attendant, 
email planet revolving round a larger 
Satidtd, sf. satiety, Juluess, surfeit 
Satin, un. satin, kind of glossy silk 
Satinade, sf. satinet [ing 

Satinage, sm. act of hot-pressing, gloss- 
Satind, e, adj. satin-like, glossy, soft 
Satiner, va- to make like satin 
Satire, sf. stUire, lampoon, libel, sarcasm 
Satirique, sm. satirist, lampooner, critic 
— , adj. satiric, satirical, censorious 
Satiriquement, adv. satirically 
Satiriser, va. to satirize, lampoon, criti' 

cise, censure with severity 
Satislaction, sf. satisfaction, state of be- 
ing pleased or satined, atonement 
Satisfactoire, adj. satisfactory, atoning 
Satisfaire, va. to satisjy, please, gratify, 
content, Jree from doubt, convince 

— I'attente de quelqu'uii, to answer or 
come up to one's expectation 

—, vn. to make satisfaction, execute, dis- 
charge, perform, appease by suffering 

— & sa parule, to fulfil one's promiae 

— ji son devoir, to do one's duty [tion 

— ji une objection, to answer an objec- 

— sa passion, tu indulge one's passion 

— sa vanit^, to gratify otie's vanity 
se — , vr. to satisfy or please oneself 
■e — soi-mfimc, to revenge oneself 
Satisfaisant, e, adj. satisfactory, pleasing 
Satisfait, e, adj. satisfied, contented 
Satrape, sm. satrap, P. rsian governor 
SaCrapie, sf. government of a satrap 
Satron, sm. small fish used for bait 
Saturation, sf. saturation, complete im- 
Saturer, va. to saturate [pregnation 
Saturnal, e* adj. saturnalian, like the 

feasts of Saturn, loose, licentious 
Saturnales, sf. \\\. festivals of Saturn 
Sacurne, sm. S'lturn, ancient heathen 

deity, name of a planet 

— (in chemistry), sm. saturn, lead 
Satumien, ne, adj. saturnine, gloomy, 

melancholy, grave, severe 

Satyre, sm. satyr, silvan god 

Sauce, sf. sauce, artificial relish to food; 
il n'est — que d'appetit, a good appe- 
tite is the best sauce; on ne sait k 
quelle — le mettre, one does not know 
what to make of him ; la — vaut 
mieux que le poisson, the sauce fuu a 
greater relish than the fish ; faire la 
— k quelqu'un, to reprove one 

— aux c&pres, caper-sauce 

— aux huitres, oyster sauce 

— blanche, white sauce, melted butter 

— li^, thick sauce 

— pointue, sauce for tarts 

— robert, onion-saiKe 

Saucer, va. to dip in sauce, to reprove 
HfUidin, «f. Mueer, platter Jbr eauc* 

Saucisse, sf. aeuuage 
Saucisson, am. thick short , 
Sauf, sauvc, adj. st^ft, secure 
— , prep, save, but, except, eaeimg 

— correction, under correction 
Sauf-conduit, sm. anfiBCondurt, 

passport, permit, warrant (o j 
Sauge, sf. sage, a plant 
Saugren<^, sf. seasoning with 

salt, and smaU herbs 
Saugrenu, e, adj. impertinent, 

foolish, ridiculous 
Saule, sm. willow-tree 

— pleureur, weeping willow 
Saumfttre, adj. brackish, somewhat emit 
Saumon, sm. salmon, pig qftea4 

— de fer, ballast 

Saumoneau, sin. samlet, little sabmem 

Saumon^, e, adj. salmou-Mee 

Saumure, sf. brine, saltpidcle 

Saunage, sm. salt-trade 

Sauner, va. to make salt [mgjo 

Saunerie, sf. saltern, place where salt is 

Saunier, sm. salt-maker, Salter 

Sauni^re, sf. salt box 

S^upiquet, sm. highly seasoned sauce 

Saupoudrer, va. to pttwder over 

— avecde la farine, to sprinkle witKfietKr 

— avec du sucre, to strew with sug^ar 
Saure ou Saur, adj. light brawn colour / 

cheval saure, sorrel coloured 
hareng saur, red herring 
Saurer, va. to smokedry, dry in * 
Saut, sm. leap, jump, skip, waterjkM; 
au — du lit, at one's rising from afiun- 
ber; faire un — , to leap, take a leoff 
d'un — de plein^ all at once; par — ct 
par bonds, by fits and starts; U a fiut 
le — , he has run the risk qfit 

— p^lleux ou de la carpe, hub ooer 
head, top ov r tail, somerset 

Sautelle, sf. quickset aj a vine hrandt 
Sauter, va. et vn. to leap, jump, ttuMe, 
skip, hop, shift, veer 

— k bas du lit, to spring out cfbed 

— k I'abordage, to board an erismj^sskip 

— k pieds joints, to vault with dosejbet 

— au cou de quelqu'un, to embrace one 

— aux nues, to fly into a passion 

— au collet, to collar or assault one 

■— de branche en branche, to dlgrees or 
wander from a subject 

— de joie, to dance Jbr joy 
Sautereau, sm. jack in a harpsteiUtrit 

little jumper or tumbler 
Sauterelle, sf. grasshopper, locust 
Saute-ruisseau, sm. errand-boy 
Sauteur, euse, smf. tumbler, v€tulter 
Sautillement, sm. act of skipping, frUb- 

ing, tripping, or boundingataM 
Sautiller, vn. to skip, bound lights 
Sauvage, sm. savage, b€ui>aHan 
— , adj. wild, beui/tmnts, fierce, crme^ 

uncivilized, unsocial, unettltieaM 
Sauvageon, sm. wild stodc, in botanff 
Sauvagin, if. food of a disagreeMetatle 
—, e, adj. rammish, strong-scented, JMt 
Sauvagin^ sf. UfHd fowls C<vMt 

It, IE j^RruoM, atfmct, tc- Sailtmtnt, nn. act o/imKlui 

L to tattw preterve, diUBgr, &.ifor, ^tanBHtptanitragr.oiiarreJ 

I iiidmnBti* oncmW s>cs;« , Si«n.i,[nqilile, U. KnufniMiF, pmpBct 
'■ •V'f- Kcunln I fKCnognpliique, UJ. nwitntitiair 

.m. «/»«., rsoompeimA^ SnpUcUmc, im. ^^^Iteln^ uytMIlv 
nodi vmcktd utt ateoiuli Sixrt^iit, tml. tl i^ tafHCKtiitiial 
-, U^Ooal ^^^ I Swpiro, >m. tecpire, mii£n n/™»n» 

rlrerv | :>ch]inuHEqu<, iDir. KA&HuffopdrjDfi 

, la a*blii, hvtch, t-angU 
•m. «t i/Hni^^ KiM K 


Sdlle,'iA mU/U, ta' huh 


I, irlni IniiUii 


TUiWuf , it™, not pirmiH •«<» «fil!S« 

hnff, n. ID .ficliit, wart Kllhipta 
— iw. mAj. la^it tdtHt, HAt rxfirmttit 

"-inuiw, mil. todnini, Mlmaerit- 
iti>nilI«,>r.lisfMriil» fW 

I, n. Mwi q/jMInn Hi «/'to«^^UsHll",, 

Wilt. it'^,"(M, rfoM, «M. *H(()il 

ajbra, act lifBnmbv f"^ 

—ta BWn dfip, ft ^ntt vpvFTf tt 
Tata*. TB. te jfcHP «Kn(, carvflof 

l>]acfat» iT rw, itiiacfr, nuf 


Tunpon, mi. tan*, napiilt, pTitr 
l^poniKiTKBt, iin. ad iir6uJ«lnjr up 
TvupanHT, vt.f0ft«rw««fppun 
Ikn, im. tin, tiirfc prtparrifjbr Ian- 
Tmaetr, n. ra eAHJt, ivp> fmdHtf 

Tkndti qua, co^l. trlSui, u l^nir oi 
l^aivi. mi. pilcSilg or rai/in, 0/ a 
I^BtB>K> If' tlBMVH' [lilip 

Twur, ra. to pittt, ril/J healfhnift 
rlUll*, niU «ra thip in a nm^ kd 
^kncimr. Ml. Njrhrfmian, onv wAff 

411. WOfxig, vwOlf 


«lr. HTiIr LwrtJi' 


liar, iS^'ir and Iv't'ioSuHtUl 

'I\qdo«, ml. roplacg. SflUfiti 
Tktit, mt, qt/ftdrupadfiwH Bfvtii 

Tttbirr, vn. ItfilrnOh »(M»«W*<|I 

Tapon, mL hUBUe tfViillm 
TapoHT, VL to tapt pot, bagi 
T^uK, vm. to ;Aiiu (twin a Jtr* ^ 
TnquH, m. ica(n [tgpetltfr frliMKr 
T«nito.a.imf-ttJJoiMorWmff p i r — 
TiquiliBiuill. idr. wrjtil]», WMli y» 

'Kquoiii'iin.plERni. fsrfltfarrtall^ 

TuuiclK, it. pdi u(d Ar s nniMmi 
Tun! iatoQulhtlbrl pOmwl 

l^rdirUn, •ilj.'!&ib, >nw, bB*>a>rf 
T»rJ|THiitiil, Mir. lEirIf , iiaA» [iKf 


omifir [ptoca 1 

a lli<ierfivm palm ant oat 
t. mttgvr V wUmblB [Aw 

tarn, pUr, mm, wmtf msU 
«e, im. acl iifrmddlb-g 

VUbrtiipt, lHj- fsctnlBil 
TZnn, (C «in/. nW Anil, a nw 
TilgMrtr, IT. (H>w<H(Ar •«'/ 

it nHMn, d(>, muita 

u ^t»» hoiw, tonfufid plan 

iKV.Wnfl^^lXvid ' 

riHdin, It Umftrlmttn 


Itp tf vdxwm, nibpurt 

I, liii. dumpiim, miMdnM^ 
I, mi.liiH.MauiMflsn! 




Tendre* tin* tendemestt njffvction 
— y adj. tender, soft, aenaiole, nice 
'-tVtLto bend, atretch out, reach 

— des fikttf to spread net* 

— k duuieau, to beg 

— un piege, to lay a enare 

— une tentct to jiitch a tent 

•—, vn. to tend, contribute, go, lead 
Tendrement, adv. tenderly, kindly 
Tendretse* sf. tenderness, love, c^ffection 
Tendret^, sf. tenderness of meat 
Tendron, im. tendril , a spiral shoot 
— 8, pL firietles, cartUaffes 
Tendu, e, adj. very intent upon a thing 
Tinhbxta, it pi. darkness, gloom 
T^n^breux« euse, adj. tenebrous, dark 
T^D^breuaement, adv. darkly, gloomily 
Tenement, am. tenement, a house 
TteettCf sf. a surgeon's pincers 
Teneur, sf. tenor, contents, purport 

— de livres, sm. book-keeper, clerk 
Tenet! interj. /i«r0 / 

Tdniat sm. tapeworm 

Ttait, va. to hold, occupy, keep, contain, 

withstand, be kept in force, remain ; 

ea^ to be caught, gulled, smitten; 

on tiens \'aui tnieux que deux tu I'au- 

nu, a bird in hand is worth two in the 

— pour dit, to takefbr granted Ibush 

— quelqu'un le bee dan* I'eau, to amuse 
one with fair promises 

— , vn. to remain, side with 

— au vent, to sail closf. to the wind 
m — * vr. to lay hold, abide by, stand 
Tfenon, SOL tenon 

Tenor, sm. tenor, a part in music 
Tensif, ive, adj. tensive 
Tension, sf. tension, great application 
Tenson, sm. dispute between two poets 
Tentant, e, adj. tempting, enticing 
Tentateur, trice, smt tempter, inciter 
Tentation, sf. temptation, decoy 
Tenutive, sf. attempt, essay, thesis 
Tente, sf. a tent, roll cflint applied to a 

— de lunette, poop awning [wound 
Tenter, va. to tempt, attempt, entice 
Tenturei sf. suit of hangings 

Tfenu, e, adi. kept, held, bound 
r^u, e, adj. tenuous, thin, small 
Teaue, if. session, steadiness, state 
T6nuit^, sf. tetiuity, thinness 
Tenure, sf. tenure, holding, obligation 
Tferoet» sm. triplet, stave qf three verses 
T^benthine, sf. turpentine 
T6r^binthe, sm. turpentine tree 
T^bration, st act of piercing a tree 
T^niabiu, sm. liquid manna 
Teigivenation, sf. tergiversation 
Tsigivenateur, trice, sm£ tergiversator 
Taigiveraert vn. to tergiversate, shuffle 
Teraie^ sm. term, expression, bound, 
Umit, time, rent-day, aim, scope, etui 
— •• pL torfiM, conditions, state 
TenniniUson, sd temUnatUm, bound 
Terminer, va. to terminate, decide 
Tenuire* aui^ ternary, going by threes 
TViM^ «4f. tarnished, dull 
Tmilr, va. t$ imrnkh, «t(4y» oUcure 

Temisture, sfl act qf torturing 
Terrain, sm. grourid, soil 
Terral, sm. katd-^reeae 
Tenaqu^, e, adj. terraaueoue 
Terrasse, sf. terrace, platform 
Terrasaer, va. to terrace {military tena), 

throw down, nonplus, diseouraige 
Terrassier, sm. terrain-maker 
Terre, sf. earth, ground, land, estate, 
fetrtn, territory, world .- ftise de la — 
le foss^, to be a strict ecomm^; k 
—, ashore, aground ; m^trs i^ —» to 
Uuid ; prendre — , to touch at a port 

— glaise, clay, potter's earth 

— Krasse, loam 

— a terre, adv. even with the earth 
Terreau, sm. garden-mould, soil, earth 
Terre-neuvier, sm. mariner w dup em- 
ployed in the Newfautidland fishery 

Terre-noix, sf. pignut, earthnut 
Terre plain, sm. platfirm qf earth [earth 
, Terrer, va. to cover ground with fiesk 
se — , vr. to hide oneself under ground 
Terrestre, adj. terrestrial, earthy 
Terreur, *f. terror, fear, fright, d 
Terreux, euse, adj. terreous, earOitf 
Terrible, adj. terrible, wotuierful 
Terriblement, adv. terribly, fkarfuSy 
Terrien, ne, smt. owiker of a kurgeet 
Terrier, sm. terrier, burrow [in i 
Tterrifier, va. to terrify, firighten 
; Terriue, sf. an earthen pan 
; Terrinte, sf. panful 
Terrir, vn. to lay etrgs on the earth, said 

qf tortoises ; to land or go aAore 
Territoire, sm. terrUory, district 
I Territorial, e, adj. territorial 
. Terroir, sm. ground, soil / il sent k — * 
he has some of the faults qf his eesm- 
, Terroriste, smf. terrorist [trymen 

i Tertre, sm. hill, hi/lock, rising grvund 
Tes, pron. pi. thj/, thine 
: Test, sm. test, trial, outside qfasheO 
Testae^, e, adj. testiicious 
Testament, sm. testament, wUl, eoee- 
nanti I'ancien et le nouveaa — t Mm 
Testamentidre, adj. testamentary [mUe 
Testateur, trice, smf. testator, temmtri* 
Tester, vn. to malce one's will 
Testimonial, e, acy. testifying, in i 
Teston, sm. tester, sixpence, an old ^ 
Testonner, va. to frizzle the hair 
T6t, sm. potsherd, hard shell, skull 
T^tanos, sm. convulsion fit, lockjaw 
T^tard, sm. tadpole, a young frog 
T6te, sf. head, chief, top, pereen, t 
of hair, horns of a stag, imagi nati ems 
signe de — , nod; mal de — , JbMtf> 
ache / k — d'un pont, a fortifieatim 
at the end of a bridge ; de — ea ~> 
from stem to stem / avoir des deCtei 
par dessus la — , to be over head and 
ears in debt ; avoir k — f6t^ to bt 

— de mort, skull [croidtbrained 

— de via, first running of the grapee 
-~k—, sm. private conversation 
•"k—, adv. privately, face to face / 

^tinfironti pardosask — 

L tAaJm, IutHiv'M 1 Oad 

. adj. thfot>t[ieai 

TJlvrWR, ■& 


n. otiiiAriH Iff, Aal itatlf 



TIrmM, nn- larai. a Mud qf how* 

Tin, im. bliKk, in fiorififl ru^fri 
'niiuiciuR,'ui]. a'unal nolM.cWfn- 

> aUlfliKa miffMt I prewfliTk, in piiHI^nf 

• V TSlSl'iS^'jUwi'fihiw" ' 

ToUeui, if. Uilcl, cb-Brini^atlit 
ToQIcr, Mr, uir. H>i(i»dnuwr 

Tlivteinc, im. lUnnnWIniint, tnU 
TllvHclK» im, B rmtr « dr4Vilij>^fvn 
TttijUi KB. ■ dU«Hft*'l Mlmip 
iv!^^ u'AW^' tfiJJM or rU 
)MMi rto M. fill, pt niil'. mWt^S' 

— nhun, to iib^n HlivwCiin 

TlnulBt, ■(. JtaHiFwgatofii Ui(r 

r»HIr, BB. nnAnior, tfrBmur of o 
T!nlI,>iB.BirrB»*riirri/l [tiU 

^lUB, tf. fttMan, a diH drink 

liver, vn. rn c. flncw, rivi«r, pl*iit, iav 

TIBIl^i, F, «clj. titSialing, UeHling 

Tiwii ik lata, a Simm guatn 
T^rmn. am, ate, Ity^ 

TiMnUe, lifMiTntblir, 
ToltnUcBUBt, BdT. UIB^-' 


rose. Bib. rs^tiabtt, tBtthvH§, t 

X. XO UMBrntB, n^fStr, inrfll 

Toadn, U. Is'llUor, iAaiM«Alt)l 
;, •j.fmiir.nVDl^biMMt.lKai 

I'lBttiilei, firr, imr' En 



our, 1111. Je rumtam artMak§ 

ettj/arbamtei ^ 
k (• nffimdf iff*' off^iteB 

a. to Mrip«» fltam 
It cordk «0BnMi. a iUSsJI ttantf 
a. miMf , «ia|f, Jdom, mortar 
m. di*M»ui, rubber, dkuttr 

x$t» wad. a twitter, tkrmntUr 
m. iw d»w >l»r twUlting 
U twUi, wring, wrMe 
t, tL ta rmen iU pm pkua 
atrmnd < /* ;^g»__ 
'• torpor, MtMioiMSf 
. tareilo or emmMi* 
n.atnaret donoerle — , to 
or impooe upon a penon 
A a hamper offim or game 
D, »f- torrefaction 
•a. to torr^ or rfiy fty^fe^ 
1. torrent t a rapid stream 
j. torrid, parched, burning 
. twisted, wreathed, wrung 
trunk of a figure 
to ujreaihe, twist 
a€^ of twisting 
jrong, inJurptJbuU, btame 

an, crick or pain in the neck 
%m. eonjkteed language 
it, sm. act of twisting 
I. to twist, shtMe, waddle 
m. a cap worn op girls 
e, adj. wronefw, unjust 
^treads twisted together 
ij. crooked, perverse, handy 
tortoiee, turtle, testudo; k 


. to bend or make crooked 

tnxfw crooked 

lent, adv. tortuouskf 

tnat, adj. tortuous, winding 

■f. torttiosUpj crookedness 

torture, racH, torment 
a. to torture, rack, strain 
, adj. Tuscan 

ooMtt sm. toast, bread dried 
JWd at the fire ; the person 
ef named in honour when 

to toast [<{'^^ing 

aoon, quicklp ; auaaitdt dit, 
Odt» no sooner said than done 
total, the whole 
oim/, whole, tttter, entire 


iT>irrtiMr,ady. f&teUf, i 

Tooage* MB. totm 

Toiudlle^ ii: a to«Ml' 

Xoaehanta prao. aftofct. — ■■— rwmy 

— , e, adj. tomehing, t^ffbeOitg, mtetm 

Tooctiau, tm. fn i r tfc m e dl§ , en mrade 

ueedby goMsntithe 
Toodie, •!. towejl, step or keif ^mpi» 

ano, strings, wetsd, at m t d tn t 
Toodicr* son. touch, finger, JbeM$»tt 
— , va. to Umch, handle, fiiel, be i 

uous, drive, strike, n 
'—,ynx.tobe verp near, 

— la gn»« ooida, to eomwtsHse\ 
Touchaur, emt. nnf. m m eddle r imt/bsi 
Tone, in aet qf tewing, JbrrpbooT 
Toner, ra. to tow, haul, kenge 
Toaenr, sm. one who warpe m skim 
TOafk, A hifi, tkUket 

— OS dwvenx, toe* efheir 
Ttntteox, im. hetvapemr, artifielei heat 
Touffu. e, adj. tuftei, bushp,\resWhtr 
Toukmrt, adV. Mseeifs, ever, ee niii m 

aup, wtthemt eaa^tiem, at least 
Toupet, nn. toupee, a tttft of hair, earl 
Toapie, ■£ dUleff top, pertwimkle 
ToupiUar, vn. to whM about 
Touque, if. boatfifr herring fishbsg 
Tour, sf. tower, stwple, lighthouse 
—, tm. tour, a trip, twm, eireumjbr' 
ence, circumvolution, revolution, a 
lathe, trick, turn or service, manner 
of speech ; elle est faite au — , she is 
extremelp well made: fitira un ptclt 
— , to take a stroll or waUc 

— de cou, a neekdoth 

— de loc, a log-reel 

— de reins, sprain in the bade 

— a — , adv. bp turns 

Tourbe, sf. turf, peat, the people, mob 
Tourbeux, euse, adj. turfp, like turf 
Tourbier, i^re, imf. peat-maker 
Tourbi^re, tf. turf pit, bog, moss 
Tourbilion, sm. whirlwind, vortee 
Tourbillonnement, am. aet qf whirling 
Tourbillonner, vn. to whirl about 
Toard, tm. a sea^ish 
Tourde ou Tourdelle, tf. a thru^ 
Tourelle, if: turret, a little tower 
Touret, inu/a drill, reel or wheel 
Tourie, nt. an earthen bottle 
Tourillon, im. spindle, pivot, trunnion 
Toarment, sm. torment, torture, pain 
Tourmentant, e, adj. tormenting 
Tounnente, VL violent storm, tempest 
Tounnenter, va. to torment, plague 
se .—, vr. to toss, labour much, tease 
Tourmenteux, euse, adj. stormp 
Toarnaffe, sm. act of turning 
ToumaUler, vn. to roam, ramble about 
Toumant, im. a turning, a whirlpool 
— , e, adj. turning, screwing 
Toumaaer, va. to repair ehma ware 
Toum^, e, adj. turned { U ett blan — « 
he is a verp genteel man t oncipiit 
mal ~, a crMt-groiiuA fcTMa 




Toam*>broche, sm. Jackt a turmpU 
Toum^, nf. cireuitt tumt journey 
Toumefil, sm. ttclt an article/or iharp- 
ToorneUe, s£ tmall tower ientng knivee 
Toumer, va. et vn. to turn, turn up, 

turn round, spoil, translate, mar 
•— autour du pot, to beat (Utout the btuh 

— casaoue, to be a turncoat 

— du cOt6 de quelqu'un, to ride with one 

— le dof, to /lee or run ausay 
M — , vr. to turn, become 
Tourneaol, tm. a sun/lower 
Toumevent, sm. moveable chimney-pot 
Toumevirer, va. to manage otie 
Toumevis, sm. turnscrew 
Toomeur, euse, smf. a turner 
Tourniquet, sm. turnstile 

Toomoi, sm. tilt or tournament 
Toumoiement, Tourooiment, sm. diz- 
ziness, giddiness, a uhirling about 
Toomois, sf. livre, a French coin 
Toumoyer, vn. to turn about, nhuffie 
Toumure, sf. turn, air, gait, disposition 
Tooroulkr, sm. a large tree 
Toumtte, sf. a climbing piant 
Tourte» sf. large tart, a pie 

— de b^tilles, a giblet-pie with sweet- 

— de pigeonneaux, pigeon-pie [breads 

— de pommes, apple-pie 
Tourteau, sm. crusty little loaf 
Tourtereau, sm. young turtledove 
Tourterelle, sf. turtle, turtledove 
Tourtidre, sf. tart or baking pan 
Tourtre. See Tourterelle 
Touselle, sf. a sort of wheat 
Toussaint, sf. M Saints Day 
Tousser, vn. to cough, hem 
Tousseur, euse, smf. a cougher 

Tout, sm. whole, all, every thing ; dtre 

propre a — , to be fit for any thinff 
•— ce que vous voudrez, what you like 

— homme est sujet k la mort, aU men 
are liable to death 

— , adv. wholly, entirely, quite 
•— k coup, aU on a sudden, unaware* 
^ k I'hetire, Just now, instantly 
•— k point, in the nick cftime 

— k vous, yours, your servant 

— au long, at full length 

— au moms, at least 

— au plus, at the most 

— beau, softly, not so far, forbear 

— contre, hard by 

— court, plainly, in one word 

— de suite, altogether, all at once 

— du long, all at length, at large 
— , e, adj. all, whole, whatever, any 
Touvou-rien, sm. check of a repeater 
—, adv. neck or nothing 
Toutcfois, adv. nevertheless, yet 
Toutenague, sf. tutenag, an alloy of tin 

and bismuth 
Tcmte-saine, sf. 5f Jehris wort, a plant 
Toutca-tables, sf. pL backgammon 
Tod-tou, sm. dog, whelp or puppy 
Ttanc, sd a cough 
" ' IU4 am. poiMon 

MU/U^;sU^, meteor 


Trac, sm. track or footstep 
I'racas, sm. hurry, bustle, eon/ktsion 
TracHMser, vn. to be bum, he ttUctn up 

about some trifling affmr 
—, va. to plague, vex, torment 
se — , vr. tojret 

Tracasserie, sf. shuffle, trick, bidkering 
Tracassier, idre, suif. shtMer, busybod^ 
Trace, sf. trace, drawing, track, vestige 
Tracement, sm. delineation, drmtght 
Trac^, sm. drawing, plan, deHneafbm 
Tracer, va. to trace, delineate, doKribe 
— , vn. to spread about, run 
Traceur, euse, smf. one who traces 
Tracheal, e, adj. concerning the trachea 
Trach^arci^re, sf. trachea, windpipe 
Trach^ite, st. inflammation ofthewM- 
Tngoix, sm. tracing-point Iplpe 

Traction, sf. traction, act ofdrawmg 
Tradition, sf. tradition, delivery, inktw 
Traditionnaire, sm. traditionist 
IVaditionnel, le, adj. traditional 
Traditlonnellement, adv. traditionally 
I'raducteur, euse, smf. translator 
Traduction, sf. translation, version 
Traduire, va. to translate, transfer, (o 

brinfr to justice 
Traduisible, adj. that may be translated 
Trafic, sm. traffic, trade, commerce 
Trafiquant, sm. trafficker, trader 
Trafiauer, va. to traffic, deal, negotiate 
Tragedie, sf. tragedy, Jatal event 
Trag^iien, ne, smf. tragedian 
Tragicom^ie, sf. tragicomedy, drama 
compounded of serious arui humorous 
Tragi^comique, adj. tragi-comic [events 
Tragique, adj. tragic, tragical, fatal 
Tragiquement. adv. tragically, finally 
Trahir, va. to betray, prove ^se 
Trahison, sf. treason, treachery, petfidy 
Traille, if. ferryboat, flybridge 
Train, sm. train, a line of carriage or 
Wi^^ns on a railway, pace, track, 
course, rule, way, retinue, float nf 
woods boute en — , the l(fB tf the 
company, a merry person; le — de 
vie, the manner of living ; fitre en — , 
to be disposed ; mettre en — , to set en 

— de devant, fore wheels of a coach 

— de derri^re, hind wheels of a coath 
Tralnage, sm. act of going on a sledge 
Tralnant, e, adj. training, dragging 
Tralnard. See Tralneur 

Tralne, sf. act of dragging or towing 
Tralnemalheur, euse, %aa.a person whi 

brings ill ludc on others 
Tralneau, sm. sledge, dray, trammel 
Traln^, sf. train, trtick, series 
Trainer, va. to draw, drag, trail, pat 

tdTi linger, prolong, amuse, stop 

— les choses en longueur, to dflay a buslr 

— la jambe, to walk withdiMcwty [neat 

— une vie languissante, to lead a linger' 

— , vn. to linger, he languishing 

— en longueur, to procrastinate 
se — , vr. to crawl, creep along 
TrtS^ofioxt vacK, vsnt tCroggftfr, poaeher 

Trojn, da. (mwi "jS™™ 1. 

IB mt, iiKBjkluirjma 

TnrtKili'inrnrtsI, a Ida 

TDK*. Bno" curni", i™«ii Tore, got, iint TV-*, i — '- 

IlinnUhiC aay;b>ding'Bn|irAhiir> ' — 

r, JIM DuTi Jbkl, ^^>|^i *-'*4 

iSf:Sft!S!sii,w„ ii!ii,ii-si.-™».-~.w 

■dm Ur«w* Ufaniw [ifalHc TultuMrf™, •mMiilwranniii 

nuuderth^' itwrani;V, &tatt or iPBn- IT^iyau, imrpipj-. iluet, luhw, fu^^' 
n^oTmiap^ [prrMf Tymwin, .m, f,,,Fi|n"'im. ^(n..ii 

DKln,^ H »«yr HUnnaft /iimaM, art I TvmfliniiL-f , til %'^rfam,. tZ'lu. 
IhtAmr, OH^, BmC iaev Ptettdlcavt \ 'type, im, iirni'.fiiT^ir^, FmU<^in 
Jwlterf.»Mf»l [™«. Typhi!., trn.«M".''"w 

m^ tf. lrttfflf^wubterranffmttnHi^''i'vv^iit.adi' tri,irai, figurative 
tt a^f v%. ta cHtat Typognnliff, iin. ti/ftn^t^er. pr'mitB ' iTtpagn.vMiiae'.mi^fup'fTapliica 

Tinifc tt tnul, rtmr «•» , Tmn, no. Wninl. vturper 

TlSX,, «(lj,r«(ni«fclm(onpo!tn) Tynnnif, .rTwrurtBi., ororwion 
T™Biii,im.(^o/*BlflpI"'.;rf"'^» Tir^nlqot, U|. l^nMctl, den 

Twi% or. jfaiu*f^j -■te«ijr4ri*r b< 
Tn^^l^m adj. banr ' 

TiUipe, If. ru/v, njCuvr 

Unv B. Hd^ HIM wiuST^ 
nH It BaMi kind ifOB-mm d 





h, iNJiU drtimaftc frritffrt'iln i>iti> 
-»**■■>, im rgffaWi vtorthlajJvUnvi 

VMnik, hH. mtkablc, btlimniKgl. 
_Hmil, luabit 6u nalurt tfjilonu 
TMbL m. nw«iiU«, any Irini) i>/i>liin 

"Br, J»riour,/orrt, /UWoura™' 

Vdh i£ ad 4^ ku3^ 

tj. sdnatf. n£|>. Mr 


.. -lie, iM. utluieili,fltfiT mis 

''!L JfrtJaji 

l,,ii[). KBitt/, porflmo 



TcxiBcoz, ruse, >4> renomous, narwm $ 
Veua, 130. Frwi**. ponton, immitre, soi. .•.■««-»«>. orf o/ cvmin^ 
— , TC. » tvi/mf, amve, happen, to b* 
flPiKKftc /izm info cr citf, pnieed or 

— a :o^i j*, to b-f turettsfiUt orereomu 

— M pLTicT 6e. ti> »peai c/Iy dbonee 

— &-X v: ef it fail, ro ucf rujence 

— .-/ivr rt. f(- havejutt icntten 

— it pkTJtT. r- harfjtut gpcken 
VcTiT, &x. friAiJ, air, !w«iiA,^«tfu/eNce» 

— &.1U-, iru»d 

— ci:-r.i3iki«, /i w.' iru*d 

— c^uA^. ifK"> d -wfiht <(f air 

Vcfix XATc«^: >, .^tr irihd 

— :rk», .*nr«*. *ieu* 

Vmu-. ^3n..ft•.atllf liMw ifl'tce 

— par A-.::T.-<r:;e de iusnoe* as/e ty trar- 

rar.t .f the nkf^JT 
\'tz.ttT. ra. fft bkHc, fcJ.«r hori, be <«»- 

pttfu-JUt. trind}-, ttifrnj/ 
\'\ix. r.ite, kj; k i)wur« ttormy, tern- 


Veni:.kirur. ta. rmliTotor 
Ver.i.aiK-.:;, %£. tv './iioTiiM, Po/iMr/iofi 
\'ez.uln-, rk. ti- rrrJt^tfi rtttmatf 
Ver.v.»<. »a;. t\e ruth nti'nrJk c/ the 

Ver.tciuu, *<- rf^ty^t^,Jl2tu*encjf 
VtEt. u«<, *f. curjL-mx--r<3«ff Oirhoie 
Vec:o-.:ivr, t*. V.< cup* d/-au Uvod ty 

Vfr.trtj %a:. itomacht be^^ 

— a ten*, kJr. rierpfjtt 
Vectrer, s£i /irrr. bnK^d 
Ver.TricuLe, »m. vrntricue, ^on.ach 
XttiM.eTt. »i. !>A.>-bantf o/u hone 
y^nxji.c^Mt, sm. tmfrL'o^uf 

— , WJ. PfWf -I i%'U<>W« 

se VentrouLier, \t. to iraCoir in mire 
Vcctru, r. uiv- Ci''r/-«i.>ftr, &v^ te.iu-d 
Vcsu, e, tmf. r»ftr C(*Mtfr 
— , e, put. <\iiir, arrtmf 
TecuTf sf. arriral, act ofeoruing 
VeDtu, sf. IVniu, pJanet cfthat name 
T^pre, sm. the etening 
— t, sf. pL tetperf, erening Mrreice 
Ter, >m. worm, ntagffat, miie 

— k went, tUk-tccrm 

— Imstnt, glow-4corm 

— Mliruiv, tap^-urorm 
VencitCf sf. reraeittf, truth/uinegg 
Vcrt«2i «f aiij. trrfMi/. ero/. literal 
Tcrtekmer.t, adv. vefitaajr, oral^ 
▼crtMlbtr, vn. fo make verbal etatemeni 
Vcrtw, sm. verb, a irord acAie/k q/firms, 

m*ke, or CMRiiiandf 
Vcrtiirmiioa, sf. rerbfrwriMi, i->I(cfion 

9fbi«*e*, betUmg, drulbing 
Tcr^eux, coat. adU . cvrtear, prolix 
Yatii^r, tm. HfW^gVj cm|i(if talk, die- 

Vci b o d t i fc sC — ihiiifj. i 

» ^i^ ^^^^^^H ^^S^y ^^^9 ^^^pv ^^^^^P ^^m^m ■ I 

VodACR, aij. ynwiti aft, rilfcT gram 
Vcnickc, le. a4J. fttffiafc, ««mI ^woM 
Verdet, ho. venftfrw. M« rwrtToVPV 
r'etdear, sL votlifre, jrraamwty j^p 
'crdVa rk la pcix/ iP'ean 
-> Vcrriofcr, td. togrowgreeH 
eraof-ant, c, adi. merimmt, greem,fi9ak 
Veiduite. tf. verdure, green groat 
"#reux, euse, a4j. majfgotg, ntUn 
«lg«. sC verg-?, rod, aNice, ewi 
Jcrgi, e, adj. atreakg, striped 
' erger, snu orehard 
iergeii, e, adj. bru^ied 
retfctcr, va. fo bruA 
VexijcUer. Hre, tmf . Arttak '. 
"ergeure, sf. watermark in ^ 

erglas, sm. glazed froat, rime 
Vergogae, mL ehame, diegraee^ \ 
YttgOK, tt pard ofanp tail 
^'dndidt^, »f. veracitp, eineeritg 
eridique, adj. veritabie, true 
'^ficateur, euie, smt fanaiiagr 
^rideation, s£. oeri/ScaltON, «pii 
'Mfier, \-a. fo verify, prove true, cnqfli'l 
VMubk, a4). vei ttible, true, rmt 
~rMtaUement, adv. veritabtp, tru^ 
'^rit^ sL veritp, truth, reality 
cmicil, sm. stiver gilt 
—, af. sort of precious stoma 
— , tet adi. efa tivelp red eafcur 
Venniodle, sm. vermvcelli, pasta \ 

in thejw-m ^fwartms 
'emiiculaire, adj. vermieuk^, spba^ 
'ermiculCt e, aqj. inlaid with \ 
lines, used in arehiteeture 
'tcaaiormie,vd}.vermiJvrm,likea \ 
enniltoQ, sm. vermihon, beautiful red 
ennillonner, vn. to grub up [esk 
-, va. to patnt with vermilum 
ermine* sL vermin, anp n oj r i o u s i 
se Vennouler, vr. to beemu som 
>rmoula, c, adj. tcormroatemt : 
'ennouiure, s£ worm-hnle [_tpring 

emal, e, adj. vernal, betongimgiotki 
crair, va. to ronticfc, cover over wUk m 
glcstp lii/uid, palliate m ^mU 
eniis, sm. varniA. 
emisacr, ra. to varnish, fia0 
emisaeur* sm. vamuher 
emisaure, U. act ttfvamishiitg 
'iroie,sf. a nuiiadp i ptiite —,SMsaB-fV9 
; — ToUnte, dktdireit-fMir 
Venat, UD. boar, male swiita 
I Venv, sm. gtass 
' — k \)oire, tumbler, large fiase 

— k gas, gas-glass or shade 

— k l>tmpe» lamp glass 
— k liqueur, wine or liqueur glast 

— ardeat, burning-glast 

— blanc, crown-tSass 
Verr^e, %i. glassful, brimuner 
Venoie, sf. glass-house, giase-wuJrimg 
Venrier, sm giassblower or stUer 
Verroterte, St. /riBJv-icare 
Verrou, sm. « bolt 

VenmiiUcr, va. to bolt, skMtvnikmkmp 
Venue, stiMVtat 

S£S<in vidkuKriUK, no. siaav « owiMib- 

— , •41. rhnml. iHiiilFiilv. vnnuifM Mi, Mm, ihikm rmnd 
VV, SB. (kf T«h4, Srarl -fa tree VIrtoIU, if. art a/Iuminr (u 

-3, tvhkd/, atlwe, nt^^>, 'wcJtr Vtrrvoafrc, if. Jvm, net q/lun 

— — — '-' Vliilnll&rf.Bir^iiiW.aaMiinnir"" 

iWb'atM^^lniuit ''^'lr 

Vj^kBBinr, BdT. r^iteJi/V> cor^/'r ^rtl, e, hJJ. vlr^, mate, non^ 
Y wU dc c , iT tieUfve. dUitmef, org VUlelMnl, adv. moivib, fiuiuWb 

; Vlnilnit,badJ. 

T]puKh IB. rfwvv'fiim , Vimnw. Diif. virtUBKi, MM atBM M 

Vlpinii, it Ti/Evwr. j#rv^ -. — ^ — -,, , _ 

niBitu. Kir. nfr^. e«wh Viii,inv. i<iuaiiip«/<MHiiiH(ii«ii- 
VLit*. <^ rCn; ■?« inat aaurortoieiiniirlMllKSaaimiiu 

VJlMWb, t, >Bi!. TiA^nir, pBUOBl VUctn. im. fnMitlnt. in»nw/rBt 

VIDt,lf.(Mni,<iV VliBiiti,tl.iitcotitt.laiackr 

TBtue, Vii,<i»r, u. man rwn Vli«e, >f. oin, ilHiKit. Ilum^ 

v£S£m^. riMyar tmmmSieun' < VUHc, m^'iliiMr, n^Otof.nnwnfc 

^IbiMKIB. t(. t «in». tr»«Jtami» ; Bptn, (ompirtO"* 

VliS^, lfaT,«cf. riH^nUttr VlnHHDnl, idv. iM^, riMr|r 

.__ , _ _%*nf«toii,Ai* VbneL, Lr. idf. fmii.apli'^ 

Vfatnt,t,alj.ri«Ini>,ta>>l',Ariolii : Vlul, e. idj. DiW, ciinniiniiijt' Itft, ■■ 

VMiBBr, n. UJkm, cVJapff , cuniy In D^. cumfal 

Vldlo, n. » rlitArfr, liT^iv, Jhwf Ylicboara, tnL/OTRf rmfentf 

Vk>M,iiB.iMrtiapiir^in>*wr VIIBUI^.ii: irloAry, BlfXacflin 

nMIc tf. riDM. ajhatr ' — , TIBmail, adv. fut^kb, rfttiKg 

vloBn-. DB-«fer4r.friWJloiHr VitsK, if. quif^Hf . nrl^ffH 

JMo^ni. rMMydi ~,JUIBir viiniE. uil Bcf Bf/rlialnir 

nBU.HB. dfIrM, Mail •t/mliurol nU VoUcri. ir xtitHrd mU-fcl) 
TMMi. •. •'U- •ilritSttn. imprmiui Vo llcr im. jDifmatar 

UaUkae. Ui- titrUUe. tUrlolout n- 1 Vnlr n. fs m. tiJUAf, i>ttcr» ifuirrr 

^^dluubof ^- tfUriatatiant Dlmoflu Valiv odr ^^ omh nag 

«hiiinir.™.(nWSFM,ii»iuu« X^"™ jCwrriB,. j.> 

IMk, ■»- KiKieiaiu, HhIv. trrWillll VdUinr n. (s lonv c 
TtadlA, tf rti™-*, liBf^UJ., srtiH- Vo Mri«r m. anriff . 

-Hjl.»i(£ii^i(/>Mrt«n Vol im-HiMarii i»Vl, 

nwi«fT, »iE, mnfrniiKr, aim Khii Voiblcidl ttefout 
lanrmitimtantaqurrtHacmiiip Vi^ui (lU milillUl Jlcj 
VlnaiTxn. flDiif iwnM ( di Dm - Vijillli V JhwJ luiiai 

tDD pcni', 'i'- ij fAtf H7V iniAfv 4^ All VoJbii mL xAirrrffcoffr 
fiilhtri p'tit unliiiD^> Atf itdGhffffp- — e,fcdj Dff/fl t flj K 
fill eantfaauin, a ioDiaijtJIow VnUi I ' i 

-, t, idj. liCiHt-, Onifi/, "(imaiu. M ™ VoIk I i uu/i r I 

IQHbr, n. H nlifA', aiXmale, mlista 
^IjinT. ^). (ilDlfaUDiH, brinpHgfirHi 

nirjIM ™|1*M I Volu^lllld .r »j ill H, miuab tv 

ninf TMrial, ■m. Tilici'ilfi Vojnini m .iJunn (wot «iH 1b(« 

ymitai^lt,Mni.tvcabuJari Vo unilii™i tin «ilj uijuminoai 

rm. <. >^ Hr, ri^, r. 


* oruii, r, iml. ■«■, Anwr, ^ofilbA /mU un. mv, 6i>Aiiii. miiaie 
— ><> a^ rn'TiJI"'*''*!'' "^ (^ KUrF, un. u6n, uiHsh 


:nch akd ehglish liNanAOES. 


..Ma, 9. JiebUanl, M 

AlridloE, ii dimmrc, rMbma, t. 

blU»tiw>» ■. ttlUKtlBII, lllch- 

Ablr-bodlid, idj. 
AtvVp^Ejon, LtfM 

Jlrd, adv. A bord 



Aftmaaaat, r^ aiw ea aAumi 

rwrr-f fart. }taf». k. 71L 

A!Krrrt.j . ucr. evni ie 
A!«n~r^-:im. &. ' xa iTm* «ivrto« 
An.x^=¥r :, t cmiTo*. a wKi affrf, nk 
A!i.T-r -. :•:- oSfiMNr. yif m r m/i**f 

Ak<^. i-rra. z^~di*n^-nr, cv-dtij'd* 
Ax-rt I. . k>-. nf-ri-«f. prtf>fiyM^ewie .nf 
Ah;-i-:«.- ^:.. »;r..'^»<An»fftf 
A:i.Tf-ir.-.u^i. ^zr. m r te 
Atcvjc. ---fc. untryrr It f-^Mtm^mt 

Atciirr-. w a:-rr;«mrr, m. 
A^3ir^«=.% &■ c^^r^, r .- rpitcme. m. 
AteofcT*.. »:t. ^^ prrar*. r*. e'-.j^rr. c!ck*rr 
A^r.-v*:. . k ■st^'i.imfim. ci*iotum, f. 
A^C-TC. *i . Siii^^. i«c:rj.'. e 
Arrcjooc ," V ri»pnrnp, t 
Arr=;<:i . liv, ^'nl•^«^■mf 'L 

Airs: car ?», v ji^-m^'rw ff , bnuquene, 
A^■K». k cNm. m. 
AbKdr.d. iTk rm- rtfr, imj »iffr 
AbKiifS. :., w c'vj'dfflriwn, 1 
Absfocdy VT,. tff richer 
AasexidfT. <» rr.'u: ^j ap car^^. m. 
A^aconi'r^. s. rorfinft d* •? cftcher 
AbKBCv. fc cS«r><Y. dtifr^'rrioN, f. 
AbKct. ai:. a'--j>mr, e ; eiftrait, e 
ASaeni, xiu fai^fnttTf Are <i&«ent 
Alvmtec, !^ -ilipntt, an. 
At«imhik:«-i, ran. imprfyme tTahtiHthe 
A host, m. «r agntter, ceiaer 
Almo'.xxxe, a-ij. a^<wi/if, « ,' odk^tr, f 
Abaolutrlf , aulr. a&m/unuitf 
Absalutrnns, upovroir atmolu, m. 
Alnolution, s. absolution, f. 
AbsotatorT, adj. abwnlutoire 
Abacmant, Absooous, adj. diaeordant, e ; 

Abxdre. vn. ab«Midrp, aequitter 
Absorb, va. abforbrr, en/ctoutir 
Abaorbent, & afrfortenf , m. 
Abaonidon, s. engioutisaement, m. 
AbrtUD, m. ittbkenir, te privet 
Abctemious, adj. ebeteme, eobre 
Abttcmkmily, adv. eobrement [C 

Abrtcmiousnesi, s. nuHUration, mbriet^, 
AbaterRc va. oMerftfrt nettoifer 
Abstergent, s. abstergent, m. 
AbtterK, va. purger, neUoffer 
Absterrion, s. abiternon, f. 
Abatertive, adj. ahttereif, tee 
Abadnence, s. abetinetiee, t 
^IWiiMnr,ttf, jo6»v, modM, e 

AtaacncCt & o&vtSei't extraitt nu 

— , TB. e^etrmire, extmire 

— , adj. mbetraitt e 

AMKxactadlf, adv. par abttraetion 

AkKtactioo, s. abetraetion, f. [tlralre 

AbRncthr, adj. qui a te Ibeum daih 

AbmactlT, adr. <f une mani^oAftrottf, 

Abstnue, adj. abehrue, e: eathit e 
AhstmaelT, adr. abwtnuement 
AbfXnuenm, ^ prit/bndeur, t. 
AbstnuitT, sub.o6«r«rrtc^,jvttAmdnir, £ 
Absoxne, v& <irfnfiiT» rvtner 
Abran:, adj. abmrde, ridiemle 
AbaurdltT* 1. abmrdit^, L 
AbsanSr, adr. abeurdnment 
Abaui\lD»», •. enttijte, impertittenee, t 
Abundance, s. abondance, f. 
Abundant, adj. abondant, e 
Abondantlr, ad\'. abondantment 
AbnK, ra. abtuer, maltraiter 
Alnuer, s. abiteeur, eiductevr, m. 
AbBshY. adj. injurieux, ee ; abtuif, he 
Abusrrir, adr. injurietuemeiU, abu- 

Abnt, m. aboutir, conHner 

Abacaicnt, a. oboutiwement, m. 

Abjrs, s. ablmr, gotfj^re, m. 

Acacia, s. acacia, nu 

Academial, adj. relatifd une aendt'mie 

Academian, s. eeolier qui emit une oeo- 
dAine. m. 

Academical, adj. acadfynique 

Academic, s. itudiant qui euU ume Wii 
rertitc, m. 

— > adj. ac(td^iq"e Tm» 

' Academician, .\cademist, n,aeadAmititn» 

Acadencr, a. acad^tuie, f. 
' Acanthu>, s. aeanthe, f. 

Acaulectic, s. rerr qtii a le nombn de 
I inHabeM ttfceuaircf, va. 
■ Accede, rn. occ«yrr, coneentir 

Accelerate, va. acctitrer, hater 

Acoderation, s. aTtfcVofion, £ 

Accend, ra. allumer, inftammer [m. 

Accension, s. raetion cTaliumer, &« Jtu, 

Accent, •. accent, ton, m. 
. — , ra. accentuer 
' Accentual, adj. areentuei, le 
I Accentuate, ra. accentuer [t, 

j Accentuation, s. accentuation, proaone, 

Aoce|K, ra. accepter, arr^er 

Acoepuble, adj. agrifaue, ban, na 

Accepcableness, s. qualiti ttftre aeeept- 
able, grace, f., agr^ment, m. 

Acceptai'ly, adr. agrAMement, OMC 

Acceptance, s. aeeueil, m., rAx ptk m» t, 

AooepCation, s. acceptation, aeeeptiom, t> 

Accepcer, s. aeeepteur, acceptamt, m. 

Aooeption, s. aeeeption, f., »en$, m. 

Access, s. acees, m., entr^, t 

AcoesHulness, s. eomjalieit^, t. 

Accessary, adf. comjAiee, qui a pari 

Accessible, adj. aceeeaible 

Accession, s. aceewjon, m., au gmaU m 
tion, f., aurcroH 

— to the thnme, ae^!Mem«n< on frdiWy m. 

^Bm^tMr-att r mim't 

AdOh id). liAlta, note, a 
A4dmier, L Brthmfffk 

.4 d^UuIj^K^i^K 

Adept, 1. oifisH. j»illA ID. i tc be an 
*^" -" Hvnnel, it; ^f, 

Adjecdve, ii Mjec'lf, iil 
AdlEirUvai, iilv. ai(Fec<iB(i>UM 
Adjoin, n. 4 rn. oKiUinfn, miib- 

"sUSift"'' ■■ '""'™™'"'^ 
Adjudp, A41uAliate, va. ii^mr 

Adlusabm, l aMlli^! 
Hdjuni:iJ>-c i. niuMnt, gul mlt 

Adiiut, ¥■_ nju/lar, rft^ 

ImlnutnlUoi. l odinlntifrieiliwi, r4rt 
ImlninrUivr, adj. cKfnOnuMtfl^, A, 

LmlniBiUiinbip, (. aJiiJiilifmW-jt 
ImJnUiniuii, i. aibiilB jiAiMrMK ^ 

'. aimir, c, sSiUt^^U 

B, •■ rMnnrtF, HiAinirii- ' AAbllln, K qAlHIW, f. 

L ikmivi eniipabVilViIIMrc ' AlUble, vlj. tgiMt, ifaii*, ct 

- ' .... j-.j..-^.. AfliMni™, 1. •AkWtt, f. 

•ii. aStrnVmi tiUr 

nunc. L e^ut tpH HMnr* 




Afliietar, &, ttiu* qui c^ge 
AflkckWt u ej/iictum, calamiU, f. 
Afflktiw, adj. tkm:'Mrtux,euMes tfffii- 

gemtU, e ; effiitt^, bet 
Aftucnce, s. cffiuenee^ abondance, f. 
Aflucnt, a.lj. abondant, e 
AIBaeniDe»», s. tAwkkmett f. 
Aflux, s. aiwj^. cimraur$t m. 
Afluxaon, s. rfilufnce, t 
Afford, Tm. prkMuire,/oymir, dommer 
AflbieM, \-^ muttre en foret 
Afbrnj, V battene, tagarre, f.« tumulte, 
— , v». ^rmjttr [m. 

AffrictkHi. t. friction, t,fmttement, m. 
Abjirht, A Awhimcnt, s. fjffrui, m. 
Aftiirfat, y^^raifer,j^ire neur 

— ^, Tk ef/Frvr.tfr, insuitrr, ii^Jurier 

Aflrootcr, s. eelui qui qjfrvnte 

Aflh>oUD|r, adj. ehMfuant, e 

ArtUse,nLPrr««r uned^Memrune autre 

AAiuoo, & action de ttfrter 

ABy, va. ffrom-ttretfiancer 

— I vn. «e cvpfier, »efier, ^auurtr 

Aneld, adr. a In campaxne 

AHat, adv. d ptait de ntreaii 

Afloat, adA-. ajl{>tt aur teau 

Afoot, adr. a pied, tur pied 

Afon, prept derant 

— , adr. aroAf, devant 

Afiot»oin«, part. & adj. prMdent, e 

Aforaand, adr. par avance 

AforementioDcd, a4J* ***Bmentionn^, e 

Afbrcnamed, a4j. ttudit, e 

Aforeoud, a4i« nudit, e 

Atoretime, adr. autrefiti* {_ive 

Afraid, pait. Jc adj. cfrrajw', e ; craintif, 

Aftcsh, adr. de nouveaut encore 

After, adv. k prepb aprc*, adon, apri* 

quit eneuite, de tarricre 
Ancr-axes, a. pL posteritet f. 
Aftaerclap, a crrnement inattendu 
Atter-oott, s. d^pene ul^rieure 
Afkercrop, ■. refrain, m. 
Aftcr-gamc, s. rer at tche, f. 
Aftcr-ute, t. le retie de la vie, m. 
After-math, s. regain, m. [n^, f. 

Afternoon, s. ai»ri»-fnidi, m., apriedl- 
AflcMart, ■. partie poatfriewre, f. 
AftenneoTt •• *a petite piiee, f. 
Aficr-ieckoninff, a aurtcot, m. 
Afier-caste, a aeboire, m. 
AfteiHlMNigfat, a arriere-pemee, f. 
After-dines, s. pi. atvnir, m. 
Afterward, adv. eneuite, puie 
After-wit, a esprit tardif, va. 
Again* adv. encore, de phu, une autre 

^Aa, de nouveau ; to do — , refaire 
Against, prep. ootUre, vi»-d-vM, aur, 

— hif custom* eontre aa coutume 
Agape, adv. ta bouehe b^tnte 
Agate, s. agate, ۥ 
Agatjr, adj, de la nature de Fagate 
Age, s. dge, aiMe, m. ; to be of—, &re 

tmafeuri to be under —, Are min«ur 
^^e»Af mOi. dgi, e i anandendee 
^g^0 »d¥, m vMOard 

I Agency, a agenee, action, t. 
Agent, s. agent, poj/eur, m. 

— (victualling) mrecteur dea vivrea, ioo. 

: Aio^omeratc, va. & vn. pekOontur, at 

Agglutinate, va. collar, joindre 

Agglutination, a union, liaiaon, f. 

Agglutinative, adj. agglutina^f, tee 
I Aggrandise, va. agrandir 
\ AggrancUsement, s. agrandiaaement, m. 
' Aggrandixer, a celui qui agrandit 

Aggravate, va. aggraver, irriter 

Aggiavation, s. aggravation, t. 

Aggregate, adj. & a compoai, «; in the 

— ,lun dana fautre 
' Aggregate, va. agrfger, unir 
. Aggregation, a agrt'gation, f. 

Aggress, vn. aasaut, m., inaulte, t 

Aggression, s. agreation, attaque, t 

Aggressor, a agreaaeur, m. 

AggrieATUice, a tort, paaae-droU, m. 

A^rieve, va. vexer, affliger, griver 

Aggroup, va. grouper 

Ague, adj. agUe, aouple, Uger, ere 

Agileness, a aoupleaae, Ugfreti, t, 

Agilitjr, a agilitd, l^g^ttf, £. 

Agist, va. paitre, mantcer, brouter 

Agistment, a pdture, f. 

Agitable, adj. mobile, qui agite 

Agitate, va. agiter, debattre 
i Agitation, a agitation, imotion, f. 
; Agitator, a agitateur, m. 
, Agnation, a agnation, f. 
i Agnition, a reeonnaiaaance, f. 
: Agnixe, vil reconnaitre 

Agnomination, a aurnom, m. [tempa 

Ago, adv. passi^; long time — , Uyak/if 

AgoK (to be) va. donner envie de 

Agoing, adv. ett devoir, aur le point 
I Agone, adv. par le paaad 
■ Agonize, vn. agoniaer, etre d ragonie 

Agony, a agonie, t, aboia, m. pL 

Agrarian, adj. agraire 

Agree, vn. ^accorder, convenir 

— upon, to, or in, convenir, a'entendre, 
Are tt accord [oMff 

Agreeable, adj. agrAible, aortable, aimr 
Agreeableness, a agriment, m., eon/kt' 

Agreeably, adv. agrrAxblement [eoad 
Agreed, part. & adj. convenu, e / ^fl^ 
Agreement, a rapport, accord, aeeom- 

modement, marcM, traits, m. 
Agriculture, a agriculture, t 
Aground, adi. enaabU, et engruvi, et 

to run -r-, ecAouer 
Ague, t.fitvre intermittente, £ 

— powder, f!br%fuge, m. 
Aguish, aA}.Jiivreux, euae 
Aguishness, a reaaemblanceavee lafiiare 
Ah, interi.aA/ hdaai 

Ahead, adv. en avara, de ravant 
Aid, va. aider, aecourir 
Aid, Aidanoe, a aide, f,, aeeoura, m. 
Aidant, a4j. eecouraole, qiU aide 
Aid-dfrcamp, a aide-de-camp, m. 
Aider, a aide, appui, aeeoura, m. 
AUk»» Kli. Miw 40oowr« 




AUlJ, >. nrlufu*. '^"lU'. n 

AllegnrtOll'. MjTSllllBnSlH 

A)liii. •■ aM, HI., ^uaJid', C 
. afiriltrtiM, tn, 

inllon. ^w'ndi^, V Almighty, ii'l'j."'"'f^< 

lUx, ™. OMlgtur, •^U*"" ^/pttrKr 




Aim*, & OMMoit^, cfuirit-:, f. 
Alauoouse, s. mtiuuH de ehariti, f. 
AlauooiUij uh^tmmt ^ui eix ifaumote 
Al-ws B> aii>a, m., gumme moiieihole, f. 
Aio/t, ailv. en-hautt haut , 

— , pccp^ '.lu-deMut, de*aut 
Aioac, a>ij. -fcfW, e / «!n ripat ; to IcC — , 
iptitter, luiMT j 

Aiwo<, *iiv. /tf ^n^ 

Aloolf, idv. a« iarge, de luint au l^f 
Akiutl, adv. hitut,jiirt^mgHt 
Alphabet, ft. aipftab^t 
AlpiiabecicAl, aJj. eiphfi^trti'fue 
Alpoabcaoblr, adv. atpKabetUfvement 
Alruiljr, adv. <l>i I 

AIw, «dv. aiMti, <ic piiu, encore t piireil- 
Aiuu, fc aurW, nL [^(r/M«/<r 

Aitcr, VL Jk V n. chanser, altirKt 
Alterable, ttij.^terub*^, chn»f:eafU, e 
ALterabLeneti, s. nm^oAuirc', t. 
Alcerab.f , a.iv. tfune moinicfrtf alterable 
Alterant, adj. uUerantt < 
A.cermdofi, ^ ehangemei%t, m. 
AltercatioD, s. dc^&o/, m. 
Alteraaie, adj. altematif, ire ftZ-Zour 
AltemAtEly, adv. a^«r/i(irtwmtfnf, tuur- 
AlcemAtioD, s. rici«nXu<ie, f. 
Alternative, a^j. aUematift ire 
Alternatively, aJv. ulteritatieement 
Althoofcb, 'coDj. bien-iiiie, quoiqtie, 

qutmd-mnme, encoreque 
Altuooant, a<1j. pompeus, eiue 
Altitude, ft. hauteur, t.f/uite, m. 
Altocether, adv. tout-a-fdit 
Alum, s. a/u/i, xxi. 
Alaminous, adj. o/umineujr, euse 
Always, adv. tnujourt 
Amability, a. teuultr, f., attraitt, m. pL 
Amain, adv. vigoureutement 
Amalgam, s. amalgame, m. 
Amalgamate, va. armalgnmer 
Amalffim»t:oD, s. amalframation, t 
Amanuensis, s. coputet m. 
Amaranth, s. amarante, t 
Amarinide. s. amertumet t 
Amass, va. aauuaer, entauer 
Amassment, s. tat, anuu, m. 
Amatory, adj. relatifd Famour 
Amase, s. eforanemertf, m. 
— > va. <fMoM>, turprendre 
Amaiedly, adv. avec Awmement 
Amaiement, s. surprise, t 
Amaiing, adj. surprenant, e 
Amanngly, adv. Arangement 
Amazon, s. amazone, t. 
Ambassador, s. anUxissadeur, m. 
Ambundress, a. ambassadrice, t 
Ambassage, s. ambassade, f. 
Amber, s. ambre, succin, m. 
Ambergris* *• ambre gris, m. 
Ambidexter, s. preoa'ricateur, m. 
AmUdextrous, adj. ambidextre* adroit,e 
Ambient, a4i* amojan/, e / quientoure 
Ambiguity, s. ambiguity, f. 
Ambiguous, aiij. amtigu, e: Equivoque, 

Bctuewf, euse 

h Mhr. amblgttmetu 

Anibiiogy, s. diseours 6iuivo(pie 
Ambiloquous, adj. qui se sert jfeeptet 

sions equieoques 
AmlMt, s. circuit, contour, m. [tUrdp mu 
Ambition, s. anibition, {., disvr imiiic 
Ambitious, adj. amintieux, euse 
Ambitiouaiy, adv. ambitieusemetU 
Ambitude, s. circuit, m., eireoufi^ 
Amble, s. amble, entrepas, m. [enee, U 
— , vn. aller Famble 
Ambler, a haquenee, t. 
Ambrosia, s. ambrosie, f. 
Ambrosial, adj. di-iicteux, etiM 
Ambry, s. garde-manger, m. 
Ambs-ace, s. beset, besas, m. 
Ambulation, s. la marche, f. 
AmbuLitory, adj. ambulatoire 
Ambuscaiie, s. embtmcade, f. 
Ambush, s. embufhe, f. 
Am'jushment. s. euUfuscade, £ 
Ameliorate, va. amcliorer 
Amen, adv. amen, aitui-soit-U 
Amenable, adj. responsable, doale 
.Amend, va. corriger, reparer 
— , vn. se corriger, se rAablir 
.\ mender, s. rifitrmateur, m. [m. 

Amendment, s. rtfvrme, f.,changemeHt, 
Amends, s. cumpetisationt satitfite- 

t'ton, t. : to mal:e — , dedianmager de 
Amenity, s. am^uiti, dHuuceur, f. 
Amerce, va. mettre a famende 
Amercement, s. amende, f. 
.Amercer, s. qui met a Pam^ende 
Amethyst, s. amAhyste, f. 
Amiable, adj. aimable, amiable 
Amiableness, a. agremetU, m., amabtUUt 

bonne grdee, t 
Amiably, adv. aeec grace 
Amicable, adj. favorable, amieat, e 
Amicableness, s. bouti, f. 
Amicably, ailv. d Camiable 
Amice, s. aumuee, f. amict, va. 
Amid, Amidst, prepi au-milieu, parmi 
Amiss, adv. mat, mauvais 
Amity, s. amiti^, conatrde, t 
Ammoniac, s. ammoniac, m. 
Ammunition, s. munitions, £ pL* vieres, 
Amnesty, a, amnistie, t. [pU a. 

Among, Amongst, prep, entre, permi, 

au-travers, avec 
Amorist, s. galant, amoureux, m. 
Amorous, adj. amoureux, euse 
Amorously, adv. amoureusemeni 
Amorousness, s. gaJanterie, f. 
Amort, a^ amirrti, e; mome 
Amortization, Amortizement, i. MMI^ 

ti*sement, au 
Amortise, vn. amortir 
Amount, s. le montant, m, 
— , vn. monter, revenir 
Amour, s. amour, amourette, f. 
Amphibious, adj. amphibie 
Amphibiousoess, s. ^ualittf amphibie 
I Amphibological, adj. amphibologique 
I Amphibology, s. amphibologie, tbeeit- 

I Amphitheatre, s. amphithidire» Dk 
\ Ample, adi. emple, grand, e 

AMP 37S 




ru fc. ca c n an a rirf, ac 
AsMdtuOcr. k ntfwtenirr, L 


A&3KS.Y. *4>- **t'!r^««r, r 
AiSEncntT, s. caCyrinriK, £ 
AsthcsE, v •aaienttf, {., motttt m. 

Amhn^f^ai::. v p. aikCfcrp]K^faaf», 
Axucfemakr.. u..~ otfieArrtim, i>e 
Aztkrptff, r&. m\tiriper, pmvikir 
Aztxipkiv r.. ^ cttTicipetkm, i. 
Aatir, s. bk'%i;fim, t«ftvnf *-, m. 
— ^ pL Mmfrrirt, L, ^cwMfiodt^'. f. 
Antid«««i. *4>- *'(*■ n-itf JV 4r f*:'i*«t 
Aatidoi«, «. mnhdutf, rean^, m. 
Anriinoii«fr*-.ica', mdj. wrpm^JteaiHf e 
ABdmonia^. a4j- d'atttiimoine 
AndaMmr, s. mmtiimtitte, m. 
AmipuhTi t. anti/mthie, eontrari^if, t 
Anttphnm, s. antip^rtueg imtiitt L 
Antipodal, aulj. amttpodai, e 
Andpodo, s. antipoat*, m. pL 
Antipope, s. tmtipape, m. 
AndqiUTft s. aiuimiaire, m. 
AntiquAte, ra. a6wtr, tUtrofper 
AnciquateDcss, s. rtctf de oe ywi erf fomfttf 

AnciQQe, a. antique, f. 
— » a4). mrteien, nf; antique 
AndqaencM, s. aneiennet^t t 
AndquitT, s. antiquit^t t 
Andtncm, & oMtitKne, L 
Anthype, s. antitype, m. 
AndeTt ■. emdouUkgr, m. 
Anvil, s. endume, f. 
AmMtj, 1. onxiM, inquiAude, t. 
ai^mgtuee,Ut0i pcnible 

Anxisaslr, adr. pamU mn ^men t 
Anskmaem, t. mUieUuie, f. 
Any, ad> toiif, e; aueun, eg 

— one, fuelQM'icfi, tout le i 

— taov, ooiiune on veut, comme 

— wbm,pmrtout {votutn 
Apaer, adr. rife, d vene 

Ajmn, adr. d cdcr, d pta^, deeM 
Aputmcnt, ■. mpfortement, m. 
Apadij, u apathte,frvideur, t 
Ape, s. fveiMM, f., <i>vv« m. 
— , ra, eoHtrtfaire, imiter, Hnger 
Apetient H. Aperim-e, a4j. apSitif, w/ 

qut iMure 
Aperuuv, a, iMverture, parte, £ 
Apetaloos, adj. apAaie 
Apex, s. aomumet, haut, btmt, m, 
AphelioD, i. apMie, m. 
Apborism, a. aphoriame, m. 
Apiarr, a. ruche tfabeiUes, f. 
A-fwce, •dv. la pi^ee, ehaeun, e 
Aftth, ady badin, e f but^f^tn,ne 
ApiihlT, adr. en nnt^, en baakn 
■ .ApubDCtf, «. boM^ffimnerie, t 
A-pct-^t, adr. aree palpitation 
Apocui-pae, «. apoealjfpee, L 
ApocaJTDtkml, adj. apoca^ptique 
. ApocTTpha, t. apoeryphee^ m. pL 
Apocryphal, a4j. apoeiyphe 
ApogaoQ k. Apogee, s. apogie, m. [figiM 
Apolo^EctJcal it Apotogetie, a4j. a a olijg rf 
Apolccist, ft. apoloffitte, m. \tumr 

Apologiae, ^m. fixxre une apologie, in^ 
Apoiogne, %. apdofnie, m., fiibte, t, 
Apok^, a apUogie, extuae, t 
ApophUkqnn, s. apophthegme, m. 
Apoplectkal H. Apoplectic, adj. apej^to- 
Apoptexy, s. apopiejie, f. [nfM 

Ayo»xx-x, %, apottasie, t, oftoiiabiBH 

Apostate, a. apottat, m., fut oftomiofliM 
Apostatiie, m. apoetaeier 
Apoctcme, s. ajn<eteme, m. 
Apostir, s. apotre, m. 
Apoctlnhip, s. apuetvlat, m. 
Apostolic, adj. apoetolique 
Apostrophe, s. apottrophe, f. 
.^postropfaixe, ra. apoetropher 
Apotheouy, s. apofAicaire, m. 
.\p<itbeosis, s. apotftcoee, d^ifieatkm, t, 

elofK, in. 
Apobm, a. avozeme, m. 
Appal, \iL grayer, terrifier 
Appanafte, v apanafre, acceaaoire, m. 
Apparatus, s. appareil, m. 
Apparel, ra. vitir, habUier, ajuater 
Apparent, adj. evident, e; ctair, e: HM* 

nifeate . heir — , /urritier preaomptif 
Apparently, adr. aeUtn lea apparweu, 

Apparidon, s. apparition, {., apectre, m. 
Apparitor, s. appariteur, bedeau, m* 
Appeach, ra. accitaer, cenaurer 
Appeal, >. appel, reeoura 
— , \-a. St rn. appeler, aceuaer 
Appear, rn. ae montrer, paraitre; c^ 

paralCre; comparaitre, ee priemltr 

An^iBDiry, adj. aappti [pmdrv 


SS£lt 7&,^!^^iM, !. 

rtlklp, t. apjit-aitiuitgt, m. 

', hU' c^uiTaniAi' 





Aicuftte, v». vwtter, eourber 
Ardencjr, ■. ardeur, t^feu, m. 
Ardent, adj. ardent, e; v\f, vet brtUanl, e 
Ardently, adv. ardemment 
Ardour, a. €trdeur,fotu{tte, t, zHe, m. 
Arduous, adj. p^nible, diffieiU 
Arcftf ■• airtt etendue, t 
Arefaction, s. desticcatien, f. 
Arenaceous, Arenose, adj. tabkmneux, *e 
Argent, ati^. argentin, es argtntit 
A 1^1, s. argile, terre d potior 1 1, 
Alliaceous, adj. ttrgUeus, m 
Aigosjr, s. vaimeau marOiand 
Ai^e, vn. raiMimer, dAattre,pnmverg 

Argucr, a. raUonneur, disputant, m. 
Aigument, s. argument, m. 
AiKumentatlon, s. argumentation, L 
Arvumentacire, adj. raiaonn^, e 
Arid, adj. aride, H&Ue 
Aridity, s. aridity, etMliti, t 
Aries, s. hilier, m. 
Aright, adv. droitement. Men 
Arise, vn. se lever, iHeier 
Aristocracy, s. oHsfecraris, £ 
AristocranoU, adi. aHsfoererftQtM 
Arithmetic, a. anthmitique, f. 
Arithmetical, a4i. oHlAfrnVi^ue 
Arithmetician, s. arithmAicten, ne 
Aril, s. arche, t, are, m. 
Arm, s. arme, t, bras, soutien, m. ; to 
anna, atut artnes, f. ; firearms, armes 
A feu, t [armes 

— , va. armer, donner ou prendre des 

Armada, s. flotte, f. 

Armament, s. armement, m* 

Arm-hole, s. at««e/{e. f. 

Annipotenctf s. «affNr> ft n ww u rg, r. 

Armiiwtentt adj. i»iaa«tf , e ; bettiquetu. 

Armistice, s. €wmistice, m. leuse 

Armlet, a. ai'mure de bras, t, bracelet. 

Armorer, a. armurier, m. [m. 

Armorial, adj. armorial, e 

Armory, s. arsenal, m. 

Armour, s. armure, f. hamais, m. 

Armpit, a. aisseUe, f. [tonf, m. 

Army, a. arm^e, f. ; flying —, camp vo- 

Aromatic, Aromatiail, adj. aromattque 

Aromatize, va. aromatiser 

Around, prep, autour de 

Arouse, va. filler, exciter, animer 

A-row, adv. en rang, en Ugne 

Aroynt, adv. va t-en, loin Hid 

Arquebuse, s. arquebuse, f. 

Arraign, va. ct^«r, faire le prods d quel- 

qu'un, accuser 
Arraignment, a. proc(*«, va., accusation, t 
Arrange, va. arranger 
Arrangement, s. arrangement, m. 
Arrant, adj. insigne, grand, e: infdme, 

Sl^i, e \ment 

Arrantly, adv. michamment, honteuse- 
Array, s. habit, omement, ordre, m. 
— , va. v^ir, Ajuiper 
Arrear, Arrearage, s. arr&ages, m. pL 
Arreptitious, a^j. enlevidejwce 
Am$t, i. piin iie corps, saiiie, f. 

Arxestf va. arrHer, eeMr 
Arrival, s. mrie^, venue, t. 
Arrive, vn. arriver, parvenir 
Arrogance, Arrogancy, a. ammuiet, t 
Arrogant, adj. arrogtnit, e; fiet. Ore 
Arrogantly, adv. arrogatnment, Jtirt- 

Arrogate, va. ^arroger, usurper 
Arrogation, s. prAmtion, f. 
Arrow, t.JUche, f. ; shower of »«, grih 

defliches, f. 
Arsenal, s. arsenal, nu, wqyMfatd'i'nni 
Arsenic, s. arsenic, m. 
Arsenical, adj. dF arsenic 
Art, s. art, artifice, m., adreste, t 
Arterial, adj. art&iel, le 
Artery, s. artire, f. 

Artful, adj. rusi, ei fin, e; artifiOd, le 
Artfully, adv. artistement ,finememt,es^ 

Artfulness, s. ruse, finesse, £ 
Artichoke, s. artichaiU, m. 
Article, s. Jointure, f. ; artide, m. 
—, vn. passer article, convenir, stipsder 
Articular, adj. articulaire 
Articulate^ adj. articuU, et distinet, • 
— , va. ar*icu/er 

Articulately, adv. distinetement 
Articulation, s. articulation, f. 
Artifice, 8. artifice, m. 
Artificer, s. artisan, artiste, ouvrier 
Artificial, adj. artificiel, le 
Artificially, adv. artificiellement, ortfto* 
Artillery, s. artillerie, f. [tement 

Artisan, s. artisan, ouvrier, m. 
Artist, s. artiste, m. 
Artless, adj. simple, na\f, ve 
Artlessly, adv. stmptement 
As, conj. comme, aussi que, sdon, «it> 

— to, quant d IvatU, ei 

— for, pour 

— much, autant 

— soon as, aussitUt que 

— well as, attssi bien que 

— it were, pour ainsi dire 
Asbestos, 8. asbeste, m., anUante, t 
Ascend, vn. nutnter, Sever 
Ascendant, Asoendcwicy, s. if^/fwaiee, t, 

tucendant, m. 
Ascension, s. ascension, f. 
Ascent, s. d^mtion, montie* f. 
Ascertain, va. assurer, Htmir, eo n e ta - 

ter, vMfier, fixer 
Ascertainment, s. preuve, vMfiealtiemt t 
Ascetic, adj. consacri d la devotion 
Ascititious, adj. additionnd, le 
Ascribable, adj. imputable 
Ascribe, va. attribuer, imputer 
Ascription, s. imputation, f. 
Ash, %. frine, m. 
Ash-coloured, adj. eendri, e 
Ashamed, s. honteux, euse : eonfm, e 
Ashes, s. cendres, f. pi. 
Ashore, adv. d terre 
Ash-Wednesdav, s. Jour dee eendrea 
Ashv, adi. eendri, e 
Asioe, adv. d e6t^, d part 

' Y -'^^ —rr 


AntcnBCktn, ■■ ovirnoripH, t 

Annl, >dj. luintf. s 

,11i^^ adj. 'uM, imple 




AtheUtically, adv. en otMe 

Atbint, adj. cUtirit e 

Athletic, adj. robttste, fort, e 

Athwart, adv. de travers 

— , prep, d trovers 

Atiit, adv. comme unJoHteur 

Atlas, s. moppet f> 

Atmosphere, s. atmosphire, f« 

Atom, 8. atome, m. 

Atomical, adj. composd dtatomea 

Atone, vn. expier, apaiser 

Atonement,s.expiation, propitiation, f. 

sacrifice, accommodement, m. 
Atop, adv. au haut [/at're 

AtrabiUtrian, Atrabilarious, adj. atrabi- 
Atramental, adj. noir, e 
Atrocious, adj. atroce, fyiorme 
Atrociously, adv. inormdnent 
Atrocity, s. atrocity, &normit^, f. 
Atrophy, s. atrophie, r. \_partenir 

Attach, va. attacher. Her, arreter, ap- 
Attachment, s. attachement, arret, m., 

»aiHe, t 
AttaclL, s. attaque, f., assaut, m. 
— , va. attaquer, assaillir 
AttiUn, va. atteindi-e, parvenir, acquS- 

rir, obtenir 
Attainable, adj. qui se pent acqii&ir, at- 

teindre, obtenir 
Attainder, s. proscription, f. 
Attainment, s. acquisition, f. 
Attaint, Attainture, s. accusation, fli- 

trissure, f. [flHrir 

— , ra. accuser, convaincre, tacher, 
Attemper, Attemperate, va. tempth'cr 
Attempt, s. essai, m., entreprise, f. 
— , va. entreprendre, essayer, attenter 
Attend, va. prater I'oreille, Pouter, ac- 

compagner, servir, prendre soin, con- 

sid^rer, attendre 

— a class, aller d une classe 

— a pupil, enseifrner un dlSve 

— a door, r<*pof)dre d la porte 

— a patient, voir un meUade 
Attendance, s. service, soin, train, cor- 

tiffe, m., suite, cour, f. 
Attendants, s. suite, t, prens, m. pi. 
Attender, s. assnci^, compaction, m. 
Attention, s. attention, (., soin, m. 
Attentive, adj. attentif, ve 
Attentively, adv. attentivement 
Attenuate, adj.^n, e; tenu, e 
— , va. attinuer 
Attenuation, s. attenuation, f. 
Attest, s. t^moignage, m. 
— , va. attester, certifier 
Attestation, s. attestation, f., certificat, 

timoignage, m. 
Attic, adj. attique, pur, e 
Atticism, s. atticisnie, m. digance, f. 
Attinge, va. toucher Ugirement 
Attire, s. parure, f., ajustement, m. 
— , va. parer, ajuster, omer 
Attitude, s. attitude, amotion, f. 
AttoUent, adj. Hevant, e 
Attorney ,s. procureur, avoui, m. ; power 

of—, procuration devant notaire, f. 
Attract, va. attirer, tirer d soi 

Attraction, s. aMnKtion, f., eharme, m. 
Attractive, ». attrait, m., ttmorce, L 
— , adj. attrayant, e 
Attractively, adv. par attraction 
Attractor, s. qui attire, amorce, t. 
Attributable, adj. imputable 
Attribute, va. attribuer, imputer 
Attrition, s. attrition, f. 
Attune, va. accorder, mettre eur le ton 
Auburn, adj. brun, e; obscur^ e 
Auction, s. encan, m., enchere, licita- 

tion, f. [priaeur, m. 

Auctioneer, s. crieur d^enean, huimer' 
Audacious, adj. audacieux, etue 
Audaciously, adv. effrontAnent 
Audaciousness, s. ^'ronterie, t. 
Audacity, s. hardiease, audace, f. 
Audible, s. qu'on pent entendre, haut,e 
Audibly, adv. haut, clair 
Audience, s. audience, f., auditoire, m. 
Audit, s. audition, f., examen, m. 
— , va. examiner dea comptea 
Auditor, s. auditeur, m. 
Auditory, s. aiuiitoire, rau 
— , adj. auditif, ive; qui entend 
Auditress, s./emme qui ^coute 
Auger, s. tari^e, f. 
Aught, s. quelque chose, m. 
Augment, 8.augm€nt,accroiasement,va. 
— , va. augmenter, aggrandir 
Augmentation, s. augmentation, t, ac- 

croissement, m. 
Augur, s. augure, devin, m. 
— , vn. augurer, prdsager, prMire 
Augury, s. augure, prisage, va. 
August, 8. Aout, m., moisaon, f, 
—, adj. auguste 
Aulic, adj.' aulique 
Aunt, s. tante, t. 
Aurelia, s. chrpsalide, nj/mplie, f. 
Auricle, s. I'extMeur de Voreille, m. 
Auricular, adj. auriculaire 
Auriferous, adj. produisant de For 
Aurora, s. aui ore, f. 
— borealis, aurore borSale 
Auspice, 8. auspice, appui, m. 
Auspicious, adj. heureux, euse / pro- 

pice, fitvorable 
Auspidousness, ufHiciti, f. 
Austere, adj. austire, dur, e 
Austerity, s. austerit?, duretd, £ 
Austral, adi. austral, e 
Authentical, adj. authentique 
Authentically, adj. authentiquement 
Authenticity, s. authenticite, f. 
Author, s. auteur, ecrivain, m., oatMe, & 
Authoritative, wiy/ait par autoritd 
Authoritatively, adv. dautoriti 
Authority, s. autoriti, {., privilA(e, m. 
Authorization, s. autorisation,v 
Authorize, va. autoriser, approuver 
Autocrasy, s. autocratic, f. 
Autograph, s. autographe, m. 
Automaton, s. automate, m. 
Automatous, adj. amomiitique 
Autopsy, 8. autopsie, demonstration, t 
Autumn, s. automne, f. 
\ Autumnal, adj. automnal, e 




aJ;, M;.™imi!i '* '" 

aiu», •. nwr, Ui» all«<(, m. 




BjBl^lu,, jn/uijlln.f ; pvtriit' 

BaccIi>nU>, ^ InoTAsnals., f. pi. 

a^.;or, t jn,i™, tad«Ii^, trtilw- 

Bldl, V K». dirrl^, H>n<, <JUi3b', 

in.,>^F", pi. 

-■•lA'^tKaB't.plBqut.l. mnlt™ i(«ii!wi>,«Am- 

Ul^kdour, >. porfs d9 dtrrWnt, t 

DubiUi. 1. pirlia poUaSwi 

BKWIder. k apHliK, ruijW., oc 

aMt™«, liilj. (Mt, e;/n/fil,«,- tor- 



Ujom. .1. terf, in. ! Ilia! of-, MnH. t 

ihd, kdj. mccAaiif. c i nuuniU, e 

lUdB.. i. •«"(«., v.. Jiff.,,, q,ri«/,, B. 


fljdij, ^v. ™^, u p=i-,« ^'"'. '• 

IhlB.;, .. ^.^^r.'M'l^. ^ 

Bw, L MI, m., («mrK, f. 

SlSTi ta'S^L3|"nf^™'' '■ 

^S^ri^ttm'lh^e. """*' ^ 




Braqu.ttr. I. gul uU ifsni ftu A* 

Baicany, 1. hiUnm, in. lus^ t 

UanqurllnH-hoUH, t-nUsafrHa 


B^ia^.t^Si^lm, THitaffr, m. 


B^JSil? tiy'lvpliimcl, • 

BnpIiH, 1 topilK. 

Blkful, >rlJ./nnri».lrM< 

Atu bunJ. numguer de MTplir 

BftT, L ^oiTd, r^, ponTaiff obtlai 

^( ,h'"i.'i 1 "'■'hh'i'tf.'i^' '^"'f' '■ 

— of Ihs eiv, vnintllB ile tmU, t 


— in ■DiiDl-cboiif'. cnrNpIair. ou 


— , ™. j«fMc WW d'lriit 

l uBM iii . w'ltorjt 


IrtSySgriJw, Un'M. 


3 BEA 

»\j.. ._, 

Han-dlim, i. InvwAiJW, L 

3S4 BBH 

— > n. eroHr, (h£« ' BhSih, tl Dtmrcjr. rcMbriufc 

Bcudfdi nd}. bo'^i B t Ijorbeift 9 BedlKu, t». par«^, Mepattr 

BludlCH, *!lj. ABHinrtt, InlwEia BsdLioi, I. pelilH nolkiH, f. ^ 

Bcv-nnleji, & f niffVi' p?f Iti d4 rfAcrdrff, btdpnti, c pjlimnot on «mihl__,__ 

Bi«*Sil,HMm«-tfirar«,m. [m. Bslnjglr, vi. onufw [Itt, T. pt 

Ba|rii», ■■ itiiJiiMM, m., MMtt, t.; Jr- Umlill, adj. aAI«. s/ ;«lgsnl(iiJU 

BeuiIlMn I. triaiM, lala/, I. Beditfld, l iMi/<fa la.'aoiu, m. 

BiaMlj,iiiU.t«Ha(,(j «'* , Undtinw, I. [empi di « muekir 

Bdti ■■ bsAouti*. •»!. m. [itlpdBn' Hedung, vi. cniraEiwiriiHi-diiAlMiar 

— , n. taUXjBalpiUr, |ii'(r, Aninjvar. BUwuit, tdr. iwri te 111 

—ladltrnHtHHr, lunar tittchtt-ftelre.finafoti, m. 

— lit, ofSlilr BK-bivi^ rada, t. 

Baolm, n. ofialKr, ninw, a^rifn-, Uegln, va. fim. wniunor 

BKhUH^, vn-'orrfw ' [iltotili Ei(T!l"nhJ[|'ir«>i»ii«iomim 

BRk.i.ivn'ihtainaRiDudiliiti' Ikg^rd. <^ Mindrc, Hot 

Bama ingj *dj, nw»nft<, aj s/ant^a Ik^t'wV' v«. doNr p«K (It Id 

Bid, I, iS, nmsil. nk, snicte, r. Uwuilf.'vL iVrttalr, etoji 

— of A unnwi, JItitqut, h^, plORcAf ^, rrompn- 

BalagwlB, VM. trotter BFhlbd, pr^ & tAv. 

BUiai, n. wutJIo', fol^ Bii^' - —-• 

e^F, miv. BUfirti, Frt" 

rmJBito.f- „_ ^ I I™'"'"""*"? nMu;nir 

' '" ""'S.l'SS,?^-"" 


itwl, <n. inhir.iiilrKln 

BUUic, idj, fnOlanl. > j ^lu, 




Blodc, I. bloc, obatade, hUM, ou, tite de 

boi*, forme, poulie, t. 
— , va. bloquer, er\fbrmer, entfironner 

— ap, Jkrmer 
BioddiouMf 9. fart, m. 
Blockade, ■. hlocua^ nige, m. 
Blockhead, a. benit, aot, m. 
Blockheaded, ffiockish, adj. atupide 
Blodcishly, adv. §tupidement 
Blockisbneat, », ttupiditi, f. 

Blood, t. »ang, nu, race, extraction, f. 
— , va. taiipier, eruanglanter 
Bloodgulltiness, a. meurtre, m. 
Bloodhound, s. limier, m. 
Bloodily, adv. cruellement 
Bloodiness, s. cniauti, f. 
Bloodless, a4j. out* n'a point de sang 
Bloodlet, va. aatgner 
Bloodletter, s. phlebotomigte, m. 
Bkxxiletting, s. aai/ni^, f. 
Bloodshed, s. effusion de sang, f. 
Bloodshedder, s. mettrtrier, m. 
Bloodshot, Bloodshotten, adj. rouge 
Bloodstone, a. sanguine, i. 
Bloodsucker, s. sangme, f. 
Bloodthirsty, adj. tanguinaire 
Bloody, adj. sanglant, e ; cruel, le 
Bloody-flux, s. dyetenterie, f. 
Bloom, ^fleur, coupe, frakheur, f. 
— > yn. Jleurir 

Bloomy, adj.yftfuH, e/ fyanoui, e 
Blossom, %.fleur d'une pfante, f* 
— -, va. Jleurir, itre enjUeur 
Blot, s. tache, rature, disgrAce, f. 
— , va. tocher, temir, ealtr 

— out. raj/er, ^ffacer 
Blotch, s. pusttUe, f. 

Blow, 8. coup,revers, ^nouiuement, m. 

— , va. g'ifpanouir, eouffiert aonner, en- 

fler, venter [aouffiant 

— away, ^carter, emporter, dtaeiper en 

— down, renvereer, abbatre, citer 

— ha, /aire entrer en aoufflant 

— off, diseiper en eoufflant 

— out, Aeindre, Jbire eortir en touffiant 

— over, diesiper 

— up,/bjre tauter, Sever 

»- upon, dicrier, nuire, aovffier desstu 

— one's nose, »e moucher 
Blowing-weather, s. temps orageux, m. 
Blowze, a. grosee jomffiue, t 
Blowsy, adj. hautt e; en eouieur 
Blubber, s. huile de baleine, f. [rer 
— , vn. e*enfier le»3oue» d force de pleu- 
filudgeon, s. gourcUn, m., trigue, f. 
Blue, adj. Meu, e 

Bluebell, s. campanule, f. 
Bluebottle, s. bluet, Uavet, aubijbin, m. 
Blueness, s. bleu, m., couleur bfeue, f. 
Bluff, adi. rude, ftrme, insolent, e: 
Bluish, a4j. bleuatre [renAe, gros 

Blunder, s. itourderie,faute, beoue, f. 
•— • va. confondre, se tromper lourdement 

— about, vn. ^e itourdi 

— a thing out, Idcher quelgue chose 

— upon a thing, se tromper en quelque 
«*w [jroUe, f. 

Stwderimm, m, moutgueUm, m., esj^ 

Blunderer^ s. itourdi, 9 

Blunt, t^. ^moussde, et brusque, grot' 

sier, Ores pesant, e; loura, e 
— , va. Anousser, reboueher 
Bluntly, adv. brusquement 
Bluntn^ s. brusquerie, t. 
Blur, s. tache, rature, £ 
— , vn. tocher, raturer, <(ffacer C0 Qvi 

eai icrit, temir, fUtrir 
Blurt, va. dire d la volee 
Blush, 8. rougeur, honte, co^fitsion, t 
— I vn. roua;ir de honte 
Blushy, adj. rouge de honte 
Bluster, n.firacas. va., vanterie, t 
— , va.Juire du fracas 
Blusterer, s. bretteur, tapageur, m. 
Blustering, adj. bruyant, impitueus, 
Blusterous, adj. tumultueux, euse [euse 
Boar, s. verrat, pore, m. 
Board, s. ais, bord, navire, conseO, m., 

table, planche, pension, f. 
— , va. jUancheier, border, aborder, ae- 
— , vn. etre en pension [coster 

Board-wages, s. argent de bouehe, va. 
Boarder, s. vensionnaire, m. 
Boarding-school, s.pensionnat, to., pen- 
Bearish, adj. grosster. Ore [sion, f. 

Boast, s. vanterie, vonittf,pttraae, t 
— , va. se vanter, se glorifier 
Boaster, s. celui ou celle qui se vants 
Boastful, adj. fanfaron, ne 
Boastingly, adv. par ostentation 
Boat, s. bateau, va., chaloupe, t. 
Boatman, s. batelier, m. [m. 

Boatswain, s. contre-maitret bosseman. 
Bob, s. lardon, pendant dToreiUe, m., 

perruque d FabM, t 

— stay, s. sous-harbe de beauprd, t» 
Bobbin, s. bobine, f.,fuseau, m. 
Bobtailed, adj. icourti, e 
Bobwig, 8. perruque rxmde, f. 
Bode, va. prfsager, pronostiquer 
Bodement, s. presage, ougure, m. 
Bodge, vn. monquer, hotter 
Bodice, s. corset, corps, m. 
Bodiless, adj. incorporel, le 
Bodilv, adj. corpora, le 

— , adv. corporellement 

Bodkin, s. poincon, frisoir, m., poinfl^ 

aiguille de tite, f. 
Body, 8. corpf, m., matiire, substance, f* 

— of a church, n^, f. 

— of a tree, tronc, va. 

— , va. incorporer, firmer 
Body-clothes, s. caparafon, m., housse, t 
Bog, ufondriire, f. 
Bog-trotter, s. coureur de maraHs, nu 
Boggle, vn. Msiter, balancer 
Boggier, 8. qui doute, qui craint 
Boggy, adj. maricageus, euse 
Boghouse, s. priv^, m. 
BoEea, s. tM, noir ou bou, m. 
Boil, va. bouillir, cuire 

— away, sediminuer 

— fast, bouillir dgros bouillons 
Boiler, s. chaudron, fmmeau, m. 
Bdling hot, aiy. tout bouillant [euse 
BdUUxoua, adt. violeni, oi impetuinu. 

■^^™i'V, pie. m., sftjri 

iSS:i '"™™"' 


Br)Arf,*i(,».- ftrii, 

Bmrlibir, adv. fraoUrintlu' ['A-i 
BmH-jadil 1. ^SiStiia. 

SimiH^i^ fill fc^Hiwparrf 11 tmii: 
emEer, 1. Mb^'ihf^cnl^ 
Bout, •- OirKr*, t, iwpiib-, m. 

iwiinViiM lb IK, r. 

— otaa liUdloni, wmrtt m. 

— of UiraJ. pclDlon (Je;U, m. 

— , n.Jbndvr.efjjablartmetlreii'i fO> 

BoiiotDlHi ndj. Mnafondt U'P'-ih-frat 


tka, L fiuit, m/iutif, tovMrt, evp a 

Bovi.h, alj. pilo-i/, t .-'cjisTUin, i 
BuylihnE i, >.VKA-i(l(i>, I. 

|l "^iSfZ'.^rifflSS?™' ^w 

-, vn. aitprtigr, gutreiSr 

liull'irml, >. »ul. til Br<bi/, m. [L 


?r, artochBTj^frtifier, (vomr 

^l^wneTiLCDc'iunt j*?rp, eOi 

llBdlh, L torvvur, r,. /j^i m. 


— dawn, ■taffrs, iVJne^ 


KHknteli! b prfrhjke, m., n 

vn. TenWrBT. Ki(^fr, rf 

Brmr, Adj. rnfini^it par ia iepklrw 

BikDir, adv. iff pn lb mall 
Bricfnw, ^ lirMwff^ 

Brigade, I. Mndr, r. 

Brightli. U'. <i 
BriLlMci, «,l«» 

Butr«, I. laiffal KuiKtI. m 

Buftonn. I. l«iUltin,ni 




ftiBd, .a. MHr, m».n-ulrt, Blljlo- 

isSfii-; s^^',1 


BulE, 1, godunu, m., maw, gninilflir 

iUlii™^'I:j™«''i^, MOIa.r. 



SuSu'uitTi^SSi^lJS;™, n^ 



'I)li>s, 1. arse^'t in bo^. m. 


BuUr, tp-fltcr, n^agtur, m. 

Buu,l«llls\p™««:i;,D^ ' 


6i„i«l, m. 

.f.j bWieof.-.=^ 



amchy. HJ. to™, g / boimm. =«« 


■"wssri."— "■ Si«, idi'. Jf™**!^!?^ 
BuEi, lis ininBH d> inrflMi"' 


BiovlnlT, >. h-uioBliTr. Ui- 

Bull, ■. MijHnir b4tKJwn> Di-, ^ustrdtfff 
BuhlniB, ■■ mHU mid^iT, f. 

»ih, h bfuc, m- [^'"i m. 

, vi^^TT^, Tn.. fAuAgOut, n 

I^^cnd^ L nvanrAfff fAtvf. m. 


295 C AL 

Ci»d!ir,i. nkoiciir. r. 

CMIntlun, dUgUnuUMH, i. »b: 
Vllb, rik aMiur, tvOoubir 



— La OM, taBoquer. Imp/Divr 




Cahunniation, ■. diffbmation, t. 
CalumnUttor* s. calomniateur, m. 
Calamniotu, adj. ealomniettx, etue 
Galumny, s. calomnie, f. 
Calx, u caiicet m., wupe, f. 
Cambric, s. toile de Cambrai, btUigte, t» 
Camel, a. ehameau, m. 
Camelopard, *. cameliopard, m. 
Camelot, Camlet, a. eamelot, m. 
Camera obtcura, », dkambre obtcure, f. 
Camerade, s. camarade, m. 
Camented, adj. voUtift e : cambr^, e 
CameratioD, s. voUtSt arehe, f. 
Camisated, adj. portant une chemiaepar- 

de9$ut set habiU 
Camp, u camp, m. 
«— , vn. camper, se camper, se poster 
Campaign, a. campagne, f. 
Campaniform, a4j. camjMn\fitrme 
Campestral, adj. ehampetre 
Camphire, t. camphre, m. 
Camphorate, adj. camphr^, e 
Can, s. bidon, le umoir, m., coupe, f. 
Canal, i. cawU, coura, m. 
Canaliculated, adj. canneU, e 
Canary, s. vin de Canarie, m. 
— , vn. eauter, f router 
Canarv-bird, s. serin, e 
Cancel, va. biffvr, annuler 
Cancellated, a4i* ray^, e ; b\ffli. 
Cancellation, s. cancellation, f. 
Cancer, *. cancer, chancre, m. 
Cancerate, vn. se former en cancer 
Canceration, s. utc&ation canc&euse, f. 
Cancerous, adj. chancrewr, euse 
Cancerousness, s. ^t cancireux, m. 
Cancrine, adj. de crabe 
Candent, adj. incandescent, e 
Candicant, adj. blanchissant, e 
Candid, naj. franc, sincire 
Candidate, s. asviraht, e 
Candidly, adv.fratichement 
Candiduess, s. candeur, U 
Candify, va. blanchir 
Candle, s. chandeUe, lumiire, f. 
Candlebolder, s. celui qui seconde ou fa- 

voriae dune maniire guelconque, m. 
Candlelight, s. lumOre, r. 
Candlemas, a. chandeleur, f. 
Candlestick, s. chandelier, m. 
Candlestuff, s. suif, m. 
Candlewaster, s. prodigue, m. 
Candour, s. candeur, sincMti, t. 
Candy, \'a. confire, congeler 
— , vn. se canair 
Cane, s. canne, f., roseau, m. 
Canicular, adj. eaniculaire 
Canine, adj. canin, e 
Canister, s. boite d thi, f. 
Canker, a. chenille, f*, chancre, m. 
— , va. corrompre 
»-, vn. se gdter 
Cankerbit, adj. envenimi, e 
Cannibal, s. anthropoj^iare, mf. 
Cannibally, adv. en cannibale 
Cannon, s. canon, m. 
Caancoade, s. canonade, f. 
-^ TM, cemanner 

Cannonier, a. oanonnier, m. 
Canoe, s. cano^, m., pirogue, t 
Canon, s. canon, statut, chanoine, jMh 

rangon, m. 
Canoness, s. chanoineaae, t. 
Canonical, adj. canonigue 
Canon&cally, adv. canoniquement 
Canonicalness, s. qwMti canonique, t 
Canonist, i. canoniste, m. 
Canonisation, s. canonisation, t 
Canonize, va. canoniaer 
Canonry, Canonship, s. canonieat, m. 
Canopy, s. dais, m. 

— coucb, canapi, do. 

— for a bed, paoiilon, m. 

— , va. couvrir dfun pavilion 
Canorous, adi. harmonieus, euse 
Cant, s. patois, argot, m., tringle, f. 
— , adj. aiooy€, e 
— , va. chavirer 
— , vn. enjoler, Jargonner 
Cantata, s. cantate, t 
Cantation, s. chant, m. 
Canter, s. hypocrite, m. 
—, vn. oiler au petit galop 
Cantbarides, s. cantharide, £ 
Canticle, s. cantique, m. 
Cantle, Cantlet, s. morceau, ciumteam, 
— , va. diviser, morceler [ol 

Canto, 8. chant, m. 
Canton, s. canton, m., contr^, t 
— , vn. eantonner, diviser 
Cantonize, va. diviser en cemtoni 
Canvass, s. canevas, m., toile, t 
— , va. discuter, briguer 
Cany, adj. couvert de roseaux 
Canzonet, s. chansonnette, U 
Cap, s. bonnet, m., tite, L 
— , va. saluer, ddcouvrir 
Cap-a-pie, adv. de pied en cap 
Cap-paper, s. papier gris, m. 
Capability, Capableness, s. capaeiti, f. 
Capable, adj. capable, propre, suaceittble 
Capacious, adj. ample, vaste, ^endu, 9 
Capaciousness, s. capaeiti, t 
Capacitate, va. renare capable 
Capacity, s. capacity, f. 
Caparison, s. eaparafon, m. 
— , va. caparafonner 
Cape, 8. cap, m. ; Spanbh — , mantwu 
a coquefuchon, m. 

— of a cloak, collet, m. 

Caper, s. cdpre, f., armateur, m. 
— , vn. cabrioler, sauter 
Caper-bush, s. cdprier, m. 
Caperer, s. cabrioleur, m. 
Capillaceous, Capillary, adj. capillabne 
Capillament, s. etamine, f. 
Capillation, s. vaisseau capillaire 
Capital, s. capital, chapiteau, m., oopl* 
—, adj. capital, e ; principal, e [tale, t 
Capitally, adv. capitalement 
Capitation, s. dinombrement par tHn 
Capitular, s. capitulaire, m. 
Capitulate, vn. capituler, se rendre 
Capitulation, a. capitulation, f. 
Capon, a. chapon, m. 
\ — , va. chaponncr 


r^^^XZ^^itM. M. TtSitiiltHt, r. 

ftrtliriM, Ciudlu. «))- conllal, i 
Cuttm.i. mnllnaJ, m. 

"iijimil. aiU. aaaM da Ktadi 

CKrpenUT, *. rAtfrpnrfie-, m. 

CJirJjM, KlJ. pMnlUJiu, nuj 

Bnv^Tj*^ row*, t*iue; n 

It, tftv, mimlrar, JSiM po- 


^pnnidii^, uierdafingate 
off, nn;HT'ffri gntraSierr ei^tr 

4d(«u, pfffau, III .JliifliiJia: 
lUJ. J!Mi/iii, t.- [«iiF3< <!• cl* 

OiniDff, M. Mcvtpturvigrmure, f. 

drvv, HA- tnUltr, BTuaw, d 

Cue, L (VhI, fyvmaav, cor, AsJ, ff</e(, CctalDgue, c DoroJwiHi m.. tUlwJt^ ' 

;bu, m., »iiln, luiiuH, •jA'W, p^a, £ ; CiBtnnuiiuin.LrbMHiiniga,D. 
—fa- DccdlEB, ffe., jmiiiag^g, t. Caapljuinp 

Cbh, ■. ai^hJ, m-, cflwff, L 

Lb, ■■ «i>I1irT, jo-in f rtawyitfc 

up, fumdrs, Mirfr, nnpilnfr 
,4[GlHr. L ^ /Tond, ^j anrvIM 
CAu:hEn|r, ruii. omtafffliir, tfoifl 
<;Ab!h|)oJr, L aormt, nitiiattr, OB. 


■jj. Ai4»<iU|W, e, •Tiil^* 

UhuuIiii, uM. dicmHur, anwtlal, 
CuunlDuil), adv. an cnumr 

aim], uj. u»(r< «.- du niUM 
Til infitJl'SrH^itiC? '" 

3&;iiS&.~- i; 

_.!_ ..jj :-^__ . ■— ■ ciiipri.'ji'iw. ""pr 

mi trMiriii', ni " I— .n-iiAndC" 
n, i»M<iJM, m. ait^, >. Vvr, m., i 

iJla' Chipclen'. iiT;. mu 

rl, m., prAsn- ' Clupkt/i. sL^M, 


mwKm"""" rm: Cli«rfaWJ. ^<S!7'gM.t, gnU- 

' ChoHvu, >. Mint, c, rwidrftis^i n. 

_ jjot, (Mloimtrolt, ™ ' 'fm. pi. 
ChivBOn-dfriilit. IL pi. ditrauiilrfrlil. 

rl, prlnrtpairmml i ChglnlBa, idj. ^ 

CUM, 1. «^. ml.' ' Choimiai, i. odn-iH, 

OOiMatm, t. aurillu, t., unflmfll 
0)IMIfii.HU.jiiiii«uhi>( f^, oj 


dUmnlcil, uU. rttlmMaut 

JSn '■iMMgaiMiwm, m.'' ' 
Cblrpa-, L jravHltfrM-, ntff 
taiM, t tSw»i;ia.Hn-. m. 
Uil^ K pMyM, n»«lt 'ffiftHt. m 
cilUIIH, (, bnU.'n^f^. '^ 

U>rlKkulrp ^v. etorfiffru 


nwk4«UtNh«, vfonvnt I f. 


CliC'imUiiilM, I. firn, ir'., flir 

nw, >. cttnn, («noii, n. j 

CUf nltOi. C&uulilp, \ dunUIt. t 
CUff, Clltt, - rticin- ODlrp^. m. [n 
lCUiuaB,C»i^^cbric, I. ttmfirrVtiftt, 

>Tfc* n.iKltrmir *w Ml nUiHT, 


GMpaCi-Jnirdaiid, nlaib m. 

Qouilcoiiipdbf, (4J. gW nHow te 

CtoniHiTr Ciowiii»honi> * Krotti&tt^, t 
CkaimLibt Bdj. natrPt rtuii^e 
Ckmniitilr. Hi'- nifflflKnicIK 
Clor, >'•' ItUtr, ratiatiir, affadir 

CkirunilTii' £s«U, m., tonS?; I. 




Cliurcr. vb Jk vd. erokre tn pelotontt 

Carcry, wlj. tn peL4ofu, en grappea 
L.utcb, %'«. trnpnifner, terrtr 
Clu-xbie*, %. rrtffiest puttea, f. pL 
Clutter, «. rueafimet ai.,J6utet t 
— , \iL.f-iirr an ntoarmi 
Coftch, •. csr«OL>v«, m., roiturf, f. 
Coacb-box, %. 4ie^ dm e*>eher, m. 
Caacr.-htre, %. luuagt de rsrruwr, m., s. c^cfi'V, poattiioitt uu 
CoAct, vr. ii^tr df eo'irtrt 
Cuacuoa, ». eoNtrfnHtf,/vrte, f. 
Omccxw, Siij. cuactif, ve 
C4»djuinci.c, s. aan*fa • ce, f.» «reotfr«, m. 
Coad^uCuit, adj. auiiliatre 
Coadjutor, ». eoadjtUtrur, adjoint, m. 
CoaiijuvancT, %. secuurs, tn. 
CoaiJunitJDi], «. mriangf, m., union, f. 
CoagtiUble, adj. qui pent »e atasntier 
CoafuUle, ra. Slvtukc liUer, cvaguler 
Coaj^lation, a. aia^nlatwm, f. 
Coal, s. ekarbon dt t-rre, vcl ; charcoal, 

timrboH de bou, m. 
Coal-blade, adj. trta-noir 
Coal-miDc, s. chtnr*Jimhi^re houiUhre, f. 
Coal-stooe, s. cftar^on de terre, m. 
Coal- work, s. charbonmere h»uiUere, f. 
Coalesce, m. t'unir, s'incorpurer 
Cflalescetice, i. union, coaittion, f. 
Coalitinn, a. coalition, union, f. 
Coaly, adj. charUmneux, eu*e 
Coaptation, s. ajustement, m. 
Coarct, ra. terrer, trtreeir 
Coarctation, •. serrfment, m. 
Coarse, adj. grouier, iere ; ipais, 99 
Coaraely, adv. frivtncrement 
CoHrseneft, s. gittuierete, t 
Coast, I. cvte, {., cote, tn. 
— , ^-a. & \n. cutiif/er 
Coaster, a. akier, cahotier, m. 
Coat, ujuataucvrpa, habit, tut/, enduit, 

m., braie, t : great — , casaque, bran- 

debourg, redingote, f. 

— of a horse, &c. poii, on. 

— of arms, attte darmea, f. 

— of mail, eotte de maiUe, f. 
— , va. couvrir, habiller 

Coax, %'a. enjoler, caresaer, amadouer 
Coaxer, s. etijoteur, etiae ; ftatteur, euse 
Cobalt, 5. cobalt, m. 
Cobble, va. taveter, maasacrer 
Cobbler, s. aavetirr, m. ; mazette, t 
Cobfwan, s. cjtgne conducteur, m. 
Cobweb, s. toiie tParaignce, f. 
Cochineal, s. cochetiille, f. 
Cochleary, Cochleated, adj. en forme de 

Cock, a, eo^, robinet, m. 

— of a balance, aiguille, f. 

— of a dial, atf/le, m, 

— of a ffun, aerpentin, ehien, va, 

— of a hat, retrouaaia, m. 

— of hay, meule defoin, f. 

— , va. & vo. bander, retrouaaer, ae car- 

— up hay, entaefer dufiHn [m. 
Gtckade, $, eocarde, t, ngw, embUine» 

Cockatrice, i. baaUie, m., guenipet & 

Cockboat, s. ranot, m. 

Cocfc broth, s. bouillon de coq, m. 
, Cockcrowing, s. point dujour, m. 

Cocker, %. eapiee de dtien,ne 

— , Mu dorbiter, mignarder 

Cocket, s. acquit, cachet, m. 

Cockfight, s. combat de coqa 

C<ick horse, s. cheval de boia 

Cockle, s. prtoncle,*icraie, t, 
j — , %'a. «e rider, tnoutonner 

Cnckle-stairs, s. eacalier d via, m. 
. Cockled, adj. ridr*, e 
. Covrklutt, s. galetaa, m. 

Cix kmaster, %. inatructeur dfi eoft, m. 
, C(N.kmMtch, 8. combat de coqa, m. 
j Cockney, s. ba-laud, m. 

Cockpit, 8. ettdroit oti lea coqa ae MfCMfi 

^oate de* maladea, m. 
. Cockscomb, a. crete de coq, f., fat, m. 
\ Cocksure, ailj. aaaur^, e ; certain, e 

CoLkswain, s. patron de chaloupe, uu 

Cocoa, s. c -cao, m. 

Cociile, adj. cuit, e f mia aufbur 

Coction, s. coctiun, digeation, t 

Coii, a. mvrue, coaae, t. 

Code, s. code, recueU, m. 

Codicil, s. eodicUle, m. 

Codille, s. codille, ra. 

Codle, va. parbouUlir, cuire 

Codling, k. pomme cuite, f. 

Cotfficacy, Cotrffidrncy, s. coopAralian, t 

Coefficient, s. cuffficient, ni., qui opht 

Coemption, s. coemption, {., achat rid' 
prtHjue, m. 

Coequal, adj. parcil, le ; co^gaH, e 

Coequahty, s. efralit&, f. 

Coeice, %'a. rraireindre, r^primer 

l.'nercible, adj. qui peut etre contrtUtli 

Coercion, s. contrainte, violence, t 

Coercive, adj. coercitif, oe 

Cnessential, adj. de la mime nature 

Coeisrntiality, s. identity de nature, t 

Coetaneous, adj. contemporain, e 

Coetemal, adj. co^emel, le 

Coetemally, ad%-. coitemeUement 

Coetemiiy, i. coittrniti, f. 

Coe%'al, Ca>e\'ous, adj. contemport^m, 9 

Coexist, vn. coexiater 

Coexistence, s. cuextatenee, f. 

Coexistent, adj. coexiatant, e 

Coextend, x-a. etendre auaai Mn 

Coffee, a. cof(f, ni. 

— berry, fve de cuff, f. 

— house, cufi, m. 

— man, cafetier, m. 

— pot, caft^iere, f. 

— tree, cafier, tn. 

Coffer, 8. affre, citffre fort, m. 
— , va. citffrer, amnaaer 
Cofferer, s. tr^aorier de rfptargne, m. 
Coflin, s. cercueil, vn., biere, f. 
— , va. mettre dana le cercueil 
Cog, 8. dent de roue, f. 
— , va. & vn. cajoler, viper, mentir 
Cogency, t. force, Mdenee, t. 
Cogent, aflj. puiaaant, e t f^trt, e 
\ GofentlTt adv. avee/krree 



Collriule, mt)- IKllllVI, t 

ColUqiuUf . id}, /t 


Collucianct, CaLI urbtJiKt, l «uuM(m, f^ 



▼. pnp er t i Muu0 9 

m, f.. nptm, tt pL 

. eB m m e nta te mr, m. 

OwHHiomifiij ik 
Commonplaw, va. 

4)* eomniifiateifVt ib* 

k divMon, jNilviJriMMoM, 
Mlii.4flH[iw itepM^ [I. 
u plamdrtfb oomfMlir 

■. ygtf , f. 

)onmi<a«toii, t, brevet t m. 


u eommUeairet t, 

eommiuure, t 

mmettre, mettre, remet- 

in prison, confier 

. emprisonnement, m. 

vmiti, bureau, f. 

lartdataire, m. 

di. qui peut etre eommis 

tier. mHanger 

mmixtion, a. milange, m. 

mtmode, baigneiue, f. 

dj. commode, utile 


M, li itiee, commodity, f. 

commodity, denrie, f., 
age, m. 

eommun, e 
eeilde vUle, m. 
lutumier, m. 
u peupie, m. 
tntunaux, m. pU 
<l^er9 commune, m. pL 
ruronf, m. 
% eloaaue, m. 
ileeotaat, m. 
wmmun, m. 
I cotitmun 
adj. oommun, « 
t. (fro<r ienvoyer paUre 
imunaux, m. 
a. le peupie, to., eonunu- 
te» t. 

roturier. Ore; menbrede 
dee Communes, m. 

a. avertieaemera, m, 
V. ordinttiremeta 

CoiHIIMIIipi>C6 bnofc| ■> 
Oomnwni, »,lee 

GbmmonwMl, Comiwmwnlth* 

pieb U que, tt T^taf » m. 
ODmmonmt, mdi» de me urmnt , 9 
Commodon, s. numuUe, va., 
Conwnunct td. ennfirer, ptrlet 
Coaunanteable, auij. e ommm n i e eM e 
Communkant, ■. eemmmdetaet, 9 
Coaianink«te» m. ceimMmifltMrf 

a rf- 


Conumuiiaidoo, % eornmmdeaihmt &« 

eniniieHf no* 
Commnnkatiye, adj. eo mmmtl eaiif, V9 
Communkarinaw, s./V«ticMW( t. 
Coaununlon, a 0MRjinifM«M» eaiiU9eim9, 

Commtiiiitf. a e o m mw iaiiy, f. 
CommatafeiUty, s. mtflodilit^, f. [« 

Gommutable, adj. 9«< |wii< itre Mmni((, 
Gommatatlon, a eehange, m., eofiMM** 

Commatatire, adj. eommuUa^f, V9 
Commute* rn. eommuer, changer 
Commntual, adj. mtOuei, le 
Compact, 8. pacte, eonirat, accord, m, 
—, adj. eerr^, es lii» 0, eolide/ propre$ 

—, va. aeeembler, tier ensemble 
Compactedness, s. farmeti, densiti, f. 
Compactly, adv. proprement, en peu de 

paroles, Jbrtement Ff* 

Compactness, 1. condensation, fermeU, 
Compacture, s. arrangement, m.« struc' 

ture, jointure, union, f. 
Compares, Comoagination, a union, li- 
aison de pltuieure parties, f. 
Companion, a compagnon, camarade, 

m., compagne, f. 
Companionable, adj. sociable 
Companionably, adv. sociablement 
Companionship, a association, f. 
Company, a compagnie, f. ; to keep •— , 

reeevoir du monde; to keep — with, 

frequenter, voir; to keep — to, oc- 


— of a ship, Equipage d'un vaisseau, m. 

— of beasts, troupe d'animaux, f. 

— of birds, bands doiseaux, f. 

— at a funeral, convoi, m. 

— , vn. hanter, frequenter , voir 
Comparable, adj. comparable 
Comparably, adv. par comparaison 
Comparative, adj. comparatif, ive 
Comparatively, adv. en comparaison, 

Comparerc^pariaon. t.comwiraieon,U 
— , va. comparer, conf&er, obtenir 
Compart, va. compartir 
Compartment, s. compartiment, m, 
Compartltlon, a dioMon ^(ale, t 
Compass, a enceinte, bous9<rie, fU cir- 
cuit, tour, m. 


CjH 31* COM 


7. -I ■ 

- -. .r- ■ •! .~.- .iwnf vT :■= jcccsctT, ft. ^«r<Rtiim, MUiCrt £ 

J — ■..■^^~ .- 1. -tij-. u. c.:c: iica.. fc:.> a,m/due, eumpliqiti, 9 

(k.- - . .1= :ic3Dur . &. t*imtt m. 

r •= *. .J • n. .-:- ■ - ."-ii-^ioiri* J 13 :i^i.<%Ltl, >djL gg teMpermimnt 

.';!>: ..?-■. — M.-i - '. . .ajicii.c^ilr, air. par te 

. -^ . - --.».. Ml- V »-ci :i*a-i. a«:v« ijfi*cu r emf U U [i 

. .-■..-—.- -. " • ^..•.^ Mil. IX* .'- -iiJt.Aror, k. o/i-uwiirriiEtffU, IB. 

- ■■-_-- ^ - .- — t*.,j-«vi .!=:.. 0,1*, A^;. «aru«.<u«-,« 

. ^.-s . ■_ — .■-•^r- ..!=.-■ caCi. k.-;. ol^«j(ui;ii^, r,*iBW«f 

. ^.T . .. ^ .'-..^ ■«. «:. t-4 >.i .'-.c i> iri.-e. «-&. c '^/•i^MCr, HJMT 

*■'«• - . — ^r.i."; w .ii: :>jCk':j.c. k cvAtjkicafiiMi C« fiMi 

r.u: »T _■ . ■:*••« — ■ : ir- .'.«-.*. r-it La>w. s. 

..—.*:' <« ~ ." •■' «-- z. > ■•- !-«?■ k fai-«!ai^ ywRcimelfrd 

^.■^. -■ u---;. - - . ~_- : .-cii-re^:. k c*><a>iJa<'/if, OL 

- r ■ V ■-.-.— ■ ■- — . •*. r.-iw.-f'! »Kxf-r 
^ -^ «:. . ->^ «.. (.«--■•>''■ f «.-'■—:•-.''<:: Vk., *^.. r«gi^vtllCltf»< 
.-_ "s: -i. -_■■ • : - fle^tf ...-:■- -erU..T. k: v. ^.'iM/fllf 

- -r..-^ . . . -,- -.-'I-"!. . 3. Jc::-.c. k«>.fns».f, :r..cMM!piratM%l 

- .= ::;>^. : _. -u -z.r — ■ - ^i^-n^ — -k .-..»p»x<^. r/^•»^r 
-"-■-: «: ■«..: ■- ■ ^ T- _•■- ~i.«*ir?.- ...z:- .e:sr. <»?■.■ -rfr*rir«ir, : 
.■■^'»-^.: ■:.■»-■ -■ ■-■■ 1. i ..dlt.', rz. cev^i'^'Yr, 
. ■-■ ■- I'-.: - ... ■.-■ --..- i." t . "^ ' -wrs-r. *f .-.-i^i-miin'.f *• 
,. ■ -t ~ . . ii..- » .-. x_-^r.ii.— . J- •-:* u«:.r. ki.. ,-^h: r.njfiriM [» 

"." - :.>.r-. k r-^-i-rf", :., deym i tm m t 

zu« - -.»-»■ 'I.-. riJL«^iir. — . k Ji T-. pt A.vju:r>»,c\MiMmri<m^ 

. ..■ - - :• •'Tr'. n.*^'-. ■. s^jfurtT 

- ^ . ■ '.;.•?... ^ -I--!-* — •■■■1 . .-£-- -•:^..~: 

-..-... - - -.■■ <-«L«c:-'f ^■.i=3kr'a,:jr. k^,. n'.,i(fnie 

:..*.._-. X - .. - . . iZ.A.nj.--': k r.*. air, m.,/bpC^t^ 

. -s: : . -.-■:-: 1.-4-^' «.- :i.r:. e.:. k r-.A-iuifg, f. 

■• - t.-- ^ . : . . :l:.j<.» . 1. .-. '.;«.«« r, rnfler 

U- .f ■ ■- . •■-.■:■ -I I. ■ ■.-. — . 3. ^ .".'''. «« tfwpOMT 

-•■ . .-..:.. ...:. :. fltf-: . i. Tr>i--ifui.iem-'itl 

.■ ■ . .. ■ -t . . -k -,— .■..■.■-. -. *-■- xser. k ■«: •sT'Jiit, ttUtfUr.^ 

.»- - ,.::;•.*.«-..■■ k ..v_-.f. ^ .- i^- s. M\ . e rm;^ttUt,o^mf»tt,9 

• t -t- :'- : • . .* ». ; - n-Tkr-.c. k c-..-iipt<rtCiv>, £, mu tt^ 

:• -xi k . ■ 1-.: ^-- .■:.■■■■ # '•■•■rrTt-'W, S". 

- ■ . ' .-y^ * . .. 1.:.-^ ^_ ir ■>%.x^i^, hZ2.ccmp€<tirr t 

«. 1 '-.... _: k .* ■! . . ..'-.... .'. .T -"iii i:- s. T-'. ZK.'w'ir. k f-m*MtzttVt sa. 

». -Tc; -At. V -. •%}—if, I., «"«^ji«, ■. 

. "' . • «■ ■; » L .rr-:i.-_rr. k rn:..-;n.:.i£.', L, uawrafi 

V ■-*■«» - ».. - »s_. . .. ■ -. V .1-. -w^a:-. .., k Pf^tcji, ^aciii, OL 
« ci,' fc*.- : k. ■ t...^ ^.■.:. ."-•■*. v.". r ;.*•■_= 1. k <• - .mr. act 

_*■•■• — . J. •.- r •m;»,#f . f ; .^ n^, # 

« 111," k<«*.' h 11-n-r — . T^ r "v^'^tr^. OritrMtir 

V -u. • «»A .■■■ >*,. X - fi .> * o*.- -r. "I — f.**. €\-'.0r^r:r j. «e cvhtenter dt 
v'-v • .1. . i- .J ■ • k-c fc . .. » . -• C^*ipLu:cfcr*, a ;. vwi |pmf Arc cNi> 

•••»€-■ ■ ■ . "-■'. . .. i.V.1 ^ .r-icr, k cvJapuMCricr, Dk 

s..*i.-nf,. .... ..■..■. - r .j-i* .i.'- : \l.:^j^^^:z..\-i,a/m;jfyet*ar-e,remfermit 

»»••■■. ;.■■• '»r -■ .*«--< C.---. :«£*£= »:?«, MjL euiii^i»^Ariiji;4» 

— Kvii -.. 1' ■»•*; .■*»^. L ■• T ?f ffftrt-alMy, Kii-. ii>fgiVu;ft/«ini# 



Conarnlna, prrn. ttnefuuj 
UminBtiin, i. »««■!», t, ■I'WIIMt 

II, id], nmamilriiiit.d fut 




Capcordne, u ecmemrnsat, meeord^ m. 
C aouw poM-, ■4?- <*** mamecarpa 
Tm. Miur «ii icfk ««til 
:=, & iriiuai «ii KM « 
, k. come' j un, nu . ..^...^.^ 

:, ft. raetioN de ArMfcr ef»- 

CoacreKaiee, a. ajmaUopr, m. 
CoBcrcte, •> epu cjrti ow, camgmlmiSem, t 

—I v^ Jk m. nminUer, m coofmler 
C «iou Ktt l T, adr. dTvite MaitMrv eoncrHe 

•, & CCAOrrtMMI, COmjMM*/>0fl, 

CoBcmzTv, adj. eomgvlmnt, 9 
OBocrcrJic, a. auteretion, f, 
CoBcubinace, a. oofirtiAiMuv, m. 
CoBcnbiiiCf Si eaneubine, f. 
Conciuaar* ra.y^i«r oau jiMf 
Coocnlfafion, s. raetion de finnier aur 
piedg, 1. tut, L 

OJbcapiKenoe, s. conevptjeaiee, eojteot- 
CoBc npbu etty adj. tensuel, le 
Coocnpiscmcial, adj. reiati/ d la ameu- 

CoacapeadMe. adj. coneupuriblt 
CoDcnr, TM. omcvifn'r, eonvenir 
Conc of re n ce, CoocuncncT* *• < 

rgwc f, eomeottrs, coiueHtement, rap- 

poft, no* 
Concoixcnt, s. eonetrmm/, eompAitetir, 
— , adj. concurrent, e [m. 

Coocascon, s. «en>uMf , eracfion» f. 

— of the biaini eontre-coup, m. 
Omciusive, adj. agitant, e ; qui Anutle 
Condemn, va. co'ndamner, Cldmer, re- 

Coodemnable, adj. eowiamnablt 
Candemnationt s. eondamnation, t. 
Coodannatorj, m^. fatal, e 
Condemner. s. centeur,frondeur, m. 
Condensable, a-ij. qui peut etre ccndenti 
Condensate, Condense, adj. condense, e 

— Ta. &m. condenMr, ae condenser 
Condenser, s. eondeneateur, m. 
Condensicjr, s. density, f. 
Condeacend. vn. condeecendre, daigner 
CondeKxndence, s. condeaMndanee, f. 
Condescendingly, adv. obligeamment 
Condeaoension, s. oondatcendonee, f. 
Condescensive, adj. eomplaitantt e 
Condign, adj. proportionni, e; miriUt « 
Condignly, adv. aelon le mirite 
Condignness, s. merite, m. 
Condiment, s. aetaisonnement, m. 
Condite, va. eonfire, aseaieonner 
Coodidon, s. condition, t, dtat, m. 

— t vtufiUre un aoenrd 

Conditional, adj. conditUmna, le,' hypo- 

Condidonality, 1. limitation, t 
Conditionally, adv. conditionnelleTnent 
Conditionary, adj. aHpuU,^ 
CondJtIonate, adf. condmonnel, to 
— > yo» C(mditUfnntr 

CoBditioBedi, «dt- tondtttjenml, 9 
Condol e, vs. fc vn. mremire IMff, iUil> 

dflt c em pli mena de condoleimBe 
C nmln i rmmt , a. peine, qgUeti»»,t 
CoDdolenoe, s. CDMdolmiie«, t 
Condolg, a. eefoi fad Jbit dee «■«* 

Co n do ti a n ou, s> panuHf m. 
Co w dace, vn. eonfHftaMr, ao 
• Cand n ribie, adj. ufite, aBaiiteM««,iNl 
' rondwihlenew, s. titilitS, t, 
' Oondadve, adj. utUe, primre 
Ooodudveneas. a. utikti, i, 
Cooduec, s. amduiie, f., pneUitm, 
— ■ va. eonduire, mener 
Condnecitioas, adi. eimagi, e 
Coodnccor, a, eottdueteur, pmwleimmt 
'. ConductRSB, 8. conductrieet t \9k 
Conduit, a. conduit, canal, m. 
, CoDdupUeation, s. dotMe, ol, i e/Km 
I ture,t 
Cone, a. edne, m. 
Conftkbulate, vn. i^entretenir 
. Confabulation, s. entretien, m. 
Conf a hMl ato r y, adj. de conMraatioii 
ConfiBcc, s. confiture, t» 
— , va. eonfire 

Confection, s. eonfieetion, confiture, t 
Canfeetiooer, s. canfieeur, eonfiturier, Vk 
ConfiederacT, s. confederation, ligue,e9' 

bale, aUianee, f. 
Con f e d erate, va. & vn. ee liguer, MN 

— , adi. cor\fifdM, e 
— s, ailida, m. pL 

Confederation, s. ligue, ffd&atiea, t 
Confer, va. &»fgrer, revitiriidbe^ 

Conftrence, s. cor\ferenee, t, peu tpf^ 

ler, m. 
ConfioTer, s. cdui qui eonfire 
Confess, va. confeseer, avouer 
Confessedly, adv. ouoertemefU 
Conftsskm, s. eonfeseion, t, osw* &; 

to go to —, alter se conf^uer oa dflM^ 

Confessional, Confesaionary, i. emiti' 

eional, m. 
Cfmfessor, s. eonfeeseur, m. 
Confest, adj. Mdent, e ; avoni, 9 
Confidant, s. cor^dent, e t ami, 9 
Confide, vn. ee Jier d, ee repeeer mr, 

Confidence, s, eonfianee, hardieeee, t 
Confident, adj> eilr,et aeeur^,et etr> 

tain, et hardi, et rieolu, e; ^wH, tt 

qui a de eonfianee en, quieefied 
Confidently, adv. ftardiment, pe ureH^ 

Confidentncss, a. hardieeee, t. 
Configuration, s. eonfigwhtioH, £» «»■ 

peet, m. 
Configure, Ta./>rni0r 
Confine* s, limite,fronti^re, f. 
— , va. & vn. eonfiner, modtrer, reittiltr, 

— oncsdf , M 6omer 
CoDfindesi. adj. Ulimit^, « 






CDinelT, ulv. mstiiJiriBiHM 

"— ^t, i o,r]^!';..,;r!'™^M*. 

haSitrr. AobcMr omfm 




', ■. tolonie, wiufadff, t 

«.'rvn™'ur'^, Mioi-in-. FBHTlr, 

lib, mdi. baii-. 

Comli, •> hW'^i "^ ! ""ir or ham 
mnli. ytTjJr ito i nm-amli. It crb 

^, mdv. avrewrimcnlt A ui i j j ff l— * 
CacH off, t. dijtiUf, entuf, £ 

Co^™,'W S w 

— out, «arf (r, pnr^Jrfl, pr 




lUlJllir. f. mutabiiai, i. [I 

^mj«iy. ■- CHV^wnfff. t ! [o keep — > 
- af 4^p, ^fjv^u^ if fJtt mJw^U", lii> 
:o]npiirablE, ■^HPMparuUfr 

dr^jU'v to tow rfa 
Sanntiinllt, iill. Din)>ili>>iiilii, I 

C^piS^ir! >. atmiiaUiilUi. Hi 

Onnildlatile, til. nWraijpia^le, t?i^ 
Odop^liukHii a. OHMrosAft jfuvr, «f 


Cam[it>f, vaJ aini;4liir, rt 

Comptila, vq. ^AfAdrv, «f f^/olMdi 
CoiDpkluDE, ul;, d'n/j^a'fimlj r i 

— boiit, rcjrt if AllijMira, m. 

e«M sii 


CoDHrt, L Dfldrf. HI., tvmphmle, f. 

ConpHiln'IXj vlvp w woif deeoaeautiM 
Concllllte v*. Mi^fer, TOHW 




€k>Doordanoe« t. concordance, f. 
Conoordant, a4j« ^ PuniMon, conforma 
CoDOordate^ s. concordat t tuxord, m. 
Conoorporal, adj. du m6me corp» 
Conoorporate, va. unir en un settl eorpe 
Concorporation, s. union en uneevleotytt 
Concourse, s. concours, m. [eemole 

Concremation, a. taction de brtUer en- 
Concrement, u concrAion, tmion, f. 
Concrescence, t. assemblage, m. 
Concrete, s. concrAion. coagttiation, t 
— , adj. concret, ite; fig^, e 
— , va. & vn. coaguler, se coaguler 
Concretely, adv. d'une maniSre concrete 
Concretenesc, a. coctfculrUion, f. 
Concretion, a. concretion, composition, 

t, mAange, m. 
Concretive, adj. coagulant, e 
Concreture, s. concretion, f. 
Concubinage, s. concubinage, m. 
Concubine, a. concubine, f. 
COnculcate, yh. fouler awt pieds 
Conculcation, a. Faction de Jbuler hux 
pieds f f. [tise, f. 

Concupiscence, a. concupiscence, eonwH- 
Concupiscent^ adj. sensuel, le 
Concupiscential, adj. reto^i/d la concu- 

Concupiscible, adj. concupiscible 
Concur, va. concourir, convenir 
Concurrence, Concurrency, a. concur- 
rence, concours, consentement, rap- 
Concurrent, s. concurrent, compdtiteftr, 
— , adj. concurrent, e [va. 

Concussion, s. secousse, exaction, f. 

— of the brain, contrecoup, m. 
Concussive, adj. agitant, e ; qui ^jranJe 
Condemn, va. cohdamner, uldmer, re- 

Condemnable, adj. condamnable 
Condemnation, s. condamnation, f. 
Condemnatory, adj. fatal, e 
Condemner, s. cenaeur, frondeur, m. 
Condensable, adj. qui peut itre condensi 
Condensate, Condense, a4j« condense, e 

— va. &vn. condenser, se condenser 
Condenser, s. condensateur, nu 
Condensity, s. density, f. 
Condescend, vn. condescendre, daigner 
Condescendence, s. condescendance, f. 
Condescendingly, adv. obligeamment 
Condescension, s. condescendance, f. 
Condescensive, adj. comjAaisant, e 
Condign, adj. proportionni, ei m^iti, e 
Condignly, adv. selon le mirUe 
Condign ness, s. merite, m. 
Condiment, s. assaisonnement, m. 
Condite, va. eonfire, assaisonner 
Condition, a. condition, f., Aat, m. 

— , vn. faire un accord 

Conditional, adj. conditionnel, le; hypo- 

Conditionality, a. limitation, f. 
Conditionally, adv. conditionnellement 
Conditionary, adj. stipul(f,,e 
Conditionate, a4). conditionnel, le 
—> vn, conditionner 


Conditioned, a4i* conditUmiti, « 
Condole, va. & vn. prendre paii, jUrt. 

dee complimene de eowhlitmoe 
Condolement, n. peine, <ifffiictien,t 
Condolence, s. eondolianee, t 
Condoler, a. eelui qui fait dm 

Condonatioa, %. pardon, m. 
Conduce, vn. contribuer, servit 
Condttcible, adj. utile, a v a nt a g mu,i 
Conducibleness, n. utiUt^, f. 
Conducive, adj. ttf ife. prhmre 
Condudveneas, a. utilwi, f. 
Conduct, a. conduit, f., proeUitVU 
— » va. conduire, mener 
Conductitious, adi. er^fogi, e 
Conductor, a. cotuzucfeur. pom 
Conductress, a. conductrice, t 
Conduit, a. conduit, canal, va. 
Conduplication, a. dotMe, m., 

tare, f. 
Cone, a. c&ne, m. 
Confabulate, vn. e^entretenir 
Confabulation, a. entretien, va. 
Confabulatory, adj. de co ne weatkn 
Confect, SL confiture, f. 
— , va. eonfire 

Confection, a. confection, confiture, t 
Confectioner, a. eonfiiseur, eonjuurter, m, 
Confederacy, a. coufideration, Ugue,€eF 

bale, alltance, f. 
Confederate, va. & vn. w liguer, tm» 

—, adi. coinfidMt e 
—%, wlids, m. pL 

Confederation, s. ligue, fSddratietut 
Confer, va. & vn.conf(frer, revitir,ieicilt 

Conference, s. conference, t., 

ler, m. 
Conferrer, s. celul qui eonfire 
Confess, va. confesser, avouer 
Confessedly, adv. ouvertement 
Confession, s. confession, t, a _ 

to go to—, allersecor^fueeroaiem' 

Confessional, Confeasionar7, a. eiN^k** 

Confessor, s. confesseur, m. 
Confest, adj. ivident, e ; avoni, e 
Confidant, s. confident, e ; ami, e 
Confide, vn. se fier d, se repoeer wr, 

Confidence, a. eonfianee, hardiesee, t 
Confident, adj. sHr, et a»suri,et cer- 
tain, e; hardi, et rdsolu, e; ejS^reiti^,et 

qui a de eonfianee en, qui sefiei 
Confidently, adv. hardiment, powmt- 

Confidentneas, a. hardiesee, f. 
Configuration, s. configtaraticnt t, m* 

pect, nu 
Configure, viufinmer 
Confine, a. limite, firontiire, f. 
— , va. & vn. corner, mod&er, : 

-~ oneaelf, se bomer 
ConftnelcM, a4j. illimit^t e 


Ccuigcitj VI. omiHW, tnlatur 
Voaga6t,U, Wj. fluf JW" '!■' a 

CoBilSilt, 'It 'wnJKiBT 
ConsHclnHon, i cmgrtortml. f. 

L'ongalulMlcil)', Mi. ^fijj^^V^ 

Ek, mlj. a«l " fmljif"' 
don, fl. r<A((Bn(m» r. 
, M. ritaitT, ""A*^^ 

jolnl, AdJ'f^'^iMr 

CnnJugBlJon. » 

CDnjuaniiTiri *dv. mnjoin/fttier'l 
CoDjunKlJ, WIv'cB'^foinM™'"' 




Connaturally, adv. naturellement 

Connect, vii. se lin; a'uuir 

('onnectively, adv. en connexion 

Conncx, va. /iff/*, unir 

Connexion, s. liaison, connexiottf f. 

Connexive, adj. unismint, e 

ConnivuuLv, s. connivence, f. 

Connive, va. & vn. conniver, distimtUer, 
toUrer, faire ncmblnnt de ne pa$ voir 

Connobseur, .«. connoitseur, m. 

Connotate, Connote, va.«/^//»/?tfr, impli- 
quer, ren/trmer ^tioti, f. 

Connotation, s. ttifrp'ficotion, impiica- 

Connuliial, adj. t'onjuf^al, e 

Conquer, va. & vn. conquirir, vaincre, 

Conquerable, adj. domptaUe 

Conqueror, i. vaiuqueur, conqu&ant, no. 

Conquest, s. conquete, f. 

Consanguineous, adj. contanguint e 

Consanifuinitjr, s. consanguinity, f. 

Consarcinaiion, s. rapufcetage, m. 

Conscience, ». con»:ience, f. 

Conicientiuu5, adj. consciencieux, eutes 
fquitable, qui a de la conscience 

Concientiously, adv. consciencieusement 

ConsdenCiousness, t. equiti, t. 

CoDsciunahle, adj. raisonnable, juste 

Coniicionableness, s. justice, raison, t. 

Conscionably, adv. equitablement 

Conscious, adj. seiunole / to be — , savoir 

Consciously, ad\'. sciemment, pitr per- 
suasion intd-ieure, a bon escient 

Consciousness, s. sentiment int^ieur, m. 

Conscript^ s. & aiij. consent, in. 

Conscription, s. conscription, {., enrole- 
ment, in. 

Consecrate, adj. consncr^, e; devoue, e 

— , va. consacrer, devouer 

Consecrater, s. consecrateur, m. 

Consecration, s. consccrtuion, f. 

— of a bistiop, SQcre, ni. 

Con«ectary, s. corollaire, m. 

— • adj. citnst'quent, e; qui r^ulte de 

Consecution, s. succession, f. 

Consecutive, adj. i-onstcutif, ive ; qui 
succidr, qui suit 

Consecutively, adw cons^utiv-^ment 

Conseminatc, vu. semer en meme temps 

Consension, s. accord, in., convenance, f. 

Consent, s. eonsentement, aveu, m. 

— , vn. cotisentir, agrier 

Consentaneous, adj. conforme 

Consentaneously, adv. conJiirmAnent 

Consentaneousness, s. confomtite, t 

Consentient, a4j. consentant, e 

Consequence, a. conscience, suite, im- 
portance, f., ejfet, m. 

Consequent, s. cons^uent, m., suite, f. 

— , adj. consi'quent, e; qui suit 

Consequential, adj. consecutif, ive 

Consequentially, adv. consecutivement, 

Consequeiitialnes>-, a. suite, f. 

Consequently, adv. par consequent 

Consequentness, a. conscience, f. 

ConaervaVle, s^. de garde 
CmucrvAocy, $. contervation, U \ 

ConsenTitlony i. conMnmtion, £ 
Conservative, s. partisan 

coutumes, to. 
—, adj. priservatif, iv«t vdukpmmir 

de conserver 
Conservator, a. con»erv<Ueur, trie§ 
Conservatory, a. conaeroatoin, m. 
— , adj. conservatoire 
Conaen'e, s. conserve, f., ewfiturthtjiL 
— , va. conserver, confirm 
Conser^'er, s. pr^parateur de CMiiirMf 
Consider, \-a. coneidirer, examinar,amlr 

^gard, sonifer, m repruentet, rfcwi- 

naitre, esttmer 
Considerable, adj. considerable 
Considerablencss, s. intportattet, t 
Considerably, adv. consid^ubkmimt 
Con&iderance, s. rxjiexion, t 
Considerate, adj. diacret, «/ pruitHtfi 
ConsKierately, adv. discrctement 
Considerateneu, s. discretion, r^fkatrnk 

attention, prudence, f. 
Consideration, u cttnsideratiom, CMMb 

rdcompence, f., egard, m. 
Considerer, a. examinateur, n. 
Consign, va. & vn. consigner t timmit 

donner a, conjier, dilvouer 
Consignment, Consignation, a. eemlf'^ 

tion, f., acte de consignation 
Consiniitar, adj. ressembiant, e 
Con.sist, vn. consister, s'acoorder 
Consistence, s. consistance, f. 
Consist, iicy, s. ctmsistance, oor^fiirmlUt 

compatibility, f., rapport , va. 
Consistent, adj. conjbrme, compaHkHi 

plausible, J'erme, constant, e 
Consistently, adv. consequemmeni, ctn^ 

Consistoiial, adj. consistvrial, e 
Consistory, s. consistoire, m. 
Consociate, s. associe, complice, m* 
— , va. & vn. associer, s'eusfjcier 
Consociation, a. association, t, 
Consolable, aid j. conaolable 
Cnnsolate, va. consoler, adoueir 
Consolation, a. coneolation, f,, 

ment, m. 
Consoler, Consolator, a. consolatem^ m> 
Consolatory, adj. consotant, e 
Consolv-, s. console, f., corbeau, n* 
— , va. suulager, consoler 
Consolidate, ^-a. & vn. consoHder, rt^fis^ 

mir, rejoindte, se eonsolider, mt r«> 

joindre, se rt^ff'-rmir 
Consolidation, s. consolidation, oonjomB' 

tion, reunion, f. 
Consonance, Consonancy, *. eonam 

nance, hnrmonie, rime, eo^j^rmM, 

convenance, f., rapport, m. 
Consonant, a. consonne, t 
— , adj. conforme, convenable, daeeofi 
Consonantly, adv. conformAnent 
Consonantness, a. conformity, f. 
Consonoua, adj. consonnata, et kMt^ 

nonieux, euse 
Consort, a. compagnon, m., ^potuot t 
— , va. & vn. ^aesoeier, accuntpm/mer 



nrufifntkin. ampin- 

Irainl^, itfng, 1. 


iiDtod,>di.iaMlf(',>/ nr 

idj. mUWotili. di 


DnBinKuWlr, ^^^SirtM, I, 

uDUulriui.'iidj. unfrsin^ tfUkM 
ontnriouijy, ulv. au cwi^vwa 

QDErVlnlV, ><lV' BV/fWilBlf 

DDIilbuurv, adj- fribtttaiM 

CMtiaJkioril)', ulv. J 


:oN S17 cop 

t i-our -, vuukf Rxi. 


— who kn^ u HUn«-bcuk4j M/MftfHf, 

Lcnay, adv rii HiBg-/H>U 


C^kipi, a4j. Bopieuit BHnt rlehe, oteft- 

l^orki, idj. <li IbM 

nailU f. 

CofTHllUlDn. L wnfvi iff roippw 

Ccniipiln, u 

^ounlnldur, i, imitiOcvT, Di« ' — 

CounicrEifillEi f. N 


CrabbnUrTadT. durim 

"mblwlDat, L Kama 

of ttjie, tnigalUe, t 

MtlnB-p.'uw """' """" ^' 

-rukir, 1. pAofd, m., pupUlau, L 
Cncklg, vi! jl&Utr, dOrtplHr ' 

Craft;, adj. nu', !; mbvit, s ' 
'^n^, I, tve^n-, roc, f/tffHon dbcfdt I 

plir, rartrir, jfercii- 

•nc, L VRH, t., ilpMim, m. 
meVliill, 1. 6« itofTW, m. 

lijittalialil, ii^mt, 1 

Cridnl, I. (rillcn. luAuurM, HmfHmHn, 

IminillV, iilv, cTiiKiIii4cmin( 
ImteiLin, i. criiat, m, talvulM, mi- 
s/ianceit, f. 

Imp, ^.fraple, cauanl, a 

Cilppli, L Inipcilatri t! pirelui, li 

■:ilp^r™, I HatStnifotinia, nu 
JHaEa, ■. erirtt Ci v^-t. m. 

CHulni-iiln, >. Ara/rlMr, a 

OrWc, ■.•fMou.omkw d 
CrWMl, dt). crilini, dwirm 
CrMcMllT. adT. d & rlnMW 
CtHlnlnca. ^j>r^j<m, mc 

Gnccoui. vlj. iowjftiuuniUn 
CiDcksT, & fvCn^4 £ 
tlnmlllt, •. awndUi, m. 
Cmr^ >. ptl& cJoi, ebmin, m. 
GiwH, 1. tiWUaAMMt, (. 

aripfal, ^.aorgft « ; it 


Cravliciw. I. arbalilr, 'l. 

Onijwl^ I. tnttfaii, t. 

lUc, vlj. mHfw. Irirli 

iolrtirMU,'^. •mpartm.t'! fiiSS', 

.■unior, i.nini(«ir,»«F«™,m. 
.'ui 0, 1 iigupmiHF, Arlsli, C.jWrt, n 

CON 314 CON 

Gfrnna, m. hpr, unfr 

— ^- rcrtfirmtr ' 

CwutuulaLlr. I- ecu 
GoimmiiALkin, h rH 

CfluduHMc, 14). nlKwnaMs jw^ 
CoanVuily, ihlv. Kicijvnfmr, mt >*( 


Oaaiuvable, w^, d 

fbb, w^p dff /utrdt 


■iin^f IblAI^ t, rapprirt, m 

DnpftHifr , Adr. cOf^fnnABHiM -rf 


■ih'. par rirtilmrt tt. I 
B, I. eMftiicc, rnwnmA, ( 

imti-ainttr itf»i, f- 

ton, f. <wm0ittaritlati 

ItDtnilJ, ndv. nwc mrtsjJiHIoli 






Daylabourer, t. Joumalier, ouvrier, tra- 

eailleur, m. 
Daylight, ■. dnrte du jour, t 
DKjr-ichoUTy a. extente, ntf. 
Dajripring, i. naiasatiee defauroret t 
DajBUr, %. tetoile du matin, f. 
Dasle, va. eblonii", briller 
Deacon, t. aiac -e, in. 
Deaconeu, ». diaitmesae, f. 
Deaconry, £>eaco:i.<hip, s. diaeonat, m. 
Dead, i.un tmrt, m., Iw marts, in. pL 
— , adj. mort,e/ pf«aut,e; lourd, e; 

events, e : enffourdi, e ; Idche 

— blnck, poulie a nuxfue, f. 

— calm, calme plat, m. 

— coal, charbon eteint, m. 

— colour, couieur tana vivaciti 

— door, porte de rechange, f. 

— eve, cap de mouton, m. 

— l^hts, fitux aabords, m. pi. 

— sleep, profnnd summeil, m. 

— time of the night, silence de la nuitf m. 

— time of the year, mwte saiton, f. 

— wail, murailleisolee, f. 

— water, eau crouptsaante, f. 
Deaden, va. & vtu amortir, aseoupir, 

Dead-lift, s. lourd fardeau, m., peine 

extrfyne, t. i 

Deul-reckoninfr, s. estimation du lieu 

oil ae trouve un vnissfou, f. 
Deadly, adj. mortel, le / terrible 
—, adv. mortellement 
Deadness, s. amortissement,abattement. 
Deaf, adj. gourd, e f m. ' 

Deafen, va. & vii. assourdir, rendre sourd 
Deafly, adv. sourdement 
Deafness, s. aurditt', f. 
Deal, 8. donne, main, f., sapin, m. ; a 

great — , beaucoup 
— , va- & vn. trajiquer, en agir, traiter, 

donner, distribtter, faire; to — in, ] 

/iiire commerce de ; to — with, lutter, \ 

Dealer, s. n^gociant, marchand, vn. 
Deambulation, s. promenade, f. 
Deambiilatnry, adj. de promenctde 
Dean, s. dot/en, primider, m. 
Deanery, Deanship, s. doyermi, m. 
Dear, adj. cher, ire i chcri, e 
— , adv. cher, beauatup 
Dear-bought, adj. coutetts, euse 
Dearly, adv. cherement, teudrement 
Dearness, s. cherti, tendresse, f. 
Deatth, s. diaette, cherte, f. 
Death, s. m<trt, f., tr^a, m. 
Death-b(^, s. agonie, f. 'Ore 

Deathful, adj. mortel, le ; meurtrier. 
Deathless, adj. immortel, le 
Deathlike, adj. immobile, Mhargique 
Deathsman, s. bourreau, m. 
Death-watch, s. grillon, tn. 
Debar, vbl. etclure, priver 
Debark, va. d^iarquer 
Debase, va. avilir, abaisaer, falsifier, 

Debasement, s. avilissement, m. 
Debater, t, ceiui oa eelle qui avilil 

DebauUe, adi. disputable 

Debate, s. dispute, querOe, cmiA« 

verse, t, dibat, m. 
— , va. & vn. disputer, diseuter, ifilil 

Dehateful, adj. eoiU«ntie%u, euse 
Debatement, «. discussion, t 
Debater, s. disputeur, m. 
Debauch, s. dtimuehe, f., exe^, m. 
—, va. debaucher, corrompre 
Debauchee, s. Uhertin, e 
Debaucher, s. dfbitueheur, m. 
Debauchery, s. libertinage, m. 
Debauchment, s. «u6orNa6oji, C 
Debenture, s. deb^t m., ddtentitre, i 
Debile, adj. dilbUe, fiiible 
Debiliute, \-a. eiffniblir, inenter 
Debilitation, s. qffttMissement, m, 
Debilitjr, s. dOtiliti, faMesse, (. 
Debonair, adj. ddbonnaire, hoimit9$ ft 

vil, e ; gut, e 
Debonairly, adv. avee siwtpKeitt, MM 

Debt, s. dette, £, deeply in — 


Debtor, s. dA>iteur, reliquak^re, ■> 
Decade, s. decade, t. 
Decadence, Decadency, s. d/eadenet, C 
Decalogue, s. decalogue, m. 
Decamp, vn. eUcamper, se retirer 
Decampment, s. decampement, la 
Decant, va. transvaser, verser 
Decanter, s.Jiacon, car«^fe, f. 
Decapitate, va. decapiter, tranthet 
Decay, 8. dMin, reldchement, m^ ^ 

trissure, decadence, ruine, f.; torn 

into — , dep&ir, tomber dans to ir 

— , vn. dechoir, diminuer, s'abatn^ 

etre mal dans ses ajfuires, s'nset, n 

eillir, se gdter, sejietrir, seternir 
Detease, s. di'cis, ni., mort, f. 
— , vn. decMer, mourir 
Deceit, s.fraude, imposture, f. 
Deceitful, adj. frauduleux, euse i IrMi 

peur, euse 
Di-ceitfully, tidv./rauduleusement 
Deceitfulness, s. d^ejttion, trompertti' 
Deceivable, adj. deixvable, ftwwj M W 
Deceive, va. tromper, abuser [em 
Deceiver, s. trompeur,euse ; f9Wrb»tm 
December, s. Lkrembre, m. 
Decemvirate, a. dcvemoirat, m. 
Decency, s. bietiseatice, decence, f. 
Decennial, adj. decennial, e; dedism 
Decent, adj. bienseant, e; decent, « 
Dei«ntly, adv. decemment, conemuM 

Deceptibility, s. simplicity, i. 
Deceptible, adj. decevable, trun^pm 

Deception, s. tromperie, frauds, £ 
Decepcious, Deceptury, adj. tronatu 

euse [eu 

Deceptive, adj. dfceptif, ive t Ir bw i p wi 
Decerpt, adj. extrait, e ; enlepi, e 
Decerption, a. enlivement, va., 

tian, t 

ti^rlomgr, hamnffUcr 

hMpli. nit! -It^nplt, diijtii (■. 

'ujier, ■- dt^motoiir, in. 



Drior.nilj, •. dmy^UI, lo««n-, f. 
Bflftudtfi fc^yrw , frampflirt m. 

DvAiocdoii, k nurt, r. 
Defv, ™. iffitr, bratrr 

dfiinquaul, t. m\ I rf^me. m 

PHT, lUj.™ 

>«iul. Adj. itntat, 

rhpeitlWc. lilj. rtnacl. Jjuoitf, * 

R.Drpiivtnicr.LdffHiiiJiinoi, DepuUUnil, »■ lUfUtiillim, f. 
7.'" "' • ■• " : o^,,\ 'i^iUaur, ^£S|^ 


DwtnbD, 1. 1 , .. 

gSiow lilt, nH). iMptiiiUr, JmntiU 

pqMR, v». drtVorw, lnm"nttr 
Deplorer, h «mJ fHJ i^Mh«, m- 
Dffaav, «■■. dfpoKTt Jj^anr 

DcpivnLWn, L dfjmrtatit 

DBpodtdrT,.^ rlfr^aillalnr, ryptf'^w'V, m. 
Depniv, vt rffwaHT, ^fr 
Ttcpaitr. 1. OBTTiptlur, m. 

rliiso, ■ iw<iHrla, OMHH, 

JMpnhmi, VL prendra, ntrprtitdrtt tl- 

0I« *n OBT 

iAn,ia.piiwlhlH,£ DetDDate» AeunUc* ?bJMv« d'tppfi 

K. d^fHptlrt ntlnMve,tAi-tnMijnrtl,r;HiffHt 


o(r,'rj«w'r.'m., f*icftffi I 

IHapSmic. D^ihuniu, uLj top 

nurlKH, LiHiIiTMt.ti/tlu m. 
IHUT, li^iumiil, m., ^KMB 
^bbk, t. planalr, m., iwvMIh 

pja^ai, I. cornM, m. 

raiitAi>ii,>.aicA!t,r.,>r<(n m. 

noun, a, dkMUiir, Ouf. m. 
PhmonU^niaum, I. dldonir 
IHclinuiT, •. iNeHmnsIrt, m. 
ifitutic, SMictIa]. id}. dlifiicMtll 
Ilillpper, I. AWnu, L, shmaaai m. 1 



tt, M mtt rf to— npoiu 

MN0^ MtwiUm M» 


r> •/ CnofUfMfVfila • 


iOa^, diamtlvtmt, di- 

t rmpport au dmi^ 
,01 trotAUft 

4«i a la vue trombU 
MfMJon, f. \»Um» 

gid marTHtf /«* dlman- 

ni* ditftifitutt d^CTottrt 
iv, de numiire d «folUrt 

Imlntftton, f. 
mintttif, m. 
ft ive; ehetif, ivet petite 
Iv. chHivement [« 

1. petiteue, t 
litsitire, m. 
triU, stupidUi, f. 



Hn de Juuettes, de pe- 

m, tapage, m. 
fairs du bruit 

/Mssert hoasuer, faire 

i-don, dreiin, ton imita- 
§ cioches, m. 

erewt, m. 
ir.e; eomhre 
Kuie A manger, f. 

dtn^t in* 

leure de diner, t. 
fue qtu laieae un coup, 


. Enumeration, t, 



:nc, adi. dioptrique, f. 
n, indinaieon, t 
engager, tromper 
iur, m. 
ime, to., charte, t 
»,muei fitness 

Olnc^ M|)i dbrwct, § / dnitf § 
■~> vs. tt TB* dinget', rnjywiWf 

trer,MtMMre, riiiler,gim9tmtr,Jbir§ 


— a letter, adresaer mm Mint 
IMicctioD, udireetion, eonduitt, imtirua 

Hon, r^ ordre, gieement, n. 

— of a letter, adreaee, t 
DIrecdve, adj. 9U< dirige, mamtre 
Dlrectlf, adv. <t finatmnt, ew h champ, 

en droite tigne 

— against, riri^rif 
IMrectnctt, s. reetiHtde, drotiure, t 
DIreecor, s. direetntr, eh^, m. 
Directory, s. direetoire, m.,finmite, t 
Diiefol, a4j' affreaa, emmt kornble, 

cruet, let inhumakn, § 
Dirnos, i. herreur, crumuti, t 
IMreficioa, >• pUlage, e ^ixag e wMwi , m. 
Dime, a dkofU en AoniMtir dun mart. 
Dirk, a dague, f., poignard, m. rm. 
Dirt, a boiM, aaleti, ordure, eroUe, € 
—f va oalir, eouiilor, tdeher, erotter 
Dirtiljr, adv. ealeme$tt, indigne mmtt 
DirtineM, a eolM^, baeeeaee, t, 
Oirtjr, aiO* eale, tdiOte, erotti, e / hoe, m 
—, va. ealir, enM«r,JUtrir 
DiaabiUty, a incapaieUi, t, 
Diwble, va. rendre inoapalblle 

— a ship, dAenparer 
Diaabuae, va. detabueer 
Disaccommodation, a non proration 
Disaccustom, va. ditaeoutumer 
Disacqu&intnnce, a otd>li, m. 
Disadvanta^, s. diaavantage, m. 
Disadvantageous, adj* dHavantageua, 

Disadvantagcously, adv. d^vantageuee- 

Disadvantageousness, a ddsavantage, to., 

ineomnuxiitE, f. 
Disaffect, va. deaapprouver, inditpoaer 
Disaffected, adj. malintentionnE, e; nU- 

content, e 
Disaffectedly, adv. en malintentionnd 
Disaffectedness, Disaffiection, s. mauvaiee 

intention, diloyauti, t 
Disaffirmance, a rtfutation, t. 
Disafforest, va. outfrir une Jbrit, yper- 

cer une route pour la eommoditfpur 

Disagree, vn. dUeonvenir, ee brouiller 
Disagreeable, adj. dieagrMAe, diegrac^ 

eujf, euse 
Disagreeableness, a ddaagr^ent, m.,op- 

Disagreeably, adv. dhagriablemont 
Disagreement, s. eontrariiti, antipathie, 

brouiUerie, f. 
Disallow, va. & vn. ddtapprouoer 
Disallowable, adj. HUgitime 
Disallowance, a d^fimee, t, 
Disanimation, a morff t,, d^eeurage- 

ment, to* 
Disannul, va. annuUer, (Aroger . 
Disannulment, a a6ro/ralfoti, & 
Disappear, vn. dAtparaure 




Disappoinc, vm. Jriutrert manquer d« 

peunoie, eontrarier i to — hopes, from- 

per let esptroffet 
Duappointnieiit, a. matntuement de pa- 
rule, eontt-etemps, m., traoerae, f. 
Di&appnibacion, ». di'taveu, m. 
Diuipprui-e, va. & vn. desapprouver 
Dlisarm, \a. dt-aarmer, dter lea armea 
Disarray, \ii. depouiller, d^ahabiUer 
Disaster, s. dearuftre, reoera, m. 
— , va. riiiner, ajfii^t r 
Disastrous, aii^yjunetie, ruineux, euae 
Disastrously, a.d\'./uneatement 
Disastnmsness, s. difatutre, m. 
Disauthorixe, va. decrMiter 
Disavouch, Disavow, va. dfaavouer, nier 
Disavowal, Disa\t>winenc, s. deaavtu, tn. 
Disband, va. & vn. liceneiert cwtgidier, 

ae a^parer 
Disbarx, va. & vn. dibarquer 
Disbelief, a incndiUit^, t. 
Disbelieve, va. ne paa cruire 
Disbelie\'er, a incredule 
Disbench, va. chaaaer de aon aWge 
Disbranch, va. cbrancher, a^parer 
Disburden, va. dfcharger, alietrer 
Disburse, va. dt bouraer, d^penaer 
Disbursement, h dd>ouraementt m* 
Disbur»er, s. celui qui debouraet m. 
Di.^calctrHted, adj. dJehauaa^t e 
Disualceation, a dLchauaaement, m. 
Discandy, vn.Jbudre, ae diaaoudre 
Discani, va. cott/fidier, Axirter 
Discarnate, adj. d.'charn^, e 
Disease, va. di'pouiller, d^nhabiller 
Discern, \*a. diavemtr, dim&er 
Discemer, s. celui qui diaceme, no. 
Discernible, adj. perceptible, viaible 
Discemibleness, s. perceptibility, f. 
Diacernibly, adv. viaiblement 
Discerning, aij. Mair^, e: judicieur. 
Discerningly, htlv. finement [euae 

Discernment, s. discememerU, m. 
Discerp, va. briner, a^parer 
Discerptibility, t. frafHUt^t t 
jyxKcrpiWAt, ail'y fixtgUe, af parable [m. 
Di'Cerption, s. rupture, f., oMtiremeut, 
Discharge, s. dMieurge, abaoluHon, f., 

congf, tflargia^ement, m. 
— of a debt, quittance, f. 
— , va. discharger, acquitter, congHier, 

reldcher, exempter, expMier, ae Jeter ,• 

to — a gun, tirer un canon 
Discharger, a celui qui ddeharge, con- 

gMie, acquitte, reldche 
Dtscind, va. couper, diviaer 
Disdple, it. diaciple, ^Uve, m. 
— , va. former dea (Uvea 
Discipleship, s. Fitat d'un diaciple, dTun 
Disciplinable, adj. diaciplinable [d^e 
Disciplinarian, s. celui qui praacrtt dea \ 
— . adj. qui regarde la diacipi^e [r^glea . 
Disciplinary, a^j* q^i regardt rUduea- • 

tion, la tUacipJine \ 

Discipline, s. diaciptine, rif^e, inatniC' 

tion, f., ordre, gftuvemement, m. | 
--^ va. diacipiiner, inatrttire Iconnt^tre 
JXatiaim, va. nnoneer, ddaavinurt m^ 1 

IMsdaimer, i. celvi qui i 
i avoue, m. 
Disclose, \-a. r^vfler, d Marer , dAl» 

vriTt dioulguer, ouvrir, pmbUtr 
— , vn. bourgeonner 
Discloaer, a celui qui rMU, m. 
Disc.oiure, s. revdtititm, dtcoanerU, t 
Discoloiation, s. dec<Uomtio»t t 
Discolour, va. temir,Jletrir,i" 

Discomdr, s. d^fiiire, nuttre tn < 
Discomfit, Discomfiture, a deftiftb# 
Discomfhit, s. offiietiM, f. IrMti^C 
— , va. affiiger, aUattre, d^aolar 
Disciimturtabie, adj. affiigetatit * 
' Discommend, va. blamer, inturmmar 
Discommendable, adj. bldnnma 
Discommendableneas, s./faMte, L vktiWt, 
Diifcommendatiun, a bldmet m^ ia 

bation, f. 
Discommender, s. cenaevr, i 
Discommode, va. incttmmodar 
Discommodious, adj. inivmmada,it . 
Discompose, va. dcrttttger \Pi^i9 

Discomposure, a riArangement, m> 

— of mind, d^aordre, m. 
Disconcert, va. di'eoncerter, ti tMt r 
Discontormity, a irr^ulariti, £ 
Disc- ngruity, a inamgruiti, t 
Disconsolate, adj. inconaoUMe,iUllt9 
Disconsitlately, adv. triatement 
Disconsolaceness, a afflietion, t 
Discontent, a nhcontentemnnt, i*M*'* 
— , va. m^contenter, deplaire v^ 
— , adj. micontent, e; inqttiet, iHt 
Discontented, adj. Hi.'eonterU,« 

— pHrty, lea mt'contenr, m. pL j 
Discontentedly, adv. dcontreeeattTtlKK 

ennui, avec chagrin J^ 

Di>contentodness, s. chagrin, iD.,f4M% 
Discontentment, a m^conteiUenieiittB> 
Discontinuance, a ceaaation, t. 
Discontinuation, a diacontinuatiaa,h 
Discontinue, va. & vn. diaeontinuar 
Discontinuity, k. ai!paration, t 
Disconvenience, s. tnconvenaneat t 
Discord, a discorde, diaaonanee, t 
— , vn. duicorder, etre diacordant ^ 
Discordance, Discordancy, a btvufflfm 

f., deaaccord, m. 
Discordant, adj. diacordani, 9 
— voice, voix qui diftunne, f. 
Discordantly, adv. &mtradiet oirem i 
Discount, a escompte, rabaia, m. 
— , va. & vn. eacompter, dMuira 
Discountenance, »./i-oideyr, t. 
— , va. dAwitenancer, d^xttrager 
Discountenancer, a celui qui dt 

Discourage, va. d^eourager, nibadtttl§ 

poaer, intimider, rfprimer 
Discourafcemetit, a drcoMmjgviMiift 

vantage, vn. 
Discourager, a celui qui d A 'om r mft , U> 
Discouraging, ac^. deeou r agmuut §t M 

butant, e 
Discourse, a diacoura, profwt, tr^tfp^ 

tretien, m., converaatUmt t 


Dtibgbiirr «-L d^rifvm', dp'/j^ni 

A. frJiuCiDn dt JVdM- 

NvkiVj, H. Ain»««% ^ 


— , pt iigo&l^, Aa^t*r, 9mt4im flt 
D^uilful, adj. dVudtsix, i 
dUmLdui, I, 


wmiir, K nfulciil iMamam 
- -TBtu t. Jmpniititiitjm, r. 




Disinterestedly, adv. sans passion 
DUlnvice, va. contremanaer 
Diiioiiif va. dejjoindre, diviser [brer 
Disioint, va. d?mettre, dMoquer, dAnem- 
Disjunct, adj. di joint, e t stfpar^, e 
Disjunction, s. disjonction, separation, f. 
Disjunctive, adj. dif^onctif, ive 
Disiunctively, adv. Si^rernent 
Disk, s. dis(iue, m. 
Diskindness, s. mcUhonnitetit f. 
Dislike, s. aversion , f., d^tfoiU, m. 
— , va. desapprouver, bldmer; to — some 

one, ftalr quelqu'un 
Dislikeness, s. difference, f. 
Disliker, s. celuiqui dtfsapprouve 
Dlslimn, va. <(jffhcer, difpetndre 
Dislocate, va. disUtquer, dfynettre 
Dislocation, s. dislocation, f. 
Diskxige, va. & vn. dtlloger, chasser 

— a camp, d^camper 

— a staff, lancfr un cerf 
Disloyal, adj. ddoyal, e t infidile 
Disloyally, adv. deloyalemeut 
Disloyalty, s. d^loyattt^, trahison, f. 
Dismal, adj. off reus, euse ; terrible 
Dismally, adv. hideiuement, qffreuse- 

Dismalness, s. horreur, tristesse, f. 
Dismantle, va. dimanteler 
Dismask, va. ddmasquer, dicouvrir 
Dismay, s. terreur, ^pouvante, f. 
— , va. epouvanter, Conner 
Dbmayedness, s. ^uvante, Jrayew, t, 

dA»ura/rement, m. 
Dismember, va. dfynembrer 
Dismiss, va. renvoyer, congSdier, r^pu- 

dier, divorcer 
Dismission, a. congf, renvoi, m. Itfi^ue 
Dismortgage, va. degager <fw)e hypo- 
Dismount, va. & vn. dfynoiiter, desar- 

fonner, descendre, mettre pied a terre 
Disnatured, adj. dMaturd, e 
Disobedienee, s. d^sobHssance, f. 
Disobedient, adj. d^fsobAssant, e 
Disobey, va. disobHr, transgresser 
Disobligation, s. dfplaisir, m. 
Disoblige, va. dfyobliger, desservir 
Disobliging, adj. d^sobligeant, e 
Disobligingly, adv. diswHgeamment 
Disobligingness, s. maniires dures, f. pi. 
Disorder, s. d^sordre* trouble, embarras, 

mal, m., cor{fUsion, maladie, f. 
— , va. dAraquer, dirigler, d&anger, 

diconcerter, fOeher, inquQter, alt^er 
Disordered, adj. dir^gli, e; con/us, e; 

disordonni, e; derange, e 
Disorderly, adj. dir^i, e; eonfus, e s 

dirangi, e i irr^^wier, iire 
—f adv. confusement 
Disordinate, adj. disordonni, es dime- 

swri,ei escessif,ive 
Dlsordinately, adv. ddsordonnAnent 
Disown, va. disavouer, nier, micon" 
Disparage, va. dSpriser, avilir [naitre 
DisiNuagement, i. honte, t., avilissement, 
Diiparager, s. cehri qui avilit fm. 

Disparity, s. inigdOU, t 
Dlqwrk/ v«. iter lee paUeeadeefun pare 

Dispart, va. diviser, siparer en dees 
Dispassbu, i. calme de Fdme, m. 
Dispassionate, adj. modM, es catiM 
Dispel, va. disperser, diss^per 
Dispensanr, s. apothicttirerie, t 
Dispensation, s. dispensoHon, ii^uM , 

Di.Npensator, Dispenser, s. dispenseteUTi 
Dispensatory, s. pharmaoop^, t [trite 
Dispense, va. distribuer, aispenstr, e^ 

empter ; to — with, se paster d$ 
Dispeople, va. dfpeupler, ravager 
Disperge, va. repandre, arroser 
Dispene, va. disperser, repandre 
Dispersedly, adv. ca et Id 
Dispersedness, s. dispersion, t 
Disperser, s. celui qui disperse, stmeer, 
Dispersion, s. dispersion, f. fA 

Dispirit, va. d^courager, abattre 
Dispiritedness, s. abattement, m. 
Displace, va. depletcer, deranger,iUrw 
Displacency, a. incivility, f. [MVM 
Displant, va. arracher, dManter 
Displantation, s. extirpation, f. 
Display, s. exposition, explieiUion,ti^ 

make a — , fairs parade 
— , va. d^ployer, diplier, Aendre, Set" 

jfir, expliquer, esposer, diclarer 
Displeasant, adj. disagriable 
Displease, va. aej^ire, nufcontenUr 
Displeasingness, s. queUU^ diphttsante,^ 
Displeasure, s. cUplaisir, m., disgriee, £ 
Displode, va. & vn. disperser aveeidtt 
Displosion, s. ^lat, m., explositm, t 
Disport, s. divertissement, m. 
— , va. &. vn. divertir, se divertir 
Disposal, s. disposition, f. 
Dispose, va. disposer, preparer, raWB[' 

arranger, ordonner, donner, venin 

— of a house, louer 

— of one's time, emplojfer 
Disposer, s. dispensateur, trice 
Disposition, s. disposition, inclinatitiii,U 

ordre, penchant, talent, dessein, Bk 

— of body, itcU de la sant/, m. 
Dispositive, adj. dispositif, ive 
Dispossess, va. & vn. dipossMer, dittVlf^ 

per, disabuser, priver 
Disposure, s. posture, eonduite, t 
Dispraise, s. bldme, m., censure, t 
—f va. bldmer, censurer, critiquer 
Dispraiser, s. critique, eenseur, m. 
Dispraisingly, adv. avee mdpris 
Dispread, vn. s'dtendre, se repandre 
Disproof, s. r^fittatUm, caractire, m. 
Disproportion, s. disproportion, t 
—, va. mal assortir, dimroportUmner 
Disproportionable, «dj. inigal, e 
Disproportionableness, Disproportkmate' 

ness, 8. disproportion, f. 
Disproportionably, adv. in^^alemeiii 
Disproportional, DisproportionatCf a^i* 

disproportionnd, e 
Disprove, va. r^fStter, eomtredire 
Disprover, i. eenseur. eontradictem, m. 
Dispunistiable, a4J. libre, qui ne peut 

DispuUble* a4i* <U4>uto&fo 

IIS 337 

anncudir, adv. jbUmini, tmflut- 
— otctte'llii'ndi/iiHlit. 




Distrain » va. aaiair, extraire 
Distrainer, t. celui qui tai»lt 
Distraint, s. taisie, f., arrit, m. 
Distress, s miaire, dftreaset taisie^ f. 
— , va. affliger, riduire d tetroit [euM 
Distre«ktul, adj. miserabte, maiheureux, 
I^tribute* va. dUtribuer, pcurtagert d6- 

DUtribution, s. distrihuHaHt t, partaget 
Distributi\ e, adj. dittributift ive rm. 
Distributively, a<iv. distributivement 
District, 8. diatrictt d^partement, m. 
Distrust, 8. mtfiance, u, aoupfon, va. 
— , va. h. vn. aoupfonner, m mcfier 
Distrustful, adj. toupfonneux, etue 
Distrustfully, adv. avee soupfon 
Distrustfulness, s. $oupfon, man^e de 

confiance, m. 
Disturb, va. troubler, interrompre 
Disturbance, s. trvtible, tumulte, ddrifgle- 

mentt m., emeute, f. ; puiitical —, r6- 

volutiont f. 
Disturber, s. pertur^xxteur, trice 
Disunion, s. cUtunUm. ditcorde, t. 
Disunite, va. & vn. dirunir, te bnmiller 
Disunity, s. disunion, separation, f. 
Disuse, s. disaccoutumance, f. 
— oneself, vr. se dtfsaccoutumer 
Disvouch, va. d^savousr, contredhre 
Ditch, s.jlbssi, erewc, m. 
— , va. fossoyer, creussr 
Ditcher, s. fossoyeur, on. 
Ditbyrambic, s. dithyrambiqtte, m. 
Dittied, adj. mts en musique 
Ditty, s. chansonnette, chanson, f. 
Diuretic, adj. diurAique 
Diurnal, i^. journal, in., gazette, f. 
— f adj. joumalier. Ore t diume 
Diurnally, uAv. journellement 
Diuturniiy , s. continuitc', constanee,lon- 

^ueur en durie, f. 
Divan, s. divan, m. 

Divaricate, va. & vn. s^rer, se s^rer 
Divarication, a. separation [en deux 
Dive, va. plonger, sonder, approfimdir 
Diver, s. ptongeur, piongeon, m. 
Diverge, vn. dioerger, s eloigner 
Divergent, adi. divergent, e [eura 

Divers, adj. divers, diffirent, e; plusi- 
Diversiflcation, s. changement, m. 
Diversify, va. diversijier, changer 
Diversion, s. diversion, t., divertisse- 
ment, passe-temps, in. 
Diversity," s. diversity, vari^ti, t 
Diversely, adv. Siversement 
Divert, va. divertir, rejouir, r^crder, de- 

toumer, diatraire, passer d 
Diverter, s. celui qui distrait 
Divertise, va. divertir, amuser, r^Jouir 
Di\'ertisetnent, s. diner tissement, m. 
Divertive, adj. divertissant, e 
Divest, va. divHir,' depttuiller 
Divescure, s. dtfvetissement, m. 
Divide, va. & vn. diviser, se diviser 
Dividend, s. nart, f., dividende, m. 
Divider, s. disiributeur, diviseur, m. 
Dividual, adj. diois^, e 
DiviMtion, g. divination, prMieCion,t. 

Divine, adj. divin, 0/ «tf6/iiw 

— \irtues, vertus f^'o/nfofot 
— , va. denner, prAtire 
Dinnely, adv. (ttvinement 
Divineneas, s. tfualite divine 
Diviner, s. devin, soreier, m. 
Divinity, s. divinite, thivlogie, t. 
Divisibility, Divisibleiiess, s. ditHMUb 
Divisible, adj. divisible, eepanMs K 
Division, s. division, disewd», t,JMuk, 
Divisor, s. diviseur, m. Xoft 
Divorce, s. divorce, to., a^porodaRf t 
— , va. separer, divorcer, repudier 
Divorcement, s. repudiation, f. 
Divorcer, s. qui rmudie 

Divulge, va. divufy^uer, puMlei* 

Divuiger, a, celui qui dUvtUgut 

Divulftinn, s. divulsion, vitienet, t 

Diz.'n, va. parer, couvrir, orner 

D.zzard, s. be nit, sot, m. 

Dizziness, s. vertige, etoitrdisseMlHt,Vk 

Dizzy, adj. vertigineus, euse 

—, va. donner des vertiges 

Do, va.^ire, agir, reussir, renin 

— again, rejhire,^ire une seconds Jim 

— away, dter, tiffacer 

— off, difaire, tirer, 6ter 

— right, se bien comporter 

— up, plier, empaqueter 

— wrong, se mat comporter 
Docible, adj. docile, traitabh 
Dociblenrss, s. ditcUite, aptituis,t 
Docile, adj. docile, suupTe 
Docility, s. docilitr, obeisaanee, f. 
Dock, 8. bassin, trousaequeue, DA.; »> 

— , forme, f., chuntier, m. 
— , va. ecour, ecourter 

— a bhip, radouber 

Dock -herb, s. sorte d'oseiUe, t 
Dock-tail, s. queue, f. 
Dock-yard, s. arsenal de marine, tDi 
Docket, s. etiquette, f., abregi, m. 
— , va. etiqueter, marquer 
Doctor, s. docteur, medecin, m. 

— of diviiiitv, docteur en theohgie 

— of laws, docteur en droit 

— of physic, docteur en medeeiM 
—, va. medeciner, nu!dicamentef 
Doctoral, adj. doctoral, e 
Doctorally, adv. en docteur 
Doctorship, s. doctorat, m. 
Doctrinal, adj. instruct if, itte 
Doctrine, s. doctrine, t, dogme, v:L,ft 

ceptes, m. pL 
Document, s. precepts, documentp m* 
Dodge, \-n. biaiser, chicaner, efitr 
Doe, s. daine, lapine, f. 
Doer, s.faiaeur, euse 
Doff, va*. (itKT, tirer, depouiUer 
DoK, 8. chien, m. ; \o\'e me, love mj - 

qui m'aime, aime mon chien t to I 
to the —8, se ruiner .• to «iye to d 
—s, Jeter aus chiens 

— or band-iron, chenet, m. 

— of iron, a'ampon defer 
Dog briar, s. e^lantier, va. 
Dog-«heap, adj. d vH pris 



I, fc tk tH J L m. 
i^ Ap»I» omiM* 



Jr. air.AwMMnauMMnl 

,1 — „ 

1. mt m t nai m dr^pu, t. 

emletflf^ £, i» gramitkUn 

Uddut, Ok 

fthttrttt m* 

■41 . Aw cofiMM ttii dUm 

. eomouiUer, m. 

Libttv. ID., aetimtt t ; gnat 
rAmUmineeat £ pL 

trwuHon, portion, largeMOt 
J pr^aentt don, ehagrin, m. 
ter, distribuer 
\. trUtet luffubr* 
idv. dolemment, tritiement 
, a. tritteue, f. 
idj. tombre, triste, lugvbn 
, adv. trUtement 
t», s. triatetse, t, 
pie, eatin, f. 
£tofe. f. 

ou/etir, f., t^grin, m. 
dj. douloureux, ettae 
dauphin, bourrelet da mdt, 
it, aot, tn., buae, f. [m. 

. bite, etupide, lourd, a 
domaine, putrimoine, nu 
me, m., eoupola, f. 
I. domeatiaua, aerviteur, m., 
leroanta, t 

eiUcal, adj. domeatique, de 
i, ra. appriaeiaer 
a4}. ditminant, a 
rn. duminer, pr^wiMr 
\, a. domination, t, pouveir, 
a. dominateur, m. f m. 

rn. dominer, rifeantar 
adj. dominical, a 
a. domintUion, autoriti, f., 
"tat, m. 

taieur, don, m. 
re, donner,Jtiire priaant 
. dwHition, f., don, m. 
. largeaM, donation, U 
|. tope, Sv conaana 

Donor, i. ia n w t am ; triea 

Doodk, a. baguefumHar,jacriaa9, m. 

Doen, a. aaananaa, t, mrrH, m. 

— , vm. dieriter, eondanmer 

Doomsday, a. lejourdujtumment, m. 

Doomaday^iook, t. la grind amiaMre, m. 

Door, & ^orto. anCiVv, t, yowBn». m. ; 
Bocc — to, priada,dcdti4ai within 
—a, dona la maiaont out of --i^aaf 

Doorcase, a. Maerfo, t, ^u um b rmn l a, jau 

Doorkarper, a. porUer, aadaae, m. 

-"OlM prison, guiekatter, m. 

Doqoat, s. btUet da gnrantie, m. 

Doric, a. la dialeete datrUpte, m. 

— , adj. doHmte, dorian 

D<innant, adi. dormant, e 

Dormer-windoir, a. lueama, t 

Do r mitor y , a dnrtoir, nu 

Dorraooae, a. Mr, m. 

Dom, a. rate, f. 

Dorr, a. eacarbot, bourdon, m. 

Dorad, Durscr, a. paniar, mamtequkh 

Dose, s. doae, jiHaa, t £ia. 

— , ra. dosar, proportionnar 

Dossil, a. eompreaaa, charpie, t. 

Dot, a. point, m. 

—, va. pointitter, painter 

Dotace, a. rt^Mrie, aottiae, ft, radMiyw* 

daJre, diraiaonnement, va. 
Dotal, a4j< dota/, a; 9w< appartient d to 
Dotard, a. rodofrur, barbtm, m. [do^ 
Dote, vn. raduter, extravaguer 
— upon, paaaionniment, aimer d lajblie 
Doter, 8. radoteur, m. 
Doiinglf , adv. d la falie, axtratragami' 

ment, iperdument,follement 
Dottard, a. arbra nain, m. 
Double, a. double, pit, repli, doublon, 

artifice, tour, m., copie, ruae, f. 
— , adj. double, trompeur, euae; faux, 

Jituase; traitre, traUreaae 
—, va. doubter, vlier, rifkter, chicaner 
—, vn. devenir double, biaiaer, diaaimu- 

ter, employer la ruae ou tartijice 
—, adv. doublement 
Double-biting, adj. d deux tranehana 
Double-buttoned, adj. boutonni d deux 

range, t^i a deut range de boutona 
Double-chin, s. double menton 
Double-dealer, a. trompeur, fiturbe, m. 
Double^ealin^, a. diaaimukUion, hypo- 

eriaie, dupltciti, f. 
Double-dye, va. teindre dntxfbia 
Double-handed, adj. qui a deux maina 
Double lock, va.fermer d double tour 
Double-meaning, a. ambiguitd, f., un 

double entendre, m. 
Double-minded, adj. faux,fiiuaaai tromr 

peur, euae; diasimutf, at Jburbe 
Doubleneaa, a. duptieUi, f. 
Double-tongued, adj. menteur, auae 
Doublet, a. pourpoint, doublet, m. 
Doubloon, a. doubbm, m. 
Doubly, adv. doublement 
Doubt, a. doute, acrupule, m. 
— , va. & vn. douter, aoupfonner 
Doubter, a, criui qui dottCa 




Donbcftal, a41> doutetur, «mm 
Doobtftiliy, adr. omc doutt 
Doabtfulnen, a. doute, m.* incertihide, 
Doabdnglyi adv. dtnOeutement [£ 

Doabtlen* adv. aofw doute 
— « a4}* 9M< M^ aaiM crainte 
Doubtknly, adv. auur^ment, indtM- 

Doo^, t. pdttf m. 

Douf htjr, a^J. brave, iStutre, rmomnt^ 
I>>aghy, adj. pdteua, mue 
Douae» va. plonger, larguer 
Dove* I. eUombe, f.» pigvMt, m. 
Dovecot, a. ooltanbier, pigeoimier, m. 
Dovchoaae, a. eolomhier, m* 
Doveeail, a. igueue dtaronde, f. 
Dofvager, a. da/uairiire, t 
Dowdy, $./fro9Mgarui,t 
Dower, Dowerr, a. dowtire, xn., dot, f. 
Dowered, a^. mti, e s <n»i a un duuaire 
Dowlaa, a. cro«M toUe, f. 
Down. I. duvet, eoton, m. 
— , a plaint pknne, f. 

— va. abaiMer, nibjuguer 

—, adv. d terre, en baa ; up and — , fd 

et Idi to ffo — , paa$eri — with it, 

av€Uez cela / — from, depuie 
—, interj. has/ dhaa! 
—, prep, enbaa, dane, vera le boat to go 

— the hill, deacendre la colline 
Downcast, adj. abaiaai, e / ab<ittu, e 
Downfall a. chUte, f., bouieveraement, 

trAuchement, renveraement, m. 
Downfallen, adj. tomb^, e 
Downhill, a. pente, declivity, inclinai- 

aon, deacente, f., penchant, m. 
— , aiU. indini, e i qui va en descendant 
Downlook, a. regard mome, m. 
Downlooked, ad), triate, abattu, e 
Downlying, a. Fheure du coucher 
— , ady. en travail dCenfiintement 
Downright, adj. franc, franche : mani- 

fiate, palpable, Mdent, e 
— , adv. droit en Ixia, ouvertement 
Downa, a. pL dunea, f. pL 
Downaitting, a. repoa, coucher, m., tac 

tion de ae repoaer ou de a'asaeoir 
Downward, adj. penchant, e 
•—, Downwarda, adv. en baa 
Downy, adj.-cotonn«ttr, euae 

— beard, poiiJbUet, m. 

Dowae, a. miom\fte, f., aouffiet, m. 

Dozology, a. doxologie, f. 

Doxy, a. eatin, donzeue, t 

Doie, vn. aommeUler, a^oupir 

Di»en, a. douzaine, f. 

Doiincaa, a. aaaoujpiaaement, m. 

Dosy, ad^. aaaoupt, e: engourdi, e 

Drab, a. groa drop, m., guenipe, catin, f. 

Drachm, a. dragme, f. 

Draff, a. lavure, rinfure, f., rebut, m. 

Drafly, adj. a€Ue, vilain, e 

Ung, a. crochet, harpon, m., drague, t 

— , va. trainer, dragtter 

— tor ofitcn, picher dea huitrea 
Drag-net, a. tratoeau, tramaU, m. 
^«lgoman, a. drogman, m. 


Dngonet, •> ptHt drugettt n. 
Dnigonian, aaj. «n/brim de ia 
Dnwon-like, ac^. eamme vn dhVM 

rteu9,eu»es violent ^e 
Dragonablood, a. «afi|r M tfnvBNb a 
Dragoon, a. dragon, n* 
— , vn. dragonner 
DrMoonade, a. dua g DWfi ai to, £ 
Dnun, a. trantStie, t,, dgoitf, ol 
— , va. archer, aakner, ^;outter 
Drainable, aty. qu'on peut ig a ntH r 
Dralce, a. oonora, m.; docnaad' 

child'a ganoe), riooduia, m. |L 
Dram, a. dragme, drachma, t» 

— of brandy, peHt coup, m. 
Drama, a. drame, m. 
Dramatic, Dramatical, adj. drmm 
DramaticaUy, adv. en dnme 
Dramatiat, a. auteur on peite ^ 
Draper, a. drapier, m. [Mf 
Drapery, a. drapene, t.,/Mlkge,t 
Draught, a. Paction de boire, tf 

deaaein, j^an, crajfon, taUeoib 
trait, m., copie, ibauehe, eafm 

— of a ahip, tirant, m. 

— of drink, coup, trait, m. 

— of fiahea, priae, f. 

— of acalea, aurpoida, m. 

— of aoldiers, detachement, m. 

— on a banker, bon, m. 
Draught-board, a. damier, m. 
Draught- horse, a. cheval de traiU, B 
Draughthouse, a. cloaque, m. 
Draughts, s. pL traina, m. pL, dn 
Draughtsman, s. fleaainateur, m. 
Draw, va. & vn. tirer, trainer, ei 

arracher, digainer, deaainer, i 
aerrer, ae retirer, travancer 

— a bow, courber ou plier un arc 

— a bridge, lever un pont 

— a circle, tracer un cercle 

— a fowl, vider une volaille 

— again, retirer, retraeer 

— along, trainer 

— a pond, a^her un Aang 

— aaunder, aiparer, diviaer 

— a aword, une epie ntte 

— away, dter, enlever, dAoumer, 
tir, diatraire, eUiiner 

— back, reculer, retirer 

— breath, reapirer, prendre MUk 

— forth or o|tt, fatre aortir 

— forward, attirer 

— game, partie reniiae 

— in, attirer, gcwner 

— near to an end, ftnir, approdu 

— nigh, a'approcher 

— off dregs, purifier, raffineir 

— on, conduire, ^approeher, Ht 

— out in length, itenare 

— out the time, gagner du tew^ 
ner en lor^ueur 

— teeth, arracher dea denta 

— to a head, c^utir, auppwrer 

— to an issue, terminer, finir, <M 

— together, aaaembler, reaaerrer 

— up, tirer un haut, puiaer 
\ -> u^ an army, ronftfr wiM 

til, m-t dr^, dr^c^u, t 
mml, ajttttement, Ita 

- off nr «(. ilKtS** 

DrinU^ J*™^yjJ"'* tin, m. 
Dripping, ».«T«tn»,t' UhM 

/brer, piAir, anucr; - ■ hoIk. ffc^il^ 

ihS°^*«_<J*«. ^w;^ ^^ 




DrowdnetBf >. auoupUtement, au, pa- 

re»$e, indolence^ f. 
Drowsy, adj. tusoupi, e; endormi, e 
Drowsy-head, s. petanteur, pareas9, f. 
Drub, va. romer, battre, Aritler 
Drudge, s. »o^jS^re douleur, eadave, m. 
— , vn. M p«iner, traoaiiler fortement 
Drudger, s. hnmme de peinti, m. 
Dradgery, s. baasesse, peine, f. 
Drudgingly, adv. lalHtriewiement 
Drug, s. drogue, f., rebuti m. 
— , va. droff%ter 

Drugget, s. droguet, m., breltiche, f. 
Druggist, 8. druf(uutet m. 
Drum« s. tambouTf m., caUse, f. 

— of the ear, titmpan, ta. 
— k vn, htUtre le tambour 
Dmmble, vn. lamhiner,fainMnter 
Drum-major, s. tambour major, m. 
Drum-nuucer, s. faieeur de tambour* 
Drummer, s. tambour, m. 
Drum-sticks, s. barnetteit, f. pL 
Drum-string^, s. ttmbre, m. pL 
Drunk, adj. tore, Hiivri, e 
Drunkard, s. ivrogne, eeae 
Drunken, a ij. tore, bnehique 
Drunkenly, adv. en ivrogne 
Drunkenness, s. ivrognerie, t. 

Dry, adj. »ec, sicfie, aride, tari, es al- 
t^ri, e ; avare, chiche, rt'tero/, e 

— ^oods, marchandiaea fines, f. pL 

— jest, raUlerie piquante, f., lardon, m. 
^land« terreferme, f. 

— , va. & vn. etcher, devenir see 

— up, dessdcher, tarir 

— up one's tears, esmtyer see larmee 
Dryeyed, a^j. insensible 

Drynune, s. nourrice qui ne fait point 

titer, garde, sevreuse, f. 
— >, va. nourrir un ef{/iaint aans te /aire 

titer, aevrer 
Dryshod, adj. pied sec 
Dual, a. duet, m., deus personnes ou 

deux choses 
Dub, s. coup, m. 
— , va. crier, /aire, armor un chevaHer, 

conjurer qnelque digniti 
Dubious, aoj. douteux, euee 
Dubiously, adv. douteusemeni 
Dubiousness, s. incertitude, f. 
Ducal, adj. ducal, e 
Ducat, 8. ducat, m. 
Duchess, s. duchesse, t. 
Duchy, s. duchi, m. 
Duck, s. canard, ricochet, m., cane, toile 

d voile, f. 
— , va. & vn. plonfter, donner la cole 
Ducker, s. piongeur, m. 
Dttck-hunurig, s. chasse aux canards, t. 
Ducking, s. cale. Faction de pioneer, f. 
Ducking-stool, s. cage d plonjrer, f. 
Duck-legged, adj. d courtes jambfts 
Duckling, s. caneton, m., canette, f. 
Duckmeat, s. lentille sauvage, f. 
Duckweed, s. lentiUe de maraia, f. 
Duct, s. conduit, passage, m. 
Ductile, adj. ductUe, suuple 
DuetiUty, Ductiknm, i. duetUitit 1 

Dudgeon, t. rancune, petite dagm,i 

take in — , prendre mat 
Due, s. droit, m., dsffe, f. 
— , aiij. convenable, dd, e 
—, ailv. dUment, convemMemeni 
Duel, s. duel, m. 
—, va. & vn. se battre en dud 
Duellist, Dueller, s. duelli^e, m. 
Duenna, s. duegne, gouvernante, t 
Dug, s. mamelTe, t, traifon, m. 
Duke, 8. due, m. 
Dukedom, s. duchi, ra. 
Dulcet, adj. doux, douce; harmetim. 

euse ; agriable 
Dulcification, s. odoucissement,m. 
Dulcify, va. dutdfier, adoucir 
Dulcimvr, s. tympanon, m. 
Dulcorate, va. idulcorer 
Dulcoration, a. idulcortUion, t. 
Dull, adj. stupide, fiide, mome, trU 
Idche, insensible, hebiti, e; Air, < 
imorissi, e ; charvi, e : languim» 
es pensif, ive; lent,ef huri,i 

— in colour, sombre, char^i, e 

— in sound, sourd, e 

— of apprehension, ayant une or^hi 

— of hearing, qui entend dur f^M 
— , va. Mbiter, eblouir, temir, q^iiM 

engourdir, salir, gdter, ratetdif 
Dullarrl, s. buford, va. 
DuUbrained, adj. stupide, lourd, i 
Dulleyed, adj. qui ale regard triiU 
Dullbeafl, s. lourdaud, m. 
Dullheaded, adi. sot, te: stupide 
DuUsighted, adj. vuefaible 
Dulltrading, ailj. peu de nigoci 
Dulness, s. stupiditi, paresse, bititli* 

gligence, f., engourdis8emeHt,in. 
Duly, adv. dtLment, pncisiment 
Dumb, adj. muet, te t sileneieus, Mi 
Dumbly, adv. d la muette, sanspefh 
Dumbness, s. silence, mutisme, o^ 
Dumb-show, s. sigties, m. pi. 
Dumfound, va. confundre, rendrtwn 
Dump, s. chagrin, m., tristesse, t 
Dumpish, adj. fdcA^', e/ mome 
Dumpling, s. echaudi d fang^Aett B 

pdte bouillie, f. 
Dun, s. criancier importun, m. 
— , va. impurtuner, prfsser 
— , adj. obscurbrun, aumbre 
Dunce, s. benit, sot, te 
Dung, t.fUmiet, m.,fiente, t 
— , va. engraisser, fUmer 
Dung cart, a. tombereau, m. 
Dungeon, s. cachot, m., prison, t» 
Dunghill, s./ymt^, m. 
— , adj. sale, ignoble, tfil, e 
Dutigy, adj. t)oueux, euse; bos, 99 
Dung-yard, s. ba-se-cour, t. 
Dunner, s. ercancier, importun, m. 
Duodecimo, s. in douze, m. 
Dupe, s. dupe, victime, f. 
— , va. duper, tromper 
Duplicate, s. doublft, duplicata, m. 
— , va. doublt^, plier en dottble 
— , adj. double, double, e 
DuQllc&tion, s. duplication, t, pH, 0) 




Eullr. idr, «icllIiiH»(.atjAB«il 
Eut, •■ / mi, fj riwr, Inaiw, m. 

^TiL njhitr, rffiuier, dt 

.1. AliMHH,IIIIlAM.t 

cnl. ■dj, lU^ninil, a 



UiwUD^t. roMiun <t tf nr, f. 

U.t.nvBflthi'. ""'""•* 
Eil-pgiu, t. batiHt. btit, matrUt, I. 
g^^ *4j|^^ J-ufMifur 
££^^^Mu! 6IIIU, Db pL 

WiiUm, wl), bidSnci. Jan i>^ 
Bntaual. ad). <^M. puiunnr, 9 

Esrvlf t. ii^TzttBtjunetlt, t 
Kirrinl, 1. gni^'H, mtIh anui 
Elgbl, ndj: AHU. m. 

-W-, *L fhiU^. rniiMillltr, p ^ J k n llm 
Abonul)'. i^T. mve (am, «> nalb 

to, ifffiSt*""' 

ElwH^ftiidJ^I pflU JDv aUi 
EluiKl,' EIuuh;^^ tdiutl i t 

E^I^'"Ei "*■ ^SI^"^'-^"?" 

mp^Acr rtfnbontffM/uktt uny 

ibluanrTi i' Pfj"f^^ 




• t 



fll0r IM MfWfVf T9nmf9 

jpl. earMMf, £ pL 

ndnaison, f. 

init «i tan* fin 


trpetuU^t r. 


plu8 iUrigni 



er, renter 

ifndatUm, f., tatentt m. ; 

t dn la nature 


tr^t eo%nffranee, f. 

rer, endurer, mn^JM^* 

tbout, perpendietilaire 

tnenUfue^ eigemreus, 
rietjbreett Itute 

erver, qjffkUMr 
fbUiUttkmt faMeete, t, 
■ver, nffhmir 
^iblir, Merver 
fitibtiwement, m. 
in/MatUm, t 

'cer^ ref^fbrceTi obtigerp 
9 eM^euter %m mrdre 

ret^furcementf iii.y vUh 
wvtraMe, f« 

KnftMJ Bl i iw^ via e/frottoliitf wfpnlftt^ M^ 
turmHtmr, ^Mertr if msmmuw [«• 
EnfhuBchlMincnt, •. fgJMmMmm mi^ 
SBBtftf Ts* eitgagwtf wtnt battUm 

— m, e'enifagmr 

— attendoii, iigrnjMi' f a ttantUm 
EagBwea mtt, M. mgagemem^ mmltimit 

Bu, proHWue, obU/imHeitt (• 

— (fight) eemhat, m.. bmfmU$, mMH & 
Engagliig, adj. wm i h— itf , « 
EiifpKil, ra. MijiruMU 
EofanisoD, ra. m e ttt 'e en ^ 
Engender, ra. fc vg. ewyy w 
Rnfendalngt t. ^irinflvneiit £ 
En^net s« fN06nflii#f ■•( i 

— (fire), jMOT^ a imeenditt m. ( JMWW 

— (maebinatioa), artifiee, etniattm^ 
Engineer* s. inginkmr, a. fa. 
Englnerf , a. «i^^^t £> 4M*» Ok 

England, i. Angleterre, £ 
English, a4j. ilMtote, e 

— langua«e, la tangue AngUdm 

— doth, drap d'Ang leter r e 
— , va. reiidfv an AngMe 

Englut, va. enf^atUlr, frorger, rwwpHr 
Engorge, va. & vn. aeakr, ee gorgtr 
Engrain, va. teltuire en eramom 
Engrapi^, vn. en venir mum maine 
Engrasp, va. eaieir, prendre 
Engrave, va. graeer, buriner, Unprimer 
Engraver, •. graveur, m* 
Engraving, a gravure, t 
Engrieve, va. vexer,fddter, ehagrhier 
Engross, va. grouoyert groeeir 

— (rnonopolise), aceaparer, enieeer 
Engruaser, s. ectpwto, monepoleur, aeea- 

pareur, m. 
Engrossment, s. monopolet m. 
Ennance, va. enchMr, augmenter 
Enhancement, s. enehirieeement, m. 
Enhancer, s. enehMeteur, m. 
Enhancing, s. encHMeeement, m. 
Enigma, s. inigme, f. 
Enigmatical, adj. Mgmatique 
Enigmatically, adv. migmatiquemeni 
Enigmatist, ujiiieeuraenigmee, va., eer- 

velle embrouUUe, f. 
Enjoin, va. etijoindre, preseHre 
Enjoinment, s. injonetlun^ f. 
Enjoy, va. jotttr, poetifder 

— onesdf, «e r^uir, ee dteertir 
Enjoyer, s. poemsseeur, m. 
Enioyment, t. jouiMeancet t. 
Enkindle, va. enjlammer, Mmmer 
Enlarge, va. & vn. Aargir, amp^fier, em- 

tendre, iitendre 
Enlargement, s. Oargisnment, n* 
Enlarger, s. amplifieateur, m» 
Enlight, Enlighten, va. iBumimr 
Enlightener, s. itluminatetir, m, 
Enlink, va. enehainer, Uer 
Enliven, va. igaw^Tt animer 
Enlivener. s. tout ee qui ^laife, teui €9 

qui rfjouU, qui anime 
EnuMsb, va. erUaeer, aitrmptr 




Enmicr« •. inimiti^t haine, f. 
Eiiiiobie» va. anoblir, ennt^Ur, Uhutrer 
Ennoblement, >. atuMitMement, m. 
Enodation, s. tolutitm, f., d^ouement, 
Enonnitjr, s. Atormit^, atrocity, t £uu 
Enormoudv, adv. inurm^ment 
Enough, adv. oMcfS. tt^ffimimmerU 

— and to spare, de reste 
Enrage, ^nujitire enrager, irriter 
Enrange, Eurank, va. ranger 
Enrapture, va. traruportrrdejoiet ravir 
Enravish,va. ravir, enchanter, charmer, 

trannorter en estate 
Enra^isoment, >. ravueement, m. 
Enrich, Ta. enriehir, embellir, omer 
Enrichment, s. enriehiserment, m. 
Enridge, va. Mionner, canneUer 
Enring, va. cercler, entourer 
Enripen, va. miirt'r, /aire murir, con- 

duire d la perfection 
Enrobe, va. habiller, vftir 
Enrol, va. enrdler, enregistrer 
Enroller, •. enrdeurt m. 
Enrolment, s. enrolem^nt, m. 
Enroot, va. enmciner 
Ennmnd, va. environner, entourer 
Ensample, >. exemple, nwdile, m. 
Enaanguine, va. eneanglanter 
Enicfacdule, va. inscrire 
Ensconce, yaujortifier, defiendre, couvrir 
Enaeam, va. coudre, ourler 
Ensear, va. cnut&iser 
Enshield, va. couvrir, prott'ger 
Enshrine, va. enjermer avec soin 
Ensign (officer), s. emeigne, m. 

— (badge), eigne, va., marque, f. 

— (flag), drapeau, m., eneeigne, f. 
Ensign-bearer, s. porte-drapeau, m. 
Enslave, va. fiiire esdave, aseujettir, 

aseervir, reduire en eervitude 
Enslavement, s. eeclava^e, m. 
Enslaver, s. despote, qui rend eselave 
Ensue, va. & vn. e'enauivre, poursuivre 
Ensure, va. assurer, prot^ger 
Entablature, Entablement, s. entable- 
Entail, s. substitution, f. [ment, m. 
— , va. substituer, tailler, p-aver 
Entame, va. dompter, subjuguer 
Entangle, va. embrouiUer, meter 
Entanglement, s. embrouillement, m. 
Entangler, s. celui qui embrouUle, m. 
Enter, va. & vn. entrer, enregistrer 

— a list, s'enrdler, s'engager 

— an action, intenter un proces 

— in the university, immatriculer 

— upon, prendre possession 

— (write down in a book), enregistrer 

— on, commencer 
fikitering, s. entrie, f. 

— ropes, tireveiUes, f. pL 
Enterparlance, s. conference, f. 
Entei^irise, s. entreprise, f. 

— va. entreprendre, tenter 
Enterpriser, s. entrepreneur, ettse 
Entertain, va. entretenirf recevoir, r6- 

galer. traiter, eoncevotr, amuser 
Entertainer, s. celui qui eunttee, qui en- 

Entertaining, a4j. amummt, » i 
Entertainingly, adv. agrAiblement 
Entertidnment, s. «n<rerien, eKcueO,, 

tin, pass0-t«mp§, m., partie <i0jitoW« 

comedie, reception, conversatiiit, t 
Enthrone, va. mettre sur le tr&ma 
Enthroning, s. intronisation, t 
Enthusiasm, s. etUhousiasme, va. 
Enthusiast, s. enthousiaste, m. 
Elnthusiastic, Enthusiaittica], a^j. ^m- 

thousiaste, Janatique 
Enthusiastically, adv. enjtmatique 
Entice, va. attirer, flatter, tromper [t 
Enticement, s. attrait, m., insttgi^iUit 
Enticer, s. flatteur, instigateur, m. 
Enticingly, adv. cPune manUre attn^ 

ante, a ravir, qui enehante 
I Entire, adj. entier. Ore s parfidt, i 
Entirely, adv. enticement 
Entireness, s. intigrit^, totality, t 
Entirety, s. totality, f., le tout, m. 
Entitle, va. intituler, mettre en droit 
Entity, s. entity, f., etre, m. 
Entoil, va. enlacer, attraper, jNundrv 

dans desjilets, embarrasser 
Entomb, va. enseaelir, enterrer 
Entrails, s. pL entrailles, f. pL 
Entrance, s. entr^, avenue, f-, chaHgh 

ment, commencement, passage, Dk 

— (fore-part of a ship), avant, m. 

— into society, admission, f. 

— into a nark, avenue, t. 

— into lire, dA)Ut, m. 
— , va. extasier __^ 
En trap, va. enlacer, attraper, sttrpremif* 
Entreat, va. supplier, discourir 
Entreaty, s. supplication, demandtft 
Entry, s. entrt-e, f., vestibule, pora^ 

— in a book, enregistremetit, m. f* 

— of the mass, introlt, ra. .a 

— upon an estate, possession, i. 
Entwine, va. entortiller 
Entwist, va. enlacer 
Enubilate, va. dissiper les nuages 
Enucleate, va. espliquer, Maircir 
Enucleation, s. explication, f. 
Enumerate, va. Mum&er, denombrer 
Enumeration, s. dnum&ation, tf dMh 

dMonU>rement, m. 
Enunciate, va. inoncer, dMarer 
Enundation, s. dnonciation, dMaroikfJi 
Enunciative, adj. Monciat^f, ive l* 
Envelop, va. envelopper, entourer 
Envelope, s. enveloppe, couverture, t 
Envenom, va. envenimer, empoiMKMt 
Enviable, adj. digne denvie 
Envier, s. qui porte envie FoMi 

Envious, adj. envieux, euses /aZoiff* 
£n\ious1y, adv. avec envie, par jaitfiuit 
Environ, va. environner, ceindre 
Environs, s. pi. environ*, m. pL 
Envoy, s. envoyi, ambassadeur, m* 

— of a ballot, envoi, m. 
Envy, 8. envie, Anulation, jaloudt, t 
— , va. & vn. envie, porter envie d 
Enwheel, va. entourer, foAre tm 

Enwomb, vn. filconder, ensevelir 

Bnksl, Id), ^lUnlipu 

uiufff, fitUn, m. 

E40IUME, wi], ^(<Hnwhi«M 

ejalntncc, •■ tqitlttlmt, n. 

EiraemtBt. i, rattiu, (JSfil«, A 
Bit, ajF. ohhT »«, bfuf A and 

bKMw, adv. BM j Mn m ii H i. A ya. « 
miriijut, a r^ pat hlifUmf 

Enimtlni.i. atKifahill, E.i MWBI 'l , m. 
Emdltiiw, I. ^nHlnron, Hnilnnirf, t 




Eacape, s. ^cation, fuite, faute» f. ; to 

make one's —, rMtappert to have a 

narrow — , F^happer belle 
— t va. & vn. Mtnpper, iaiter, fuirt ii- 

eftapper, ifenfuir 
Eichaiot, s. Mialotie, f. 
Etcbeat, s. auttaine, f., lpg»-cadue, no. 
— , \'a. Moir au seigneur 
Eschew, va./kiir, h>iter 
Escort, s. eecorte, frard''t f.* cofivof, m. 
— • va. eecorter, nceompasrtvr, conwyer 
Escritoire, s. (rrttotre, f., bureau t m. 
Esculent, adj. atmivtible, bottt ne 
Escutcheon, s. teuaaon, m. 
Espalier, a espalier, m. 
Especial, adj. ep^ial, e / principal, e 
Especially, adv. eptfciaJemetit, gurtout^ 

particuliirementt principalement 
Espial, 8. eepiofi, m. 
Esplanade, s. ftplanade, f* 
Espousal, adj. nuptial, e 
Espousals, s. ipouaaiUes, f. pL 
Espouse, va. /potuer, nuirier 
Espy, va. apercevoir, epier 
Esquire, a Scujfer, m. 
Essay, s. essai, m., epreuve, f. 
— , va. eetayer, tenter 
Essence, s. essence, t, esprit, parfum, m. 
— , vtL,parfumer, mettre de I'essence 
Essential, s. essentiel, m.. nature, t. 
— , a^j. essentiel, le t princiftal, e 
Essentially, adv. essentieUement 
Essoin, a excise lrt(itime en contumaee. 
Establish, va. HubUr, construire [f. 
Establisher, s. celui qui HtUtlit 
Establishment, s. AalAissement, qffer- 

missement, Hat fixe, in., (cole, f. 
Estate, s. Hat, rang, m., condition, f. 
— (portion), bien, ui., t^rrtf, i. 
Esteem, s. estime, considth-ation, f. 
— , va. estimer, respecter, honorer, con- 

aiderer, priaer, croire, regarder 
Esteemer, s. estimati'ur, m. 
Estimable, adj. estimable, di^ed'estime 
Estimableneu, s. quality estimable, f. 
Estimate, a estime, apprMation, f. ; to 

require or give an — , demander ou 

donner une I'valuation 
— , va. estimer, apprecier, priaer, cal- 

culer, compter, evaluer 
Estimation, s. estimation, HtaluatUm, f. 
Estimator, a appr/eiatetw, m. 
Estival, adj. qui est dt Hi 
Estivation, a Faction de passer THi 
Estrange, va. tUiener, empecher, Eloigner 
Estrangement, s. alienation, f. 
Estrapade, s. estrapade, f. 
Estrepement, a di'gdt, ravage, m. 
Estuary, s. 6itu de mer, m. 
Estuate, vn. bouiller, segonfler 
Estuation, a bouillonnement, m. 
Esurient, adj. affam^, e ; vorace 
Esurinc, adj. corrosif, ive 
Etch. va. graver d teau-forte 
Etching, a eravure d leauforte, t» 
Eternal, a rEtamei, Jehovah, m. 
--, adj. Hemel, le t perpHuel, le 
Etaraaiiae, n, A€mi»8r 

Eternally, adv. HemeUenuiU 
Eiemity, a Hemite, f. 
Eternize, va. Herniaer, immortaBaar 
Ether, a Hher, m. 
Ethereal, adj. HMri, e 
Ethereous, adj. celeste, HhM, a 
Ethical, adj. ethique, moral, a 
Ethically, adv. moralement 
Ethics, a la morale, FHhUpU, t 
Etiquette, a Hiquette, cHaaoaia, t, 
Etymological, adj. Hymologiqaa 
Etymologist, a etymolofriite, m. 
Etymology, a Hymologie, L 
Etymon, s. mnt primitif, m. 
Eucharist, s. euchariatie, dne, t 
Kuchari'.tical, a<lj. euchari^uj^ 
Eulogium, Eulogy, a tbtge, to., fan^aifk 
Eunuch, a eunuque, m. (a 

Eupliony, s. enphonie, douceur, t 
Evacate, va. vider, evacuer 
Evacuant, a ivacuatif, m. 
— • adj. evacuant, e 
Evacuate, va. ivacuer, vider 
Evacuation, a evacuation, f. ^^ 
Evade, va & vn. Huder, iviter, iixtaut 
Evading, a Evasion, f. 
Evanescent, adj. JUgitif, ive 
Evangelical, adj. Hmngeliqua 
Evangelism, a promulgation de TM^ 
Kvangi.list, a evangdiate, m. [f^* 
Evangelize, va. h'angiliser 
Evanid, a>\].fnible, tmpercejdiUi 
^ Kvani^h, vn. s'evatioutr 
[ Evaporable, adj. qui s'evapore __ 

I Kvaporate, va. &vn. evaporer,iiaafaMt 
Evaporation, a Evaporation, f. 
Evasion, a Ovation, f., subterfiigt, Bfc^ 
Evasive, adj. evaxive, ambigu,ei if^ 

vftque, double, qui elude 
Evasively, adv. ambigHment 
Kve, s. veille, vigile, f. 
— , Even, a sotr, m., aoirfy, t 
Even, adj. pair, Egal, e; pareil, ki 1^ 

rein, e ; uni, e ; ras, e 
— , adv. mime, ainsi, auaai bten ipH 

— as, comma, cumme ai 

— down, tout droit en baa 

— now, toutdCheure 

— on, tout droit 

— so, de meme, tout de bon 

—, va. & vn. iguler, unir, rigler 
Even handed, adj. tqui table, tmjurtwt* 
Evening, a aoiree, f., aoir, m. 

— hymn, vepres, f. pi. 
Evenly, adv. egalement 
Evenness, a igtiliti, sirHaiti, f. 
Event, s. evinHnent, m. 
Enventerate, va. iventrer 
Eventful, adj. plein (fincident^ daar 

gereux, euae 
Eventide, a aoirie, f. 
Eventilate, va. ventiler, vanner,diatatlt 
Eventual, a^j. fortuit, e ; aeeCdantrit It 
Eventually, adv. fortuitement 
Ever, adv. toujnurs, Jamaia 

— and anon, de temps en tempt 

— since, depuia ee tempa-ld 
Everbubbling, adU* toujowabouUkimaat 

EVE 361 EXC 

fbw«Ir. •At. SBirtrnmil,Jtii/t 



'oeiota'tr, lUm/trr 

EuiQwi, LUDimn. iii.,'mtircJW,6 






, -. ■. dettruetkm, mint, extirpa- 

tiam, t, rttrmmehtmetU, m. 
ExduckMi, a. ejeitatkmi utttigation, t 
Exau, va. aeiter, animer, rgvrUler 
ExdCcmcDt, >. extiteUion, instigatUm, 

f.. eneouragtmeni, notify m. 
Exocer, s. irutigt^eur, trice 
ExcUim, vn. «e r^rier, declamer 
ExcUinicr. *, eelui qui te reerie, di- 

elamet wlate, eLeelainateur, m. 
Exclamation, s. exdanuUion, t, arit m. 
Exclamatory, adj. bruyant, e ; qui cot*- 

tient une exdamatitm 
Excludf , va. exclure, rejeter, chatser 
Excluilon, >. exclusion, exception, U 
Exdudvc. a4j' exdusif, ine 
Exduaiveljr, adv. exdusivement 
KxctviUbr. va. inventer, trouver 
Exivmiuuiiktitei va. excommunier 
Kx«,»mntuiilcailon, «. excommunieation, 
KKCtwititr* viL (voirh^ r, excurier \(. 
IkXvufiaikal, >. tvwvHure, f. 
KxcfvnMNit. «. txtr^titentt m. 
KkMnowtiUl. «i;. exarmetUeux, euae 
KXfiVMMat:ik>us» ii4j. eseremetUiei, ut 
ICxuT«ic«uc«, i. *een/UiiitMcii, C 
Kx^macerjc, duj. iHrvrutaniati, e 
KxunrtJuii, s. <uvrt»iutt, r. 
Kx«:ifeUvir, Kxjctetury. -vij. exer^toire 
Kx*j-uoai>U;, .uu- -xjiMt tiL-tre tuwiuantii 

KXL'XUC^Ctr, V4. toUfnttHler 

SxLuuutoii, N. '.'rUie, ifurtie, f. 
Kx4:uIpiUe, \«i. •iucuyptsr, jitHtfier 
Ext:ulpiiLiou> ^ -Jn:tiUit,Ju*t*ptxuumy L 
E3u:uxMuu, «. «'4cu/'Aivft, t'., -vart, m. 
l^xuiukive, auj. vujfue, "trrttttt, <r 
Cxciuable, tui]. tAcuMwUt, panitn/mbur 
luiuukdbiciicM, «. '{tuutte itxcutaoin 
HburuMitoti, i. lUKUnn, jutitfitMtton, f. 
Iuu:u*ACur>, .-uij. nfniugetique 
Excuse* s. twuinf, apohgie, juetifiea- 

tiiiu, f,, pntexte, m. 
— , va. nxcumir, exempter 
FixruHflfirts .mj. mxnaetvut, inexcusable 
Exuiuer, a. apolofiistr, inf. 
Jhlxecriibie, adj. exrcrablf, dHettuble 
Eaueniilf, auv. extcrablemttut 
Execrate, va. maudire, extcrer, abhorrer 
Execratiuo, s. execration, f. 
Execute, va. executer, exercer 
fixflciuioo, s. etdeution, taieie, t, ac- 

eompitsaemerit, carnage, m. 
SxacutMMier, >. bourreau, m. 
Executive, adj. executoire 
Executor, >. exccuteurteatamentaire, m. 
Sxccutorabip, e. t^e (Texicuteur teata- 

mentaire, f. 
Executrix, s. ex^eutrice, f. [ive 

Exegetical, adj. exigetique, explicatif. 
Exemplar. •. exemplaire, patron, m. 
Exemplarily, adv. exemvlairement 
Exemplary, adj. exemplaire 
Exemplification, •. prevve, demonatra- 

Hon, e(^4e, f., double, m. 
Exemplify, va. demontrer par dea ex- 

emplea, tranacrire, copier 
taumnt, va. exempter, diapenaer 

Exempckm, s. exemptixMi, d 

Esenterate, va. ia e nt rer, vtder 

ExmteradoD, a Faction dttatofitnt 

Exequial, ad^funim k re 

Exequies, s. oMgvtfv, /kn^ilflai^ £ |L 

Exeraae, i. exereiee, thime, m. 

— , va. A; vn. exercer, fiure Feaeteke, 

Jbrmer, dreaaer, /esereer 
Exerciser, s. ceAiJ qui exeree 
ExerciutioD, s. eneretee, Ma&ge, m. 
Exert, va. mettre en cm ere, aMHMr 
— oneidf, ^evertuer, ifanimer 
Exertion, s. rffott, va., man^/MaHsn, £ 
Exeuon, s. iroaiun, c arro iMn , t, 
Excstuation, s. efferveaeenee, t 
Exfoliate, vn. dexfolier, ae paler 
Exfoliation, s. exfvliatitm, t 
ExlbUatire, a^j. quifaaoriaeFe^fi/Mm 
ExhalaUe, adj. qui peut ^ivapirer 
Exhalation, s. exhalaiaon, vapew, £ 
Exhale, ^-a. exhaler, pouaaer hart 
Exhalement, t. exhedmaon, t 
Exhaust, va. epuiaer, abtorber, tmir 
Exhaustion, a epuiaemer^, m. 
Exhaustkss adj. inep%tiaMa 
Exhibit, ^-a. exhiber, moiUrer 
Exhibiter, s. ceiui ^«i montre 
Exhibitioo, s. exhtbition, penain, aa- 


poaitigm, f. 
Exhilarate, va. rtjovir, rierier 
Exhiiaranon, adj. rt^fmiaxaiaoa, £ 
Exhurt, VL exhorter, aoOieiter 
Exhortation, s. exhortation, L 
Exhurtatory,adj. excitattf, ioej «ii(«^ 

horte, qut enevurage 
Exhurttfr, & auilictteur, m., cehii oaeaBl 

Eajgcnce, s. eiieence, oeeaaion, t, h^ 

sutA, etut, embarrat, m. 
Exigent, j^ exfjtdient, m., aommert— j£ 
Exiguity, ^ptteUeaae, exiguiti, £ 
Exiguous, Id J. petit, e; mimee, fi# 

f>etie, exig%a 
Exile, s. exu, banniaaement, m. 
— , va. exUtr, batrntr, e nao ger em tail 
—, adj. iminat, aubtii, e 
Exilement, & axU, dl, diportatiom, f. 
Eximious, 84i- extptia, e ; emintMt, a 
Exist, va. exiaeer, etra 
Existence, s. exutince, t 
Existent, adj. exiatant, e ; qui eaitla 
Exit, a. depart, coigtf,m., aurtie, mart, £ 
Exitial, Exitiou-, <i4j. mutrtel, letjldaht 
Exonerate, va. dechargrr, deUvrer 
Exoneration, a. dcckargemetU, nk 
Exopuble, adj. d:airai6le 
Exorable, adj. exorabie, humaim, a 
Exorbitance, Exorbitancy, s. tHaradlii,t 
Exorbitant, adj. exorbitant, 9 
Exorbitate, vn. a'tcarter 
Exorcise, va. esorcuer, eoi^urer 
Exordser, Exorcist, s. eurarcMe, toL 
Exorcism, s. exoreisme, m. 
Exordium, s. exorde, m. 
ExMiiation, s. omement, m. 
Exoeseous, adj. aana oa 
Exotic, adj. ixotique, Hranger, in 
Expand, va. etmadre, dipt^ftr 

rmU Ki}deHR,i4,a^3ir,«wi tan* 

Eililklilnr, idi. upfMacu'i Mt 

Einltntur, i. imtnrHt, m. 

EtplMi, t^. aiihlr, firmil, lit Mt- 

Wr*^oir, \t. re. 


tanstay, Ml^ afJaimMfl 


EipmiJbLF, M^ HprtBK 

1 peu( ei]<i»', far- , ElpuimtiDn, •. flnTUAi, pHm, t 

», nuMMIini, (. I Eipuldn.'idj.upK'^IM 
roirt I ElpnDcttWi '^^2^' 

riail£i : Euuldn.i^.siIuli.iTinm,cltoM,* 

[tV^ ;E]^uiiiW;,idi.»«fln:iiM>« 




Ezquisltenen, s. eieettencet f* 
Euuscitate, va. renstucUer, rdveiller 

£ztant, adj. qui reste, qui e»t en na- 
ture, extant, e: qui esiste, exiHant, e 
Extemporal, Extempuraneous* adj. epMh- 

taw, e 
Extempomlly, adv. aur-le^hamp» eatu 

pr^Mitation, vtte, d la hate 
Extemporary, adj. mbit, ei soudain, e 
Kxtempore, adv. tur-Ut-champ, (Tabord 
Extcmporinets, t. faculty dimproviser 
Extemporize, vn. parler sur-lechampt 

faire un impromptu 
Extend, va. & vn. iteftdre, ^r/fir, esti- 

mer, eaisir, apprecier, t^Atndre 
Extender, a celm qui ^end 
Extendible, Extensible, adj. eJFtensible 
Extensibility, s. extensibility, f. 
Extension, a^ extenaUtn, etendue, t. 
Extensive, adj. Aendu, e ; vaste, ample 
Extensiveness, s. extenaibilite, grande 

Vendue, grandeur, dilatabUiK, f. 
Extensor, s. extengeur, m. 
Extent, s. itendue, eepace, MtinuUion, 

aaieie, f. 
Extenuate, va. extMuer, t{ffaU>lir, dimi- 

nuer, adoudr, attenuer 
Extenuation, s. extfytuatitm, f. 
Exterior, adj. extifrieur, e t exteme 
Exteriorly, adv. ext^rieuremeut 
Exterminate, va. exterminer, extirper 
Extermination, s. ext'-rmination, f. 
Exterminator, s. exterminateur, m. 
Extern, adj. exteme, ext&ieur, e 
Externally, adv. ext&ieurement 
Externals, s. dehors, m. 
Extil, vn. couler fpmtte A goutte 
Extillation, s. faction de aegoutter, f. 
Extinct, adj. iteint, e ; mort, e 
Extinction, s. extinction, abolition, f. 
Extinguish, va. eteindre, Aonff'er 
Extinguishable, adj. qui peut iteindre 
Extinguisher, s. iteignoir, m. 
Extinguishment, s. extinction, aboli- 

tion, t., amortissement, m. 
Extirpate, va. extirper, arracher, dira- 
Extirpation, s. extirpation, f. [ciner 
Extirpator, s. extirpateur, ester niina- 
Extol, va. exalter, elever [teur, m. 

Extoller, s. qui hue, pan^gyriste, m. 
Extort, va. extorquer, enlever 
Extorter, s. usurpateur, exacteur, op 

presseur, m., sangfue, f. 
Extortion, s. extorsion, concussion, t. 
Extortioner, s. concussiunnaire, m. 
Extract, s. extrait, m., tiaissance, t 
— , va. extraire, tirer 
Extraction, s. extraction, f. 
Extractor, s. extracttsur, m. 
Extrajudicial, adj. extrajudieiaire 
Extrajudicially, adv. exti ajudiciaire- 
Extramission, s. mission, t. [ment 

Extramundane, a<ij> imaginaire 
Extraneous, adj. Hraiiger, ere; exUri- 
^ eitr, e t de dehors 
KxtrMordlnuily, adv. extraordinaire- 


Extraoniinariness, s. eae extraarilmiHi 

m., rareti, guaUU deceq^eet ittr^ 

ordinaire, C 
Extraordinary, a4j. e^troordtfMiirt, fwt 
Exiraparochial, m], ftti n'e«( juidill 

E:xtnipr3vindal, a4j* quitCettfOMieH 

Extraregular, a^. ind^pendant, tt O^ 

dessus dee lois ; horg de r^let 
Extravagance, Extravagancy, a a^ 

vagance, foUe dipenae, bizarrerie, t 
Extravagant, a^j. extravagant, ti a- 

orbitant, e / prodigue, dtsor^mml, * 
Extravagantly, adv. aotc extraoegOM, 

dtune mani&$-e d^rdonnie 
Extravagate, vn. extravaguer 
Extravasated, adj. extravasi, e 
Extravasation, s. extravasation, L 
Extraveision, s. boulever»ement,m. 
Extreme, s. extreme, m., extrinM, £ 
— , adj. extreme, dernier. Ore 
Extremely, adv. extremement 
Extremity, s. extrimite, 1., bout,iXk 
Extricate, va. dSbarrasser, digager,» 

brouiller, deleter, dilivrer 
Extrication, s. taction de dAamuur, 

de d^ffager, f., degagement, m. 
Extrinsic, Extrinsical, adj. e*tvn$i eh 

trinaeque, Aranger, ire 
Rxtrinsicaliy, adv. de dehors 
Extrude, va. exiiure, chasser 
Extrusion, s. exclusion, expultiuiht 
Extuberance, s. bosse, tun^eur, t 
Exuberance, s. exub&ance, wratM* 

dance, excroissance superflue, t- 
Exuberant, adj. surabondant, es dgtref 
Exuberantly, adv. abondamment 
Exuberate, vn. .\urabitnder 
Exudation, s. exsudation, sueur, t 
Exude, Exudate, vn. exsuder, mcm 
Exulcerate, va. ulcdrer, atgrir 
Exulceration, s. ulceration, f. 
Exult, vn. tressaiUir dejoie 
Exultance, s. triomphe, m., aU/grem,f> 
Exultation, s. tressaillement dsjoiet m* 

vise -ment, m., alUgresse, f. 
Rxundate, va. inonder, regorger 
Exundation, a. inondationg f., regorge 

ment, dibordement, m. 
Exustion, s. brtUure, t 
Eyas, s. fauconneau, m. 
Eye, s. ceil, m., peux, m. pi. 

— of a nt'cdle, trou, chat, va. 

— of a plant, ceil, bouton,Jet, m. 

— of a rope, oeillet, m., b<tucie,e$tnfttt 

— of pheasants, couvde, f. 

— (loop), mailU, f. 

— (regal d), ^gard, soin, m. 
— , va. avoir I'oeil sur 

— a thing, jeter les yeux sur UM tkm 

— on, envisager quelqu'un 
Eyeball, s. pruneUe, t. 
Eyebright, s. eufraise, t. 
Eyebrow, s. sourcU, m. 

Eyed, adj. o6j(>rv<',e/ gardidvue;Vka* 
—, cftassieux, euae i black -^ ^ m 
lea v«^M noirt ,* one —, bargnt 


FW^, 1. ibniu, t, ^Matr. a. 


— uriitt . cttti. w. *intiw. mimm 

Ed, F«a. •- l>l- r'iMii m-, M<. e 
■md, •. todt^, law, ^ tejki,li 

~'iiar, An JuMidlMiHv, h tftmmr 
. inon, t.JI>"IU',jl»^t^ PMir. 
— i Ad V- fteir voiimHwrM 
''•Inc.idJ. lH>jn<i>m<l> ■; irMiulA tff. 

nUng. h i/fdamcr, t. 

J8 '^wTf ii puw/. i"" 

•inpok'ni, xit riiU'ei Jk 



1. 'AShJ^, ea 

KiUiolinfti, ijj. SI 

FalhoiulcB, uU, MiwMfTatfa 

f^ncAin. £ Tn. tnirnuHr, drtv Irfnu 
fwn7ir>nik. E, 4(ftH^n^ B awl 

urtir, i..^H^ I 

ar.fltttln-, cnjrABr 
FiSilTSlj. cnll'"/. *" ■■ '""TlW« 

-. vii. ^c. I'm'"'-, jwtojw, «n 

Folh^bBl. 't.anr plum 

. FB,ri[T. t-fJicU/, C, Lili*», m 

Mai, •iH.ifaiBHi* 
FManw, aaj'tj^ *( J*AW. * 



- In miH.JUi^nliiiiili, m. 

PER 359 


il»,^£itil>w. W/Mtf. imi •» 

FUiUty. t.fid^llir, FUBifiuin. i 

fiMtiBBB.t, aiaee ^ tamfofnt-t, 

rmd, L AHi, £■ flUBVPf. ', Pit 

FilHiifa, t^ A jidj. ninQtiuriilima 
pit}, idJ. ebiqiuwn 


f. -■n»'.W.T,«Jbl'^ 

FlUaf, •dl.Ais}, ij illfihtldefillci 

nMbo, I. jOtodcm, r. 

fnbih (. ilMlBM, [.pi. 

nllclid cUlu. I. csbnfiitu'rUA, 
FUHp, .. Mipamtutli, t 

t^Uttlt. antloir dJIUnrI m. 


FUnrinruani. ■■ flmn ifiUrtr 

mo, >. rnlan, ■rSmta, I«/~ri 


~ iBoa, «s to AMwiAi, m. 
rnnUon, i.jI»raMni. f. 

FlnUbir, I. jinlini 

FlQlul)', adT./ugii'iti 

-, VI. fc VD. mtOnStamtMi, rdUy- H 

Iniai^Q^'idj.iujnnr, tjiStuyi 

TnlMllfTltlV. srWS-im«« 

Flmlilp, I. I<ril«(! m. 
FIKki. •fans arJml, m. ' 

riili, n./oU'llB-rCllillIrT 


FUf^imni, I. bB!aS tlifonr, m. 
Flnj-WBiH, (. mmf ^tKBi&m, m. 
Fla«itlt[lDn, i.JtsnnaMiin, C 
ni«()Dn>. >. AIMUH, C 

Fligl Iknuoca.i. malmtiHU otaninat^, 

— cpflfv. WaAui, m. 
— .vn.i.fp^.^WfiJlB- 
F'lVk]', ulj. JhlUa, nil ulpiirjlvwu 

Flub, I. impitiunU/, t. 




Flatkmg, adv. d plat 
Flatly, adv. tout net, horitontalement 
Flacnen, a. platitude, ^oHti, t. 
FlaMKxed, adj. camara, e; qui a le nez 

Flatten, va. k vn. aplatir, t'aplatir 
Flatter, s. jUaneur, planair, m, 
— , adj. p/tM plat, e 
— , yti. flatter, louer, cajoler 
Fatterer, i.flatteur, eune 
Flattery, s.fl.ttterie, wjolerie, f. 
Flattisb, adj. fadei un peu plat 
Flatulency, %.flatuo»it^, f. 
Flatulent, adj. venteux, euse 
Flatuosity, uflatuosite, f. 
Flatuout, adj. venteux, euee 
Flatwise, a<iv. d pint 
Flaunt, vn. ae carrer, ae bouffir, ^Aar- 

gir, tfitendre, te montrer avec ddat 
Flavour, %.fumet, m., taveur, f. 
Flavorous, adj. quiflatte le palais 
Flaw, c difaut, m., bouffee de vent, f. 

— in a deed, nuUitJ, t 

— In one's nails, envie, m. 

— , vwufendre, briber, rompre 
Flawless, adj. parjait, e t earu difaut 
Flax, t. lin, m. 

— made ready to »p\D, filasse, f. 
Flaxcomb, s. aeran, in. 
Flaxdresaer, s. a&aticier, m. 
Flaxen, adj. de lin 

— balr, cheveux blonde, m. pi. 
Flaxseed, s. sentence de lin, f. 
Flay, va. Scorcher, enlever la peau 
Flayer, s. ecorcheur, euse 
Flaying-bouse, s. icorchLvie, f. 
Flea, s. puce, panne, f. 

— , va. epucer, dter les puces d 
Fleahite, s. piqUre de puce, f. 
Fleabitten, adj. mouchete, e ; truitd, «/ 

mordu de puces 
Fleak, t,flocon, in. 
Fleawort, s. herbe atut puces, T. 
Fleck, va. tdeheter, moucheter 
Fledge, adj. emplumi, e t dur, e 
— , va. emplumer 
Flee, vn. renfuir,fuir 
Fleece, •. toiaon, f. 
— , vn.plumer, tondre, dipouiller 
Fleeced, adj. couvert ttune toiaon 
Fleecy, adj. laineux, euse 
Fleer, Kraillerie, f., regard moqueur, m. 
— , va. railler, se moquer de 
Fleerer, s. railleur, euse: moqueur, euse 
Fleet, M.flotte, escadre, f., gol/e, m. 
— , adj. vite, liger, ire 
— , va. 6cr&mer 
•— , vu* flatter, eumager 
Fleeting, adj. passager, ire 
Fleetly, adv. vite, agilement, ligirement 
Fleetneis, a. vitesse, dUriti, f. 
Flesh, s. chair, passion, f. 
— , va. animer, exciter, initier 
Flesbcolour, s. couleur de chair 
Flesbbook, s. croc, m. 
Fl«hless, adj. maigre, dMutmi, e 
FkibUaaa, i. seneuaHii, t 
Fk$blyt a4i. dUmri, to ; teimMlt l« 

Fleshmcat, s. viande, t 
Flesbment, s. ardeur, t 
Fleshmonger, s. maquertam, m. 
Flesh pot, upot, m. 
Flekhy, adj. chamu, e 
Flexibility. ».flexibiliti, eemfkm, t 
Flexible, Flexuutts, adj. plimU, « 
Flexion, Flexure, s. eourbure, L 
Flicker, vn. voltiger, voter 
Flier, s. balancier,fi^fard, m. 
Flight, s. fliite, t 

— of a staircase, rnmpe, f. 

— of birds, ro/eie, bande, t., oo^an 

— of fancy, essor, m. 

— of arrows, volte deflMiee, t 
Fi'iKhty, tidf. etourdi, e t votag$ 
Flimsy, adj. mince, nuiUasse 
Flinch, va. &. vn. guuchir, cesser, fMm 
Flincber, s. tergiversateur, m. 
Fling, s. lardtm, coup, m., eseaf &it§l'_ 
— , va. & vn. ji'ter, lancer, rtmsr,ien0 

— away, prodigurr, expoeer, se nllrtf 

— do\vn> demolir, renverser 

— out, jitter dehors, exvoser 

— up, Jeter en haut, wandwum 
Flin((er, s. eelui quijette 
Flint, s. caiUou, m., pierre dfiu, t 
Flint-glas:*, s. verre de roAe, crWot^r 
Flinty, adl. dur, e: cruel, kt M 

raule, plein de cailhux. depiem 
Flip, s. boisson cordiede, f. 
Flippant, adj. egrillard, et vif,9tm 

— diMx>urse, discours eouUint 

— tongue, hangue bien pendue, t 
Flippantly, adv. coulanunent 
Flirt, s. boutade, gaupe, coquette, t 

— , va. & vn. gausser, jouer de som M^ 

tail, nu/uvoir avec vitesse 
Flirtation, s. coquetterie, L 
Flit, va. demenager 
Flitch, i.flichfi, dosee, t 
Float, s. train, litge (Tunelignef n, 
—, va. & vtuflotter, inonder, swmtrgf 
Floaty, ai\}.flottant, e 
Flock, s. trvupeau, m., troupe, t 

— of people, ^t(/e, multitude, f. 

— of wool, >iocon de kdne, m., bomf»,t 
—, vn. s'attrouper, allerwx verUrenjmk 
Fl ck-bed, s. lit de bourre, no. 
Fiock-pa|)er, s. papier tontiate, m> 
Flog, va. fttttetter, flssser, ehdtier 
Flood, ».flus, dUt^re, m., tnofuMMktfi 

— of tears, torrent de larmee, au 
— , va. inonder, submerger 
Floodgate, s. ichtee, f. 

Floor, s. plancher, dtage, parquet, flfHit 
m., varangues, titee dee vaiaivaHi 
vai ungues de porquee, f. pL 

— , va. planchifier 

Flooring, s. plancher, fimd, m. 

Florid, sHij.jleuri, e : vermeil, le 

Floridity, V loridness, s. briUttnt,m^«0lh 
leur vermeiBe,fira%duur du tebd, t 

— of style, stplejfeuri, m. 
Florin, n. florin, m. 
(lorist, t.fleuri*te, mt. 

Flounce, ufiilbtUa, m., itqffk froiteityt 
\ ^iVtyibkNiu fpndtdefiUb«ua»,e9plong9r 

LP a 


Foil inMii dajkmn 

tttantt e 
incertain, e 
uetuation, eufitation, 
^ttutiortt f., aoutet m. 
{/, tupau, m. 
(«, volubUiti, t 
tt vn, 


tide, Uquide 

t»,%.JIuidM, t 

or)» s. pattet f« 

ine /latterie, etpiet de 


s, coup de vent, m. 

'., rouge, m. 

fredon, m. 

ttu/rirt animeTt tf^fier 

tirdia hdte 

vnimet e 

i entier, m. 

mr, f. 

eerteTf ettiei'er 

beaked —,Jf lite dlotiee« 

fliiUtt traeertiire, L 

rCtttv) eanneler 

nneluree, f. pL 

seement, ftacaa, m. 

nuttre en ddeordre, ee 


*eoulement, m. 

JUut de bowhe d quel- 

t, « [git'un 

li POL 

FUr, Ik memehe, f, 

— 0n madiincnr). balmi t im' , m. 
—9 va.>Mr, e'en^tir, eoler, «r • 

— eJKead er about, <f irfjwi ribn 

— atfMitfMTMir 

— airay, ^enealer, ^e^fklr 

— ^mek,reetiier,bM9ert aidlMni^i 

— for rrf age» «* r^fkigter 
» flrocn ju«uee« m «utufr«lrt 4 

— In a tettlc, fatvtMr fa 4tM 4 JVniitMf 

— in pieces* Maier, «* 6ri«fr 

— Into a puikm, M NMnrt «• eoMrt 

— off, rflcMlsr, Moi*^. ee rieoUer 

— ODr» country, aba m hm n er eem pt$§ 

— Ofwn« i^euvrir de eoi-mime 

— out, e'eublier, iempwrtttt i M baim 

— out Oomauea), pro^Kgu^ 
^ the luDgdoai, Aniffrer 

— ii|>, monter, ieUieer 
Flybtow, va. miter t eorre mp te 
Flyboat, ufiSnt, m.,ftAte, I 
Fljcatdier, a. atimpewr de imo wh § e$ 

nigaudt m., moucncrofftf, t. 
Flyer, %.fujfard, m. 
Klyfith, VD. |i^dk«r A la l^fiM 
Flyflap, s. imowAeir, m. 
Flying camp, t. eamp eoktnt, nu 

— colours, en«e^0t dejpfafin*, £ pL 

— horse, ehevalaiU, m. 

— report, bndt qui court, m. 
Foal, 8. poutain, m., pou/icA«, f. 
-> of an ass, dnon. m. 

— , va. poutiner, dnonner 

Foam, 8. /eume, t., bouiSon, m. 

— , vn. ^nimer, itre en coUre 

Foamy, adj. icumeuxt euee ; ieumant, e 

Fob, s. ftotuaet, hour eon, m. 

— , va. Super, soustrttire, tromper 

Focal, adj. du foyer 

Focus, *. Jitcua, foyer, m. 

Fodder, %.fburrafce, m., pdture, f. 

— , va. & vn. qffuurrager,fnurr€iger 

Fodderer, s. fvurrageur, m. 

Foe, 8. ennemi, in. 

Foetus, s.foetU9, vn. 

Fog, s. brouiilard, regain, m. 

Foggily, adv. obtcuriment 

Fngginess, s. groasiireti de Voir, f. 

Foagy, adj. gtossier, tire; ipaie, ^poiMtf 


Foible, u faille, m. 

Foil, s. dQibf fe, deroute, d^confiture, f. 

— (for fencing), >?0Mre^ m. 

— (for a gem), ometnent, m. 

— (for a lookine-«la^), tat'n, Aain en 
feuiUee, m., fisttille, f. 

— (leaf),^ut//e, t,feuiUet, m. 

— , va. vaincre, dffiiire, parer, emer 
Foiler, s. vainqueur, m. 
Foin, s. botte, t, coup, va. 

— , vn. porter une botte 

Foist, viLfburrer, forger, euppoeer 
Foistiness, s. moisieture, puanteur, t, 
Fold, 8. pliseure, f., pli, m. 

— of sheep, bergerie, f. 

Fold, va. plieser, piier, entourer, enfgT' 

— ibeep,>b<rv|Nirguer [mtr 


riiBiHRa, iilj. ttJtuUUi nil lb lama 

"£&«. jmSSESTi;'''™ "'^ " 
Fidki I. AVU. PfrjHiuw, r pi-, npHrUi 

■IliiiHUBi . ^ap^iqiimri ^ohiftdoiuHt- 

— I fit foWffr, doniHP dn cMpi ife pjsj 
fiBtiiw, 1. (mar, MiU, •UuBliLi'i, r.. 

ToDCRiWi L ratlrtgue dtfima, f. 
FoatHldLEn, n. infanlKFla, t. 
FsBOull, •. Arler di/tnni, m. 



— , VMMjhnrrTw F^vlre. cOMInWf . 
l'««(UI,idi.plJ«HK,(H/«,i -J 


prificjpab partie. C. 




Oiri flMmfiftf 

|0 mwoliM, m. 

j. dofU on a>W# !!•«•• 



i/ir» m.. Id proue, t 

i, 9 s gnetdent, e 


er rangt m. 

leer, atmoneer 

ant-eouretaf, pr^eur- 


TfpinHrtTt prittifftT 
I (Twn oatMeaH, m. 

tr^vojfatttt 9 


fer tfavance 

nt-coureur, m. 


iuper, accaparer, an- 


tpoieur, m. 


r, m. 
^^Di2/, m. 

f, pr^tager, annoncer 

'voyancet f. 


\e devant, f. 

tour de cheveujt 

rrmput davant 


iMari tfavance 

rtir par avance, dd- 

ertUMment, m. 

de devant, t 


, e; fcdtd parte tempt 

,Atute, t 

W, m. 


vtu 8t TB* ^wfttb if 

Foi«9taUe, Mil. oMi/boflM 
Focftltan, i. wamb, miffiao ati m, mm 
mUetfarfititwre, t 

Fmbc, t.Mge, f, 

— » ▼■• ft TDt/hrgeff coNfni^iM 
Ftnver, t.>bf)rin<r. iiNwntMir, m. 

— ot false decaa, /& Mwair< , m. 
FMgerjr, ». y&<»»iieg<ton, >l n i iwtf, & 
Forget, viLtmbaer 

Fa^g^fui, mdj. oublietiM, nut 

Foi]getfuliieH( i. ouMf » m. 

FoTgetter, i. eelui qui tnMtt 

Forgive, rtu pardonner, /hire grde§ d 

ForgiveiMM, s. saitfon, m. 

Fonhrer, u eeiui qui pardmme, m. 

Fork, u.Jhurck«tte,Jbur€h0, f, 

— , vn. eejbmrdttr 

Talked, adj.>btireA«, 9 

Forkedly, adv. enjbrme deJlMrdi§ 

ForkedneM, i.>burcAHr0, t, 

Foikbcftd, n.pointe dejUehe, f. 

Forky, tuii.Jvun^u, e 

Forlorn, adj. obondonn^, e / demantd, e 

— hope, «ft/bfM perdue, m. ^ 
Forloirnncat, i. abandon, m. 

Form, s. forme, figure, JbtmuMUt t ; 
■et — , formuie, t, moiHe, m. ; Mt a 
— , VB. & vn. eompoeer wtefitrmtile 

— in tdiool, daeee, btmauette, t, bme, 

— of a hare, forme, t„me, m. [m. 
— , xh, farmer, fair e,f a fonner 
Formal, adj. Jbrmef, le t prM$, es of- 

fecti, et ttudid, e 
Formalist, Cp farmaliifte, m. 
Formality, c^ formaliti, ftrme, aff^ctO' 

tion, cerdmonie, f.,fiCons, f. fL 
Formalize, vn. seftrmaiiser 
Formally, adv. aveefarmalitd 
Formation, ^formation, f. 
Formative, aui). ftrmateur, trice 
Former, s. celui qui fbrme, fiit, m. 
— , %dj. premier, precMent, e ; pae^, e 
Formerly, adv. autreifbi*, Jodie 
Formidable, udj. ftrmidable 
Formidableness, s. oualitiftrmidable, f. 
Formidably, adv. aune manOre furmi- 
Formless, adj. ir^orme Idable 

Formulary, %. fbrmulaire, m. 
Formula, %. formuie, f. 
Fornicate, yu.fom%quer 
Fornication, t.Jbmication, f. 
Fornicator, n.fbmicateur, m. 
Fornicatress, s. conctUtine, f. 
Forsake, va. dilaieeer, abandonner, re' 

noncer, ee difaire Idrapeaujt 

— one's standard, ddeerter, quitter tee 

— one^s religion, apoetasier, tomberdane 
TapoetoHe, renoncer d ea retigion 

— vice, ee reformer, ee eorriger 
Forsaker, s. celui qui eOxindonne, nu 
Forsaking, ■• ddtaimem^t, m. 
Forsooth, adv. en verUe 

Fonwcar, va. & vn. renoncer, eUtjurer, 

renier, ee parjurer,jurerdfau» 
Forswearer, s. parjure, mlL 
Fort, aibr*, m. 


71 :i Mi FIA 

J'hRa, i«r. -n ibsaffc ^ucullziip-BaKBrak. 

/nnneomifw. < i'"iMa'*uwM. -« -• '^lur^. • iimbw 

.^••rtiur»u>i.i(» .Hi. •H-raAT. ■ * '.u... '^aiuiuii.. b 

/••rtaricii'. w.". int ^ -tuce ■"• u. .uiiiiiai*- ^ am 

/••RRTC^'r.. lb". iiKtmUHttnK,. -aJH -.^iiu -* 'AirJiiriMsi. «.:. anaif.trti 

.^nrT'.na. iii:. uHr^»i -'-■'i::'.rcu. dd*\ 

7«>r:A*iiie« -w. .'i n .s«u •tmnar r- .a. * :. t^uar^ 

'•.r~-Acaxiuti. . irtricuuin. . .-"• -.^rru:-^. mi. iMoiPr ."ftHT 

/■.rraiw. . tnwt .»»• i«"W l^'-irrroitu, lui. tnmart 

.■'*•. r".: '. '«. 'Wirzcr. niuiu* ■"••'^morr-. ^i. fitram'4»ji^ai 

.'• rr-.a. . ir' f. t. r---.rrB'.ujR. an. mrt»— ?, r 

.•"• miiur*. . '**./• z'iifi*, . ■*- -«i-ee::- ;:. ^i. fwirrimeai 

J- j"m-. . n'er--**-. . ■■■ -r*;:. uui. nuttr-trmKr 

.■"• nu.-.-^UA, ^'.. -r'nAt, - -nnui, « -'• '^t £<:«-. ^iv. jiiac-ariifaBtftf 

.'■ -ru.^'ui . a.v. ii-"(u^'ac/tc .'■ -TT. . iXf'iH. n.. niMnJir. £ 

.^- rTn.L.iiuf:>-^t . .c«u«'t«. cujaro. n. — -.1. « "1. .■«ii*aat- aua aHMBt 

7'r;ii:.ju«. ii;^:. •tiw w« ?«■« -^- ■.•.;?, » •u*^a*if tuh— «r. ^ 

.-■ rmziaui-.-. u.--. :c>i -icArMem /-j-..- .r:^, • .^wjjw ou luMaBlbtS I** 

.'•■rru::Ateiir««i . <«/wi<-. n. — «ii^ « /< "iixm^- 

/•■Ruae. .. m-m. «, i/-jrtifh:i>. '., -nrr, n. ^■.-.t:ii:j^ ne-s. » ~imi im flldHr»M> 

— cauur. T#r»»at n- u.. "CAcaWat • 'i- '■ "C, . •>r»i*ur\. • -t^-, f 

— . u.jt-- u.' , Mm, "mm M^rrt, n. -" >:...•:-..»«. . :*<i'MMr cu -tMV^ 1 
— . -71. u-weiT «r"K«tir -r~i*#i.'". n. ■"■ -e—ijv . » jnin-'*^. 1 
7'ir*uQepirfift, . .n-f :s Aruwinmrurf. ■' t"i ' T" . "tmwnr n 
y-ifune-i, ot.. ."'.I 'Mfi*-, ■• -x.*ie -Ti i-otr. n. 
7'>r*ui;cti<ii.'ert . l"» •vie'ir •'U'w. "^^ :i. k^- h.;. ui '-mirT. "^ar 
?'>r;uiiecejtrr. - tum'»r lUca .n. -^ ■::uui. . tncHtt b -^rrMC-^1 
?-<mr. 1. nutrtj cm ■'■ "kzzko, » ji. Vf x roiio*^ 3L 
?'iniin. , _-*fr^m, n. -■"■n*.'. -u « •i*-r 

^iTvar-i. tui •c^o, uonj, f. OMncr. f -' Tu.*:i<n. -:. T-tiruti, {mtfrvSe.! 

■fmcrisMc. - »-r. * .• Th.-: 11:11. lu.niicrvt.. ik waivMM*' 

— • uir. '" imj-r. .^ir « o-mtttt — «»::- •r-ic^'umutw^ 'aM^M^fk 

— • "^ * "n. iTKiinw— Titte^i' uifer * -u.- ht^. > T-ti.-r*. ;. '•iqmrr.i 

— :n^:a. . '.I'lJif ^ti in-iue, xu. — "u .TU-itrr ■•nn.n—. 

— T*!.'., !. -'■■•if >r-en—, lu .~ru.-:tj. lui. —4if ft. — tM. rJ 
?'irT:»r»irr. . :fNiu iiu uruics ~-i*j;.::- . ■.-.■ifi ..•. ■. 

?ir~T5ur.r.T3-.. « ■<«:.<-'s«kiiuiM', ynufvit ••:\^r.\.\\x., .•.7i^-:sj.:«. ^ 

3U, -»-<tntL'(:4r«li:. :. / ■itfrtu':. it:,. Mli<r~ /;-rc if> f 

F-ivie, 1. .I.**" « -• -»«frM>C' *»."- /»-•: tun.m . 

?-iMi>. - ■•iwrti-, -n. — . UI. ■— >. ""•ttT'if . .■HaOMi 

F-^aUT, -u •«;•>■•-. a.itt "i-. jmmer ?T«;aia». /■%..t:'. fc, .■toji mwr , t 

F-ncrni4{p, k tsucitimit, '. Truae, %. tit-^t;. natr-*t *2£. Jl%m%t% 
V-aibtriTn'ajtr, t. T'rm Im 4tU. 31. rujau. ."taJ. 7id;t. ^ocsnf , ^r^bv^ i^ 

F^feCauiua* k ^-tr^mmun, jd. — .r i x^x.?. i^ic. 31. 

F<iMir4am, .-'■Mtermiiiasr. b iiiw?-rcr, 1 — jr & jicur:. .iwrv. s;,, MrriM^L 

F-MCenr. :. loM/t-'fMrr, a*. — jf ».-^«o. iiccv-r. a. 

F<)-.:«rrwaer, *. pern ttmmcMgr, au — .r ra.-rii«^ r-iB»ia. at 

Fovunun, ■> ifivrruawi, ou — :f :.-.;, .-|,| t. tl. .-»ju%tf», & 

F<Mi. '•ij. *«*. 7ii«i», 1 ; mtmum, f — .r n.p.a. ti^mume-Jin. i, 

— »*«» fc- '?•''•« tmupmiM!, z. — -r 4 ».:.j. n-'-jUn, 3u aL 

— ."'ipB, k rtir^te Mniierm, t — , tx » t-;. •fii.-?,.,*fr. ' 

— veacier, t. ./■•■« &:ntu«, 31. r^.-. -.-i/uni- -». »^riji 

— wind, w maU vtnimtrt, an. F-vrer. &, -mr-urr. «v;mr. c^, flk 
— » *»• *««r, jpi/fr, !7<4«WM^ F.-i-iu-. je. ^ i^fnte»HK, tmmuMite, L 
FoaiteCEd. «).. ^ovl, « ,- vutfM, « — , --^ r^mnirhr, --ni.t lirv 
r<Mily , wiv. vutfiMfMAtf F.-v'. jt i«, ill-. -r^K^f **. ciUMnr. r 
Foannoucoad. aiij. ip-MV^r, wr« Fn..k, t. .'^Ttw, e^ -rtVfi. ca., itwrt, t 
Fouliuvi, V miitbr, im/ittrttg, t — jk.-.^..*^. Uxnjcuf f'V.^H» 
FouiiU, Tm.jitMtmr, fta/*iir,/mdr9 — p.c:^. CitaUkrfcvin^tf, m. 
FounilacifHi. «. Jhrntahun, t.,fututement^ — , a.i,. fr^He,&mn,eh0f, ii»»ml, « 
Fou Drier, a. /trnkUtuf, tnce m. — , -.-a. ajf^ntnchr, irnrinMiir 

~ of woUyyfewi^Mr, on. T/ijiui Frma is incense^ l entrits, bl 

^*'P'i«r» vfc * vs. «wiiwficr, coiMcr a Fnnk.y, adv. /^NcAomrat 

Irna, •.ybiMiafnef, L Frank oca, •.>aiicAutf, 1 

*- & «i|flN« CroMd; Ok > Fimntk^ fcO. / hewcgi g t M .yyrfaw, mm 


A so. cA^riT'vr^jW 

Pil^Tftiriul]. i»j iiiii m liill i i , <#lifiilr 
rrlKJUtDlnnr. i. tanw, Jlii|Wi C 

Frinli. ID. fW«rsT, Hpn- 
Frislir, i.>w>nr, nu> 





Fw™. •■■'*W"''A, 
FuUi^Dlbt, idj. n 

WiiBl.Ml-MeJt f^cmmMj.tti tm vml Full-tnlnildaLiiU.dlrHxiAlli. - 
#>*■.«■> »«"*■ Mlnr.«jnidfc Full li iB . ■H-'SSSl.V 

ruffideu, ^^WHh li«M(.(-:^ 

r FuUiAiuth, r 

it . PiUlor, t.»iltrU, C 

rncSxM, «V-A7&h gral~aif, to : FulabdllM, 1. Aif-HuHoih & 

ES2x,|;!fflF'"*- iKS:;».-&a=a:..-- 

— .v»l'trii.jii»»w,AWrgjfaJ>ai* -. 

Irinnl, »ii.J»iiiiiMliicA J 


ll, Id}. truM,,/lHian 

i^sK an 



';^^{^. *umMIM 






fflmi. ™»,-Bloimu,s 

Gmbbhr,... tabUom, ii count, nut 

0^1, 1. Ji**"^ t. fm>>H »r W Ml, D. 

/S3J, T^^f<»W. 1. 

Gukl'L >4l^w^;.I»., m. 

-iJ^OftBWM, .fMS-fi^ 


-, vn. tn(fr,teBiiK.r«» 

G»lder, I. cu»»ur. «* 


GodAr.i.»D», m. 


rortlon •!• /burn'r, <fi 

R.mT, .. cB^ri", <«■ 


?>uU«i^'[. m. 


-, v», a n.. S'KW, mSS>, i*HiKr 



- (nurj . jnur-m-, imporftr 






I, tfejJlUJ, uttiMtHMJllBlt 




Siltl^ln. ■' p. 




-^VL^^B "2*2^5^ * 





IJ.IHr, 1. ^'t«. '- , , , 




gSEtSfSiSiS'S""" [t* 


euMdna. I. jItnUilMt, IB. GiiMIihi, ..^f. m.. 

'•^™. mwffcr I Ciunlng. 1. ■'""/^j'^^' 

1 oSSli^.i ^»™7^'«'«" 


liiHB, I. apiritualiu, t. 
r.adj.ifiMnHl.Iif iicin 

Ike, OluUr, adj. mRSKait 

^blnui,*di.»riiu,gi »iiui, 
QUibiKuiuf ■.(MmIM, r. 
CMt, •. iintwi, lb, mmria, f. 

OUSwH, •■ nrfln. m 

Oidiln>>»d, Id). Msunll. a 
oIE'' * 'ST''' '^ fcrifl, grir 

«BI|bKnlf>wl,':.«>n'<n'>«.lt>' , 
«■. ■> tiAucAM, nnUsH. n., trofe, r. 

QiilU, niJjt ii^^l^l^in 


' f mundj r«Hlrr, t^notf 

Glmdonw, idj. iitni& * J )vau 



'ilmki, •rlMrl^a* 

GUrlouifyj Adv. glorinugmtut 

r, rUairt, italB- 


LiiDtMjtlFi adv. an trhmEm 


—6ir, ahtraUrir,'ftt<tr IMur 

fourtuivrtr JbirtOa pragra 

— tntai Uc <ut|jpcr» ^/wttn du nv 

— DW, avvrWhtTt ^amneher da 

— off, fnUtr, rarflr, /ei^l'ir 

-^anufh, pamtr, jfoKr (HI Ini 



Idilld, i./Uto^l,s 

Core, ■. jBiw^m, i»*ue, t 


., »ul „ R 

•IfiUrmZKIUrJUI'if- \ ^'•y"j<xl<B,t.!i^'U.<lrapm(lrUalrt, 

— Inillli Hn Bl. MiT M Jh want. - ,- 
STvlImUoD, I, (mMaffiiirc, PBldi, en. 

Onr! 1. MArwa, m. i <luk - 




Gulodtf, a. ffourmandite, t 

Gulp, •. gorgi^t f., trait, m. 

— , va. avaltTt tfvher 

Gum, s. gomme, (. 

— , va. gommtr 

Gummlness, •■ viseoait^, t 

Gummous, Gummy , tutiygommettx, etue 

Gun, s. arme dfeu, f., jwiilt m. ; great 

— , canon, in. 
Gunnel, Gunwale, s. platbord, m. 
Gunner, s. canoMiier^ m. 
Gunnery, s. Cart dun canonnier, m. 
Gunpowder, s. poudre a canon, f. 

— plot, conspiration des poudre*, f. 
Gunroom, •■ taiute barbe, f. 
Gunshot, a. portie de fusil, f. 
Gunsmith, ». armurier, arquebusier, m. 
Gunstick, s. baguette, f. 

Gunstock, 8. monture, f. 

Guntackle, s. drosse de canon, t. 

Gui;g«, s. goMff're, m. 

Gurgle, vn.Jiiire glougiou 

Gurnard, G-.irnet, ugoumal, va. 

Gush, s. saillitf, f., ^ulement, m. 

— , va. & vn. saillir, ruisseler, se dd>order 

Gusset, 8. gousset, m. 

Gust, 8. gyiU, dtsir, m., inclination, f. 

— of passion, acc^s dn colire, m. 

— of wind, bonffee, f., revolin. m. 
Gustable, adj. agr^ible au gout 
Gustation, s. d^gtutation, t. 
Gustfu), aiij. savoureux, euse 
Gusty, adj. ora^jvt/jr, euse 

. Gut, s. bopau, tntestin, m. 
— , va. fyentrer, vider 
Gutter, s. gvuttiire, f., ravin, ereu», m. 

— of a crossbow, coulisse, f. 

— of lead, chaineau, m. 
— • va. canneler 

Gutterledge, s. traversin d^fcoutille, m. 
Guttertile, s. faUiire, tuile creuse, t\ 
Guttle, va. & vn. bdfrer, avaler 
Guttler, s. bdfreur, euse ,* gourmand, e 
Guttling, s. od/re, f. 
Guttulous, adj. en gouttelette 
Guttural, adj. guttural, e 
Guzzle, va. to mpn*, boire, ivrogner, man- 
ger ou boire immoddr^ment 
Gunler, s. ivrogne, m., gourmand, e 
Gymnastic, adj. gpmnastique, f. 
Gymnic, adj. gymnique 
Gyration, s. mouvement cireulaire, m. 
Gyre, s. cercle, cirque, m. 
Gyve, va. mettre dans lesfers 
—a, ^\,fers, m., chaines, f. 


Habeas-corpu% a. droit de se Jaire juger. 
Haberdasher, s. petit mercier, m. [m. 
Haberdine, s. merluche saUe, t 
Habergeon, s. haubergeon, corselet, m. I 
Habiliment, s. habiUement, apprit, at' ; 
tirail, equipage, m. [tion, f. ' 

Habilitation, s. habUitoHon, quaLitica- , 
Htibllity, s. habiliU, fiuntlUt t i 

Habit, s. habit, habiUement, a. 

— (custom), habitudg, eoutwm, t 

~ of the body, eumpleanon, eanilftHflMi 
— , va. habilier [t 

Habiuble, aiJij. habUaAlt 
Habitance, s. habitation, t 
Habitant, s. habitant, m. 
Habiution, s. habitation, i,, oijimr, ak 
Habitator, a. htibitant, m. 
Habitual, adj. habituel, let ae eo ut um f,t 
Habitually, adv. habituellement 
Habituate, va. aecoiUumer, taMtwr 
Habitude, s. hftbitude, eoutwme,t 
Habnab, adv. au hasard, sansrif^ 
Hack, va. & vn. hacher, eouper, im¥ 

nir commun, se louer 
Hackle, %. filoselle, f. 
— , va. setancer, charpir 
Hackney, Hiick, a. chevaidt 
— , va. avilir par Cusage 
— , adj. de huage, mereentdre 
Hackney coach, s. fiacre, m. 
Haddock, a. merluche, t. 
Hittt, s. manche, m. 
Hag, s. sorciere, vieiUe sakpe, t 
— , \*a. tourmetiter, ipouoantor 
Haggaid, adj. hagard, e; q/fireux. 
Haggardly, adv. d'une mauUrs kk 
Haggish, adj. laid, e; dijfmme 
Haggle, vn. marchnnder, hAUer 
— , va. fouper, mutiter, dMtkpsetsr 
Haggler, s. barguigneur, euso 
Hah ! interj. hah I aht 
Hail, a. grele, t. 
—, interj. tnen vous soit 
— , vn. grfler 

— a ship, heler 
HaiUhot, a. mitraille, f. 
Hailstone, s. grain de grHe, nk 
Hailv, adj. degree 

Hair, a. cheveu, m. 

— button, bouton de crin, m 

— cloth, haire, f., cilice, m* 

— lace, bandelette, f. 

— of a beast, poil, crtfn, m. 

— of a boar, soiet, f. pi. 
Hairbrained, adj. ecerveU, e 
Hairbreadth, s. tepaisseur d^tm cftavA 
Hairiness, s. quantity de poUs, t [i* 
Hairless, adj. chauve 

Hairy, adj. velu, e t cheoeht, 
Halberd, a. halMxxrde, f. 
Halherditr, a. haliebardier, m. 
Halcyon, a. alcyon, m. 
— , adj. tranquiUe, paisibl0 
Hale, adj. roouste, sain, e 
— , va. holer, tirer 
Haler, s. celui qui tire 
Half, a. moiti^, f. 

— , adj. demi, e; d demi g moUUt t 
Half-blooded, adj. d^gMr^, • 
Halfmoon, a. demi tune, t» 
Halfpenny, a. un sous, m. 
Halfpike, a. angon, vcu 
Half-sphere, a. hemisphere, m. 
Halt strainnl, adj. imparjuit, 9 
Half-aword, a. combat chaud^ Ub 
Halfway, adv. d mi-themin 








• *taA-l.u^ 














&^,i,*.™. i£^, 

-S.B^'i-??-*^ ""■ 


— frcM,^s(r*>.t.' 

~ Dftellirf. l^^ 

Lpri^yfnlry, Di. 

-wom., *.«■!'.. 



KuitK. va. i VD. .i«hm-ii-. ihlialr 

H.rdl.™u.Bl. "IJ. 'pW, > 


H»rdlniiil-il,«iMr, ■** 


w, (wiic, fwr-^, c 

"iSatr, uxdin- 

•otm'^p, /nr^flj rniiroK, m. 


H.ri.n^p! .. d«w,ji,iign,'L^^ 

S^tonhM. IirEi 






H^IriS' '-Vt "'^^'^ 




Ss- ... 


HuBtnlll, lU^Tiewnliinlinil 
HimnftiliMM. t. jj^Sfci. n.. 

I, HinDociloii^ HftiiRbG» KlJ, ortnielltaiM, 0m i Jim, 

.-kl.*^^. rxi^^, dui^wnC Hi^J^f^; AU' ?<niIi4rliKL|l 

— . M. agrqffir, Mmml/ijf. u™™itr Hifloft, 1.^3, m., (noWi ^ 

Hub!, I. h£efdUlgsiKBt L Hiymu-kec, i. >iiaraUaiijWfi«ai ^ 

— , n,ttiUp^hfT Hiy.urk, Hirikk. ■.KnwdMtlM' 

HudiKB. ■.'pnniiitinilf, t "Z. (!?a LonU diuii). iTiui. I. 

HnClDti, t~fiulttprtBKet, m. pt —■ vl Aoonltr, rtigitir, .n illCi m i 

llHlT>>dJ.fn>iiipl,>rp«ullnf,(,' Die- Hminiilili, lU. HmmMj, J>U1P ■ 

wit, a/ emporte,ti brvtaitt Huudtt, l ceM' qui JtofaHto [^ 

tl4t| I. dwfeau, m- Huudoui. ■4J. Aamrdffbf , ««t 

lUtbiind, I. tens, C, eord wt^ m. Hwdourijr, tdv. ifniijiii hhi^ih 

Uudl, I, CHiHli, t. —.-m.Sn n /fylta il 

Hu^, L agi&TSaiAe, I. HBitl-iiut, l i wiwiit.t 

HKcAmT, ■.^WutUIa,' K*" Hi, |no!ul alal, tat 

" '..imdr.l. Htuliulnn, >. jLjUrH d« wfV t •! 

tattio-, m. Hanilnidi, aiQ. ^gVmiKI, ti mt- 
.JKiUt da 4MI- mmllauiM,!! mlllAcralliu 

Idlrj, JttuA 

paeifi^e,fnwllitTit,e; Hdthy, adi.;i^fui ttfbrv^ra 

Iitodrrirf™,J6IW« HS™iy,U)..ita!jI*Srn,™*S?lS 

In L ^MMi^Mh^'w f. 
an i.JiBvMni.iS^rvH, m. 

lllMtul.lA). «(•■'> 

SSS.'i ':?,^'j^"!a"' ?'?f- "■. 


tiRhy, t. htiiiiinMe, I. li 

Sboii.,!iJj,Ji«tS.>"" l' 

Kiunir, adv. rl oiirii, J/inmll ' j 

HEriuscV A^i^npi, m. 

Hd^iAiJ.VIJ.NCDUrDUl.lUilhflimiiuilII Mnmll,, a. (rmlta, 

Htbwity, & gntiH etiMtmiH, m. 

1, Ml). SltngliifUvit 


— ^^ » ■hip, lawiiw 
HiltabT, VA. flWpMtfr, lMipimi«T 

Jlftaff, PfvpoCMr^ 

iilabiTic, kUJvkil, Ul. UiUrifV 



f^ !. 


HIAbiii, •dr.iUHim itl,i»«" Vl , Hold oul, Onir btn, Kt-fi^rt 
Btntl- nUHfttifBifn. ni. lirAlIill' — Mil U hii:k|uiiiiiu 

moM w 

Ioct' i. »oriw«, t 

Hodir^iid, uy. AHnu/iH 


r, Uv!7»i»i9iHi<Hiii 

M«, mij. r.*iii*oI(/', In 

~ Id, inSni^ 

Hon., 141. Mit^m"*, , ..-,-■- -^ ^ ,- 

HiiiCly, adv. ftrfrfWfltidirf /initf, f, prene dB loJ^M 

uminUnd. f. nni'HIHiiHfii, m. 
--t VI. Avnvfjifrr, ffAaUHr r*"^- *"- 

ir.KUlir, ILriHrillc, Hjrpiirrllkml. ■dJ.llypierWf 

. ehutitef dts Anjinn 


1, 1. iriuiliinu, in., ImbMHi: 

Idle, Hli. /llnniul, i; 0U(>, Im; 

Irilduul^, adj. iFnbi 


Illsil. aiU. illtmil, e i IH^i 
IllWilU), I. UiSaliH, hijulla, f. 

lOUcnl, idj. cat Mi. gronla; i 
iminidl^i. aiorlH, aouaui, 
llUbo^, ulv. in anrc, ^aHel 
IlUndublb idt tnllai, ii uni 
IIBmlaMjr, Mr. iMbiimnil 


lU-ulBRd, aHi. nwHoK 


■■ WAmrifiaMn. C 

HUT. '•djii^uSK, *• 

Imi^lnjiiron, «■ tmngi mu wm 1, 
iougiiiuivi, td], fnanfiMfi; in 

Imt^lUy, s. imiMIKU, Im^HlMiv 

J^mueJul, kdi. wniU^l la 


. tt/^tagnfiiltl»i di 

i. impalpabie I r 

impartial, i ; A^uilabia 



ItDott ImpHiitKicj, & impOti- 

"lEnrrbdte, *d}. imprral!/, ivt 
iptmjitlllf, ndj. imftrrepime [llWB.f. 




Implacable, adj. impiacable 
Implant, va. planter, pcraoer, imprimer 
Imi^antation, s. implantation, f. 
Implausible, adj. improbahle, f. 
Implement, s. outil, meuble, m. 
Impletion, a. Faction demplir, pUnitude, 

aitre pleine, f., rempiiuafce, m. 
Implex, adj. compliqur, e t tniplese 
Implicate, va. imiHiquer, embarratMr 
Implication, t. imultcation, f. 
Implicit, aJj. impiicitf, compliqui, e 
Implicitly, adv. impticitement 
Implore, va. implorer, supplier 
Implorer, s. soUiciteur, m. 
Implumed, adj. emplum^, e 
Imply, va. impUguer, infirer 
Impoison, va. empoiaontier 
Impolitic, Impoliiical, adj. malaviMf, e 
Impolitically, adv. imprudemment 
Imponderoua, adj. leger, ere 
Imporoaity, s. dennte, f. 
Imporous, adj. dente, satis pores 
Import, «. sens, rxsage, m., entr^, f. 
— , va. fiiire venir, dinoter, sifniifler 
lmpormnce,i. importance, si ffhification. 
Important, adj. important, e [t 

Importation, a. importation, entr^, f. 
Importer, a. celui qui importe 
Importunate, adj. imp<irtun, e 
Importunately, adv. importunfynetit 
Importune, va. impnrtuner 
Importunely, adv. importunement 
Importunity, s. importunitdt f. 
Impose, va. impost^' 

— upon, /aire accroire, duper 
Impoaable, adj. imposable 
Imposcr, a. trompeur, euse 
Imposition, a impitsitton, f. 

— (cheat), supercherie, f. 
Impossibility, s. tmpossihilit^, f. 
Imposable, adj. impossible 
]m)x)st, s. impOt, ni., taxe, t. 
Imposthumate, va. apostumer 
Impo thuiiie, s. apastume, abcit, m. 
Impostor, a imposteur, m. 
Imposture, s. imposture, f. 
Impotence, Impotency, a impuissanee, f. 
Impotent, ailj. impotent, e; perclus, e; 

impuissant, e 
Impotently, Rdv. faiblement 
Impound, va. enfermer 
Impracticable, adj. impraticable 
Impracticablenrss, s. impossibility, t. 
Imprecate, va. maudire 
Imprecation, f, imprecation, f. 
Imprecatory, adj. impr^catoire 
Impregn, Impregnate, va. imprfsner 
Impregnable, adj. imprfgnubte, impren- 
Impre^rnation, s. impregnatiim , t [able 
Imprejudlcate, aiij. impartial, e 
Impreparation, a ma uquede preparation 
Impress, a impression, empreinte, f. 
— , va. imprimer, fcraver 

— sailors, ybrcer au service de mer 
Impressible, ad^ qui peut etre imprimi 
Impression, a tmpression, f. 
Impremxn, a empreinte, f. 
Impriat, vib imprinter, graver 

mprison, va. empriaofftier 
mprisnnment, a emprisonnement, m. 
mprobability, a invraisemblanee, t 
mprot»able, aidj. qui n'est pas erofpnM 
mprobably, adv. sans vraieaiManes 
m probate, va. desapprouver, diWMmm 
mprobation, a. dt'saveu, m. 
mprobity, a malhonneteti, t 
mprolificate, va. fMnider rmaAflfuM^ 
mproper, adj. imprupre, mddcent, </ 
mproperly, aidv. imprt-prement, Atfrf db 
mpropriate, va. infioder [in(W 

inpropriation, a b?ntjice, ir^fiodtt ■& 
mpropriator, s. inj^odataire, m. 
mpropriety, s. imprttpi iHi, t 
mprosperous, adj. irtfortund, 
mprosperouslv, adv. malheurevtemmt 
m provable, adv. que Fon peutamiHuw 
mprove, va. Ik vn. prufiter, fairs drnp*" 
- land, amdliorer, fa ire vaMr [fi# 
mpn>vement, a amelioratwn, t 

— in learning, progris, avancemo^t ift 

-— of arts, culture, f. 

'mprover, a celui qui fnit valoir 
mprovided, adj. depouiini, e [iMi 
m providence, & imprudence, imprint 
inprovicent, adj. inconsidM, e 
mprondently, adv. imyrudemmnt 
m provision, a imprevoyanee, t 
mprudence, a imprudence, f. 
mprudent, adj. imprudent, e 
mprudently, adv. imprudemmeMt 
mpudence, a impudence, f. 
mpudent, adj. impudent, e 
mpudently, adv. t^ff^rontiment 
mpugn, va. attaq ler 
mpugner, s. agrer^seur, m. 
mpuissance, s. impuissanee, i. 
inpulse. Impulsion, s. impulnaiii,i> 
mpulsive, adj. impulsif, tve 
mpunicy, s. tmpunite, f. 
nipure, adj. tm;<ur, e / sale 
mpurely, adv. avec impureti, i» 
mpurple, va. empourprer 
mputable, adj. imputable 
mputation, s. imputation, f. 
ni putative, adj. qui est imputi 
mpute, va. imputer, attribuer 
mputer, a accusateur, trice 
a, prep, en, dans, d^datis, d,aUti'^ 

par, pour, avec, sur, sous, de 
nability, a. impuissanee, f, 
nabstinence, a intemperance, L 
naccessible, adj. inaccessible ,^^ 

naccuracy , s. inexactitude, irrigvlann 
naccuratf, adj. inextict, e \S 

naction, s. inacti«m, f. 
nactive, adj. indolent, e 
nactively, adv. n^trligemment 
nactivity, s. indolence, oisiveti, ^ 
nadcquate, adj. disproportionni, 9 
nadequatfly, kdy im/tar,taitement 
oadmissible, adj. inadmissible 
nadvertence. Inadvertency, a i 
nadvf rtent, adj. n^ligent, e [s 
nadvertently, adv. pftr m garde 
nalie:ia><le, adj. inaliinable [w( 

IvAiVxxAuialt adj. qui n'est pasnoini 


t, idj. bieliil. H 

nl^Udiii, null/, UL 

soip»tiljUlIy,V,(dHP»ipa(iUI(r/,l [(< 




Inoompatlble, adj. incompatible 
iDOompfttibljr, adv. non convefiabletnent 
Incompetency, ». incompetence, f. 
Incompetent, adj. incompetent, e 
Incompetentlft adv. incompttemment 
Incomplete, adj. impnrjhit, e 
Incompletenen, s. imperfection, f. 
Incompliance, s. ituiocUiti, f. 
InoompoMd, adj. n^glife^, e; dimigrMile 
Incomprehentimlity, Iiicomprehensible- 

nev, s. ineomprehensibilite, f. 
Incomprehensible, adj. incomprehensible 
Incompreheniibljr, adv. incomprehen- 

Inoompresdhility, s. incompreseibilite, f. 
Incomprescible, aiij. incomprcMible 
Inooncealable, adj. qu'on ne peut eaeher 
Inconceivable, mIj. hiconcevable 
Inconceivably, adv. ivconcevahlement 
Inooncludent,ad^. qui n'ettpoMconeluant 
Iiiconduti\'e, adj. qui n'est pat eonclusif 
InooDooct. Incoucocted, adj. indigeate 
InooDCoctlon, t. itidigeation, f. 
Incondite, adj. irrrgulier, e ; rude 
Inoonditional, Inconditionate, adj. illi- 
iMoonformity, ■■ difference, f. [mite, e 
Incongruity, s. ineongruite, f. 
Incongruous, adj. incongru, e; abaurde 
Incongruously, adv. impropremeta 
Inconsequence, s. inconsequence 
Inconsequent, adj. inconsequent, e 
Inconsiderable, s. petit, e ; de neant 
Inconsiderableness, s. manquede amside- 
Inconsiderate, ac|j. etourdi, e 
Inconsiderately, adv. d la Ugire 
Inconsiilerateness, s. etourderie, f. 
Inconsistence, Inconsistency, s. contixir 

diction, incompatibilite, f. 
Inconsistent, adj. incompatible 
Inconsistently, adv. contradictoirement 
Inconsolable, aitj. inconsolable 
Inconsonancy, s. contraritfte, f. 
Inconspicuous, adj. imperceptible 
Inconstancy, s. inconstanre, f> 
Inconstant, a^j. inconstant, e; volage 
Inconsumable, Inconsuuiptiblc, a^j. qui 

ne peut (tre consume 
Incontestable, adj. incontestable 
Incontestably, adv. incontestablement 
Incontinence, Incontinency, s. inconti- 
Incontinent,adj. incontinent, h [tience, f. 
Incontinently, adv. sur le champ 
Incontrovertible, adj* incontestable 
Incontrovertibly, adv. incontestablement 
Inconvenience, Inconveniency, s. incom- 

modite, f., embarras, m. 
Inconvenient, adj. incommode 
Inconveniently, adv. mal-upropos 
Inconversable, adj. insociable, oourru, e 
Inconvertible, adj. immuable 
Inconvincible, adj. obatine, e 
Inconvincibly, ailv. obatinement 
Incorporal, adj. immateriel, le 
Incorporality, s. immaterialite, f. 
Incorporally, adj. immateriellement 
Incorjwrate, va. incorporer, i^incorporer 
JaoorjMntion, s. incorporation, f. 
Jaco^onait adj* incorporelt le 

! Incorrect, adj, incorrect, » 
Incorrectly, adv. inexactement 
. Incorrectness, s. incorrection, t 
I Incorrigibility, s. incorrigibUite, t 
I Incorrigible, adj. incorrigible 
I Incorrupt, Incorrupted, wlj.pi/r, e 
! Incorruptibility, s. incorruptibUite,t' 
■ I ncorruptible,ad j.mcorrup<i6/;9 ruatibit 
Incorruptibly, adv. d'une manieret$ie»i^ 
Incorruption, Incorruptness, a pvueU, L 
Incrassate, va. epaissir 
Incrassation, s. epaissiifsement, m. 
, Increase, s. augmentation, U, acersiat§- 
, — of cattle, portee, f. [msnt, » 

— of the year, recolte, f. 
I — of trade, avancement, m. 
— , va. augmenter, a'augmenter 
Increaser, u.celui qui augments 
Increated, adj. incree, e 
Incredibility, s. incridibiliti, f. 
Incredible, adj. incroyable 
Incredibly, adv. incroj/af/lement 
Incredulity, s. incredulite, t 
Incredulous, adj. incredule 
Incredulousness, a increduliti, i. 
Increment, s. accroi^aemeut, m. 
Increpate, va. reprimander, rtprmin 
lucrepation, s. reprimands, eensHrt,U 
Incrust, Incrustate, va. incruttsr 
Incrustation, s. incrustation, f* 
Incubate, va. couver 
incubation, a iwntfmtion, f. 
Incubus, s. cauchenuir, va. 
[ratiun Inculcate, va. inculquer 

' Inculcation, s. Faction d'inculqusr 
Inculpable, a4j. irrepreheiisible, juds 
Incult, adj. inculte, grossier, iire 
Incumbency, s. poss'-snion d^un beniffita 
Incumbent, s. bencficier, m. 
— , adj. necessaire, prapre 
Incumber, va. embarrnaser 
Incumbrance, s. embarras, obstacle, to. 
Incur, va. encourir, subir 
Incurability, Incurableneas, s. incurdi^ 


e: negH- 

. Incurable, adi. incurable 

Incurably, aov. suns remcde 
! Incurious, adj. nonchalant, 
' Incursion, s. incttrsion, t 
. Incurvate, va. courber, plier 

IncurA-ation, s. courbure, f. 

Incurvity, s. courbure, f. 

Indagate, va. recftercher, pareourir 

Indagatiun, s. recherche, t. 

Indagator, s. scrutateur, m. 

Indart, va. darder 
I Indebt. va. endettcr 
I Indebted, adj. endettt', e; redevable 

■ Indecency, s. induce nee, f. 
Indecent, ailj. indict'.nt, e 

■ Indecently, adv. indrcemmrnt 
Indeciduous, a<lj. qui ne tombe point 

I Indeclinable, adj. tndcclinable 
I Indecorous, adj. impropre, indecent, e 
I Indecorum, s. tndecence, f. 
I Indeed, adv. en verite, tout de bon 
Indefatigable, adj. infatiguble 
I Indefatigably, adv. in/at igablemmU 
\ sans rtldcha 

u L Inif (ff^-nwwt f. 
r> ad*. llHttftrgnniflK 
bdlffCDCTi »■ mdtffarett I. 
ad), du paw, ImHgim 


Uito, Inrliidlc, adj. ind 
iUir, ■■ indudNK, r. 

EDtl)r, adv. norieABiaii 
ndraoght, 1. baia, I., ram 

^nblubl/.aiv.r " 

ndDlaenn, IndalnniTii- tfufii^^H^f- 
QdulnDI, ail' fnnjfgvHt, Bsfimrabltt 

Si.biSiiluilT My- InhiiaiUme 

^^v MibI^SmkM iTAn M 

HM*. InqpidtmcT, >. in^n- 

^ir^^wnJlU.KTdW* , 

tcundilr. •- ir^^wnJlM 

Aami. tai oifiiiMimA i 

nlnltivi imooaU l liuMljr, Bt 
InSnlm*. Indr-B., n^Itrih!, t 
nlrm, idj. in^nnc, AIM 

ipUobtT, ul 

^Mtin^ "^ilti^^ 

rUui'U' I 



kbold, vL coitttnir Imtnt, m> 

ihoi^iiiili, juij. barban. ihir, t ^^^ 

dIiIUIi)'. ^ iTigvl'?, iijiMlai, 

njicliaa, i. irJil tron, f. 

uilk-UI. adj. Illi'sul. B 

'r^ m! i'jMii'ci. fair-*" 

, vL » vTi. rrfir'/Iir, KT jirtrijlir 

trrjf , m. [n^Tf 

lutb i&j, inn?, Cf lanrel, b 


■MBI^ »■ fcu <lii l «H wt, Uft, i 
— ' — ^-*a1iliri m. r-- -"-''"- 

ndglH. I cun™i« 

merliSm, l liucrlfilHi. Moufi, E 
lunilp, n. <»I|if*r. jgniHr [troUf 



BMnilUc idi. (iuiiK.'"K't 

cnainbllin, I 

lia, v"'l 

online mdj. fnxfnil. • ,- tffnmS. • . 

fl!pwl°^ Mnraii^l^ n.'rSS'B- TJ'- 
nipaUon, >, ln,pftliM.i unnlinlMi 

Ufinlil', ulj. gui pnf An lH«et4 
U^T. >■ fnSatUlU, lliilillllMjffi 

1). iiuiUAwir, I 


IfnR, a. har/Ofmct, t. nk 

iiMiiir'. >- otmtitUiua/, i. 

„' >. aiK,'«JJ. BUtlMl, 




iDtcrfcfC, vn. te mUer, ^entrtehoqiter 
iDteiference, s. aetton ifiHterpoaer, t. 
Interfering, s. amtrarut^, (. 
Inieffflucnt, adj. qui eoule entre deux 
Interfulgent, adj. reluimntt e 
InterfuMd, adj. partentft e 
Interim, s. intmm, m., entrejaitei, t pL 
Interior, adj. int^rieftr, e ; interne 
Interjiurent, ailj. fifW entre deu* 
InteijecDon, %. intefjeetion, f. 
Intermin, va. unirt r^nir 
Interknowledice, s. eonnaisaance mutu- 
Interiace, \'a. entretacer [«//9, f. 

Interlapse, s. entre-tempt, intervaltet va. 
Interlard, va, entnfiarder, entremel^r 
Interleave, va. mettre du papier blcmc 

entre iesfi-uillea (fun livre imyrimi 
Interline, va. 6arire done Fentreligne 
Interlineation, 5. entreliftfe, f. 
Interlink. vn.joindre le$chatnorUt tiMser 
Interlocution, a. int^locution, £ 
Interlocutor, s. ittterlticuteHr, m. 
Interlocutory, adj. intrlocutuire 
Interlope, vu. «e meitr, tuurper 
Interluper, s. interlopet a>ntr^)andier, 
Interlucent, adj. reluisant, e [m. 

Interlude, ji. intemUdet m. 
Interluency, s. eau interposifei f. 
Interlunar, Interlunary, a^j. entre deux 

Intermarriage, s. mariaffe croia^, m. 
Intermarry, vn. faire un double nuiriage 

dana lea memea Jumill'-a 
Intermeddle, va. & vn. m^ler, ae meler 
Intermeddler, l entremetteur, euae 
Intermediacy, s. tnfervenfum, f. 
Intermedial, adj. intermediaire 
Intermediate, adj. iutermHialt e 
— space, s. intervalle, m. 
Intermediately, adv. par intervention 
Interment, s. enterrementt m. 
Intermigration, s. chanpement de place 
Intermiimble, adj. aana botrte 
Intermination, s. menace, f. 
Intermingle, va. & vn. etitremiler, mi- 

lantrer, a'entremeier, ae miler 
Intermiuion, s. ititermiasion, f. 
Interminive, adj. intfrmittentt e 
Intermit, va. & vn. diacontinuer, ceaaer 
Intermittent, adj. intermittent, e 
Intermix, va. eutremeler 
Intermixture, >. mt;lange, m. 
Internal, adj. interne, interieur 
Internally, adv. interieurement 
Internecine, adj. ^entre-d^truiaant, e 
Internuncio, s. internouce, m. 
Interpellation, s. acmonce, f., appel, m. 
Interpolate, va. interpoler,falafjier 
Interpolation, s. interpolation, f. 
Interpolator, i, fauaaaire, m. 
Interposal, s. intervention, f. 
Interpose, va. & vn. inter poaer, faire in- 

tervenir, a'antrnmettre, a'interpoaer 
Interposer, s. mddiateur, m. 
Interposition, s. interpoaition, f. 
Interpret, va. interpr^er, espliquer 
InCerpivtable, adj. f«p{toab(e 
laterprtwion, t, interptiUMantU 

Interpretative, adj. interprdtmtif, itee 
Interpreter, s. interprite, m. 
Interregnum, Interreign, 1. int^r^mt. 
Interrogate, x-a. interroger [m 

Interrogation, s. tn^erro^tion, f. 
Interrogative, adj. interrogatif, ive 
Interrogatory, 1. interrogatoire, m. 
Interrupt, va. interrompre 
Intemiptedly,adv. avecdeainterrupUmit 
Interrupter, s. ceiui qui intemmpt 
interruption, s. interruption, t 
Interscapular, adj. entre lea dpaktea 
Interscind, va. entrreouper 
Interscribe, va. entreligner 
Intersect, va. entrecouper 
Intersection, s. interaeetion, f, 
Interwrtion, s. ittaertion, t 
Intersperse, va. entremiler 
Interstu-e, s. iuteratice, m. 
Interstitial, adj. avec dea interatket 
Intercexture, s. entrelacement, m. 
Intertmne, Intertwist, ^-a. entrelaetr 
Inter\'at, s. intervalle, eapace, m. 
Intervene, vn. intervenir, aurvmir 
Interrenient, adj. intervenant 
Intervention, s. intervetttion, t 
InterA-ert, va. intervertir 
Interview, s. entrevue, f. 
Inter\'olve, va. envetopper 
Interweave, X'a. entrelacer, entrmaStt 
Intesuble, adj. incapable de tetter 
Intestinal, adj. intestinal, e 
Intestine, adj. inteatin, e; civil, a 
Intestines, s. inteatina, m. pL 
Inthral, va. aaaervir, rendre eadaai 
InthrHlment, s. aaserviasement, m. 
Inthrone, va. Clever sur le trdna 
Intimacy, s. ^troite Haiaon, intimU,i> 
Intimate, s. ami intime, m. 
— , adj. intime, familier, i^te: eordUtI 
— , xTu donner a entend/e, intimer 
Intimately, adv. intimement 
Intimation, s. avia, vent, m. 

— (in law), intimation, aigni/ica6»,t> 
Intimidate, va. intimider 

Into, prep, dana, en, entre, aur [oUl 
Intolerable, adj. intolerable, inauffi^ 
lotolerableness, s. qunlite iuauppormitk 
Intolerably, adv. intttlerablement [b 
Intolerance, s. intulfrance, f. 
Intolerant, adj. intolerant, e; iUffieUi 
Intomb, va. enterrer 
Intonation, s. intonation, i. 
Intone, vn. entonner, dimner le ton 
Intort, va. entoriilier, tordre 
Intoxicate, va. enivrer, charmer 
Intoxication, s. tranaport, rnitoresMN^t 

enteiement, m., injatuation, t. 
Intractable, adj. intraitabieU 
Intractableness, s. humeur intrttitaiti$tt 
Intractably, adv. dune mariiire ifUraH^ 
Intranquillity, s. inquietude, f. [aUf 
Intransmutable, ad), immuable 
Intreasure, va. amaaaer 
Intrench, va. retrancher, couper 

— upon, empUter, uaurper 
Intrenihant, adj. indiviaiUe 

IJtf^r, duper^ a 





Iron, ufn-t m. ; white —,fer-blanct m. 
— , va. repeuter du linge, e»chainer 
— , u^. defer, imjtdnetrtible 
Ironlcml, adj. irontque 
Ironically, adv. ironiquement 
Iron-mill, *.for^e, f., moulin dfer, m. 
Iron-mine, s. mine defuvt t 
Ironmonger, s. taiUatidier,Jbrronier, m. 
Iron-ore, i. minerai defer, m. 
Iron-pin, s. cheviUe defer, f. 
Iron-ware, *. ouincailie, taillanderie, t 
Iron- wire, ».ju defer,jU^archal, m. 
Iron-work, *.ftsrrure, f. 
Iron- wort, s. (botanical) empaudine, f. 
Irony, s. ironie, f. 
— , udyfitrruiiirteux, euse 
Irradiance, Irradiancy, B./u«fre, ^clat, m. 
Irradiate, va. rayonner, A:lairer 
Irradiation, s. irradiation, splendeur, £., 

ravonnement. Mat, m. 
Irrational, adj. irraisonnable 
Irrationality, s. manque de raiaon, m. 
Irrationally, adv. sane raieon 
Irreclaimable, adj. inanrigible, perdu, e 
Irrecondlable, adj. irreconcUiahle 
Irreconcilableness, s. haine implacable, t. 
Irreconcilably, adv. irrdconcilie^leme/it 
Irreconciled, adj. non expi^, e 
Irrecoverable, adj. irrtfparable 
Irrecoverably, aciv. eans reseource 
Irreducible, adj. irrdductUile [/ragable 
Irrefragability, s. Hat de ce qui est irrS- 
Irrefragable, adi. irrefragable 
Irrefragably, adv. incontestablement 
Irrefutable, adj. incontestable, certain, e 
Irregular, adj. irr^gtUier, iire; dir^l^, e 
Irregularity, s. irregularity, f. 
Irregularly, adv. irriguliirement 
Irreffulate, va. d^^gler, d&anger 
Irrelative, adj. di'suni,e; sane liaison, 

tana suite, qtd n'est point lie, e 
Irrelevant, adj. qui ne prouve rien 
Irreligion, s. irreligion, impUt^, f. 
Irreli^ous, adj. irr^ligietuc, euse 
Irreligiously, adv. irreligieusement 
Immeable, ad^. sans retour 
Irremediable, a<lj. irrdm^iabUt 
Irremediably, adv. irrdmediablement 
Irremissible, adj. irrdmissible 
Irremissibleness, s. quality ir remissible, f. 
Irremissibly, adv. irremissibtement 
Irremovable, adj. constant, e ; fixe 
Irreparable, adj. irreparable 
Irreparably, adv. in-iparablement [able 
Irrepleviable, adj. qui n'est pas racket- 
Irreprehensible, adj. irreprehensible 
Irreprehen8ibly,adv. irreprihensiblement 
Irreproachable, adj. irriprochable 
Irreproachably, tiflv.irreprochablement 
Irreprovable, adj. irreprehensible 
Iiredsiibility, s. irrfyistibiliti, t 
Irresistible, adj. irresistible 
Irresistibly, adv. irresistiblemeni 
Irresoluble, adj. irresoluble 
Irresolubleness, s. qualiti irresoluble, t 
Jmtolute. adj. irresolu, e 
InaoJutelf, adv. irr^httement Cf. 
IniBHiIatJoD, 1. (rr^ioftition, incertltuae* 

Irrespective, ady. indipetuiant, e 
Irrespectively, adv. indipendammmt 
Irretrievable, adi. irripiarahlB 
Irretrievably, adv. irrepanMement 
Irreverence, s. irreverence, f. 
Irreverent, a4j. irreverent, e 
Irreverently, adv. irrev&enuHent 
Irreversible, adi. irrevocable 
Irreversibly, adv. irrevoctMement 
Irrevocable, adj. irrevocable 
Irrevocably, adv. irrtvoeablemeKt 
Irrigate, va. arroaer, humecter 
Irrigation, s. arrosemetit, m. 
Irriguous, adj. arrose, e ; humide 
Irrision, s. moquerie, derision, t 
Irritate, va. irriter, provoquer 
Irritation, s. irritation, f. 
Irruption, s. irruption, course, t 
Isinglass, s. colle de poisson, U 
Island, s. He, f. 
Islander, s. insulaire, m. 
Isle, s. Ue, f. 
Issue, s. issue, fin, f., succds, m. 

— in the arm, cautire, m. 

— (offspring), enfans, m. pi., lignte,t 
— , va. et vn. provenir, sortir, |WOMri 

emaner, (U>outir, se ttrminer 
Issueless, adj. sans enfans, sanspotUM 
Isthmus, s. isthme, m. 
It, pron. ce, il, elle, le, la, en, cete,f 
Its, pron. son, sa, ses 
Italic, adj. italique 
Itch, s. /jnafe, euvie, dilmangeaisimt U 

desir extreme, m. 
— , vn. demanger 
Itching, s. demangeaison, f. 
Itchy, adj. galeux, euse ; qui a la gak 
Item, s. article, m. 

— (a hint), avis, avertissement, in. 
— , adv. item, de plus, un autre 
Iterant, adj. qui rej^ete 

Iterate, va. repeter, riiterer 

Iteration, s. repetition, f. 

Iterative, adi. tt&atif, ive: redupSte^i 

Itinerant, adj. ambulant, e ["i 

Itinerary, s. ttituraire, m. 

Itself, pron. lui-meme, soi-mime 

Ivory, 8. ivoire, m. 

— comb, peigne (f ivoire 

— turner, ivoirier 

Ivy, s. lierre, m. / (oound — , lierrtttfh 
restrei tree — , lierre grimpant 


Jabber, vn. bredouiller, bavarder 
Jabberer, s. bredouilleur, etue [■• 

Jabbering, s. bredouillement, baragomih 
Jacent, adj. gisant, e / coucM, e 
Jacinth, %.jacinthe, f. 
Jack (roasting-spit), s. toume-brodtet ^ 

— (bowler's mark), s. cochotmet, m. 

— (flag), s. pavilion de beaupre, m. 

— for pulling off boots, s. tire-botteet Db 

— in the box, ugodenot, va. 

— V,iQoxi\^\K^<lib\t s. brvdMoMf a. 




JtiHUdl, >. nkuH, t, •mtaoi', rllioit. — . t^ li rn. cojifiinilrt, mStr, bn 

-^ra.M*iwrii^^™™d«UM,/i ■ '"-' ' 

— , TIL ■lumrar. nSir 

ilka, •.•viOfHT. out [dM< J 


ivd§it, A. Jtt9, arbttrw, uk 

JiuiulaiF, >J). Jimlura 


j n l ri am . I. abwKhJKif ifaju, 

Jmufiablr. uV' flPK^Mftin 
JanlAoUiHi, >.ju(inca(iui, e ^ 

juHUfliiic, 111). jMi^giuii. < 

Jiiiu/,*dT. juttmnUifl, i Ih» ««« 

Kthn-iir, I. iialindriA-, 




('•cry), «. e nane ment, m. 


congr/er, fwmr ie edbh 
. €om/rre*u(e» m., ^mrruiis, t 
tere a touer, f. 


lie, emette, f. 
ft. donner la eate 
piquant t e ; aigu, e : nib- 
^Uf, e ; ncrr^t e ; dun 
V. tubtilement, ewdemment, 
ts avtx aoiditi 
. tubtiitt^, aiffreur, f. 
iteetion,/farde, f. 
.e, s. tion^n, m. 
u /fordert tenir, entretenirt 
demeurer, cnttterver, etre 
tenir»r/tar^,viore»fpari ment 
nir eMgrit', ^abtenter 
garder, evUer, cacher, em- 

1, mettre d couvert de pluie 
, frt'quenter, hunter 
HUgaeTt opprimer 
ner, demturer, tenir en bride 
tefaire redouter 
fs avancer, ee tenir en arriire 
'jiiu'r eon chemin 
iper, ae posseder 
\ectief (fentrer, ne pat entrer 
[ht, ae tenir eacM 
music)» sacettrder 
Cher a, ae tenir 
mir de court, tenir en bride 
itenir, aoutenir, entretenir 
)rice of an article, ne point 
: prix dune ttiarchandiae 
wrde, pt/rtier, rn. 
s. offlc-' de ^ardien, m. 
;. aouvenir, in. 
le, f't baril, in. 
tloon, potage, m. 
de, f. 

urlingue, f. 
, itendu de la vue, f. 
:evoir,connaitre, reconnaUre 
henil, ruiaaeau, m. 
s, meute, f. 
turer, giter, coucher 
cttuvre chef, fichu, m. 
adj. habile, e ; couvert, e 
termes, m. 

mande, f., noyau, pepin, m. 
sh, fflande, f. 
irmer en ^rain 
ij. fctanduleux, euae 
roa drap, m., serire croiaie, f. 
•Ique, ca'ic, in., caiche, f. 
laudiere, t, chaudron, m, 
, s. timbale, f. 
ou cl^, f- 

organ — , clavier, m. 
ette, f. 
forure, f. 
. pier re cent rale, f. 
xelure, mule, cre.vaaae,fente, 
qui a dea engelurea \ f. 

Kick, I. coup de pied, m. 
—, wn. donner un eeup de pied, 
ruer, regimber, Jhire dea ruadee 

— oat, chaaaer 

— up one's heeN, ae eabrer 

Kicker, s. celui qui rue [t 

Kickshaws, s. ragvAta, m. jA., bagateliea. 
Kid, 9. chevreau, oabri, btquet, m. 

— gloves, ganta de cabron ou de peoM d< 
— , vn. biqueter, chuvroter [ehiere 
Kidder, s. regrattier, arcapareur, m. 
Kidnap, \'a. enlrver dea enfitnr, tromptr 
Kiilnapper, s. wdeur denfiina, m. 
Kidney, s. rognon, m. 

— beans, haricota, m. pU 
Kildetkin, s. demi-baril, m. 
Kill, va. tuer,Jbire mourir 
Killer, s. cuaaaain, homicide, m. 

Kiln, s. ehamfitir, m. ; brick — , brique- 

terie, f. : lime — , /intr d chaux, no. 
Kilndry, va. adcherdana unfottrddutUM 
Kimbo, adj. crochu, es eourb^, e 
Kin, .0. parentage, alM, m. ; alli^e, f. 
— , adj. parent, e ; altii, e 
Kind, s. genre, m., aorte, f. 
— , adj. oon,ne; obligeant,et bier^fixi- 

aant, e ; fnvoraMe, aj^le, civil, e 
Kin'ile, va. & vn. allumer, enflammer 

exciter, a'nUnmer, ifettHamnier 
—, vn. (to bring forth) /aire dea petite, 

mettre baa 

— as a doe-rabbit, porter 

— as a hare, levretter 

Kindler, s. qui enflumme, qui allume 
Kindly, adi. bien/aiaant, e : fratemel, le 
— , adv. obhgKamment, d". bon coeur, en 

bonne part, avrc bo>,t^, fort bien 
Kindness, s. bont^, amitie, douct^ur, f. 
Kindred, s. iKtrent^, f., parentage, m., 

parena, alli^a, ni. pL 
Kine, s. vnch a, f. pi. 
King, s. roi, potentat, mnnarque, m. 

— at draughts, dame damee 

— (crown at draughts), va. darner un pion 
Kinjf'^om, s. royaume, m. 
Kingfisher (a bird), s. martin-pecheur, 

alcyon, m. 
Kingly, adj. royal, e; de roi 
— , adv. roynlemevt , en roi 
King's-bench, s. cour du banc du roi, f. 
Kings evil, s. tcrouelles, f. pi. 
Kingship, s. royautc, t 
Kinstoik, n. parens, in. pi. 
Kinsman, s. parent, allie, m. 
Kinswoman, s. pnrente, allide, f. 
Kirk, s. egliaf, aasemblee, i. 
Kirtle, s. engelure, f. 
Kiss, s. b'liaer, m. 
— , va. baiser, aalun; embraaaer 
Kissing crust, s. baisure, f. 
Kit, s. poche, f., seau, m. 
Kitchen, s. cuiaine, t. 
Kitchen-drudge, s. inarmiton, m. 
Kitchen gard-.n, s. jurdin potager, m. 
Kitchen- maid, s.fille de cuiaine, f. 
Kitchen-stuff, s. graiase dc cuiaine, f. 
Kitchen-tackling, s. batter lede cuiaine, t, 
Kitchen-wench, •. kmeuae de vaiaaelle, t 





Kitcbni'Work, a* cuisine, f. [m. 

Kite, s. milan, m. ; piper — , txrf-voiant, 
Khten, %. ehaton, petit chat, m. 
— , vn. chatfT, chtitouner 
Klick, s. cliquet, m. 
— • vn. fiure un petit bruit aigxi 
Knab, va. ranger t mnrdre, bmuter 
Knackt s. tour, trautran, coHJichet, m.« 

dextMt^, adresse, htU)itude, f. 
— , vn. craqtter [doigta 

— with one's fingers* fiiire craquer tet 
Knag, s. naudt m. 

Knaggy, adj. noueux, euse 

Knap, B. tertre, m*, coUine, f« 

— , va. croquet, eUtraper 

Knapsack, %. havresac, m. 

Knave, s. nceud,/ripon,Jburbe, coqttin, 

— at cards, valet, m. [m. 
Knavery, ufriponiterie, f. 

Knavish, aaj. firipou, ne ; defripon 

Knavisbly, iAv. en fripun, enfuurbe 

Knavishness, s. indinatUm d la fripon- 

Knead, va. pitrir [nerie, f. 

Kneading-trough, s. pArin, m. 

Knee, s. genou, m., courbe, f. 

— , va. mpplier dgenoux 

Kneedeep, adj. en/bnd'jusqu^aux genoux 

Kneepan, s. rotule, f. 

Kneetribute, s. rev&ence, f. 

Kneel, va. a'agenouiller, ee mettredge- 

nouxtjiifchtr le genou 
Knell, s. gUu, m. 
Knife, s. couteau, m. 
Knight, X. chevalier, m. 

— at chess, cavalier, m. 

— of the Bath, un Chevalier du Bnin 

— of the Garter, un Chevalier de la Jar- 
— , va. creer chevalier [retiere 
Knight-errant, s. p<Uadin, chevalier er- 
Knighthood, s. chevalene, f. [rantf m. 
Knightly, adj. de chevalier 

Knit, va. tricoter, bntcher, attacher 
Knitter, s. tricoteur, euee 
Knitting-needle, s. aifntille d tricoter, f. 
Knob, s. bo8»f, f., pommeau, m. 

— (tuft), tofijffk, f. 

— on the top of a cap, houppe, t. 
Knobbed, adj. nout', e ; noueux, euse 
Knobby, adj. noueux, euse; raboteux. 
Knock, s. coup, m., talorhe, f. [tute 
— , va. & vn. frapper, heurter 

— down, terra-ss-'r, abattre 

— in, enjvncer, cotrner 

— off, faire muter, tmsaer, brieer 

— on the head, assitmmer 

— out, faire aortir 

— under, »e rendre, etre d quia 
Knocker, s. anneau, martenu, m. 
Knocking (noise), s. bruit, m. 
Knoll, 8. citUine, f., monticule, m. 
— , va. & vn. tinter, sonner un glaa 
Knot, s. nceud, bouton, peloton, m. 

— (confederacy), bande, troupe, f. 

— , va. St vn. nouer, unir, embarraaaer, 

embrouiller, powttter, se nouer 
Knottiness, s. difficultly inegaliti, f. 
Knotty, a4j. noueux, euse 
Know, VA. tavoitf cwina\trt 

Knower, s. connoisseur, m. 

Knowing, s. connaissanee, f. 

— , adj. savant, e ; Mairi, e 

Knowingly, adv. sciemnusnt 

— (on purpose), adv. ddeuein, expm, 

ae dessetn prim^diti 
Knowledge, s. savoir, m., etmnaismneet 

exp&ience, science, f. 
Knuckle, s. Jointure, t.,jarret, m. 
— , vn. se rendre, se soumettre 


Label, s. dcriteau, vn., Aiquette, t 
Labent, adj. tombunt, e ; gtisaant, e 
Labial, adj. labial, e 
Labiated, adj. labitf, e 
Laboratory, s. laboratoire, m. 
Laborious, adj. labitrieux, euse: pMbk 
Laboriously, adv. taborieusement 
Laboriousness, s. difficulte, C 
Labour, s. peine, f., travail, m. 
— , \'a. & vn. travailler, s'ejffbreer 
Labourer, s. ouvrier,journalier, la 
Laboursome, adi. pMible, difficile 
Labyrinth, s. labyrinthe, dedale, m. 
Lace, s. lacet, cordon, m. ; gold — , paiM> 

ment,galon,xn.; thread —, <fenfeitv,& 
— , va. lacer, attacher, rosser, gakmitr 
Lacemaker, s. faisenr, Jaiseuse diinf 
Laceman, s. passementier. Ore [tA 
Lacerable, adj. qui peut ftre UtcM 
Lacerate, va. dKhirer, lac&er 
Laceration, s. dt'chirure, f* 
Laceratlve, adj. dt'chirant, e 
Lachrymal, adj. lacrymal, e 
Lachrymary, adj. qui contientdes htmn 
Lachrymation, s. faction de pleurer,t 
Lachrymatory, s. lacrpmatoire, m. 
Lack, s. besotn, manque, m. 
— , va. avoir bemtin att, manquer di 
Lackbrain, s. imbMlle, idiot, e 
Lacker or Lacquer, s. laque, vemtf (jvi 

imite la dorure, m. 
— or — , va. vemir, vemisser 
Lackerer, s. vernisseur, m. 
Lackey, s. laquais, domestUme, m. 
— , va. & vn. servir, faire f office de h* 
Laconic, adj. laconique, court, e rfMoii 
Laconically, adv. laconiquement, htOve- 
Laconism, s. laatnixme, m. [ment 

Lactar^, adj. lactaire, laiteux, euse 
Lactation, s. allaitement, m. 
Lacteal, adj. lactee 
Lacteous, adj. de lait, laiteux, euse 
Lactescence, s. qualitf lait euse, f. 
Lactiferous, adj. qui dnnne du lait 
Lad, s. jouvenceau , garfon, gars, m. 
Ladder, s. ifchelle, f. 
Ladder-step, s. ^hehn, m. 
Lade, s. embouchure dfune rivOre, t 
— , va. charfter, tirer 
Lading, %.cargnison,f., chargement, m.; 

bill of — , connaisaement, m. 
Ladle, s. cuUler d pot, t ; soup — , e«<9(f 


■„ •. ImpSl Irrrllnrlal, 

I^uno, L fHWU* 

I^uno, L fHWUfur, C 


Nfrqur'. fl ,- riffu fft/mdt 

i innffr' iwi(i«lMr, t^V^ 




. i. htrreste, UbfraliU, f. 
Laruithm. s. luteralite, faction de donner, 
jMrk, s. alonette, f. [f. 

Larker, a. chasseur dCcdnuettes, m. 
Larkspur, i. pieddaivuettet m. 
Lamm, u rrvfilt m., alarme, f. 
Larvaretl, a4j> mahqut*, e 
Larynx, s. larynx , m. 
Laadvimt, adj. wAuptueuXt ense 
LaKi\ioui, a^j. lascift ive ; impudique 
Lasciviously, adv. tascivement 
LaBci\iouaness, s. impudicit^, f. 
Lash, s. coup de verfra ou dejfbuet, m. 
— i ^-a. sanf/ter, /buetter 

— (sea temi), amarrer, /ter, dguitteter 
Lasher, ». Jiiyettevr, euw 

Lus, %.fiUette, jeunejille, f. 
Lassitude, s. Uissitudf, f., ennui, m. 
La»t, %./tirme,Jin, extretniti, f., lest^ m. 
— t ailj. dernier, iire ; pass^, e 
— , adv. dernUrement 
— f vn. di/rsr, coutinuer, subsister 
Laatage, s. lestoffe, m. 
Lasting, adj. durable, permatunt, e 
Lastingly, adv. pftrpftu^hment 
Lastingness, s. dnr^, cohtinuation, t 
Lastly, adv. durni&ement, enfin 
Latch, trltMfut't, m.,clenchet t, 
— , vn.firrmer au loqttet 
Latchet, a courrvie, f. 
Latch-key, s. passe partout, m. 
Late, luU. dernier, tire ; feu, e ; depuis 
pen, depuis qinHqufs jours, eidevant 
— , adv. tard, sur la fin 
Lately, arlv. rfCfmment, depuis peu 
L>iteness, s. tmuoeaut^, t., retard, m. 
Latent, a<i i. cacht^, e ; secret, Ste 
Lateral, adj. lateral, e ; de coti 
Laterally, adv. latnalemetit, dc6ti 
Lateward, adv. nu pen tard 
Lath, s. latte, trinf(le, f. 
— , va. latter, cutterir de lattes 
Lathe, s. tour de toume.ur, m. 

— (division of a o.unty), s. canton, dis- 
Lathcr, s. mousse, erume, f. [trict, m. 
— , ra. & vn. savonner, mousser 
Latin, a'ij. latin, e 

Latinism, $. latinisme, m. 
Latinist, s. latiniste, m. 
Latinity, s. latinit^, f. 
Latinize, va. latiniser 
Latirostrous, adj. d large bee 
Latish, adj. tm /wk tard 
Latitancy, s. secret, na. 
Latitaut, adj. cacht^, e 
LatitHt, s. ordounanc-^, f., ordre, m. 
Latitation, s. secret, m. 
Latitude, s. ('tendtte, larpyntr, f. 
~- (in geogfiiphy), s. latitude, f. 

— in, latitude arrive 

— by observation, latitude oftservie 
-- by account, latitude estinufe 
I.atitudlnarian, s. tatitudinaire, mf. 
--, adj. Hhre, sans contrainte ou rigle 
Latrant, adj. qui aboie 

AAtrociny, s. Itrcin, vol, brigandage, m. 

lAtten, s. laiton, m. 

letter, adj. dernier, Urt ; modem* 

I Latterly, adr. depuia peu 

' Lattice, s. treilUa, m. 

; — window, jdlMMJe, t 
— , va. treiUisser, garnir de treUUa 
Laud, a iouange, f., Hoge, m. 
— , va. inuer, edibrer 
Laudable, ac^j. louable, bon pour kt i 
Laudableness, a. gutUiti tottoM 
Laiulably, adv. aveetouemge, dig 
Laudanum, a tawianum^ opium, m. 
Laugh, Laughter, s. ria, rire, m. 
— , va. se rire de, ee moquer de, rtriUer 

— to scorn, m^priaer 

— , vn. rire s be — s in hit sleeve, U rit 
sous cape t he fe 1 a laugfaiog, UttmH 

— out, eciater de rire [d rin 
Laughable, adj. risible 

Laugher, s. rieur, euse 
Laughingstock, s. risee, t, jsmet, m. 
Launch, vn. ^Haneer, sejeter, eKbm 

— a ship, va. lancer, mettre d fmat 
Launder, s. laveur, euse 

—, va. laoer, mouiller, humeetsr 
Laundress, s. blamJiisseuee, t 
Laundry, a lavanderie, t 
Laureate, adj. couvert de laurien 
Laureation, s. degri de tunivertUi 
l^aurel, s. laurier, m. 
Laureled, adj. eouronni de laurier 
Lave, va. latter, arroser 
— , vn. se laoer, se baigner 

— water, tirer ou puiser de Puu 
Laveer, va. huvojier 
Lavender, s. lavande, f. 
Laver, a lavotr, m., baignoire, t 
Lansh, adj. prodigue, excess{f, M 

— , va. prodiguer, ddpenser avee pnfir 
Lavisber, s. prodigue, m. [iiM 

Lavishly, adv. ^/em«n^ 
Lavishment, Lavish ness, a prod%aWr«( 
Law, s. loi, jurisprudence, f., dnit,^ 
Lawdavs, a pi. jours de palais, au 
Lawtul, Adj. juste, licite, t^timt 
L:tvvfully,adv. Irgitimement, oo/irfflMM 
Lawfulness, s. equity, justice, t, iriiti 
Lawgiver, a Icgistateur, m, [• 

Lawgiving, adj. Ugislatif, ive 
Lawless, adj. injuste, dmfsii, « 
Lawlessly, adv. tllegalement 
Lawmaker, s. icgistateur, m. 
Lawn, s. linon, m., piaine, f. 
Lawsuit, a prods, m. 
Lavi-yer, a aoocat, juriscons%tlte, n. 
Lax, %./iux, xn., diarrMe, f. 
— . adj. Idehe, faible, reldt-M, e f/kufm 
Laxative, adj. laxatif, ice 
Laxativeness, a quality laxative, L 
Laxity, Laxness, a refdchement, at 
Lay, a covche, chanson, f., gason, m, 
~, adj. laHque, Soulier, iire 
—, va, & vn. mettre, ranger, poser, ton 
poser, ptaoer, poster, asseoir, i " 

— a plot, tramer un eompM 

— an ambush, dresser une embttdte 

— aside, mettre d part, n^iger, 
dimner, demettre 








ir» JmiffiirBemmn, 
m, •ietditr, m. 

tr MPfUMI'Mf b 

r» i.tfmndtr, m. 
, /kKfrff, m. 
ir0<, m. 

ifrtf 4tfi port Iff tefijoin, 
Mn«nl» en jNire««0«w 
^antiwt parette, f. 
in^, « / paretmsux, euse 
rtefn-nue, t, do*, m. 
ptwibt m. 

Ifamir ou «iM(iiir0 d« 
toit, m., tetmuM, t. 
ace), %. prManee, f. 
•quit, m. 


tider, eonduire, ea§ii«r, 



r, reeonduire 



ler, Ar« is amdueteur 

Uttmb [nu 

'.cteur, guide, eoryphie, 

imier, ieret prineifiol, • 

itt carte, t 

ier en oar<«, m. 

iertitot, m* 
in* de plomb, t 
a. pL Ueiiree, t. 
t., ftuUiet, w,i 



ft «i j ii'iart Itf <■ !•■ JtiiiWw 

liMiWi s. ArtMb o o n /W^h i rt Wi f £ 
— (mcMUK), t. Ueme, t, 
lMg ueA ,a/SA.Utrm^,0 
B. figmmr, e 

Ln^uer,..^ ,^ — 

— (lavctcmcnc of a town)* s. Jl4r^ ik 
Ltik, n. mie deau, £ 
— » m. eumler,JUre eau,fuit 
hemkage, >. eautoge, m. 
Lcakjr, «4j* «««< nn»t«. ««l eMiir» , 
dejentee,fitndu,0t b it ki l l md, € 
Lean* >. moij^rvt m. ^^^^ 

—, ¥11. jwnoh«r, ^mffnifer 

LeuUy, «dv. MM^frmicnf, < < li W li«<ii t 

Lf BWi, n miai^nur, 1, 

Leap* >. will, meeeu pim mem i t n. 

— , va. Mwtert emMUr, pm ip i ter [m. 

LxKflng, t. (bofUh aaaM) cA«mI>imii» 

Leaiqrcar, g. onn^ bnefailie, t 

Learn, va. ft vn. upprendreg tfiitehmkm 

Learned, adj. araon^ •/ dt/eteg kMla 

Learnedly* adv. aa«amiR«n# 

Learner, a Aaali«r, tiirw/ auvrfaM, «/ 

novktf , pupUte, m£ 
Leaminff, a midr, /ittdhiltifW, £, MltB 

lettree, t. pL, «a«i04r» m. 
Lease, s. bau, m. 

— , va. touer d forme, donner d bait 
—, vn. glaner, ramaeeer, aeeembler 
Leaser, urlaneur, euae 
Leaih, a ies$e, attache, t» 
Leasing, a menaongee, m. pL 
Lease, adj. moindre, pitu petit 
— , adv. mvifUi ac — , au ou du meinc/ 

not Id the — , point du tout 
Leather, s. cuir, to., peau, t 
Leath«r-dres>er, s. peaueeier, teniMMTt 
Leather- merchant, a pettidier, m. Cm. 
Leathern, adi« de euir 
Leathery, adj. eembUMe d du euir 
Leave, a permieeion, t, congi, m. 
— , va. laueer, eeeeer, quitter 

— off, diecontinuer,jfifiir, ceeeer 

— out, dter, omettre, esdure 
Leaved, adj. feuHU, e 
Leaven, a levain, m. 

— , vn.fermenter, fiiireiever 
Leaving*, a pU reetee, m., bribee, t 
Lecher, a %u» paUtord, un debau^t^, m. 
Lecherous, adj. kudf, ivei impudique 
Lecherously, adv. taecivement 
Lechcrousneas, Lechery, a laeeieetdg lit» 

brieiti, impudieit^, f. 
Lecture, a diecuurs, m., lefon, t, 
— , va. riprimander 
Lecturer, a lecteur. pn^eeeeur, m. 
Lectureship, a tt.Mce de lecteur, m. 
Ledge, a rOtordtbord, m., dudne d» r»- 
Leilger, a fo grand Here li^0r§B t 

Ltt, a endnM oppose au vent 
Leech, a eangeue, f., mMecin, m. 

— rope, ralingue de ehtUe, t, 

— lines, earguee-bouiinee, t. 

rarfle fti&ir, m. 


LcTonDc. uij. ila JUm 

LSmsb, iTGllBdiiii, ianaaHan,'sSj. («il.nis' ' 
IirtwmUr, DUnlr. idr. InUnsi 

- off or flf, Ittn-, ilfcliargB 

- kiHHT, Jli jrd fa voir 
!.««. ■■ Mir*, t, 4rl»v, n. 



L*y, L cAanp, n., ^tdnm, E 

£«4vl(IW« ndj. lllfMlU. WN 



I diffiuMr 
amateur, eu»8 


libertinage, m. 
•«;, t, prwiUget m. 
i. Hb^riin, eg kueif, ive 
dr. vi^ptuetuemera 
QfloAl tign), % ktbahuwe, f. 
bUotMeairei m. 


r, m. 

ic0« t, privity, m. 

4i 9V< donne permi«non 
ceneU, m. 
!r0» autorUer 
, licentieuxt etue 
Iv. 0/1 libertin 

•. dAyft^ment, liberti- 
re, m., dUaoiutum, t. 
tup, m. 
opor, roeter 
erotu, adj. .^*ian(f, 
i.friandi*e, f. 
noe, 8. riglime, t 
T, m. 
{0, m. 

re, eonte, m. 
leaaive, f. t^onffe 

vn. mentir, dire un men- 
A), vn. efre <t^tf 
r, repoaer, /(iter, Inger, 
fetder ; my honour lies Ht 
de mon honneur 
ter, tourmenter 
f death , itre au litdemort 
T, demeurer tranquille 
teher, repoaer 

lit malade 

laeujetti, espoaSd 
time, e ; cher, cftire 
lere, de ton gi i 
rain, seigneur lige, m. 
^jet, vatSal, fiat, m. 
seadeur, m. 
ti eat couchS 
vit, m. 
tterie, t, 

lieutenance, f. 
lieutenant, m. 
, s. lieutenance, f. 
vaeitd, existence, t., feu, 
ng, m. [bruit, m. 

. vivifiant, 
vrde-du-emrp$ du roi, m. 
wtimdp 0; mart, 

JAMeaAf, adv. eane/bree 
LifieUke, a4}. vivtuU, .* animf, 
JUfetcn^ I. rente viag&e, t 
JUftttmr, a (0m|w d0 la vie, nu 
Lifeweanr , adij. ennt^t^ de la vie, m. 
Lift, s. 42Fbrf ^0 fe«0r une dtoee, m. 
— t va. l0O0r, Oever. enlever 
Lifter, %. celui qui lice 
Ligament, i. ligament, lien, m. 
ligamental, Lfgaincntoua, mi^. HgumeH> 

tens, euee Idoge* ai> 

ligation. Ligature, s. ligature, t., 6af»* 
Light, a. lumiire, ctarti, 1., jietur, ta.\ 

to give — , Mairer 
—, adj. l^rer, ire; bhnd, ei eUUr, 
— , adv. Iqfirement, d la Ugire 
—, va. Uhtminer, a/lumer, Mairer 

— (alight), vn. deecendre, mettre 

— (luppen), vn. arriver, tomber, MMr 

— on or upon one, le truuver par hatmrd 
Lightbrained, adj. Hourdi, / ieervM, 
Lighten, va. ddcharger, alUger, tgaj/eart 

eotdager, idairer, iOummer 
—, vn. htlre, briller,ftiire dee ^ekUrt 
Lighter, s. gabare, aUige, t 
Lighterman, a gabarier, m. 
Lightfingered, adj. qui a lee dotgte ero- 

ehustfripon, ne 
Lightfoot, udela venaieon 
Lightfooted, adi. tigile, diepoe, vite 
Lightheaded, adj. etourdi, e/ en Mfre 
Lighcheadednen, a itourderie, t, dHire, 
Lighthearted, adj. enjou^, / gai, [m. 
Lighthouse, n./iinal, phare, m. 
Lightless, adj. obacur, e; sombre 
Ijghtly, adv aisement, Ugirement, vite, 

promptement, gaiement 
Lightminded, adj. etourdi, e; Uger, ire 
Lightness, s. Ugireti, agilUtf, Vitesse, <n- 

constance, i. 

— of the head, dSire, m. 
Lightning, s. Eclair, m. 
LightK, 8. pi. paumons, m. 
L<ghtsome, adj. bien Mairi, .• enjoui, 
Lightsomeness, s. clarte, Ugiret^, f. 
Ligneous, adj. /tg7i0ux, 0U«0; deboie 
Lignunkvitae, s. gapac, m, 

Ligure, s. pierre vrtcieuae, f. 

Like, s. la pareille, la meme chose, f. 

— , adj. sembiable, tel, le ; p<veU, le 

—, adv. comme, en, selon 

—, va. aimer, approuver, goiiter, troU' 

ver bon, agrier, vouloir 
— , vn. aimer, itre eharmi 
Likelihood, Likeliness, s. apparenee, f. 
Likely, adj. vraisemblable, probable 

— (agreeable), agriable, beau, bel, belle 
— , adv. probablttment 

Liken, vn. comparer 
Likeness, a ressemblance, t. 
Likewise, adv. pareUlemetit 
Liking, u embonpoint, agriment, m. 
— , adj. greu, se t dodu, 
Lilach, s. Mas, m. 
Lilied, adj. omi defieurs de lie 
Lily, a lis, b^iu teint, m. 

— of the valley, muguet, m. 
LUy-Uvend, a4|. Idche, t^iminit « 


Uminu^ I, Uwoitfl, f. 

XJniw Tiu |wf>#ra «■ detrvntpo 

Ungcr, vii. trabicr, fcmwlr 
Uhjivtvr, ^ teMfan. mrT 

UagtriliBlv, ndv. iMf mini 

Ulan, L iiivi><> m. 

~ »( ■ liat, nf(^ d> rAniHB, C 


f. Lip, «■ V^ r., Avr^i m. 

Ufilkbmlr, I. baoaritaiea, m. 

Ijqualhiii, L iSiililliii, C ' 

I UqDrHictloii, I, fuKObrflfla, r. ' 4 

LtaS.SlIri.^f?"*''" ^ I 

Uil».Ti>.ABUbr,|>n<M-rMI*^ ' I 


UilcilliiD. 1. UUmVir'ttl, m- 
LiUnlnil, (lU, MJ^igw, «»• 




tMf m. 

1/ queique 
m peu, ptu bmueofup 
>etu0ase, ba§t e »» e , t 
narUimt, du Hokw* 
yurjfit, f., tervice atviitt m. 
9Ufe i vivant. e/ en vie 
iemeurer, eubtiker 
urrir de [reeenu 

iitoome, dipeneer nut eun 
unMviet foible \ 

vie* nifurriture, t, hien, ' 

ivaeit/, vigueur, f. 
ennupeux, eiue : lent, e 
f, vivet vieantt e ; fortt e ; 
eu$ei vermeil, let iner- 
Vf /raie, et enjoui, e 
entt avecjbrce 
au, vioant, e 
id), rougffimoit m. 
uQ. ayant un fnroefoie 
Iff, poeeeeaion, t 
gens de livr^, m. pL 

idUe, cuuleur livide, f. 
idfce, m., cure, vie, «u6- 
bienst m. pL 
fiate, adj. Ue leeeive 
iseive, f. 
rd, m. 

et, voild, revardez, voyez 
fe, f.tfardeau, poida, m. 
r, accabler, emhamueer 
\i qui charffe 
j>Uut cdtitr, m. 
petite ourae, f. 
limant, in. 

auere ruffing, m. 
■ graaae, t°., torchia, lut, m. 
', enduire de terre graue 
rfdltiUXt euae 
in., chuae pret^t f- 
'egret, d contre coBur 
air, avoir du degvUt ou de \ 

ui qui hait 

d^mtant, e : dAeat^, e 

'rout, m., aoersiotif t 

iv. a contre cceur 

fitetidieux, euae 

•et, aoec ntpufcnance 

•egret, m., repugnance, t. 

Ij. dt'goutant, e 

8, s. qualUr d^goHtante, f. 

, poinaon, ver, m. 

tomber par pareeae 

tique, vestUnde, m., anti- \ 

%terie, f. 

, tribune, f. 

, foyer » m. 

m« (.m. 

'evieae de mer, t., homnrd, '. 

al, e; externe, exterieur, e 

iatence locale, L 


iMoKon, r. 

Lock, %. eerrure, t. 

— of a canal. Muse, t. 

— of a gun, platine, f. 

— of an arquebuse, rouet, m. 

— of a |K>nd, botuie, L 

— of hair, totiffe, f. 

— of wool,>locon, m. 
— , va. fermer d cl^ 

— in, en fermer, emhraeaer 

— one out, fermer la porte d quelqu'uH 

— up, aerrer, eufermer 
Locker, %, arnunre, f., boulin. m. 
Locket, «. bracelftijoj/au, m/dailhn, m. 
Lockram, s. toile groaaiire, f. 

— for bortet' leRS, entravee, t jA. 
Locooaotion, a. torouttttion, t [plaee 
Locomotive, adj. mobile, aui chatige de 
Locvut, %. aauterelle, eitfaie, f. 

Lod^e, s. maieonnette, luge, f., bouge, m. 
— , va. A vn. demeurer, loger, coucker 
Lodgment, s. lufiement, m. 
Lodger, s. locataire, mf. 
Lodging, s. log f men t, logia, tipparte- 
ment, m., chamOre garnie, retraite, t. 
Loft, s. grenier, m., grange, f. 
Loftily, axiv.fiirement 
Lof tines-, %.fiert^, mojetti, t. 

— of a mountain, hauteur, f. 

— of a tree, grandeur, f. 

Lofty, adj. haul, e; grand, e t aublime, 
auurciileux, euae ; fier, Jiere ; altier. 

Log, 8. souche, buche, f., Uic, u\. [iire 

LoKarithms, s. pi. logarithmea, va, 

Log^ats, 8. sorte dejeu 

LogK<:rtiead, %. butor, not, m.; to fall or 
go to — 8, en venir anx maina 

Loggerhcaded, H(lj. atupide, aot, te 

Logically, adv. de logique 

Loij;ioian, s. lofricien, in. 

Logic, 8. logiqi*-, f. 

Logman, s. buchei'ott, parte falx, m. 

Logomachy, s. dia/jute de niuta, f. _ fm. 

L<>K\vood, s. campcche, bois dtt cainpeche. 

Loin of mutron, s. queue de mouton, t 

— of veal, longii, f. 
Loins, s. pi. reina, m. pL 
Loiter, vn. tarder, a'aniuaer 
Loiterer, s. pareascux, euae 
Loll, vn. ae pencffr, a'appuyer 

— upon a bed, a'etendre 

Lone, adj. aolitaire, umlt', e; aeul, e 
Loneliness, Lonencss, s. aolitude, f. 
Lonely, Lonesome, adj. aolitaire 
Long, adj. long, un ; grand, e 
— , vn. bruler d'envie, avoir cuvie 
— , a<lv. long-tempa 
Longanimity, s. Umganimite, f. 
Longboat, s. cluUoupe, f. 
Longevity, s. longeuUe, f. 
Longimanous, adj. A longuea main* 
Longimetry, «. longinutrie, f. 
Longing, s. envie, paajiion, f. 
Longingly, adv. paaaionnement 
Longitude, 8. /«»/?««</«. f. , , 

— by account, longitude eatim^ 

— byxime-keej?er,loiigitudeparrhorloge 
marine leerwe 

— by lunar obtervatioMt longitutte oft- 

LOW 413 

Ic I. »iiiij.hB>sHglli,JMiilfflu 

lavBiatUt—tfitSrg/ituibvnd; bilk 

™.y .d/jM 

?wrd, nvrTA^, ^ 

llKhlDc. L mocAu-I, £. eiifin, 
WigUh). ■■ iiHgwrailH, in. 

i™«o'S*T^. .-ft'JB. 

■■■intt. c(rtf OHMrafrt ^3 




»*0M atlert m tamer 
(to kill), tUtruire, tuer 
(to spend), digsiper, pro- 
teruer Jhllement 
admirer, ^itonner 

, «tf diriger ver* 

mir, prouver, d^fbndre 
dter, ee dep^eher 
fer, ^hainffer 
terir la tei re 

««r, amoindrir 
nir, unir 
ire peu de ecu de 
enragert rendreftiU 
is» chicaner, conteater 
Hvertir, ae rejuuir 
ntendre, comprendre 
lee talons t tfenfuir 
npany^ itre dCune partie 
>, s'evader, se sautter 
er, /aire voir 
^erer, cMer 
arer, Jaire cuire 
e certairit e'asgurer de 
apprticher de, cUler vera 
r, terminer, r&parer, plier, 
iombler, n'comperuer, ac- 
compUfter, ramasaer 
iccoster quefqu'un 
iivir de, faire usage de 
trouillon, boute-feu, m. 
rtteur, m.ffaiseur, evie 
concilidteur, m. 
8. supplement, m. 
fafon, f. 

ation, s. malversation, f. 
tladie, f., mat, m. 
I de Mulnffa, m. 
. impudent, e 
tlv. impmiemment 
%. impudence, f. 
dj. m^content, e {ment 
ly, adv. avec mccontente- 
ness, s. m^contentement 
, tn, 

u malediction, f. 
I. crime, m., faute, f. 
malfaiteur, eriminel, m. 
nalfatsant, e 
s. malicn, haine, t, 
dj. envieux, euse 
, adv. mnlignement 
lice, haine, f. 
). malicieux, euse 
idv. maliffnement 
, s. malifpiite, f. 
7iaHn,igne; nuisible 
', nuire d 
u malif^nitif, f. 
ij. malin, igne 
adv. par malice 
mvieus, euse 
malignite, malice, f. 
r. ooec malignity 

Malkin, i. ieouoiUon, ^pouvankUi, m* 
Mall, 1. mait, maillet, m. 
— , va. battre, marteler 
Mallard, i. canard aauvage, m. 
Malleablr, adj. malleable, souple,jtesibl0 
Malleableness, s. malUabiUte, f, 
Mai Irate, vh. forger 
Mallet, s. maUlet, maU, m. 
Mallows, s. mauve, f- 
Malmsey, i. maiwAsie, t. 
Male, s. malt, in., dreche, f. 
Maltdrink, s. bi^re, f. 
Maltfl(wr, s. grenier ddriche, m. 
Malchorse, s. roaae, f. [seur de driehe 
Malcman, Maltster, s. marehand aa /ai' 
Malvertatioin s. malveraation, t 
Mamma, s. maman, f. 
Mammet, s. puupie, (, 
Mammillanr, adj. mamillaire 
Mammock, s. morceuu, in. 
Man, s. homme, va. 

— at chess, piice, f. 

— at drdU({hu, dame, f., pion, m. 

— of war, vaiiseau dUe guerre, m. 

— servant, valet, domestique, m. 

— , va. equiper, armer,/buniirdu mondt 

— a hawk, drenser 

— a town, mettre gamison 
Mana<ic, va. emmenutter 
Manacles, s. mi'nottes, f. pi. 
Manatee, s. manege, maniement, m. 
— , va. meager, conduire, dinger 

— a horse, dresser 

Manageable, adj. traitahle {t. 

ManaKeableness, s. fl-'xibilit^, douceur^ 
.Management, 8. comtuite, direction, f. 
Manager, s. directnur, trice 
Managery, s. administration, f. 
Manation, s. emanation, f. 
Manchct, s. miche, f., petit pain blane, 
Manchineel, s. mancinilHer^m. [jm. 
Mancipate, va. rendre esclave 
Mancipation, s. esctavnge, m. 
Manciple, s. dt'pensier, m. 
Mandamus, .«. mandement,tOrdre, to. 
Mandarin, s. mandarin, m. 
Mandatary, s. mandataire, m. 
Mandate, s. mandat, mandement, m. 
Mandatory, adj. qui ordonne 
Mandible, s. matidibulf, mdchoiret f* 
Mandibular, a<lj. de la mdchoire 
Mandrake, s. mandragore, f. 
Manducate, va. mdi'her, manger 
Maiiducation, s. manducation, t 
Mane, s. criniire, f. 
Maneater, s. cannibale, m. 
Maned, adj. qui porte une criniire 
Manes, s. manes, m. pi. 
Manful, adj. braue, hardi, e 
Manfully, adv. vailiamment 
Man fulness, s. bravoure, f. 
Mange, s. gale de chien, f. 
Manger, s. creche, mangeoire, f. 
Manginess, s. dimangeaison, f. 
Mangle, va. dfyshirer, charcuter, eakm- 
Mangier, s. calandreur, m. Idrer 

Mango, 8. mangou, fruit des Indea ori- 
Mangy, adj. gal9ux, ewe [mtaleB, m. 




Ifanhater, i. mimnthropet m. [rase, m. 
Manhood, t. virility, t, dge vtril, cou- 
Maniac, adU. maHiaq't^t/vrieuXt eiue 
Manifett, va. maniteMter, publier 
— , adj. tnani/ktte, noioire, Mdent, • 
ManiletUtion, %. manifystation, f. 
Manifestable, adj. qui p^t rtre mani- 
Manifestly, adv. mun\fe»tement [fe^e 
ManifestneH, «. ^idencct f. 
Manitesto, t. manifesto, m. 
Manifold, adj. plmieura, tout, e 
Manifoldly, adv. diversement 
Manikin, u nattot, nahip m. 
Maniple, s. ntauinuie, m., poifpt^, f. ' 
Manipular, aiij. ne maniptue 
Mankiller, s. mrurfru^, m. < 

Mankind, i. prenre humain, m. 
Manlike, Manly, adj. mdle, vaUlant, e 
Manlincts, •. bravoure, Jermete, t. 
Manna, s. manne, f. 
Manner, %. maniire, tortetfaftm, esp^, 

eoutum^, humeur, f., nfUurel, m. 
Mannerlincn, s. rivilit/t f- 
Mannerly, adj. poli, «; ctoi7, e; honnite 
— , adv. piilimetit, avec politfs$e 
Manner*, %. mmurst f. pi, rivilU^, t 
Mannish, adj. mate, qui a fair nuueulin 
Manceuvre, s. mnn<euvre, f. 
Manor, s. manoir^fiff, va. 
Mansion, a. h6tel, 9iy»ur, m. 

— house, maiMon aeignmt iale, f. [m. 
Manslaughter, s. tumticide invoiontatre, 
Manslayer, %. meurtrier, homicide, m. 
Mansui'te, a<]j. dour, douce, traitable 
Mansuetude, s. mmituftudi', bont^, f. 
Mantel, s. mattteau de chemin^, m. 
Mantelet, %. mantelet, m. 
Mantiger, s. nnf(e, tn. 

Mantle, s. mante, f., manteau, m. 

— , va. Ik vn. rmmitouflfr, eouvrir, d6- 

guiaer, te rt'jt>uir, ecumer, fermenter 
Mantua, s. rotM! defemme, f. 
Mantuaraaker, s. couturiere, f., tailleur 

pour/emme, vn. 
Manual, s. manuel, guide, m. 
— , adj. manuel, le ; ^de la main 
Manuiiuction, s. faction de fiti'der, m. 
Manufacture, s. manufacture, fabrique, 
—, vti. mantifacturer [f. 

Manufacturer, s. mnnufarturier, iire 
Manuiniosion, t. ^ffranchiuenkent, m. 
Manumit, va. <0ranchir 
Manurable, adj. labourable 
Manure, s. et>grais,fumier, m. 
— , va. enffraisser, cultiver,/Umer 
Manurement, s. culture, f. 
Manurer, s. laboureur, m. 
Manuscript, s. manuscrit, m. 
Many, adj. pluaieurt, beaucoup, bien 

— a man, piutieurt homme* 

— a time, phuieurefai* 

— timet, eouvent 
Manjrcoioureii, adj. bifcarri, e 
Manyoornered, adj. d plutieum angiet 
Manyheaded, adj. d piuHeurt tite* 
Manjlanguaged, adj. q^^ tait pliuieur* 

Map, B. carte giographique, t 

— , va. destiner, tracer 

Maple, K. &ttble, m. 


Mar, va. gdter, corrumpre [m 

Marauder, s. mttraudeur, m. 

Marble, s. marbre, m., bUle, t 

— , va. marbrer 

— , adj. /ai( de marbre, marbr^, t 

Marblecutter, s. marbtier, m. 

Marblehearted, adj. cruel, let tRMuBJi 

March, s. Mara, m., marche, L 

— , va. & vn. marcher, aUer «n merdm 

.— in, entrer, tuivre 

— off, plier bagnge, ien alter 

— on, marcher, avancer, poutter 

— out, ettrtir 

Marchpane, s. maeaepain, m. 
Marcher, ugarde, commandant d ft fim' 
Marchioneu, s. marquiae, f. [tiem, ik 
Mardd, adj. maigre, /lAri, e 
Maroour, t. maigreur, t 
Mare, s. cavale, jument, f. 
Mareschid, %. marechal, m. 
Marj^arite, s. perle, f. 
Margent, MarKin, s. marge, t, herd, » 
Marginal, adj. marginal, e 
Marginated, adj. qui a una merge 
Marigrave, s. margrave, m. 
Mangold, s. jouci, m. 

' Marinate, va. mariner, aaler 
Marine, s. la marine, f., aoldat i» M» 
— , adj. marin, e [Hm, » 

'' Mariner, s. marinier, mataht, m. 

j Marish, s. maraia, mar^cage, n. 

I — , adj. mar^cageux, euae 

I Marital, adj. marital, e 

I Maritime, adj. maritime 

' Marjoram, s. marjolaine, f. 
Iklark, s. marque, trace, preuve, rtei^ 

! eigne, indice, cmactire, gage, nu 

— out, montrer, faire voir 
Marker, s. marqueur, vn. 

, Market, s. marche, debit, xcu 

— folks, gena du march^ 

— place, le marchi 

— price, courant du marchi 
— , va. marchander, aeheter, venire 
Marketman, u vendi^r, aeheteur, m. 

. Mark«t-tou'n, s. vUle d marche, f.,b emf . 
Marksman, s. adroit tireur, m. [■• 

' Marl, s. martie, f. 
— , va. mamer, merliner, va» 
Marline, s. merlin, vn. 
Mariinespike, s. Maaoire, t 
Marl pit, s. marnt&e, f. 
Marly, adi. piein de mame [Mi 

Marmalade, s. marmelade, f., eeHgnee, 
Marmoration, t. Faction de eouvrir de 
Marmorean, adj. de nuurbre [iMR-drf, f 
Marmoset, t. marmauaet, marmei, m> 
Marmot, s. marmotte, £ 

; Maroon, s. matelot ma^iteur, m. 
Marquetry, s. marifueterie, f. 
Marquis, s. marquta, m. 
Marquisate, s. marquiaat, m. 
VLaxnatm t, moHofV, m., noee, L 




, mtariable, finMIt 

•iS,e/ euujugait* 

I, f. 

«w» m. 

9 rannf*, m. pL 

vuts ntoiUs 

utriert m marier, ^pou- 

tr, 96 remarier [i 

I Da 

•hat, m. 
i)fil9r« ammgsr 
(mnateuTt rtfulateur, 
rMuiuui9, X. [m. j 

arge de mar^dud, f. 
mauve de maraiet f, 
vatreujt, etue 
mareM, m. 
vendre ou adteter 


'io/, ; guerrier, Hrej 

tmaeU ae guerre, m. 

ie martiaJt m. 

k ntartinett m. 

tingaie, t 

iaitU Martin, t 

, tuer, ditruire 
irtifre, m. 
artyrologe, m. 
'le, f. 

sr, a'^twrner 
tervetlleux, euee 
. d merveiUe, merveU- 
r^mement, admirable- 
merveiileux, m. [ment 
'vtculin, e : mdJe 
wurage, air maeculin, 
'■me, f. 

, hreuvage, m. 
rler, tripoter 

uer, ee maequer 
.que, m. 

nuage, m., maconne- 
iscarade, t*. [rie, f. 

■iui qui M mnsque 
grot, nionfeau, m. 
h aiTvice), niesse, f. 
tel, m. 
acre, m. 

, aJtiommer, tuer 
sneu, ». pfsnnteur,9oli- '■ 
dj. maeaif, ive Idit^, f. ; 

, monitieur, Antyert m. ■ 

■e^-arts, in. 

, dompter, venird bout , 

tiin de maitre, f. 

nte principalet t 

fse-partnut, m. 

ms maitre 

j. intraitable, reveche, ' 

xpiriorit^, f. \ 

If ucerly, adr. en wtaUrt 
—, »di. parMU, e s aawani, • 
MaiUaincoei & ehefdTeetnre, m. 
Mastenhlp, i. mtMriee. aMtorUi, L 
If astcr«iHriiig, s. grand'Ttmert, m. 
Master-ttrokCt t. coup de mmUre, t 
Mastery, t. aupMoritd, jmiaaanet, t 
MasckmtioD, m. mojf teanon* t 
Mjuticatory, i. maatieatvire, m. 
Mutich, 1. maetic, m. 
Mastich-tree* t. lentiaque, m. 
Maitiff, s. mdtin, grot chien,m, 
Mastlcu, a4j. eans mdt, eanegUmd 
MastUn, Mealin, i. mHeitt m. 
If at, a natte, f., paUlaeeon, m. 
— , va. natter, eouorir de paUUueuu 
Mat-maker, a nattier, m. 
Maudore, a matadure, m. 
Match (used in lif bting), t. aUumettt, L 
~- (a marriage), a manage, m. 

— (contract), b. partie, C 

— (equal), a aemblahle, m., parett, le 

— (used to catch Are), s. mrche, t. 

— , ra. h vn. aaeortir, Joindre, apparier, 
convenir, mariert proportitmnar, e§ 
marier d, omvenir d, raecorder d 
Matchable, adj. ctmventMe, aeeerti, • 
Matcbleu, adj. ntmportfj/, £9/ <ficomjMi> 

rahle, eane ^gai, tone pareU 
Matchlessly, adv. incomparabiement 
Matchlessness, a rarettf, t Tf. 

Mate, a compagnon , m. , compagne, aiae, 

— of a ship, centre maitre, m. 

— at chess, mat, m. 

— , va. apparier, ^galer, auortir 
Material, adj. mati^riel, lei eseentiei, le 
Materialist, a matctialuite 
Materiality, a matrrialitr, f. 
Materially, adv. tnatMellement 
Materials, a pi. mat&iaux, xa. 
Materiate, adj. matMel, le 
Maternal, adj. materiel, lei de mire 
Maternity, s. matemitf, f. \matique 
Mathematic, Mathematical, ad^. mcUhf- 
Mathematician, a mathtmaticien, m. 
Mathematics, s. mathrmatiqufs, f. pL 
Matins, s. matiriJi, prieres, t pU 
Matrass, s. mat roe, m. [m. 

Matrice, Matrix, a matrice, f,, moule. 
Matricide, s. celui qui tue *a mere 
Matriculate, va. immatricttler 
Matriculation, p. immatricnlntion, t. 
Matrimonial, adj. matrimituitil, e 
Kfatrimonially, a<lv. conjugalement 
Matrimony, a mariage, m. 
Matron, a motntne, erige femme, t» 
Klatronal, adj. de matrune 
Matronly, adj. de matrons, vieiUe 
Matter, s. motive, substance, chose, 
qffaire, f., sujet, m. 

— (of a sore), s. «a;ite, f., pus, m. 

—, va. & vn. se soucier de, importe ; It 
a, il importe ,• it — s not, peu im- 
porte : what is the — ? qu'if attlf 

Mattock, a beche, f. 

Mattress, a matelas, m. 

Maturate, vn. murtr,/a<r« miJHr 




— . *. ji ■•=. m* -I -. -Jisnf mirir 

llir—ii'.i. inii- nx-»>«««r 

Ilk' -rt: . ft. •■ irsrix.'. :. 

'Hh.fC j:\ *- i*<- v^ me. t 

— . h£.. ;*^>. « . i.*-f, f»i a bu ararerete 

Vfc. • tr. ■■•z. r /■ -af'. mnimurrr 
Uk^aoaj T: ^:««ut. w /riMSiJaanf 
)l «-»:■«•-=:. ti. fl«.k>-..r. ai. 

H^*n.^^.k.\ .•tt'-r. : i- ai/asf, e; iiui- 

Vast. ik-. Mks.-..i4r«. »^.-. ■(«jiJIaxr« 

Hk' -^'t . & .f 7f-».*-> «i» df .Wii 
M&f-cusek ft. .*'«' «; ."Sk-fVi n^ pi* 
Vi: — L'l ft.«ft^w«tf. ac 

Vijvr. 4k ■»ii£i-#. r- 

Vft. .-rft rt . ft. »•«?■ t*. iL 

Vft- .*<YN»J *> *'l*i»-.' ■» ^*f^f, f. 

MftM. ft «C T'^*rW. it n^ar^fit, m. 

>!(. TC.--. f.', ■n.-i 
Mc*^ ft >ji?-'*-r. ■■. 

~^ VmO jt. *. jr*-— f. '. pTf. m. 
Mr*.?.* X «i *r ff . *. fvi r*.»i%r. i. 
V f* V »~« • K':. ft —-Mi-* r#?«, f. 

M«ft . ft 't . ■ f . : . 'Tf :■•<, r*. 

Mt* «■ ft .- "v-nwubf. '%»» ! f^^rin^f e 

M<«. i -=>.-^ : **%-. .--twi. ft » *:/*ri>, 

Stfcftj' . ft. m . «r 41 . r\ . iiwjk. f. 

— , ».v.- ^*'- »* ■■ n*^ ?*"!'. '^'^fK^'"rp 

— » rv i «r r -•/"xk^-y. t» «..• •"- liirr. rffre 

Veft-^"i-*. ft. .jfj— . rV?. :.-T*n»-, m. 
Mafc7^:<£:r. fc : ' ■■ \'V^:^'t e; >utMfirx, f . ft I • r,TA -^ . L i,rii#r 

)Im74L &. •vj*'^. '""-. nr... r« :e, i. ; hy 
ki. — .» ft.:--. «-**%'WH»*nr : ^y no — , 
V«.' -me. ii . . n* .-•• «~»a8.s» [n'uJemfTa 
V«ftiic. ft .•^■>( c^J ^ifr^CT 
lileftxv i. 1^ . ^^ : i .« n. ^fi9^e 
V4«d.«t, ft. -.■*<^'»>. tl 
McaaCi . *i; .-**■:.•- ."d -%'Wj:r«i> 
^«ir^r»: *. ».■■- ■^'«^«n**i'. Mt«i:T>r, • 
lleuvrftKT, fcfr. *i%rf'rr**'»r 
HCaWTT. ft WHWW.-Y. '.fmmtkt, t 

Measurelcn, a^j* iffunentet mow 1 

Mciuureiitent, s. nMnirajfe» toia^f nk 

]kleuurer, s. meturfur, m. 

Meat, s. eiaiidcr, f., a/ime/if, m.; 
— , du rdti, in.; boiled — , dfi[ 
m. ; mincrd — , vn havhist m. 

— for fovh, manfreaUtr, t 

— f«>r hones, >bJn, m., aruiiM, f. 
Meatlie, 1. breuratre, m., 6ot«M« t 
Mechanic, s. artisiin, m. 

— , ilcchanical, adj. mtcaniqme 
Mechanically, adv. mrva/iM/iMMaRl 
Mechanician, ft. mteanieieti, m. 
ilechanics, s. nurauiquet t 
Mechanism, s. mdranuniff, m. 
Medal, s. medaiiie, f. 
Meilal.ic, adj. de ntedailie 
Mcd«IIioa, »k nutiaiitoii, m. 
iledailist. s. mrtinitlitte, m. 
Mtddle, va. Ak vn. «e miler, toudatt, s. entrfmettvurt etue 
&lcd.:iesoine, adj. itttriinutnt, 9 
Mediate, \-a. it. vn. a'entrtm^trM 
— , a>ij. ntoiiatt e: mt^ftn, ne 
Mtdiatdr, fedr. mMiatement 
Mediation, t. midtatk'H, entremuttt 
Mediator, s. ntidiateur, m. 
Mcdiabvial. Mediaror>- , adj. de mMatm 
MediauMship, s. tffi-e de nudiatewr 
Mediatrix, s. nuaiatrice, t. 
M^iicai, adj. ntrdtci/, f ; mMidniit9 
Medioaii) , adv. mrdirniement 
Mnlkaiucnt, a. rcrmi<d«', m. 
Medic^^tmental, adj. metueament*ms,mKlk 
Medic«menta:iy, adv. en Jbrme de me^ 
Meiica:e, va. medvxtmenter [eameii 
McxiuTJition, s. acfiun ae midieameitter 
M«.die:nAb;r, adj. qui ee jieut guerir 
Medicinal, a>n. nitdicirtai, e 
McdiciuA;i5, adv. mntieinaiement 
Mnlicir.e, s. mffierine, f.. remMCi Bb 
— , V*. m.ucci.'.^r, medxcamenter 
• Mevitety, h etat mitujifnf milieu, n. 
Meixvnty, s. m^dnirrife, f. 
Mc.-.lcatc, va. Ac vn. mtdit-nr, primUSttr 
M<i'.::aiK>n. s. m-ditathtn, f. 
MediUdve, adj. mdttatif^ ive 
MniitcrraDcan, s. Ai adj. Sl,diterraii&, t 
Meviiuai, s. m.dium, muieu, expeditntt, s. n Jlr, f. [a. 

— inre, rtt'jttrr, :n. 
Medlr)', ft tHiiahtr^, m. 
— , a»i«. m/.V, e : mute 
MetiiwlAf, Medullar}-, adj. m^dttlMn 
Mei->1, s. nf*»mr<rr»f^ i , 'vrett^ttt, nou 
Meek, adj. dvtts, di'ttc-', humble 
Mcrkin. va. atH'Uc'r, apiKtieer'v. y. adv. arec douceur, AumMfMNMi 
&(e«kr.ess, u douceur , humilitr, L 
Mc«r, ft /■.-«, m.. more, borne, f. 
— , adj. pur, er rnii, e: franc, fruM^ 
Meet. va. & rn. reurtmtrer, tnmeer, m 
rrt.pT de, athajier, t'oenembler, ^^ 
Tf.traur rutiine. eprvuver, eejeiM^ 
— . a.ii. pn'ftre, a j'Toinvt, concetuMe 
Meeii»-, s. rr.'ui ^1 rettcoutre 
Met tin*;, s. rencontre, entreme, 1 
\ Uccti^cancr^eanjtacfrf, 


HEB 4lt MET 

fijidn, tiifn^prr.iintt 

MacbinUDlf, iiU. mmtChtni'.t tn 

»,!>.», dr..(.«. LnM 

M^rrtlj, mdv.JWh«nn«nf,iVfffiaifllt 

•.iHsHf^ifAHfMiwaWt ^ 




Mecan, s. mesurage, m. 
Head, t. m^al, m. 
Metallic, adj. mHalliqu9 
Mctallist, Metallurgiift, i. mAallurgUte, 
Metallurgy, n. mAfUiurgie, f. [m. 

Metamorphose, va. mAamorptutser 
Metamorphosb, t. m^amorphoM, f. 
Metaphor, i. miftaphoret t [rigue 

Metaphoric, Metaphorical, adj. nutapho- 
Metaphorically, adv. mAaphoriquement 
Metaphrase, s. metaphraae» f. [siqtie 
Metaphysic, Metaphysical, adj. metaphy- 
Metaphysics, s. m!ftaphysique» U 
Metastasis, s. maasttuet f. 
Metatarsus, s. m^atarte, m. 
Mete, va. mesurer 
Metempsychosis, s. mAempsycose, f. 
Xleteor, u meMtre, va. 
Meteorological, adj. mA^orologique 
Meteorologist, s. m^^orologiste, m. 
Meteorology, s. mithroloftie, f. 
Meteorous, a4)> dt miteore 
Meter, s. meawrvurt m. 
MetbegUn, s. hydromd» m. 
Methinks, v. ioip. il me aembUe 
Methodf s. mithode, voie, f. 
Methodical, adj. mdthodigue 
Methodically, adv. methodiquement 
Methodise, va. ranger mithodiquement 
Methodist, s. mUhodUtet mf. 
Methought, v. imp. il me aemblait 
Metonomy, s. mitonymie, f. Imieg f. 
Metoposcopy, s. m^poacopiet phj/aiono- 
Metre, s. verst mitre, m., meeure, f. 
Metrical, adj. m^trique, de vers 
Metropolis, s. m^tropole, f. 
Metropolitan, adj. mAropolitaint e 
Mettle, 8. bravoure, fougtie, f. 
Mettled, adj. vif, vive ; ardent, e 
Mettlesome, adj. courageus, eiue 

— horse, s. cheval fougueux, m. 
Mectlesomely, adv. avec atdeur 
Mew, s. mouette, &urie, f. 

— , va. & vn. cloUrer, muer, dtre en mue 

— as a cat, miauler 
Mewing, s. mue, f. 

— of a cat, s. miaulement, m. 
Mezzotinto, s. demi-teinte, gravure en 

maniire noire, f. 
Miasm, s. miasme, m. 
Mice, s. dee sourie, f. pi. 
Michaelmas, s. la Saint-Michel 
Miche, vn. ae cacher, a'abstttiter 
Micber, s. musard, e : faimant, e 
Mickle, adj. grand, e ; abotidaut, e 
Microcosm, s. microcoame, m. 
Micrometer, s. micromitre, m. 
Microscope, s. microacope, m. 
Microscopic, Microscopical, adj. micro- 
Mid, adj. demi, e; milieu, mi (scopigue 
Mid-heaven, s. te milieu du del, m. 
Mid'day, s. midi, pleinjour, m. 
Middle, s. milieu, m. 
--, adj. moyen, ne; mitoyen, ne 
Middle-a^ed, adj. de moyen dge 
Middle-sized, ad^. de mMiocre taille 
Middlemont, adj. du milieu 
MiddUog, a4j. m^iocre* moy«ni ne 

Midland, adj. miditerranit • 
Midleg, s. mijambet f. 
Midlent, s. mi-carime, t 
Midnight, s. minuit, m. 
Midriff, 8. diaphragme, m. 
Midsea, s. mdditerranie, f. 
Midship, s. mUieu du vaiteeau, m. 

— frame, >. maitre couple, m. 

— beam, s. nuiUre hau, m. 
Midshipman, i. aspirant de mariim, a 
Midst, s. miHeu, m. 

—, pron. au milieu, parmi 
Midsummer, t. mi-^, f. 
Midsummer-day, t. la St Jean, 1 
Midway, %. mi-cAemtfi, m. 
Midwife, s. aage-femme, f. 
Midwifery, s. tart d^accotuher 
Midwinter, s. coeur de Ihiver, m. 
Mien, s. tnine, figure, f., air, va. 
Might, 8. puissance, Jforee, f. 

— and main, to plus grandg form 
Mightily, adv. grandement, Jbrt 
Mightiness, s. grandeur, puiseaitea, i 

poutfoir, m. 
Mighty, adj. puissant, e ,* fort, e 
— , adv. tris furieuaement, admtroH 

ment, extremement, fijrt 
Migration, s. migration, f. 
Milch cow, s. vache d lait, dupe, t 
Mild, adj. doux, douce / paisMs 
Mildew, s. nielle, f., seretn, m. 
— , va. nieller, gdter par la nieOt 
Mildewed, adj. gdti par la nielle 
Mildly, adv. gracieusement, douetnUK 
Mildness, s. douceur, f. 
Mile, s. mille, m. 
Milestone, s. pierre milliaire, t 
Milfoil, 8. millefeuille, f. 
Miliary, adi. miliaire 
Militant, aoj. militant, e; combattoMt,' 
Military, adj. militaire, de guerre 
Militate, vn. a'oppoaer, contredire 
Militia, f. milice, armee, f. 
Milk, 8. lait, m. 
— , va. traire, tirer du lait 
Milken, adj. laiteux, euae 
Milker, s. tireur ou tireuse de voAs 
Milkhouse, s. laiterie, f. 
Milkiness, s. douceur, f. 
Milklivered, adj. poltron, rie 
Milkmaid, s. laitiire, f. 
Milkman, s. laitier, va. 
Milkpail, s. sceau d lait, m. 
Milk(>an, s. terrine,jatte, f. 
Milk pottage, s. soupe au lait, £ 
Milkscore, s. taille, f. 
Milksop, s. jocrisse, Idche, m. 
Milkthistle, s. tithymale, m. 
Milktootb, 8. dent le lait, f. 
Milkwbite, adj. blanc de lait 
Milk woman, s. laitiire, t. 
Milkwort, s. herbe au lait, f. 
Milky, adj. laitetut, euse 
Milky- way, s. voie lactie, f. 
Mill, 8. moulin, moulinet, m. 
— , va. moudre, mounayer 
Mill-cog, 8. dent de roue, ro. 
\ l&\YL-4ax&t V 6cluse de tnoulin, t 


. lailt, laUanct, t. 


(dvL Ugtrtmtia.ila l^rin 

I. tvBHtvfwr, nngtr, ttattrt 
n, amliJAw, fitSa jguHnlr 

» I, mijt&alo^, t 


il\a3mtS, adj. nnJ ifW 

ill*, VL cJf*r fl^Mj on mfl/ 

hShipend, vjl profUfiMr 

t UojiolOBue, a. maipilt^rwf. Ktlilo^ 





Ucip»<feif »a)» bargne 

Moppet, liopMjr, t. poupeet pouporme, L 

IfonJ. t. tens moral, m., morale, f. 

~~. adi. moralt e 

Itomutt, «. moralUte, m. 

Ifonlity, B. moralet f., sent moral, m. 

Monlise, va. & vn. monUieer 

MonUiier, s. mora/tMur, nu 

Morally, adv. mora/em«nt 

Morals, i. moBiirs, f. pi., morale, t 

Morass, a. marai*, mar^cafre, m. 

MorbM, a4}« maladi/t ive, nialade 

Morbidness, s. maladie, f. 

Morbific, Morbifical, a^j. mmiti/ique 

Morbose, adj. malade, maladif, ive 

Mofdacious, Mordicant, adj. mordant, e 

Mordadty, Mordkation, s. taction de 

More, adv. plu*, davantage [mordre 

Moid, %. morel le, f. 

Moreo\'er, adv. dephu, outre cela 

Moiigerous, adj. iiMiaaant, e 

Morion, s. moriont caeque, nu 

Mom, s. matin, m. 

Morning, s. matin, m., mating, f. 

MoroK, adj. c?tarrin, e; hargneuxt etue 

Morosely, adv. aune maniere chagrine 

MoToseness, s. monieitt', aigreur, t. 

Morosity, s. morosit^, f. 

Morphew, s. dartre, f. [reeque, f. 

Morris-dance, s. moresgue, danae mo- 

Morrow, s. demain, m.; good — , toujour 

Morse, s. chevcU marin, m. 

Morsel, s. morceou. m. 

Mortality, s. mortality, mort, f. 

Mortally, adv. mortetlement 

Mortar, s. mortier, in. 

Mortgage, s. hupotUcque, f. 

— , va. hypothequert engager 

Mortgagee, s. hf/fiot/wcuire, mf. 

Mortgager, s. celui qui a hppotfu'qu^, m. 

Mortiferous, adj. mortel, le ; mortijire 

Mortification, s. nwrtijicationt f. 

Mortify, va. mortifier, affliger 

Mortise, s. mortaiie, f. 

Mortmain, s. niain-nwrte, t 

Mortuao'f >• legs pieux, m. 

Mosaic, adj. nwatitque 

Mosque, s. mosqut e, f. 

Moss, s. muUMc, f. 

— , va. couvrir de mousse 

Mossy, adj. inoussu, e 

— ground, peloune, f. 

Most, adv. le plus, tris, fort, la plupart 

Mostly, adv. ordinairement 

Mote, s. atome, Jetu, m. 

Moth, s. teigne, f. 

Moth-eaten, adj. range de teigne 

Mother, s. mere, f. 

— , acy. natal, e ; matemel, le 

— , country, mere-pat rie, (., pays natal. 

Motherhood, s. maternity, f. 

Mother-in-law, s. belle-mire, f. 

Motherless, adj. sans mite 

Motherly, adj. matemel, le ; en mire 

Mother-of-pvarl, s. nncre de perle, f. 

Motherwort, s. matricaire, t 
Mothwtut, s. armot»0, m. 
mtAjTs »^' piein de teigne 

Motion, I. moiWMmeiU, avie, m., pr^a- 

eition, ouverture, eolUdtatUm, t 
— , va. oropoeer, mettre eur le tajrie 
Motionless, adj. immobile 
Motive, I. motif, m. raieom, f* 
— , adj. qui meut, moteur, triee 
Motley, adj. bigarri, et rnili, e 
Motor, i. moteur, m. 
Mototy, adj. qui donne le moueement 
Motto, s. dme, devise, ipigranhe, U 
Mould, K. moule, terreau, sol, m. 
— , va. mauler, chancir, $e moitir 
Moulder, s. mouleur, m. 
— , vii. d^perir, fbndre, *e rMube m 
Mouldiness, s. moisisaure, f. Ipeyin 
Moulding, s. moulure, impoete, f. 
Mouldwarp, s. taupe, f. 
Mouldy, adj. moist, e; chanci, e 
Moult, vn. muer, changer de phtmet 
Mound, s. levi'e, f., rempart, m. 
— , vn. se munir, «e remparisr 
Mount, K. mont, m. 
Mountain, s. montagne, f. 
Mountaineer, s. niontagnard, e 
Mountainous, adj. montagneux, eust 
Mountainousness, s. situation Heeee 
Mountant, adj. montant, e 
Mountebank, s. charlatan, m. 
— , va. tromper, en imposer 
Mounted, adj. portant ou armi de 
Mounter, s. celui qui monte 
Mounty, s. montce d^un faueon, (. 
Mourn, va. & vn. pleurer, porter ledeKfi 
Mourner, s. pleureur, euse 
Mournful, adj. triate, lugubre,Jiitei, « 
Mournfully, adv. tristement, dun eir 
'Mourning, s. deuil, m. [lugtibie 

Moumingly, adv. d'une maniire lugybn 
Mouse, s. aouris, f. 

— (marine), s. buuton, vn.,fuede, t 
—, vn. prendre dea aouris 

— , va. aiffuilletcr 
Mouse-hole, s. trou de aouria, m. 
Mouser, s. celui qui pi-end dea aourii 
Mousetrap, s. aouriciere, t 
Mouth, s. bouche, f. 

— of a bottle, trou, m. 

— of a haven, entree, t. 

— of a lion, gueule, f. 

— of a river, embouchure, f. 

— , va. & vn. marmoter, gourmanier 

Mouthed, adj. qui a une &oudlM 

Mouth-friend, i.fnux ami, m. 

Mouthful, s. bouchie, f. 

Mouth-honour, s. igarda fsinta 

Mouthless, adj. aana bouche 

Move, va. & vn. remuer, mouvoir, agi- 
ter, diminagttr, emouvoir, mettreen 
colire, proposer, mettre aur le tapie 

Moveable, adj. mobile 

Moveableness, s. mobiliti, t 

Moveables, s. biena-meubleaf m. pi. 

Moveably, adv. d^une mantere mobile 

Moveless, adj. immobile 

Movement, s. tnouvement, m. 

Mover, s. moteur, trtee 

Moving, adj. toueham, e; fort, • 


nlfDtufer, 0r 

■rff c^oit^ fUfi/^vt 

HlmUlixiillri til. JIMmtaMM 

iiS^VK'oc^Bt, L Bbi nni 


U^mAiJ, ■d^UcKumi, 


Buk!^. >, ^ ■■W71W, L HrntMinoi. •■ M* 

JlnAf. adj. Miuiut. a.' danUK Milbolnglcil. id]. 

Miu)iii,i.i»<u>lni, f, Mrihohigkiillf. id' 

8iimiw£m,t.miinnim,m. (Hin, I MvUinlngtn, n. ei 
a*iDliiLtn.(.ViHW»iaii,li JfWt-ait- , HylholDcy, i. nvll 


Hnuud, i munlMrti, I. Nave' I. foQIi,' louWiin, C. 

Hnubl^H.,'!, uJSlltr't. NukRUJ, hIt. a 

MuS^,^ «{liMn#T raJ^' "' 

Muiutili;!, ■■ mdrrRuJ, r. 

Mrnnldna, .. siinaUton, m. 

Nip (downr^li^DicI, >. ™, ads 

Nuactvc » iwrr^, nWr, iMhU, ■• 'I 

imfir, lH,-«HfHq 


iBIji, AilJ. 4/a. n>4j prvprg, tbaefna 





Iv. nmtionalemttnt, rekh 
u tuition 

u emroetire national, m. 
f, jM/ natural le 
xoe: natal, e; naturel,U 
tivit^, naiMonn, t 
tt, e i imbMtte, sat. 
I, te t ait^, e 
laturalvUe, m. 
, 8. naturtUiaation, t 
. naturellement 
naiurei, m. 

tre, humeur, t., naturel, 
t, m. [m. 

tt, Bs mauvai»,9 
. malieieutemeftt 
. mMtattcet^, f. 
nuf^umt, f ; mauvaU, • 
Hre dffpoiM, e 
d^ffojitant, e ftante 

Iv. dune manUre a^gvA- 
b d^aagrdtnent, digoiU, m. 
tautique, marin, e 
yal, e; de mer 
rch), t, ntf, t 
, s. rm^eu, m. 
rii, centre, milieu, m. 
. navigable 
tavigurr, gouvemer 
navigation, f. 
avigateur, pilote, m. 
ie,flutte, t. 
meme, de plite 

iatae market eau morte, t. 
he, pruche, cher, cfiire 
e, Orpeuprda 
?, pria, aupres, de pria 
le pria, piteque, chiche- 
ichet?, t [nient 

tximittf, f. 
m., vache, t. 
. gentil, le ; mignon, ne 
uvier, vacher, m. 
•oprement, avec grace 
opretii, netttfttf, f. 
wbuleux, etuej obscur, e 
le n^esaaire, m. 
V. neceestairement 
u n^easiti, f. 
. ndccMaire, utile, prnfi- 
. tu'ceaiter, obliger [taole '■ 
u obligation, f. \ 

j, neceeaiteux, euae 
I, K. pauvrete, f., beeoin, I 
feeeeUi, ^ lUi. 


(oulot, m. 
nanche, m» 
arue de terre, f. 
!»llet, m. 
ravttte, f> 
liter, va. 

I. n/cromancien, ne 
u nieromanee, t, 

Nectared, a4i* '«''*' ^^ nectar 
Nectarine, s. pavie, brurnan, m. 
^eed, >. beeittn, m., indigence, U 
— , V. impi (tre n^aeaire 
— • va. avttir b*-aoin, manauer 
Needful, adj. nfceaaaire, indiapeneable 
Needfully, adv. nfcaaairement 
Needfulnets, s. beaoin, m., mfeeeeit^, t, 
Needily, adv. pauerement 
Needioesi, s. indig»tce, pauvreti, L 
Needle, s. aiguille, f. 
Needlecase, s. etui, m. 
Needleful, adj. aiguillee, f. 
Needlemaker, a. ai guiltier, vet. 
Needless, adj. inutile, auperftu, e 
Needleavly, adv. inutitemeut 
Needlework, i. ouonige a Faiguitte, m. 
Needs, adv. neceamiitement, abaolument 
Needy, adj. indigent, e; pauvre 
Neete, vn. Aernuer 
Nefarious, adj. atroce, nu'chant, 
Negation, s. negurion, f. 
Nejjative, s. n/gutive, negation, f, 
— , adj. negatif, ive : qui nie 
Negatively, adv. nt'gativmnent 
Neglect, s. nrgligencn, inattention, f. 
— , va. n^liger, diffdrer, dtdaigner 
Neglecter, s. ni'giigent, e 
Neglectful, adj. ntgligent, e 
Neglectfully, adv. negligemment 
Negligence, s. ni'gligence, nonchalance. 
Negligent, adj. negligent, e [r. 

NcKligently, adv. imnchalamment 
Negotiate, va. n^gncift, trajiquer 
Negotiation, s. negnciatiunif. 
Negotiator, a tiegttciateur, in. 
N^ro, s. niere, nigreaae 
Neigh, vn. hennir 

Neighbour, s. prochain, m., voiain, e 
— , va- avoiisiner, ae rnpprocher 
Neighbourhood, s. vuiatnuge, in. 
.Neighbouring, a<ij. tfalentuur, voiain, e 
Neighbourly, a'lj. aociuble 

— act, trait dn bon voiain, in. 
Neighing, s. henniiaenmnt, ni. 
Neither, pron. ni Cun ni Fautre 
— , con J. ni, non plua 
.N'eophyte, s. neophyte, m. 
Neoteric, adj. moderne 
Nepenthe, s. panacee, f. 
Nephenr, a neveu, m. 
Nephritic, adj. nef>hrct!que 
Nepotism, s. uepotiame, m. 
Ner\*e, s. nerf, m. 

Nerveless, hAj.jfaaque, 6nerv6, 
Nervous, adj. nerveux, euae ; robuate 
Nescience, s. ignorance, f. 
Nest, s. nidt repair e, ou, retraite, C, 

— egg, nichet, m. 

— of birds, nich^, f. 

— , vn. nicher, faire un nid 

Nestle, vn. ae nicher, prendre iotn de 

Nestling, «. bfcjaune, xxu 

Net, i. filet, in., reta, m. pi. 

Nether, adj. inferieur, e ; bat, 99 

Nethermost, adj. le plus baa 

Nettle, 8. ortie, f. 

—, vfti piq}*er, aigrir,/aeher 





Xccwock, ft. r^waii, iaeit, m. 
ycaSB. Ad;, rtutrg 

\«r«r, Mi-'./iiu.-j, n«, p<u> jminf 

— . ki". muuv^t.^majvt, de nottnau 

?i frhimrn^'sr. i. "uvnuiijte, tn. 

y !<rMuuKr. 'L fli*w^HL, m., euzfttef t. 

>."vr. k i^(r^. jr. 

>.!=:. u . ifhruuit.^ 1 ,' ^.-•;cA»», ^i «vt< 

— ^ uiv. miirrrt. 9mv/. r.w.-vdKi/'fiii«f.fC 

Vii. k iirt:. /H'ir. .*!#« fm/t oueuu, m. 

Vliiiit!, "1. "utiifrr. utOK^-n-, aritrfH/tter 
Xliiiiur » -r/f*p»-tr. .-r-J*,"!*?, ml 
>.'t.-3, at:, n -c^/r / tfnanr, ejucf, e 

Ku'lit.. k ijtrlu.. i 

Xu4.. fc riiTW- •!■/ (/«!.' 

— ii: :ini: . rm/.' £ tHa*e, CftrtJpt^ 

— >, «%. vinwintf'-''' . ,Hnn am enr<iM.'er 

XlCLllkllK . k Mlhflifttn. KL 

— , \"fc. a vnnp- V* Mitiriqutt 
Xirutc . 111. Ck'iewr irf ynts [t 

Niifi&cmtifin, %.'rartitm d" imirt un ntd, 
S'liluLttiiuit «. /r tttuptqu'un visenv rate 
Nirw, k. niecr, t [dans le nid, m. 

NiKKVil, s. avartt m., ri/ai/i, e 
•>. adj. chiehe, awu e, metquin, e 
— , va. mttrfimirf, h'tiner, limiter 
Ntittcanllinvs*. s. mrMMtneHp, f. 
Ni^iCttrU ) . «i\j. tordidf, mefquirit e 

■ . ft:, .■W/u''*'/ w-««. y 
.\i|ihiv. iii\-. vi-«/i.-.'ii/. aiiCf* 

Nl^illiCaet >. .u-'UltltUVt i 

Sj^^Ki •>. '«U(/« :., .Mir*! tOk 
.SjgliCi-A{t, ^>. 'ivMiot Jo rtua, nk 

NjffhiiUiVi •>. 'ojit^t r., MTfen, m. 
Niifhctlit:M(« <s '.•'/i.^trv da ituar, & 
Njfhtriic, ^/cufMHt m. 
NigbteoHii* ». rul>t; dt e^ambre, L 
Nighcfintft 9. MTCicre, £ 
Nifthtbawk, a. huiotte, hmeSte, f. 
Nightiu($ale, t. rvtsignol, m. 
Nightlf , adj. noefume 
>-. adv. cfta^utf nutt, toutealet nuU* 
Ntghtman, s. vidanreur, m. 
Nightmare, ■. cauchemar, m. 
Niffhiplerc, i. tableau de nuit, m. 
NiirhtraU, ft. peifmoir, m. 
Nlghtraxf n, a. hibou, m. 
Nightshade, ■. nwrelle, belle de nuUt t 
NIghtvvalker, s. coureur de nuit 

Nightwatch, >. le quart de nuitt m. 
Nill, ft. bluette» (ftncelle, t, > 

—. va. rtifkuer, rejeter 
Nina, VA. eecamoter, prendrs 
Nimble, a4i» ogUe, aet{ft i«e ; lngaiAb« 

Nimblenest, i. agiliU, f^f-fret^, t 
Nimblewitted, adi. ftu a feeprit wf 
Nimblj, adv. agilementt leetemeai 
Nimmer, ujilou, eeeamoteur, m. 
Nincomiioop, s. niuie, e s tot, (e 
Nine, adj. tiet{f 
Ninefold, adj. neuf/oU autant 
Ninepins, ft. quiUet, f. pU 
Ninescore, adj. cent gutOre-mngt 
Nineteen, adj. dix neuf 
Nineteenth, adj. dir neuviime 
Ninetieth, adj. quatre vingt-dixiime 
Ninety, adj. quatrevirtfet-dtx, mmtmti 
Ninnjr, s. benet, nigaud, m. 
Ninth, adj. neuviime 
Ninthly, adv. neuviimement 
Nip, ft. atteinte, coupure, L, coup, n 
— , va. pineer, piquer, couper 
Nippers, s. pincettee, piiicee, t pL 
Nippingly, adv. eMremetU 
Nipple, 8. mamelout m. 
Nipplewort, s. lampgane, f. 

- Nit. ft. Imte, f. 
Nitid, adj. net I te,' brilUuU, e 
Nitre, a. nitrct m. 

' Nitrous, adj. nitreux, euae 
Nitty, adj. couvert de lentes fgeiu, mm 
Niveous, adj. blanc comme la n^ge, utt" 
No, adv. tivn, ne pae, point, hiu,U 

— matter, n'itnporte 

— more, pas davantage 

— where, nulle part 
Nobilitate, va. annoblir, enmoblir 
Nobility, s. noblesse, f. 
Noble (old cmn), s. noNe, m. 
— , adj. noble, illuetre, g^n&eux, etut 
Nobleman, s. noble, aristocrate, atif 
Nobleness, s. nobleeae, f. [newr, m 
Noblesse, s. la nobleeae, f., corprdMM- 
Nobly, adv. noblement \blet, ■> 
Nobody, s. peraonne, f., ptu un, paemt 
Nocent, adj. nuiaible lunenirit 
Noctidial, adj. comprenant un jour tf 
Noctuary, s. rapport dece quite paueh 
Nocturnal, s. nocturlabe, m. [ntitfi Oi 
— > adj. nocturne 
Nod, & eigne de tite, m. 
— , m. eommeUler, peneher la tite 
Xodder, s. eelui qui eommeiUe 
Ncdd^, ft. etUwche, tite, f. 
NAidy, ft. nigaud, e : tot, te 
Node, s. noBud, m. 
X'^dous, adj. nouetu, euee ; diffieQe 
Xcxiule, ft. petite matee, f., petit amoM, m, 
>'o«gin, s. gt-det, goMet, m. 
Xoue, s. bruit, feiat,firaeat, m. 

— in one's ear, tintement, m. 
— , va. it vn. publier, divulguer, tapagir 
N«)isele», adj. tranquiUe, calme 
Natemakery s. tapagmr, m. 
Noisiness, s. jrrand bruit, m. 
Noisome, ai)j. infecte, difgoAtant, e 
Noiaomencss, s. deeagriment, m. 
tiiAxf, uA}. turbulent, e; bruuant,e 
Nolition, ft. opposition, f. 

NoU, s. tAe, f. 

NomencIaUn-, s. nomentJateur, m. 

'^«mnfi\aX'Qxc, a. nomenclature, t. 




nomtner, detigmr 
\. nomitHUion,t. 
. nominattft ive 
tdge, m. 
e« a. ikifigut, m. 
B» a. eontumaee, abtenee, t 
tin, in.,intention, t 
e» a. rtfpu, m. 
t, a. nonconfitrmitUt t 
r, n. nonconformity, f. 
', le: auetm, et permmtte 
iant, m. 
s. inexUtenee, t 
mjurant, la. 
. nonpareil, le 
%. d^ut de paiement 
oe« 8. inejt6cution, t. 
harrae, no. 
d quia, embarraater 
s. nonrdaidence, absence, 
. a6«ffn/, m. ff. 

1. obHuanee, panive, f. 
ulimattaa, m., abturditd, 
4j. abeurde, inepte [ f. 
adv. Aon<r0 /« oon eens 
ts, 8. abeurditi, f. 
Li. inaolvable 
dj. impitoyable 
lettre hora de cour 
reeoin, rMuit, m. 

ntide, s. en plein Jour, m. 
'idional, e 
i couiant, pidge, m. 
, lier, attraper 

, aeptentrion, m. 
•d, de nord, arctique, aep- 
ti Jroid, e 

nord-est, m. [nal, e 

3rthern, adj. aeptentrio- 
toile polaire, f. 
Iv. au nord 
nord-oueet, m. 
vent du nord, m. 

tr, eentir, /aire face 
uquet, m. 
tans nez 
■)eologie, f. 
ine, t 
icueau, m. 

as, point, non, non pas 
otaole, insigne, grand, e 
habiletd, singularity, f. 
habilement, grandement 
aire, m. 
, ni«> coche, t. 
T, taiUer,faire des erans 
ttaillure, coche, f. 
marque, t, billet, m. ; of 
istre [f. 

), remarque, observation, 
marquer, remarquer 

Notebook, •. tabtettea, f. pL 
Noted, adj. iUuatre, insigne, fameu», 
: Notedly, adv. spMalement £«im» 

; Nothing, 8. rien, neant, m. 
Nothingnesf, s. ndant, Hb 
Notice, •. connaissance, remarque, ob- 
servation, f., avis, m. ; to give — , ctovH 
ner avistfxire savoir ; to take — ot a 
thing, p fairs attention 
NotificatioD, s. notification, t. 
Notify, va. notifier, diclarer,faire saeoir 
Notion, s. notion, idee, pensile, t 

— (respect), dgard, m,, oirinion, t. 
Notional, adj. en idie, iaial, e 
Notionally, adv. iddalement 
Notoriety, s. notoriHS, Mdenee, t. 
NotoriouB, adj. notoire, dvident, e i ma- 

n^fBste,fiejffif, insigne 
Notoriously, adv. notoirement 
Notoriousness, s. Mdence, t, 
Notus,.s. le vent du midi, m. 
Notwithstanding, conj. nonobstant, mal- 

gri, toute/ois [mepriser 

Nought, s. rien, niant, m. ; to set at ->» 
Noun, s. nom, m. 
Nourish, va. nonrrir, entretenir 
Nourishable, a4j. qui peut itre naurri 
Nourisher, s. nuurricter, m. 
Nourishing, adj. nourrissant, e 
Nourishment, s. nourriture, f« 
Novation, s. innovation, t. 
Novator, s. novateur, m. 
Novel, 8. nouvelle, historiette, f. 
— , adj. nouveau, nouvelle 
Novelist, s. nouveUiate, m. 
Novelty, s. nouveautd, f. 
November, s. Nuvembre, m. 
Novenary, s. neuvaine, t. 
Novercal, adj. de mardtre 
Novice, s. novice, mf. 
Noviciate, s. noviciat, m. 
Novity, s. nouveauttf, fralcheur, f. 
Now, adv. maintenant, d priaent, aetit- 

ellement, tout d fheure 

— and then, de temps en temps 

—, coni. or ; now it is true, orcela est vrai 

Nowadays, adv. aujourd'hui 

Nowhere, adv. nuUe part 

Nowise, adv. nullement 

Noxious, adj. nuisible 

Noxiously, adv. cPune manOre nuisible 

Noxiousness, s. aualitd nuisible, f. 

Nubile, adj. nubile, qui est en dge de se 

Nucleus, 8. amande, f. [marier 

Nudation, s. denudation, t 

Nudity, s. nudity, £ 

Nugacity, s. futility, frivoUti, f. 

Nugation, a. plaisanterie, t 

Nufi^tory, am. badin, et sot, et firiveile 

Nuisance, s. diriment, tort, m. 

Null, adj. nul, le t invalide 

— , va. annuUer, abolir, casser 

Nullify, va. annuller, rendre nut 
i Nullity, s. nullity, f., vice, m. 

Numb, adj. engourdi, e 

—, va. ensiourair 

' Numbedhess, Numbness, s. engourdiase- 
I ment, m., torpeur, f. 



-I cot— J Opdol, ulj, opfioiH 


Onlij^t. rfe Sc'iicIm' 

MJ- iTntbiltl 

^J^^ OrUtuluM, JT™, J. , 




Ordure» s. ordture, aalfU» t 

Oie, s. min&9i, m., mine, t [d^ 

Organ (inttrament of actloD), s. erfrane, 

— (mutical instnunent), s. ergtte, m. 
Orsanic, Orgauical. a4j. orfpanique 
OrKanicaUy, adv. au meyen dwrganu 
Orfi^anicalneMf a orgOMiMfion* f. 
Orffanism, i. orgatntmet m. 
Organist, a orfinniste, m. 
Organization, a orffanimtion, t 
Organise, va. orfeaniter 
Organ-loft, a tribune auM orx^tee, f. 
Organ -pipe, a tujfau dorguett m. 
Oi^Mm, a orfftume, m. 

Ornes (frantic revds), a pL orgiee, f. 
Orient, a Forient, feet, levant^ m. 
— , •dj. oriental, e; briUant, et blatant. 
Oriental, a4j- orientalp e ,* ^orient [e 
Orifice, a orifice, m., oueerture, t 
Origin, a ortgine, 9o%ircet f. 
Original, a origintU, m. 

— writing, a autographe, m. 
— t adj. original, e ; originel, e 
Originally, adv. originairemeiit 
Originary, adj. primitif, iee 
Originate, vn. provenir, d&ieer 
Origination, a prineipe, m., eaure, t 
Oriion, 8. oraimmt t. 

Ornament, a omementf m. 
Omamenul, adj. qui eert domement 
Omamenully, adv. en omement 
Ornamented, a4j. d^eord, e ; pari, e 
Ornate, adj. orni, e ; embela, e • 
Omateness, a omement, m., parure, t. 
Ornately, adv. pour parure 
Omature, a dieitration, parure, f.« em- 

belliMeement, m. 
Omithol(]gy, a ornithologie, f. 
Orphan, a orfthelin, e 
Orpiment, a orpiment, orpin, m. 
Orpine, a orpin, m., graeeette, f. 
Orrery, a irtetrument»oiaire, pkmitaire. 
Orris, a iri» de Florence, f. [m. 

Orthodox, adj. ortttodose 
Orthodoxy, 5. orthodosie, f. 
Orthngrapher, a orthographiete, mfl 
Orthographical, adj. orthographique 
Orthography, a orthofrapne, t. 
Oacillation, a oacilbitum, f. 
Oscillatory, adj. oedUatoire 
Oscitancy, Osciution, a nonchalance, f., 

OMOupieeement, bdiiiement, m. 
Oscitant, adj. ntm^uUant, e 
Oiler, a osier, m. 
Ospray, a orfixiie, f. 
Ossicle, a otcillon, owdet, m. 
Ossification, a oetification, f. 
Ossify, vn. a'oMifier 
Ostensible, adj. oetenaible 
Ossuary, a chamier, m. 
Ostensible, adj. osteneibte 
Ostensive, adj. qui mnntre 
Ostent, a apparenee, f., apeetaele, m. 
Ostentation, a oetentation, t, J'aete, m. 
Ostenutiouii, adj. fastueus, euee 
Ostenutiously, kAv. ftietueueement 
Oeteohgf, a oetMogie, t 
Oitituj, a. 0mbouckmr9, U 

Ostler» a valet dieurie, m. 

OstXerj, a hdteiierie, t 

Ostracism, u. oetrac ieme, m. 

Ostrich, a atUrudt*, L 

Other, pron. autre 

Othergans, adv. amtreimeni 

Otherwhere, adv. ailUrure 

Otherwhile, adv. tmuit 

Otherwise, adv. autrement, Umt Mtn 

Otter, a loutre, f. 

Ought, a queique choee, t. 

— , v. imp. (fevott*/ you — todoitflMI 

devriez lefaire 
Ounce (weight), s. once, £ 

— (aninuU), a once, £, < 
Oaphe, a^, f. 
Ouphen, adj. defie 

Our, pron. noire, noe TaiMi 

Ours, pron. pi. le ndtre, la nmtt to 

Ourselves, pron. pL. fiMM m i me i 

Ousel, a mierle, m. 

Out, va. d^poeeMer, dipouiUer 

— , adv. dehore ; as one goes — , Mtsvi^ 

— , interj./o<n de luil qt^on le ekemtl 

— of, prep, par dehore 

— at the elbows, perei, e t d^[ueMill^4 

— of a design, d deteein 

— of desire, par le dieir de 

— of favour, disgracid, e 

— of form, difitrmi, e 

— of hand, tout dm euite 

— of hatred, par haine 

— of hope, eane eepihanee 

— of humour, de maueaiee hu mtmt 

— of love, par amour 

— of measure, outre mesure 

— of order, en d/eordre, irrigulimr 

— of patience, impatient^, e 

— of place, hora de place 

— of pocket, d^bourei, e 

— of print, ipuiai, e 

— of reason, eaneraieon, horederaUiB 

— of sight, dperiede9ue,hore4t9m 

— of the noi<e, Huigne du bruit 

— of tune, dieaccuril^, e 

— with him, faitea^r aortir 

— with it, montret le,Jiniaae% 
Outbalance, va. femporter aur 
Outbid, va. ench&ir sur 
Outbidder, a eneheriaaeur, m« 

j Outblown, nAj. enJH, e 
Out bom, adj. Stranger, ire 
Outbound, adj. ehargi, e ; deatini, § 
Outbrave, va. braver, affronter 
Outbrasen, va. trailer effrontemeM 
Outbreak, a iruption, L 
Outbreathe, vn. expirer 
Outcast, a banni, e s ejfUi, e 

— (refuse), a rebut, m. 
—, adj. banni, e t exili, e 

Outcry, s. vacarme, bruit, enean, m. 

Outdare, va. dtfier, braver 

Outdate, va. aumuler 

Outdo, va. attrpaaaer 

Outdwell, vn. continuer trop longtemft 

Outer, adj. extirieur, e ; de dehore 

Outermost, a4j. estrime 


.fnre phu da pntHi Jiif 

^^^. spgnnii, r. Oi'.rtoiu, lui. ifiBV 

^,/IiEraMnw> « ' ' Ovrnrul, i. Jb>mi£, f .' 

jjS^^'rt^ Sii£^n"''^''^ri^ 




Oi-crtflud, adT. korg de rmiuemu 
Oirrburdes, v%. mrthargfr [|W«aer 
Oracmu, ra. rtMirrir, tmrjtter, retAir, 
^^ a4:- «w«'''V« trUte, cbiewTt e 
Oiw&ufe, vm, turjuire, aeembler 
OwcLoud. T&. tbtcurtir 
Orerc o me, %-a. raiwcrr, turmtmtm' 
OiVRomcr, & nBtiifUfwr, m. 

— onaclf, ^fjmiftr 

Ov«nli«H« m. $'mitifer 

OnerlrliT, ra..^<H.'cr, po«M«r fmp Ma 

Chi :;«!'.» s. ^e*:«i>l•d, m. 
Oivr^v. & tmrab^H^toK*, f. 
— , ra. JK T&. liitorrfrr, inoitder 

OmilT, TB. mtrr oti-deld 
UvMfarwmrd, fclj. frvp t mpr t u f, t 
Chmivifat. \-a. ntrcAarvrr 
Chwir'.UKT. \-a. jMrevunr d^« |(«Lr 
Onr^.i. rft. a.i«r ou jnuter au dtia 
Oi'crjirrpv* til ii vu. croHre tnp 
Orcr%ft>, va. rrchtrthert iargutr 
Orcrhanc, %*&. Mu'iir, aroncvr 
OrcrhATOtSi v«. eudurcir tn^ 
OrrrbMl, adv. an 4e»mts, m kami 
OiYrhew. ra. entr\-ti\r, enteudre 
Ovrrvn-. r&, c^drmix, trahtyortar 
Orcriaar, \il mrrterjOfr, cAar^er trop 
OvvrJuvr. a4.- rn»:> ^craiMf, e 
ChvrUj, va. etotfjff r. accaiJtr 
Ova IMP, TtL /r^itchir 
Orvraw, ra. * vix. turvivre 
OvrtMtTf s. turripant, e 
0<rr'..«fd, va. »yreKa.-frar 

l>i'« ..v-k, va. tvrrri.iei . c\'mmander, n^ 
ciuy, pasPTf, .'di^rr, /ciitfert etiuni- 
tvr, fHni.-tfrr. dAJdtjntrr, fiordoHHer 
Ovxucicker, %. uuffttfur, tnce 
(>r«raaa>:Al, a4;. f'^'f* AuMf, e .' mdt^, e 
OrvrinastM-, va. maitritfrt dumpier 
0\Y ratal ch. &. i^trtte ifQiwet f. 
— ., ra. turm^-uter 

Ost'.'SMcXi, aJ.-. «ii;y-.vf(i< e*' excetMift 
— , a.1v. fr«>/» tjcr*firemeut [tvt 

Oremjiane. va. ih" wjhjt, rtriter 
Orvfvuficiou*, a4f . rn<;* tifficifus, etut 
Chcrittss, ra. f UMcnr, omtfttre 
OrcTpay , v*. /nr;*i>rr, nvompniMr frop 
Overpfrc-h, va. rwiVr pur-dessua 
Oxrrpius. s. «iir;;M>, mrcroU, m. 
Orcri^Ijr, va. rjc.ift-r de froMii/ 
Ovvrpdue, va. e\»»ti ("-bu/ano- r 
Orerpoirrr, va. accftbier, turmo»tfr 
Oivrprn^, va. Of</rifurr, turchargrr 
Ovrrprixt, va. fttimrr trop 
OvruKokt aiij. err* ^anr* « 
Qi'eirate, i. tttrreMtft t, pris eJrft»if, 
— , vju #wr/j ire [_ii». 

Ch-rrreachl va. & vn. duper, tromper 
IKeiTvachcr, s. frvmpmr, «mm 
Oi-crmd, va. rtarn»wrtr 
Orermasi, a^j. roTir Irop 
Ov«iTui«, v*. ditidfr, domimer, rfjetrr 
Oi'rrruji, va. & vn. jNOMicr, «//»■ ji/^m 
w'/^f CMf rriri remjrfiri l i gmger 

Ovenee* ra. wrwitfcr, laiMer, frKtttr 
Ovtntea, adj. gui f^«ae m4>ri«, e 
Orenceri i. turveiOant, e i in^^eeteur, 
Orenct, va. r en w t rmr , verter [prk$ 
Ovenhadow, va. omb r m g t r t y oftjf w 
I Overshoot, \-a.]B0rf«rtfrapMii«iMte tab 

aUer trap amant 
Oreni^hti i. intpeetitm, etnduiU, L 
I — (mUuke), a. mepriM, 6Am«* t 
< Ovenite, Ta. turpaster «fi j pi ei idciir 
1 0%-erakip, va. aauter par-aSamt 
Ovmleep, vn. dormir cM-dsU d» §m 
. Ovenlip, vm. omettre, paaatr [^kiWf 
I Orcnnoir, va. amvrir de neig$ 
I Orcnoon. adv. frop M 
j Ovenpent, a4j. harasa^, et ^ mit i,§ 
, Ovenpread, va. Mendre, ooMnr 
O^-eiscand, vn. tnmter Irop {witkKi 
Overstock, va.>atr« de tropgra iU mpn 
0\-entTmin, va. & vn. eiutrer, aef 
Overswajr, va. duminer, ( 
OvenwcU, va. regorger 
Overt, adj. on Mrf,tf/ inafi(/M» 
Overtake, va. atteindre, mttruper 
Overtask, va. surcharger de truvml 
Overthrow, s. boule9er$ementt nw 
— (defeat), s. dc^tlc, d&oute, t 
— , va. tfOttUvera^, reueerter, dtfairt 
. Ovcrthrourer, s. ce/ni qui r e ne er m 
Oi-erthwart. adj. oppoac', «/ conl f i w 
I Oi-erthwartoess, s. opparitiom, t 
, Overtop, va. tmrmonter, eurpmutr 
I O^-ertrip, \-a. paster leg&emtKt 
j 0\-erturr, s. ouverture, f. 
I Oi-crtum, va. vereer, renvereer 
I 0\-erturiier, s. deetrueteur, triee 
Oi-ertuming, s. renvereementt m. 
0\'er%-alue, va. /aire trop va/otr 
OverraluiDg, s. trop grande estime, t 
Oi*erveUi va. toiler, cvuvrir 
0\-erweak, adj. tropjiii'.le 
Ovenveen, vn. etre prc»fmptueus, tmt 
O^-erwwningljr, adv. arrogammetit 
Ox-eru-eigh, va. etre pr^nderent 
Oi-crweiffht, s. eurpfue de poida, ta. 
0\-erwbelm, va. enfimcer, aecMer 
0\-enrora, wdi. accabU, e ; tui, e 
Overwrought, adj. trop travaUU, « 
Oviparous, adj. ovipare 
One, va. devoir, etre ubH/ti 
Oivl, Owlet, s. Aiboti, chat-huamt, m.* 
Owler, K. amfrebandier. m. [duMette,t 
Own, adj. propre 

I — , va. avouer, eon/tsMer, eonvenir 
, — (claim )i rti^mer, g'attribuer 
I — (pasK'S),>Mftr, poeseder 
j Owner, s. proprietaire, poaaeuewr, nu 
Ownership, s. droit de pntpritte, f. 
Ox, s. botu/, m. ; oxen, teettfe, m. pL 
Oxfve, s. eeil de oaeuf, m., luetame, L 
Oxfly, s. toon, m. 
OxstalU s. ttoMe d beettA, L 
I Oxtongue, s. bugloee, L 
! O^rer, s. cour de juatiee, t, 
j Oyes, B. oyrs, ecoutez,fmtea ailmet 
. Ofstrr, a huUre, f. 

Ojrstershell, s. Axtilie d'huttre, t [t 

\Qil««nramant s. mare/ua*d$ dIHfttrn. 

B « PAL 

PiliiWr, • pMIri, m. 

K£i«' ^^^^' t'-**^" "^ 


Sl)I^,''i'^ll..', ^i™Ml ITHOU, t 




Pi£li„.<.'^^'»,m. "^ 









PillSfft ™. poflttr; ootaiw. MA* t 

iLsi"Sii£fcf m. 


dipaild."-" ' 

™ioMll, .. •«■«, »f » d«*m. m. 


mSnmtiv ' 




^'Su^.'iSrS'f ^TdLp.;™. 


lUoilHEC. k ului ou criA fui ^ l< 




l..|p!<U(*."-„„ , 


r«rr, n'ail^paA drotl. 




FihilaMi* s. vUetf, basteue, t. 

Faltrj, atO. ehiti/, ive,' yitopable, ntf- 

eUant, e ; pUtre, pauore 
Pkm, s. ie vaJet de tr^/le, ro. 
Punpa-, v«. chi^ett dorloter, nourrir 

dmeatementt bien traiter 
PunphleC, s. pamphlet, m., brochure, £ 
Punphteteer, s. auteur de orochurMt m. 
Pan* s. terrine, t 

— for coals, s. bntUier, m. 

— of a gun, t. bassinet, m. 

— of the knee, s. rotuie, t [m. 
Pan pudding, l pouditt/r cuit au Jbur, 
Panacea, t. panaceet remade universel. 
Panada, Panado, a. panade, t. [m. 
Pancake, s. crepe, omelette, t» 
Pancreas, s. pancreas, m. [crMs 
Pancreatic, adj. qui appartient au pan- 
Pandect, s. pattdeetes, m. pi., difpette, m. 
Pandemic, adj. qui regarde tout un 
Pander, s. maquereau, relle [peuple 
— , ▼a./bire le metier de maquertiau 
Pane, s. pann^iu, earreau, m. 
Pancgync, s. pan^rique, m. 
Panegyrical, adj. pane/rffrique, qui toue 
Panegyrist, s. pan^yriste, m. 

Panel, s. panneau, un., liste desJurA, f. 
Pang, s. atteitite, attaque, f., angoisses, 
— , va. tourmenter [t. pL 

Piuiic, s. terreur panique, f. 
Pannel (rustic saddle), s. bdt, m. 
Pannier, s. pannier, m., hutte, t. 
Pannierful, s. hottife, t 
Panoply, s. armure eomptette, f. 
Panoimma, s. panorama, m. 
Pansy (a floveer), s. pensie, t 
Pant, s. palpitation, f. 
— , vn. haleter, palptter, trembler 
Pantaloon, s. pantalon, m. 
Pantheon, s. pantM}n, va., rotonde, t 
Panther, s. panthire, f. 
Pantile, Pentile, s.^Ut^re, £ 
Panting, s. palpitation, f. 
Pantingly, adv. en palpitant 
Pantler, s. panetier, va. 
Pantofle, s. patitot^/le, f. 
Pantomime, s. pantomime, f. 
Pantry, s. paneterie, dfpense, f. 
Pap, s. mamelle, t, t<ton, m. 

— (Infants' meat), M.bouiUie, f. 

— of fruit, pulpe, t 
Papa, a papa, vn. 
Papacy, s. jtapautf, f. 
Papal, adj. papal, es du pape 
Papa\'erous, adj. qui appartient au pavot 
Paper, s. papier, m. 

— building, s. chdteau de cartes, xxu 

— money, s. papier monnaie, va. 

— a room, \'a. tendre en papier 

— • (writings), s. pi. paviers, titrea, mi- 
moires, manuscrits, m. 
Papermaker, s. papetier, iire 
PapermiU, s. moulin d papier, m. 
Paperstainer, s. dominotier, m. 
Paperstaining, s. dominoterie, t 
Fajdlio (butterfly), s. papiUon, m. 
ApilJoBaceous, adj. papiltonac^t e 
AjxUiaiy, PapiUoui, Mij. papitlatr« 

Papist, a. papisie, m£ 
Papistical, adj. papistique 
Papistry, s. papisme, m. 
Pappy, adj. mot, le : succulent, e 
Par, s. igalite, parity, t 
Parable, s. parabole, similitude, 1. 
PinboUi, n. parabole, {. [JN 

Parabolic, adj. parabolique, fipirat^ 
Parabolically, adv. par sinUUtuM 
Parabolbsm, s. paretbolisme, m. 
Paraboloiil, s. paraboldide, t [tiomfi 
Paracentesis, a. paracentise, pinKtm' 
Paracentric, Paraorntrical, uij. qtdH- 

carte de la ligne circulaire 
Parachute, s. parachute, m. 
Paraclete, s. F Esprit consolateur, ttL 
Parade, s. parade, f.,faste, m. 
Paradigm, s. exemple, paradigMS, m» 
Paradise, s. paradii^ m. 
Paradox, s. paradote, m. 
Paradoxical, adj. parado»al,et caHbnh 

dictoire, surprenant, e [danto 

I'aradoxically, adv. d^une manUrepen^ 
Paragon, s. chtif-d'ceuore, m. 

— of beauty, beauts incomparable, L 
—, va. comparer, egaler 

I Paragraph, s. paragrapke, t 
\ Parallax, s. paraiiaxe, t 
Parallel, a. partUUle, va., comBarsA»m,l 

— (geometrical line), s. paraMe, t 
— , va. mettre en paraUde 

— , adi. parallile 
Parallelism, s. paraJUUsme, m. 
Parallelogram, s. parall^li^ramme, nii 
Paralogism, Paralogy, s. paraltgiimh 

faux raisonnement, m. [neiiieiiit 
Paralogize, vn. faire de mauoau raistur 
Paralysis, s. paralysie, i. 
Paralytic, adj. paralitique, impotent, » 
Paramount (the chief), s. sowmx^ m> 
— , adj. souverain, e; sup&ieur, « 
Paramour, s. mignon, ne ; amant, § 
Paranymph, s. garfon qui accompagm 

celui qui se marie 
Parapet, s. parapet, rempart, m. [ob 
Pdraphernalia.s. pi. bieneparaphemmui 
Paraphrase, s. paraphrase, espHcaUant 
— , va. paraphraser, interprAer \t 
Paraphrast, s. paraphraste, interprUt, 

truchement, commentateur, va. 
Paraphrastic, Paraphrastical, a4j. ejrpis* 

catif, ive; explicable, de paraphriMt 
Paraphnutically, adv. par paraphrase 
Parasite, s. parasite, m.,jiatteur, eust 
Parasitic, Parasitical, aAj. /latteur, euse 
Parasicically, adv. dune maniire M^ 
Parasol, s. parasol, m. Itevst 

Parboil, yti. fiiire bouillir d moitii 
Parcel, s. parcel, pidce, quantity, f. 

— (bundle), s. paquet, m. 

— of rt^ues, 8. pi. tas de coquins, m. 
— , va. partager, dieiser 

— land, va. morceler [turt 

— (marine term), va. couvrir une con- 
Parcener,* cithMtier, Ore 

Parch, va. & vn. bniler, sMter, r&tir 
Parching, adj. briUant, e 
'PasOMXAviXt V parofttfmin, m. 

PirCii.1, tdj. Mr(<s 

— •, fBTf icHtontili, tlramitimM, L ^ 

Partridge, *■ ppdrii, r. [mtffrt AaV 


Pna'Slliy. I paMb^uy.'' 

iMt, PinCnuuil. ■- /poi^ PmliiBiill, i. rfu, m. 
nil, Bk [sm,fiiliiEliU, I. Pvdan, ■.funliili, Aum, I 

i^irt, Mn.JaiiKr ^ P«»™. I iy(iiH^*;j™M. <■ [«>■ 





Putebowd, s. eartOTtt m. 

Futcrn* s. un pdturon, m. 

Pudine* a. padse-temps, m.» r^crAition» 

PiHfeor, L poiteur, bergert m. \t \ 

Futoral, I. poMtorcUet ^togue, t 

— » a4j* ptutoralt e 

PutTf, u patisserie, t 

— oook» pdtitsier, Ore 
Putunble» adj. herbUt a 
Pasturage, t. pdturage, m. 
Pasture, s. pMure, f., viandis, m. 
— , va. jaire ou mener paltre 
Pasty, s. pdt^t m., tourte, f. 
Pat, s. tape, f., coup, m. 
— , miij. d propos, propre, eonvenable 
— , va. taper, tapoter, finpper 
Patch, a. pUee, mouehe, f.. mprceau, m. 
— , va. & vn. rapi6.'er, rtuxommoder, 

— up, pldtrer [mettre dee mouchee 
Patdier, a. ravaudeur, etue 
Patchwork, s. rapi^etage, m. 
Pate, s. caboehe, tite, f. 
Patent, s. patente, f. 
Patentee, s. impitrant, e 
Paternal, adj. paternd, le : de pire 
Paternity, %. patemiti, f. 
Path, Pathway, s. eentier, chemin, m. 
Pathetically, adv. pathHimement [f. , 
Patheticalness, s. eentibuit^, tendreese, , 
Pathetic, Patfaetical, adj. pathHique 
Pathless, adj. ^t n'e«^ pas fray f \ 
Pathologist, s. qui s'occupe de la patho- ; 
Pathology, s. pathologie, f. llogie, m. 
Pathos, s. pathos, m., passion, t 
Patience, s. patience, f. 
Patient, s. malade, mf. 
— , tuAj. patient, e: endurant, e 
Patiently, adv. patiemmmt 
Patriarch, s. patriarche, m. 
Patriarchal, adj. patriarchal, e [chat, m. 
Patriarchate, Patriarchship, s. patriar- 
Patrician, s. patricien, pat rice, m. 
— , adj. patrtcien, net noble 
Patrimonial, adj. patrimonial, e 
Patrimony, s. patrimoine, m. 
Patriot, s. pairiote, bon citoyen, m. 
Patriotic, a4j. patriotique 
Patriotism, s. patriotisme, m. 
Patrol, s. patrouiUe, t, guet de nuit, m. 
— , y a. /aire la patrouUle 
Patron, s. patron, protecteur, m. 
Patronage, s. patronatfe, appui, m. 
Patronal, adj. patronal, e t de patron 
Patroness, s. pntronne, f. 
Patronize, vd. favoriser, d^fendre 
Patronymic, s. patronimique 
Patten, s. patin, soubassement, m. 
Patter, vn. tr^igner, piAiner 
Pattern, s. patron, modele, ichantillon. 
Paucity, s. petit nombre | m. 
Paunch, s. panse, f. 
— , va. hentrer, dter les entraiBes 
Pauper, s. pauvre, mf. 
Pause, s. patue, f., repos, m. 
— , vn. pauser, ^arreter, examiner 
-- upon, consid^rer bien 
FMve, va. pcmer 
Pikvemtat, $. pavi, m. 

Paver, Pavier, i. vaveur, m. 
Pavilion, s. panUton, m., tente, f. 
Paw, s. patte, griffis, serre, t 
— , va. patiner,jhMer, caresser 
Pawn, 8. pton, gage, m. 
— , va. engager, mettre en gage 
Pawnbroaer, s. lombard, m. 
Pay, 8. paye, eolde, t, salaire, m. 
— , va. payer 

— away, filer 

— back, rendre, restituer [tre en plaet 

— down, payer argent comptant, reme^ 

— off, reUtncer, espalmer un bdtimeid 
Payable, adj. payable, qu'on doit puffer 
Payday, ujour de payement, m. 
Payer, s. payeur, euse 
Paymaster, a. payeur, m. 
Payment, s. payement, m. 

Pea, s. pois, va. 

Peace, s. pais, la paix, tranquittit^, f. 

— offering, s. sacrifice de prosp&iti, m. 
Peaceable, adj. patsible, pacmque 
Peaceableness, s. quiAude, tranquUHlft 
Peaceably, adv. paisiblement [t 
Peaceful, adj. tranquille, paistble 
Peacefully, adv. tout dottcement 
Peacefulness, s. tranquillity, t 
T*eacemaker, s. pacificateur, euse 
Peach, s. peche, f. 

— (to impeach), va. accuser 
Peach-tree, s. picher, m. 
Peachick, s. paonneau, m. 
Peacock, s. paon, m. 
Peahen, s. paonne, f. 

Peak, s. pic, sommet, m., pointe, t 

— (marine term), va. apiquer 
Peal, s. carillon, tintamarre, m. 

— of ordnance, s. d6charge d'artiJlerie,U 
— , va. rendre des sons bruyans 
Pear, s. poire, f. 

P^-tree, s. poirier, m. 
Pearl (gem), s. perle, f. 

— (speck on the eye), s. taie, f. 

— (printing type) s. porisienne, t 
Pearled, adj. orn^ de per les 
Pearly, adj. qui ressemble d des perks 
Peasant, s. paysan, ne 
Peasantry, s. corn* de paysans, m. 
Peascod, Peashell, s. cosse de pois, t 
Pease, Peas, s. pi. poix, m. 

— pottage, s. soupe aux pois, t. 

— soup, s. pttr^ de pois, f. 
Peat, 8. tourbe, f. 
Pebble, s. caiUou, m. 

Peccable, adj. peccable, qui peut pMm 
Peccadillo, s. peccadille,faute UgereA. 
Peccancy, s. vice, m., mauvaise qwuHL 
Pecctmt, &d). peccant, 9 i coupaole \t 
Peck, s. picotin, m. 
— , va. becqueter, percer, /rapper 
Pecker (bird), «. invert, m. 
Pectoral (breastplate), s. pectoral, m. 

— (medicine), s. remide pour la poitrine, 
— ,adj. pectoral, e; bon pour la poitrine 
Peculate, va. voler les deniers publics 
Peculation, s. p^culat, m., concussion, t 
Peculator, s. pilleur, vn. 
'PecvkWax^adi. partieuKer, Ore 


*■ ''f^"' *™*'°*' 

(>n(. ID., tega'tlh, C 

=m«Lve, ^^>jli«™i6; i™ 

"*" oni?"] 


] Pen*, I. iMTrta, t^^B»Dfp-, m. 

n iwliti. n. jUlrVi Bunr, amlir i Paauimca, 1. p( 


Perfiuieloillr, idv. mljiAjremrvnt 
PnluIKIiin. tdj. J)im fur nuiUrt ifd 
Portujt, tiy. ptattin Iqu 

PttloudlDm, fcBMwnh m. 

Pbtculoui, md}- tfwvami nM 

- I 

PD^mb, 1.) 

Pfrlwlf , L pvrrufue 

ft* (upj, v.. pom- urn 

— VVI'i « p j 'i nJ lJBtJtfTMt 



PhnoBpliir. L altUmijJu, a. [ftlf 
PblliKiiilltc. l<hili>ani>£lc^, tii. fJll&M- 
PhllHnpblalif, Iilv. irAUusMIfHWHU 

, M. iipc, }upt pi^ure, I. 
'•, Knutancr, >. r^tlavc- 

a, Pr«DUinui, L rivtrit, 
■1, Adj. fr/ioHjalviitf 

pjKmS^. ^InM 

' fbmphor. PtuMiEarai^ l btfupAon 
j Fhnic, I. pl^^ t,Kfli,^r 

Iw™™, ^rAi^.f. 

\Phtita\, (d]. 
tli Pbjt\c,t,m£Atxinat -f^'^-^t—. 

Phf riDli«lit. >. ;A;al«liwr«i. m. 
■ Phjiloliwloil, ulj. fhiliUilogipit 
I Fnriiiiliigir, •. |.*)ii)i>Jivtii, r. [ 




Plckthaak, u/lofiomeur, etue 
Pidctoocta, I. cure dent, m. 
Ptoure, s. tableau, portrait, m. 
— , ra. tUpeindre, repretenter 
PictoKfque, adj. pittoreaque 
Piddle, vn- poacher, uiaiter 
Fiddler, ■. niaia, e 
Pie* s. pdt^, m« 
PiebaldTadi* P*«» tacheti, e 
Pleoe« t. piece, f., moreeau, bout, m. 

— of tdt, <ra(< desprit, va. 

— » va. rapUcer, raccommoder, riparer 
I^eoemeal, adv. en pieces, piice par pUce 
Piecer, a ravaudeur, euw: rapetcuseur 
Pled, adj. pie, tacheti, e 
Pier, %.jet^ d'un port, f., mdle, m. 
I^roe, va. percer, pAtArer 
Piercer, 8. perfoir, m. 
PiefciDgly, adv. eubtilement 
Plercifigness, M.finesae$ pMAration, t 
Piety, ■. piite, devotion, religion, t 
Pig, t. eocfum, pourceau, m. 

— of lead, eaumon de plomb, m. 

— of catt-iron, gueuaillon, m. 

— (bring forth young), vn. eodionner 
Pigeon, a pigeon, w, 

Pigeonfoot (a plant), a g&anium, m. 
Pigeonhole, s. boulin, m. 
PigeonhouK, a p»/;r0onnt«r,ootom6t«r, m. 
Pigment, *./ard, rouge, m. 
Pig^y* s> nfgfnt'c, m., na6o^, ; nain, e 
Pignoration, s. ee qu'on donne pour gage 
Pigsney, s. jolie pouponne, f. 
Pike, a pique, f., brocket, m. 

— (jack-fish), s. brocket, m. 

jnked, a4j. pointu, et cyffil^, e; aigu, e 

Pikeman, 9. piquier, m. 

Pikestaff, t. odton pointu, m. 

Pilaster, f. pilastre, m. 

Pile, t. pile, f., ta», monceau, m. 

— of building, idifice, m. 

— (stake), fioteau, m., pHotis, m. pi. 
— , va. accumuler, entasser, empiUnr 
Piler, a celui qui aecumule 
Pilfer, va. /aire de petits tmts 
Pilferer, a eecamoteur, m. 
Pilfering, t'ilfery, a petit larcin, m. 
Pilgrim, s. p<flerin, e 
Pilgrimage, s. peierintige, m. 

PiU, a pOule, L 

— , va. piller, voter, peler, ecorcer 

Pillage, a pillage, m. 

— , va. taccager, piller 

Pillager, s. celui qui pitte 

Pillar, a pilier, m., colonne, t. 

Pillared, wij. aoutenu par dee cohnnes 

I^mple, s. pustule, f., hoututi, tuberadt, 
Pimided, adj* boutonn^, e [m 

Pin, a ipingle, t 

— (peg)» clavette, dunille, t 

— to play with, quHle, f. 

— , va. eatacher €tvec une ^pingle 

— up, retrougter 
Pincase, s. dftit, m., pelote, t 
Pincers, s. tenaillee, t pL 
Pinch, a pincee, f. 

— (difficult)), extrAnite, n6x$ttie,t 

— of snuff, prise de tabae, t 
— , va. pincer, preeser, aerrer 

— off, arracher, emporter 

— . vn. pdtir, aouffrir, ueer UparpiM 
Pinchbeck, s. tombac, similor, m. 
Pincushion, s. pelote, t 
Pindust, s. limaille, f. 
Pine (a tree), a pin, m. 

— (to waste away), vn. languir 

— (grieve oneself to death), vn. >mNa# 
de chagrin, a'affiiger d la mart 

Pineapple, a pomme de pin, t 

Pinfold, s. bergerie, f. 

Pinion, a bout d'aile, aileron, m. 

— of a watch, pignon, m. 
— , va. garrotter, enchainer 
Pink (a flower), s. oeillet, m. 

— (small ship), pinque,/liite, t 
— , va. moucheter, decouper 

— (to wink), vn. clignoter 
Pinker, a decoupeur, euse 
Pinkeyed, adj. qui a de petite yemM 
Pinking, a moucheture, deooiupure, £ 
— , adj. qui clignote 

Pinmaker, s. epinglier, m. 
Pinmoney, s. argent mignon, va. 
I'innace, s. sorte de chcuoupe, t, 
Pinnac-le, s. pinacle, cr&neau, m. 

— of glory, JiiUe de la gloire, m. 
Pinner, s. comette, f., bonnet, m. 
Pint, 8. pirtte ctAngleterre, chopine df 
Pioneer, a pionnier, m. \ Fnu m 
Pioneering, a travaux du pionnier, m. 
Pious, adj. pieux, euaet devot, ei pk 
Pk>uslv, adv. pieuwment 

Pip (disease or fowls), a. p^e, t 

— (spot on cards), point, m. 

— (to chirp), vn. p^ier, gazouin«r 
Pipe, a pipe, f., tupau, conduit, bl 

— (butt), pipe, f. 

— (flute), chalumeau, m. 

— (the voice), timbre, m. 

— , yn jouer de la mu9ette,ftiii«r 

— carnations, va. marcotter dee eritt$l» 
Piper, a Jltlteur, ftageohur, va. 

Pillk>n, a &)iu»inet, ni., telle de femme, ' Piping (feeble), adj.' valitudinaire, 
Pillory, a pUori, m. [t\ ladif, ipe.- faible, infirme, debiU 

'-, va. pilorier, mettre au pilori — (boiling), bouillant, chaud 

PHlow, s. oret//«r, m. \beauprf,m. 

— (marine term), s. cousin du mdt de 

Pillowcase, s. taie tCoreiller, f. 

Pilot, a pilote, m. 

--. va. piloter, conduire, diriger, mener 

Pilotage, a. pilotage, m. 

raaenta, a. piment, m. 

i^unp, a maquereau, m. 

*> vn.Jitirtte moguereou 

— hot, tout bouillant, tout dkaud 
Pipkin, a terrine, hugtdenote, t 
Pippin, s. pomme-reinette, f. 
Piquancy, s. faction de piquer 
Piquant, ^Ampiquant, e; mordant, « 
Piquantly, adv. aigrement, (Tune ma- 

niire piquatUe 
Pique, a pique, brouillerie, t 
— , va. piquer, ttffmevr 



Pl>(tu^iii,'k f>Wat, ml' 

>ri, t —, m^ ilmpU. uai, n t!alr,ii loMi^ 

PWnJy, U^l dor 

stlrc. iilj. flalnHr. <n 


PlUi'inniidi, Idj. I 

PlAnutn, 4, plantata, m, 

Fluiul, adj. mVtaltlc 

PUntBODQ, «■ piantatlon^ eaiaaia, £ 

Plullf , Bdjr ploJU^g 


nvitfcnuncpi, ■■ >»»■- 

Plettiin, Plobor). I. fMAm, sM> 
Plmricle, n«iiilfc>!, h|J- ^HnirHI 

Plod. vs. Gmda la^l a, iir f timd 

I'uin. L pnw>. L, mlita d( OnuMfi 



mnpta it pRldMA-olI, t 

r6.iBI. MP, n... pAnU. 

[■an*, m;^ <M, vlat t 

•nnv, iHfieler 

>, fluaflW nfflmiuK, f. 

tvffroftt, oi^Pl-i Kb, C pl> 



Pmnp. 1. immjn, r., *da«, vJVnfnir, a. 

iDtllF, 1. pmrlfl, W*j lA. 


>4iuiir. xi"' < 

PaUiiu, I. OabpialMii 

— wi^Slk^^ii^m. 
Pim I. Fkr«,isw4u Grani/ Sii/nua\ 
Punkilk, I. nAnHrl. r., nbonl. m. 
Anmli, Id). iw<u(r. in 

hniiilgDai, I. rMAUiii, t 


l^jncnlviu, ad], d« HtsHPuU auruit 

nnkm, >. ftrtum, pan, <(M. £ 
tatbHur, b 4id Jfair ffUf ^gifff pffr-A)^ 
FfrtUo«,t. HTf ai«i«h/nu, m. 
PcAmuHiini L p0rfffimiiif«u, nt, H 
FoKntit, k J»r1r0^^ DL 
BvEIWEui*, L porfraJfunj 

ram, I. nIKI tuI ixm u*i 

cm. fc potteme.JbiutaaoHft t 

[NhivtSia, Is piHl^cri/, pi 

PuMntU] ,'mljr^(tn(/« 

Potted" 1 £U«!»f^ 

PoUaD,Lp0ri«i,r., ^HR 

"— B 

POT <ta P R B 

PiiUnilr. »av. OMU tqtanlatt 


nail — ^ ;ifff jftf Btrolt; ct>w — . 
'■dj. pralieable Utqve, t. 

d, 1. pr^Zndt, t., amonipot, m. 
khul)', a^Y, prttm ir trntut 

loe, nncdetvjr, t frMtadf, £ 

■rwelcntJr. adv. pffafdgmmtnt 

I FrEdailnidon, i. pridealination 


ftiiljlir I I I— 1. il waiMtoi. 1. Prcpanllve, L firi'lianili/, m. 

Fnte, vjL prSffV, lirmgatr, awtnar 

j:-iS!b; . 

• ' wi'^i rfiini- ' Hmtrtpilu 


— , n._BiaiiilWiF, Jtrir. fiM, InvWnir — si mind, nnifnil, m. 

Pl^adrilit US. THfliieiBUi — (pan), minr'f,, ntr. m. 

Pinliinrklimfc a. iiHilniUfiin« Js pr^ Premi, i. prOml. riaH, aut- 

FlHiUT, L firAnirB. m. O"*!- '• — ■ aili' pnifnl, c 

Prdmle, i pnJal, m. — ■"-SrranjItr.mWr.mPwi 

FrckclliiD. ■. iB^unr, r., (HKOuri, m. PrncnLiUDii, i. j^emlalun 

nDnia, idj, praralin-, (iW 
ncm^ VL d're par awtne 



— th(«/^nHU.~ '- -■- 

'nvcnuc. I. inrmift Jul pritiml 

■* **«K'^XJSS,S;? Prid"'iS!^|!S!^«,'=i..J(»rt|i.f. 

^i^t. frfrtnpllai, m-m- ' Prtar, i, wplni., m. ' i,rtor(ft 

.lUiI.ewllancaim/rltila-ii Pnal, t. prUrt, t. tu-'im.ii 

"ricithoDdj ■- prftrm, aaeriflcalure, t 

Oft _, »d).(»TiiU.«JMmUtiil,..t™m<,> 
Ll! Prinir>il.»<li.or(rt"»'.<;Jrflwn«Bj,w 




PrfmlcUl, adj. gui coneeme lea prinUees 
Ptimlcive. adj. primUif, ive 
Prtmitivdy, adv. primttivement 
Primitivenesi, s. antiquUtff t 
Piimnen, i. <\fpBCtation, t. 
Primogenial. adj. otiginal, e 
Primogeniture, s. primoe^iture, t 
PrinuMxUal, adj. primordiat, « 
Primroae, ■. primevirei f. 
Prince, t. prince* m. 
Princelike, adv. en prince 
Princely, adj. de prince, royaJ, e 
Princet-featner, s. amaranthe, t 
Prinoeas, a. princesae, t. 
Princtoal, s. principat, chef, m. 
— , ad|. principal, e: esaentiel, le 
Principality, s. principauti, f. 
Principally, adv. principalement 
Principle, t. principe, m., origine, f. 
— , va. inatrtUre, inculqtter 
Print, s. impreaaion, m., eatampe, trace, 
marque, gravure, caractire, t 

— of tne nail, coup dCongte, m. 
— , va. imprimer 

Printer, i. imprimeur, m. 
Printing, I. imprimerie, f. 
PrintingK>ffice, s. imprimerie, f. 
Printkfts, adj. qui nelaiaae point de trace 
Prior, Prioress, s. prieur, e 
— , adj. antA'ieur, e ; precMent, e 
Priority, s. priority, primauti, f. 
Priorship, s. priorat, m. 
Priory, 8. prteur^, m. 
Prism, t. priame, m. 
Prismatic, adj. piriamatique 
Prison, s. priaon, f. 
— , va. empriaonner 
Prisonbase, s. barrea, f. pi. 
Prisoner, s. priaonnier, i&e 
Prison house, s. gedle, maiaon Worrit, f. 
Prisonment, s. empriaonnement, m. 
Pristine, adj. ancten, ne 
Prithee, adv. de trrdce 
Privacy, s. privaut^, retraite, t. 
Private, adj. privtf, et retird, e; aecret, 
ite i particulier, iere : dirobi, e 

— conversation, s. un tfte-a-tite, m. 

— stairs, eacalier d&ob^, m. 
Privateer, s. armateur, coraair, va. 
— , va. ramer ou aller en couraer 
Privately, adv. clandeatinement 
Privation, s. privation, f. 
Privative, adj. privatif, ive 
Privatively, adv. privativement 
Privet, s. troSne, alaterne, m. 
Privilege, %.priviUge, m., immunity, f. 
— • va. priviUgier 

Privily, adv. a la d&obee, furtivement 
Privity, 8. connaiaaance, f., aveu, m. 
Privy, adi. aecret, ite ; cacM, e 

— council, s. conaeil privi, m. 

— councillor, cotiaeiller du roi, m. 

— purse, caaaette, f., menua, m. pi. 
~- seal, petit ac^u, m. 

Prise, t. priae, f., butin, bdtiment, m. 

— fighter, ffktdiateur, m. 

-^ vau Valuer, eatimer, ^ablir wn lAfier 
Pnxer, t. appr^iateur, m% 

ProlMLbiUty, s. probability, f. 
Probable, a^. vraiaemblable 
Probably, adv. mraiaemblablemaa 
Probation, i. ^euve, tentative, f. 
Probationary, adj. ^ui eat d teaaai 
Probationer, s. nootce 
Probationership, s. noviciat, m. 
Probatory, adi. probatoire 
Probe, s. aontu, f., eaaai, m. 
— , ytuaonder 

Probity, s. probiti, ainciritd, L 
Problem, s. probUme, m. 
Problematical, adj. probUmatique 
ProhXemaXicaXly, Hdv.probUmatiqiummt 
Proboecis, s. trompe de VAephaiU, L 
Procadous, adj. petulant, e ; ii M w farf ,« 
Procacity, s. pitulance, tfffrwiUrief t 
Procedure, s. procedure, f., jproett^ B. 
Proceed, s. provenu, produtt, m. 
— , vn. proceder, ventr, provenir, ptrUr 
—, va. ratre route 

Proceeder, s. celui ou eelle qui aMOWV 
Proceeding, s. procede, m. 
Procerity, s. grandeur, fututeur, £ 
Process, s. proda, procMe, m. 
Procession, s. proceaaion, t. 
Processional, adj. de proceaaion 
Proclaim, va. proclamer, dedarer 
Prodaimer, s. celui qui prodame 
Proclamation, s. proclamation, £• Mi^ 
Proclive, adj. inelini, e [nb 

Proclivity, i. inclincUinn, t,, pwtdmtrt, 
Proconvul, s. proconaul, m. [ob 

Proconsulsbip, s. proconaukct, m. 
Procrastinate, vn. remettre 
Procrastination, s. procraatinatitn, t 
Procrastinator, s. qui differe, lamtenutr, 
Procreant, adj. productif, ive [jb. 

Procreate, va. procrier 
Procreation, s. procreation, t. 
Procreative, adj. ginerati(, ive 
Procreator, s. createur, pere, m. [ob 
Proctor, s. procureur, hnmme d'q^mvib 
Proctorship, s. charge de procureur, L 
Procurable, adj. qui ae peut procurer 
Procuration, s. procuration, f. 
Procurator, s. procurateur, piocMi w r, 
Procure, va. procurer, produire fm. 
Procurement, s. entremiae, f. 
Procurer, s. un entremetteur, m. 
Procuress, s. une entremetteuae, t. 
Prodigal, s. diaaipateur, trice 
— , adj. prodigue 
Prodigality, s. prodigality, f. 
Prodigally, adv. profuaement 
Prodigious, adj. prodigieus, euae 
Prodigiously, adv. prodigieuaement 
Prodigiousness, s. enormity, t 
Prodigy, s. prodige, m. 
Prodition, s. trahiaon, m. 
Proditor, s. traitre, m., traitreaae, t, 
Proditorious, adj. perfide, traitre, aae 
Produce, s. produtt, fi-uit, m. 
— , va. produire, occaaionner 
Producent, a celui qui montre 
Producer, s. celui qui produit 
Producibleness, s. fitat de ce qui peut 
\ £tre vrodui(« m. 

PtoIiiwdTI frtfa^, t. 

Pmliflt, ^). jr-A.-. • 1- . 

pTDlifloUF, M' 


amme de nt^li^. ah , PtuIubde, h^vMU'Jen, f.,prrf«dc, m. 

), 1. Ftarpi'il« jmi/mmir, I. ' PraiijMiil.iilj.mii/liil~«nr,)i.(MlBi 
FH, rffnlflfiHt r^ t PioidEkddui, Id}. entrgm/U, m 

, propMffr jPnjiul»ni[iaily,Bdv-^p*iB-''iW 

prib/lf fj prontulgufr 

Jor, FMimulmr, 

profttiii^tt , B— r. _ -„-, - — 

pmAtbffT. ttfjirtttv Pnpiinuri •. prupn^fl("«ri irfc* 

mflTIliii itSnil , Proprndsncj, ■. (cniiuiiM narurfllt, f. 





I. tii.ficr.fitr'! *s>i(aln,< 

ftwbuiM, ^ iir^frpii, ML Pniidnlnl, ^. * 

PnupKi. >. tm, fmrH<H.>>,(.,«> 

Wl). lotapmht 

JJiZpa/, i: imarl, ta 

. publifr [ ^ni 


■lainiy, i BUfrllU/.'l. 

PulVEriift '• 

!!!;"'=''SirJ'«.^^N(/|^^^ ^ 

Ponatnti idj. piqitatti, a 

Punltlur, L erivt gui mmA 
PuBliblMDt, L funMm, t, OiMmea 

PaniHr, V*3u»^ fHHMl, m. 
PuBri>dJ.t«>IV,i; niinn(T<..MMt 
Pi^U >. pivUte, Wh. ml., prtliieUi, I 

Puppf, i. pauptc, I- 'tattlthlm, tat, m. 
■"Bittliid, ndj. 4<U a £ H( wwla 
PurMndnen, & Brw pmrtB, M^pU, t- 

PWi4 1. ^Oit«iwt. "Uitocinj, f. 
— , ff& jmrgtp, Bttrifitrt netlifyer 

run, I. rml, m., (nrffur*, (i^ iTiil 
— , n. a n. jnMnMir faiiiUi, 

PBri]ni,(.IiAfra,e, ;»HtlUr^Iiiiiili: 
PHMn,vi.tKiiin<>Ur,tuJe- [c p 

Puny, ndj- PDujj^, I 

■ oni. lUTnettre, dfpotvr 

■ QUI Of »iic^, (fr'jtifdfrr 

fa p^*UniMtf. KrtVi^, t 

if, ulj. iuo*«b(tJo(« 
Hh-, dtjiiriT, /Klutlln ^ 


Queer, Mil]' toiBTU. titlwrM.aniBie, 




ible, adj. qu'on peut Heindre 
iicBcbo-, s. A^gnoir, m, 

ookMit, Mtiy. qui fait des piamte* 

aiuous)y,«dv.aoecpi/at»^« {dre,t 

imoniousneastS. habiiudedeseplmtt' 

_ s. eelui qui fait une question 
ilouf , adj. aoienC, 
^ _ /, s.q%ieM:itm, f. 
— , viL questionner, demander 
Quest, s. quete, enquHCt recfierdu, t. 
— , vn. quAer, chercher 
Question, s. qttettiont demanded f. 
— , va. quettionner, interroger 
— , vn. douter 
lestkioable, adi. douteujc, eme 
stioner, 8. cvnit qui que^ionne 
^tionless, adv. mna duute 
ibble, s. pointe, f., Jeu de mot*, m. 
— p \'n. chieantT 
QuibMcr, s. chicaneur, euae 
Ouibblinff, s. chicane, f. ( diair vive, t 
Quk±, s. vivantt to., lea vivans, m. pi., 
— , adj. vif, Vive; prompt, e ; aubtil, e ; 
pinetrant, e ; vivant, e / qui tat en vie 

— ear, oreillejine 

— fire, fgu anient 

— sale, prompt debit 

— , a '.v. rite, promptement 

Quicken, va. animer, vivifier 

— , vn. prendre vie, » animer, Resetter 

luidcening, adi. v'vijiant, e 

licklime, s. chaur vice, f. 
icklj, adv. vite, vitement, hientSt 

fuickness, s. viteaae, vivacity, aubtilU^, 

licksand, s. anble mnuvant, m. [f. 

Quickset, s. arbriaaeau vivant, m. 

— hedge, haie vive, f. 
Quicksighted, adj. qui a la vue bonne, 

cUiirvopant, e ; pdn^trant, e 
)uicksightednes<i, s. vite prfante, L 
,)uicksilrer, a vif argent, m. 
Quicksilvered, adj. e'nduit de vif-argent 
luickwitted, adj. qtti a leaprit vif 
luiddity, s. pointe, chicane, eaaenee, f. 
iuieacence, s. quietude, f., repoa, m. 
luiescent, adj. paiaible 
juiet, s. repoa, va., tranquility, f. 
—, ad^. tranqttilie, en repoa 
'—, va. apaiaer, cnlmer, aaaoupir 

— oneself, vr. ae mettte feaprtt en repoa 
luieter, s. padfieateur, trice 
luietism, s. quiitiame, m. 
luictist, 8. quittiate, xaf. 
luietly, adv. pairiblement, tranquiUe- 
luietness, s. jMix, f., repoa, m. [ment 
luietsorae, adj. calme, paiaibie 
luietude, a. quiAutie, f. 
lutll, §. piume, tuyau, m. 
luillet, a chicane, f. 
luilt, t. eouoerture piqu^, f. 
luiltmaker, a faiaeur de eouverturea 

piqurea, m. 
Quinary, adj. fttrm^ du nombre cinq 
Quince, a eoing, m. 

— tree, angnaaaier, m. 

Quincunx, s. quinconee, m. [anglea 
Qaiiiquangular, tuAj. qui priaerue cinq 
vNo4ueoniaI,a4)>9utdiireciMqaiu v 

uinty, s. eaquiatancie, t 

int, a quinte, cinq eartea de iMfC(i 
uintcsaence, a ^inteaaenee, t 
uintuple, s. quintuple, m. 
uip, 8. lardon, brooard, m. 
_uire, a ehaaur, m. 

— of paper, mMn, f. 

— , \'n. chanter en dhaur,faire dkffVf 
Quirister, s. choriate, m. 
Ouirk, s. pointUlerie, dticane,finmi,t 
Quit, va. quitter, ae difaire de 

— one, payer quelqu'un 

— oneself, a'acquitter 

Quite, adv. tout drfait, entiiremeat 

— contrary, tout au contraire 
Quitrent, s. cenae, f., petit reveim, nk 
Quits ! inteij. quitte J 
Quittance, a quittance, t 

Quitter, a celui qui acquitte,q»iii8iar$ 

Quiver, a carquoia, m. 

— , vn. friaaottner, tremMer 

— in ungingffredonner 
Quivered, adj. arme (fun carquoia 
Quodlibet, a quolibet, m., pointUUfit, t 
Quoit, s. palet, diaque, m. 

— , vn. juuer au palet ou au diaqva 

Quondam, adj. ci-devant 

Quorum, a majorite, f.« nomJbre t^gir 

uota, a quote part, t [atmt, ttk 

notation, s. citation, f. 

uote, va. citer, alUf^ter 

uoter, a celui qui cite 

uoth. v. imp. dia-je, dit-il 

uotidian,^re quotidienne, t 
—, adj. quotidien, ne 
Quotient, a quotient, produit, m. 


Rabate, va. rabattre, ramener Foiteam 
Rabbet, a rablure, entaiile, f. 
Rabbi, Rabbin, s. rabbin, va, 
Rablnnical. ad^. rabbinique 
Rabbit, s. lapm, e; ti young — , Iag» 
— 's nest, rabouillire, L [reMt, au 

Rabble, s. racaille, populace, f. 
Rabblement, s. enfilade, fwle, t 
Race, a f ace, lign^, courae, u, raa, na 
Racehorse, a cheval de courae, comraiar. 
Racer, s. coureur, couraier, m. luk 
Raciness, ». force, f.,fumet, m. 
Rack, a rdtelier, m., torture, gine, t 
— for a spit, contrehdtier, m. 
~, va. donner la queation, aoutirer 
Racket, a raquette, t.,fraeaa, m. 
Rackrent, a rente outr^, t {outrti 
Rackrenter, a celui qui pajfe wne nut* 
Racy, adj./©r«, es de haut gtnU 
Radiance, a aplendeur, t, MtU, va. 
Radiant, adj. ravonnant, e 
Radiate, vn. raponner, briOer 
Radiation, a irradiation, t 
Radical, adj. radical, e 
Radicallty, s. principe, m., aouree, t 
Radically, adv. radicalement 
Radicate, vn. enraeiner, ^enrudnar 


pluaieaj, bhm I ^jAult 

lUnkbh, alj. w IMI rantH 

— , MV' parjaiaitkml./Urt 

KanraiblK, ill], gul ii wuc'riinJTir 
Raieiy. vi, * m. ranjl^, — ninfiB 

mi, *■ rmcUUi, 1. . — > ■*]■ fffUt, 4 ( Umervrr 

I 1.5 4f» REB 

1 . i«» . r-. -.; '*" •t.-ta* i PiJje. *. *: -c if Tenure d* tli, t 

5 J- • fc. : •.. — .r— 1. I. — . Ti. "iiKf-. an-*u-, dctruirs 

:^ •^- .. -TI-. .1- ::. ni^is. Li,. ■,;«<« .\n p«itf rufr 

— ■- ■ :•■- -.■-.*«■- 1.^ r-iiir?. fc -iT'-'-', frorvrtur^, & 
■.a-a-:— •\... --.■- :;. r.±i».-_-s«. i. r . Tf '■••■oifK/^, f. 

- "r- . — •». .r^ . iu&:::.i. :•.•:.'-.."•:■• -jw, rw^.eapBcift'i 

— _. -*w»« «:- 1^ *_ri~r:. i., :. ». .-. :r, ai. 

:. ■ ^- . ".. . - — . T-t. i :- i-r-j<-:.-*, f-r.drp, n^er 

— ^ i-:'. , — * Tt-t^. — ir I -"-x. •.^•'.ir •i,it:mjter<pulqfi9 
■...*. -.-..•- -.■ I;" J.-. K *•:..•?■. 1, f. ^dMf 

— TT. ■:-.- F.-ii- 11.. -rn-,, -; MMflf ^or frif«r« 
I -•".••-•I.*- ■ •-. n. — - "k. ->f 

.. : - :.■■ - -.1 ■»-_- — lin_i. -ft -- *J'^:«^ »i'*_^>U 

j. V .. . -»;•*.-. . :—■'.•■ ".■■■• — .":-».r"_ :. ;-.r.-- .i.-f, iir«'ijia Adf; 

:..;_■.. ■-..=. — c. ;i ■-■••- r--, c-.rin«tfr<fe&Te 

!..:-. — :i." •-:'*: ^ :■•? 

s^: •■. • :—. TV ^- -.'.^Ttj- ■— ■■-.■ ■'...-■'• ■i.', rirw-yrir 

e ~ ■ : _ ■ .- ^M.— .«-. ; -_£ik:i::- t. «. .'-■:; ■. ii nctiUrrfr,L 

— ... - ■•:"■.— •!... - .-.ifc:*-. '. -.■■*- '. . :.' r- 

t. - ." . r. T—kiKTii :. k ' ^.:-i :■? "ir* I'a j^iret 

'.. : ^ -...■ - —■-.,•» .'St::.' l: _r ■ ' ;r-"i-r .t. aii^nunf 

i: ■.- . •..-■!-.■ ?_it :_:•*!;. k ■- ; c .*■...■-. f. 

".. r L - - :• '.-..:. •. . — ." t--;. -- *- .■« :'■": "-.r, f. 

: ■■ . ■:■•■»■ •U..I- ■■:«:: ■^■» ?-ij»:. :^ I -•■.--?. ":'.:■■ .-iiriiv, t 

J.;*..^ A-. :. «. ■ . : ■■■'*iin, i 
« -<■■ ;.-, -^ - i:"-""rr'# 
•.-ji:-.- -1. ■ ■ r- wrf '..brNif 
5-i«: ■ L. :-.-:.-.■ ^ r- w^, « 



• •■ • •• 


- ■ -T. ■. -ttl" •. . 

-. ■ 


"» '■« • ■ • - • 


•. -^ :x. 


■ - _ 1 -. 


.Lk» ■ '.. ■.;i»'" 


• ~ 

■ • 





- .. ..I "T'l ■ 


■ ■> ". 

. .: -.:.« i:. 

t. ■ 


-.:i-»" .;;. ■ 

1. ■ 


, " , 

— ■ -1 .- r.. -.ii." k •« - vT-._"-,:r<*i«», i 

— "- ; - ' •. --If 'istrt H ■■;"ijf if pii^T*, i 

- M- .•-- -n.T^^ix:* k. •^■..*«-■- 
■ . ■ ■ . 5.;aj. T. "ii ■■.** ' • ■". '^cfitulir 
•■■.■. ■ 4f--t • •.saje". k "i>. .kp.~. ■;•.■, glut 
1. • " . . . •■; . •'-Te. i;. -.akZLif:.!-* «. "i- : -t. f. 
t... - .•._-. --s-kT I. 'r— ^- •- .-: "If, 3rr5fl*-fl«fllfc 
«- -ji.- ■ ■ ^' . — .- T!. w^^-^f :.z.ij',i, ^.iT^ifrraiUilo. 

— ■- ■ ■ ^- -:.t,- j.",.j7— — « ii.'.. l--n -■ -..*.- 2 '.KAttt cuit 
i "mr' - . •.r-..-.""fcr r-^- ' — "* .*"i*7f-. ■■**•.«< tf«si-w 

*- ■ ■ - -■:;',-?- -;-m*-^Ti-- ?-^k^:I•-■;Jl!. fc 'y-.'*^.-? itf cA2b:«4ClinibL 

*i— ;.-. - -..—:.■•. e. .f.akiSE-:- -k X -z. '■•'■». nf^ 

il>-t\. • •■■ ■ -.Ti. n. .-.aiaec. k -i ■-(•.-.. .-i'.ff.f.. n»fi/,ifc 

— ■- '•.."*■ .-ikf'fc-K' —v "3. -ijwjv-r-. i.-*-^-r. diicirter 

i.. ~'- !.■■■ ... .- M. ■i.iii'*i.- Afk''-tfrenl «.,'■• I *f«^. r«i«Mi,ce» 
*.. ■■'..■-:i-i~. • ti-i.:!: -fi-i:. ■! /-r-i*-:' ^ : -«■>* - . it,.^rtinci*, L 

?. V. . -i,-.- .: •»-•■.»■. .. u—H. s„ ^.-ucc*.: .■< . ul ■ "H'.-.-.'.^t.'fment 

I., v.^ . - — "^ .. «'.■!-• t:. .-.«* o*r. k -js*: -.'.^v-, ?b#- 

!;.-.»;■ *.■ "-•»i«-«iiii''»iiii- riJULC_rx- k "^-k.-.^emmr, m. 

I., -s.:. ■-•■ -rt-:- •Ik.!*' tw^r -^ fc:.- ••^■jf.t'fri:*? 

J;»ir •;: —i. • *— ■ i aBMwm Ai!W-cr«. v&. .-:j%rv-. nfprvfidr* 

f»ivvi:i'». » ■. m-ni'rm. f ?p— '' ?». "i- nt*#«»»r 

4^«, r^Mit^, to- — up, rompttVi tuppuirr 

teller. It raultrr Hickgoer. •. ailclJiHaia. rWcf It 

Sir. nftmmml ' 
l7i MWflltol", C^M^ 
b, ft DDJKOHUn, C 

Bwoni, fc ryftfrf, a 




I, I. r^er^mtim, t 

RcereMire, a^K rteriutif, nw 
Reacadreoess, s. Is quaHU de reer^, t 
HccremeDC, s. joorw, ^eum« de* metauM 
HBcrimiiuae. m. rreriminer ^fondut, t 
BflcriaiiiMkion, «. n/criminatton, t, 
Bccmn, ■. rvcnie, f.» renfort, m. 

— oncMlf , «e rmMdrs 
Rcctaagic, t. rfctaitgU, m. 
Rectangular, adj. rtetrnnrlg 
Rectangularljr.adT. m9eede»angie» droUt 
RectiiUble. a4j. qui m peuT rectifier 
RcctUicarion, u rectification^ t 
Keccifier, s. celuiqm rectifie 
Reccifr. «•«. rectifier, eomger 
RKCittnear, Recnlincous, adj. reetUigne 
Keccitiule, a rectitude, t 

Rector (of a coU«gc), a reeteuTt m. 

— of apari^b. eiir«', m. 

Racttvial. adj. recteral, e ; de reeteur 
Reetonhip. s. rectorat, m., cure, t 
Rectory, «. cttre, panrieee, t 
Reeubatiao, s. Caetien de ifappu^er, t. 
Recambciic7» a CHmt du repye, m. 
Kecumbent, adj. qui fappuie 
Recuperation, %. rmetum de reeowrrer 
Recur, rn. rtvenir, ttrrveer 
Recormicc, Recumncy, s. ref our, m« 
Recurrent, adj. qui reeient de tempt en 

tempt, periudtque 
Recurt-adon, a euurbure en arrUre, f, 
Recurvoos, adj. reeourb^, e 
Recusant, s. un teetaire, m. 
Recusation, t. recuaation, f. 
Recuse, m. ricuter, ne pat admettre 
Red, %. rouge, m. 

— coat, toidat, m. 

— deer, betejauve, f. 

— foce. eitage enlumin/, m. 

— hernnir, hareng taure, m. 

— lead, minium, vermilion, m. 
— , ac^ rouge, wermeU, le 

— haired, riMur, routte 

— hot, tout rouge, tout ckaud 
Redbreast, a rouge-gorge, f. 

Redden, va. & vn. rougtr, devenir rouge 
Reddish, a4j- rougedtre 
Reddition, a reddition, toumitiion, f. 
Redeem, va. racheter, ddiorer 

— out of pavm, dtgager, retirer 
Redeemaliie, adj. racAffodfo 
Redeemer, s. Rrdempteur, m. 
Redeliver, va. rettituer 
Reddivery, a rettitution, f. 
Redemand, va. redemander 
Redempdon, a redemption, f. 
Redemptory, a4J> pa^?pour la ranfon 
Redintegrate, adj. reiabli, e: renouvele. 
Redintegration, s. rettauration, t [e 
Redness, a rougeur, f., vermeil, m. 
Redolence, Redblencv, a pai/kMU, m. pL 
Redolent, adj. odorifirant, e 
Redouble, va. redoubler, tHt&er 
Redoubling, a redouUement, m. 
Redoubt, a redoute, f. 
iZedoabUble, uU. redouMbte 

Redound, va. redonder, n(jailUr | m. 
Redress, & HfomuUion, {., toulagemmtt 
— , va. redrester, rtformer,fiureJuttiet 
Redresser, a rrformateWt trtee 

' Redrrssive, adi. qui apporte du remHe 
Reduce, va. reduire, dompter 
Reducement, a reduction, t. 
Reducer, a celui ou celle qui r^dtiU 
Reducible, a4j. reductible 
Redudbleneas, a quality deee qui ettri* 
Reduction, s. rMuetion, f. [duelM*t t 
Reductive, adj. riductif, ive 
Reductively, adv. par rMuetien 
Redundance, a rettondanee, f. 
Redundant, adj. redondant, e 
Redundantly, adv. avec tuperfiuUi 
Reduplicate, va. redoubler 
Reduplication, s. reduplication, t 
Reduplicative, adj. rMupUcatif, im 
Re-echo, vn. retentir, rrpeter 
Reed, a rocrau, nu, canne, f. 
— plot, Heu planti de roaeaua, m, 
Re«dify, va. rebdtir, ri&Ufier 
Reedless, adj. tant roteau* 
Reedy, acy. plein de roteauM 
Reef, a rettif, rit, m. 
— , va. prendre let rit 
Reek, %.fum6e, f. 
— , vtujumer, Jeter de lafumie 
Reeky, adj. fumeux, eute / notr, e 
Reel, a devidoir, tour, tour de lee, m, 
— , vn. ehanceler, divider, waeUltr 
Re-elect, va. ridire 
Re-election, s. reelection, f. 
Re^mbark, va. & vn. rembarquer 
Re-embarkation, a ren^tarquemeMlt i^ 
Re-enact, vn. ordonner de nouoeau 
Re-enforce, va. ren/orcer 
Re-enforcement, a renjbreement, uu 
Re-enjoy, va. remettre en gaieti 
Re-enter, va. rentrer 
Re-entbrone, va. rttablir aur le trdM 
Re-entrance, a rentr^, t 
Re-esUblish, va. retabHr 
Re-establisher, s. reataurateur, triet 
Re establishment, a retablittement, Bk 
Reeve, a un bailli, m. 
— , va. passer un manoeuvre 
Re-examination, a second esamen, m. 
Re-examine, va. rxaminer de no uv e em 
Refect, va. rafraichir, reparer 
Refection, a refection, f., repatt «■• 
Refectory, a refectoire, m. 
Refel, va. rifuter, reprimer 
Refer, va. remettre, renvoyer 
— , vn. avoir rapport, regarder 
Referee, a arbitre, m. 
Reference, s. renvoi, arbitrage, va. 
Refine, va. raffiner, affiner, ^purer 
Refinedly, adv. avuc une iUgance 
Refinement, a ra^nement, e^SHnagtttlk 
Refiner, a raffineur, eute 
Refit, va. radouber, r^peu^, rMbtir 
Reflect, va. & vn. rt^fivchir, r^ilKr 
Rcflectent, adj. repoutti, e / rtfiMdt 9 
Reflecting, adj. injurieus, eute 
Reflection, a reflexion, f., reproehe, m. 

\^jtAceCn«»«iv qjifU renvois lei im tigtt 

tr, > jllr Wll i ^ »;i' |WiM ii an«», C HiglliiiM, l ncMmf . m. 

ft fOtawh J rift i'iMtlWt e I — or Uh dad, nVnJqn. p-^tri, in. 
Uati , ^rifb rmmUmt. rtfrmi, t H t^kut Hiii i, ., mi wflWftiMiir, m. 

»^^r«^™ Hi#-,ii|Kto«™,ir.. >■«'«* 

■.urtijM,* ,Rn(iuiii,»i).rt!f"'"<.'.-*™™n»,« 




Rclaxatfcn, a, reldehe, reUehemeni, m. 

Rdajr, I. rdais, m. 

Rdene, i. dieharge, f. ^ 

_ Aom conflnemenc, Sar/rittement, r0- 

iddta, repoi, mmlagemerU, m. 
->, va. didtarger, retaOtert ^argir 
Relegau, va. relM'uer, extier, batmir 
Rdegmlkip, ■. reUgation, t, exU, ban- 

niSMiment juridiqug, m. 
Reknc, va. fc vn. r<i^«nrtr. «0 ralentir, 

tuinter, ^attendrir, eaier 
Rekntlen, adj. inflerMe 
Rrlcrant, adj. qui relive de, qui mmUige 
Rriianoe, s. cofyiaiice, f» 
Relic» «. reiiqu't t. 
Rdicc, s. veuve, f. 

Rdief, t. Muiagement, to., seeoura, m.pL 
Relievabie* adj. d quo* ton peut remedter 
Reiiere, va. relever, ao%tUiger, adoucir, 

teeourir, atsister, aider 
Rdkvcr, a eelui qui touiage 
RgXkrOf a relief, m. 
Rdight, va. rallumer 
Rdigion, t. religion, t. [eute 

RdifionUt, a oigot, e; tupergtitteux, 
Rdigious, s. & adj. religieux, etue 
Religiouslf, adv. reiigieuaement 
Rel^iousoess, s. religion, piete, t. 
Relinquish, vm. abandonner 
RdinquishmeoC, a abandon, m. 
RcUih, a mneur, f., goiit, m. 
'-f va. donner bon gotU, gouter, agrier 
— , vn. aiwtr bon gout, hre approuvd 
ReKihing, a^j* appHiatant, e 
RdiahabXe, adj. qui a bon goiit 
Relive, vn. reoivre, renaitre d la vie 
Rdove, va. pajfer de retour en amiiii 
Relocent, adj. briUant, e : clair, e 
Reluctance, a ripugnanee, t 
Reluctant, adj. quiagit malgritoi 
Reluctate, vn. rentier, oppoaer des ^ 
Rductation, a ritigtance, f. Lfbrtg 

Rdume, va. rallumer 
Relumlne, va. donner un nouvel Mat 
Rely, vo. compter, aejier, /aire fond 
Remain, vn. rester, demeurer 
Remainder, a reliquat, rettant, rette, m. 
Remaining, adj. restant, qui rette 
Remains, a reste», m. pL 
Remake, va. rtjaire 
Remand, va. rappder, renvoyer 
Remanent, a le rMdu, la portion qui 
Remark, a remarque, marque, f. Ireete 
— , va. remarquer, observer 
Remarkable, adj. remarqttable 
Ronarkableness, a eingulariti, t 
Remarkably, adv. remarquablentent 
Remarker, a obaervateur, trice 
Remediable, td^ d quoi Fan peut remi- 
RemedUless, adj. incuroMe \dier 

Remedy, a remede, eoulugement, m. 
— , va. remSdier, gu^rir, riparer 
Remember, va. <e aouventr 
Rememberer, t. ee/vi qui m reMOtfoitfftf 
Roncmbranee, a eauvenir, m. 
— book, mimoire, ealepin, m. 
lleniembnu)oer» a montfeur, m. 
SMB%ntCk vn. iTdvigiMr de wnraMM 

Remipmtkm, a nouveile emigration, t 
Remind, va. remettre done feevrii 
Reminiaoence, s. mimoire, f. [mdmrirt 
Reminiacential, a^i- qui a ramtartdla 
Remiss, adj. nonidtalant, e: laeh* 
Remissible, adj. graeiable, pardommibh 
Remission, a r^nUseion, f. 
Remissly, adv. $tond»alamment 
Remissness, s. nonchalance, t 
Remit, va. & vn. remettre, renvoifer, it 

minuer, ee reldcher, pardomur 
RemitmenC, a le renvoi en priaon 
Remittance, a remise, traite, lettre i$ 

change, f. 
Remitter, a pajfewr, eu»e; eor r upimi 
Remnant, a reste, riaidu, m. [aaf»« 
Remolten, adj. refondu, e 
Remonstrance, s. remonti-ance, 1 
Remonstrate, vn. remontrer 
Remora, a r&nMta, obstade, m. 
Remorse, a remordt, m. , ^mdMae, t 
Remorsdess, adj. insensible, endtird, f 
Remote, a^j. etoigtt^, e ; recuU, f 
Remotely, adv. loin, de loin 
Remoteness, a Aoijgnement, m. 
Remodon, a Faction dlecarter 
Remount, vn. remonter 
Removable, adj. amovible 
Removal, a difplaeement, m. 

— of lodgings. dAn^agement, m. 
Remove, a changement, depart, m» 
— , va. & vn. oter, d^placer, d^minagtr 
Remover, a celui qui 6te 
Remunerable,adj. qui meriter^eempeim 
Remunerate, va. r«fmundrer 
Remuneration, a rAnunArUUm, t 
Remunerative, adj. qui rdcompense 
Remurmur, va. & vn. r^pondreau mMt- 

mure pew un murmure 
Renard, a renard,fin matois, va. 
Renascent, adj. rendu a la vie 
Renasdble, adj. qui peut etre remte d 
Rencounter, a rencontre, f. IFeiistenet 
— , vn. se rencontrer, se heutier 
Rend, va. dMiirer, rompre 
Render, va. rendre, remettre 
Rendezvous, s. rendez-vous, m. 
— , vn. aller au rendezvous 
Rendition, a reddition. Faction detidtt 
Renegade, a & adj. ren^t, e 
Renege, va. nier, renier, dUsavaum 
Renew, va. renouveler, renouer 
Renewable, a^j. qui petUitreremmlif* 
Renewal, & renouvellement, m. L' 
Renewer, s. celui qui renouvelte 
Renitence, a resistance, opposition, t 
Rennet, a rainette ou reinette, t 
Renounce, va. renoncer, quitter 
Renouncement, s. renoneement, m. 
Renovate, va. renouvel*r 
Renovation, a renouvellement, m. 
Renown, a renomnUe, f. 
— , va. rendre /ameux, rendre cMre 
Renowned, adj. renomm^, eg calibre 
Rent, a rente, dMiirure, £. revenu, m. 

— service, rente /(fodale, reaeeanee, t 
— , vtu Utuer, dMtirer 


'rfjnnttion, ri/^pti'in, ret/a 
'partr, rvfitire, ladaitbgr 

^ rjt rtrertaiirr 
Ha, 1. rifrTOHtirm. r. 
4ve, uU. rtpireaiK/, In 

[ton, i. JbcMob cb rwJmlB- 
I- vm- rempltr. finfiyumi 

. oliil qui rtpama 

;L''ftSMr<(a ncttn, lU emfiB- 
. Mww, lo., miltault, f. _ 

Efprvh^nilbLy, ulv,r<^VAmifl 


— , fedj- r^DKi^i a r implr. i 


HcpuUiiui, i. rifnjuan, r. 

RepD[r]hvr, va, TvcAff"r 
RlfunUC, «dj. »(inonlNB, s 
RfTHiuhlT, jid'- mfnemtrft 




RequinUe, m4i> (pti mA-ite d'itre re- 

Require, va. requerir, exifrer [cherchd 

RequUUe, i. Otose re^ui»e, t. 

— , adj. rtqui$, e ; necetature 

ReqoMitely, adv. nteessairement 

RequUteness, «. Aat de riquiaitUm 

Requisltioo. s. rtquigitiont dttmandu, t. 

RcquiUl, t. recompense, t, taiion, m. 

Requite, va. r^eomperuer 

Rerearard, %. FarrUre f(arde, £ 

Renil, td. remettre a la voUe 

Resale, s. vente en eeconde main, f. 

Resalute, va. reit&er leealut 

Rescind* va. reseinder, atxtiir 

Redcii^n. s. reaci^ton, cuMtation, f. 

ReadMorjr, adj. reaeitoire 

Rescript, s. rescrit, m. 

Rescue, s. reprise, ddivrtmeet f. 

— » va. dSivrer, reprendre 

ReKuer, %. libhtUeur, trice 

Researc h , «. recherche, f. 

•—, va. rtchercher, esaminer 

Reseat, vn. se rateeoir 

Reaeizer, a, celui qui reprend 

Reseizure, s. eeconde eat tie, f» 

Resemblance, f. reesemblanee, t 

Resemble, va. reseembler, comparer 

Resend, va. renvoifer 

Resent, va. re*9*mtir 

Resentful, adj. vindietUif, ive 

Resentment, s. reseentiment, m. 

Reservation, s. reservation, reserve, f. 

Reservatory, s. reservoir, na. 

Reserve, s. rtseroe, retenue, £ 

— , va. r^serrer, ftnrder 

Reserved, adj. rrtenu, e ; cachet e 

ReserAiidly, adv. froidemeut 

Reser^'edness, s. retenue, f. 

Reserveff s. celui qui rtseroe 

Reservoir, s. riservinr, m. \peau 

Resettle, va. retablir, arranger de nou- 

Resettlement, s. retabiissement, m. 

Reside, vn. risider, singer 

Residence, s. residitnee, t. 

Resident, s. resident, e 

— , adj. residant, e 

Reddentiary, adj. de resident (rSsidu 

Residual, Ke&iduary, adj. qui regarde le 

Residue, s. rcSndu, restant, m. 

Resign, vs. risigner, ceder 

— one's place, se demettre de sa charge 

Redgnation, s. resignation, demission, t 

Resigner, s. reaignant, e 

Resignment, s. demission, f. 

Rerilience, Resiliency, s. r^'ai//M«0}n«n«, 

Resilient, adj. rejaiilissant, e [.t 

Reiln, s. resine, f. 

Resinous, adj. resineux, euse 

Resist, va. & vn. resister d, ^opposer d 

Resistance, s. resistance, f. 

Resistibility, s. puissance de riaister, f. 

Resistible, adj. resistible 

Resistless, adj. irresistible 

Resoluble, adj. resoluble, diaaoluhle 

Resolute, adj. resnlu, e ,' determine, e 
Acsolutely, adv. r^aolumeitf, hardiment 
Retolutenets, s. fermetit f. 
AeMlution, a. i^Mrfution, t. 

Resolutive, mdj. reaolutif, ive 
Resolvable, adj. riaohMe, diaaoluble 
Resolve, s. f^lso/urion, f., deaaein, m. 
— , va. & vn. reaoudre, dictder, ddfermi* 

ner, ae reaoudre, ae diapoaer 
Resolvedly, adv. reaolument 
Resolvedness, i.fKrnute, f. 
Resolvent, s. & adj. reaolutif, ive 
Resolver, s. reaolutif, ive 
Resonance, s. remmnance, f. 
Resonant, adj. retentiaaant, e 
Resort, s. coneoura, abord, refitgo, m» 
— , vn. affluer, se rendre 
Resound, vn. retentir, faire fdaUr 
Resounding, acij. retentiaaant, e 
Resoundingly, adv. tTune nuinu^rafm- 
Resource, s. reaaource, £ [tiaaa»l» 

Resow, va. resemer 
Kespeak, va. repliquer, rfpondre 
Respect, s. respect, egard, regard, m. 
— , va. respecter, honorer, avoir <|panl 
RespecUble, adj. respectable, esUmabk 
Respecter, s. homme partial, m. 
Respectful, adj. reapectueus, euae 
Respectfully, adv. respect ueuaememt 
Respectfulness, s. respect, m., aovmi^ 
Respective, adj. reapectif, ive latest, t 
Respectively, adv. reapectivement, n!W- 

proquement, par rapport d, au priM ii 
R^persion, s. faction aarroaer 
Respiration, s. reapiration, f. 
Respire, vn. respirer, ae repoaer 
Respite, s. repU, reldche, m. 
— , va. remettre, auapendre 
Resplendence, Resplendency, s. r«spfe» 

dissement, edat, m., splendew, £ 
Resplendent, adj. resplendissant, e 
Resplendently, adv. avec t'clat 
Respond, vn. repondre, convenir 
Respondent, s. repondatit, e 
Response, s. reptmse, f. 
Responsible, adj. responaabie, aolvdble 
Responsibleness, Responubility, c. «iA» 

bilite, garantie, f. 
Responsion, s. Faction de ripondre 
Responsive, Responsory, adj. ret, 

aable, qui cautionne', qui npond 
Rest, s. reste, repos, resiau, sommeil, va. 
— , vn. ae repoaer, faire repoaer, dormir 

— on, poaer sur, ^appuper 
Restagnant, adj. stagnant, e; qui dt- 

meure sans mouvement 
Restagnate, vn. rester sans mowvemml 
Restagnation, s. etat de tout ee qui rctta 

sans mouvement 
ResUuration, s. restauration, t 
Restem, va. remonter contre le coureM 
Restful, adj. qui repose, tranquUle 
Restinction, s. factinn dCeteindre, £ 
Resting, adi. de repoa 

— place, s. lieu de repoa, m. 
Restitution, s. restitution, £ 
Restive, adj. retif, ice ; opinidtre 
Restiveness, s. opinidtrete, f. 
Restless, adj. inquiet, ictet quint dort 

I point, inconatant, e 
\ ^ieix\«ss3cj , «Ay . fian« se repoaer 




hMtanbi^ a4i> mtetpHbU da miawo- 
Rldwrtaw, a. rettaurathn, f. Itian 
RcMontiv«i a. vn rMtaunmit m. 

Rnfiofe, va. rsiteMrtfr, riteMir, rendn 
Eotoier, i. rettaurateur, mf. 
Rflatndn, va. retenir, «m|iiA:/h«r 
RMtninable^ adj. que Fon peut reatnin- 
RMCndDedljr, adv. aoec retenue [dr« 
Rotnincr, a eelui qui retietit, m. 
Rm/taint, a. amtratttte, K^«t f. 
RMCiict. va. r en /erm er, bomer 
Ratrlctlon, s. re$trietion, r^terve, t 
Btt to k Uw . a4j> QUringent, e 
Batiktlmjr* adv. avee r^»crve 
B«tiliiBcii^ adj. restrinfrmt, « 
MfNtrTReiUff. adj. riftif, ive 
Bcnflt, a re!ni/ira«./nd<, t^ffitt, m. 
—I va. r i t y l ter, t^ennttore, yrooenir 
BmMa§, adj. r^tultanU « [vmW 

Rawaablai adi. es aur (p/ol Ton phu re- 
^mmft va. rieumer, reprendre 
RcMoapdon. i. rieumpiUm, nfunion, f. 
fioDplnatioOf a Faetion de dormir gur 

hmemetkm, a. riaurrectioH, f. 
Baarrqr* va. donner un second coup 

tflatf, rf*o<r 
BwwlUti, va. reeeueeiter 
RftaO, a d^U, m. 
-^ va. ddtaiUer, eendre en dAail 
Retailer, a dttaiUant, e 
Rftain, va. retenir. garder 
ReUinJ^le* adj. qui peut ftre retenu 
Retainer, a. adherent, pariitan, m. 
Retake* va. reprentire, rattraver 
Retaliate, va. rendre ia pareille 
Retaliation, a. revanche, f. 
Retard, va. retarder, differer 
Retardation, a retard'^.tHrnt, m. 
Retarder, a oUetaele, m., qui retarde 
Retell, va. vomir 
ReCcfaleH, arij. n/gUgent, e 
Retection, a tiction dexpnser d la vue 
Retention, a retention, retttnction, f. 
Retentive, adj. retentij, ive ; tenace 
ReCenUveness, a ce qui a la faculty d^ar- 

rHer, de retenir 
Reticle, a. un petit fiiet, m. [filet 

Reticular, adj. qui a Injiirme d'un petit 
Reticulated, adj. travailU en nceudtde 
Retina, a retine, t. ifilet 

Rednue, a euite, f., cort^, m. 
Retire, va. & vn. retirer, se retirer 
Rctbed, adj. retire, e ; aecret, ete 
— Wfc, vie privi'e, f. 
Retiredly, adv. aolitairement 
Retiredneis, a solitude, retrnite, f. 
Retirement, a retraite, f., lieu retiri, m. 
Retold, adj. ripite, e 
Retort, a ritnrte, recrimination, f. 
— , va. ritorquer, n'criminer 
Retorter, s. eelui qui ritorque, m. 
Retortion, a. rttoreion, f. 
Retouch, va. retoucher 
Retrace, va. retracer 
Retract, va. rAracter, retirer 
Ketzactation^ a reiractation, f. 

Retraccioa, a rHraetion, f. 
Retreat, a retraite, mMtt4de, f. 
~, vn. #• retirer, Ueher pied 
Retrench, va. retrancher, dter 
Retrenchment, a retranehenient, m. 
Retribute, va. payer, reeompenser 
Retribution, a retrtbution, f. 
Retributive, Retributorjr, adj. qui rieum- 

pfiiite, aui Mrt de rreitmjutiae 
Retrievable, adj. recouvnwle 
Retrieve, va. retrouver 

— a lo»s, reparer une perte, rAdbhr 
Hi-troactive, acy. rttroactif, ive 
R(.'trcx%nion, a Faction de reculn^ 
Retrogradacion, a Faction de rtftrogrei' 
Retrograde, va. r/trt>grader [der, f. 

— adj. rHrogratie, qtti revule 

— motion, mouvemetit rt'tmerade, m. 
Retrogreiiion, a r^trogradation, f. 
Retrospect, a reflfxUm, f. 
Retrospection, a Facte ou la faculty de 

regarder en arricre 
Retro«p«cti\'e, a«lj. qui regarde derriire 
Retund, va ttnouitMnr 
Return, a retuur, m., arrive, f. 

— of money, remiee, reponae, f. 

— , va. & vn. retoumer, revetiir, rendre 

— a kindncM, reconnoitre un bier^fiiit 
Returnable, adj. de renvoi 
Reunion, a r<funivn, f. 

Reunite, va. ri'-unir, r^eoncilier 

Reveal, va reveler, dtcouvrir 

Revealer, s. cetui qui rfeele 

Revel, ». honibanc; orgie, f. 

— , vn.faire bomhauce, se rrjouir 

— , va retirer, n'tnicter 

Revelation, a riH>clation, Apocali/pse, f. 

Reveller, a ami de lajoie, m. 

liex'elling, a vijouifsnnces, f. pi. 

Revel rout, %.fitul- tumttltueuse, f. 

Revelry, a btimlmnce, 1. 

Reven|{e, a venevanve, revanche, f. 

Revengeful, a<lj. viwiictttij, ivf [catire 

Revengefully, adv. <Fune maniire vindi- 

llevengefulneH", « esprit de vengeance, 

m., humeur vindicative, f. 
Reventeenient, a vengeance, f., retour 

d'injures, m. 
Revt-nger, s. vengeur, vengeresse 
lievengingly, adv. avec vengeance 
Ko'enue, a revenu, m., rente, f. 
Reverberant, adj. qui renvoie le son 
Reverberate, vn. r< verlterer 
—, adj. de rcoerbere, rtftJchi, e 
Reverberation, s. rcveiht'rntiun, f. 
Reverbcratory, adj. qui r^nwiie 
Revere, va. revt^rer, hunorer, respecter 
Reverence, a r^vi'rencf, f. 
— , \'a. riifi'rer, reiif teeter, honorer, «. eelui qui revere 
Reverend, adj. ni/rrend, e ; v&nh-ahle : 

right or most — , rtfverendissime 
Reverent, adj. respectueux, euse 
Ri'verrntlnl, Mli.rtWrentiel, le 
Reverentially, Reverently, adv. respec- 

tueusrment, avec rfy&ence 
Revercr, a eelui qui rdv&e 
Reverie, a rtfoerie* f.| autiget d^Iire^ m. 




RcTcml, a. r^roeo/ion, eataation, f. 
Reverse, t. ehanffement, m., invene, vir 

eitntude, t, oppoti, e t revert t « 
— , kU. amtraire, antipode 
— . ra. rentferser, houleveraert caster 
Reversible, adj. r^versMe, retfoeabte 
Reversion, s. reversion^ turvivance, f, 
Revenionjuy, adj. qui a dee droits d une 

Revert, va. & vn. revenir, ee Ummer 
Revertible, adj. r^vereible 
Revest, va. reeetir^ ritaMir 
Revesdary, s. veatiaire, Fendroit o^ Tnn 

prend, et oil ton depose tea habite, va. 
Revictioa, s. retour d 2a vie, m. 
Revictual, va. ravitaiUer une p/ace 
Review, s. recherdte, revisionB (• 

— of troops, revue, t. 

— , v^Juire la revue, revieer 
Reviewer, s. jaurnaliete, critique, m. 
Revile, va. injurier, outrager 
Reviier, s. celui qui injure, m. 
ReviUng, s. injure, f., outrage, m. 
•— , adj. diffamatoire, outrageant, e 
Revilingly, adv. injurieueement 
Re\isal, s. rrvision, revue, f. 
Revise, s. revue, revision, f. 
—1 va. reviser, eJMuniner de nouveau 
Reviser, s. rMseur, euse 
Revision, s. rfyision, t, examen, m. 
Revisit, va. rdvisiter 
Revival, s. retahlisaement, m. 
Re\ive, vn. rAablir, renouveler 
— , vn. reeivre, reprendre sesjbrcea 
Revi\-er, s. restaurateur, m. 
Revivicate, va. rappeler d la vie 
Re\ivification, s. taction de rappeler d 

la vie, f. 
Renviscence, Reviviscenqr» s. revivie- 
Revocable, adj. revocable [pence, f. 

Revocableness, s. la quality dCetre riwh 
Revocate, vtu rhjoquer \eabie, f. 

Revocation, s. revocation, abjuration, f., 

rappel, m. 
Revoke, \-a. revoqtter, abolir, renoneer 

— one's errors, at/jurer 

Revolt, s. revolte, t, soulivement, m. 

^, vn. se rtvoiter, se soulever 

Revolted, s. & adj. rAfoltt', e 

Revolter, s. rebelle, m., scditieux, euse 

Revolting, adj. r^volte 

Re\-olution, s. revolution, f. 

Revolve, va. & vn. repasser, rouler, re- 
venir a des p^riodesjix- s 

Revulsion, a revulsion, f. 

Reward, s. rAMmpense, f. 

— > va. rAxmpenser 

Rewardable, adj. digne de r^mpense 

Rewarder, s. ronunerateur, trice 

Rhabarbarate, adj. impr^iide rhubarbe 

Rhabdomancy, s. divination par la ba- 

Rhapsodist, s. rapsodiste, m. Iguette, f. 

Rhapsody, s. rapsodie, compilation, f. 

Rhenish, s. vin du Rhin, m. 

Rhetoric, s. rhctorique, f. 

Rhetorical, adj. de rhitoricien 
Rhetorically, adv. en orateur 
nAeCoridan, s. rMforicien, ne 

Rheum, s. rhume, m. 

Rheumatic, a. rhiunatique, eitrlami,ti 

incommode d^un rhume 
Rheumatism, s. rhumatieme, nw 
Rheumy, adj. en^ijren^, e 
Rhinoceros, s. rhinoceros, m. 
Rhomb* s. rhombe, m., losange, t 

— line, rfton^ de vent, m. 
Rhomboid, s. rhombtUde, va. 
Rhomboidal, adj. out appartient d m 
Rhubarb, s. rhubaH>e, f. [rftOMMb 
Rhyme, s. rime, potfsie, t, vers, Vk 

— , vn. rimaiUer, rimer 

Rhymer, Rhymster, s. rimeur, euts 

Rhythm, s. rythme, m-, ettdenee,t 

Rhythmical, adj. rhjfthnUque 

Rib, s. cdte, t, membre, va. 

Ribald, s. <kbavche, vaurien, vl 

Ribaldry, r. salet^,Jmiaise,obseM^t 

Riband, s. ruban, va. 

Ribbed, adj. d c&tea, garni de eStet 

Ribbon, s. ruban, va, 

— weaver, s. rubanier, iere 
Ribroast, va. aaeonaner de coupe 
Rice, s. riz, ta. 

Rich, adj. riehe, opulent, e 

— wine, vin esquu 
Riches, s. richesees, t. pL 

lUchly, adv. richement, nuundfiMemmi 
Richness, s. opulence, ferwiti,i. 

— in dress, richesee de la parure, t 
Rick, s. tas, monceau, m. [>& 
Rickets, s. les neeuds, m. pL, 2« rmtkiti^ 
Rickety, adj. rachitique, naui, e 
Ricture, a ouverture,/ente, t 

Rid, va. se d^Jaire, diilivrer 
Riddance, s. dtffaite, d^livranee, t 
Riddle, a Aiigme, t, crible, m. 
— , va. cribler, ex/Hiquer, donner le met 

dune enigme 
— , vn. parler enigmatiquemmit 
! Riddlingly, adv. enigmatiquemeHt 
Hide, a promenade a cheval, en < 
— , vn. aller d cheval 

— about, /aire un tour d chevai 

— a horse, monter un cheval 

— at anchor, dtre a tancre 

— away, ^en aller, se sauver 

— back, ^en retoumer 

— hard, aller Jbrt vite 

^ in a coach, aller en carroese 

— well, etre ban tfcuper 

Rider, s. cavalier, piqueur, voifagtur, 

commit, m., porque, f. 
Ridge, s. sommet, faUe, silUm, ieueU, 

banc de rochert, va. 

— band, dossiire, L 

— bone, &pine, f. 

— tile,/aWfVre, f. 

— , va. hautaer, dever 
I Ridged, adj. haut, e; dev^, et cannele, « 
Ridgel, Ridgeling, s. baierddemichdtri, 
Ridgy, adj. 6leve,e [ok 

Ridicule, s. ridicule, vn. 
— , va. toumer en ridicule 
Ridiculous, adj. ridicule 
^x^cvAovAlY^adv. ridiculement 






cavalcade t FmetioH tfaOer d 

n 4M CUfTOttOf t» 

inty> tubdMdon, L 
^ a. UsjhAot, m. 
&t, a. riadingotte, t. 
Idt* I. AoUr d« OtevtU, m. 
od, a. eapuchon, m., oape, t 
iool» tmm^e, m. 
. oMemlMde* n, eoncertt m. 
eontmun, 0/ ee ^ut riigne 
V. commum'm«n< 
b abandonee, quantiU, t 
fiord, m. 

br, enlever, roper, eorabiner 
a. tiraiUeur, eorabinier, m. 
Titteur,eu»ei voleur,euae 
rd>ut, m. 

3t0y cr«tNua9» £ 

dre, tejendre, crtver 
nt, cheval, m., fforfonniire, t 
•iertfuner, iqutper 
%. rigodon, m. [m. 

a. irrigation, f., arrosement, 
agreeur, qui iquipe, m. 
\.j\tnin, m., agris, m. pL 
s. manoeuvre, f. 
d}.fi'iftillant,ei laacif,ive 
\.firHiller, te remuer 

droit, privilege, m,, Jtutice, 
fquiU, exemption, f. ; in her 
deaon chef 

I main droite, t, toutien, m. 
re Justice 

nt, e: ban, nes honnite, sin- 
fte, ratable, bien, vrai, e 
ible» tria honorable 
m* tris-fort, parfiiitement 
g, d tort ou a raison 
unst. tout via-d-via 
ban I fort bien ! tria bien I 
, adj. juste, vertueux, euae 
\y, adv. droitementfjuatement 
nem, s. droiture, juttice, f. 
Bdj. Ugitime, juste 
, adv. kgitimement 
*8s, 8. rectitude, ^iti, f. 
dv. comme ilfaut 
s. rectitude, droiture, f. 
. rigide, auatire, inflexible 
. rtgidite, inflexibility, f. 
iv. rigoureuaement 
s. rigiditi, rif^ueur, f. 
•igle, petite regie de boia, f. 
adj. rigoureux, euae : rude 
r, adv. rigoureuaement 
rigueur, ailv&iti, f. 
■saeau, m. 
ler, ruiaaeler 
etit ruisaeau, m. 
rd, liateau dea hunea, m. 
ruine, (., frimaa, m. 
i. St vn. chiffonner, froisaer, 
■ plier, ae rider 
. humide, couvert deft-imata 
iorce, f. 
ij. gut a de Vecoree 

Ring* a. bague, f., anneau, cerde, ul 
'- of a coin, cordon, filet, m. 

— of a door, raeloir, m. 

— of an anchor, organeau, m. 

— of belli, aonnerie, t 

— to a handle, virole, f. 
— , va. & vn. aonner 

'— again, retentir, riaonner 

— out, aonner en branle 
Ringbox, a. icrin, nu 
Ringdove, s. pigeon ramier, m. 
Ringer, s. aonneur, euae 
Ringing, t. faction de aonner, f. 

— of bells, aon dea cloches, m. 
Ringleader, a. arcboutant, chtf, m. 
Ringlet, s. houcle, t, petit anneau, no. 
Ringativaked, adj. marqui en rond 
Ringtail, a. bonnette de baume, U 
Ringworm, a. dartre, t 

Rinse, va. rineer, laver 
Rinaer, s. eetui qui rince, qui nettoie, m. 
Riot, a. dAauc/ie, imeute, f., excia, m. 
—, vn. goi'ufrer, fdire dea excia, aemu- 

tiner, exciter une addition 
Rioter, a. golnfi'e, mf., mutin, e 
Riotous, adj. dir^f^i, e { libertin, e 
Riotously, adv. tumiUtuettaement 
Riotousness, s. d^tauche, f. 
Rip, va. d^'oudre,fendre 
Ripe, hd). mitr, e 
Ripely, adv. d tempa, mirement 
Ripen, va. & vn. mUrir, rtj/U^chir 
Ripeness, a. maturity, perfection, f. 
Ripper, s. celui qui d^coua, m. 
Ripping chisel, s. ciaeau d rompre lea 

bordages, m. 
Ripping-iron, s. bee de corbin, m. 
Ripple, vn. couler doucement 
Rippler, s. chasse-marde, m. [m. 

Rise, s. source, origins, f., avancement, 

— of the sun, le lever du aoleil, 01. 

— , vn. lever, ae lever, a'ilever, hauaaer, 
aortir, provenir, aafermenter, monter 

— again, reaauaciter 

— in price, rencfi&ir, ench&ir 

— up in arms, ae aoulever 

Riser, s» quiae leve; early — , matineux, 

euae ; matinal, e 
Risibility, s. risibilite, f., le rire, m. 
Risible, adj. risible, qui excite d rire 
Rising, s. taction de se lever, f. 
— , adj. levant, naissant 
Rising-line, s. lisse desfafons, f. 
Risk, s. risque, danger, p&il, to. 
— , va. riaquer, hasarder 
Risker, s. qui risque 
Rite, s. rite, rit, va. 
Ritual, 8. rituel, tn. 
— , adj. rituel, le ; aolennel, le 
Ritualist, s. ritualiste, rubricaire, no. 
Rival, s. rival, e: imule, concurrent, e 
— , va. & vn. itre en rivaliti, oppoaer 
Rivality, Rivalry, s. rivaliti, £ 
Rivalship, s. AcU de rivcditi, m. 
Rive, va. & vn.fendre, aefendre 
Rivef, va. rider, finer, fletHr 
River, a. rivia-e, f.,fleuve, ra. 
River-dragon, a. crocodile, m. 


RliHbM, t. rMBlim!, prlirtl, C | 

<ttw" LfS^B. 


f^fittflHer, tromaefBaa 

Kmmmfi, •. pfa'ee. f,. npoH t»tltmrv, 
Hmihi. *fi. Org., vnjiA [4W, t 

ny. blj. ^i/i^ iff raetmt 

, niiVibKrba, m. [rflHH 

Jf DpeyiFd, L cflnff 

Rop^un, s. A/iV 

HnpHrlck, I. fmu- pmiliiftlc, I 

1, ulj. fill d^matitrn 




(eut l^ehnU, uu 
vmturin, m. 
a. pinaiirrg ro»at, va, 
eau de rote, f. 
9» poiM rMne, eohphanet 
avee de la eolophane ( f. 
'Mneujt, eifUe 
te, no., prutie, tribune, f. 
meil, le t de rose 
*, toe, m. 

ourrir, se pourrir [roue 
fui a le mouvement a^une 
\oumi comme une roue 
umoierwint, m. 
i imprime un moueement 
10, t [de roUUUm 

turri, e { gdt&t e 
nier coneommi, no. 
uvit nu 
tieiift m. 
pourriture, t 
ond, e ; cireulaire 
rotondit^t rondeur, t 
tonde, f. 
fCifard, m. 
ide, dpre, sJvire 
diamant brut, m. (,m. 
jtuAe, f.> dessHn groeaier, 
I writing, canevat, m., mi- 

Uon ou mnilon, m. 
crept, modile grouier, m. 
, hourder, mouiur d'une 

s. CI ^pUture, f. 
a. ^baucher 

rendre, devenir rnboteus 
. modeler, ibaucher 
rudement, grouUrement 
rudesae, dpreti, t 
'afntation de la mer, f, 
u limousiner 
•tL Ataucher 
nivelle, f. 

*, ichelon, rond, m. 
i; circulfiire, litcile 
r, a'arrondir, evider, holer 
onde, aittour, en rond 
tour, de tout cotit 
tr de, tout autour de 
roudelet, va, 
. puritain, e 
x. priaon du fcuet, t 
irrondiaae.ment, bouge, m. 
-entrt'e dea ceuvtea mortea, 
. rondelet, te [f. 

rondentent, franehement 
rondeur, f. 

iller, ^eveiller, riveiller 
er un cerf 

, dcroute, foule, bande, f., 
tcarme, m. 
nettre en d&oute 
e, f., chemin, voyage, m. 
■uer, rdder, eourir, avoir 
<ri, errer fd et Id 
ur, eoraaire, pirate, m. 

Row, t. rang, m., rangi'e, f. 

•^, vn. ramer, tirer d la rame, fitire 

avaneer en tirant d la rame 
Row-baige, ■. bateau qui va d voilee et d 

ramea, va. 
Row-locks, s. pi. tolletiirea, t,apoetie, m. 
Row-ports, s. aaborda dea aeirwu, m. 
Rowel, s. molette, f., a^on, m. 
— , va. ouvrir une iaaue, appliquer un 

a^ton, Juire un cautere 
Rower, s. rameur, euae 
Rowing, s. Faction de ramer, f. 
Royal (marine tenn), i. perroouet eth 
— , adj. rojfal, e ; de roi [jafU, m. 

— assent, conaentement du roi, va. 
Royalist, s. royaliate, vaf. 

Royalize, va. prendre dea tana oo dee 

aire de roi, rendre royal 
Royally, adv. royalement, en roi 
Royalty, s. pr&ogativea royal-.a, f. pL 
Roynish, adj. rogneux, euaet de mott- 

vaiae grace 
Rab, B. empreh^ment, frottement, ob- 

atacle, in., difficult^, obstruction, f. 
— , vn. frotter, trayer, gratter 

— off or out, decrotter, ^aeer 
Rubber, s. frottoir, m., frotteur, euee t 

India — , gomme f^laatique, f. 

Rubbish, s. d^combrea, d^ria de bUh 
caille, gradoira, haillona, m. pU rebut, 
va., ordures, aaletfy, guenillea, f. pL 

Rubicun<l, adj. rubicond, e 

Rubify, va. rubefier, rendre rouge 

Rubric, a. i-ubrique, f., directoire, m. 

— , adj. rouge 

Rubricated, adj. tach^ de rouge 

Ruby, s. rubia, m., devure, f. 

— , ailj. vermeil, le 

Ructation, s. Paction de roter, f., rot, va. 

Rudder, gouvemail, m. 

Ruddiness, t.fra'tcheur de teint, f. 

Ruddle, 8. craie rouge, f. 

Ruddy, adj. rougedtre, rubicond, e 

Rude, adj. brutal, e: groaaier, iire 

Rudely, adv. brutalenient 

Rudeness, s. brutality, incivility, f. 

Rudiment, s. rudiment, m. 

Rudimental, a«lj. ^kmentaire 

Rue, 8. rue, f. 

Rueful, adj. triate, terrible 

Ruefully, adv. triatement 

Ruefulness, s. triateaae, lamentation, f. 

Ruff, t.fraia, f., tour de gorge, m. 

— , vn. jouer atout 

Ruffian, s. aasaaain, dtbauch^, e, mf* 

— , adj. groaaier, iere : brutal, e 

Ruffle, s. manchette, engageante, U, tu- 
multe, trouble, di*mrdre, va. 

— , va. deranger, troubler, plieaer 

Rug, s. couverture velue, f. 

Rugged, adj. rude, raboteux, euae 

Ruggedly, adv. rudement, duremeni 

Ruggedness, s. rudeaae, f. 

Rugose, adj. rid^, e; plein de rides 
I Ruin, s. ruine, dt'aolation, perte, f. 
1 — , va. abimer, miner 
I Ruinate, va. ruiner, dimoUr 
I RuinatioD, s. subversion, demolition f. 



- <* PmUm. Amw, rtAoJijrt, f. 

•eiuiricll/' " 




Scbooacr, %.goelette, m. 

Sdatlc, Sciatka, s. ^outte sciatique, t 

SdadoU* >dj. sekOtoue 

Seiencr. ».»cienee, t 

Scientific, Scientifical, adj. scientifique 

Sdentificallyt adv. acienhfiquement 

Sdmitar, «. cimeterre, m. 

Sciuilllate, vn. Ainceler 

Scintillation, i. etincellemerUt m. 

Sdolltt, t. demi-Kivantt m. 

Sdolous, adj. qui n'a que det eonnaU' 

tances aupe^ftcielie* 
Scion, a. adon, re^jeton, m., greffe, f. 
Sdnhotity, s. endurcistement, va. 
Scirrhous, adj. aquirreux» euse 
Sdrrtius, B. squirrel m. 
Sduion, I. scission, division, t 
SdMon, I. eiseaux, m. pL 
SdsdbJe, Scissile, adj. scissile 
Sduure, %.fente, crevasse, f. 
Scoff, s. moquerie, f., sareasine, m. 
— , vn. se moquer de, raiUer 
Scoffer, I. moqueur, euse; raiOeur, euse 
Scoffing, adj. raiUeur, euses moqueur, 
Scoffingly, adv. en railtant ieuse 

Scold, t. criaiUBur, euse: grondeur, euse 
— , va. grander, quereUer 
Scoldingly, adv. en grondant 
Scollop, s. p^oncle, ddcoupure, t 

— shell, coquiUe de pAonde, f. 
— , va. chantoumer, d^couper 

— oysters, accommoder des huUres d la 
mie de pain, d la coquUle 

Sconce, s. miroir, furttn, bras, lustre d 

console, m., amende, Ute, f. 
— , va. mettre d Famende 
Sconced, adj. mis d Famende 
Sconcing, s. condamnation d Famende, f. 
Scoop, s. ecope, f. 
—, va. creuser, vider 

— out water, baqueter, vider de Feau 
Scooperhole, a dalot, m. 

Scope, s. but, m., liberty, earriire, f. 
Scopulous, adj. heriss^ de rochers 
Scorbutic, Scorbutical, adj. scor^^utiq^« 
Scorch, va. & vn. brtUer, griller, rdtir 
Scorching, adj* brulaut, e ; qui grille 
Score, s. compte, (fcot, dgard, vingt, on., 

vingtaine, taille, goujure, f. 
— , \'a. marquer, mettre en compte 

— out, ^acer, rayer 
Scoria, s. scorie, ordure, f. 

Scorious, adi. ^meux, euse: plein de 
Scorn, s. divain, mipris, m. [scorie 

— , va. & vn. didaijgner, mepriser 
Scorned, adj. dMaign^, et miprisi, e 
Scomer, s. dalaignewf, euse 
Scornful, adj. dwaigneux, euse 
Scornfully, adv. didaigneusement 
Scorning, s. Faction de mepriser 
Scorpion, s. scorpion, m. 
Scorpion wort, a herbe aux scorpions, U 
Scot, 1. ^cot, m., pdtt, f. 

— free, adj. franc, franche, qui nepaie 
Scotch, va. denteler Irien 

— oollnps, 8./Hcandrau, m. 
Scotomy, s. ^ourdiMement,«ertige»t(u 
Scoundxel, 8./i4iiin, b^lltretixw 

Scour, va. & vn. icurer, netUiyer 

— about, rdder, courir faetld 

— away, se eauver 

— clothes, d^gndsser 
Scourer, a. icureur, euse ,• rddeur, ( 

— of clothes, degraisseur, euse 
Scourge, s.fimet,fleau, m. 

— , vtu/ouetter, vunir, chdtier 
Soourger, s. ce/ut gut ptrnt^ 
Scourging, a. Faction defaulter 
Scourse, va. troquer, duuiger 
Scout, a coureur cFarmee, batteurtm- 

trade, va., vedette, oorvetU* £ 
— , vn. aller d la d^couverte, oatire ttt 

trade ou la campagne 
—%, pL sentinelles avandes, t 
Soowl, s. air rtffrogn^, m. 
— , vn. se refrogner, Jiibv la mine 
Scrabble, va. dgratigner, ptOiner 
Scrag, s. corpff dickame, squeUtte, m. 
Scniggily, adv. maigrement 
Scragginess, s. maigreur, t 
Scraggy, adj. dMuxmd, e; ftirtrntOgrt 
Scramble, a. gribouillette, f. 
— , vru jouer d la gribouillette, tdekv 

dattraper, grimper 
Scrambler, s. grimp<rur, m. 
Scrap, s. morceau, reste, rogaton, m. 
Scrape, s. intrigue, f., embtSras, m. 
— , va. & vn. racier, ratitser, gntter 

— off the dirt, deerotter 

— out, raturer, ^aeer 

— up, amasser 

Scraper, s. avare, raele U^au, ceM qd 
rade, radoir, m., ratissoire, cbcsraf- 
toire, gmtte, f. 

Scraping, s. ratissure, avarice, f. 

Scratch, a ^gratignure, f. 

— , va. ifgratigner, gratter 

— oneself, se gratter 

— out, raturer, ^acer 
Scratching, s. Faction de gratter, t 
Scratchingiy, adv. en^p-at^nant 
Scrawl, va. & vn. grimmner 
Scrawler, s. griffbnneur, euse 
Scrawling, a griffbnnage, m. 
Scray, a hirondelle de mer. f. 
Screak, vn. crisser,faire du bruit 
Scream, s. cri perfant, m. 

—, vn. Jeter des oris percans, ifierier 
Screech, a cri semblable d edui dum 
— , vn. erser comme unejrisaie \fiMe 
Screechowl, a chat-hiutnt, m. 
Screen, s. ^cran, entourage, ee qui nut 
d Fabri, m. ; folding — , paraeeHt, m. 
— , va. mettre d couvert, eoitvrir 
Soew, s. vis, f., taraud, m. 

— in horses, suros chevilU, m. 

— , yaufmner d vis, visser, serrer 

— In, Juire entrer, raj/er, introdubn 

— up, presaer,faire parler 
Scribble, a gr(j^bnnage, m. 

— , va. & vn. gr\jSfimrter,dcrire$anagoit 
Scnbbler, s. A:rivaesier, Ore 
Scribe, s. scribe, Scrivain, m. 
Scrip, 8. maUette, cMule, f. 
Scd^ilural. a^j. de la eainte-^eritwe 





Its, a. eeus qui ne Jbndent bur 

€ur lea Ventures, m. pL 
, t. HottUre, m. 
t. 9eraJ\ales, ArotMffM, t pL 
t, adj. terq/kileux, etue 
rmthaUf Mrou, to., volute, t 

t. le teretum, m. 

un ntMumtbalait matotru, m. 

vtterftiTt etfemiB 

» Scrabbjr, a4). vU, e; miehttnt,e 

•. ratiaeoiret f* 
k eerupule, doute, m. 
4re*erupu/e, hMter 
itft *. $erupule, doute, m. 
u. mHj. aeruputeux, eute 
vuf, adv. acrupuletuement 
xaaen, t. humeur aerupuleuae, 
; a4l* ftf'on peut dicouvrir [f. 
n, s. reurtUm de acruter 
, M. aerutateur, trice 
t, va. acruter, rechercher 
IS* adj. captieus, euae 

%. recherche, f.» examen, m. 
«, acrutin, m. 
» I. aeer^taire, ^tudiole, m. 
fKoE^, giboulde, f. 

«e Ad/0r {arrUre 

iemfuir, ae aauver, faire vent 
vn, renfiUr, ae aauver 
I. bruit, dAordret m., quereUe, 
chatnailler, ae querdler [t. 
une troupe de renarda, f. 
caeher, ae tapir 
u celui qui ae cache, un Idehe, 
rdne, petit bateau, m. [m. 

s. caaque, m., co\ffe, f. 
, bateau a un baietier, m. 
I. iavoir, m. 
s. marmiton, m. 
, aeulpter, graver 
t. aculpteur, trice 
, tu aculpture,ftxure, f. 
kume, craaae, f. 
people. He du peuple, f. 
\tmer, dter P^cume de 
', I. icumoire, t 
)le« s. dcUon, dalot, m, 
iil, B. clou au maugire, m. 
*,e^ne, craaae de la tite, f. 
iund, croUte dune plate, f. 
aj. teigneux, euae 
, 8. acurrilitit f. 
t, adj. aeurrile, baa, baaae 
iif, adv. dune maniire acurrUe 
adv. indignement, dune matt' 

va, 8. maligniU, f. 
. acorbut, m. 
i^Aanf* e ; mauvaia, e 
Bss» s. cochl^ria, m. 
aite purgative, t. 
\ueue dun lievre, t, 
a, a. Seu, icuaaon, m. 
I. panier d charbon de terre, 
lOl, anche. f. UcoutUlon, m. 
•mtter, auerprMpitamment 

Scythe, t. Jiiux, Jaulx, f. 
Sea, %. mer,t\ a — , un coup de mer, m. 
a heavy — , un groa coup de mer, au 
Seabreexe, s. briae, f., vent de mer, m. 
Seacalf, s. veau marin, m. 

Seacaptain, s. capitaine de navire, m. 
Seachart, «. carte marine, f. 
Seacoal, s. charbon de terre, m. 
Seacoast, s. c6te de la mer, t. 
Seacompass, a. bouaaole, t 
Seaoow* «. vache marine, f. 
Seadog, s. chien de mer, tn. 
Seaduck, s. macreuae, f. 
Seafaiing-men, s. gena de mer, m. pL 
Seafight, s. combat naval, m. 
Seafowl, a oiaeau de mer, m. 
Seagale, a vague, houle, f. 
Seagirt, adj. environni de la mer 
Seagreen, i. verddtre, vert de mer, m. 
Seagull, s. mauve, mouette, f. 
Seahog, s. maraouin, m. 
Seahorse, s. cheval marin, m. 
Seal, s. cachet, aciau, veau marin, uu 

— ring, baguegravSe en cachet, f. 
— , va. aceiler, ratifier, contirmer 
•» a letter, cacheter une lettre 

— a wniXakf aceiler un acte 
Sealer, s. c^ieier du acAiu, m. 
Sealingwax, a cire d cacheter, f. 
Sealongs, a ^cume de la mer, f. 

Seam, s. couture, cicatrice, f., huit boia- 
aeaux de bU, m. pL ; hogs' — , aain- 
doux, m. 

— of glass, cent vingt livrca de verre, f. pi. 

— of the skull, suture, t, 

— s in farriery, avalurea, f. pL 

— , vh-joindre, coudre, cicatriaer 

Seamaid, s. airine, f. 

Seaman, s. matelot, marin, marinier, m. 

Seamark, s. baliae, boude, t. 

Seamew, s. mouette, f. 

Seamless, adj. aana couture 

Seamster, 8. linger, couturier, m. 

Seamstress, s. lingire, couturOre, f. 

Seamy, adj. plein de couturea 

Sean, s. aetne, (.,fiM, m. 

Seaonion, a oignon marin, m., squille, f. 

Seapiece, a tableau de mer, m. 

Seapool, a lac d'eau aal^e, m. 

Seaport, a port de mer, m. 

Sear, va. rouaair le linge avee un fer 

trap chaud, bovgier, ortUer 
Searce, s. tamia, aaa, m. 
— , va. tamiser, aasser 
Search, a recherehe, viaite, f. 
— , va. & vn. chercher, visiter 

— after or into, rechercher 

— a wound, aonder uneplaie 

— one, /buitler quelqu'un 

— out, faire une exacte recherche de 
Searcher, a viaiteur, euae 

— of hearts, aerutateur, m. 
Searching, adj. pinitrant, e 
Searv:1oth, a eiroine, empldtre, m. 
Seared, adj. cautiriai, e ; brmi, e 
Searoom, s. la haute mer, t, le large, m. 
Seasalt, a ael marin, m. 

Seaservice* a wrvios de mer, m. 




Seathell, s. eoauiHe de mer, t. 
Seashore, t. cote de la mer, f. 
Seasick, adj. qui a le mat de mer 
Seasickness, s. mal de mer, m. 
Seaside, s. bord ou rivage de la mer, m. 
Seaion, s. saUon, f., tempt, in. 
— , va. & VD. (ueaitonner, accoutumer 
Seasonable, adj. de saison, propre d 
Seasonablenes.1, s. tempg propre, m., pro- 

priiti', convenance, f. 
Seawnably, adv. d propoe 
Seasoner, s. aeeaieonneur, eute 
Seasoning, s. assaiMnnement, m. 
Seat, 8. banc, eiefce, chdteau, m., chaiee, 

maUon de campagne, residence, f. 
— , va. situer, poaer, placer, Aablir 
Seated, adj. eittt^, e ; plae^, e 
Seavoyaice, s. voyofre par mer, m. 
Seaward, adv. vers la mer 
Seawater, s. eau de mer, f. 
Seaweed, s. varech, gouimon, m. 
Secant, s. & adj. g^cante, f. 
Secede, vn. se vfparer 
Seceder, s. qui quitte un parti 
Secern, va. g^parer, distinfuer 
Secession, s. ^paratwn, retraite, f. 
Seclude, va. exdure 
Secluded, adj. exclue, ee : retranchi, e 
Seclu!>ion, s. exrtution, f. 
Second, s. un second, appui, m. 

— cousin, amsin itsu de germain, m. 

— of time, seconde, f. 

— rate, second ordte, deffrtf, ou rang, m. 
— , adj. second, e i deuxiime 

--, va. seconder, apmiyer 
Secondhand, a'lj. ae la seconde main, 

de hasard, de rencontre 
Secondsi^ht, s. le don de pr^volr taoenir. 
Secondarily, adv. en second ordre [m. 
Secondary, s. officier en second, va. 

— causes, causfs secondes, f. pi. 

— planets, planet es secondaires, f. pi. 

— adj. second, e 

Seconded, adi. second^, e : appup/, e 
Secondly, adv. secondement, en second 
Secrecy, s. secret, m., retraite, f. 
Secret, s- secret, ite 

— , adj. secret, ite; cacM, e: inconnu, e 
Secretary, s. secretaire, m. 
Secretaryship, s. secretariat, m. 
Secrete, va. cdler, cacher, si'parer 
Secrete i, adj. carh^, e ; ceU, e 
Secreting, s. C action de cacher, f. 
Secretion, s. secretion, f. 
Secretitious, adj. qui est sipari de la 

masse du sang 
Secretly, adv. en secret, secritement 
Sect, s. secte, f. 

Sectarianism, a. esprit dt secte, m. 
Sectary, s. sMaire, m., sectateur, trice 
Sectator, s. disciple, m., sectateur, trice 
Section, s. section, dissection, f. [m. 
Sector, s. secteur, cynpas de proportion, 
Secular, adj. s^ulJire, stfculier, Ure 
Secularif y, a itat Soulier, m. 
Secularite, va. s^culariser 
Secularly, adv. en Soulier 
Secundine, i. arrOreftiis, m. 

Secure, adj. rStr, es en sAreU, quisecruii 

assure, e ; intripide 
— , va. mettre en eureti, a»8urer,gttr$ik^ 

tir, exempter, defendre, garder 
Secured, adj. mi* en sureti, mkv/, $ 
Securely, adv. sdrement, tranqtiUlemat 
Securing, s. action de aamer, t 
Security, s. security, eAreti, caution, t 
Sedan, s. chaise d porteur, t 
Sedate, adj. ealme, paisibliB,raa»$,m 
Sedately, adv. tranquiBement 
Sedateness, s. calme, sangfroid, 0k 
SedenUriness, s. ^tat decequiett «MM- 
Sedentary, adj. sidentmre Itain, a> 
Sedge, a. herbe de marais, t 
Sedsy, adj. pMn de joncs, 
Sedinnent, s. eMiment, m. 
Sedition, s. aMition, r^voUe, f. 
Seditious, sAj. siditieus, euee 
Seditiously, adv. sMUieusemeid 
Seditiousness, s. disposition d la tUHSnii^ 
Seduce, va. siduire, abuser [u 

S:rducement, s. sMuetion, t. 
Seducer, s. sdducteur, trice 
Seducible, adj. au'on peut aiduire 
Seduction, s. sMuction, t. 
Sedulity, a. soin, atta^ement, m. 
Sedulous, adj. attacM, et dUigeni, et 

soigneux, euae ; assidu, e 
Sedulously, adv. emidutment 
Sedulousness, i. aseiduit^, t 
See, B. si^ {du pape, eTun MqMe), n. 
— , va. voir, regarder, comprendre, cut 

naitre, s'iTtformer, prendre garde d 

— for, chercher 

— into, pfyiArer, voir le/bnd 
Seed, s. semencv, graine, f. 

— , vn. grener, produire de la graim 
Seedcake, s. gateau anis^, m. 
Seedling, s.Jeune plante qui nefeit fitt 

sortir de la graine, f. 
Seed pearl, s. semence de perles, t 
Seed plot, s. pepiniire, f. 
SeedsQoan, a. grenetier, m. 
Seedtime, s. semaUle, f. 
Seedy, adj. grenu, e : plein de graim 
Seeing, s. la vue, vision, f. 

— that, conj. vu que, parce que 
Seek, va. chercher 

— after, rechercher 

— out, chercher d'un e6ti et damtre 

— to, e'adresser a 
Seeker, s. chereheur, euee 
Seeking, s. Faction de chercher, t 
Secksorrow, a. peraonne qui dkerdu d » 

tourmenter, caractire inqtUet, m. 
Seel, va. fermer les peus 
— , vn. router violemment 
Seely, adj. hrureux, euae ; aot, t§ 
Seem, vn. sembler, paraitre 
Seemer, s. hypocrite, m. 
h«eming, s. apparence, L, ext&ieur, e 
— , adj. apparent, e 
Seemingly, adv. en apparence 
Seemingness, a. vredeemblanoe, t 
Seemlinet", a. biena^nce, t 
Seemly, adj. M^nMinf.e/ dieent,§ 

— liv^deeemment, aeee diemoe 

je, t. virtnnaitr, m-, auli 
pfffo/rttipw ilrj'itneur, f. p 

joijfri K 0aitir, aigtiiUdttr 


vmlnlflc, »iy tflti pe4vit de 

t<i«vf,Jmir, farli. 

utWly, il4«. snin I* tin 

i ScpuaKiHim >. dMlibUtti.l 


SamntnT, til. f ■»«• in •tparaHtn 
Sivaillln, I. TacUm lit mittn il fart, 

Scpeepuy, iidj. HfdAMlH 
GipuniilAl, tij. iqilsniub « 

SepHatilaaili mdj^ npttrttriatal. b 
ScptVal, Hdj- QUI aiaiag la putr/fiatkia 
Brpluaginuy, idj. mtaarlwUrt 
SiHuuliiL, 1^ A) thHUn iTH MBpltmlei t 

ll, td^^BUWl'U'i • 

Smjilili:. Sdlplilcll, Kd 
a«i]>blini ■■ ttraphtiu. 

SirtU^, Idr. MtnUemtM 

8^ris^adJ.iM(U,4i^ ' 

Scn4iliioui, kU- 

. Hi- nrpentin, tt itt 

Servftnl, I. MrTiMur, (fomMflaii 
Save, n. Hnfr, iHliMr, jtun 

- 4^1n, rtmaarm, r wp l m ewr 


^ one fScmid, jfi B li gaft^'wi, fM- 
- DDc'i bud Oh tigntr 

\ — w«i|jini.n«4v.B' 




Is tB mtkfJUr^ travtUOer 

^Vf, t krt mtr , Mger, Savtr, exa^tr, 

•iMfrtfirt, «a6^. hdiir, rider 
•■ qia oogch, monttfr corrocM 
*- Vior ale. mettrt «n vera9 
rindt open. owvHi* 
Mmmmi, a4). qui a dt hngiut §oie» 

ttmm, a. ttton, etnu&e, f. 
b a. egudU, tt aopha, m. 
^^f M. upion, ChUm enuehant, m. 
— te. cMm eouehatu, m. [f. 

--«tn (compodtm^f), compoMteur, m. 

Shadf , adj. ombrag^t e 
Sbaft, 8.>i(*cA«, f.* dardt m. 

— (dMp pit), cretUt tn. 
I — of a cart* limonf m. 

— of a cbaiae* brancard, m. 
, — of a chlmnev, wuchtt f. 

' — of a pillar, fit, m. 

— horse* cheval de limon, limonier. m. 
Shag, M. peluche, panne, f. [euse 
Shagged, Shaggy, adj. vvlu, e; ralottiu. 
Shagreen, i. chagrin, m. 

-— , va. chagriner 

Shake, s. secowte, f., branlement, m. 

— ia music, tremblement, m. 

— (marine ieTm),finte, gercure, f. 


't m. 
•^n.hvn.^UMir,fixertr^gler,d(ter- .._ ... 

Wdmtr, tm^firmer, ee fixer — , va. & vn. branler, ibratuer, ti embler 

— opoo, amgtituerp ntollir, iamtiner — a tree, tecouer 

fhttlHlnwi, a. gttOMiU, t — \n,Jdire entrer dedans 
S<rtfinart, a. AeMisaement, m. • —,oif,fairetomber,secouer 

Smn, a4{. tent — one off, m dtlfiiire de gueiqu'un 

8tMiftU»a4i- Mptuplet eept/Me autant Shaker, i.cequi donne une teant's-i 


a. wfM Mmaine, huitaine, t 
— .■ !■—» » « , md], oLt-eeptUnu 
Smnth. ady. sepH^e 
SncotlUf a adv. tfn teptUme Heu 
8matktth» adJj. aoLronto dM^m« 
Stvmty* a. MUNin/0 dU 
8ewa va. adparer, dieiger 
Sefcnl. adj. pluaUure, divere, e 
Sevtnliy, adV. d part, un d un, afpari- 

mtntm «n portieulier 
Stvcnlty, a. V^tat de separation, m. 
Strere. adj. tevire, rude, cruel, le 
Siwely, adv. eMrement 
Swai i ty, a. s^vMtd, rigueur, f. 
->of llfiB. auMt&itede mamrs, f. 
Sew, va. coudre \ chant, m. 

Sewert a. ^gout, conduit, ecuyer tran- 
8es» a. MJM, genre, m. 1 

Sescaaenary, adj. eexagAudre 
Sextain* a sixain, m. 
Sextant, a. sextant, quart de cercle, m. 
Sextlle, adj. sextU, e 
Sexton, a. nuurguiUier, saeristain, Jbs- 

eatfettr, m. 
Seztonahlp, a. Im Jbnctiona de margti- 

Ulier, f. pi., office dejhtsopeur, m. 
Sextuple, ad), sixjbit la quatititi 
Sbabraly, adv. en gredin 
Sbabblnen. «. gredinerie, baueitse, f. 
Shabby, ady. gredin, e ; mesquin, e 
— cloftlMa, a. habit tout us^, m. 
Shackle, va. mettre auxfers, entraver 
Shacklei, a. pL fyrs, m., entraves, f. 
Shad, a. alose, f. [f. pL 

Shade, s. omhre, f., ombrage, m., traves, 
— to keep off the sun, store, m. 
— , va. couvrir de son ombre, ombrager 
Shadlneae, s. ombrtige, m. 

Shadow, 8. ombre, obscurity, f. 

— , va. donner de Vombre, prot^ger, 
mettre d Vabri 

— a picture, ombrer 

— tapestry, ntumcer 
Shadowini, a Taction ^ombrer, f. 
Shadow» adj. omhragi, e,' sombre 

Shaking, %. tremblement, m., seci>uit*e, f. 

Shall, aux. v. signedufutur en Anglais ; 

! I — love, /atmerai 

' Shalloon, s. rcu de Chdlons, m. 
Stiallop, 8. chaloupe, f. 
Shallow, adj. beu, se ; insipide 

I — person, petit esprit, m. 

i Shallowly, adv. sottement 

, Shallowness, s. F^tut de Cean quand elle 

I est basse, nu, petitesse ttespnt, f. 
Shallows, 8. pL basses, battvres, f. 

! Sham, s. fmnte, fausse manche, trom- 

perie, imposture, f.,Jiiux yntvxte, in. 

— , adj. suppose, e ,• prdtenau, c , Jaux, 

fautsei postiche 
—, va. feindre, duper, tromper 
Shambles, s. boucherie, t. [ tfuliera 

Shambling, adj. qui a la dimuiche irrc- 
Sbame, s. honte, t., opprobre, m. 
— , va. dishonorer, faire honte a 
Shamefaced, adj. timide, hontn/j, vxikc 
Shamefacedly, adv. avcc pudenr 
Shamefacedness, s. timiditc, f. 
Shameful, adj. honteux, euse 
Shamefully, adv. huhteu8f,meut 
Shamefulness, s. iti/aniie, vilenie, f. 
Shameless, adj. ^ffronte, e 
Shamelessly, adv. efi'routcmetit 
Shauifclessness, s. eff'ronterie, f. 
Sliamois, s. chamois, in. 
Shammy, s. peau de cltemois, f. 
Shank, %.jambe, la verge (tune aficre, f. 

— ot a pipe, tupau, m. 

— painter, (marine term). serrebrn.H", f. 
Shanked, adj. qut a desjambcH 
Sh&nker, a un chancre, ui., cicroiH- 

sance v^nerienne, f. 
Shape, a. forme, taiUe, figure, f. 
— , va. donner la forme, former, propor- 
Shapeless, adj. difftn-me [tionU'V 

Shapeliness, s. belle taille, f. 
Shapely, adj. bienfait, e 
Shard, s. morceau ou ^clat dune tuiie. 
Share, s. part, portion, f. [">■ 

— , partager, avoir part 
Sharer, s. celui qui fait les parts ou qui 

a Ui iiennct oi> 



— {lBa>»l,viIiM>i>, •; 'grf , 

— , T& fiJavOTf Omfitri nfmiafr 
StarMO. n. al(iilHr, cUfUtr 
StauiKMr, L Aftfuftuf - Bl. 
Shuior. iiJilw. 

snuiHt, MJ-'ili 
SUrpiltfitcd, ul 
SbarpvMlBd. ul 

SblVf. va- runr.Jbin b borbi 
Sneif, I. KTt«. f. 

awn. SbMff. iidj. trOM, t 


— nff, t'mflib', fMKtmtf 
SbEerhDok, i. xnirin.^i™! m- 

Slitildnl. Id], dgtmilii. • j rrMM • 
ShlR, I. aumUmiilm>mt,i^!iit,rm- 

Snuunr, •. oMteou MWIIw IN aw) 
SblKy-iluUr, UV- frnMH, > 
~ of bidViaiTH di Ai^, IB. 

Shin; M, >. Innfinu, tU. ".. Join, I, 

Syi 483 sua 

:k, >. nuK/^ato, m. [m. , SSnlrlla,' 

?''"*X]rf!nlli. ■ Sl.iirulglil 

^«tiM, iVoeirti!. m. (,■■! SBonwtntod.sdi.wpi 

'■ ™ wWIfWjJrtiWft f. 


inn ^^^ a»p ib/uiu, Im 
4, raw fifr i/uHotJbti 

hpndB4i4,LMi£tf, m. 

a«, I, AovlffUilr. lUnt [mf. 




Ruinous, adtj. fitneate» ruineuxt ewe; 

tnenafant ruine 
Ruinou<iir» adv. cCune manUreruinetue 
Raie,t. rtgle, autoritdtf.t pouvoirtpri- 

eepte, commandement, ordre, m. 

— for measuring, guerre, f. 

— , va. & vn. reglet't dirijfer, eonduire 

— over, gouvemoi', rdgitt commander 
Ruler, s. rStfiet, gouvemeur, m., riglet 
Rum, s. tajla, m., guUdive, t [t 
Rumble, vn. grander, murmurer 
Rumbler, t. grandeur, eitse 
Ruminant, adj. qui rumine 
Ruminate, va. ruminer, r6Hechir 
Rumination, s. rumination, f. 
Rummage, va. chercher en fouittant, 

vider, farfbuiller 
Rummer, s. gobelet, m. 
Rumour, rumeur, f., bruit, m. 
Rumourer, s. nouvelliste, cdarmiste, m. 
Rump, 8. ci-oupion, m. 
Rumple, t'Pli, m. 
— , va. chiffionner,firoie»er 
Run, 8. course, mouvement, m. 

— of a ship, sillage, m. 

— , vn. courir, courre, patser, couler, di- 
gtmtter, rouler 

— against, heurter centre, donner oontre 

— aground, t'chouer, engraver 

— a race, /aire une course 

— away, s*enfuir, s'^couler 

— t>ack, rebrousser chemin 

— from, sortir, quitter 

— smooth, couler doucement 

— the gauntlet, passer par les baguettes 

— through, enfiler, passer au travers 

— ashore, /aire c6te 
Runagate, s. ren^gat, m. 
Runaway, SLd], fuj/ard, e; fugitif, ive 
Rundle, s. ^helon, m. 

Rundlet, s. caque, f. 

Runner, s. coureur, euse 

Runnet, s. presure pour /aire cailler le 

laitf f. 
Running, s. course, f , cours, m. 

— knot, noeud coulant, m. 

— of the nose, roupie, f. 

— out or over, couture, f. 

— water, eau vive, f. 
Runt, s. avorton, m. 
Ruption, s. rupture, hemic, f. 
Rural, adj. champetre, rural, e 
Rush, s. jouc, fitu, m., course pricipi' 

tie, secousse, f. 
— , vn. se lancer, sejeter 

— forward, s'dlancer 

— in, entrer deforce 

— in upon, surprendre 

— out, sortir brusquement 

— through, s*exposer hardiment 
Rushlight, s. chandelle de veiUe, f. 
Rushy, adj. plein dejoncs 
Rusk, 8. ichaudi, biscuit, m. 
Rusaet, s. habit de campagnard, m. 
— , adj. roussdtre, grossier, Ore 

'-I Russeting, & poire de roussekt, t 

Kust, s. rouille, f. 

— * va. St. vn. routl/er, se rouUlcr 

Rnsdcal, a^j. rtutro, ruttiqus 

Rustically, adv. groMiirement 

Rtuticalness, gro$siiret^, f. 

Rusticate, va. t'esUer d la eampagnt 

Rustidty, s. riMtasM, t 

Rustic, B. rustaud, e; fMtyjon, ne 

— , adj. rustique, rustre 

Rustiness, s. la rouilie, t. 

— of baoon, raneisstire, t. 

Rustle, vn. Jbire un bruit mntrd, brwrt 

Rusty, adj. rouilU, e; patti, e; ramet 

Rut, a. rut, m., orniire, t, 

Ruth, 8. compassion, piUit t. 

Kuthful, adj. companssant, • ,* pUttftUt 

RuthfuUy, adv. pitoyablement 

Ruttafulness, s. eompastiont L 

Ruthless, adj. impUoyat^e 

Ruthlessly, adv. aanspitii 

Ruthlessness, a. dureti de eaur, f. 

Rye, 8. seigle, m. 

Ryebread, s. pain de seigle, m. 

Ryegrass, ufatut eeigie, m. 


Sabbath, t. aabbat, dimanthe, repss, m. 

Sabbathbreaker, s. violateur du aaN>at,ia. 

Sabbatical, ndj. sabbtitiqi$e Ibat, u 

Sabbatlsm, s. stride obbcrvanee dit mb- 

Sabine, s. sabine, f. 

Sable, s. martre zibeline, t 

— , adj. sablct noir, e 

Sabre, s. sabre, cimeterre, m. 

Saccharine, ad^. sucnf, e 

Sacerdotal, adj. sacerdotal, e 

Sack, s. sac, vin sec, vin de Oemarie, m. 

—, va. saccager, piller 

Sackbut, 8. saquebute, t, sorte deJIUlt 

Sackcloth, s. haire, f., sac, m. 

Sacker, s. destructeurt m. 

Sackful, 8. sacMe, f. 

Sacking, s. sae, saccagement, m., loibi 

/aire des sacs, f. 
Sacrament, s. sacrement, m. 
Sacramental, adj. seu^amental, 9 
Sacramentally, adv. sacramentakmmd 
Sacred, adj. sacre, e : saint, e 
Sacredly, adv. religieusement 
Sacredness, s. saintet^, f, 
Sacrific, adj. de sacrifice 
Sacrificable, adj. qui peut itre seeri$i 
Sacrificator, s. sacrificateur, m. 
Sacrificatory, adj. nffert en eaerifiot 
Sacrifice, s. sacrifice, m. 
— , va. & vn. aacrifier, qffHr un saerffitt 
Ssicrificer, s. sacrificateur, m. 
Sacrificial, s. qui coopers au merifiei 
Sacrilege, s. sacril/^, m. 
Sacrilegious, adj. sacrilege 
Sacrilegious! V, adv. sttcrUq(ement 
Sacrist, Sacristan, s. sacrietaift, m. 
Sacristy, s. sacrigtie, f. 
Sad, adi. fdcheux, euse/ m^^ani, «/ jrf> 
toyable, misifrable, mauvais, e 
, Sadden, va. attrister, rendn tritte 

yS'AiT,tt™ii, rn,'«J/Mr'>Si™'^lfiw 

. ■. HlU^, m. 

SiIHiuk'.ThW I. 

gimlfima'»r«'. m- [>«•• 

S.llo«, t. null, apta il HHl>, D. 

-. adj. pd/>, U.f«(-, /.D^ifa, jau^g 

iS^'J^Hi^'ril.'ni. ""' 



l4v. tirtmfl. >n idrsU 

- of PBiOm, Jin«w, AHajUrt, t 

,E>lc>r. ■.idrX^.C 

[EuAn>rcItBu<™. r. 


§:att'»Si. ■ 


■tt^pMUVta B), «>>(•, t 





S.1U™, S«liBou«, 1 «,«nn-M,;b4risw 


blmni/g, xuirrddlaniU* 

S^ilB-,..«ra.uif m. 



mW, prnttr nu Bord 

S«iU«>, «.!;./"*«, ii-.ipl-i-..™ Ml 


S«]l.^n, ll! wJSJ-S^ Kl, m. 

. fWUtlDf , nurui. mnrinfar, id. 

Sallmanh, s. maraii uOatil, m. 


„ •. mStfiiin, m. 

Sillpin.SiIMi, LiaJiFH, r. 


s*i.K"i>fl. I AiM."* rf'BB i^«. r. 

p, •.fuoriUibHlnt, r. 

SuluUriw, iKAfftrlW, ^. 

1^'^^ di muroW., t. 

Siluu^^idJ. mluialn, alx, i 


-,YiM/»8r.iaUer ' ' 


l^uUtooui,, ^j! ™h,toi»,j^, , 

.MfaJe, f. 


aH^Hk^.^riStaTm""""'*^' "■ 

Sil>c, •. iKun.^f , mxAfi. m.. 



M. idj. ™t«.iB, nw .- ia.irot « 

in.tAlpfn-, r<f>o«lw,m. 

Samphire, fccrS,™i.lM,f. 




S.niii«. >4- tmlnAain. t/vl /rufrit 

la^i— •■' 




Sanctify, va. Mnctifier, rettdre tain 
Sanctimonious, adj. hypocrite 
Sanctimonsr, s. d<XHttion t{jffivt^, f. [m. 
Sanction, s. aanction, f., etablisaementt 
Sanctity, s. Cextrrieur de la aainteU, m. 
Sanctuary* *• mtictuaire, refuge, m. 
Sand, n. sable, m., arine, f. : small — , 

— eel, anguiUe de aable, f. [aablotif m. 
Sandal, s. mndaie, f. 
Sandalmaker, s. tandalier, Ore 
Samlarac, Sandarai-h, s. tandaraque, t 
Sand blind, adj. qui a la vue ewurte 
Sandbox, s. poudrier, eabiier, m. 
Sanded, adj. tablvnneux, euee, m. 
Sanden:, a ooit de eandal, m. 
Sandever, a euin de verre, m. 
Sanding, a barbue, f. 

Sandish, adj. qui tient du taMe 

Sandpit, s. eablotmiire, f. 

Sands, a pL banc de etMe, m. 

Sandy, adj. ea'jlonneux, euse ; rouxt see 

Sane, adj. »ain, e 

Sanguiferous, adj. qui rettferme du eang 

Sanguification, s. eanguiticntlon, f. 

Sanguinar)', adj. annieuiuaire 

Sanguine, tA].Mnf(uin, e; vif, vioe 

Sanguineness, a ardeur, conjuutce, f. 

Sanguineous, adj. aanguin, e 

Sanbedrim, s. eatihtdrin, m. 

Sanies, a eanie. f., pua, m. 

Sanious, adj. purulent, e 

Sanity, a.9antede r esprit, Juetesse, f. 

Sap, a eapct e^e, f., aubier, in. 

— , va aaper, avancer en minant 

Sapience, a eageeee, f. 

Sapient, adj. sage, nrudent, e 

Sapless, adj. sana seve 

Sapling, a plantard, jeune arbre, m. 

Saponaceous, adj. ressemblant au aavon 

Sapor^ a aaveur, f., ff[nit, m. 

Saponfic, adj. aaponjique 

Sapper, a sappeur, au 

Sapphic, adj. saphique 

Sapphire, a saphir, m. 

Sappiness, a quality de ee qui abonde en 

Sappy, adj. plein de aive [aive» f. 

Saraband, a sarabande, t 

Sarcasm, a sarcasme, m. 

Sarcastic, Sarcastical, adj. piquant, e 

Sarcastically, adv. (fune maniire sati- 

Sarcenet, s: t^ffietcu, m. {Hque 

Sarcle, va. sarcler let blt't 

Sarcling, a le temps oil Cnn aarcle, m. 

Sarcophagous, adj. qui se nourrit de 

Sarcophagus, a aurcophage, m. [vhair 

Sarcophagy, a Fuaage de manger de la 

Sarcotic, a & adj. aareotique [chair 

Sardel, a aardine, f. 

Sardine, a comaline, aardet t. 

Sardonyx, a aardoine, t 

Sarsaparilla, a aalaepareille» t. 

Sarse, s. ana, tamiann, m. 

— , va. aaaaer, tamtaer 

Sash. s. ceinture, f. 

— vnndow, fen^tre d chdaaia, f. 
Saasafras, s. saaaafixu, m. 
Satan, t. Satan, m. 

Satanic, SataniaU, »di. diaboHqtu 

j Satcbd, s. mekei, m. 
! Sate, va. raaaasier, swiler 

StatelHte, a aatelttte, m. 

Satellitous, ad^. compost de aatdMm 
. Satiate, adj. rauaaii, e 
j — , va. raaaasier, asaouvir, aati^fidrs 

Satiety, a aatiai, f., asamirnaaemant,^ 
, Satin, a satin, m. 

— ribbon, ruban sating, m. 
Satinet, a sattnade, t 
Satire, a satire, f. 

Satiric, Satirical, adi. satirigue 
Satirically, adv. satiriqueme/tt 
Satirist, 9, satiriste, m. 
Satiriie, va. satiriser, railler 
Satisfaction, u satisfaction, t. 
Satisfactive, adj. qut donna aati^Mm 
Satisfactorily, adv. d'une mani&e atitiS' 
faiaante laatiitfittrs, m. 

Satisfactoriness, a le pouvoir et Faettia 
Sttistactory, adj. satiafactoire 
Satisfy, va. contenter, satiafaira 

— one's passions, asacuvir 

— with food, f assasier 
Satrap, a aatrape, m. 
Satrapy, a aatrapie, t 
Saturable, ad^. qu'on peut saturer 
Saturate, va. saturer, rassasier 
Saturation, a saturation, t 
Saturday, s. Saniedi, m. 
Saturity, s. satitt^, t 

Saturn, s. Satume, plomb, m. 
Saturnine, adj. sombre, tri«t9 

— man, s. sounwis, m. 
Satyr, a satyre, m. 
Sauce, 8. sauce, f. 

— with vinegar and pepper, vindgretts, 
— , vtu aaucert aasaisonner [t 
Saucebox, a espiigle, miimre, m. 
Saucepan, a potion, m., casserole, t 
Saucer, a sauciire, soucoupe, ^eusHe, t 

— headed bolt, cheviUe d tete rwds at 
Saucily, adv. rjffr<mtcment [flate, t 
Sauciness, s. tffronterie, insolence, L 
Saucy, adj. tffronti, a insolent, $ 

, Saunter, vn. bat f re le pav^, mendisr 
j Sausage, s. saudase, f., saueiu(M, in. 
Savage, a aauvage, m£ 
— , adj. aauvage, ffroce, barbart 
Savagely, adv. en aauvage, erueUamud 
. Savageness, a fdrocite, cruauti, t 
' Savanna, a aavanne, prairie, U 
: Save, va. sauver, garantir 

— up, ^rgner, Hserver 
— , adv. hormia, sinon 
Saveall, a binet, br^e-tout, m. 
Saver, a conservateur, trice 
Savin(^. a ^pargne, exeevtUm, t 
— , adj. m^iager, ej satutaire 
—, adv. d la reserve de, exeerpU 
Savingly, adv. avecipargne 
Savingness, a Economic, t 
Saviour, a sauveur, m. 
Savory, a aavor^, aarriette, f. 
Savour, a aaveur, aenteur, t, gwU» Ok 
— , vn. aavourer, sentir 

Savourily, adv. sawmreusemeni 
Savourinets, a bon goit, m. 




^ savourewtt euae 
hou d€ Savoie, m. 

». f. 


. aeiure, f.» bran de tcie, m. 

ryer, a. Mrftfur, m. 

ecpodon, in. 

fbs9i a tcier, m. 

I, a4J' 9*<^ diuout la j^erre 
roun, petit tqffbtas, m. 
J, rteiter 

pTOverb^t dirtt dictong m. 
{e, rogne, crtmte, f. 
1. JburreaUt m. 
dij. xn/^udr, eiM« 
, Si quaiM galeu$e, t 
. 4ea6i«t<««, r. 
toitf, euse ; Upreus, bum 
idj. tetUtreust futes difficile 
!■§» t. rudeaaOt t- 
dekqfatid, m. 

. gena qui nettoient let ba»aint 
^fauder yCun arsenalf m. 
i, Scaflblding, i. Mtafaudage» 
laUulo, s. escalade, f. (,m. 
9tii prodde par ieheUma 

dutnt, 9: 90t, te: piioifaMe 
B. teigne, t 

. Faction d'dchat^ffiir, m. 
Ountdoir, m. 
. tout bouUkmtf 
2iUe, t. 

ince, boMin, m. 
), 6:heUe, t. 
r, fftttnme, f. 
!//tfr, 9'ieaiUer 

. icaUU, e : ^caUletUt euse 
trUmftlc KtUine, m. 
w ^ar de ce qui est couvert 
. m. 

ler, I. MieUe de td^/re, f. 
eiboulet ifcheUote, f. 
oHonde, f. 

rierdne, bietouri, m. 
ip«r, balafirer 
tealpei, m> 

icaUUt ei Axtillewt, euge 
u dieeiper, prodiguer, dichirer 
%. parasite, m. 
r» adv. avec turbutenee 
, s. scammon^t f. 
n. df camper, jouer dea talent 
cander, examiner, aaeeer 
ecandate, m., honte, f. 
va. acandaliier, decrier 
;, adj. ir\fdme, injurieur, euee 
\y, adv. Aont«twem0n< 
new* >. roctton de diffumer 

. Faction de aeander 
9^parer, bomer, limiter 
uer (en parlemt du vent) 
name, qui manque, ritem, e 
vent de bowline, m. 

Scantfljr, adv. aoec gfne et ^fMrgne [f. 
ScantinctS) t. petitene, rareti, modieiti, 
Scantlet, %.fraf[ment, petit morceoM, m. 
Scantlinff, s. meeure, proportion, petite 

pUee de bois, U, MiantUlon, m. 
Scantly, adv. d F^roit, av^ (fpargne 
Scanty* adj. rare, ieonome, modique, 

trop Hroit, e / trop court, e 
Scape, %.^ite, Chappie, imprudence, f. 
— , vn. echapper,fUir, »e aouetraire 
Scapula, B. omoptate, f. 
Scapulary, s. ecapulaire, m. 
Scar, a. cicatrice, f. 
— , va. cicatriaer, gu&ir, aefnrmer 
Scarab, «. acarabile, m. 
Scaramouch, s. acaramouche, m. 
Scarce, adj. rare 
— , Scarcely, adv. d peine 
Sdurity, i. rareti, diaette, f. 
Scarecrdw, s. ^pouvantail, m. 
Scarf, «. Mutrpe, empdture, f., icart, m. 
Scarfskin, «. ^piderme, m. 
ScarifkatioD, «. acarijication, f. 
Scarificator, s. aearificateur, m. 
Scarify,\'a. scarifier, dicouper, ventouaer 
Scarlet, s. icarlate, f. 

— ribbon, nU>an ponceau, m. 

— fever, fievre acarltUine, f. 
Scarp, s. eacarpe, m. 

Scate, s. patin, m., aorte de raie, f. 
— , vn. patiner 

Sotth, 8. revers, dommage, vn. 
Scathful, adj. nuilveillant, e; destruo- 

teur, trice 
Scatter, va. & vn. rtfpandre, disperser 
Scavenger, s. boueur, tn. 
Scene, s. seine, coulisse, t. 
Scenery, s. arrangement des seines 
Scenic, adj. tMdtral, e; de seine 
Scenography, «. sc^ograuhie, perspee- 
Scent, 8. odeur, senteur, f. [rtve, f. 

— , va. parfumer, flairer, sentir 
Sceptic, adj. sceptique 
Sceptical, adj. sceptique 
Scepticism, s. sceptictsme, m. 
Sceptre, s. sceptre, m. 
Schedule, s. cMule, f. 
Scheme, s. prnjet, plan, m. 
— , va. prqjeter, arranger 
Schemer, i. homme d ressources, m. 
Schism, s. schisms, in. 
Schismatic, adj. schismatique 
Schismatical, adj. schismatique 
Schismatically, adv. en schismatique 
Schismatize, va. itablir ou suitfre un 

Scholar, a.icolier. Ore ; homme de lettrea 
Scholarship, s. litt^rature, t 
Scholastic, adj. scolastique 
School, s. icole, f. 
— , va. censurer, instruire 
Schoolboy, s. icolier, m. 
Schoolday, s. lejour oU Fon va d F icole 
Schoolfellow, s. camarade (tecole, m. 
Schoolhouse, s. maison (fidttcation, t. 
Schoolman, s. scolastique, m. 
Schoolmaster, a. maitre ^ieole* m* 
Schoolmistreas, a, nuMreeae iMle, f. 


rick, IdJ. Tul a Ji "»'•}' w 

S™JiSS^''^nr'K™Ki« nail, 

— pUncu, picnitetteeeitdaint, t, )i\, 
S«rete» tl c^. (drAor, afpartr 

\att L ofri^-Jliljr, m< 

Kunrt. >d[n^ in >^i<i, j 

SaLLtrLljle» Bdj-ou^fuj pnrf jiA 

^^-Hpeatl, B-frnviwf ifdBtfriA, £ 

iHUte. feiinfofri, t 

ScmlntBi^, idj. omsmAnfefdaMmiiH 


ScmlqasvA f.dnu^crocDi, t. 



SmlX'i'i. rf>Ai?^r.. f. 

rw'L^'. ' 


i^fxi, «i-™ra, a. 


Sniu, iMiM. m. 




•.Id^TTWri'^n. m., auls- 



m nJ'i iMi flAuljit 

r£ri^» f.p nfmji, fr4?rcf| in. 



Solu-, S^iafy, mtg- mJuir-'llllal, 

I'l^''^^^"^"™' ' 

rfi, un fw. m. ^^ Sanni, lAv. c^remml, mal ' 

n, adj> Hnoro, frtannai 

—Hhg, 1, j Bim ir , ■— ■- niWw, Mil 

tliMlltl, (,ig<i*M<, JnMni, (spCff 


|g^,-«;, ^ 

iSfiiiraMni/iLaprMir! wnlrr, m. 
Bcnenr, >. loreltr, mwWBi, m. 

SordUfil. idv. 


S(iiiiiillu(,tigjlMn«wiH(, (Binf lumira 

Sm^gn. ■■ 'J^- """•« 

nwiliiiiiil. iili ijiiir I spuniiFlias 

fliidainiiiii. t. ipmib JHinIut, I, Spumn-mu 


limit, i. (hto, i«tjaux da Iraii •mi, Spuuis,>.a 

— At ardi, pl/fua, m> [F- Spaani, i. af 

•f%»r .' 

'hutanum., tanriui^ Seta niaM» V. ' SpAduc, n 
— (mulat ttrm), brogue, I- p—- ^- _ 


SpuUr^ L £nn^oJi f — » to. croeAfr, imchotpr [t 

Bpudil, I. tarAft, m., <pigiml, mr, Spairn, >.Jhii. in..>eiii>na di pUuM, 

^^ bU- ranponr, * — > vd, fiai/er, riattre, jnnenv 

SpaaUhf^ivvntaawnoi — , vii. ffn^ntdnr par- dH jVaf 

— > Idl. ttpagnBl, m Spawner. l »>lHimtt>>Hni.A*C'i >■■ 

— »!, canlSiriA, I SpaaplDf. ■./rsi, m., racOimiUfrlir, 

— Uanoriec.jM di ri^ne, to. — Unu. Ani. 'SM|it da>aj, m. ^ 

— [muliii Unsl, nlit it MnMUw. t — atiuat, din du biin da 
^lullllii, md]. tarti. frien nil, a; vi- — Ul of, dira ilu taoj ib 

SpAiv^vn-'&va. r'^r^nar.aHirrfttf'Mrei — . vl pwHrdirfu^ r^£at^(« 
mtnaeer, ,Ktf»amtaB>'t ifiimrgnar Spnrmnn, & ioncier, m. 

— , fl<lj, malgte, mince da r^servf, jVu- Spe^L. odJ-a^'a'j a; wr-fidi^L 
pal, Kbre. /•20ni/ma, ^vpiai't, a c.wj>m„ _j^ ^.r, .-■„^-__f 

— did. m^l^'ckire. ^" iSi't, 1 

— Imvsl irctnlol mm), do .iwlajiini SpKWc.lmiijyii'i^ lifli'/i^uarnu" 

— llmi, loijir, (emjj rj- r^jtrre, m. — . Sp«aciiJ, »clj. Mretfl^iio 
Sparenen, «■ maiByfUr, t. &pa^caUyjBdv.apn:n?ai<emanrrciffAifk 
Sp«Brl»,«.C(lleiliJ|Mr(, t SpMiacMfon, i. .ga:tfiailk,il.diutll* 
Siaitae,tjU^tiiagaT,ira:fivga!.tiibrr, Srcat;, n. iiict/lar, MarmUtir, fiBlr 

SpuiLj^ly, Adv. airaa ^rgna, frt^iala- Spedmcn, l ^Monfi/fon, rnnVft, vb 

fn^nr, ^jiomi^rment, aobratntnt Spfdoua, idj. ap^ciaiv, nta 

Sptrlngnrn, i. ffiarf^nt, pareitnonit, t. Spcclouilr, ndv. afil^aiiairniaHt 

— (fop), paUf -naif ra,^;anJj^j^n(,Di. Sptt^, t. tadu, nvj'^ug, C, pobtl,'tiL 

Split, I. inViifia, I 


^MnM^ adj. fill ii'*m>pl>A 

Sfiieaitat, Adj. briinni, a f ^vifaTitf, ir 
SplemUdlr, idr. ififanrfl^imiU 

SpUa, I; tpiHvra, t 

BdUde. 1. £SLi, HnUfa, r.. Hiw. n. 

EfUnls, I. AUf dliMi, Bin HfHiNi, (. 

Kpoiirul, lid|. jWdln. fKiflUU; iki 
Spfinfullr, Mv, V4r p M WJi 
lipiinlBS, litii, bmSiiagt, B. 

SpoRlRliai.'LMdMai^, Ok 

Bjnuic, ■. f^DU, DaiH 



partr ^itne praprrl^ nffbttti 

quaimuh, idj. i&ail, i 


!?ST^iXr;5SS' [^;„ 

Ti, 1. ftflm-d. m. 



Squinl, idj. toiKA' 

-, vi>. badKr, blirla- 


si, »dj. inw, » 



ito^fii-. £ 



sSi.aaS'X'aabiuu, •oOdut, t 



■ASSiC «""*■• 


-. n. afo<w, nunr. n [» 

sag, t.arf,m. 


— mile. !,.fKiaU. m. 


m £<Stt Mm MoM, !>„ dioi- 



Saetpinj'. <■ pi*w * wmwi, f. 




tjsr* •' ! 

— (urine MatAi).'*- iirlH, f. 

— liniiitiri' tnod m 


snuiin,' ^ MiAiik dL ( tant, a 

— , Adj^ 6oiii »«.■ A^'i * - J 




inier, t. a$trologiie, m. 
kioawk, 1. lanitTt m. 
Ilk, adv. tout djhit, entUrement 
aaj. vrai, «/ fianctfiranehe i rude 
ixUght, a. ehUr ditoiu, m. 

irUke* a4i* radUi e 
irifaw, •. ttoumeau, avant-bee, m. 
•md, aOj, semi dPmtUet 
am, adj. AoU/, e ; omi eTAMe* 

JitMxtboat, u exhalaimm wtjlammie, f. 

Start, 1. tretaaillement dT^ffivi, m. 

— , va. & vn. treaaaWir, sauter de peur, 
fakre un ieart, lancer, /aire pkrtir, 
partir,jdropoaer, dicowrir, alarmer 

— from, wiearter 

— tiie anduv, d^ptonf er 

— op* itScoer 

— water, vider feau dee piicee 
Sturter, i. qui abandonne eon deeeein 
Scaitliiff, a4j> onUtrageux, eueet peu- 

Starting^bolt, s. repoueeoir d manOu, m. 
Starting'i^acei i. harriire, f. 
Startle, va. & vn. faire peur, eurprendre 
Startling, s. faction de eurprendre, f. 
Starve, va. qffamer 
— , vn. mourir defaim 
Starvriing, %. & adj. t^ffami, e 
Sute, s. itat, m., pompe, grandeur, hau- 
—, va. rigler, Hablir \teur, fiert^, f. 
Statdinea. i. grandeur, f. 
Stately, adj. euperbe, noble 
— , adv. euperbement, faatueusement 
Statesman, s. homme d^at, m. 
Stateswoman, s. politique, f. 
Static, StatiBtical, adj. etatique 
Statics, s. etatique, f. 
Stetion, s. etation, f., poete, m. 
— , va. poster, piacer 
Stationary, adi. etationnaire 
Stationer, i. Iwraire, m., papetier, Ore 
Statuary, s. etatuaire, m., sculpture, f. 
Statue, s. etatue, figure, f. 
Stature, s. stature, taille, t. 
Statutable! adj. oon/orme aux lots 
Statutably, adv. en vertu des his 
Statute, s. etatut, r^glement, m. 

— labour, corv^, f. 

— labourer, corveleur, m. 

— laws. Me parlementaires, f. pi. 
Stave, va. brtser, dij/oncer, dimolir 

— off, itxarter, ditoumer 
Staves, s. domes, f. pi. 

Stay, a. bride de beguin, reldche, f., di- 

led, e^ur, etai, appui, m. 
«-, va. fc vn. attendre, rester, itayer 
— at a place, arriter, passer 
Stayband, s. titiire, f. 
Stayed, adj. pos^, e; retenu, e 
Stayediy, adv. posiment 
Stayedness, s. serieux, euse 
Stayer, s. celui qui arrets 
Staylace, s. lacet, m. 
Suys, s. corps dejupe, m. 
Stead, s. lieu, usage, m., place, f. 
— , vn. eervir, rendre service 
Steadfut, hd).ferme, constant, e 

I Steadfiutly, adv. eonstamment 
I Steadfastness, n.fsrmet«^, f. 
. Steadily, adv. avecfermetd 
' Steadiness, s. Constance, f. 
Steady, sjl].fBrme, siir.e; constant, e 

— breeze, s. une brisejiiite, t 

— hand, main sHre, t. 
Steak, s. tranche, griUade, t. 
Seal, va. dirober, voler 

— a marriage, se marierdandestinement 

— away or off, s^esquiver, se sauver 
Stealer, s. voleur, euse i larron, ne 
Stealing, s. vol, larcin, m. 
Stealingly, adv. d la d&ob^ 
Stealth, 8. larcin, m., men^s sourdes 
Steam, s. vapeur,^m^, £ 

— engue, pompe djeu, t 

— , vn. exhaler, Jeter dee vapeurs 

Steed, s. cheval, coursier, m., jument, f. 

Steel, s. acter, Jusil, bri^tet, m. 

— , va. ac&er, endurcir 

Steely, adj. deader, acdr^, e 

Steelyard, a romaine, f., peson, va. 

Steep, s. pricipice, m. 

— , adj. roide, escarp^, e 

— , va. tremper, mouiller, infiuer 

Steeple, s. clocher, m., tour, aiguille, f. 

Steeply, adv. avec raideur 

Steepness, s. raideur, pente escarp^, f. 

Steepy, adj. sourcilleux, euse 

Steer, s. bouvillon, m. 

—, va. gouvemer, conduire, faire rotite 

Steerage, s. timon, vn., ihamhre en avant 

de la cloiaon du salon 
Steering, s. gouvemement, m. 

— wheel, roue de gvuvemaU, t 
Steersman, s. timonier, m. 
Steganography, s. la stiganographie, f. 
Stellar^ adj. qui conceme les dtoiles 
Stellation, s. scintillation, f. 

Stem, s. tige, etrave, f., iperon, m. 
— , va. arreter le cours, sopposer d 

— the tide, ^ire voile contre maree 
Stench, s. puanteur, f. 
Stenography, s. st^wgraphie, f. 
Stentorophonic, adj. hruyant, e 

Step, s. jMs, m., enjamb^e, demarche, f. 
— , vn. alleTtfnire un tour 

— after, suivre 

— aside, se mettre a Tfcftrt, iicarter 

— back, rebrousser chemin 

— down, descendre 

— in, entrer 

— out, sortir 

— over, passer, traverser 

— up, monter 

Stepdaughter, s. bellefllle, f. 
Stepfather, s. beau-pire, m. 
Stepmother, s. belle-mire, mardtre, f. 
Stepping, s. faction daller 

Stepson, s. beau-fils, m. [dufUmier 

Stercoraceous, adi. qui est de la nature 
Stercoration, s. Faction de fumer une 
terre fm. 

Stereography, s. Fart de la st&^grapnie. 
Stereotype, s. & adj. stiirMppe 
— , va. st&A)tj/per 
Sterile, ad], stmte 

>tn6, ul>. iiWwinlMjriiriiteii 

SicnmuDTT, a^ & t^ tlem 
Stnr, L vtBier, m., rtuHi a 

— In, anflraar, flri tnfiaei 

m. iWnafmiinl, m. 


BtiiCr/uii', iniiB» 

BlUiia, 1, BMmiw. JtSWHHW, r, 
SHiinillF, SilBiiuUul. lilj. InjUrno 

SeUf, 1. tmvim. oil"'"', fi. "W". m. 
— (VHRkEordifULinhqil, ■. nAmAic, m. 

Stuilmni, %. aori-ni 

Mjir, Sir. ™'.yw™ Bw bnu 

^ilmiUiUaii, t. Mcif alim, t. 

Sdnfllndi, M. mffulnmiet 16 





StcnuKheda a(i|j.iieM, «; iiuHgnidun 
mmuvait jKraeaU 

SttMnacher, t. piice eTeatomae, f. 

SuxnwfafuU auij,Jier, iiret spinidtn 

Sttmacfaie, adj. stomaek^ue 

Stomacblcu, adj. tkxoAte, e 

ftoDe, 9. pierir9, ti bkxxl-ttoiie, «an- 
guine, t i flinc stone, pierredJiitU, f. { 
necKitooe, pierre de taille, t; mill- 
gtoiie« meult d« mouiin, t; pebble* 
stone« eaUlou, m. ; puioicestone, pierre 
poncst f* i loadstone, aimantg m. ; 
umMtone, pikrre ealcaire, f. ; chalk- 
stone, craie, f. ; sandstone, tuf, m. 

— (a disease), to pierre, t. 

— (a wdfffat), puidM quatorza livrea 

— of fruit, ntiffau, no., pepins, m. pL 
— k a4j* de pierre, fait de pierre 

— , va. la/Mer, endureir 
Stone-aluin, s. alun de roehe, m. 
Stone blind* a4j. aveugle 
Slone-boctle, s. une bouteiUe de gria 
Stonecolour, s. badigeon, m. 
Stone^nitter er Stone mason, s. tailleur 

de pierre, nu 
Sumejpit, s. carriire, t. 
Stonewovk, s. ouvrage en pierre, m. 
Sconiness, sl quality pierretue, t 
Stoning, s. lapidation, f. 
Stony, adi. pierretue, euee 

— fruit, fi-uit graveieus, m. 

— heart, cteur de rocher, m. 
Stool, s. tabouret, m., telle, t. 

Stoop, SL Faction de ee bai*aer on de ae 
courber, inclination, eoumitaion, f. 

^ va. & vn. baieser, plier, courber, con- 
deseendre, ^abeueser, ee courber 

— one's head, baieser In tite 

— the dish, pencher le plcU 

— Ibrward, pencher en avant 
Stoopingly, adv. en ee baiasant 

Stop, s. retardement, obstacle, empMie- 

ment, delai, m., pause, interruption, 

dieco9itinuation, f. 
— , va. & vn. arriter, retarder, tfarriter, 

fttire halte, boucher, ponctuer 
Stoppage, s. Obstruction, f. 
Stopper, i,fouloir, m., bosse* f. 
Stopple, 8. boucfum, ni. 
Storax, 8. storax, m. 
Store, s. quantity, abondance, t. 
—, va. munir, r^server, amasser, accu- 

tnuler, pourvoir, frarnir, remplir 
Storehouse, s. magasin, m. 
Scorer, s. garde-magusin, m., personne 

9US amasse, mt I 

Storeroom, s. sovte, f., garde-manger, m. ' 
Storing, a. faction de munir, f. 
Storlt, a cigogne, f. i 

Storm, 8. orage, assaut, m., tempite, f. 
— , va. fc vn. tempeter, foudroyer, doth- 

ner f assaut d une place, e'entporter 
Storming, s. entportement, m. 
Stormy, adj. orageux, euse 
Story, s. histoire, f., conte, iftage, m. 
— , va. raconter, confer, dire 
Storyteller, s. conteur, euse 
Stoutf s. biere trie forte, f. 

Stout, adj. brave, courageux, euses vi> 

goureux, euse; fitr, iire 
Stoutly, adv. vertement, vaillamment 
Stoutness, s. bravoure,Jierte, raideur, t 
Stove, s. poile,fijurneau, potager, ixu, 
I etuve, chax^jgrrette, f. 
— , va. tenir chaudement dans une Auve 
Stow, va. fsrrer, arranger 

— goods in a ship, arrituer 
Stowage, a magasinage, arrimage, m. 
Stowed, adj. arrange, e i serri, e 
Stower, a arrimeur, m. 
Stowing, s. Faction de serrer, f. 

. Straddle, vn. barter lesjambes 
Straggle, vn. i^< carter, roder 
Straggler, s. tralneur, mf. 
Straight, adj. droit, e 
— , adv. sur le champ 
Straighten, va. dresser, redresser 
Straightly, adv. etroitement 
Straightness, s. oualite d'etre droit, f. 
Straightways, adv. sur le champ, tout de 

suite, d'abord, aussitot, incontinent 
Strain, s. air, accord, son, m., enturse, 

ligne, race, f. 
— , va. & vn. couler, passer, tfefforcer, 

s'dvertuer, outrer, presser, ^reindre 

— oneself, se forcer, fatigu- r 
Strainer, s. passoire, f., couloir, m. 
Strait, i. detroit, defile, pertuis, emboT' 

ras, m., peine, ddtresse, t 

— between mountains, gorge, f. 
— , adj. etroit, e; droit, et Acrr^, e 
Straiten, va. ttrccir, retncir, incommo- 
Straitened, adj. d Fetruit, a court [der 
Straitlaced, adj. foraf, e; gen^, cun- 

traint, e ; strict, rigide 
Strait! y, adv. d t etroit, expresscment 
Scraiiness, s. petitesse, gene 
Strand, s. rivage ileve, bord, rn. 

— of a rope, toron dun cordage, m, 
— , vn. (chouer sur la cote 
Stranded, adj. ^choue, e 
Strange, adj. Strange, tftonnant, e 

— (foreign), ^ranjfer, ere 
— ! interj. chose et range ! 
Strangely, adv. ^transffment 
Strangeness, s. bizarr'erie, singular itt', f. 
Stranger, s. Granger, ere 
Strangle, va. itrungler 
Stran^ler, s. peisoiine qui Strangle, mf. 
Strangles, s. gtmrme, f. 
Strangulation, s. strangulation, f. 
Strangury, s. sup^>ression d'urine, f. 
Strap, 8. courroie, bande de cuir, oreille 

de Soulier, f., tirant de botte, m. 
— , va. donner les itriviires 
Strappado, s. eatrafrnde, f. 
Strata, s. couches, f. pi. 
Stratagem, s. strutagime, m. 
Stratification, s. stratification, f. 
Stratum, s. couche, f., couchis, m. 
Straw, 8. vaille, obole, f., brin de paUle, 

zeste,j(ftH, m. 

— bed, paillasse, f. 

— hat, chapeau de paille, m. 
Strawberry, :f raise, f. 
StrawcolouFi s. jaune pdUei m. 




Stray* a. b^e igarie, f. 

— , vn. s'^garer, s'6earter 

StOLjiag, 8. ilgaremeni, m. 

Strnk, I. rate, biutde, f. 

— , viuftUre du raies, rayer 

Scrnkjr, adj. rajf^, e: bigarri, e: brode, e; 

Stnam, s. courantg fil de Feau, filet, 

eau 9tU eoule, ruisteau, m. 
— t vn. cottier, ruitseler, ra^rmer 
Streamer, u/lamtne, f., paoiUon, m. 
Streaming, s. FeKtion de couAjt, f. 
Streamy, adj. courantg e : qui coule 
Screec, s. ntet f. 

— door, porte de devant, t. 
Streetmuker, ai beMeur tie pav^, m. 
Strength, %. force, vigueur, f. 
Strengthen, va. fini^er, affiermir 
Strengthener, s. corroboratif, m. 
Strengthening, s. taction de fortifier, f. 
Strengthlest, a4j. eons force, fiiible 
Strenuous, wfy vaiUant, e ; hardi, e 
Strenuously, adv. hardiment 
Strenuouinen, s. hardieeee, f., zile, m. 
Streperous, adj. quifsiii du bruit 
Stress, I. point CMentiet, nu, emphase, £ ; 

to put to a — , mettre dans rembatraa 

— of WBT, fort de la guerre, m. 

— of weather, gros tempt, m. 
Stretch, s. Vendue, bord^, f., ejffbrt, m. 
— , vn. Aendre, preter, raidir 

— fonrard, avaneer 
Stretcher, s. ce qui eert d Sargir 
~«, pL traverHru, m. 

Strew, va. joncher, r^ndre 
Striated, adj. strii, e ; cannett', e 
Stiiature, s. dispogition dee atrins, f. 
Stricken, adj. avanci, e ; casse, e 
Strickle, s. radoire, f. 
Strict, adj. etrict, e ; dtroit, e ; aerri, e 
Strictly, adv. strictement, Hroitement 
Strictness, a rigueur, exactitude, f. 
Stricture, s. Pincette, bluette, censure, f., 

trait, essai, resserrement, m. 
Stride, 8. emjambie, f., excis, m. 
— , va. enjamber, marcher d grands pas 
Stridingly, adv. en enjambant 
Strid ulcus, adj. quijhit un petit bruit 
Strife, 8. diffh-end, dtlbat, m. 
Strifeful, adj. contentieux, euse 
Strike, s. meeure, f., boisseau, m. 
— , va. & vn. frapper, battre, aJSUger 

— a bargain, conclure un marche 

— asndnst a rock, dchouer, se briser 

— blind, rendre aoeugle 

— down, fiiire tomber 

— fire, tirer dufeu 

— in with, se conformer d 

— off, cow>€r, faire sauter 

— out, tracer; se. lancer, sejeter 

— root, prendre racine 

— terror, inspirer de la terreur 

— the hour, sonner I'heure 

— through, percer outre 

— up music, j'ouer 

Striker, s. batteur, euse; frappeur, euse 
Striking, tul). frappant, e/ itonnant, e 
String, s. cordon, m., attache, t 

String, va. garrUr de cordee, en 
Stringed, ac|j. gar^i de cordis 
Stringent, adj. ^t serre, qui eo 
Stringless, adj. sans cordee 
Strings, pi. cordes, fibres, f. 

— of a vine, tendrons, scions, t 
Stringy, wdj. Jibreux, euse; cot 
Strip, SL bande, f. 

— , va. d^uiUer, d^capder, d^i 
Stripe, 8. coup, m., raie, barrci 
— , va. raifer 

Stripling, s. jeune garCon, m. 
Strive, vn. tdcher, ftffiarcer, co 
Striver, s. celui qui tdche 
Strivingly, adv. d I'enn 
Stroke, s. coup, trait, nu 
— , va. caresser avec la main 
Strokesman, s. vogue-avant, m. 
Stroll, \7L trdler, rdder, rodder 
Stroller, s. rddeur, euse 
Strolling, a(^. qui r6de, qui rem 

— player, 8. comedien ambubmi 
Strong, adj.^br^, e; puissant, 

— limbed, rohuste, trapu, e 
Strongly, adv. puissamment,fD 
Strop, 8. estrop, m. 

— , va. estroper 

Strow, va. rdpandre, parsemer, 
Struck, ad'j, fi-app^, e 
Structure, s. structure, f. 
Struggle, 8. effort, m., dispute, 
— , vn. se ddnener, ^agiter, tat 
Struggler, s. qui se dtfmine, toL 
Struma, s. ^crouelles, f. pi. 
Strumous, adj. scrofitleux, etiat 
Strumpet, s. prostUude, f. 
— , va. se conduire en prostituA 
Strut, 8. d-marche fiere et orgh 
— , vn. se pavaner, se carrer 
Stub, 8. chicot, trone, m. 
— , va. ddraciner, arracher 
Stubbed, adj. trapu, e ; membr 
Stubble, s. chaume, va. 

— goose, 010 d'automne, f. 
Stubborn, aiij. tetu, e ; obstind, 
Stubbornly, adv. obstinement 
Stubbornness, s. opinidtreU, f» 
Stucco, 8. stuc, tn. 

Stud, 8. clou-jaune, m. 

— of horses, haras ^ m. 

— , va. gamir de clous jaunes 
Studding-sails, s. bonnettes, f. p 
Student, s. iftudiant, e ; propo* 
Studied, adj. drudit, e; affecti, 
Studier, s. tttudiant, e ; qui tftu 
Studious, adj. studieux, euse; d 
Studiously, adv. soigneusemeni 
Studiousness, s. attachementdFi 
Study, 8. ^ude, f., cabinet, m. 
— , va. & vn. etudier, s'etudier 
Stuff, s. ^njfft!, matidre, vilenie 
vres mortes, f. pi., doublage, 
cordages, m. pL ; household 
bles, m. pi. Idtchen — , gralSi 
sine, f. ; old — , vieillerie, f. 
— , va. manger gloutonnement. 
Stuffing, s. farce, action de rem 
Stum, s. eurmo^, vin doux, m. 

oTltlllDli, ■ntonoia, m. 
•Bnld, (ili.'iniiildd, h«<n'^', • 
SnidUj, Adv. brittvtVKtitt 



Sulyeei, i. t^jM. a 

ibillAj^il» L faOttir, ID. 

idi. #iiMfiafiv 

Lwituirp tdir. jb&jrontffUfiufitr 

Sutadndi^ niMtn 


SotMaet^, k eoeJuM djr loii, oL 

gMg.fcg».«fc rj i £ii ««tMt 

alow, ^potmlanti, i. {mMm^ 

Supemrgp, L Ar*9 




Same, s. AmcIs, 


SorifaMM, 1. tmmrgue,Mert^, t 
Soflain. i. Mmrkmg^ t, olopnf, m. 
Soily, Mlj. reekigne, «/ totnm, • 
Sarmiae, a, <pit p pp w , m., pnrinoMoii, 1 
— . Ta. j^t i iigiwer, MMtpOMUMr 
Sn n n Wn g, a. jmiu^, « / twi yii w rt ai i .t 
bonnoant, rm. ncnHoneer, tmrptmer 
Snimnunublp, adj. qui pemt Hm Mff^ 
Safname, t. m i m o m , m. _ Inmmtitt 


pL tm pp ct U , B., mtiaxte$, f. 
e,adyam pf tt t r , i " 


SappoKT, t. cehti ftri 
SappoKtion, ^ >tifp>h-.. ., ~ 
Suppoaatkns. m^. tm/mmai, « [ < MB p — ^ 
StippoihkiiMunas, a. /Vtaf d» ce a«n etf 
Scapua fai i riy . mdt. 

r. «- 

1, a. Mpprearian. t 
i, a. yi mtpfrime 
Sappatatc, m. aatppMrer 
SappontioD, a. mppicrafiam C 
SapparatiTc, adj. ntpfmntift taw 
Suppatacon, a. Mtppatfafion, 1., ealea(<f 
Soppate, ra. eaicuJer, compter [m, 

SapRmacj-, a. —jri-fiiaafig, f. 
Supmne, adj. trnprrme, tomeram, e 
SapRfD«!f , adr. «h ntprime dagrt 
Sonddmoo, %. ee <iu'<m ^jtmie on iMMt 
Soxanoe, s. a«nrrajiee» aecurit^, L 
Sariwte, a. toBtmtwrt, f. 

— a hone, ra. fimthr 
Soroeasr, ra. ««rraeo«r, eeaaer 
Surcfaar;^, s. ««rcAar]f«, £ 

— , ra. tHTtharfftr, dtarger trop 
Sazcingle, v eemturet 1, aurfais, m. 
Surd, adj. «o*<rtf, « 
SonfitT, s. mnitt^, £ 
Sure, a^ aiir, e ,* atauri, e 
Sorefoocxd, adj. fut a le pied tur 
SurIj, ad\*. nurrmentt aaaurement 
Soieness, ai certiUtde, t 
Surctisbip, «. eautkmnemientt m. 
Surecj, & caution, aancranee, f. 
Surf, a. retaoc. m. 
SarUeCt s. «iif:^ice, mperfide, t 
Surfeit, a. tiMf^fetfion, £, dlfjn^t m* 
— '> va. & TD. crapulert nuaaner 

— ODcaelf , «ff aouler, ae i 
Surfdtcr, «. gioutottt ne 
Surtidtfaiff, ai ere^iu/e, f. 

SurpataiB;. mOy imitaeni, e; 
Sorpaoingiy, adv. 
Sorplk^ ai «avyift#. 
Soil*!*, ai aaar jlau, ^, w»^, 

ai aw^cf^ov, in. 

a.««rpr<a9, 1 

SoipriBiis. adj. a w jw g i Mu i r, « 
Sorprinn^ J, adv. caw amrpHa§ 
Soncnder, a. rvdrfirion, t ^ ^y ii al ia m £ 
— t v«- rr Jidre, Iwrar 
— , remdre, a9 Hvrer {_pr i at imi v 

— oBcaelf, >btr9 tengafermite, a* randn 
Saneodxj, a. reddiiian, rrip^pMCioii, f. 
Sompckm, b auArflsprion, aurpriaa, t 
SuRpcHiooa, adj. aubripiiee, dkidh 
Sain«ate^s.««ibar(fttf,« [raMr 
— > va. an fl roiyey, a u bati ti t a r 
Sorrogatioo, a. aubrogmtion, t 
Sormmd, va. ettvinmner, entourar 
Sortoat, a. aurtout, m. 

Sarrene, va. nirtKfitr [eMfe, i 

Survey, a. vue, deaeriptum, tfupacMan, 

— of land, eaT>entaget m. 

— , va. viaiter, ittapeetert ftUre una re- 
vue, promenar aa aue, arpenter 

Sunneyar, a. intendant, a; arpenUmr, 
euaa; ordUterte, mf. 

— of die hifchwaya, vofer, m. 
Stureyonhip, s. qMee dintaatiemt, m., 

quatiU dintettdant de voyer, L 
Snrriew, va. nM-wtOer 
Survival, Survivanoe, a. aurviaanee, t 
Survive, va. & vn. aurvivra d 
Survivor, a. aurvivant, e 
Survivorship, s. atmioanee, t 
Surviving, adj. faction de aurvian, f. 
SoaoepdUlity. a. auaeepiibtht^, t 
SuaoqiCible, Snaoepdve, adj. nnoapMfe 
Suaeeption, a. auaeeptian, t. 
Suadpiency, a. r^eeptiun, admiaaian, t 
Suadpient, a.eequi prmd, refoit, m. 
Suadtate, va. auactf er, r^aeiUer 
Soadution, a. Paetitm Readier, t 
Suspect, va. & vn. aompfmmer, aa dffkm' 
Suspectfnl, adj. aoupcmmauxt euaa 
Suspend, va. auapenara, orrHer 
Suspending, b nupenafon, C, 
Suapenae, a. aaiapefue, dou/«, m. 
—» adlj. temi en auapena, in-Mu, a 
Suapenakm, a. auapenaUm, interriatkm, 
Suspeoaoty, adj. auapena^f, nw [& 




n, u. toupfon, nupicion, f. 
as, a4}. ntv>«ci, «•* toupfunr 

UMly, adv. ootfc «oiippon 
osncM, a. ditptuiHun d toupfonr 

km. ■» toupir, tanffiot, m. 
vik & vn. soupirer.tangioter 
vik toutenir, toimrir 
ible* mU* wu<0**aote 

ml, (|w< tottffi^, mf. 
ooe, 8. eniretien, m. 

8. autvre, couture, t 

torchon, m.,/b*U)«rt, m. 
a»0r, net^i/«r,Jitub«rter 
', a. mou4$e,/iMuberteur, m. 
a. fc vn. e'er^fimoer, ifahaiuer, 
is$er, plier, adoucir, apaiaer 
', yUm jkUrc l«fi», to mdMnont 
tr, t. /riorieux, rcdomont, fan- 
,fiiuahrave, m. 
iog, s. ostentation, f. 
• a4i* 9**' P^n^f pa** m propre pe- 
k berger, amant, m. [jan<«ur 
' (bird), ■» hirondelle, f. 
itroat), s. oeotoirtf, 1., goeier, m. 
water, gober, eabler 

once, engouler 

squander away, engloutir 

n. maraie, m. 

f, adj. ntarA:ageuM, euee 
. cygne, m. 

in, s. moiieton, in.,flanttlle, f. 
I. pelotue, f. 
in of bacon, couenne, f. 
s. eeaaim, vcu,ftiule, t 
cs, fourmUUre, f. 
(Maimer, fourmitter 
ncM, •. tein^ basani, m. 
', adj. baean^, e i brul^, e 
I, adj. un p0U bcuon^, e 
». grand mfailiiuement cTeau, 
$, m. 

'aire rejaillir, ferraiUer [m. 
ickler, s. rodomont, faux brave, 
, %.fanfaron,firameur, m. 
I. rang, m., bande, f. 
». maiUot, m., tanguea, m. pi. 
mmailloter [tion, t. 

\. pouooir, empire, m., domtmi- 
[omin«r, r^ner, gouoemer 
enn), hieeer, guinder 
m. 5c vn. jurer, assurer, dMa- 
fee serment, blasphemer 
, a. jureur, euse 

g, •. Jurement, m. 

i. nftfwr, transpiration, fiitiffue, 
, t., travail, m. 

c vn. ni«r, transpirer,faire suer 
?xsuder, gu&ir, chasser 
, s. n<;«^ d suer, m. 
flTt •• sueur, taction de suer, t 
adj. suant, e i tout en eau 
n. seeousse, I'aetion de balaper, f. 
jena), aviron, m. 
Kzteyer, ramonner 

Siveeper, s. balajfeur, euse 
Sweepings, a. pL balayures, f. 
Sweepoet, s. fyervisr, m. 
Sweepstake, s. rajle, f.,prix, m. 
Sweet, 8. douceur, t, ptaisir, m. 
—, adj. doujc, douce i charmant, e; pro- 
pre, agrdable, mtiodi'-ux, euse 
Sweetbread, s. ris de veau, m. 
Sweetbriar, s. iglantier musqui, m. 
Sweeten, va. ttdoucir, sucrer 
Sweetener, s. adoucissant, m. 
Sweetheart, s. maUresse, f, amant, e 
Sweeting, s. pomme St Jean, f. 
Sweetish, a4j. doucareiu, euse 
Sweetly, adv. agreablement 
Sweetmeats, s. pL confitures, f. 
Sweetness, s. douceur, f. 
Sweet-scented, adj. parfumf, e 
Sweet-smelling, adj. odorant, e 
Sweet-spoken, adi. doucereux, euse 
Sweet-toothed, adj. /rinnd, 
Sweetwilliam, s. oeillet de poite, m. 
Swell, s. augmentation de grotsaur, f. 

— of the sea, vogues de la mer, houles, 
— , va. enfier, grosser, i&nfier [fc p). 

— out, pouHser en dehors 
Swelled, adj. er^/U, e ; gonft^, e 
Swelling, s. enflure, tumeur, f. [_ant, e 
— , adj. boi^ffi, e: ampouU, e; sororv- 

— words, des mots ampoules 
Swelter, vn. itoviffer, briUer, s^her 
Sweltry, a^j. itoi^ffant, e 
Swerve, vn. s'^carter, s'^higner 

Swift, s. courant, cours rapide, torrent, 

— (a bird), s. martinet, m. [m. 
— , adj. vite, rapide, raide, l^ger, ire 

— , va. rabanter, brider, aaeurer, mettre 

une ceinture d 
Swifter (sea term), s. ceinture, bride, t, 

raban, faux hauban, m. 
Swiftly, adv. vitement, rapidement, 

promptement, l^girement 
Swiftness, s. vUesse, rapiditi, t. 
Swig, s. un long trait, un grand coup 
—, va. boire d tongs traits 
Stvill, s. lavure, f. 
— , va. & vn. boire avec avidity, s'Mivrer 

— (to drench), laver, arroser 
Swiller, *. ivrogne, m. 
Swilling, s. crapule, f. 

— , adj. ivrogne 

Swim, vn. uager,Jlotter sur Feau 

— over, surnager 
Swimmer, s. nageur, euse 
Swimming, s. nage, taction de nager 

— of the head, vertige, m. 

— or bathing place, bain, m. 
Swimmingly, adv. avec succis 
Swine, s. cochon, pourceau, va. 
Swinebread (plant), s. pain de pourceau, 
^ (kind of mushroom), s. trujfe, f. [nu 
Swineherd, s. porcher, ire 
Swinelike, adv. en cochon 

Swing, 8. escarpolette, seeousse, vibra- 
tion, balanfoire, t, branle, essor, m. 

— gate, bascule, f. 

, — wheel, roue de rencontre, f. 

i — , va. & vn. secouer, agiter, brimbttkr 

SriumnUul, wlj. v" 

tlliMi i&i.<v>i 'iwu I 

jL, TuiwiHouni, ijr njufto/nil, « 

(or.oMCBm- TMilinj, i. otlui uii ™Ub TBI J» 

n bow, M6a»'**fl pl^i m- 
Tipiltr, >. sorf"" "' ™°"1"' 


■dj. loMiKrfiJBii 

Tuum, idl. iM ■ tcninHp III ftil 

'nuiit I, towTSitiiK, B. 

Tutnn*. t. iaHI, '■^■■•^■X- 

~. adj. MM, If atti,t 


TiDUkvr- ■■ limtolvit, rMiM. C 


Ttdiy, UJ. MJlcllt i ifm 


Titnplju, ■. RV MJre If u TVnip^', 

40 futHlf t-fl^n etmm, T. 

,■. en'ruIWIK'irrJfftlAFlhauf, CpL 

-2<»aJ- P"' ■!*■■ «<;;■ f*™' 9™ 

ThciiDr. 11%. 4iinru, roKf ^ifi'"' 

TBIcktaios, t. tpainiitenitKt.v 




rr, trailer famUiirement 

uoique, encore que f bien 

'ourtant, at 

>s^, rtflexion, opinion, 

atitint f. 

. r^eur, euee ; peneif, 

dv. dCun air reoeur [itte 

, s. humeur r^uee, f. 

j. Aourdi, e; Uger^ ire 

idv. Mourdiment 

, s. inadvertanee, t, 

Uier, mil, miiie, m. 

j. mUlieme 

^lavage, m. 

e, servitude 

er, battre 

teur, euee 

ttage, m. 

.ftmfaron, m. 
I., suite, f. 
'avereer, paster 
. qui montre la corde 
ait dejU 
amenteux, euse 
'enir, affirmer 
ce, f. 
idomont, m. 
menaces, f. pi. 
nt, e ; qui menace 
idv. d^un air menafant 
nenafant, e 
trois pieds 


uil, m., entr^, f. 

m., frtigalit^, ^rgne, 
■re, economie, L 
ugalit^, ^pargne, f. 
Upensier, Ore 
nager, ere ; frugait « 
. {., foret, m. 
oercer, forer 
juatite de percer, ^prou- 

1. profiter, croUre, pro*- 
, venir bien, se bien por- 
)u etat, grandir 
ne qui fait bien sea af- 
sp^itif, f. l/aires, m. 
. heureusement 
r, m., gorge, f. 
ui a une grande avaloire 
^nteUe, f. 

tent, m., palpitation, t, 

ittement, m. [f. pL 

Ueurs de Venjdntement, 
t grandee dotUeur* 

Throng, i.fouie, preeee, f. 
—, vn. alier enfmle, fioeowHr,! 
Thronged, «dj. preset, e: JbuU, • 
Throttle, s. la trachie-arttre, U 
I —, va. Wrangler, *%{jlfiiquer 
Through, prep, par-dedans, d travert 
Throughly, adv. tuut-d-fait, dfimd 
Throughout, prep, tout, par-tout 
Throw, a. jet, coup, m. 
— , va. Jeter, tordre 

— awKf, Jeter, prodiguer, dAtenetr 

— off, quitter, se defaire, rejeter 

— silk, tordre la soie 
Throwster, s. tordeur de soie, m. 
Thrum, %.grosse/Uure, f. 

— , va. raclur, rosser, piquer, larder 
Thrush, s. grive, f., chattcre, m. 
Thrust, 8. coup, m., botte, t 

— away, ^carter, eloigner 

— back, repousser 

— in, cogner, mettre 
Thruster, s. celui qui pousse 
Thumb, 8. vouee, vn. 

~, va. feuilteter, manier gauehement 
Thump, s. coup de poing, m. 
— , va. bourrer, f rapper, rosser 
Thumping, a roctton de dotmer dee 

coups, (., coup de bdton, m. 
— , adj. gros, se 
Thunder, s. tonnerre, m. 
— , vn. tonner, foudroyer 
Thunderbolt, s. coup de tonnerre, m. 
Thundering, slA). foudroyaut, o 

— noise, s. tintamarre, m. 
Thunderstone, s. carreau, m. 
Thunderstrike, vil. f rapper deUmnement 
Thunderstruck, adj. interdiit e 
Thursday, s. jeudi, m. 

Thus, adv. amsi, de la sorte 

— far, Jusqu'ici, jusque id 
Thwack, s. coupe, tape, U 
— , va. taper, f rapper 
Thwart, s. banc ae rameurs, nu 
— , va. traverser, empieher 

— , adv. de travers, en travere 
Thwarting, adj. contreuHant, e 
Thwartingly, adv. d^une manUre eon- 
Thy, pron. ton, ta, tee Itraira 

Thyme, s. tf^m, serpoiet, m. 
Thyself, pron. toi-meme 
Tiara, s. tiare, f. 
Tick, a taie de lit, t., erMit, m. 

— (disease of horses), tic, m. 

— (insect), tiqtte, f. 

— , vu. /rapper, prendre d credit 

Ticking, a coutil, m. 

Ticket, %.Mq%tette, f., bUiet, m. 

— , va. biileter, Hiqueter 

Tickle, va. chatouUler, flatter 

Tickler, s. i^atouUleur, euse 

Tickling, s. chatouillement, m. 

Ticklish, adj. chatouUleux, euee 

Ticklishness, a difficulty, f. 

Tid, adj. delioat, e ; /Hand, et tendra 

Tiddle, va. dorloter, eareeser 

Tide, a mar^, f. 

—, vn. alter d la/aveHr de la nurit 


— , w^Hamar.couirrir at frr blame 


It, a. pot3mjSr^/maKt m 

Tlppu, >. niiKllin (UlorH, L 
TiMilt, •. IirniHifi, m. ^^ 

llpiiUDi, L bm/nirU. I 

Tlpi», 1. la iKinU ^^^. >• 

Tlrewaman, u my^rua, t \fititWMt^ 
T^auh I. aim. liBObneSa. [I 
lit, ■. pMt ctnnf, m., psHMfr, t 
TUlmbli, idl niMdtadiiiH' 
Tnbn, >. inimmliar, m. 

Vlcaarllcdi idj- QUI a Itflitt 
DDic. Tmilnl. mtlj. tonlqvt 
Uull, •.'amvnla&f! loiHiUH, 


iUi.IjIik™., t 
uUj., I., jfcrt., m. 

Tuiiurb,!. Ic'cA^iiHnH pifUs ptaN, a. 

Toper. ^ banur, ehtnaUer lie ttk ttvfitg 
IVipfUl, Hii. taut pttin [Bk 

ToptiFt, L fwUhr, m. 
Topii:, t, tuM, Jippitrvff, m. 
roplult tt^i- tajitipie i lemit t 
TDpo^nptHT, L eatui gulJWia tf §HII^ 

. . _r«l))ilc.l, niij. (DpMr»j*i5iM 

h^v wUn, frtnrtpaj', a 
Toniliiglr, Hi!*.™ iboUm 




Tosaer, >. cdui ou eeiie gui heme 
TbMing, a. seeouMe, afrtiatiottt f. 
Tosslnfcly, adv. avee gecousae 
Toupot, 8. ivrogne de profeasion, m. 
Toui, s. & adj. totalt e : entier, iire 
Totality, s. totality, f., tout, m. 
Totally, adv. Malement, enti^ment 
Totter, va. chancelert vaeiUer 
Tottering, adj. branlant, e 
Totteringly. adv. d'une mani^ t^Htn- 
Tottery, adj. chnncelantt e [celante 
Tbucb, s. toucher, tact, trait, m., tein- 

ture, teint«, touehe, ^preuve, f. 
— , va. & VD. toucher, arriverd, emouwHr 
Touchbde, s. lumiire, f. 
Touchiness, s. promptitude, aigreur, t 
Touching, adj. toucnant, e ,* pathetique 
— , prep, touchnnt, d Pfgard de 
Tbuchingly, adv. d^tme manidre tou 
Touchpan, s. beuainet, m. [chante 

Touchstone, s. jaiarre de touehe, f. 
Touchnrood, s. oot«d miche, m. 
Touchy, adj. chatouilleux, euee 
Tough, adj. coriaee, dur, e 
Toughen, vn. devenir coriaee 
Toughness, s. duret^, ittftexibiliti, f. 
Toupet, s. toupet, m. 
Tour, s. tour, vopatpe, m. 
Tournament, s. toumoi, m.,jo^e, f. 
Tourney, vn. Joiiter dans un toumoi 
Touse, va. hou»piller, tirailler 
Totv, s. toue, etoupe, haruiire, f. 
— , va. touer, remorquer 
Towage, Towing, s. touage, m., tove, f. 
Toward, adj. enclin, e t porti, e 
Towardliness, Towardness, s. dociliU, f. 
Towardly, adv. adrtntement, docile 
Towards, prep, vers, du c6t6 de, contre 
Towel, s. essuie main, m. 
Tower, s. tour, Jbrter esse, f. 
— , vn. s'tflever, prendre Tessor, pointer 
Towering, adj. ^levtf, e; ambitieux, euse 
Towery, adj. ga*-ni de tours 
Town, s. ville, f., bourg, m. 
Townhall, s. halle, mairie, f. 
Townhouse, s. hdtel de-vUle, m. 
Township, s. Juridiction, f. 
Townsman, s. eoncitf^en, bourgeois, vu 
Towntalk, s. bruit de ville, m. 
Toxical, adi. vinMfrus, euse 
Toy, s. babMe, f.,Jouet, oAifichet, no. 
Toying, s. badinage, m. 
Toyish, a^j. 6adt>i, e; fbldtre 
Toyishness, a. .Mdtrerie, f. 
Toyman, s. bijoutier, tabletier, m. 
Toyshop, s. tabletterie, f. 
Tosy, adj. doux, dnuce i aouple 
Trace, s. trace, piste, marque, f. 
— , va. suivre d la piste, remonter 

— out or up, d^tuvrir 
Tracer, s. celui qui suit 
Traces, >. traits, m. pi. 

Track, s. vestige, m., trace, omiire, f. 
— , vtL hdter, suivre d la piste 
TrackinK-line, s. cordelle deremorqtte, t. 
Trackless, adj. sans trace 
Tract, s. contr^. etendue, f. 

— (treatise), traW, dUeoure, m. 

TracUbility, s. ^at dTestensibUiti, m. 
Tractable, adj. traitcMe» eommnde 
Tractableness, s. douceur, t. 
Tractably, adv. docUementt anee doeUtU 
Tractate, s. traits, petit ouvrage, m. 
Tractile, adj. sttaceptible itegtenMoik 
Traction, s. taction de's'Hendre, t 
Traders, mttier, commerce, n^giee, m. 

— wind, vent alizS, m. 

— , vn. trafiquer, n^focier 

Trader, s. nigoeiant, es marehand, e 

j lYadesfolk, s. les artixans en ginind, m. 

I Tradesman, s. homme de mHier, m> \jfL 

, Trading, s. n^goce, commerce, m. 
— , adj. eommerfant, et de n^goet 

I Tradition, s. tradition, f. 
Traditional, adj. trttditif, iv 
Traduce, va. dijffhmer, produire 

I Traducement, s. mMisance, f. 
Traducer, s. diffumateur, trice 
Traduction, s. d&ivation, traditien, t 
Traffic, s. traffic, commerce, n^goce, ou 
Tragedian, s. poite, acteur tragiqme, m. 
Tragedy, s. tragMie, f. 
Tragic, Tragical, adj. tragiqtte 
l''ragically, adv. treigiquement 
Tragicalness, s. horreur, f. 
Tragicomedy, s. tragicom^ie, t 
Tragicomical, adj. tragi-comique 
Tragicomically, adr. itune maniire tra- 
Trail, s. queue, trace, f. Igi^omifiu 

— board, frise de Veperon, f. 
— , vn. trainer, tirer apria xoi 
Trailing, adj. trainant, e 

Train, s. suite, queue, f., train, m. 
~- of gunpowder, trains de poudre 

— of ideas, enchainement, m. 

— (stratagem). pt^^0,m.,em&i2cA(>«,f.pL 

— up, va. former, if lever, diseipliner 
Trainbands, s. milice, f. 

Train bearer, s. caudataire, m. 

Training, s. faction cTinstruire, f. 

'IVainoil, s. huile de haleine, f. 

Traitor, s. traitre, m. 

lYaitorly, adj. trnitre, see; perfide 

lYaitorous, adj. traHre, see ; deio^al, 9 

Traitorously, adv. traitreusement 

Traitress, s. traitresse, f. 

Tralineate, vn. s^^carter du ben ekmnkn 

Trammel, s. tramaxl, filet, m. 

— , va. surprendre, arriter, attraper 

Trample, va- & vn. fouler, Eraser 

Trampling, s. lebi-uitqu'onfititaveclea 

picas, m.. Faction defoulerauxpiedt,f. 
Trance, s. extase, f., ravisaement, m. 
Tranquil, adj. tranquille, calme 
Tranquillity, s. ti-anquUliti, f. 
Tranquillize, va. trattquilliser, calmer 
Transact, va. ndgocier, exptidier, (aire 
Transaction, s. transaction, t,jiiit, m. 
Transactor, s. iransacteur, trice 
Transalpine, adj. tranaalpin, e 
Transcend, va. surpasser, arceller 
Transcendence, Transcendency, a. eceo^ 

lence, transcendance, t. 
Transcendent, adj. transcendani, e 
Transcendently, adv. parjaitement 
Tranacribe ,ytu tratuerire, e»j»icr 




TnataUt&r, a. eopUtt, n. 
Tnuteripc, s. eopit, i. 
ThUMoipCioni i. action d$ trofuerirff, f. 
Iteusor. vn. e»uHr, poMor tPun Uttu d 

l^vmeanion, n. pammg§ wbii tfun Heu 

damt urn autre, m. 
TiaatiEu,n.tratt^eMcim,t, transport, tSL 
— » va. tran^irw, tranaforttr 
Tnuufiffontion, a. trani^^t^itiiim, t 
TauAgan, vu. trmn^gurer 
TaauAx, yu. trantperetr 
Ttamtonat va. trtai^fiirmar 
Tnniformatioo, i. tranttonnation, f. 
Tranafonner, a. e^ui gut trun^fi*rme 
Txuufarwiag, n. traniffiMrmatiottt t. 
ThuBafaae, va. tra^^^fu»er, tranwater 
Tmnafoaioiif a. trttn^ftukm, £ 
TniiiKreai. va. trunaigrester 
TmugremoD, t. trantgrauuin, f. 
Tranwmaor, i. transgretseur, euat 
TmaAal, adj. fMsaager, ire 
Tnaatnuj, adv. en pastant 
Tianskntiien, >. courte durfy, f. 
Ttuuit, a. paemge, m. 
Tnuidtion* a. traneitiont f., depart, m. 
Thmiitive, a4j* fra»«<^. iee 
limniitarUy. adv. l^fdrtmetit 
Tianiltorincai, a. peu de durife, t 
Ttfkaduaj, miy. transitoire 
Trandate, va. traduire, tran^f&er 
TraiMlaiioii* s. translation, ttwiuction. 
Translator, a. traducteur, trice [f. 

IVantlucent, adj. transparent, e 
TraimiArlrte, adj. d^outre mer 
Trananigrate, vn. passer cPun lieu ou 

(fwn corps dans un autre 
Transmierration, ■. transmifcreUion, t 
TrannniMioD, i. transmisston, f. 
Tranimlaiive, adj. transmis, e 
Trannnit, va. transmettre 
Transmittal, & transmisdon, f. 
Thuasmutable, adj. tratumutable 
Tiansmutatiou, s. transmutation, f. 
Transoiute, va. transmuer, changer 
Transparency, ■. transparence, t 
TVansparent, adj. transparent, e 
Tranti^eroe, va. transpercer 
Ttvnspiratkin, s. trauspiratUm, f. 
Transfure, vn. transpirer 
Tnuisplaor,va. changer lesobjets de place 
Tranq>lant, va. trannplanter 
lYanaplancer, a. cehti qui transplants 
TranH>lantuigi s. transplantation, f. 
Transport, s. transport, m., extase, f. 

— ^ip, bdtiment de transport, m. 

— , va. transporter, exiler [^porter 

Transportable, adj. que Con peut trans- 
Tiansporutinn, s. transport, m. 

— of <^iminals, deportation, f. 
Transporting, s. transport, va. 
— » ad), ravissant, e 
Transposal, s. transposition, f. 
Transpose, va. transposer 
Transposition, s. transposition, f, 
Transshape, va. trantfbrmer 
Transubstantiate, va. /aire passer dfune 

eubsiance dans wie autre 

Transubstantiation, s. transiubstasUith 

tion, t 
Transubstandator, s. transsubstantia- 

teur, m. 
Transudation, s. transsudation, t 
Transversal, adj. transversal, e 
Transx'ersally, adv. trausversalement 
Transverse, adj. transverse 
Transversely, adv. d trovers 
Trap, s. trappe, attrapoire, f., piige, m. ; 

mouse — , sourieicre, t ; rat — , ra- 

— door, trappe, f. [tiire, f. 

— ladder, MieUe de meunier 

— , va. attraper, tromper, enhamacher 
Trappings, s. harnais, m., parure, f. 
Trash, *.fripiTie, f., rebut, in. 
Travail, va. & vn. travaUler,Jutiguer 
Travel, *. voyage, m. 
— , va. voyagtfr, ftre en voyage 
Traveller, s. voyageur, euse 
Travelling, s. I' action de voyager, f. 
— , adj. passager, ire : de passage 
Traverse, >. traverse, f. 

— table, journal tiu loc, m. 
— , va. traverser, croiser 

—, adj. qui eat en trovers, qui traverse 
— , adv. & prep, de trovers, au trovers de 
Travesty, adj. travesti, e 
Tray, s. baquet, m. 
Treacherous, adj. traitre, sse 

— memory, s. m^oire labile, f. 
Treacherously, adv. en traitre 
Treacberousness, s. trahison, perfidie, t. 
Treachery, s. trahimm, perfidie, t. 
Treacle, s. theriaque, f. 

IVead, a allure, t., pas, m. 
— , va. & vn. marcher, Ji>uler 
Treader, %.fuuleur, euse 
Treadle, s. marche, f. 
I'rcadles, s. pi. crottes, f. 
I'reason, s. trahison, f. 
Treasonable, adl. traitre, perfide 
Treasonably, aav. en traitre 
Treasure, s. tr^sor, m. 

— house, tresorerie, f. 

— up, va. thisauriser 
Treasurer, s, tresorier. Ore 
Treasurership, s. charge de tr^sorier, m. 
Treasury, s. tresorerie, f., tresor, m. 
l^eat, 8. r^fcal, repas que Fon donne, m. 
— , va. traiter, r^galer, n^gociar 
Treatable, adi. trai table, modiri, e 
Treater, s. negociateur, trice 
Treatise, s. traiti, diacours, m. 
Treatment, s. traitement, m. 
Treaty, s. traite, accord, m. 

Treble, va. tripler, dtvenir triple 
— , adj. triple 

— block, s. poulie d trois rouets, t 

— in music, dessua, m. 
Trebly, adv. triplement, en trois 
l>ee, s. arbre, m. 

— of a crossbow, monture, t 

— of a saddle, /ut, m. 

— nail, goumable, m. 
Trefoil, s. tri/le, triolet, m. 
Treillage, s. treUlage, m. [f. 
Trellis, s. treillis, m.. Jalousie defsnitre. 

ir, m. [iMnHii, ■■ Tflnkd, •> aWflAit. m., n 

Tripfci. t fro/, djaw J, fa ,Al wt w ^ , 
TrfpiWiliiii, >. amiHi III oilim, I. Lt 

TFijUkiljr, L IHpUcUi. t 

tmsU. idj. Irinao/i i 

biaJl. L, i^iltrliM. m 

Till! mi. Ill I ir(| 




i» ■. pL honneun, m. 
a.troph^t m. 

b tromque, m. \trojpique 

» toi. mHaphmriq[tUt pria du 
;tcAl, «4j* tropoiogique 
troi, uu 

roter, aller I0 trot 
I, Adj. perjide, temtfoi, m. 
s. f rottotir, m. 
, s. pi. ptod* cto mo«/oiw> m. 
r, s. trott m. 
trotteur, m. 
oar, 9. rrotiAodowr, m. 
t. p9<n0, mU^0, calamity, in- 
•det f.j trouble, embeumu, m. 
tM«iM9r, ina>mmoder, fddier 
't M- perturbateur, trice 
omcj adj.>iU:A«ujr» 0U«0/ ineom- 
importun, e 

omeljr, «dv. d eontre-tempe 
omenesSf s. chagrin, m. 
u, adj. troubU, e t agiii, e 
u auge, huche, t, baquet, m. 
, va. ehdtier, punir, maltraiter 
, s. trotteees, i^tauaeee, calotte* 
telot, f. pL, panteUontf m. pi. 
. truite, f. 

n. penjter, eroirep imariner 
s. truelle, f. \livre, m. 

igbt, >. poidt d douze oneea la 
s. & adj. fainAuit, e; pares- 
nue I truand, e 
T, adv. enjiun^nt [f. 

lip, a. negligence de eea devoirs, 
trive, t 

\on, 8. tuerie, f., carnage, m. 
. troc, ^hartge, m. 
le term), pomme, roue, f. 
eheeled carriage), ^Jburceau, m. 
vn. troquer, /aire une dchange 
a. roulette, petite roue, f. 
ffftfr, ramper, »e aoumettre 
)eA,t.litd roulettet, m. 
g, s. «oumMnon, f. 
oumif, e 

vn. battre la eemelle, se fnti- 
courir le cachet 
ff, M. corvde, f. 
j. vrai, e ; vthritable 
rtcd, aAj. fratic,fi^anche 
rtedness, s. tinceriti, f. 
I, %. franchise, U 
%. truffe, f. 

iv. vraiment, v&itcMement 
t. triomphe, trompe, trompette, 
ne, f., atout, m. [loir 

mper dune triomphe, /aire va- 
rger, inventer, eupposer 
J, 8. rebut, m.,friperie, f. 
', s. trompette, trompe, f. 
ompeter, prdner, publier 
Jtr, s. trompette, pr&neur, m. 
^flsh, •. trompette, ecolopas, va. 
^shell, t. trombe, /.> btU'cin, m. 
>tongued, adj. 9ui a un« vour de 
r I 

!, va. eouper [trancher, f. 1 

ion« s. raetion-de eouper, de re- 

Truncheon* s. gourdin, tricot, m. 
— , va. battre avec un groe bdton 
Truncheoneer, 1. celui qui est armi dun 
gourdin, m. [route 

Trundle, •. roulette, ehote ronch qui 
—, vtu router, tourner en roulant 
Trundle-bed, s. lit d roulettet, m. 
Trunk, t. eqffre, bahut, m. malle, t 

— of an elephant, trompe, f. 

— of a tree, tronc dun arbre, m. 

— (long tube), tupau, m. 
— , va. tronfonner, rogner 
Trunkmaker, s. bahutier, maUetier, m. 
Trunnion, 8. tourillon, va. 

Truss, s. trouaee, botte, f., Jaisceau, 
bandage, sutpeneoir, va. 

— (marine term), droete de rttcage, t 
— , va. empaqueter, nouer, lier, attacker 

— a fowl, troueeer une volaille 
Trust, 8. con fiance, auurance, attente, 

eaperancc, (., crMU, ddpdt, m. 
— , va. & vn. cor^fier, croire,Jaire crddit, 

fairefond, avoir con fiance, aefier a 
Trustee, s. commiaaaire, curateur, va. 
Trusteeship, s. curatelle, t 
Trustily, ndv.fidilement 
Trustiness. ufidaUi, probity, f. 
Trusty, adj. «i2r, e; qffidd, e; fidile 
Truth, s. virite, t, vrai, m. 
Trutination, s. Faction de peaer, f. 
Try, va. & vn. eseayer, prouver, tdcher, 

faire see tfflbrta, examiner, conaidtfrer, 

peaer, faxre le procia, Juger 

— (marine term), itre d la cape 
Trying, s. eaaai, va., miae d I'cpreuve, f. 
Tub, 8. cuve, f., cuvier, va. 

Tube, s. tube, tupau, va. 
Tubercle, a une petite tumeur, f. 
Tuberose, s. tubereuae, f. 
Tuberosity, s. tumeur, f. 
Tuberous, adj. tubereux, euae 
Tubular, nd'y fiatuleux, euae 
Tubule, a. petit tube, petit tupau, m. 
Tuck, s. filet, va., ip^e, f. 

— in, va. border 

— up, trotuaer, retrouaaer, relever 
Tucker, s. tour d-' gorge, va. 
Tuesday, s. Mardi, m. 

Tuft, 8. touffe, t, toupet, va. 
Tufted, adj. tovffu, e ; velouti, e 
Tug, s. efiort, m., peine, fatigue, t. 
—, va. tirailler, tirer, travaiiler 
Tuition, s. protection, f., enaeignement, 
I'ulip, s. tulipe, f. [m. 

Tumble, s. chute, f. 
— , vn. tomber, ae router, renveraer 

— one's clothes, ch^onner 
Tumbler, s. bateleur, m. 
Tumbrel, s. tombereau, m. 
Tumefaction, 8. tunui/uctton, enfture, t. 
Tumefy, va. tum<'fier, enfler 
Tumid, adj- enfle, e 

Tumour, s. tumeur, enflure, f. 
Tumorous, adj. enHi, e s bouraonffU, e 
Tumulose, adj. ptein de collinea 
Tumult, s. tumulte, dieordre, m. 
Tumultuarily, adv. tumuUvMirement 
Tumultuary, acy* tumvltwvus, euae 




. Jdl^MB-, t.- JJM l» (Hl l i « Uoialkd.'jiilJ. jiiiiii)i(>b.«.. 
IdS-mnTiSafiw i Uncumiial, '•dj. iul •'«; jm ™ 


!Mpa« Unciujjhl, iilV 51 

d. t^ tier pftr-dtMmvt 

^m>ii »»«, paUfrimilr o 

UudliHUiI, i^. nui IfljiAV, o 
l7i>dUillill>hnl7>ar>>ull»-, U™ 

■■"■■ luB.'.d)!'; '" ^'""'.-™- 

UndtiiliiaHd, VdJ. ^ Ah/fi<, i 

UmlUIurbcd, bjIj. ffon^uj'^, poiillte 

Uodl»UUBLi^, adj. iinliSfnWi ™" 
Undlvhlal, >«). enllcr. Um.- indicin!, i 

UndreuJEdjUlJ. fu/n'i 

UDdulur, kij. mTiUnu, ibh 
Undntv. idv.lKuia manUM \aititimi. 


' ; iraiiuufid, ^^^S!? * 
J— „.,_^— ,. . - .•.Unbil, iiU. v^mi.t: i^WMMM 

UilBii«}.jii^.rf(»l"l«»«mi,. Uiifds»l1». •** 
IlncilFsjrtl. m- ■" 1" ■■ P^KiC I UnUeBBlBia. •. rlHaHU, I [mBI 

UiwxtlnsuUliabl*. Adj. tfwtrwa'f'Mivr bat 
UriHubIiIwI.^. ful •i'H fat HtUt, 

ulhlAj, titv. MuMowW 
UnUiBHi, I. IiV^bUe*, t 

UnlUibCuL HV. rtT*U, ffiflCtt 


OnlOrmKl, Ul). WbrnH. fomArKt 
Uirgnanin^ nil. <iubrtmA ■ 

iaft leiUM .t../iwwM', t. 


Allfi i^iiv- aHC in^frnnAi^ 4f ' I 

red, jj^. prtt ^nrftJ f fnpfff 
HDCliri Bdv. dtf H«Hljv«tliftf 


UnifDnnlr, Adr. M^rfir^Enl 
UnLinii«lDjkU«, idj. mtumtnnbtm 

II°l.'Sj^iiri^«A'iS.>'f, 'I ""ft 


ti, Adj. puini nj«rfu, f 

Unpurdoned, adj.^*™,^...^, „ 
UapBjpd, a^, ptuprt^, a 
UnMrllmomnr, idj. KiMra to rt(<» 

flu parltipent 
Uupuubte, Adj. tefrnpsbbi 
Unparted, idj, pajiaipaie, 9 

UnpcBHablr, Adp. dftiu Ar tmutta 

IJii|ia«(™i]lt, t^StuptrapHlilt 
Unpvrtvlvedi idj. pof ajvrpH, a 
UDpr<riDiDi«d, Bilj. pa« aequmi, t 
Unperiibiblc, ailj. non pOiuabla 
UnphlliwQlilal. adj. Bu lAilBKiitlgiii 
Unpin, TL if^rhirr, dAnniiHr, gUUCkir 
Unplllnl, wU. nojiit filaint, ■ 
Unpitifullj, «Jv. law nli^riiAinll 
Unplill, .a. d^i^Hr 
UniiUuillilr, Hi). iHimftiilib 
jjn|*»M» n t, adi. rUplaixau, s 

01, idj. (luI^wfTlmtortlt 

■I, adf. pu amulaln 
ma. Mj. rn^u'cu peiM Hr< 
Ivnlvdj bQ. MOHt extmfile 

nl. wU- fu n'A ;Af eWpretm 
illDtf, MdJ, Him fffleaee 
All. Id/ InioUi. Hln, e 




lu&ble. Bdl- Old IM jmsl ftrt 
mri, t^). nun luhd^, e (acluU^ 

»ai, adj. InkaMfe, iMnjistfo 

fbeAt (i4^ par ^Jtffhf, tf 
toDHblF. iiAi- IntivbilablB, Jimn 

DoreiijSill, ulj. BAI.ri, tv «lW«, I 
Uanianlfiil, idj. n^J^mc, ff 

UarrlenliDE, oAy liiflejibtB. ittpJactiblB 

Univ^inl, &d^« pQlTU r^^^i * 


UoKiltHuiiU. Uj. ptlM JamUttu-rSir^ 

UDiix, TI.' iVfBuUltr 
— a Alp, dtrrW- 

Unrtne, n. iMbDllr/ir 

Unilpf, idj, HH, >.• fMi nilr. a 

UnriHt, n. d^Mi- 

Unratbrji. odj^ pof V6urri, 9 ; /fm4 
UnniAe. *o. f« mmnr, ^apaiur 

Unnilf. ml), milSi, IT ,■ indaniilabla 

UnB^I^ mU. nun wpm', « 
Uiucrvicnbly, adv. fimUsDuiit 



jj. giii (Tim ptUa urnlii, i 
m, b tmt^mtrt t, [la mu 

adj. pu aii/tiill^, • ( 

.■.>~>.iiidtr. «l 


■hi of ■ lun-iluK}. quin'al ptu titot 

UdiKi^ adj. wMfitt Oianeatanl, 

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"- ' *. J- »c:- " r-.'.rKai=. 
• .• . — .*'•**-:*. iA_. :-. e':iin." tar" *1 

;.!-..: i=_ ... . -M.. -n—imsifc -»-Mr 't^ san 


.... !i. . • •...-• •. .» • ..iiaat^ 4b. tftfiifluc f ■■ '■* 

~ ::rBr:r.s>af-.. &; <et aicjeK 

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»:. ..II. iiM.r'«*Mi.- - • '.etr.irnt. ki &i*a.«r^; siiapcs.f 

« ■. .'Ml I. (. r--./ •■•!..*? * • ieitrnfc.:>;mesi ». t'-^'cacac. :. 

... «uii* «. -sv. n.C' T •Tess.u^ it... ir — Ti*.cr*rf 

I ;.:s.::.Be'^i k.. :«&. r«ior-i. f >* 
••••"•*'•*■ •'- fl*— "n./' • liCf oOM.::.! ? 

-•"• ••-••••' * — tu.r. ■■■ :*n: .-•- isa. ss/np^ft' 

■» .■ • !«« fif f 1"rir::.»".itf„ k- w> rnL?.. * 

••• >'•«'•'•• . . » ttroki.zK. mz . aeii' rsnoar. ■* 

•Ml* r».». •♦• _ ii."ijfaj— ACA' frtfcsr- 

•••• MMdir "f.esiusT. fc.: jH«t Jf!^^•^ TXtfiww 

Vt •.e— ifc-.::. *.. . mw ^,^. c . ^ ar- 

■ ^ •• » l'':r-ir&, ac,. MS* rv^Mir:. # 

•*• •' l[..'*.*.r t*-«_i. art cf^ irttbti?** 

.-. < ...It •. I'hThkr t^\^.aBtt. %, ucr-srcuu. > 

■*• I'liiti.r.kinr. kiji. m-v'C..* tn.r'iv^ 

'• ■ '. ii:!ume.hi of. a:^ twtu'*' f WJ* * 

• • • •■•:Ji'<"*ii, va. .-i-jfefT. cTiT'." 
. . ; •."tviipt»»%i, »!;,. j«ai iBf»i.js. f 
• '.'•• •:!■<, ailv.ffpfrp-tcu-fcia 
?.' :'*:iifsvi ft. ;»ruC.iri.-» . :. 

- • •■ • :-ri . aiSj d:7>f »»•»«-, irr 

- '1..^ •;%.. tn\^. ftat rAiifbu r. * 

a.^i niaif'tfjtrf 

• > ■ .■» ■w'.'ij-, ."ar'i'r, dir**!""' 

V « . :>,,.>■ arrorh-; e : oi^ffi t 

•-,■•. •t,.*i'i. ...^iuit^f 

. . . a. .^-.N'br tr, iHtr iet tviia a* 

Unjiidillni. i^. T/tif, In .- fnihiiUi 

UnunlDiu, adJ. FMI HU, mni e^b 
TIuiiDid, *d>fW «'■ rsinf ds nfnfur 

Uha<> l uaags, m., « 

DBB 531 VAP 

Vkuou., M^. vi*. gM n'«I psf rnxpll. 

\.B,l.m, ■. •Ui. m. [I 


Vidi<iui,u)j./ln.>; rW.i 

V««,,»',«,ri,.'}M;.(. ' 

i^r-a?s;SK c,-, 


V*!.. .dj. W^. l!U»»r«,I«, , 

aar; '•'-■■' 



u tamntaln, m»MiBB- 

. HKva, m., r«fi« Kimr. r. 



V-UidltOM, L DdUu, wfT, m. 



1, idj. unvain, tnUru< ■ 




1L^^ VUM^wiM^ m. 





"id" ii'^hu" ''"'''"' 

ViJixu, <. nUiir, rHBAHjpn, f. 

V^a.lHt, idj. prrtl.™, CUH 

V.luft 1. wW, nHm,, t, prii, m. 

«, ■!!). olirnlw, Un I HfrAu 

viSti, m4!. «'lmi', 7r« °p-««, s 



I, (dj. odatK itBtfivmt 

•IrT^i'. wimnrlBcfsDg 


vm.1.).. 1. KUrW.. t 

irmTf.''"'"' P'**" >" 

V^^, ^ p.M^., .... ' 



idJ.^atwl'fl irriWg..., .;<ta 

v.iiiiiji,!!.KBin»,t" ■ 

;.«r"^-~-;2;', •.KtHii/./uimJ^t.iaiu. t. 

V*i>qi>liB, n. nmcn. ioftpUr 


VnnUg., k aniiifa^, nn/n. prtfll. nt 

T^.l7L™ti^!afl«i, r. 


Viptdnw, 1 >dnlr, ir>HpidUt. t 




VAP 532 


^-*, pL MUMMTf, vaine imagination, t 
— » vtu/MTt lefier, t'ioaporer 
VariaMCt a4i« variablet ineongUxnt, e 
VarlaMenen. •. variationt itteonstaneeit 
Vwiabljt M¥. oooe incertitude, dtune 

Vartonoe, & depute, quereUe, t [m. 
Vaitetkm* •. ooriotion, f., cAan^vmmif, 
Vaiiciprte, va. bigarrer, divertifier 
Vuiciatloii, •. tigarrure, bartohiget m. 
Variety, «. vaHAe, diveniti, diffietence. 
Various, a4}. ^vere, e ; dipflreiU, e [& 

— readings, a. oartantef, £ pL 
Variously, adv. dtiwrttfment 
Varict, s. bMtre, faqtUn, m. 
VanUsfa, s. vemie, m. 

— , va* vemir, eemi$»er, ntfhitchir 

Varaisher, a vemisteur, to, 

VanilshiiHr, a vemie, m., vemieeure, f. 

Vary, va. oarter, divereifiert changer 

Vascular,adj. Muewfoire, vaaeuleux, euee 

Vase, s. ooM, no. 

Vassal, a sttiet, lige, fiai, m., vauai, e 

—•f pi. voasatiT, m. 

Vassalage, a wuaelage^ m. 

Vast, a fo vague, le vide» m. 

— , a4i< tNW««, imriMfue, crand, 

•— • adv. e*^»rieement,fort 

Vastadon, a devastation, {,, ravage, m. 

Vastly, adv. exeesaivement, grandement 

Vastness, s. grandeur extraordinaire, f. 

Vat. a cuve, Miaae, f. 

Vatidde, va. meurtrier de propMe, m. 

Vatkdnate, va. propMtiaer, predire 

Vault, a voUte, cave, f., jnrivi, m. 

— , va. voikter, fitire une votUe ; aauter 

— upon a horse, voltiger 
Vaulted, adj. voitf, e ; arcJur, e 

— sky, voiite et^este, voiite azur^ 
Vaulter, a voltigeur, evse 
Vaulting, a volte, action de voAter, f. 
Vaulty, adj. votUi, e 

Vaunt, 8. vanterie, parade, f. 
— , vn. M vanter^ ae ghrifier, ae louer 
Vaunter, s. vanteur, euae ; qui ae vante 
Vaunting, s. oatentation, f. 
Vauntlngly, adv. avec oatentation 
Vauntlay, a (Aiena en relaia, nu pi. 
Vavvard, a partie ant&ieure, f. 
Veal, 8. veau, m., du veau 
Vector, a vecteur, m. 
Veer, va. changer, filer, diplojfer 
VegeUbility, & vegetation, nature, f. 
Vegeuble, a & adj. vegetable, vegetal, e 
— s, pi. vegetaux, legum^, m. 
Vegeute, va. veeeter 
Vegetation, s. vegetation, f. 
Vegeutive, adj. vegetatif, ive 
Vegetativenesx, a qualite vegetative 
Vegete, adj. vigoureux, euae ; vif, vive 
Vegetive, a legume, vegetal, m. 
— , adj. qui vegete 

Vehemence, Vehemency, a vehemence, t. 
Vehement, adj. vehementy e i ardent, e 
Vehemently, adv. avec vehemence 
Vehicle, a vehicule, m., voiture, f. 
Veil, a voile, mjfatire, m., dicepUon, t 

Veil, va. voUer, eouvrir dun osilt 
Vein, a veine, eavite, t, creux, m, 

— in a mine, veine, fikk, m. 

— of genius, genie, tuurdFetprii, m, 
~- (temper), Awmesir, incbnatitmtt 
— , va. marbrer,ia»per 

Veined, Vdny, adj. veineug, mm 
VelUcate, va. pineer, provoquer 
V«llication, s. raetion de pineer, t 

j Vellum, a vdin, m. 

! Velocity, & vOocite, raptdUi, t 

\ Velvet, s. veloura, m. 

— maker, veloutier. Ore 

— , adj. de veloura, doux, ees 4UKesl»f 

— lilie, veloute, e 

VeruU, a^j. cidiM/, « ,* veifMVjr, euw 

Venality, s. vinmHte, corruptaam, t 

Venation, s. chaaae, f. 

Vend, va. vendre, tUbUer 

Vendee, a (uAeteur, euae 

Vender, a vendeur, euae 

Vendible, adj. veneUible, qui eat d midn, 

qui ae vend bien, bien eonditioime, e 
Vendibleness, s. et(U de ce qui ae peut 
Vending, s. vente, f., debit, m. fofftdr* 
Veneer, va. plaquer, veiner, reveiir [L 
Veneering, a pHacuge, m., marquHerte* 
Venefice, s. ven^iee, empoiaotutement, 
Veneficial, adj. fui eat empeiaomne, e [m. 
Venefidously, adv. par le mojfen dupei- 

aon, par aortiUge 
Venenate, va. empoiaonner, enveninur 
Venenation, a venin, poiaon, m. 
Venerable, adi. venereMe, reapectdbb 
Venerably, adv. avec veneration 
Venerate, va. venirer, rMrer, honorer 
Veneration, s. veneration, f. 
Venerator, a qui venire, qui reapecte 
Venereal, Venereous, adj. venerien, ne 
Venery, a venerie, la chaaae, f. 
Venesection, s. aaignee, t. 
Vengeance, s. vengeance, t 
Vengeful, adj. vindicati/, ive 
Venial, adj. veniel, le/ leger, ire 
Venison, 3. venaiaon, t, gibier, m. 
Venom, a venin, pouon, m. 
Venomous, adj. venimeux, euae 
Vent, a vent, air, m., lumhire, f. 
Ventilate, va. ventiUer, vanncr 
Ventilation, a ventilation, f. 
Ventilator, & ventilateur, m. 
Ventricle, s. ventricule, m. 
Ventriloquist, a ventriloque, m. 
Venture, a riaque, m., cotUle, t 
— , va. riaquer, haaarder, aventurer 
Venturer, s. aventtaier. Ore 
Venturesome, Venturous, adj. haaer- 
Venturously, adv. hardiment ldeux,euae 
Venturousness, s. hardieaae, t 
Veracity, a viracite, virite, f. 
Veracious, adj. ami de la wlriti 
Verb, a verbe, m. 
Verbal, adj. verbal, e t litteraJ, e 
Verhality, s. expreaaion litt&ale, t 
Verbally, adv. verbalement, de bo^tdte 
Verbatim, adv. fiio^ pour mot 
Verberate, va. battre,frapper 
Verbose, acij. verbeux, wees d\ff^ e 

. ^3. KMple.ilcM 

ni, tdi. loitiiMnii, nn 

j«iniii«iili,.rt'i*inn. i»o 


VtrliHluilc,' 1. ndHCiMi,' t 

clud» Vlniuli,'i. vlrlvaaitf, \ 

VlSliin"'Bl}'. i^S""!^" BU^iirlitii 
Vlgm, I. •'<»»«■'■ 

Vlllinaui, idl. lUoln, •.- bii. h ; tU, 
VIIUiiHulr. adr. vUslnouM 
VIILut. ■■ KrUratf'i, h»K«i, f, 
Vladoml.!, nd]. i«i m^nrflDit an* rni 

llclint, ulj. Dl 

. _„ . , J, Btrgtrttti, t., pueeiage, 

VlKi>,(.Ia ntftt,!. 
VbHe. Id]. vMI, • J ndj< 
VliUin, L virWti, I., Tdn ciri;, m. 
VlBoi, M' -'-'■-' '- 


Vluddi^. VlKiii^i;iiljnHlli!, f. 

VlKOiiLadi. t iugm vit, nut; glMaitt,4 
Vtooaniw. I. ibcufW, C 

VMHUtr. vuiihHii, >. BifjMW^, r. 

VMMr, ulv. DiiMlinnit, iMiCmnnii 
Viiioil K Dlslon, tw, Acuity III wir, 

froM, *iij- criard, t ; brupanl, t 

V^U, *• twu, (.^txi^age, in. 

^>l^ tKte'woeani, ei dfjumrvUt 4 
— , n. Mibr, aniiuMr, oiriHsr, tuaaur 
VdUiIiIc, id], fHl pni( Ara misUt, < 

VOL lat WAN 


Wafttr, ^fri^l,. U mniol. • 




:,' VnoluIT. >«. twnirtf^ tH 


Wttpro'r. .. ™«ft'ff. !«.« 


■•■iS:"'"'^'" ■**"" 



i«<r, milBS-, arriur, iDiichlrf 

Wii.SSi'iS.'i""«^?^' "^ 


X^irfiiU, KM,'! 


WallB, 1. nirfm tfnaiiuW. tf> cuff, m. 

, >. «Ail ««f <K qifiijVroiir r^ 

Idmnilinsu, m. 


Witrfui, ^J. I>lfnia..t ./ ^1 tHilf 

oiu, du Ham, m. 








Vta y-^^'^i^ 


- ,uff, Mtun, HL, ni>n<. t. 

WaJl.tmumlto.f., WBr, m. 


Wilnui, ■.nub.r. 

WbIIhii. id. bniinir, bDiilIli»m'r 

;. I »<an'.'r7^«d «>!»<•, D. 

n>. nnwlA', MrtlUir 


wS™Mlini™ /(S^*' m. 



^r^' *"K(5? ™ ™i 

wSn,''n3''6«™». pdJ.. a^fti"' 

Wind, IhiiMIH.WCT,;^ 

Wimdt., m. rfitor, wrer, ifMrttr 




Waiida«r,i.rtfil(rwr, 0WM/ vagabond, e 
Wandolnff, ■. ^garment, m. 
— , 14). 9rrmU, e f (Uatrait, e : igaari, e 
Wane, i. (Uetitit dfcow; m. 
—, va. dderoUre, diminuer 
WanncH. ■• pdieur, wine pdle, t 
Want, Si Mfoin, va.,Jtiute, ditette, t 
--> va. & vn. manquer, vouloir, d^irer 
wanted, adj. dont on a betoin 
Wanting, adj. qui mtwque 
Wanton, adj. badint e ; fbldtre, JbBet, te 
Wantonly, adv. de f(aiti de coeurt lasci- 
Wantonnen, i. badinage, m. [vement 
Wapentake, t. canton, district, m. 
War, s. guerre, f. 
— , vn. guerroyer, faire la guerre 
Warble, vn. gazouilter, ft-edonner 
Warbler, i. ^uinteur, euee 
Warbling, i. ramage,firedon, m. 
Ward* ■. prtwn, garde, m. 

— of a dtr, quartier <fune vUle, m. 

— of a lock, garde dune aerrure, m. 

— (pupil), pupiUe, m£ 

— va. garder, pr^erver, /hire la garde, 
ieiter, prot^er, difendre, Auder 

'—otltL^ blow, parer un coup 
Warden, s. gardien, garde, m. 

— of a prison, gedlier dune prison, m. 

— of the cinque ports, gouvemeur des 
cinque ports, m. 

Wardenship, s. jurande, t. 

Warder, s. garde, gouvemeur, m. 

Wardrobe, s. garde-robe, f. 

Wardship, s. garde, m. 

Warehouse, s. magasin, m. 

Warehouseman, s. gardemaffasin, m. 

Ware, s. denr^,provision, marchandise, 
f. ; China — , porcebiine, f. ; Dutch — , 
ft^lence, f. ; earthenware, poteHe, f. ; 
hwdware, quincaillerie, f. 

Warfare, s. guerre, lutte, f., combat, m. 

Warforing, adj. guerriei; iire 

Wariljr, adv. prudemment, sagement 

Wariness, s. precaution, f. 

Warlilce. adj. militaire, guerrier,iire 

Warlock, s. sorcier, m. 

Warm, adj. chaud, ei tiide 

— (f ealous), z^li, e ; ardent, e 

— , va. & vn. chaujffbr, A'hatyfer, donner 
de la chaleur, se chat^ffvr 

— again, va. richauffer 

Warmly, adv. chaudement, ardemment 
Warmingpan, s. bassinoire, f. 
Warmness, Warmth, s. chaleur, f. 
Warn, va. avertir, faire savoir 
Warning, s. avis, avertissement, m. 
Warp, s. chaine, f. [tou^e, f. 

— (marine term), cdbleau, grelin, m., 
— , va. ourdir, faire d^Jeter, cambrer 

— up a ship, touer 

— , vn. se cambrer, se d/^eter, plier 
Warped, adj. plitf, e; dejeti, e {corps, t 
Warrant, s. ordre, brevet, m., prise de 

— of attorney, procuration, f. 

—, va. goron^r, assurer, autoriser 
Warrant-oflioer, s. (fficier subalteme, m. 
Warrantable, adj* aoutenoMe, IMtime 
Warranubleness, a UgittmUi, f. 

Warrantably, adv. l^^itimement 

Warranted, adj. garanti, es asmr^e 

Warranter, s* garani, m. 

Warranty, i. garantie, t 

Warren, s. garenne, f. 

Warrener, s. garennier, m. 

Warring. ■. Feietion denOre la guerre, f. 

Warrior, s. guerrier, hommeM guerre. 

Wart, s. verrue, f. [eolaai, ol 

Wartwort, ■. verrupaire, f. 

Warty, adj. plein de verruee 

Wary, adj. aviei, e; pr^ooyant, e; tan 

Wash, B. Faction de lover, aUuvien, »■ 
vure, lotion, f,, lavage, acen^aaeuunt 
deau, remote, nutraie, battemnU de 
la mer, plat dun aviron, m. 

— , va. laver, blanchir [(fffteer 

— away, off, or ouXf nettoifer, emporter, 

— over, couvrir, dqfuiter 
Washball, a sanonnette, t 
Washboards, s. pi. coulisses, faiques, t 
Washer, s. laveitr, euse 
WasherwiMnan, a bknu^isseuu 
Washhouse, a lavoir, m. 
Washing, s. blanchissage, lavage, m. 
Washpot, 8. bassin, m. 

Washtub, a cuve, f. 
Washy, £d^.flasque, humide,Jbible 
Wasp, s. guepe, f. 

Waspish, adj. bourru, e: aeatridlre 
Waspishly, adv. dune maniire bourrue 
Waspishness, a humeur bourrue, f. 
Wassail, a wassail, sorte de boisson^ite 
avec des pommes, du sucre, et ae la 

— (revel), partie de ddtauche, t Ibi&e 

— (festive song), no€t, m. 

— , \n. faire jete [ra. 

Wassailer, s. buveur, riboteur, dibauch^. 

Waste, a ddgdt, ravage, gaspiUage, dih 
serf, m., solitude, prodigalite. depetise 
inutile, dissipation, friche, t 

■— land, terre incuUe, t. 

— , adj. ravage, e ; ditrtUt, et ruini, e ; 
inutile, mauvais, et de rehut 

— , va. dissiper, miner, ravager, disoler, 
detiriorer, depenser, prodtguer 

— , vn. d^choir, diminuer, rueer, bais- 
ser, se consumer f se dissiper 

Wastebook, a broutllard, m. 

Wasteful, a^. prodigue, ruineux, euse 

Wastefully, adv. prodigalement 

Wastefulness, s. prodigality, t 

Wasteness, a disert, m., solitude, t 

Wastepaper, a maculature, f. 

Waster, s. dissipateur, trice 

Watch, s. montre, veiUe, patrouiHe, at- 
tention, f., guet, quart, m.; larboard 
— , quart de bdbord, m. ; starboard — , 
quart de tribord, m. ; afternoon — , 
miart de midi h quatre heures, m.; 
dog — , guiton, m. ; first — , oiftnt de 
huit heures d minuit, m. ; middle — , 
quart de minuit d quatre heures, m.; 
morning — , quart de diane, m. ; to be 
on the watch, etre aux aguets; mo^ 
cal — , montre d eariikm, £; hunting 
— , montre d savotmette, tt icpeating 
", montre diipMNon,t, 




mm m ilin; mtUndre, gttttur 

watdi-bdl« t. do^e d mdiqumr fluure, 

WatdHbllU I. rdU cto fuart, m. 

Watch-box, ugu^rUe, f. 

WatdMMet a. Mf d» montre, t 

WaMbouenuker, i. boUimr, m. 

WacdioMt, a. capote, t 

Watdidog, a. mdHn, dtiende ffarde, m. 

Watdier* a. nuveiUant, itupeeteur, veil- 
leurtebeermtteuTf m. 

Watdiflre, ■• fiu de biveume, m. 

Watehftil, a4i< vigilant* es eoignetut, 
etuet attent{f,ive 

Watchfully* adv. vtgikimmentt attentive- 
tnant, omc vigilanee 

WacefafalncH* ». vigUance, ineomnie, f. 

Watdiglaai* a. verre de montre, m. 

Watchguanl, ai dialne de sHret^, t 

Wat^hooiCj a. eorpe de garde, m. 

Watching* a. faetUm de veiller, f. 

WatchU^t, a. veiBetue, t,Jbnal, m. 

Watehmakar, ai hoHeger, m. 

Watrhmaldng, ai horioKerie, f. 

Watrhmaw, a. hommeaeguet, m. 

Watchatand* a. porte-montre, m. 

Watditovver, a. gtUrite, Muiuguette, t 

Watchword, §. mot du guet, m. 

WatO'* a> emtf mar^, urine, t., frech 
— »«att fiviiate, eau douee, f.; high 
— >, haute mer, t, hautee eaux, f. pF. ; 
hdy — * eau bdnite, t ; low — » mer 
baete, t, itiexe, m. ; Miallow — , haut- 
famd, m. ; aon — « eaui douee, f. ; rain 
— * eau du eiel, eau de pluie, t ; nit 
— * eau eaUe, eau de mer, f. ; pump 
— * eau de puite, t ; spring — , etut de 
Jbntaine, eau de eaurce, £ ; to be in 
hot ~* gritter, itre inquiet 

— * va. arroeer, baigner, moirer 
, — a hone, abreuver 

— a stuff, donner Feau d une HqjBPe 

— (marine term), JiUre de Feau 

— (said of the eyes)* vn. pleurer, puieer 
de teau 

Waterage* ai fraie du bateau, m. pi. 
Water-bailiff, s. huieeier pour lee qjfiairea 

maritimes, m. [m. 

Water-bearer (astronooaical), s. Vere&iu, 
Watercarrier, a. porteur eFeau, m. 
Water<loset, s. garde-robe, f., cabinet 

dFaieancee, m. 
Wateroolour* s. aquarelle, f. 
Watercourse, s. courtd'eau, conduit, m. 
Water-cresset, s. creeaon, m. 
Waterdog, s. barbet, m. 
Watered, adj. ond^, e 
YfHtet-tDgiDct. machine ?iifdraulique, f. 
Waterer, s. eelui qui arroee 
Waterfall, s. cascade, f. 
Water-fowl, s. oiaeau aquatique, m. 
Watery auge, %.Jlotteur, m. 
Water-glass, s. tube tfeau, m. 
Water-gold, s. or moulu, m. 
Water-gruel, s. gruaut m. 
Waterhouse, s. r^eervnir, m. 
Wateriness, a humidity, f. 

Watering-place* a. 6a<fM* m. pL» abrem- 
voir, m., aiguade, t 

Watering-pot, s. arnttoir, m. 

Waterish, adj. aquewt, euee 

Waterishness, s. e&otit^, f. 

Waterless, adj. eane tau, eec 

Water-level-line, a. niveau dee eaux, m, 

Waterline, a ligne deau, t 
' Water-lily, s nMuphar, m. 

Water-logged, a4j> engage, e 

Waterman, s. bateHer, m. 

Water-mark, $.filigrane, m. 
I Water-marked, adJ. dJiUgrane 
, Watermelon, s. melon tTeau, m. 
' Watermill, s. moulin d eau, m. [f. 

Water-power, s. puiaaonce hydraulilque. 

Waterproof, adj. impermeable 

Waterside, s. bUtrd de Feau, to. 

Waterspout, a jet deau, m., tromhe, f. 

Watertight, adj. impermHMe, ^tanch^, e 

Water-wav, s. eoure deau, m. 

— of canals, tection, t. 

— (na\'al architecture), gouttiire, t 
Water wheel, s. roue hpdrattlique, f. 
Water-works, a ouvrages hydrauliquee, 

m. pL, Habliuement pour la dietribu- 

tion dee eaus, m., eawt, f. pL 
Watery, adj. aq^tatique, humtde 
Wattle, s. claie, petite branche, brin- 

dille, f., barbillon, m. 
— , va. fermer de daiee, treeeer, enire- 

lacer, lier avec de petites branehee 
Wave, s. vague, onde, f.,flvt, m. 
— , va. eillonner, faire en ondee, agiter, 

rendre rugueux, remettre, differer 
— , vn. ondoyer, ioumoper,jaire eigne 
Waved, adj. ondi!', e 
Waveless, adj. caime, earn vaguee 
Waver, vn. chanetter, vaciller, balancer 
Waverer, s. inconstant, e 
Wavering, s. incertitudg, t 
—, adj. inconstant, e ; irrisolu, e 
Waveringly, adv. avec incertitude 
Waving, s. Faction dondoyer 
Wavy, adj. ondoyant, es ondi, e 
Wax, s. cire, f. 
— , va. cire, enduire de cire 

— (to increase), devenir, eeJaUre 
Waxcandle, s. bougie, t 
Waxen, adj. de cire 
Waxing, s. accroissement, m. 
Waxtaper, s. cierge, m. 

Way, s. chemin, mopen, expedient, edt^, 
sens, etatt m., route, coutume, mar 
niire, sorte, methode,4Msee, (L; cross 
— , chemin de traverse, m. ; by the—, 
adv. en paseant / no — , no — s, adv. 

— in, entrtf., f. [nullement 

— out, sortie, issue, f. 

— through, passage, m. 
Wayfaring, adj. qui voyage 
Waylay, va. guetter 
Waylayer, s. celui qui guette 
Wayward, &d^. Jantasque 
Waywardly, adv. mechamment 
Waywardness, s. humeur bourrue, 1 
We, pron. nous 

Weak, dAyJaible, inftrme, debile 

vfakacm, •,;bWw, *n^7(#, £ 
Wal, 1. Mm. tinMllr, OLiswpAW 

Watpoqed, h]j. orM^ tf 



WtUlOb ..<««,£ pi. 

W<^(, (. «iH, DL, CBtft, 


WMllladi, •. wvli^n. 
WKdi, I, JoM ^ riayll, m. 
WiMr, 114). pidn in<>«u HI 

Weep, TIL p^Bio'er « 

ytttfiBg, t. pUuii, m. pl„ IS 

WtigiHd, icij, iMi,^, g ,- un 

WcVm, (. ^M(, m-, iwant 

WeUbdDK. I. Mni Arc, ianlimr, m. 
WdlDUAzilnff. adj. dc bimnefii 

Whirf, I. flwai, port de rwitre, m. 
iVhBTf^e, I. |/ua<ajC«, m- 

list qat atoa, aia'a oui hi gul 
VL eq^iffr. «r^^, g^P*"- 

ritb, tdv, avec attti, awe iequa 

PKHL ipiet, Isi tegvel, iB^aatk 
Mver, proq, fuvf fuf Jrilf 

, vn. r•tt^ffler, bagvtmuoBF 

ig, iidj- cll^/, IbB .- litf nt^inf 

d:aUr, Adv. par beutuda 

It, laj. plnlnfir, ■»,- IlDhlll, 1 

burUffr, AfiVT.AUrfisrififrisrA-^d./baiTl.t. 
h, I. bfluf w Jbx"' ni" «<^c4tf, r. 

I. •itfW. itgleiae 

Wlillln™'iiC'rl«n''^c !f&jj 

WllllDHikeiit L bonnff i/siontit ^ 

wwrBi. «!}.■■■« 

VIUiiig.TWiHfiHl tr/Unt^ ^ 
Vl>il]v . lulv. vfrUuaffc 




Wliifullf , adv. — ' 

,tauclwni«niitt«.»- ■«ow.>vai> 

WOK S41 wai 


sue, «■ pou 4aupagv, m. 

.taj.tir1teux,euae [kmh. m. Wrap, va, tu^^rfifbr, niK^p^ 

1 do), touUSr. nm 

■utLipj t faiHir ^Ira, ou 

Writ, ■.DrLfra»r«cW>ni.|^rf'<rw4 


WnactiillT. id^ a Hn, bfliifliimil 



1. ^TjlMf 

Yule, >. («/«.■ Ji Wo(/, NWlriAt 


AbtmrUlJ, Abernpie 


BipHit, MaptMl, DL 


DnfikniAp fiivitf 


CuliithLi, la OirinlUl 
Cupubli, la Car^'lllt 

OwBtan ht^ Mt c 

t>iM]t, aiila, I. 
CilAiliiBlll, Cto>M2«lia 

ChuvMli, GitjAda, t 

QtiTHRnin, C/trvtost9nit 

Cfaitjdidai OTudft m< 
CoctalD-Oiliu, Ig OcAIn- 

Gotamkw, (MnVn- 

CttBpMEUa, CUnifUiteUi 
CofHtuitlni, ClHHfmNK 

Cfpnu, (avp« 
Urrtl, C^IU. in. 

DeMinh. Ilt1»>ni, r. 
bmn, fe Urkkon 

Mphl, DcJntM 

kmbde, Dmalnl'rive. a 

Eroil;, kmllU. t, 

iaSt, rBaliSoaBnildtit 

Einphrttdliur ^atphrodilt 
■'-■leilin, SpSlil«, w 

CnrscDdim, ' reunma- 

Elbtar^'raihlotili, r. 
Edlluiibui, Etlkt^lm, u 

Euctld, £vfA<tei m. 

K<ui\Ai\a,Karipidcif nk 

rSSit, la rurhit 

naiUu, Flfvtitifltt 
Ffnujttlt. F^tarabte 
Twtaemm Kofmaat 
Fnncct, F^anfoirer T. 
Fnoclst Fran^t. m- 
FrukArrt. FVdirnbrf 
FmlerV*. FrSmr^. m. 
PritiiuB. Frltuui-ii, m. 

numii, 1(1 flautiw 



H^lU, iWH 


HfhK,r, HAW... 

H^cX', tf«!c 

Gtn.nw!, (jHKVin, Oftie- 

Htlen, HdiM. t 




C«r(ln.. IJAr^n., t. 


Ganaiir. rAllimetnc, t 


rK. ft«rt~, B. 



Hmulc. flmrB(,,m, 

Gojfnr, 0"itfri>(. m. 

H^njdi.D. «rr^, la 

OdImiiJ^ GWtomto. f. 


Hcdod, H/niKte, m. 

Good H^p. C.p« oil. CUp 

HapfO., CHfptril, r. 



Gmrlwin, Gobiim 





Hlluj.^iai™, m. '[" 

B'Blagn! Hliipn'yluf , BiiiailfH, o. 

jrUAa, GHfflLU, CrjJBui 

Hrui Dth 

QuVBi'guvi.di. '\H»^^fcsi)» 







Lucntlut. Lacrje*. m. 



Lucy, I,«(l., C 

Lmdi.1i, ii 


It, Inda, t. [r. 

L^m., LaJrtt, m. 

Lu<=n. Lffon 

LuitiDi. £air». m. 

Udi, la lio 


\, firlimlc. L [f . 

LMdlB*. IX.0.JW1., t 


UKlkaii. LmHlc/ai, >» 

Liplwd. k. IxyiMit 



LEZii^Jiir, in 

■/raft., t 


, laofliis (. 

L.iui«lql, L™^(, m. 

!«*. cat <ri<Kin. 



g-^feS-L " 


L«»>^». i™**™. m. 

Micnil.lDi, VognK. b. 



M.^clc^ KnA!™ 

a, Uoaiui, a,. 

Kuidln., UtMiijii. t 






Unya, la tie w 


Llbv^a,«i. t» 



Itlu, AfnlR. t. 
M-lt™, JB.IiBi,, I 


LIliUQ. Ul»i»">> 


Llili. Lla, 

*"» wTT 

I.lUiwu.1., LiiM.Mit,f. 


LlUinuilu, UIHvaHlan, 

LI'UUi, /a LiHilli Ll» 

Ul„."^"'' ""■*»■ 

^L"'if ' "^ 

Ufl.. Li.«, r. 



(uilU, ManiK. 


Hunuu, 3fl>i(l>il< 

Locil., la L«cri, 


LnmtatOo-VtMdin, Idj. 



Mimi^AunlJui, jAn- 

LardDp, Lnrf.B 

"Ju.wl m'. "■ 




LoJ^iK". la Z^ijiB 


M>rit, Mo,,:, m. 

■«/«, L 

LoDlu, LsuM. r. 

8»i«., f. 

>iinKii, r.' 

IXHll^o. Uamlllg 




funliT, t 

iiKnin, l^'ETiiii, m. Cm. 

lirtiQinj, lo JlforHnfJW 

.uanLlaLuTKlii, M.Hc, f. 

i'jSii., f. 


(wylird irJforfJBnJ 




MUdMbin, Middellmlrg 

MHani 'HiM, m.' 
Milii, KJwi, IT. 

MUwm, JWiimt, t 

lOnuia, WnwyM 

Okltnbuig, OMni&iiiirf 

Non ZboUi, ;a ftiKcallt- 

-&""■ ° 

*apii4, fa Popatiiui& 

1. In ftwuV PumiiiiPiiiiim'.'in. 

PUIuldfJlIlk mU'i'MMil 

Mwici JU^ilkiKi. lu. 

■^lliiao, nUidm. „- ..,, 

ilni, S.W,,., /. • 


I'rflUKiini.IVtiiJwe,!!!. Sifuctn. Simmi, i 

$i?«ii tOSul, QBiM^ sJrtlilllll' *"^'",'"'jJ' 
(Juimas.'QuicftMM. m. ■ ^"'"j ■"- 

Kjiiph. Runvi, m, in*miindEr, to fufnillvf; 

RsiiAni, RanilfJp'it. ttk Se-n^ipkfii^ i0 Seam 

ID 8cM- TugbT, T'lnfn- 

SUrnS^, SWIrdlirrgut 


S. Hiirad, Son* 

TtKDCjkum Itom'HU. nt 

Smpruh, SnjfTW 

biJua, Thvj>tili,a. 

S|»ru.' 5»Ma I 

Spiib[n»ii.f»ai««»4rji' |, 

iirli, fn Arts 



Venl-fCftpp), te Cap Pi 

'^i^lnla, la Vlrginlt 

WiHplulii. In WtUvlialla 
Wliitt llli.r, la AmI,s 
WlilW Sn.'te Mn-BtoncM 
WlUnnfiliii, fivJArisilIH 

Wuraburi, WiotSBwg- 


BtuLiiiih, ioiAtme, t 


Outatialw ISil. SI KUIt £«UI 


£ku1a|^, XKiiiapiitM 

b OarUcnlMlH, 1^0' 

uKoug., Rb 

PiDviom-Unla, CnlWl 


Allkk ;<v A^iindei I Ben /or Beniiinln IBoli Ilir RDtat.- JMDi 

I Ueu. B«, Ben. Bicir Ar I 
B^A'Birlnii EliHbtih ; £'lai, i«(v Cu Ar CmndH 




Connyfbr Constance 

Dm for Daniel 

Davy /or David 

Deb or Debby/br Deborah 

Dick or Dicky, /or Richard 

Doll or Dolly for Dorothy 

Die for Diana 

Ekiel for Ezekiel 

Fanny for Frances ; Fart' 

Frank, for Francis 

Geof for Geoffrey 
Gibby /or Gilbert 
Grit for Griffith 

Hab for Halbert 
Hal or Harry /or Henry 
Henny /or Henrietta 
Hodge for Rodger 

Jack for John ; Jeannot 

Jef for Jeffery 

Jem or Jemmy far Jamea ; 

Jerry for Jeremy 
Jin j^ Joan 
Jeanie fbr Jane iJeanne- 

toHi Janettet Tfmton 
Joe fbr Joseph ; Jcuon 
Johnny />r John ; Jeannot 
Jos fbr Joshua 
Jug fiir Joan 

Kate /or Catharine; Catin, 
Cateau \ 

Kit fbr Christopher | 

! Lance fbr Lancelot 
I Len fbr Leonard 

Letty /br Letitia 

Loo fir Louisa ; Uaette 

Madge^r Margery; Mar- 
Mat frtr Matthew 
Matty or Mat fbr Martha 
Maudlin for Magdalen / 

Meg /or Margaret; Mar got 
Mar /or Margery; Margot 
Mick fbr Michael 
Mill far MUdred 
Moll, Molly, for Mary ; 

Manont Marion 

Nam far Ambrose 

Nan, Nancy, or Nanny .^r 

Agnes; Ninette 
Nat for Nathaniel 
Ned f)r Edward 
Nell^ Eleanor or Helen 
Nick >br Nieholu 
Nobs fbr Obadiah 
Nol /or Oliver 
Nump for Humphrey 
Nykin for Isaac 

Page fbr Margery; Mar- 
got, Margoton, Cotton 

PoTi or PollVybr Mary 

Patty ^r Martha 

Peg or P^gyybr Margaret ; 
Margott Margoton 

Pel fbr Peregrine 

Pen fbr Penelope 

Phil ^Philip; PhiUppot 

Phil fbr Phillis 
Pris fbr Priscilla 
Pru fi/r Prudence 

Robin fbr Robert ; Robin 

Sal or Sally fbr Sarah 
Sam fbr Samuel 
Sanders fbr Alexander 
Seb for Sebastian • 

Senny for St John 
Sib fir Sybil 

Sil for Silvester or Selina 
Sim far Simon or Simeon 
Sol for Solomon 
Soph fbr Sophia 
Sue or Sukey fbr Susan; 
Susan, Stuette 

Taff Jbr Theophilui 
Teddy fbr EMward 
Temp fbr Temperance 
Tib or Tlbhiefbr Isabella ; 

Tid or Tit /hr Theodmv 
Tim fbr Timothy [mas 
Tom or Tommy fbr Tho- 
Tony far Anthony 
Tracy fbr Theresa 

Val fbr Valentine 
Vln fbr Vincent 

Wat or Watty ybr Walter 
Will/or William ; GuiiM, 

Win fbr Winifred 

Zach for Zachary 


The value of the Going is given in francs and centimes, the money in whidi 
accounts are now kept in France, and also in sterling. The franc is equal to 
100 centimes, and is estimated at 9id. sterling, being equivalent to 25 fhoncs 
26 centimes for ^1. The monetary unit in France was formerly the livre» in 
value about Ik per cent, less than the franc 

Fr. Val 

Old Gold Coins. /. c. 

Louis <24 livres) 23 5fi 

Double Louis 47 20 

New Oold Coins. 
Louis or Napoleon. .20 
Donble ditto 40 

Old Silver Coitts. 

Ecu of 6 livres 5 80 

Petit ecu of 3 livres.. 2 76 
Piece of 30 sous .... 1 50 

- — 24 sous 1 

15 sous 75 

12 sous 0*60 

6 sous 25 

New Silver Coins. 
Piece of 5 fruQCs. . . . 5 

PrJt. Val. 

£ s. d. 

18 71 

1 17 44 

15 10 

1 11 8 

4 7 

2 2 

1 2i 





3 11« 

Fr. Val. 
/. C. 

Piece of 2 francs... 2 

I franc 1 

4 franc 50 

i^ franc 26 

Old Billon or Copper 


PieceofeUards... 7i 

1 sou U 5 

\ sou 24 

Liard or i sou li 

New Copper Coins. 

Decime 10 

Piece of 2 sous 10 

1 sou 5 

Brit. Val. 

£ s. d. 

1 7 












Thk standard Measures and Weights of France are of two kinds : Ittt Tfe 
Metrical^ or Decimal System, used in government transactions, in wholesal 
trade, and for scientific purposes ; and, 2d, The SytUme Utttel, a modificatio 
of the former, employed in retail trade. 


Instituted in 1796* is founded upon the distance of the Pole from the Eauatoi 
the ten millionth part of which, denominated a metre, is decreed to be the vn. 
of length. The other units are — of surface, the are ; of solidity, the steret of a 
pacity, the litre; and of weight, the gramme, weighing 1 cubic centimetre < 
water at its maximum of density ; and the Latin derivatives, deci (tenth of 
centi (hundredth of), miUe (thousandth of), being prefixed to that expressin 
the unit, serve to denominate its subdivisions; while the Greek denvativi 
dica (ton), hecto (one hundred), kUo (thousand), myria (ten thousand), expra 
its multiples. Thus, deci-mdtre denotes the ^ih of a mdtre» and d^a«meti 
10 metres. 

Equivalents in thelmperi 

Mkasures of Length. 









Measures of Surface. 






Mraburbs of Solidity. 




Liquid Measures. 






Dry Measures. 







French Value. 

10,000 metres.., 
10()0 metres. , 
100 metres. . 
10 metres. 

X«^th metre.. 
* th metre. , 
th metre.. 

I Aetra. Hoods. Poles. 

100 ares. 


(100 square metres). 



10 stdres 

I cubic metre). 
^ih stere 

100 litres. 

10 litres 

(cubic decimetre). 


th litre 
th litre 

100 hectolitres — 
10 hectolitres . . . 

100 litres. 

10 litres. 

(cubic decimetre). 

Oaltnni. Qusits. TinU. 

Qn)irtna.BnshtIt.PrdaL G«noB 



10 kilogrammes, 

1000 grammes.., 

100 grammes... 

10 grammes.., 


Pounds. o». dtmms, 


2 3 


Afih gramme. 

_ .lifth gramme. 

Milligramme . .' '. *. '. ! {xi^tb gramme. 





The metrical quintal of 100 kilogrammes equal I hundredweight, 3 quarters, 
24 pounds, 71 ounces avoirdupois f and 10 quhitals, the weight of a cubic m^tre 
of water, make 1 milUur, or tonncau-de-mer, equal 19 hundredweights, 2 quar- 
ten, SO pounds, 13} ounces avoirdupois. 


Was established in 1812 for the purposes of retail trade, in consequence of the 
aversion sliown by the conunon people to the innovations of the metrical sys- 
tem. It tulv'Tates the names uf the old measures necessary in the inferior de- 
partments of trade, while, by a slight alteration, the value of these measures is 
BO fixed as to bear certain definite proportions to the metrical system. Its divi- 
sions, also, instead of being decimal, ore chiefly binary, from the greater con- 
venience of the latter in small transactions. 

Toise osuelle = 2 mdtres = 6 Imperial feet 6i inches. 
Pied usuel = ^ of the toise. 

Aune usuelle = 12 d€cim^res = 47i Imperial inches. 
Litron usuel = 1 litre = li Imperial pint nearly. 
Boisseau usuel = \ hectolitre = 1 Imperial peck and 3 quarts nearly. 
Livre usuelle = k kUlogramme = 1 pound 1 ounce and lOf drams avoirdupois, 
or 7717 troy grains. 


Measures 0/ Length.— The yard of 3 feet, or 36 Inches, equal 914^ millimetres, 
or about Uths of a mdtre ; and 32 metres equal 35 yards nearly. The mile of 9 
ftarlongs, 32(> poles, or 1760 yards, equal 1609 metres and 315 millimetres. 

Measures qf Surface. — The acre of 4 roods, 160 square poles or perches, or 
4R40 square yards, equal 40 ares and 47 centiares ; and 42 acres equal 17 hectares 

Measures 0/ SoHdit!f.—The cubic yard of 27 cubic feet, equal 7ih decisteres. 

Liquid Measures.— Tha imperial gallon of 4 quarts, 8 pints, or 32 gills, equal 
4 litres and 54i centilitres ; and 11 imperial gallons equal SO litres nearly. 

Dry Measures. — The Imperial bushel of 4 pecks, or 8 gallons, equal 36 litres 
and 34| centilitres. The imperial quarter of 8 bushels, equal 2 hectolitres, 9 
decalitres, and 78 centilitres; and 11 imperial (luarters equal 32 hectolitres 
nearly. The last is 10 quarters, equal 29A hectolitres. 

Avoirdupois, or Commercial Weight. — The pound of 16 ounces, or 256 drams, 
equal 453i grammes. The stone of 14 pounds, equal 6 kilogrammes, and 34U2 
grammes. The hundredweight of 4 quarters, or 112 pounds, equal 50^ kilogram- 
mes nearly. The ton of 20 hundredweights, equal 1015^^ kilogrammes. 

Troy, or Gold and Silver ITc^At.— The pound of 12 ounces, 240 penny weights, 
or 5760 grains, equal 373 gnunmes and 202 milligrammes. 


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Twecddale Court, IM^h .Street, Edinbiurgb.